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Music for the Journey

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Music for the Journey'
A Teaching from Songee 29th July 1993


Resisting the Meditation
Follow the Music
Being with the Oneness
Practice the breath
To learn, to taste, to smell, to hear
Take a deep breath

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Before the Circle was opened, the leader of the Circle Roberta-Margaret told us that we would go on a journey with special music. The students were excited as they had not done a journey for some weeks. The lessons that we had had were not from Songee but from other Spirit Teachers. We had practised Spiritual Healing, Psychometry, Automatic Writing and Inspirational Writing. Now Songee was going to teach us -

Resisting the Meditation

Songee: I do not ask C (One of the students) because he did not do, only little bit. You are very naughty, the music was for you.

Where did I break down then?

Songee: You have inside of you something that is saying, "I will not do this." You have the music and the music represents the 'Word'. You do not hear it because you do not follow it. It is all given to you but you turn your face away from it.

I am unaware that this is happening, it is strange.

Songee: It is not so strange, it is understood that this is what you do, however it is important that you no longer be allowed to do it.

Why am I turning away then, this is what I have been studying for years to achieve.

Songee: You ask the question, "Why am I turning away?" It is better if you turn the question to yourself and say to yourself, "What is it that I do not wish to experience this thing, what is it that is happening to 'I'?" Not why?

There can be many reasons in your head for you for 'why', there is only one reason within yourself and it is not reason, it is feeling. It may comfort you to know, that you are not alone with this problem, there are other souls who inhabit male body who have this problem. It is not a female problem it is a male problem, although there are some female have become imbalanced and begin to think all the time with the head and not feel with themselves inside and so they reason how things are to be and not to be instead of to feel how things are to be or not to be.

Is this why I went to sleep immediately?

Songee: It is not that you go to sleep that is wrong. You begin very well you follow very well at the beginning and then you lose it, you turn your face away in the middle of it. This is not the first time that this has happened to you. It has happened many times before and now I say to you I will not allow this to happen anymore.

Now a little more difficult to change it for you. It is important for you that this 'Journey of Discovery'

is taken, there is much preparation that is to be done before you can be ready for the writing. You have not got much of your earth time to practice to be ready. So it is important that you take the Journey within yourself, that you go upon the Journey for yourself, not for the purpose of others to come through you.

Follow the Music

Those who work closely with you will respect it. However you do not, now I give you a very big smack on your hand. You need now to practice go within yourself to follow the music with the feeling within you. To go where it may lead you to go and the music that is given to you at this time is special for you. It is 'The Word' - what is it that is written in that book? In the beginning was the 'Word'. So the music that you have here, it is notes contained and arranged in a special fashion which is the Word that resonates.

Is that the 'AUM'?

Songee: That is one interpretation, it is not this one but that same thing. It is that which we speak of before time. You resonate to the music of the notes as they are played. It is important that. Now this is for you.

You notice that your breathing is very shallow, now I want you to practice whenever you are doing it the Journey within, to take a deep breath as though you are breathing in from your shoes, from your boots down there. Bring that breath into you do not leave it sitting up here you lose a lot of energy doing that. Remember now for future times to bring that in and then you will discover that you will resonate more than you have ever done so before, you will tingle all over you but you will feel as if you are not sitting on your seat, very light.

Do I practice with the music that I play before going to bed?

Songee: That is a beginning for you however you must discipline yourself, I have told you that sometimes you do not discipline yourself, other times you are very disciplined. In this you do not do, you have not got it at all so you must get it right.

You have not much earth time to do it, so you do it now, next time you come together for the music listen to the 'Word' that is given to you, it is given for a reason. It is given in the Healing, 'The Word' that is spoken is not the word of the person. It is the word that comes from Spirit or from myself to you, I am not a Spirit.

Every living thing upon this planet has a sound attached to it, every living thing is capable of being crushed by the wrong sound or enhanced and made to grow by the right sound. Therefore is it not also seemly that the soul also has a vibration of sound that it can reach out to the 'Oneness' and be part of it.

You know of this with your mind from the thing that you have been given about your 'AUM'. Before time I have said to you that many people can practice it and many will have a wonderful experience when they use this. They will enter into a level of vibration that for them is Heavenly. Therefore I give you this, if it is done correctly and it is done with the right resonance, you will see, you will feel, you will hear, you will smell, you will taste the Oneness, you will not be separate from it. It is not a vibration you go to and feel as though you are in Heaven. It is a being a part of the Oneness in total. This music is to do that, to open the soul to that.

Being with the Oneness

You are frightened of it. So you do not go, because when you are one with the Oneness it overwhelms your physical to such a degree that you feel that you have lost control of yourself, this is not so.

When you are in tune with the Oneness nothing is out of control. When you return you may have experienced within the physical body, the emotion of that moment. The soul is not the emotion but the body may experience it and that is not wrong, it is not bad. And when you return to your body it may feel life, it will be cleansed of all that is in it that cause problems for you. You will think of it, your physical body all of your self will become changed a little, will become new, young. It is the secret of becoming young again, not very young again like a baby in arms. However every cell becomes a little bit younger.

Practice the breath

This is what you will miss out on this time. This is what happened for you and for you, but not for you and for you. Do you understand? It is to do with the breathing only, that this is what you needed to do. You follow it very well you go with it, it is important that you do not try to do things, don't try to do anything, except remember to breathe in when the music become powerful, you take a deep breath in and breathe the Power within yourself. You understand this? You can practice it with the music for yourself.

