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Introduction to Songee the Energy of the Earth Mother

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Introduction to Songee the Energy of the Earth Mother'.
A Teaching from Songee the Energy of the Earth Mother at Her first meeting with the students of The Trust

There is no date recorded for this interaction however it may have taken place early 1990.


Who Songee is and Her purpose in this current manifestation
The Healing Energies

A new group of pupils had come together as a Circle to learn more of the Esoteric Knowledge, the Ancient Wisdom or whatever name is given to the Teaching of Self Discovery.

These pupils had no knowledge of any of the Teachings but they were aware that there was something more to life than the physical, emotional and mental aspects of living.

Most of them had experiences and feelings that they had no explanation for. They heard of our Circles so they applied to join the beginners group. After the preliminary lessons the pupils were becoming united with each other through their studies. Songee the Earth Mother came and talked to the 'Babies' as she called them.

The pupils did not know of Songee, so she talked gently to them and explained a little of the teachings so as not to put fear into them. After a short time she introduced herself...

Who Songee is and Her purpose in this current manifestation

Songee: Do you know what is happening now. Do you know about the Channel?

It is how we channel healing through... through to that one.

Songee: Is there understanding of what is happening, how it I am come to speak?

What's happening is, that one goes away...

Songee: I am going to ask what is needed to be known!

This is my first evening with you, could you tell me a bit about yourself. I haven't met you before?

Songee: Before I address that matter, I want to be sure that all understand the process of how I come to speak to you.

I'm not sure about that one.

Songee: So it is important that you make with the voice, so that you speak out when you are not sure of something. You understand?

I find it very difficult!

Songee: We will make it very simple, you will learn as you go along. So very soon it will be of no-matter, you will accustomed to it.

To begin, the physical body I call 'The Organism' is the Channel that needs my breath, shall come to say the words to you because of the nature of my being. I also have to make in the Spirit 'The Form' so that it can become one with the Organism. If I not do this then the Organism would go pouf and disappear and become no more. So... I AM SONGEE.

I am Songee, I have lived through all of man's earth life, not in physical body as you know. I am Energy only I have had no physical body. I will have no physical body.

I have come to mankind throughout the ages much past and will come in the ages ahead of you. In ages past I have been given many names by many people of different cultures of your planet. For you the name I have given to be used is simple, it is Songee. One of the many names that I have been given is that of Earth Mother. For a moment the need to absorb that information, it may take a little while even past this night for you to come to understand in full. However when I knock upon your door of Awareness have only to open it and allow little Breath and you will understand.

So does that answer your question?

So there is nothing for you to be a-feared of, I do not come in Darkness I come in Light. All time I come in Light. Sometime those of different cultures have given to I, put themself to behold a vision of I as being an angry energy. However this is not true.

When the 'I' is part of the Universe there is no feeling, there is no emotion, therefore there is no anger. There is Light, there is Love that come with the Light and most important.

I am 'Balance'. If part of the planet is not balanced it is I who make it so. So if something is not correct then it must be made so and this is the planet and all upon it, all the energies that are around the planet of this that you live upon. Balance can be brought about in many, many way. That is something that we can discuss another time.

Now your time is short. I have wait and watch and observe you as you go about your work and you are managing your work very well. I will be coming to speak with you two times of your cycle of learning. So, this is the first time for I to come to speak with you, I will come once more this cycle on the night of your sixth night. So that you can ask whatever it is that is on your mind.

Be cautioned I do not tell you if you are going to have large sum of coin in your pocket without work for it and I do not tell you how all your family are in Spirit. That is not my function. My function is to teach. So that your life from day to day can be managed in a nicer, happier way and that you can manage with Wisdom and with Love.

The Healing Energies

Songee: So! Is there anything that you need to know at this time? Before you go it is important for the 'little one' to come to sit for the eye. (A new pupil damaged her eye slightly with a contact lens.) It is important for it to be done now, not to be done later. Come, it will not hurt.

(The pupil was a little apprehensive as she was unsure of what was to happen.

Songee placed her hand over the eye and then her fingers around the lids for a short time sending the Healing Power to the injury.)

Songee: Now open your eye and waggle your lid around. How feel it? Now we give to you a little energy to take you upon your way, not too much. So, there is much work for you to do and if ever you are in doubt just take the deep breath and allow the Light to enter in and all will be well. It will shine upon the path that you must take.

So be it


Reference no 19900101IntrotoSongee


© 2011 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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