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Spirit Teachings

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Spirit Teachings'
A Teaching from Songee 13th February 1995


The High Priestess - Magreatha
Fo Yung - Doorkeepers

The Circle Members had been taken on a journey to a Cave. Within they had each been given different insights, feelings and gifts. After returning each had told of their journey.

The aroma oils this night were Frankincense, Cedar wood, Bergamot.

Greetings and an invitation to join us was made to the presence within the Channel.

The High Priestess - Magreatha

Magreatha: I am daughter of the Moon Goddess, High Priestess of the Druids I have come to speak to you.

Thank you.

Magreatha: You may not thank me, you may desire that I leave you before I have finished with my words. The Cave that you entered into, is the Cave of Knowledge, the Cave of all Knowing, the Cave of Revelation. It is I who took you there, to this Cave.

In times past, it was the duty of the Priestess to lead the women of the people. I will speak with you another time, now that we have meet.

Now I want you all to look backwards into your journey in the Cave. You to look at the purpose of your journey. Why did you run away from the things of your life? (To the Little Mother) So did you know that you have experienced your birth? (To Little Fish.)

The Cave is a Cave of magic and times gone by, of things that have been forgotten from before time. The Law was handed down to chosen few of the people and now the tradition continues.

Well beath thou.


Songee: I am here. How many will be remember accurately and with truth?

The Leader of the Circle says - Thank you Songee, that was very interesting.

Songee: How many of the word will be remembered I wonder. If all of you do write down all that you remember and then you will talk and decide who have remembered the most. So now there is another to come and speak the word. As there is no further function for I to be here,

I leave you with the Power

Thank you Songee.

(The Group talks about the Druids until awareness comes that another presence is with the Channel.)

Fo Yung

(Fo Yung is Roberta-Margaret's Doorkeeper and on this night presented in the persona of a young boy, from one of his life times in Japan. He speaks with a very high pitched voice and very quickly.)


The Leader says - Ah Fo Yung

Fo Yung: Hi Hi I happy to come meet you. Very happy. Very happy, Oh most happy, yes.

It's been a long time.

Fo Yung: Long time your earth time, long time. Fo Yung not go, he stay here, still here.

I don't think any of these people have met you before.

Fo Yung: Oh Yes. Not meet all person. Is happy to make you greetings. Greetings to you. Greetings to you. Happy to be here.

(The Group greets Fo Yung.)

Fo Yung: So I stay? with you? Yes?

Yes thank you. You are most welcome.

Fo Yung: Hi Very happy to be here and be with you. Not have great word of wisdom for you. As honoured.

Fo Yung is Margaret's Doorkeeper.

Fo Yung: Have met many of honourable Doorkeepers of other persons here. Is most honour to meet some, most honoured to meet you. All your Doorkeeper. All your Guardian. Most honour, I to meet them.

We are most honoured.

Fo Yung: Please to continue, FO Yung not go, Fo Yung listen.

(The Group begins to talk about the journey)

Fo Yung: How much of them make me laugh.

Did you go down to watch the Caves to?

Fo Yung: Oh, not need to go down to Cave, is can see from where I am before.

Yes, you saw it all?

Fo Yung: Have said sent this one away, to continue please journey in the Caves and upon returning, not allowed to return is sent back to Cave, have much to do.

She is still down the Cave?

Fo Yung: Yes, much to do. Most important not allow this one to return because if this one return, very difficult to make go away again, very difficult. Have to make all many things move and change to make this one go away. Very nosey (puts finger on nose).

Little Sally must have dragged her away.

Fo Yung: Oh, Little One has gone with her. Littler than that one. But I be getting one also. I like the animal, they very nice friend. (Dog leans on Channel and Fo Yung strokes her head.)

Yes they are. This one is a beautiful dog.

Fo Yung: We have met with you other friend over in this place.

Ah Yes Wally.

Fo Yung: Is very happy, is playing with the children and is also chase with rabbits, although sometime rabbit come and sit next to that one.

Getting use to each other now.

Fo Yung: Is good friend.

Here comes another one coming in. (The cat).

Fo Yung: Has come to see Fo Yung. Is come to Fo Yung. Many times to say 'Good Evening' to Fo Yung.

She has spoken to you?

Fo Yung: Have seen I.


Fo Yung: Have seen I many times, has very thought of Fo Yung.

Fo Yung can you explain why the cat wants to get into the handbag all the time. Margaret's handbag. There is a reason for that?

Fo Yung: Has most energy, is beneficial to that one. Has much energy, is agree all thing have energy?

STUDENT : Is that because it's with her most of the time?

Fo Yung: That so, Ha, All time. All time. Wake and asleep. Is present with this light is same for all of you also, this light.

The lights a bit brighter for us now.

Fo Yung: You wish for it to make brighter? Make that brighter for you?

No I should have asked the question, instead of a statement.

Fo Yung: Oh have one light brighter is have light the same.

Each light within each of us is brighter now.

Fo Yung: Oh is have not one light brighter, is have light the same.

No The lights within each of us are brighter now.

Fo Yung: Oh so Fo Yung do you want light of your house brighter? Is very easy, Fo Yung make house brighter for you.

GROUP : Go on.

Fo Yung: Make brighter?

Yes could you? Yes please.

Fo Yung: So make your eye closed (the Group does this) and leave hands out and then the light is bright...

(The Group laughs realising the joke he has played.)

Fo Yung: You make big funny, you make big funny.

STUDENT : Many hands make light work.

How are we to see this light with our eyes closed?

Fo Yung: Oh. Very bright with eyes close, is very bright. This truth this I said. You have to say it behind your eye close that light is very bright. That is silly side of funny.