You also A. Practice the breath, don't do the meditation journey for you. You do the breath every time you play the music, only a small bit at a time. One, two, three songs of your music only then awake to it, do not take the journey at this time.

Practice your breathing, feel the flow of the music, eyes closed when you are doing it and you breathe, breathe the music and the vibration into yourself and when you have done that you will feel the Power. Then the next time you do it be prepared and do your breathing and then go upon your journey of Self Discovery.

Remember to do the breathing as you go. Very soon you will find that you do not have to remember anything, you do it naturally without thinking of it. That is for all of you.

Can I practice with the music that I have or should I get the special music.

Songee: Do not practice to do the journey, just the breathing and becoming one with the music. When you have that and you feel the power and you feel that it is correct, you leave it alone.

The next time that you sit for the music and you have no interruptions from your earth life, then you take your journey inside of you. Remember to ask those who work with you in Spirit to respect your journey for you. Not to come to channel through you. You do not have to practice that you know that it is possible for you to do. Now you practice that which you do not do very well. Now what else have you to ask?

To learn, to taste, to smell, to hear

I had strange experience one night last week when I was sleeping. A beam of bright light flashed around my bed. I swung out of bed, and a voice said some word. I felt the hair standing on my head and a tingling down my spine. It was a strange experience but I did not have any fear. I was aware that there was something close to me.

Songee: So... Could you give me an explanation for it please?

Songee: I have already done that, why do you feel that I have given you this music and talking with you. Do I accustom come to speak with you this time? I do not, I have removed this one so that I could come to speak to you about this matter because the Word was given to you and the music was given to you that represents the Word and you turn your face away from it.

The Sight, the Sound, the Colour, the Smell, you do not see it. You do not see it, the light has not come on. The music is the Word, the light was the Word. The Word was the spoken word and you hear it. This music was for you to learn, to taste, to smell, to hear the Word of the Oneness.

Is that why I had to have that experience?

Songee: We bring you the Word, we want you to go on your journey, we want you to go and have a discovery of yourself. So that you come prepared for the work that is ahead of you and you do not see it.

When it came like that it was quite a shake up.

Songee: How else can we give it to you when you turn your face away from it. You refuse to go with the music, you refuse to go with the sound of the music and the different notes as it comes to you, not just as the other music that has been given to you.

It is not just.... I do not have the word to give to you.... The young one in Spirit (Sally - One of Roberta-Margaret's helpers) has given me, for me to say to you, "Not the tinkling of the ivories". Not just the tinkling of the ivories she said. It is more than that, it is not just pretty sound, it is different notes, different vibration to take you where you need to go, not to where you want to go.

Now that it has been pointed out to me, I feel that I can do something about it now.

Songee: That is correct, but it would not have been brought to your attention, if it was not brought in the manner that it was brought in the first place.

Sometimes it is very important that we should give you a big kick in a very delicate place. We do not hesitate to do that, we do that if it is called for. So now you have your surprise that make you sit up and wonder about things. Those in Spirit say, "We have tried and we have said over and over again, - he does not listen, he goes and does his own thing in his head and not listen to the music, he does not follow it along, he goes along and does what he pleases to do", from inside of your head.

Whenever your feelings genuinely touch you and you are comfortable with it, that is not wrong, but however you cannot be allowed to turn your face away any more from that. So those in Spirit say, "Songee, what are we to do with -?" And I say, "We give him a big kick in the soft place". So we say the first thing to do is to get your attention, that makes you wonder about what happened.

Already it is arranged for the music to come to you. It was arranged for the music to come to you, it was arranged a long time ago of your earth time. However it was given to you because you will not be able to hear it at the time it was designed for you to hear it because also we have gone ahead and we also know what is ahead of you, so we know that you do not have a meeting. We know before you know, so we give you the music tonight of your earth time. You keep on turning your face away, so now I give you a kick in the soft place, to your face.

Now perhaps we can go on a little differently. It cannot be permitted for you to waste your earth time going in the wrong, in the wrong direction. There is enough time gone by now, there is not enough time left for you to use it up in useless meandering. I do not like this word. Nothing is useless. Unproductive is a better word. Unproductive meandering around.

Now you must wait until the music can be played for you. You are not permitted to get this music for you to listen on your own. If the lesson is given to you, you will do the same thing that you have been doing before and - you will do your own imaginings - do your own thing. And do what you are supposed to do. It is not that you not do all right, it is that you are capable of doing better and it is important that you do better.

It is this guidance that I needed and was looking for.

Songee: Now you have it.

Take a deep breath

I do this with you now. Hold your palm upwards, place the thumb and middle finger together. Now you take a deep breath from your boots up through inside of you, breathe in through your nose not through your mouth. Deep inside with your breath. Hold your breath until you feel as if you are going to burst, slowly let it out, slowly through your mouth. Push it down outside of you down into the earth. Do some in this manner at the start of your trip and when you have the trip in a less vigorous manner, when you have the music.


(Songee generally uses 'The Word' meaning the words in the Bible, The Word of Oneness. However in this instance She seems to be using this term as the words spoken by whoever is guiding the meditation - still words from Oneness though channelled through another, so all the people of the Circle travel the same Journey. In most of these instances when a meditation was done these words were channelled by Roberta-Margaret who often, during this time, slipped away into spirit allowing Songee or one of Roberta-Margaret's spirit people to channel through. CMH2012 )

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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