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Silver Doe - Songee

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Silver Doe - Moon Lodge : Songee - Woman Power'
This teaching was given on the 28th November 1993


Silver Doe
- The Moon Lodge
- Woman Power
- Fear of being a woman
- How to be in your own Power

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Circle was opened with the preparation of the pupils, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Specially selected music was played and chosen incenses were burned.

The pupils were taken on a journey within themselves and later when they returned to their physical bodies a talk was given to them by Silver Doe, High Shaman of the Sioux Nation. She explained about the difference between the male Sweat Lodge and the female Moon Lodge. Also of the Male Power and the stronger Female Power.

- The Moon Lodge

Silver Doe: The last time that we spoke, you made an incorrect statement. You were unaware, it was not made to Silver Doe but to another. You made the comment that this one (the channel) had been in a Sweat Lodge, I would correct you, women do not go into the sweat lodge but rather into the Moon Lodge.

Did you enjoy your journey? (Asking the male pupil referring to a meditation journey the group had been on.)

Male pupil answered, This time I don't remember anything.

Silver Doe: Unlike the men, the women do permit the men to attend the Moon Lodge at certain times of the year. With that the women are not permitted at the time of the year, to collect to the sweat lodge. Very one sided.

However in the tribe, it is the women who has the Power, not the men, also the continuance to persuade the women of the tribe (?they) must learn to find their own power. This does not mean if you have been born male that you are weak or special. You have been born as to do for mankind. That is why it is possible for womankind to have no mankind to the moon lodge unless it is granted.

That is why most of the tribe have a male for a shaman, it is the woman elder of the tribe who looks without seeming to. When other bodies come to talk with the tribe, it is the men who gather. Before they gather they must consult a council of women. All of this has been lost to womankind on this planet. It is one of the lessons that is being brought to you so that you will discover the power.

Did you feel the power on your journey, did you feel it, the moon through your body out to the sky. To make you one with the earth and with the sky, in the Ceremony and Celebration of Power. It is very strongly held that to you in the days to come, remember (to) seek it when you feel that you are lost and alone. When you touch the power of the women, then you are in touch with all of creation. When you are joined to the man, to the vortex into the things that go to represent life and time for that and all that we would be.

For a man to use the feminine power is not incorrect, if he will draw upon this power for the same reasons that a woman will draw upon it. It is most effective if you use it when they wish to reach to the essence of woman. However I counsel you to do it kindly and with love, or the power will return to you much as an arrow shot from a bow.

Reach out with the power and touch the one that you wish to connect with, to express how you feel to that one gently as with a caress not a blow. Also womankind must not use their power in a way that would demean the manpower, because to do so is to dishonour the woman power and so you do dishonour to yourself. When you return to spirit you will discover that you have manpower and womanpower both in equal (quantity) of the human soul. That your physical is only an expression of one power or the other. This is why womankind can allow mankind to come to the moon lodge. Womankind knows mankind do not acknowledge it. Some do, some do not.

So that is making you think, but you have any agreement about it.

What is the difference between the sweat lodge and the moon lodge? Does the moon lodge operate on the same principle as a sweat lodge?

Silver Doe: The moon lodge is the same construction that is designed for woman to sit and to talk, to commune with the spirits. They have hot stones on which water is placed to make steam. Moon lodge is larger than the man's sweat lodge. It is often used to take those who are sick, to sweat from their bodies the poison that is making them sick. Also sometimes, a woman may choose to have their child in the sweat lodge, rather than going away. It is also a cause for cleansing for women at the time of their moon cycle.

This is not in the sweat lodge of the man, so with all of that, the formalities for the necessity there is a difference. A sweat lodge of the man, the man has rituals to discover his spiritual strength, to cleanse themselves before battle or any momentous undertaking - the hunt, taking a wife, while the child is being born, before ceremonies begin in the village. Womankind also do these things in the moon lodge and they would have us to believe that we do not know what happens in the men's sweat lodge. We allow them to think that.

What if they do know, what happens in the moon lodge even though they are admitted to it. If you wish to be successful hiding something, then be open about all things. Most around will overlook the obvious in front of their noses and you do not have to be a deceiver, they will deceive themselves. In this way you can be wise.

Would you like to ponder some more.

In modern times does this still happen?

Silver Doe: Yes very much.

Why is it not spoken of, we hear of the sweat lodge but we do not hear of the moon lodge.

Silver Doe: It is spoken of, it is practised, but because it is obvious I do not want to say.

Whenever there is a gathering of women it is in essence a gathering within the moon lodge. The only missing thing is steam and even this is contrived when you have a hot drink.

In this moment of time, I have created for you a moon lodge.

We have greeted our male to our moon lodge. I encouraged the meditation this night, for this purpose. For it is that time when woman learn to gather together to celebrate the power of light and also man is admitted because at this time of the year in the cycles of the year, it is the time of fertility and womankind cannot manage this on their own. This is another way that the sweat lodge has been used and I am not proposing that this should happen in this sweat box in this gathering.

The ages of this time however is in the moon lodge, in the principle of man interrelate of male and female energy and the male and female power. The gathering together in this way imagine as the power that surround(s), and in the centre however much pleasure and healing enjoyed can be given, when that is released into the Universe and the power comes out to the planet to procreate to regenerate, to make new, to give birth to many living things and at this moment this planet requires this energy most sorely. All this was done and energy applied to your journey. It does not matter if this male has no memory.

Sometimes it is important to ask questions, but time is passing out with this lesson. My time with you is completed. I will speak to you again.

I bid you farewell and blessings from the Company of High Shaman.

(When this talk and discussion was completed, the Earth Mother, Songee spoke to the pupils.)

Songee - Woman Power

Songee: I am here.

