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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Journeys'
A Teaching from Songee, 7th February 1994


Exploring the Meditation
What reason to develop your Spiritual and Psychic self

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

When the meditation journey was finished and the students had returned to their bodies, they were surprised to find Songee waiting with the Channel to question the students about their journey. Songee started by asking each to tell of their experiences.

Exploring the Meditation

(The first student told how she could not begin the journey because the mind seemed to get in the way.)

I realise that it is part of my mind that is doing it Songee...

Songee: So you feel that it happens because you say so?

Perhaps, also I do feel it myself in meditation.

Songee: How can you feel, if it is coming from your mind?

That's a good question.

Songee: I ask very good ones. Many times we have problem with person who imagines in their meditation journey. They have in their own head an idea of what is expected of them, so they create in their mind but they do not feel it. So that is not correct, however if you feel it, and then you see it, then you have it correctly, the feeling comes first, anything else is a present. It is the only way that I can describe it for you. It is a present, a gift. Now the creature you see, describe again, the feeling of the creature.

Soft, warm, large, its showing me.

Songee: Now feel inside of you, what origin do these creatures have?

I feel that they are not of this physical plane.

Songee: Now we have it. So, what are they part of, what do you feel that they are part of?

That they are from another planet and want to show, to be with me, to teach me.

Songee: Where were you when this happened?

In a cave. A clearing to a cave.

Songee: What were you doing and what were they doing in a cave? Not outside, why inside a cave? Feel don't think it.

Security, secure.

Songee: Who was there first, you or they?


Songee: How did they appear to you? Did you move into the group, or did they come around to you?

They drew me towards them.

Songee: You feel yourself drawn towards them?


Songee: ...and yet you communicated with the brain?

Communicated with the brain and feeling.

Songee: Describe them, their physical appearance as you see them.

It was like a glowing body, a solid form, soft, very warm.

Songee: You miss out one thing in the description in now they look.

It is hard to describe them, they are like a being.

Songee: But not a being that you know of your own intelligence.


Songee: That is great. There is more around and about, than the people of this planet are aware of with their own intellect. It is only at the time of a meditational journey that sometimes these different energies reveal themselves to you. It is a great gift and a privilege given to you. You are being honoured. They show themselves only to a few, not to many. Do not believe that all things, if they do not fit the pattern that you have acquired in the mind, do not exist at all.

The creature of which you speak is of another dimension, a different vibration to the one that you see in your physical life. They are benevolent creatures who only wish to enhance the progression of mankind not to hinder it.

Now when you remember your experience of meeting with these, feel it and enjoy it, and receive the gift that they freely give to you. For having shown themselves to you once will show themselves to you again. Also it is a demonstration to you of your Spiritual progression, for if you do not reach a level of understanding and acceptance you would not be allowed to see them at the beginning time.

So know that you are at that point of development. Also look into the meditation that you have to the implication of your journey. You have travelled very far and the times have been very dark for you, and at the moment you are travelling a path that is very dark as though you are cut off from everything and everybody.

They come to show you that even in the belly of the rock there is life, you are not alone, no one is alone in the darkness. This is the manner in which you need to look at your journey in meditation and that which you hope to seek.

The answer is in the meditation?

Songee: It is there for all, in the journey that you take. Only learn to read the sign that is given you and to know what it is that you are given. Sometimes the answer is given to you in a way that will make you remember it more than if it is given to you by word. Always that memory will be with you, you have only to reach out to your feelings (?of) that moment and they will be with you again, complete with the knowledge and the gift that they bring to you now. When you go into meditation, anybody, and you believe that you do not have been given an answer to your question, it is you who is making the mistake, not those who bring the message to you. It is you who do not listen, you do not take heed of it, you who put into it what you would like it to be. Many times this happens, it is to cease, the learning is not to continue in that fashion. The learning now is to pull up the stocking on your feet to take notice of what is happening around and about you.

When you go on your journey, you know that when you go into your water and come out again, you are clean. So why do you not follow that same and listen to what you have been given. You know within yourself the child is to come to you. So why do you not follow with some of the other gift that is given to you. Remember that some of the thing that you do not know the meaning of.

(Another Student speaks.)

I had the rings.

Songee: What was the feeling that you had?

Whirls. There were nine whirls, a circle of little rings and l thought they were little whirls.

Songee: There were nine spheres. Eight form a chain.

Yes, it was like a chain.

Songee: You do not think it, you feel it. You feel the whirls. What do the whirls mean to you? Pick one of them, what is it? What do you feel from it? There are eight, so focus on one of them. What does it tell you, feel it.

I get a feeling of weightlessness. Freedom, like I could throw off everything and just float. No body.

Songee: Now choose another one.

I get a picture of a rock.

Songee: What do you feel?

I feel like kneeling in front of the rock and the knowledge is in it. I feel if I sit there I will learn everything from there.

Songee: Now pick another one.


Songee: What is there?

I feel...

Songee: So now you know how to find out what the others mean. So what else was there?

There were eight rings and one at the top. When I look back they were in a long line.

Songee: You know how to do all that, now there is something else that you did not understand. You have it in your head. The Doves, that is easy. How is it that you do not understand your dove.

