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Karma of Rape

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Karma of Rape'
A Teaching from Songee, around the middle of 1993

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

During Circle one evening the students were discussing different subjects such as Karma, Reincarnation, and the Destiny Path and others. We became aware that someone was with the Channel so we invited them to join us in the Circle. It was a pleasant surprise when Songee spoke. She had not been with us for a number of weeks.

Songee: I am here. Are there any questions you need to be answered?

(A Student asks a question) - A child has been raped and seriously hurt by a man, what is the karma of this?

Songee: The child has done injury in another time, now she must come into this life to receive injury. The injury done comes from the one that, before time was injured himself.

The one who did the deed has got many lessons to learn, it is the nature of that one's Soul that is not developed and is under the influence of the Dark Forces very easily. So the one who did the injury in this life is influenced by the Dark Forces. The karma ceases to be one day, when the Soul awakens and says, "I do not have to do this. The debt does not have to be repaid. That one will receive payment but not from this Soul and I will leave it to the Oneness".

If one Soul continues to wreak havoc on another, beyond what that Soul is entitled to receive, then the Soul doing the deed is going to reap more karma at a later time. So the pattern has to be broken somewhere, it comes with the enlightenment of the Soul. It is the ultimate meaning of 'Turning the other cheek'.

The child that has been hurt has now to let go of the pain and the hatred and say, "It is done, I forgive that one".

How many can do that living on the earth plane?

Then the law of karma must continue until such time as the individual soul reaches enlightenment. You do not seek revenge. You forgive. It will come back to them, you do not seek the revenge for yourself, you have knowledge that it will come back to them. Justice will be done by another.

Until the Soul must come to Enlightenment, the soul will continue until it reaches enlightenment. You cannot say, "You have been doing this for so many years it is time you were enlightened." They will not see just because you say it is so. The enlightenment must come from within.

(Someone tries to come through the Channel but is not very successful, we wait for a short time and suddenly Sally comes gushing in.)

Sally: says, I have to tell you, that the little fellow has something to tell you. He cannot get it out as he is having a hard time adjusting to the new body. He was only seven years of age when he passed into Spirit. He is well now and we are looking after him. He wants to tell you of what happened to him as not many people knows of these things. He wants to tell us so that we can be on the lookout for the trouble. Do you mind if I tell you the story as he tells it to me?

Some people came and took him away from his family. He is a little boy from India and his name is Ranjid. He was taken from his village and sold to people who wanted to do very bad things to him. He was not taught to read or write so he did not know the year it happened, but now that he is in Spirit, he knows that the date was 1934. The things that they did to him were very cruel and very sickening. This has happened many times before and is still happening.

He was taken out of his country and sold to rich people for their self gratification. He was taken away and tied up, beaten, broke his ribs and right arm and then there were a number of men came in and sodomised him. Then they killed him.

He was lost for some time in Spirit, it has taken some time for him to become adjusted and to come back. he was 'rescued' by a group in England. Now he wants to help others so that they do not go through what happened to him.

He is starting by helping the souls of those who have been taken away. He knows that he cannot stop it entirely from the Spirit side by himself but he knows that he can help the soul of the children who have passed over. He said that there were girls also taken and they were about 12 years old.

He is happy now and was very happy when he came into another body even if it was a lot different, but he wants to learn a lot more of the work that is done in Spirit.

(Sally went away again and Songee came in.)

Songee: That one is one of many. We warned that there were people of this earth plane that has knowledge of. It is not something new, it has been going on for some earth time. Usually it is among those of the poor, although now they do not stop at that. Now they are taking children from clean, good homes and never seen again. The parents are in despair, they do not know where the child has gone. I have to tell you that with the Consciousness this is not a thing for sorrow. It is a manifestation only of the evil which is in the hearts of mankind and those who work for the Negative Power.

It is only one more aspect of the things that you fight, you do not fight it as an individual you fight it as a collective consciousness. You be aware of the individual such as the child and then you take the knowledge and join with the consciousness of the universe and then make it one and work with the Power.

Remember the Destiny and Karma of the soul has a passage of life to live and to leave behind and to learn a lesson from. The soul that has undergone such a transition of that nature is a soul that has needed to learn the Karma of that experience. Not a time for grieving and yet the human existence will grieve for that child that experienced that pain. That sorrow is not wrong, you must not become buried beneath that but look beyond it and look toward the changing of that and the enlightenment within the soul of mankind and fight the negative power that brings that into play.

One part of you can grieve for the child and the other part must let it go. For if you do not you become submerged between the earth and pain and you will not be able to cope with your own life and your own Destiny Path.

Does the Dark Side who do these thing have a Karma to repay?

Songee: The soul of the one whom you spoke to tonight has been claimed already as was done, has been done to that one, did by a long time ago of your earth time. The debt is paid, the Soul is reclaimed from the Darkness.

That is why I say to you that although it is from your human consciousness it is very painful to recall and remember all of these things, you must go to the Consciousness of the Universe because that is where lies the truth. You cannot change the karma of those who must undergo it. Sad although it may be the human consciousness to perceive it. It does not mean that you must be uncaring and unfeeling of the situation of those ones who are undergoing that Karma. For if you do you will lose your own humanity and then you will have a karmic debt to pay also. So if you weep for the one, pray for the soul and send healing and Love to the one who gives pain, because the one who gives the pain will get it back. So they need lots of love and healing to bring the Soul back to the Light.

Sometimes it seems too simplistic, does it not?

Songee: Spirit is not complicated, human beings make it complicated not Spirit. Not the Power or the Essence of the Power, very simply. If there is disease you get rid of it, if there is a growth which is not right cut it out.

There seems to be such a large amount of this problem in the world.

Songee: It is the reflection of all the power that the Dark One has on the earth plane. It is the outward reflection of it, you do not see the Dark One, you do not always see that he is there, you do not know when he is working, you doubt his very existence at times. You look at this problem and know the outward manifestation of his power. The children who are taken and slaughtered in his name, that are being cooked and eaten, know not of this. This is the nature of the power that you are put on the earth to fight. You fight it in your work,

You have fought it when you work and you have fought it when you have been doing your work. Maybe not in the way that you imagine sometimes. You have always been fighting, that is the job that you are supposed to do. It is good that you are doing your job.

It seems like a never ending circle with the world never to be clear of it.

Songee: It will be made right with more souls that can be brought back into the Light, the less that are sitting in the Darkness. The more enlightened in the minds of mankind that can be produced, then there is less shadow for the Darkness to hide its minions. The Light pushes back the Darkness. The Darkness does not push back the Light. Sometimes the Darkness can overshadow the Light but not for very long. For when many of the Light gather together it is brighter than your earth's sun.

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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