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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Divas'.
A Teaching from Songee 3rd February 1994


Song from the Diva
Seeking the Knowledge
What is this Stone?
Communicating with insects and plants

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Song from the Diva

The Circle opened with the visualisation and meditation of the journey to the tree in the forest. Becoming one with the tree and sensing the Diva of the tree.

When the meditation and journey were finished a discussion was held among the pupils about their feelings and sensations during the journey.

Suddenly a gentle voice was singing through our Channel, it was a song about the elements of Nature. Then Songee channelled through the Channel.

Seeking the Knowledge

Songee: Another lesson, so that you know that the Diva of the plant can speak with you. Not only the Spirit of those who have gone before, likewise the animal and the bird can also speak with you. Also the substance of the planet. The rocks and the earth can speak with you.

If you will but listen it will give you that which you seek, the knowledge that you seek.

Do we always have to be in a receptive mood to receive it?

Songee: If you are practicing to do this work, at all time do you need to be receptive to it. It is possible to do this in your life as you walk through it.

Even to carrying on with your daily life and all the upheavals.

Songee: It is that towards which you strive, that is only one tree all around that which you call the earth, which is I. There are many trees, yes, there are good ones and bad ones also. There are Dark trees. I know he is thinking of it. (To one of the other Students)

If you wish I will remain with you until you finish.

What is this stone?

Could you please tell me Songee about the present of the stone which I received as a Christmas present? Peacock ore was the type of rock, and as I picked it up I felt a great flow of Love and Healing. It was a most beautiful feeling that I received. When I enquired later from my Spirit friends they told me that it was a special stone to be used in the healing of the animals. I have not related to the stone yet.

Songee: Now you know what to do. The purpose of the gift that you just received is to indicate to you as well as others, that it is time for you to move into the next lesson, and that is to listen to all that which is growing around you, that which is under your feet and above your head, to do it more.

Imagine that you go to somewhere, let's say somewhere simple so that you do not get confused. You know that when you have a little piece of plant for Psychometry and you tell the story that you get from it. Next time you go to a place that you are not sure of, if it inside, touch a plant that is inside there, and listen to what it tells you about that place and the people in it.

You can think of doing this, or you can do it outside, you will find what sort of people walk through this door.

Is it a happy place, is it a sad place? Try it, listen to the plant. You have plenty of practice.

Now I open your eyes a little more, to that which is beyond that which you have already done. You already know that you are accurate with it, so now take it a little bit further into your daily life. Is that not so?

Living things work very well. If you can and there is no living plant in that place, find something that is made out of a living thing. From the tree, something that comes off the back of the sheep, something that comes off the big plant that grows in the field with the spike, the little white balls. It is all around in your life, everywhere there are little bits on the planet to make your life more pleasant. Is that not so

What about that which you wear on your feet? Not all of it comes from the animal, but some part of it do, if you wear that formal covering for your feet.

Something to think about.

It is a completely new conception.

Songee: That is the purpose of the work that you are doing in the meeting. Now it is time to continue your work, I will just watch you.

Communicating with insects and plants

(There was a general discussion about the different experiences which we have had with plants, animals, fear of spiders etc. The outcome of cutting down trees, killing flies and other insects.)

Songee: Before you try to remove my little children, you must tell them that they are not required in that place, and give them the choice to move away. Because you would like them to go.

If they do not listen to you, you tell them again, that if they do not go you will have to use something that they will not like to eat, to discourage them from returning to live there. This way you do not need to kill so many, some will die, this is the nature of things. However not so many will die.

All things have a purpose. The spider eats the fly, if you wish to have less flies, let the spider live in your house. Learn to come to know the nature of the creature that wishes to come to live with you. Then you will become more tolerant of it. It is not necessary for them to make your home completely their own home. Otherwise you would be walking around with spider "home" all over you. It is not very comfortable for a human to do this. So there can be from time to time tell them that I'm sorry but I must get rid of the home, but you can build it back later. Know the spider will return to the same place if you remove the home, it does not remove to another place. It builds its home back at the place that you removed it from. If you look to it you will observe that this is so. I tell you this so that you will look and observe and learn more.

