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Journey to the Forest

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Journey to the Forest'
A Teaching from Songee, 6th February 1995


Meditation - Looking at the grief for one who dies soon
- Skimming the surface of life
- Brilliant Light
- The Power to do anything
- Looking
The Bad 'Words'
Meditation continued - Forgiving yourself
The Lord's Prayer
Meditation continued - Responsibilities
- Circling emotions
- Healing Power to troubles places
Scent & Music to go with the Meditation
New Name for a Student

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The members of the Circle were taken on a Journey in their meditation beginning with their Path in the Forest. When they returned, Songee was there to hear and guide their responses to their meditations. To help each understand and to 'Feel' their experiences.

Meditation - Looking at the grief for one who dies soon

Songee: Little Fish begin, don't tell me 'No' this time I not listen.

(Little Fish seemed to be distressed when she returned from her journey.)

Songee: What happen when the music begin for you?

Little Fish: I did not want to go.

Songee: This we know, tell what we do not know.

Little Fish: Spirit told me that my father was to die soon.

Songee: Take the breath, you have to grieve now.

At the beginning of the meditation, the word was given for you to guide your journey. To guide the footstep when you have begun your journey. Think back to the information you were given at another time. What happen when you find that information? Do you work past it or do you remain with it? This is important.

Little Fish: I work past it.

Songee: How so?

Little Fish: Trying to work through?

Songee: Who has to work through?

Little Fish: I do.

Songee: So where do the footsteps lead you?

Little Fish: Going back over it.

Songee: So what is it about that information, that it is that you have to keep looking. Now to do with this is you need to know the word that was given to you at the beginning of the journey. Can you remember the word that was given?

Little Fish: No.

Songee: Would you like to make with them again? Speaking to another pupil.

You have in your mind the knowledge of the purpose of the Journey, the beginning words. For upon this Journey will be encountered many griefs, many tragedy of man's inhumanity to man. So why for you go back to the information you have, before time? You understand now?

Little Fish: Yes.

Songee: Now look at the life of that one who you grieve. Look at the panorama of the life. Look at where the life have touched other, to bring changes for good in the life of other. Look for those places where the healing of the presence of that one makes something new. Look to those parts of that one's life that assist the procreation of the Light. Not that of the Darkness. All life is mixed with little gall, some with more some with less. Now it is important to look upon that which that life has touched with Light, with goodness and with grace. To then look to see where that Light have touched you, to help you to walk upon the Path of Light and Goodness and Grace. What did that one spend the life teaching the young one of you in many different ways, sometimes nice ways, sometimes in not so nice way but the lesson always the same. Then look and ask yourself, did you to listen and did you learn or do you still make for the... I not look at it and I not say anything.

Then the Journey move you forward to that Land of Love, where all things are possible. So that is the next part of the Journey now do you understand? So you remember, remember with Love, remember not with the selfishness of the mind and then the grieving will pass.

This is only how to do it. This is not how long it take for you. Each person different time, earth time. Is there anything Little Fish that you wish for us to know? Do you understand that the 'Child' is real?

Little Fish: Yes I do.

Songee: That is good, now all you have to do is practice it the more you practice, the better you get at it.

So the next one to speak the word...

- Skimming the surface of life

(A pupil told of her experience of flying, the Journey of Flying.)

Songee: What was it that you learn, what knowledge did you gain on your journey?

Flying over it, not taking in the detail, not taking notice of things.

Songee: Go back to the beginning. At the word that was given of the journey when you stand upon the side and you will see that, what did you learn from your observation?

Not getting anywhere.

Songee: What did you do to the land and the people?

Fly over them.

Songee: Where in your life, at this time do you encounter such happenings and then to fly over the surface, only skimming the surface, not touching, not bringing the Healing to land, to the Chaos. So, now you have information and knowledge now for you to make it not that way. Now this is how you do your Journey It is all not just pretty picture.


- Brilliant light

(The next pupil said that she did not like walking on the Path, to a slum area, there were steps and meeting people, going to the stadium in brilliant light, the people going quietly on their way.)

Songee: What did you feel?

Keeping together, sticking together, communication with your own kind of thinking.

Songee: Joining with the Oneness. Working with the Ones of the Light, they are there.

