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Red Indian Land

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Red Indian Land'
A Teaching from Songee, early 1994


In Circle
Stealing from the Land
The Warriors
Brotherhood of Light

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Before the opening of Circle in November of 1994 a programme was shown on television, a documentary about members of a Red Indian tribe living near the Grand Canyon, U.S.A. They were angry at the U.S. Government taking a million acres of land belonging to the tribe. Land and mountains held sacred for thousands of years by the Red Indians.

Areas where mining contractors now were digging wells in search for Uranium. Now the people, men women and children were all becoming sick due to this opening of the land allowing the poisons to emerge. The contractors denied any danger. They denied the sacredness of the land and mountains of the Red Indians.

In Circle

Circle opened with music and meditation and if they so wished a journey to any part of the Universe. Later when they had returned to their physical bodies, they related to each other the experiences they encountered on their journey.

One of the pupils told how he had travelled to the area where the Red Indians were sick owing to the mining of the land, to see if he could be of assistance in any way.

Songee appeared, questions were put to her about the treatment of the Indians and why was the land being destroyed.

Stealing from the earth

Songee: It is to obtain a substance to make Power and the Power that they wish to make, it poisons the earth and the people. The taking of the substance, they use the machines, they expose the substance to the air and during the process some of the pressings from the substance, it goes into the land and the water. The people have become sick. This is what they make their noise about.

This is not a new thing, this is something that has been happening upon this for many of your earth year. It is only now that it is becoming known to the rest of your planet, but it has been done for many of your earth year with the curtain down in front of it. So that no one will know of it.

They use this power for many different purpose, not all for good purpose. There is much that you do not know, that you have not been given by those who are in power of your country of this planet. Much is hidden behind that curtain. That is the task that the Warriors have taken upon themselves to fight. To make it known, to correct the wrong that has been done.

What for, have you imagined that is given to this earth, so many of the shake that bring the building down. Many small people become hurt by it. That is not important, they can go back and come back and fight some more.

What is known is that this come around because of this stealing from the earth, the substance that will do harm. Have I not said for you, before time, that when you take from one part of your planet, another part of your planet feel the pain. Imagine the pain when the earth is made raw with the machine. Imagine the Spiritual pain that happen to the people who become sick through no fault of their own. Only that they have been displaced off their land that they care about.

If you look at the pattern, going back many of your earth year, you will discover that there is this pattern. That the stronger will make the weaker seeming to be weaker, move away to give the stronger more room. What they do not perceive, is that the ones that they are making move away, that they consider to be weak are not in fact weak. They are only different that they respect the land more and would not commit the crime against the land, that the stronger does commit.

As the law of Karma says, 'If you do then so will you reap'. Remember that all souls that have been born into the place that fall down, have at sometime been responsible for causing the 'fall down' before time. So they only get to come back to receive what they have been given at another time of their earth visit. Then when the Light has come on, then they can come back as a Warrior and fight all this.


So now you will hear more of this. There is much more that has been happening that has not been made available for you to know, much more is yet for you to discover. It is not new that we have given you news - that there have been made, those people, by the ones in the white coat - they make the people from the cell of the same, so that the one that is the same is exactly the same as the one they have taken from. This has been given to you, to people upon the earth, perhaps not to you individual people, but to people upon the earth it has been given, this knowledge, from Spirit to you many earth year ago.

Only just now is the people who rule your country of your planet, is saying, "Yes we do this thing, are we not clever?" I say for you it is not so it is incorrect, much bad. However mankind must discover this for themselves.

No this is not the same. I see the light come on. It is not the same as making the small child for the one who cannot have the small child. That is not the same thing. That one has Soul. The one of which we speak of before time, not have a Soul.

Where is the need for cloning?

Songee: Interfering, interfering, the desire to make stronger the armies, to do make more the people to take over... To have the perfect human being. How many have tried to do that in your history?

It is amazing how we keep doing the same thing.

Songee: Same thing, different way. That all begin back at that time, that making from the cell, began back at that time and has been doing so since before the big conflict of that time, before that it was already in process. Before that the process of making the one being the same as the other was in process before that. It will become known to those of the earth a little further forward of your earth time.

