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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Conflict'
A Teaching from Songee Early 1991


The Feelings of Conflict
Following the Music

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee was explaining how some people impose their will on others and their different attitudes, before the recording machine was switched on.

Songee: "All of this life I only do what I wish to do in this life." More and more those upon this planet are learning this lesson, not to do what others wish them to do. Not to feel the right way to go but to think I do not want to do that. You see the pattern of this through all of this planet, from the very highest to the very lowliest of souls. I do not speak of people in high places and people in low places. It is important that mankind learn again how to follow the feeling of rightness, to follow the feeling of the universe and not to follow the thinking of the man.

Humanity is in a very special way of being at this time, earth time. On the one part it is learning to be sensitive and to grow and to expand, on the other part it is learning that 'I' am important, 'I' come first and 'I' would do what 'I' wish for myself and 'I' don't mind if you don't like that.

The 'Feeling' self say, "But I live with other souls, and those other souls are part of me. We have all belonged to the Oneness, we have all been together at the beginning of time, so why for am I saying that this one is no longer important any longer? That only 'I' am important."

So there is conflict.

What happens when you have conflict? You have forgotten the basic. What happens when you have conflict?

There is anger.

The Feelings of Conflict

Songee: Anger is the result of conflict, it is the irritation, anger has many different names for it depending upon the seriousness of the anger. From the very mild upset, of irritation to the very big one where it is wished to take a person life.

So from there to there is many different names for anger, so now we come back to the music. The music make you irritable, it makes you unsettled, it makes you cross, what is this all other name is different name for different kind of anger, so you have conflict between going with the music of the Universal Self and going with what you think are supposed to do in your head and what you want to do, and what you wish to put in its place.

You have not got balance. So simple but very good that you feel it very good. So now you know that if you have piece of music, if you have a person next to you or you meet someone and they make you feel angry, irritate. Now look to yourself, and you have to yourself, "What is this conflict that is causing this anger? On the one part I don't want to be part of this. On the other hand I know that this soul is one that I have met before in a different time so perhaps I have to honour the Universal Path so that I can honour the Earthly Path." And the conflict go out the window, it goes away.

You may not always want to be with that one or you may not wish to be part of that thing that is not right or comfortable for you. However you may have a greater understanding of it and when it is important for you to do it you can feel it and blend in with it and then there will be no conflict. This is the lesson that you have to apply to all of the music that you hear. Some music you will vibrate better to and others you will not. But this particular music for you is very special music it is designed to take you to the Oneness, for you to feel the Power the magnitude of the Oneness and how can you do that if you fight it? You have to go with the flow of the music, the notes resonate within you, not you resonate in the music. Your conscious mind is saying to yourself, "I like this piece of music it is very soothing." What is the word you use? Melodious is that right? Then come the note that change that melody and introduces a new vibration. This is not music of melody, it is music of vibration, it is music of Power. So we go with the vibration of the music or the Power that the note brings with it, not with the melody.

There are many pieces of music that you can listen to that have this pretty sound in it, it makes you relax and you can go for your journey away, this is different. Now it is the next lesson for moving you forward into the next stage of being. I see birds flying around, you are allowed to ask questions.

You have it for yourself, you will have acknowledged that music is Power, you have acknowledged that you did not see much but you felt a lifting away from yourself, you felt the peace. You have not done that before, you always make your head do the work for you. So you have done very well.

How do you stop the mind from doing the work?

Following the Music

Songee: Practice it, by learning to go to the notes of the music, it is the notes of the music that hold the Power and hold the secret of the Power. This piece of music is very special for that to highlight this, for you to learn that when you hear the soft music that is given between certain notes is very even and you begin to feel the Power building between those notes and you can feel the anticipation knowing that there is going to be a burst of Power and you must remember nobody did it. You forgot the breath, to practice the breath, if you do not practice the breath while you listen to this music, you will not gain the full force of the Power within you, you will not feel it...

It is not permitted for you to have it A ... (Comment to one of the students.)

I was thinking of getting the tape.

Songee: Not at this time, it is important for it to be given to you when you have learned to use it properly. However you are to practice it with other music. You have done one thing, you have done that satisfactorily, now you have to do this other thing, there may be other thing that you need to do also, we will stay with your practicing. So you understand that it is not wrong for you to feel irritation at the music. However if you continue to feel the irritation at the music then you need to look within yourself and ask yourself from within, "Why am I fighting this music? Why is it that I do not wish to go along with it?"

Is it wrong to know why you are listening to the music to try to relax in your mind?

Songee: It is all part of your irritation and the fighting with it and it is all part of your head doing the work and not your feeling doing your work for you. Now in that music there are notes in there, when they become very loud, every atom in this space and time vibrated to it, everything became lighter and brighter and closer to the Oneness just for that moment of that note and you went away again to do something else and then you come back again and each time you fight it, so you don't experience it. You will in time of your earth time, you will need to practice with the other music to follow the notes of the music not the melody.

So many people follow the melody believing that this is the thing that will lead them upon their journey it is not so. It is the notes that resonate within you that takes you upon your journey. You have touched it from time to time C , everybody has done it from time to time for just a moment and then your head takes over again.

My mistake was that I thought it was the melody that was bringing it to the peak. So now I know it is the note.

Songee: It is each note contained within the melody. There is not a melody that you know with your conscious mind but your soul knows the melody, the notes, the Power within the melody and if you stop looking for the one that you want to have there, then you will hear and feel the one that is truly there.

Now do you get what I'm trying to say to you. Now we will not play the game, you have to watch your time because it is very important that you have this lesson for you have time now for your work time to practice it. Until you are given this music again, I'll not say when you have it, I just say when at the time. So are you ready to go on to the next thing?


Songee: It is only useful if you practice it.

So now I go,

I leave you with the Power

Reference no 19910301facet11


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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