(Songee left the circle for a few moments and the Leader of the Circle continued...)

- The power to do anything

Leader: Come back to the stairs please, you were feeling uncomfortable?

I felt uncomfortable because I didn't know why I was there, I sat and waited, the people came.

Leader: Why were you there? Were they looking for leadership?

Possibly yes!

Leader: You were there with the Light. You didn't know what to do, you were unsure?

I didn't feel qualified to have all these people looking at me, I didn't know what to do.

Leader: Remember the lesson of 'fear'. You were given the Power to do anything.

lt took all those people to make me realise.

(Songee returned to the Channel just as the next pupil began telling of her experiences on the Journey.)

- Looking

I did not like the future that I saw, and I feel that what will happen, will happen. I felt as if I was in the foetal position. Content and warm and safe. Becoming a bird, dancing, a water garden, spreading my wings and engulfing my family into the Light of Healing and Love.

Songee: What is it you learn as a bird, flying and dancing?

What is it?

Songee: Learn flying and dancing?

Self expression, releasing stress, trying to get through the grieving.

Songee: That is a saying that have been given to Little Fish, look.

Yes. (Songee stopped the lesson for a short time to explain an important issue.)

The Bad 'Words'

Songee: Before you continue it is important that you have in writing, to put down. There is a word that is coming into many mouths that is not correct. It is important that all know. You have been given before time, now it is time to not ignore it anymore. There is to be no more making of these words, 'Should' and 'Shouldn't'.

(The Pupils agree that they all make this mistake in speaking.)

Songee: The Leader have saying it many times also, so not only one person, is many people have this word.

You do not use the word 'Think' when looking for the 'Feel'. So, all persons write it down in your little book not to make this. It makes the learning for you, the learning very difficult. You not learn, you not move forward.

(Songee continued her lesson of the Journey and the pupils experiences.)

- Forgiving yourself

(Another pupil began by saying that she didn't want to go on this Journey.)

Songee: Nobody keen to do the Journey.

I was a 'Swagger man' (a vagabond). I saw the cruelty to man and other people, people hunt, animals hurt, I sent Love and Healing to these areas.

Songee: Speak the word you 'feel', not the word you 'think'.

They don't wish to understand what they do, the consequences, shake them to make aware of what they do, using Love and Power. I felt as though I was causing the destruction.

Songee: Why for you believe that you are not worthy?

I feel that I have caused so much destruction and hurt.

Songee: And so, who is to forgive you?

Myself probably.

Songee: So it is time for you to forgive yourself. What is the Word of the Master that was given for you?

The Lord's Prayer

I don't understand.

Songee: What is the Word? There is special writing of Word that was given to say for all person to say and the Word also open the Chakra. Remember that lesson? Nobody remember that lesson, very sad!

Songee speaks to the Leader - What is the Word of the writing? Say the Word of the writing, the Word of the writing that open the Chakra.

Leader: I'm sorry I do not know.

Songee: The Word of the Master that bring the Word. Oh, my word you have all forgotten!

(Little Fish remembers and recites The Lord's Prayer.)

Songee: So, how many of you listen to the word that you speak when you speak it? So listen to the Word. If it is good enough for the Master to come to bring the Word to the people and to give Life to the people. Then it is good enough for the people to listen to the Word as they speak it and to heed it and not feel sorry, poor me, all the time. That is make for the big head and to have no feet. So forgive yourself. If you are not worthy to do something you are not invited to do it.

I suppose that's true.

Songee: It is a Truth. If you are not worthy, you are not invited. Who is to make that decision.

I don't really know.

Songee: There is only one who can make that decision.

The Oneness.

Songee: So, very simple, not difficult. You remember that but you did very well Little Robin because you went and took the Healing Energy to the planet. So you can do lots more of that.

Little Robin: Thank you.

- Responsibility

Songee: This one is my Little Mother.

Little Mother: I went very happily on the Journey, meeting and going together with my Guardian. We came to people, continuing by walking up steps to a man, the Ruler of the people. We came to a bright whiteness at the top of the pyramid.

The people were our responsibility and in our care. The knowledge for the future was to turn around the greed.

Songee: It has it all. That has it all - the healing, the responsibility and the numbers for whom we are responsible both in the past and in the future time. If there is to be a future time then there has to be a responsibility now.