You have work to do, yes have a little work, you continue. Well do you want to ask questions. Talk about the Myths of the Druids.

One Student wishes there was one book containing all the information.

Fo Yung: Has not correct book for reading information, has little bit and little bit one and one and one.

GROUP : Lots of books with little pieces.

Fo Yung: Ha, As sort of, as wrapping, is to have all Facets of the Diamond in one book please. All Facet in one Diamond, and then you can read it and have enlightenment.

Celtic mythology.

Fo Yung: Is that other person is come to speak with you many time and bring you knowledge of that time when that was happen upon the earth please. That one come to give you word for your writing. You not have not all the word that one come for you. That one only have come first time to speak with you this time. Is to come more time to speak with you. So more later upon that time.

Group is pleased and say so.

Fo Yung: Is come to give for you the word of how that time, Ha Fo Yung not find word. It is hard to find buried around in the brain of this one. Have very deep to uncover please, is very difficult. Have word, is 'Magic' of the people. Have witness they will bring the word of magic of the people. Time. Is very difficult to get word right way round. Fo Yung often get word other way round. Ha.

Group agrees, often they have same trouble.

Fo Yung: Ha, You make funny. You continue.

I have message for the one who is called the Lizard please? I have word for you from the other one is have, Ah, the one from the old time of the magic, She say for you to know that the Lizard was a magical creature, that the Lizard, that you are is not male, however has abounds of male energy. It answer for your question of maleness. Is not make you male person. Is only male energy. Is, is out of balance.

STUDENT : What does she have to do to righten it?

Fo Yung: Oh, It have to make more female energy. I not tell for you. I only little person, I not have this knowledge, and if I do I not tell for you.

You could tell her while she's asleep tonight.

Fo Yung: Oh, Yes, Night turn into day. I'm suppose to remain with this one please. Doorkeeper not go away please. Doorkeeper most honourable job, to remain with chosen one.

STUDENT : So all our Doorkeepers stay close by?

Fo Yung: Remain with you, from beginning of life to end of life.

STUDENT : Do we choose our Doorkeepers or do they choose us?

Group has general discussion and recalls Sally's lesson and about the Doorkeepers putting them into the eggs.

Fo Yung: Very difficult to put all that energy into one small parcel please. It make much (Squash), have beautiful way I shine in your mind is how ingenuity - is not word of Fo Yung as has in mind of this one, is shining bright for Fo Yung to find.

STUDENT : It's nice to know someone's there isn't it?

All the time, oh yes. That's why they get annoyed when they want to help you out and you don't want to bother with them. They're trying to show you and teach you.

STUDENT : Shove you in the back!

I'm just as bad as the rest of them, see what I mean but it's very handy whenever you can get in touch with them and that's why we're learning here to get in touch with them. Guardians, doorkeepers, completely so you know immediately.

(Group discuss how they feel about recognizing who was who, ask for a sign, a personal recognition between each other.)

Fo Yung: Ah, I have spent many lifetime with the one I come from this time. Have walked the earth other time, have walked other planet other time. Not all time this planet.

Many time different place, please. Sometime this one is Doorkeeper or Guardian, sometime is Fo Yung Doorkeeper or Guardian. This time Fo Yung Doorkeeper. This time.

STUDENT : Do you like being a Doorkeeper?

Fo Yung: Is have very interesting moments. Not easy to be Doorkeeper please. Very difficult, especially when you have one who is not have door open to you. When have life with Door closed, very difficult. Have to be most patient (sighs). Especially when one does not always listen, is so? As Doorkeeper understand this. Ha, many Doorkeeper as special one have say as part for that one, not always listen all time.

(Group agreed that there were probably a lot of Doorkeepers standing about nodding their heads.)

Fo Yung: You want to know Doorkeepers, please? You want to know Doorkeepers, Please?

GROUP : Yes.

Fo Yung: So you sit please. Close your eyes. This time not make big funny. This time have only ask your people to stand back from you, all of them. And now only one to step forward please, Doorkeeper only. Of all person, of this life in this room. Doorkeeper only. Other person all stay away, no come near. Now you feel and learn your Doorkeeper. If you not feel, no matter, practice. Now if you very clever you can keep physical eye close, now open inner eye and look upon the face of the one who is Doorkeeper. That is next practice please. Practice please. Not difficult. Practice please. Look for the face down the hole in the middle of your forehead. Is there? You practice this, all time, till next time. Then next time have you mastered this then you can learn to make with other person who is there for you, Guardian. Important first to learn other lesson before you continue.

SAYONARA Group thanks Fo Yung.

Most Members of the Circle made a positive contact with their Doorkeepers, either seeing them or feeling them for the first time or becoming aware of their names.

The Group welcomes another presence with them.


Emily: Oh Deary me.

Hello Emily, how are you?

Emily: I'm alright Deary. Oh my pussy is very happy tonight. I won't talk very long Dear, in your, just a minute Dear, she does go on a bit doesn't she? Oh dear.

Is Sally pushing you out there?

Emily: She knows, she wants me to tell you your times a bit short now.

Oh yes, that's alright.

Emily: No you don't she says. Oh dear, dear, don't go on.

Are you looking after that garden at your house there?

Emily: Oh yes Dear, a beautiful garden I have got now. Oh she's such a bother isn't she? She wants you to finish everything, she says you too slow. Hurry up she says, isn't she a bother Deary? Oh yes. I shall get her to come a dig up my potatoes. Bye Bye Dearies.

(The Group wishes her the best and to see her again soon.)

The Circle is closed.

Reference no 19950213


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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