Do I have to talk to my Doorkeeper or Guardian to pass on to the creatures?

Songee: You talk to that which rules the Collective of the creatures. It is called the Over-self. One Over-self rules many of the creatures. You talk to the Over-self and ask the Over-self to please remove the children from the path of danger.

Is the Group Soul the same as the Over-self?

Songee: There are many names given to it. The birds of the air have that which rules the many. The fish in the ocean have an Over-self. The flowers are different again, they are Plant. They are not animal, they are not moving beings, they have an essence of their own. It is not as powerful as that which rules the creatures that move around the planet.

The Rocks also have an energy, it is not an entity as you would perceive it in a singular way. However there is an energy that can manifest as a form of life for one picking up a stone. Be it Gold or Silver or Clay, it matters not.

There is one energy for each of these that permeates it all, wherever it is upon the planet. So you cut one little piece off in this part of the planet and another little piece in another part of the planet and the same force will feel it.

What was it the Olive Tree say to you?

(Some of the pupils could not remember it clearly.)

Songee: There was much that was given to you at this time, if you open your hearts and minds, you will discover more. There are many who open their hearts in a different way, not just this way.

Not many are given this way to consider and if there are many in the ancient world of this planet who know all of this thing and try to teach it. Mankind has lost the ability to listen. This is the time now to reclaim that which has been lost. How else can those in Spirit generate the interest in reclaiming the knowledge, if it does not become important in the minds of those who believe it to be a prestigious thing.

Very few will listen, but those who have prestige in the eyes of other men in mankind, then other mankind will listen to them and say, "This is a new thing, I want it too."

However it is not a new thing, it is very, very old. As old as I am.

Why is it to be so? Is it the so called Priests and Teachers of Christianity, evil people who want authority, who have squashed it out and now don't know how to use this.

Songee: The emphasis became focused upon Man having power over Woman and from there it just down into the Pit. Instead of just looking at the duality that this made. For the procreation that required both male and female in equal partnership on all levels. It did not sit well for those who wish for power for themselves, riches of the planet for themselves instead of revering it of womankind for the energy and power that they have within them.

It has been belittled and it has been by mankind try to control it. Instead of honouring both, the power within man and the power within woman there is purpose for womans energy, there is purpose for mans energy in all things including the rock and the earth and the water. The earth is the female and the water is the male. Within the earth is contained a seed and without the water it does not grow. Even a small drop of water will make the seed grow. Put that across everything, it is a truth, it does not change. People change, the truth does not change.

(There was general discussion about the information that we received. A short time later Songee returned.)


Is it a fault that women are becoming more dominant and are taking on the male roles, Is that causing the disharmony?

Songee: If you have something more than there needs to be, there is an imbalance. When you have imbalance you have disharmony, the conflict, it is not good to have conflict. So you balance between the two, man does not have to be considered weak if he wish to have emotion, only to bring balance to that soul.

This is good, I see all the machinery in the head moving around.

If mankind's knowledge of what or how far we could go or how much energy we could take and how to use it, would it not become dangerous if this becomes common knowledge?

Songee: It is back to the balance, the balance is all important if there is too much of one thing and not enough of another, you have imbalance and there is conflict. It is not good.

Is that the same as the Dark side working against the Light.

Songee: If you have too much of the Light and the Dark side is suppressed then you can have imbalance. It must be acknowledged that the Dark has also a role to play in teaching. The temptations that the Dark forces put before you tests your mettle. Without it you do not become tempered like the finest metal.

So the purpose is not to eliminate the Dark side but to balance it whenever there is an imbalance of Dark over Light.

Songee: There needs to be battled down to restore order, that is all.

So, we are not working for the Light, we are not eliminating the Dark. We are helping to balance.

Songee: How can it be that you are working for the Light, because the Soul has to progress to the Light, not to progress into the Dark.

If need be, when we come up against the Dark, we are not there to squash it, we are there to bring back the balance.

Songee: You give it a kiss on the cheek. It does not like it. If you want to give balance when there is too much Dark, you give it a kiss. It goes away, it makes the balance.

You need to watch your time. Now it is time that I have to go.

I leave you with the Power.

Reference no 19940203facet5


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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