Little Mother: I understand.

Songee: So, next one please.

- Circling Emotions

I saw a dolphin caught in a net. Next I was climbing mountains appropriately dressed with another. They became hawks, freedom, great feeling of freedom, but not to be taken for granted. Next I was by myself on the stars which became a circle. I went round and round trying to get off, used a rope to get on to another star which had been out of reach. I was then waiting for something to happen, hands reached to me, I felt a strong sense of 'Wonder'.

Songee: You did a lot of 'thinking'. Change the word that you use to the 'need' word, not the 'think' word. You move onto the star which make the circle, you perceive a need to come out of your continual circling.

Now put this down to your emotions. You have been going around and around in a circle for a long time of your earth time and now it is need for you to discontinue this circling and to move out onto the other star. To take that very precious leap, trusting that when you get there all will be well. Having done that or is it knowledge are you needing to do that?

It is not easy to do it.

Songee: That is the knowledge that you have. Is that correct?


Songee: So now you know what to do. how you do it matters not. It is the leap that is important and the trust that is important and you also know, you have the knowing, the knowledge from that you can do it, because already you have done it. Aren't you clever?

Thank you.

- Healing Power to troubles places

Songee: Now you Little Turtle.

Little Turtle: You want to hear my story?

Songee: Of course, most important.

Little Turtle: At the beginning there was the realisation of man's inhumanity to man. This had come to me when I was watching The News on Television before I came to Circle. The Bosnian war, the Russian war against the Chechen people.

I went flying around Bosnia and I could see Bosnia all around me and all the lives in each part of that country. I had the feeling that nothing can be done for them at this time. Everything was dark and black and there did not seem to be any opening for Light, Love or Healing Power. I then decided to use my Power and send Light, Love and Healing to that place knowing that when the time is right, the Power will be there ready to be accepted.

Leaving Bosnia I went to where the Russians were invading Chechnya, killing many people and destroying all the buildings and land with heavy artillery.

I could see there was Light to one side and that strong bitterness usually among warring factions was not present. There did not seem to be anybody interested in stopping the war.

My remedy was to send Love, Healing and Understanding to the Politicians so they could realise the unnecessary destruction they were causing.

(The tape recording ended here.)

Songee was explaining to the pupils how successful all the Journeys were and how pleased she was with the progression of all the pupils. A short time later she continued with her teaching.)

Scent & Music to go with the Meditation

Songee: Good, you are getting ahead of yourself. So first, surprise for all of you, is to learn how to use making scent to go with your music to go with the meditation. Not much interest have been put into this from there to here at this time. Now it is time for you to go into a new class and to learn new things. So whoever got for the pen for the writing and while you have the feet for standing you up have a look for the information that is given for you for the scent. You know of it so you can get it.


Songee: If not you another can be chosen to do it. A light for this one, it is better for you to know by reading that which has been written. First you find the paper, the piece of writing the writing is upon the paper. The paper is in the bag at the side. Is put inside this container. There is the paper that has the word written for the scent. Is that clear? So now you take the scent and you read it as I tell for you to do. Go sit Little Robin sit.

The scent that you look for is Sage, put it down on your paper to remember. There is three scent; one scent Sage. Now Little Robin find Sage on the paper and you read it to them what it is. We wait, read so all can hear.

Little Robin: Here it is, do you want Clarry Sage?

Songee: There is one that is written Sage, it is different.

Little Robin: Here we are: Fresh herbaceous aroma which cleanses the mind and the skin with its antiseptic and freshening qualities.

Songee: You don't have to write all this. The part you are looking for is that it cleanses the mind. You write that down beside...

Now you have underneath, the Marjoram it is written down.

Little Robin: Has a warming effect to the emotions, especially during times of grief. An aromatic bath will promote a deep and restful sleep, the most sedating oil.

Songee: The part that you are looking for is the bit at the beginning. You need to look for the part that is going to help the Soul on the Journey, read it again.

Right, so now these scent I have given to the people of the planet for you to have for these. The next one that you have there will make Little Mother smile, it is Sandalwood.

Little Mother: I have Sandalwood on me tonight.

Songee: I did not know that!

Little Robin: Relaxing and warming in an aromatic bath, promotes a sense of confidence and well-being. Very supportive during times of change.

