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Psychic Operations

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Psychic Operations'
A Teaching from Songee, early 1994

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

During an evening when the pupils were practicing Spiritual Healing, Songee was answering question that were being asked.

A pupil who had heard of psychic operation in the Philippines asked the question -

Now that that we have surgery to help people, I believe that there are different ways of healing instead of cutting people up to get at the diseased areas. I am in a dilemma here trying to understand the reason for all this.

Songee: lt is already been discovered that it is possible to use the light to get inside to cut without outside of the skin. So where is your confusion?

I would like to ask a question further to that. What of the people who do the psychic operations with their bare hands? What power are they using, is it a specific power especially for that healing and are the healers specially chosen?

Songee: There are some who have the gift and there are some who pretend to have the gift. It is important to know the difference.

It is possible for those who pretend to have the gift to convince others that they have it. These persons become very wealthy at the expense of others. Some people become cured of their problems and believe that this one did it for them. however there is an energy of healing that is used and the soul that is using this, is the one who channelled the energy for the energy for the healing.

Could anyone from the circle do this type of healing with training?

Songee: I put to you another question, what for is it needed to be done in this manner?

I believe that it is much more humane, much more caring for other persons.

Songee: What for, who is benefitting from this?

The patient.

Songee: In a world that is ideal, in times past it has been done, it was done before time... It has been upon this planet as a practice upon this planet, before time and then, even then there were souls around who did not want to have this, they wanted to abuse it. So it was taken away.

So now I'll make you think a little further. The Power of Love and the Power of Light is so powerful that it can heal broken bones, it can remove tumour, it can cure all disease. This is so, however you have a little matter of the intellect of the person who gets in the way of it all and also a matter of karmic debt that they have to pay out of this life. Then there is the little matter whether they have chosen this is the first place. Who makes the decisions?

I have no idea.

Songee: So now you think a little deeper and further into your question and it takes you further than that just one thing. Ideal, there is one person who is sick and you nave another person who have to take out the wrong thing, make the person well.

Take the wrong thing out and make the person well?

Songee: The thing that is wrong is taken out.

Ooh, now I understand, yes.

Songee: Oh, my goodness. So that is beautiful.

It would be nice to be able to do that.

Songee: Most welcome to it, however it is possible to live in this ideal kind of situation in the world if there was not that kind of sickness in the first place. There would not be the poison that is now in this planet, that is killing all of my children. Killing all of my children in the earth, in the water, and in the land, and In the trees. I weep for them when I am in the physical body, I weep for them and when I am in my natural being I become angry for them, and I make it balanced again. Know this, the balance will always be brought about, it is for and what I am, the balance. Also to know that there is no such thing as a tragedy as you have it in your head. If it means a loss of the life of a village or two or a city or two I don't mind, if it brings the balance. However many souls upon the planet view it as a bad thing and I say to you. This would not happen if the balance is not upset and poisoned in the beginning time.

Should we not feel sadness, that those people got hurt?

Songee: I am not saying that you are not permitted, I to not say that this not part of the human self. I am saying that it is not Songee. I am not that, I am beyond that. Remember that the soul continues of all things and is removed and can return, so all is not lost, that is how it is and it is the human self who feel sorrow and the knowledge of all of this, that is not the point either.

Who is saying that you do not change? What is it that you are doing now? It begins with the small happening and everything that you learn from your change, you can now go and teach and help others to change also. Even if it is only a little bit.

Why is it that when we become aware of the poisoning of the planet, now that they are starting to notice it, that they are killing different species, killing off rainforests, also the ozone layer. Why did they let it get this far?

Songee: It is always being noted throughout human history it has been noted, however there are the souls that live upon this planet, who have no enlightenment within their soul and they hunger after the things of the flesh and of the planet.

Do they choose that life before they come here?

Songee: They have chosen the Path on which they are running however, they choose it for Karma, Destiny or many different reasons, also too for the progression of the souls, without those souls who is going to teach the others to become aware if you do not have the one saying - "don't be silly", and the other saying "I'm not being silly look its dead, look you have killed it with your poison, I will tell everyone that you have killed it with your poison". The other one saying, "Go tell everybody they will not believe you anyway". So they go and tell everybody and say - "look it is dead". Some will hear and some will not. Some will hear, however they say, "I can't do anything about it" and they start to poison the planet themselves. Other people come along and say, "I have been doing that also, I had better not do it any more". And so you have change. It is a slow process but it happens, slowly mankind is moving toward the Light as a whole.

It is like baking with tin and in the oven. You put it in there, however before you put it in there, Aah, that is it, a cake. What happens before you put it in? You put all the ingredients into one dish and mix then all together, does that make a cake? What happens when you out it in the Oven and cook it? It is that but it is so something different. When you put into the hot air of the oven something happens.

The structure of all the different ingredients that have gone into it change. They become different things to what they were before tine when they were all separate they were one type of thing. When you put them all together they become changed again and their different structure all become different again and when one of those structure is up against ... thank you, the man with the white coat he says it is cooking the atom.

That is correct, very little all part of it. Everything bump against each other, it makes a different shape, one makes the other one something different again. Then what you look at in the bowl is the stuff that you have put in it, but you do not see the different structures inside of it bumping around together. So you put it in the hot air and it start to bump around some more, faster and faster until it becomes something different, something very nice to eat.

So in just this way you have on your planet. The planet is the bowl. Everyone upon it have different Destiny Paths to fullfil, different karma to pay back, however bumping together as you go around, you do something to each other aid you make each other a little bit different as you go along. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so, sometimes you put it in the hot oven and you take it out. This happens with the people as they bump around, however if it is done and you watch the flow of it, wonderful things do happen, wonderful changes come about. Then you have this wonderful different thing at the end of it.

Everybody stuck together and quite happy about it, all looking very beautiful and appetising, it does work. So you have a little group of people all over the planet who work hard to bump against others, to help them see the Light. That the toxin of the poison is in the planet. Without one you would not have the other, all need each other. When that need no longer exist then you have your perfect world.

What were you going to ask?

Would you agree, that when I am making decisions, I've tried to live by the theory, that if it feels right you always do it?

Songee: Almost certainly, if you know inside yourself your soul will tell you at all times, inside of you. If you are thinking about it, put It to one side until you are ready to feel for it, most certainly. Now it is important that.

I leave you as your time is going too much. I apologise for taking more of your time that which you have allowed. It is important to answer your questions as they come sometime. Now perhaps sometimes you will not worry about asking questions.

I not all the time make a face at you and kick you in the soft place.

Or use a box of tissues.

Songee: 0oh...do not be frightened of something so silly and small, it does not hurt you. It does not send you back home does it not?

Very well it is time for me to go.


Reference no 19940101facet29


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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