You mark and listen, I tell you a truth. You will read of it in your writing, that it is so. It will come and you will remember this word and you will say, "We already know of this thing?".

Were they successful with their experiment?

Songee: They have already done this. It has been done in many of your earth year, before time. It has been complete, but the creature that they produce was not allowed to survive. It was terminated.

Was it uncontrollable?

Songee: It was evil, more so. They put it down to the mind being mad. They do not think of the Spirit. For them there is no Spirit, it is not something to consider.

I went back here, back to learning to teach other people. So therefore in your connotation - are we Warriors?

The Warriors

Songee: You have come to learn what it is it entails to become Warriors. The Warrior is only chosen by the Oneness, but many are called to learn the task. Many time before you I've said about this thing and I have given to you that many are called but few are chosen. That is the meaning of this, many are called to learn how to become the Warrior. Many fall by the wayside, because they do not wish to have the responsibility, or the worry, or the disturbance of it. They will prefer to just continue their own life and not have anything to make it bumpy on the way.

When you become the Warrior, you go into this with your eye open, your heart open, your soul open, knowing that your path will no longer be smooth. If you imagine that up to now that it has been bumpy, it becomes much more so when you become Warriors. Because as well as your own, you then become the defender of the innocent. So you fight the Dark Forces, the Negative Power on behalf of the Innocent.

Those who do not know, who do not understand or have not your knowledge, or do not have the openness of eye, and heart, and Soul. No one is chosen to be Warrior without they have made their decision to accept full and total responsibility, knowing fully the responsibility before.

So very many do come, but very few are chosen. It is not wrong or bad, it is only that the ones who do not wish to continue to become Warriors at this time have been given enough learning, to awaken the hearts, the eye, and the Souls who would like to try. So you teach all that you know.

Yes it will go across many lifetimes, it does not happen all in one lifetime. Someone asked that question, I answer it for you but it much better if you speak it out then everybody knows what you are thinking. Don't be too quick to jump in to become a Warrior, little one. What do I have to do? Can I do it? I can become ready to do it. I can do that.

Brotherhood of Light

There is a Brotherhood of Man of which you belong on the physical plane. There is the Brotherhood of Light and for those of you who have problem with the word, is the Sisterhood of the Light. There is no Male or Female. It is. That is the Spiritual thing that all belong to the one Light. The Light of Goodness and Love and that is the one to which all belong who work for the Light, who learn to develop their gift in the Light.

There was a recent meeting in a country overseas of people calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Light, was this a genuine meeting of the Brotherhood, or a smll group giving themselves a name?

Songee: All those who work for the Light are belonging to the Brotherhood of Light. They are not the only people who do belong to this, you are all belonging to the Brotherhood of Light. You are here are you not!

The people at the overseas meeting are quite secretive about things as being a member of the Brotherhood of Light.

Songee: That is only their own misconception for them to believe that they are only one. It makes the head to get too big for the hat, but they are not the only one. Also they would be aware that there are many others who work in the Light.

So they are a genuine group of people working for the Light.

Songee: You are using the word that is not to be used in this way. You want to know if they are truly who they say they are? They believe it, just as those who belong to another Faith believe that they are the only one who is right also. So now is not to use that word, there is no such word to use when talking about the different Faiths of this planet. There is no one Faith that is 'Your word' was genuine, all are to those who practice it and to the Oneness. The Oneness does not mind how the Soul come Home to It so long as it does come Home.

Facets of the Diamond, each one on its own is only a flat surface and yet when it is all put together it has the most beautiful jewel in the universe. This Faith, this Love, this Power that is there for human kind, but most only see the flat surface that they are adhering to. I say to you, move away from it and see it in all its beauty, and then you will discover different avenues will open in your life.

Someone wanted to know how to do, find different pathways and ways to move forward in your life. That is one way for you to accomplish it. You continue, I wait for you.

(There was general discussion for a short time, on the teaching which we had received. Before the meeting ended Psychometry was practiced allowing the pupils a few minutes to relate all that they sensed from different objects that they were given.)

The circle was closed with Songee giving the Blessing.

Songee: I Leave you with the Power.

Reference no 19940101facet56


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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