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Songee's Introduction of Silver Doe
Silver Doe Speaks

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Silver Doe - Songee's Introduction and Silver Doe Speaks'
A Teaching from Songee 14th November 1993


Songee Introduces Silver Doe
Silver Doe Speaks
Songee - conclusion

These are two teachings published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee Introduces Silver Doe

There are times when a special meeting is called. This is for more advanced pupils to get certain information about esoteric knowledge. The Leader of the Circle was usually informed by Spirit as to the time and place of the meeting. The meeting opened immediately.

Songee: I am here.

Now our work can begin. Could you explain what we have to do?

Songee: It will become apparent soon, do not make haste too soon. If you do not you will fall on your nose.

Yes I understand, I have done that already.

Songee: So do not make haste too soon.

We have to begin with something.

Songee: It has begun already for you, be patient, a little at a time will be given so that you will come to know that which need to be improved from that which is not needed of improvement.

Those who come to bring information to you are more frequently, than the one who just said 'hello' and 'goodbye', requires time of time earth time to come and be... I seek word ...firmly planted with the roots down into the earth plane. So that the voice can be heard clearly, so that misunderstanding does not occur, so that there is no misconstruction of the meaning of the information that is given. So that those who hear will clearly hear the message that they are meant to hear, not the one that they wish to put upon it.

For all of this to happen, it takes a little of your earth time. There is no time in Spirit for this, it matters not now long, there is no long in Spirit. However there is this long in earth time. So that each time that you meet it becomes a little clearer a little better. That is what I mean by time.

Now... (a dog barks) ...this little one speaks with me.

If you wish for the learning to progress more quickly then you will need to have more meet. Is that not so? If you do not meet then you do not progress quickly, your earth time.

You progress very slowly your earth time. So it is not dependent on Spirit how fast you progress. It is dependent upon yourself. Those in Spirit are available to work with you if you put aside your earth time. If you do not put aside your earth time, they cannot work with you.

So they are available at any time. Is it alright for me to be with them more often.

Songee: No. You have misunderstand. For the work to be done between you and this one (the channel) and you and Silver Doe, then there has to be a meeting on the earth plane for it to be achieved. So if you wish for it to progress quickly or more speedily then you have to set aside your earth time to do it. If you wish for it to go more slowly then you do not have so many meetings. Now do you understand?

Yes, I do.

(The dog barks again.)

Songee: It is alright little one. There is no harm outside for that one or for you. You close your mouth and open your ear.

They have all started.

Songee: They see all the Light who come to stand and be with you in this little place. Do not take notice it is not important. Go and look to see that there is no danger for you.

So now the next question. The work that you do with Silver Doe is not happen every single time you have meet. Not to begin, is only to happen at special meet. You have set aside earth time for two at meeting. One, two. (Songee pointing to channel and Charlie) How many other People that do not have the connection with the (others), therefore it is required of you to set aside earth time for separate meet for Silver Doe.

(A little dog jumps up onto the channel.) Good day to you, I am happy to meet you. There... my children, they are all my children. They like it. Good day to you. (Songee finished talking with the animals.)

Now when you sit for the work that come from Silver Doe, it is important that it is recognised that Silver Doe does not come to answer questions about personal life of the individual. This is not the function of this. The function is to bring teaching, to bring it in such a way that there can be no misunderstanding that the barrier between the earth and the spirit does not interfere with the correct teaching that is to given.

Now if you are at your meet some person asks a question, Charlie does his best to give answer that is correct. However in doing this Charlie make a slight change of word to express it, how Charlie feel is need to express it at, that time. Depending upon how much time you have to explain this thing and who the person is, who is there who ask the question.

When Silver Doe give the information that is for teaching. There will be no such consideration. The information will be given from Spirit to Earth through the medium of the connection between the one who has moved to the plane of the Shaman of High and then also has connection with the earth body. So that is the true connection through of earth penetrating to Spirit. It goes from the physical through that matter into Spirit, it is the true connection.