So now you talk about that which you have found upon your journey. The moon is the Power of the woman, it has always been so and as woman is the moon so she is the Earth. The man is the Sun and is the water.

At the time of the Moon when man is admitted to the Celebration of Creation as has been explained in the ceremony upon the earth plane at the time of the people of the tribe. They would have the ceremony within a Lodge of the Moon and the man was invited into the lodge with a woman, for the purpose of procreation.

It was ceremony for all men to join with all women of age of 'knowing'. It was not permitted for girl child to enter Moon Lodge before she had begun her moon cycle and have also knowledge of man before they can participate in this ceremony. All the women from the oldest to the youngest within this, is allowed to be there and the same with the man allowed to be there.

With the man again only those males who have been undertaking the Rite of Initiation into manhood after taking to the torture at that time for that ceremony.

Now you want to ask a question?

On my journey I was in the Moon Lodge, I had full remembrance of my moccasins and everything around me. Then I had fear and I could not understand why.

- Fear of being a woman

Songee: Look to yourself within your own being, with the life that you live. To do this you need to go back before time.

Was it as a life as an Indian?

Songee: You need to look back on this life, the fear of a man wanting to know of you without your permission.

I don't know of any man.

Songee: It does not matter, the fear it comes from some source, it does not mean that that has been enacted out. Only that the fear was born in that moment.

The fear was what my mother was always telling me.

Songee: That is correct, that fear can come to the child. The fear can be sown inside like a sieve, so that when the woman meets the man the fear comes to the fore. To make difficult the communication between the two. In this way sometimes the wrong feelings are implanted upon another without the act having to take place.

But you live now, you have the Power of the Woman to call upon your physical life. Woman can bring the Power of the female into the world into the physical. The male cannot bring the Power of the Female into the physical. He can bring it into the Spiritual and convey it through the Emotion, but he cannot bring it into the physical plane, Womankind is only who can do this.

I don't understand this very well.

Songee: Did your husband have baby or did you?

0oh, I understand now, Yes, Right.

Songee: If womankind who not have child is still womankind who have within their body the seed to make the child, if sickness make it that this seed is removed, then still there is within themselves the energy to create the feeling of womanhood and the power to nurture and to bring to fruition many things. Birthing is not just making the baby and bringing it into the world, there is more. It can be from planting the small seed and making it grow to the tree.

That is why it is important... I don't like that word but I give it to you because it is worth it, most of you use it all of the time. WHY, WHY is this, WHY is that, WHY is not.

But it is the purpose behind the honouring of the womankind within you, regardless of what lifestyle you choose to have, I only say as it is. But you have moved away from that which I was saying to you before, your fear and about how it can be made to be felt, that violation has taken place when it has not in the physical. It does not have to be in the physical for it to be violation, it can be in the emotion and in the mind and in the Spirit.

All the time every second, every moment of the time that pass on this planet, when time violate me but do I hideaway in the corner? It is not so, I am the Mother, I have the Power to create and if in creation it requires some small adjustment of the planet's surface, then so be it, and so those of mankind who would violate, violate no more. They do not have to do this physically, they will do it mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually. This, womankind have the Power to combat - to change, to gentle, make new. I would like to speak some word, if you have the energy to listen and to speak the feeling of the word, then please to do so.

The word is this -

I feel as though I am being made to feel as though I have to do this, as though I am not allowed to be separate.
Not allowed to be independent of the Man.
I feel as though I have no Power to make this different.
I feel as though I am being suppressed.
I do not want to do this.
I do not want to nurture.
I do not want to be gentle.
I do not want to procreate.
Why is it that woman is always the one who has to do everything, when will man be responsible for himself?
Tell me why I have to do this?
No. I will not do it, let someone else do it.
I am going to fight like a man.

Songee: What is happening with all of that, with that word?

It was to make that the female is not comfortable to be the female, that they viewed the female as something as not for themself. They do not honour the female self.

(The pupils discussed their impressions of what they felt about the words.)

Songee: What you say is correct, however it is also incorrect. Over the years of your earth time the method of the male to the female has not changed. It has only now become more apparent because more people are talking about it. Before time it was not spoken. I always say for you if you wish to make the change speak the word, speak of what you see, of what you feel and then speak of how you would like it to be, of how you would like to feel and SO BE IT.

Men feel... men cannot handle the fact that women are now...

- How to be your own Power

Songee: You are making too... Now is making too... making too wide of the picture, you must make your picture back to yourself. You cannot make the picture wide to encompass everything. To do so is to make the Power go away from you. In this way many do this and loose the Power. I am offering to you a knowledge of how to be your own Power, to be rich in your own Power of Femaleness. With all the Power of Procreation, of all that it means and all that it entails. To acknowledge that the Woman Power is the Woman Power, even though the Man Power would have it different and in knowing that, not thinking it in your head, knowing it in your Being, knowing it for a Truth. Then you will discover that you need have no fear of any male at any time, now or in the future life of future lives to come.

The only male that you would have to be wary of would be when you are born back as Male Power. Then you would have to acknowledge your Male Power and acknowledge that Woman Power is stronger than you. That is why Male Power becomes angry at Woman Power, it does not want to admit that Woman Power is the ruler, yet Woman Power rules by submission. In submitting they are allowing this to be. Do you have understanding of this?

The gentleness is stronger than the aggression and can calm the aggression, but the manpower... has the Man Power something to contribute? I ask for the manpower to contribute.

(There was one male pupil at the Circle that evening.)

Male pupil - I understand all that was said and I completely agree with all that was said.

(General discussion about the teaching began among the pupils.)

Female pupil - Not necessarily, if you think about it...

Songee: Don't think about it. It is important now that you go away now from this place and you feel the Power of Femaleness and that the Femaleness is allowed to be strong and that is also with you so that it can be used from the Spirit.


Reference no 19931128facet54.55


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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