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Karma and Forgiveness

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Karma and Forgiveness'
A Teaching from Songee, late 1993


Emily's Rescue
Another Rescue

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Emily's Rescue

After the Circle was opened our work began with a Spirit Rescue of an elderly lady in London living in Putney, London England. She was an old vagabond who lived with her cat Tinkerbell in a basement of derelict house. The temperature that night dropped to freezing point. The old lady did not have enough clothes to keep her warm and she passed into Spirit while she slept. She was bought into the Light and it was explained to her what had happened and that she was now in Spirit. She accepted this with calmness and then became excited when she was told the her cat Tinkerbell was also with her.

It was explained to her that some of her old friends who were also in Spirit would come and take her further into the Light and that she would be at peace and always have love with her. She recognised her friends calling their names and walking off into the Light.

(Over the future years this Spirit Lady often came to overshadow Roberta-Margaret while she was away. We came to know her as Emily. She usually bought one of her cats with her and told us about the work she does in spirit. CMH2012 )

When this work was completed we noticed someone else was with the Channel so we welcomed them to the Circle. It was Songee and she said -

Another Rescue

Songee: There is a question you wish to ask?

At Monday's circle we did a 'Spirit Rescue' on A stepfather. We brought him into the Light from the dark one. He asked A to forgive him but she refused. He was very upset. Later as we were closing the Circle, A said that she did not feel very well. Channelled healing was given to her, which seemed to help. Later at supper she said that she could feel that there was someone very close to her. I moved the entity into the Light, could you explain who it was please?

Songee: It was 'that one' causing the problem, he did not receive the forgiveness that was needed before he could continue. (?He) has got much work to do to make reparation for the mistake that was made during his life.

Was it him that was hanging around me?

Songee: It was him. The Soul is now in the Light, however it cannot continue until it has made reparation for that which he did while alive. Now I see a little bird flying around all over the place. Your question is 'Why?' Why is the person not doing the Karma when they come back to the earth plane?

It is a form of karma before returning to the earth plane again. If the deed is one that requires forgiveness before the soul can continue, then that soul is given a choice of coming and being of help and assistance to the one that it was given grief to. It is given the task to give assistance, usually that soul is dwelling in the Light and had knowledge of the wrong doing and had true remorse of the wrong doing. The soul is not a bad one, the soul was a maligned one.

Was he being maligned from the dark side?

Songee: That is correct. He will have to get forgiveness from A. but before he can get forgiveness, he must learn that forgiveness is needed.

She must learn that greatness of Spirit will only come by forgiving. When that lesson is learned the Light will come on for her. He will know when he receives it and go on. If there is anything that needs to be finished on the physical plane at some other time, then that soul can come back and complete the debt to her.

It is another way that Karma works. It is not always known about. Most people believe that Karma is only played on the earth plane. If the soul has received true enlightenment, sometimes the soul does not accept the enlightenment and sometimes they do. However they choose not to pay until they return to the earth plane. It is the same as with the people on earth, if you have a debt to pay you are given the choice of how you want to pay it, whether you want to pay it in instalments or pay it in one go. Part now and the rest latter, the karma must be paid in full so (?he) will remain as a helper.

Until she forgives?

Songee: That is correct. You do not tell her, as it is important for her to realise on their own. D0 NOT TELL.

All they need to know is that they have to forgive. Tell them that much. But do not tell that the soul of (?him) will remain as a helper. It is difficult enough for the soul on the earth plane to learn to forgive that one who has done wrong, without the burden for that one knowing that the soul of (?him) is still there. It can cause fear and you don't want to give fear to the one that you want to give help to.

Why did I get the adverse effect and why did he hang around me?

Songee: The forgiveness had not been forgiven. There was much grief, much pain, much remorse from him that did not have forgiveness.

Can you imagine for yourself if you do something terribly wrong to a person and you go to them and you say that you love them and that you have done a great wrong to them and that you would like them to forgive me please, and they turn around and say, "No" to you. It would be like the first soldier in the battle that is shot. You cannot be complete and go to victory with your compatriots. You will be very upset.

You cannot make a person do that. It would be like 'pushing water uphill'. Such is it with the emotion of the person. It is very difficult for that to happen.

I must look within myself about this.

Songee: It is something for all persons who come to do this work, not only for you. It is for all of you to work on all of the time.

The lesson finishes for now.

Reference no 19930801facet16


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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