I sort of do, I have seen it so many times.

Songee: So why is it that you pass it off in that manner that you do not know it. I smack your hand. Now next thing. Now do not say that you do not know something when Songee knows that you know it. I smack your hand.

I did know it.

Songee: Now there is other thing.

I went up high to my Temple. Then there was the cleansing, I understood that. I went in and did a lot of asking questions, but I thought they were all answered.

Songee: When you went in, what was the decision that you made in your head?

Not to ask questions. Just to feel everything to get a nice feeling.

Songee: What was the need?

To ask the questions?

Songee: Understand that you do not make the decision, you go and you wait and you see how it is to be for you. Also look at it in another way. In doing much of the talking in your daily life, it causes you to put yourself away from those who would be close to you. Your need is to learn, how not to put yourself away from those who wish to be close to you. However even in your meditation you cannot do it, so there are two lessons there. Look at it from one side and then look at it from the other side. Always look at your journey from many different place and each time you will have a different vision and feeling of what it is that you have been given to learn.

So the lesson is for you not to talk so much and that will allow others to come closer to you. Then you have to say to yourself, "Why is it that I am not comfortable with these people that come close to me, that makes me feel fear when they come close. What am I frightened that they might discover about me?" Is that not so?

Yes. I think so. I know what I'm frightened of.

Songee: Frightened what they might discover about you.

I know what I'm frightened of, but... I'm frightened of interfering.

Songee: Look at the advice that you gave to this one, that maybe if you go to look it may not be as bad as you imagined it to be.

I'm frightened that what I say, the person might do that which is not for me to say. The decisions are hers and not mine. Theirs and not mine.

Songee: However because you are uncomfortable you distance the people away from you.

That is right, I do, I switch them off, I'm terrified of telling someone the wrong thing.

Songee: You do not hear that which is being given to you. You do not speak. You remain silent, then those that need to come close to you will come close to you.

Even when they ask me things, do I keep quiet?

Songee: How are they going to make their own decision if you always give them the answer of how to do it. They must decide for themselves how they want to do it. What is wrong for you to say these words and then remain silent while all the rest is poured out of them to you.

Aah...another light goes on. It takes some time sometimes for the light to go on.

Remember that those who imagine that they do not do the journey are imagining incorrectly. The journey is always done, however within yourself there is something that you do not wish to know of. So you do not remember it, you skip it and miss it, jump over the top of it, close your eyes while you go past it, anything, but you will not look at it.

So on your journey that you have, you have the journey, the knowledge is there for you to discover, when you are ready to look for it. If you do not it will be given to you in another way and in another time. When you are not remembering to look the other way, so you will get it anyway.

There is a question over here. I see the bird flying around. The bird is flying around over here. Do you sit in a void? You have no thought, no feeling, nothing there.

I have the feeling.

Songee: You have the feeling. What else do you have in there?

I don't really know.

Songee: 0h, you do know. You just don't want to say what it is that I'm trying to make you realise is that you do not sit in a void. You are not in a void, you have feeling, you have idea, you have thought, so what do you do with it?

Searching I think.

Songee: For what do you search?

I was wondering how everything is working out.

Songee: You want to know how everything is working out?


Songee: How your life is going? Where is it going, is it going anywhere, are you going to be a wealthy person, are you going to be a comfortable person, are you going on a journey?

No, everything is going smoothly.

Songee: Is there anything to make you uncomfortable? I am very sorry, that is not to living your life. If you are living your life and you are experiencing all of your life in every way you possibly can, then sometime you will go all about, sometime there will not be a road in front of you. Sometime it will be very steep up the side of the hill and other times it will be very fast going down the other side.

Never is the life smooth all of the time in places. It is the progression of the soul, of the soul that requires it so. In the quiet moments relish those moments enjoy them, look on them as a special tine to recover your energies. To gather together all that you have learned and to review it. Then prepare to move on in your journey over some of the bumps because they will be there. It is not the bump that is the problem. It is how you choose to transverse your path that is important. Although it may feel uncomfortable for you to put yourself here and to have everybody else here. You are depriving yourself of much joy and much learning. that you have come to this meeting, what do you expect to achieve for yourself.

I don't expect a great deal from it. Just to try to keep everybody comfortable round and about.

What reason to develop your Spiritual and Psychic self

Songee: Now I challenge you and say to you - that is not correct. You wish to make everything comfortable for yourself and everything alright for yourself. It is not comfortable for you if you discover if others around you discover who you are.

This is fear, it has no place in the souls progression for the Light. You have wrapped yourself in a small cocoon to isolate yourself away and every so often you pop your head out to see if the world is still there. It is time to break open the cocoon. In that moment that you do it, you may feel very much without your clothes on. This you do not like, however I say to you that until you do that, your wings will not spread and you cannot soar into the Light.

Before time I have given to you the thinking that you need to put to yourself about your development of yourself, is that correct? What do you develop yourself for? You do not have a meeting to tell of life happenings that is coming ahead of you, or another for the purpose of becoming a gipsy to tell fortunes of those who come to you.

