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Being a Channel for Healing Energy

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Being a Channel for Healing Energy '
A Teaching from Songee, early 1993


Connecting with Meditation
Excitement and Fear
How to work with Spirit?
What do you want?
Is Reiki different than Channelled Healing?
After the work is over
Know your purpose

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee speaks to a student in the Group -

Connecting with Meditation

Songee: You recounted how it was for you, in your Journey through space. Lose something that you were trying to bring into focus for yourself and in the conversation between you, it slipped by you, you were unaware of it but you conclude that which happened to you. Now go back and find that again, make it into words and speak it out, so that it is fixed here and here for you, so that it does not slip past you and get lost.

It was at the point where you became aware that your Tree resembled more for you. From that point there is more for you to bring into focus and you had trouble doing that. You were a little bit forgetful that sometime escape you, now go back to that, close your eyes and you will see it in your own memory. Then tell about it again.

Use your feeling not your head. Go to the tree, what do you feel? Does your heart not cry? Let it cry, there is no shame in it. Don't let it slip by you. You must do it, it will help your healing. The heart it cries, that is the feeling when you are in the tree and you find the tree relates to your family and the heart cries out, all the grief all the pain, all of that which is inside wants to come outside. Let it out, it will hurt no one by letting it out, but you hurt yourself greatly by holding it in. That is the part that you let slip by you.

I will not let anyone miss important things this time. You have too long to make repair and shilly-shally around. It has been like that, this is very important that you don't miss it.

Next time in meditation when you feel the sorrow, then if you want the tears fall from your eyes, no one is going to make the fun, you let it come from your eyes, let it flow out of you, you do this thing this time, now you go back to home. If you are not certain put your paper that you wipe your eyes with. This is now that it needs to be done.

Now to my Little Robin. It is trying to hide under the wing, it does not want to look out into the big dark world. What is it that makes you have the feeling. I know, but I want you to speak it.

Excitement and fear

I do not like to see hurt and pain.

Songee: Now you speak around it, what is inside of you that makes the fear come when you sit to do your meditation? This is only for this night. Other nights you have no problem.

I think it is the loosing of control.

Songee: What is Control?

It's my mind I suppose. I know that I have to let it go. I have made such a big issue out of it.

Songee: What makes you believe that it is your mind?

I don't know.

Songee: Now when you sit and Spirit comes close to you, so close that they feel they are coming almost inside of you. What is your feeling? There are two very strong feelings that are happening at the same time.

One is that I feel good, the other is I feel apprehensive.

Songee: Excitement and fear, this is always so, never any different. It is the same for everybody, all people has this. Excitement, "I'm nearly there, I am nearly getting it, Oh my goodness! What happens when I do?" So what holds you back?


Songee: So how do you make that different?

I have more trust.

How to work with Spirit

Songee: How about trusting yourself! Ooh, they never think of that one, they always look to Spirit, never look into yourself. Nobody look to the human, everybody look to the Spirit and everybody blame the Spirit when it go wrong. I am being very clear when I am saying this. Everybody blames the Spirit, nobody say, "What is the human doing that is not correct, remember you are human so you make mistake, it is permitted to make mistake, you learn from it. What you do not do is to be foolish.

Sit now and invite one, only one of your people to come close to you, better to get your Guardian or Doorkeeper and know them without a doubt, so which one would you like to come. You decide, it is very important to decide what you want before you ask for it, otherwise you will not get anything, or you will get more than you want.

So... So what do you want to have happen? Moment to decide what she wants. (Deciding whether to ask the Doorkeeper or the Guardian to come close) So you want the Soul of Running Water to let you know that he is present, to touch you that is familiar with you. Not for anybody else, only for you.

Now close your eyes and make that connection and stay here in this room and hear what I have to say to you, and feel it don't think it. When you have the connection speak it out loud so that that the others will know you have made the connection and it reaches the Being in your own mind and your own physical in this life that you have this connection.

Now I want you to hold it just the way it is, no more and no less. When you feel that you have mastered that, you say that you need it. Can you feel the balance?


Songee: Now would you like your guide to come in more for you and still keep the balance? Would you like that to happen?

You would! Then invite that one to come in closer still until you get to the point where you know the balance. Then you ask them to wait and balance again just like you have just done. balance the energy, feel, when you have the balance speak it. This way you are the master of what happens, nobody else. Your Keeper and your Guide will only abide with that which is in your own heart. If you do not have clear purpose then you will not have a clear result. So use this exercise each time you come to your meeting, use it and come to know it without doubt, without fear and progress no further until you have mastered it. Hold the balance with the connection and then when you are ready prepare for it to step back from you then politely request that they do this gently allowing you to return to the full capability on the earth plane with no after effects. Good, they are pleased also.