This does not mean that when returning to the earth plane that soul is perfection. That soul cannot be perfection, it is not permit, else the earth life would not be honoured. However the Spiritual self is very close to it. Not quite perfect, for that also would not be true to honour the earth life, it would detract from honouring the earth life. There is a need for the conflict to create the situation for the learning of the earth life. So you must now put all of that consideration to one side and understand that, and then when it is upon one side to concentrate your energy and know it that the need between the Spirit and the matter of earth is unbroken through the Silver Doe connection. Therefore there is no consideration for the time, for the place, for the person the information is given as a teach, in as pure fashion you can receive it.

The reason it is to be written and - thank you, she gave me the word from spirit before I even ask for it. It is to be recorded by writing and other method if you wish. However it is important that it is in the writing, because then there can be no misunderstanding of the word that is given.

People when they read the word and hear the word, read it and hear it differently. They can read the word and put inflection of the voice on a different word and make it different meaning. The whole thing can become different.

This is why we wish only to have little bit of Silver Doe to begin with, to allow you to become accustomed to the method of the actual of teach, a little at a time. There is no shortcut to this, you cannot jump across the fence and run across the field to the other side. You must walk all around the outside of the field because in the middle of the field that you may wish to run across, there may be many dangers, hidden holes in the ground for you to fall, big beast with horns to come and toss you in the air, many things. Maybe you even have some ground that is not safe to walk upon, you sink into it. But around the outside of the field it is very firm, it is not short to go that way, but it is safe and it is sure and you will still get there.

So it must be written by hand.

Songee: If you wish to use other method, that is permitted. However you must write by hand.

So it is better by hand than taking it from the machine?

Songee: You can do both, however if you write by hand then when you come to listen to the machine, you can see if you have made a mistake in your writing. Because sometime when you write you can put the wrong word without knowing you have put the wrong word. That is important because when you write upon your paper upon this, you are putting into all of your being the meaning of the teaching. There is no short way to get to it.

Then there is also to be arranged between the presence of Silver Doe and yourself, a recognition that you can learn so that you will know when Silver Doe is speak with you and not any other. Also remember that Silver Doe have the power to speak at other times beside your meet, so it is important that you have the learning and the feeling of the presence of that one in that form. It is most different from anything else that you have encountered. Remember you are not encountering pure spirit but spirit and matter both together in a different finer form. I was going to say thinner form, that is not correct. Like the air on top of the mountain. There is word for it... (speaking to others in Spirit) that is correct thank you. The man with the bottles, Dr Sven, he says to me... rare, rarefy.

So it is a rarefied state of being. That is nothing to do with the denseness of the earth connection. When you touch the furniture, when you touch the person it feel very hard, firm to touch. If you go to touch the air, you can feel it but you cannot touch it. When you touch the water you can feel the water, but it is different to feeling the air. You can feel the Power in it and you can feel if there is a flow in it or not, but you do not have to see it to feel it. Yet with it you can see manifestation of it in the air, you can see the manifestation of the flow and you can feel it but touching it is not possible.

So you go from the earth to the water to the air is different, in different stage of manifestation of touching, each one is a little rarer as you go through it.

Now the connection with Silver Doe to the earth maintain a little of the density of the matter of the earth, but has the untouchability of the spirit very similar to that of the air. You cannot touch it but you can see the manifestation of it with the wind blowing the tree, or a gentle breeze that moves the leaf. That is the manifestation of the matter of air and then the non seeing but the feeling of the breeze and yet is not enough to move the grass or the flower or the leaf but you feel it anyway. It is the manifestation of the spirit of the air. In this way is the presence of Silver Doe.

The light that surrounds Silver Doe is different to the light that surrounds the physical of the channel that I use. The part of the aura of that must retain a physical connection which will be seen by some, however the Spiritual connection will outshine it. There are those at the other meeting who will be able to see this.

Later when you practice to come together, have moved forward to permit Silver Doe to direct those at (?it) with the lesson. That will come at a time of your earth time but at the beginning...

We, the channel and I have been discussing the teaching which she received some time ago. She would like to have these printed. Would that be a part of the teachings of Silver Doe?