That is not the purpose of your development. The purpose of development is to learn about yourself. To best how to get through your own life and extend it to teach it to other people, how to help them to get through their life also. Not always by word but by demonstration of how you function in your own life. So the question again is for you, the other people have had this question and you were not with them. The question that was given and now I give it to you. What do you want to develop your Spiritual and Psychic gift for, you have within yourself? What is the purpose behind it that you have?

I was always questioning.

Songee: Questioning what?

That there was something beyond.

Songee: So, you questioned whether there is life after death? You do not believe within yourself that this is possible but you would like to believe it.


Songee: And you would like someone to prove it to you.


Songee: Now I say to you that is not correct. Now I want you to change that around. No one can prove to you that there is life after death. No one can say to you that they are living a life in a Spirit and make you believe it. You will deny all proof that is given to you, because you do not want to find out for yourself. You want it to be given to you on a plate.

No! That is not so! Now I challenge you to learn how to discover life after death, experience it on your own, not by those who tell you it is so. Learn yourself to see the Spirit of one who is gone, if it takes you many lifetimes, you learn to do it yourself not to have another come to tell you how to do it, that this is so. Learn to see the colour around the person, learn to see the Light. Many person can come and say to you there is light around that person, how do you know that it is for real?

Share the feeling with the other persons in the meeting. You do not sit in the void. You have the feeling, you have the vision. Don't make small of it, let that gift be shared among other people. Your gift is a special one. The energy that comes through that is used to channel the healing to another soul. You cannot see that but you can feel it, can you not?

Now if a person comes to you and you do not have that feeling and you do not have the experience and you don't know, and they come up to you and say that it is so, there is this energy that can change the vibration of you and make you feel well. Such a person is yourself, something you would say, something of not belief, even if not said out loud, is said inside, don't believe and the next thing that comes very close on the heel of that, you prove it to me. And I say to you, nobody or no one can prove to you. You must prove to yourself.

At all time this is a Truth. This is not something that change with the time that pass by. It is a truth now and it is true and it will be true in eons of time to come. That you prove to yourself to your own feeling of satisfaction, that something special of a certain nature is happening - whether you see the Spirit, whether you see the Light, or whether you feel the Power that make you well.

Now... have you heard any of that, how does it feel inside of you. How does it feel inside of you?

I don't really know.

Songee: You do know. You are frightened to say it, put the fear aside you have nothing to fear. There is only love for you. The feeling inside of you is cut away by the fear. Put the fear on one side, you do not have need of it and speak of that of which we feel. If you are unsure, that also is fear. It is only another word for fear.

All of your body is very tense and tight of your muscle of your body. Allow the healing to flow through the muscle, relax the muscle on all of the body. Allow the healing to flow, breathe in deep take in the energies deep inside of you, breathe out and let go of your fear. You have no need of it in this place.

First of all you have to know what you want to learn and what you want to achieve. If your only goal is to stand as a channel for the healing energy. So be it. Work upon that, do that, use the opportunity whenever it arises to channel the energy for that.

How much do you sense when you open yourself as a channel for the healing energy? How much have you learned to this point now? Do you feel when someone is not well?


Songee: So you have the sensing of it?


Songee: Now I want you to stand up and go to each person who is here in this room and only stand in front of them. I want you to 'feel' if they feel well. Would you do that?

Then when you are standing in front of them with your feeling. Tell them, feeling that you are well, or tell them what it is that you are feeling. Would you please do that around each person, you do not have to rush but do not be too long with one person. Do as you go around. Open yourself as you are going to sense from. What do you feel? Close your eyes, tune in to that person. What do you feel and then tell them.

(The student went around everyone in the room, stood in front of each person and was able to tell of the feelings she received from each of them. She was correct in all instances. She picked up physical, emotional and mental feelings as she went around. Here are some examples.)

Songee: Before you go on, what happened just before that? Did you get nothing?

I did not get feeling, it was all bushes and rocks.

Songee: So you have a sensation of bushes and rocks? That is the terrain that, that one travelled in the journey it is still in the aura. When you are ready, move on. Describe your feeling.

(Word spoken in a low voice and could scarcely be heard.)

Songee: Do you feel they are carrying a heavy burden?


Songee: Would you like to channel some healing from where you are standing. Just ask that the healing to go to that one. I channel the healing to lighten the burden. Do you feel it going?


Songee: Only when you feel that it is complete, then move on.

(Then moved to the next person.)

Songee: What do you feel?

It is not very nice. It's not quite opened.

Songee: That is correct. Now stand in front of me and feel. Now you understand when I say to you 'I LEAVE YOU WITH THE POWER' this is what I mean.

Songee continued, On the Path of Learning and Discovery, your search will continue and may continue in many lifetimes. The journey has begun.

Those of you to whom (the Student) come to, please let her know how now you feel and how you were aware when she first come to you.

(Everybody told of their feelings and impressions they had received when the Student was with them.)

Songee: I apologise for taking your time beyond the usual time you have for yourself. However it is important for E to know that she has the gift that is worthy of development and that is for herself to discover and continue in her own time and at her own pace. However to be focused now upon how to achieve the knowledge rather that have it being proved to you.

Now I go...

I leave you with the Power.

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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