What do you want?

Now this is very important for everybody to learn. First of all, what do you want? What are you developing yourself for, who are you developing yourself for and what are you going to do when you achieve it? Think about it and come to an honest decision and answer for yourself, you have to feel what the answer is. All of you have made the decision somewhere along the Life Path that you would like to develop your Spirituality seriously, so here you are. Now... Why do you want it, what will you do with it? You have not had it before, now you have something that you did not have before and now you want some more of it. Then you get more of it, what are you going to do with it. Has anybody got any ideas? You are all sitting with your light off. I don't want to know what you think, I want to know what you feel.

I feel that I would like to help other people.

Songee: How are you going to do that?

Feeling, caring, by loving.

Songee: How are you going to use your development gift, how can you use your trance work to help in everyday life. How are you going to do it. How does it work? Are you going to sit and go into trance, are you going to sit and meditate and come up with a bright answer for someone. How are you going to use your gift?

(Another student in the group) - I feel that it helps me with my own life, it makes me more settled, I don't know about trance, I never thought about that, that is how I feel.

Songee: So it enriches your life?

It does.

Songee: And you want more of that?

Yes I do.

Songee: So you develop that which you have, how much, how much do you feel that you would like to have?

I don't know about that question. Lots.

Songee: So you want lots, it is not greedy if you want lots, it is the feeling, I have this, it is wonderful I love this, I want more of this feel more wonderful. It is not wrong, it is just a human thing, so I say to you it is alright for you to have more of it, and when you have more of it, then what do you do with it?

So if it is important to know, to look down the pathway of your life ahead of yourself and to feel, not to think it but to feel it inside of you. If I have all of this Power what am I going to do with it? If I am gifted with this, where does it go? It must go somewhere, the power is not going anywhere, don't tell her, she must feel it for herself.

I was thinking of healing for my family, my friends.

Songee: This I understand.

This is a very strong feeling.

Songee: So what happens when you have more of it to share, where do you go to share it with, so that you do not go "POP"?

(Leader of the Group) - Teach other people.

Songee: Very good, you pass on the knowledge to other people, you teach other people how to do it. To learn this special thing, it is very important to teach and pass on the knowledge and to do that by example of your own process of development.

Your process of development is an important tool to teach as to stand and direct teach, to learn to balance the Power between yourselves and those who work with you is one of the most basic things for beginning that you need to learn.

If you develop your energies to the point where you can go through your life without having to sit and open and sit and close yourself. You will have a relationship with your people of Spirit, those who work closely with you whereby they can come and work through you without any of that, then you have achieved another way of using your gift to teach, because at any given moment of your earth life, Spirit can come and say "Can I borrow you for a little while?" Then you go away and they borrow you and do the teaching and go away and then come back.

Is Reiki different than Channelled Healing?

Can I ask a question Songee? What is the difference between Reiki healing and Spiritual healing please?

Songee: No difference except one charges a lot of money. It is no difference, the energy is the same, it is different words to parcel it up to give it to you. The energy is the same it is all coming from the one source, which is the Oneness. There is no other source that it can come from. Unless you are working for the Other One, and then the healing is only done at a price. So if you wish to learn that way with the words parcelled up in that manner and you have lots of money, then you do it, it is not necessary for you to do it.

(The pupils discussed the Reiki teaching of healing and recharging the energy in one's self.)

After the work is over

Songee: If you wish to work on the same principle. When you stand for channel for healing, when you have finished with doing that, when you have said the blessing for that one and there is no one else to do, what do you do? What do you feel after that?

(A different Student) - Thank my guides.

Songee: After that, when it is all finished, they have gone home, what do you do?

(Lots of wrong answers)

Songee: That is all very Posh, forget about that, it is very basic, very ordinary.

(Nobody could find the right answer.)

Songee: Imagine someone come to you and said "I don't feel very well, I've got a headache, I cannot sleep. You say, "Sit there and I will channel for you". You do this, they say after, "Thank you, I feel better, much better". Now what do you say to that person? Whether they accept or not but for yourself, what do you do?

You go and get yourself something to drink don't you or you have something to eat? Don't you get them a hot drink? You say, "Would you like a hot drink before you go home? I'm going to have one would you like one? You have a hot drink, that is the way you recharge yourself, it is doing it anyway".

It is not to think to have to do it, you are already doing it. You do not have to make a big spectacle of going to make charge of self it is not needed, you are already doing it.

Sometime your body say, "I have to go and get rid of body fluid", you go away and get rid of that and you wash your hands. It is taken care of by your own being, the Spirit Self, know what to do and take care of it.