Songee: So does that tell you anything about what it is to happen for all of you at this time of your life.

We are all going to change.

Songee: And now one of you, you can choose who so ever you please, you come to look at the music I have made for them to choose because it was written. The scent and the Journey.

Little Mother: I'll go because I have the torch.

Songee: Don't laugh too loud it is on the machine, push it down.

Little Mother: The music is called Earth Healer.

Songee: So now even this one (the channel) not know the music. So wherefore comes the Journey?

Little Mother: From Songee?

Songee: The influence was I, the word come from another through Little Turtle. So now you understand how it is that your Journey and the scent and the music make for the whole. It is not essential that one lot of music and the scent and the journey it matters not. All you have to do is feel the need to put on a scent, to put on a music and then the Journey you most need to have at this time, not the one that you think you want to have. So, there is much to learn at this time.

I have word for you. I'm not sure how to begin it, one moment I feel for the right way to begin it. Ah so, that is correct.

New Name for a Student

I have for you the name that I will give for you until you make for changing and make for you different way of being. This is for this one (as she points with her hand to a student). I call you my Little Lizard. Many people will say Little Lizard, Aahh, that green slimy thing. Ah that is not very nice, I don't like it, very ugly, that is not so.

Little Lizard, the quality Little Lizard have is that it is very alert, very alert to danger and when danger come, it run and hide under the stone. The big boulder and then when it feel that it is safe, it pokes its little head out to have a look and see, is it safe now? Do not have big bird come and eat me. Then out it come again to look around for some more dinner. Also too, Little Lizard is someone bites your tail, you leave it behind and run away and so you escape. In the fullness of time you grow a new tail to replace the one that you lose. There is more than that within, that is here inside of you. Not the word that have been given to you. You say to take risk, that is not incorrect, however now make with the word that you feel, not the word from the head that you have been taught. I know these things. What word can you find? Feel that you are the Little Lizard, how do you feel being a little lizard? Pretty clever Huh! Clever little Lizard, so what else you feel?

Little Lizard: Powerful.

Songee: Where from come that feeling?

Little Lizard: Inside me.

Songee: What part of you, of your nature is it that make feel that way?

Little Lizard: I don't know.

Songee: Is it because of your ability to hide from danger, to be smarter than the one who is hunting you, Little Lizard has gone and hidden behind the boulder again. This is how I want you to understand who you are and how you are acting and reacting to life around you. To take notice of this to put aside all them in your head, the words that make you think, to feel inside some more and when you have the question posed for you, to not scuttle behind the boulder. The words I speak for you are not a danger, however you feel there was a danger because you do not wish to be discovered.

Little Lizard: I can understand that.

Songee: Also too, remember that Little Lizard is cold blooded creature, it need to bask in the sun before it can begin to go about its duty. How quickly do you get up in the morning and get to working?

Little Lizard: Pretty quickly.

Songee: Asleep then awake?

Little Lizard: Yes.

Songee: That is the body, what about the rest of you, where is your feeling?

Little Lizard: Still sleeping.

Songee: At what point of your day do your feeling become warm, ready to go to work?

Little lizard: About One O'clock.

Songee: So how many of your earth time have gone before then and that time?

Little Lizard: Half a day.

Songee: How much energy have you expended in that time? A cup and a bucket, a big bucket?

Little Lizard: A big bucket.

Songee: So when you come to that time, how much of that energy have you got left for your feeling?

Little Lizard: Not very much.

Songee: Now does this not say something to you Little Lizard, when you arise in the morning time. You must shake your feeling awake at the same time and carry it with you, give it some Love.

You cannot remain asleep all of that time and then how you expect to give it energy. You have expended your energy on something else. Look to your life, what matters is important you do. That which is not important give to someone else to do. Look hard at it to decide if you are going to really need it that day of your life or can it wait? How much of your energy have you got for it? So, the word you look for now is Balance. Balance your energy for the mental, the physical, emotional and Spiritual being that you are.

Set aside yourself some special time of your day to have just for yourself, for the scent and the music. Even if you go to sleep, matters not but you must Love your feeling. You'll learn to do this, you practice this. If you not do it I will come and tell you that you are a naughty girl. You, Little Lizard will go and hide behind the boulder again. So I not let you let it pass now. It is important for you now, for you to do these things. Then we can make for moving to the next lesson but not before. Forget the words in the head when you apply them to yourself. Use the feeling not the thinking.

