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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Learners'
A Teaching from Songee, early 1991

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

A discussion was held after the Circle was opened. Two members of the Circle had started a beginners class on a different night. There was a great deal of interest from people who wanted the Esoteric Knowledge and an answer to their questions about Life. A number of people were having experiences and feelings within themselves and could not find answers from the orthodox churches.

It was noticed that there was someone with the Channel and when invited to speak to us we recognised the voice of Songee the Earth Mother.

Songee: I am here, as my friend here (speaking of another Spirit Person with her) says, "You will be able to play these tapes to your other friends". There may be times when I wish to give a talk on something and then they can listen to it, the following week they can ask questions if they wish.

There are things happening around all of them at this time. It is not an unusual thing. I say this because they will have noticed an increased activity in their lives.

They will not always interpret it as being for the best. I would like them to know that this is the way things happen when they start to learn how to be sensitive.

That is the Monday night Group?

Songee: This is correct. I am talking about the other people. In fact I am talking about all of those who wish to learn to be sensitive. I say to you all that you will find your lives will alter. They will change. They will not continue as they have been continuing. The things that you have been developing for the better in your life will continue in that way. Things that you have been ignoring and putting on a shelf so you do not have to face, they will not continue that way. They will suddenly be in front of you and you'll have to do something about it. It will be like a big boulder and you'll not be able to lift it. You'll have to do something about it and this applies on all levels, Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels. They will sometimes overlap.

What it is, it is a balancing. And the bringing into balance all the things that have been out of balance in the life of the ones who are wanting to sensitise themselves. They may choose not to get involved and run away. That is their choice. They will only delay their path a little longer and if they do not finish it in this life time they will have to repeat it. It matters not to me, it is up to each soul to live it's life to fulfil its destiny and to return to us knowing it has fulfilled it's destiny and is ready to continue. This is not a matter of caring or not caring. It is a matter of destiny. It is a matter of the soul and to be responsible for itself and to continue, and to fulfil itself, in the way it set out for itself before it came here in the first place. We do not give you your obstacles, you give them to yourself. Why, so you can learn and grow and go forward. That includes illness, death, birth, all things that you can experience while you are in a body. The purpose of your life is to learn to overcome the adversities in the best way that you can. When you can and however you can without causing pain to others.

There is a mistake that is made by the human race. Those who wish to work with Spirit most know that the Universal Laws state that you must not by thought, word or deed cause hurt or harm to any other living creature. This is not taking responsibility away from each soul to fulfil their destiny, for they must obey the same Law also. If all souls obey this Law there is no Karma. We wish to teach people to obey this Law and then there will be no Karma. There will be no sickness, there will be no deformity, unless it has been chosen as a destiny for learning. Unfortunately by the time the human race had reached this point the planet may be in another dimension.

I have information to give you that there will be a large shaking of the earth, that is to come. It is not the big one but it will cause much wide spread pain and some devastation of the earth's surface. It is not far away in your time.

Will it happen in N.Z. or overseas?

Songee: It will happen over the seas from here and all the world will be affected by it. I tell you this because I have some balancing work to do. I do not give you information all the time only on occasion.

There is a lot of violence in our place at the moment, in Auckland, is this Karmic or destiny or just people acting out?

Songee: It is part of the growth of this country. Just as individuals travel the path of the Christos so do countries and the planet does.

Have a look as though from the air and look at all that is happening around and you'll see there is a pattern and you will see where the country is on its path. If you apply the journey of the Christos to everything, you will detach and find the pattern.

Now there will be some questions of the journey of the Christos. You have a tape ready for that, I do not need to answer that again. That is something that you can do with. It is your job now. I will start off on that one. It is important because even those who are beginning must learn where they are, for they will find that they will learn a lot when they know about the journey.

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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