Songee: That is not the teachings of Silver Doe. Those are information that is given by different spirit person who have been coming to give word through that one. There are many of such who come to do this thing. It is not Silver Doe.

We can keep that separate and make it into a book form if need be.

Songee: That is permitted. Any writing that is given when the channel is conscious is not Silver Doe. There will be no conscious delivery of information from Silver Doe. The one who is the channel at this time will be only in part aware that Silver Doe may have been speaking, however there will not be memory of detail of information, it is not permit until after it has been given. This is so that the nose does not get stuck in the door, otherwise the nose will get stuck even now.

So there will be a partial awareness that something has been coming to Pass, but the detail is not given unless it is given by those who hear it. It cannot be given in little bits it must be given in its wholeness, as it is written, as it has been heard. Not how it has been interpreted to be.

All of your training before now has been leading to this time. The determination of those in Spirit to make sure Charlie does not put his own interpretation upon word.

Yes I understand the danger of that.

(The little dog snores.)

Songee: He sleeps now.

It may be possible at this time for Songee to move away for a little while, this will do for this time. I will see you before I go.

Silver Doe Speaks

Together we will teach, there is so much to speak of, it is unclear at the moment where to begin.

The Light. I will begin with the Light. The Light is very bright here, there is more Light than anything known to mankind. Within the Light there are forms of which I am one. From this place it is possible for me to move the physical to direct to you the energy that I wish you to know. There is not another energy such as this one for you to encounter.

There are many here who hold the title of Shaman. The Souls of these do not all come from the Nation of the Red man. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about the Shaman. The only thing that is not misunderstood is what they are, they are. They are the Medicine Man and Medicine Woman, the Spiritual Leaders of their people. Different cultures have different names for the Shaman. They are all the same, the function within their tribes are different. However although they are different they have great, great earthly power over their People. Those who abuse the Power do not belong in this Light. This Light is for the High Shaman only of all nations throughout the ages of planet.

I have been granted the honour of joining the High Shaman before leaving the earth life. The purpose of this honour is to bring the connection of the Light to the earth. It is not to be vaunted, to do this would be to abuse it. It is of no great matter and yet it is of great moment.

That is all for now, next time I will speak of the work that the High Shaman do.

The door to the Light, although it remains open, it used circumspectly.

The sign of Silver Doe is to be this...
The Feel, only for you will know for a moment.
This is for farewell... so no words are spoken.

Songee - conclusion

Songee: We will continue, ignore this one. Were you able to feel Silver Doe coming in?

Yes it was very fine if that is the right word.

Songee: Will you be able to recognise it when you encounter it again?

I could not feel any distinct feeling.

Songee: So your sensitivity needs to be heightened?

With Analise, I can sense her, I can feel when she is about.

Songee: That one does not have a physical body. That one is in Spirit.

At least I was getting a connection, I was beginning to feel.

Songee: So, to know the difference as I have explained to you, something that is Spirit and something that is not Spirit, but is spiritual matter. It is different, it is most different.

The people of the earth plane, do not see Songee, but feel Songee. They walk upon my back, they dig holes in my belly, they draw out of me my life blood. I am Matter, yet I am not. In a similar fashion is Silver Doe, it is Matter but yet it is not. To know the feel of it, in that place of the Doe has a form, it is a different form that you know, but later you will come to learn to know it, so when it presents itself in front of you, you will see and know it. That is for future time, earth time. You have to practice, one thing at a time. Learn to feel at first, become sensitive to the feel first, then you move on. This is why you learn a little at a time.

(There followed a short personal discussion.)

It is time for Songee to say goodbye...

I leave you with the Power.

(There are records of several teachings by Silver Doe around that time - 'Silver Doe Speaks' 14.11.1993, 'The High Shaman' 26.11.1993. Then later 23.12.1993 which is called 'Gifts', 'The Moon Lodge' 25.11.1994, 'Female Power' and 'Red Indian Land' both with no dates - all were published in the Facets of the Diamond. There may have more teachings by Silver Doe which have not yet been discovered.CMH 2012)

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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