Little Lizard: Thank You.

Songee: Now I make for the silence and I go from you. I apologise to you for to make you not adhere to your time.

(The pupils thank Songee for the knowledge that was given.)



(After a few moments Sally speaks through the Channel and she is welcomed by the pupils.)

It's another New Year Sally another year older.

Sally: No, I ain't.

Pupils: Oh, yes we are.

Sally: Yeah I know, good eh! Never mind I'm older than the Lot of you. Hi, what are you doing now?

0h just messing about here Sally.

Sally: Well get on with it then. I ain't going to say nothing to no one tonight. I'm here to sort of 'baby sit' ain't I.

(Sally is referring to sitting with/overshadowing Roberta-Margaret until her Soul returns to her body. The Law is that no 'body' must be left without a Soul during the absence of its rightful resident. For a 'body' to be without a Soul leaves it vulnerable for dark energy or earthbound trapped souls to possess it. There is always one of Roberta-Margaret spirit people who come and remain in the 'body between Songee leaving and Roberta-Margaret returning.(CMH2012))

For the first couple of weeks of this year, it has been different from last year. All the knowledge that was given by Songee. Remember reams and reams of it, wonderful knowledge. This year it is to do it 'yourself'. We do it with a lot of feeling. There has been a lot of insistence on the using of the 'Feelings'. Even in the other group.

Sally: What you don't see, I wasn't going to say nothing.

Carry on Sally.

Sally: Well you've been sitting in a classroom and now it's time to get off your bums and go and do something.

Practice it, that's right.

It was the same on the other night, different from last year. Little Fish had all the emotions brought out and the using of the Power taught.

(The pupils discussed the feeling of improvement that had made over the previous year.)

Sally: Where do I start? Well you sort of said, haven't you, you only doubted it because your 'thinking' it. When you feel it you can't doubt it because it comes from inside of you and then you ain't got to worry about it anymore, cause its coming, its coming from in here, instead of up there in your noggin, isn't it? Yeah you know what it's like, if it is not very nice you don't like it. Sort of get this sick feeling in your tummy and you sort of think, ooh that feels horrible. But it's your feelings, it ain't you. Right well that's the same sort of thing ain't it? Nice things and all and instead of thinking them. So then you don't have to doubt anymore, so easy.

You're right, but it's hard for us with the mind coming in and working with the mind and now having to turn around and use the feelings continuously.

Sally: Here, do you know what that sounds like to me? That sounds like... no, it sounds like another bleeding excuse, a cop out, it do. You thinking all the time instead of Feeling.

(The pupils try to rationalise the opinion but Sally will not accept them.)

Sally: Making excuses and thinking about it again. Feeling, it is what you got to do and every time you don't do it, someone is going to give you a kick up the 'jacksee', ain't they. I ain't as polite as Her. I put it where it is, I do. Even if I have to use a hob nailed boot, now and again. Mind you they ain't half heavy, especially those studs on them.

You got to shut up and go home don't you? I'll go away in a minute. I'll say Ta Ra now and go away in a minute. Emily's busy she's looking after her pussys, she can't come and babysit.

(The pupils prepare to close down the Circle. Sally usually plays 'tricks' on the Channel before she leaves, like tying her dress in a knot or some other action.)

Sally: Here, she really needs some stuff on her toenails, don't she?

Yes have you got something?

Sally: No I ain't got none, have you got something Little Turtle?

Little Turtle: I painted my house Light Green you could put some of that on.

Sally: That would be interesting won't it. She'd think she's gone rotten from the toes.

Little Mother asked Sally about work that she was doing at home.

Sally: The best I can tell ya, there ain't nothing along your way I don't think... 0oh they're going to hit me on the head in a minute. I used that naughty word. I 'think' didn't I? She said how can she bleeding well teach, well She didn't say that, how can She bleeding well teach to say things right and proper and I use naughty words like 'think'. So if I don't shut up and apologise they'll hit me over the head. So I'm sorry all. Shouldn't have used that naughty word. Right I'm going now Ta Ra.

The Circle was closed down.

Reference no 19950206facets20


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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