If you are in position in your work, and you have to go to someone and you use this and you channel for that person. Someone calls you away when you are finished and you have no time to go for a drink or to go and wash you hands, what do you do? I will show you, you go like this.

(Songee stands up, shakes her shoulders and breathes deeply and exhales.)

Songee: Do you not? Something like that. This is recharging you... Simple, no problem about it, you don't worry about that you are doing it already. Look for the simple thing don't make it so difficult. Using the Power for the benefit of mankind is the highest ideal that you can have.

With that one thought comes Love, Caring, Compassion, Mercy - all of it in the one Ideal and you don't think about having to do it. Do it. It is very, very simple, very basic, you plant the seed and you water the seed and it grows.

So your connection with your Spirit Guide is just as simple, it is balance. You practice it and when you practice it enough, tell me or I tell you, then you do the next step, you are doing that, it is alright for you to do that when you sit at home. However, there is one very important thing. You do not trance on your own. You can sit and ask for the writing. Now when I say for you to do the writing, I mean for you to feel the flow of the words, not to think and try to make sense of it. If you get a sentence or a poem, then you write it down.

Let the words of healing be written and channel into the written words so that they can be spoken and give healing, all is healing, all of the different form of your development is for one purpose. To bring healing to mankind. Healing to the Planet.

It would be an immense job.

Songee: You make it too big, too complicated, come back to be simple. It is very nice to have big ideals, making right the whole world. First, learn balance for yourself, before you try to balance all the world.

In an earlier instance was (the students) Doorkeeper and Guardian doubtful about working with her at home?

Know your purpose

Songee: What was happening was, there was no clear idea of purpose. Therefore they did not know what they were supposed to be helping her to do. If she did not know what she was doing then she could open herself to something else that she is not ready to be part of at this time. They can only prevent the ones to come in if she does not want them to be there.

However once they have got their foot in the door and there is a struggle, then the Spirit of this one, become more afraid and so it is harder for the Doorkeeper and the Guardian to come close. To close the door and push the foot out. So you do not put yourself in a vulnerable position in the first place. So you are the master of who you have with you on this side. Your Doorkeeper and Guardian will only allow in those that you give permission to come in.

If you sit and say "I offer myself to the Oneness for the purpose" - that word remember, of channelling for a rescue of a Soul? Then that is what you will get? You may know to be prepared for it, if you sit and say "I offer myself as a channel for the purpose of coming to know my Doorkeeper and my Guardian", then that is what you would do. Know your purpose of what your development is for and what you are going to do when you have got it. The purpose is to develop a connection between you and your Guardian or you and your Doorkeeper. When you have got it, you just hold it, the achievement of it, it is the achievement that you set out to do.

The next step is to manifest it into the physical by asking them to give you a message for yourself or for someone else, for you to make the sound come out of the mouth, not their voice, your own voice but their thought, their word, not the word out of your head. The best way to practice that is to write the word of the healing on the paper.

Remember when you have finished, to give thanks as you would at the end of any effort of channelling for healing and then that is the end of it. Then you go and have a cup of drink and something to eat.

So you have a little feeling around and about, a little inquisitiveness about where you feel you want to go with your development of your gift. The big question that you need to ask yourself is, "How much of a servant to the Oneness that I want to be. Can I give all of my life to serve the Oneness, only part of my life". It does not matter to the Oneness what you decide, there is no right, there is no wrong.

If you can only divide your life into part for the Oneness and part for yourself as you see your life to be. That is what you will do. Once you have developed your gift to a certain point, then you will either stop at that point and go no further or you will continue and you will feel that point when you reach it. It does not lie in right or wrong, it lies in your ability to see beyond the physical and beyond yourself and into the Universe.

It is possible to do all of that and be human and have all your life. There is a point at many different stages of this journey, where you will have a similar experience as Little Robin. You will be excited because you can do more for the Creator and frightened because you do not know how much you will be asked to do. Or whether you can, up to the standard that you might feel what is expected of you. When you get to that point you will have another decision to make. It depends how great your fear is against how great your Love is.

Very simple, not a very big matter. Always remember, that when you have decision to make it is based on the two things. One is Fear and one is Love and you can always ask yourself that question and put it to anything in your daily life and say to yourself, "Am I more frightened of the result if I don't do it, or if I do it. Or do I have enough Love within me to do it and not worry about the consequences". It will be alright anyway. So maintain that Truth and use it at different times, then when you come to the big one you will know what to do.

I take up too much of your time. I now have to leave you. Thank you for listening to me.

I leave you with the Power.

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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