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Silver Doe - The High Shaman

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Silver Doe - The High Shaman'
Silver Doe speaks, 26th November 1993

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The words that I wish to speak are of a nature that will teach, There are some, who will ask the question "Who are the Shaman and who are they and what do they do?"

The Shaman are the Keepers of the Secrets of the tribes. Within each of the High Shaman is the knowledge that has gone throughout the ages, that the people of the tribe honoured. This knowledge is true, it does not change, it has always been and will always continue to be.

Collectively the High Shaman act as guardians to the different cultures of the planet. No one culture is honoured by one Shaman, but by the many. As a collective, we work to enlighten the souls of the different cultures towards unity of Spirit.

We come singularly to teach and that is our function. We do not answer all the questions that earth people want to ask us. To do so is hazardous to the people, because they misunderstand, misinterpreted, confuse and doubt, and reject that which is given to them. So only a little at a time is given in teaching so that the soul can better absorb the teaching. To come to know it, in all of their Being and not just with their intellect.

Witness that which was given on my last visit. The words were not heard correctly, the message, the teaching was muddled and incoherent in its repetition. Now you understand how the muddle happens. The words that I have given to you, you put your own meaning to them, and went too far back. It is common. All those who listen do this. It is something that I wish to change. I speak singularly, yet collectively. The Shaman, all have this same problem with teaching to the earth.

There is with the Shaman, one soul for each of the earth passage of time of one hundred earth years is chosen to become the link. Only one in one hundred earth years.

For the duration of that life as the physical and Spiritual link. When the Soul returns to Spirit at the end of its journey upon the earth it may continue to work with the Shaman until a decision is made for rebirth. Although very few of the High Shaman birth to the earth plane. It only comes to this decision when there is a need upon the earth plane for a teacher to born.

Sometimes the Soul will come more than once as a teacher from the ranks of the High Shaman. Each time that this happens, earth knowledge of spiritual things is altered.

Those upon the earth perceive the change as against the norm, the norm for that time and that age. Yet the change is always a positive one, it is not always positively received and the one who brings the change, very often is physically removed from the earth plane by those around who disagree, and so the Shaman returns to the High Shaman collective.

There is some humour in this because in doing this, the changes become fixed and are more likely to occur, than if they were to leave that soul to effect the changes, that they have come to effect. So the Light and the truth and the teaching, it is given to the souls of the earth despite themselves. The sacrifice of the earth life is of little importance in these situations.

I will leave you with that now, it is enough to absorb.

May the Light continue to be with you.

Reference no 19931126facet52


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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