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Psychometry Readings

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Psychometry Readings'
A Teaching from Songee 27th March 1995


Opening the Circle
This Gathering was held in the Leader's home in South Auckland. While the Psychometry readings were for the people at this meeting the process and direction given is very informative, helping us do our own readings for friends and family.

The Group had returned from their Meditation to find Songee waiting for them.

The Meditation:
Incense - Musk, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Floral Wood.
Music - Pacific Suite Track1, Pacific Maning.
Ancient Mother Track 6, Lady of the Flowing Waters.
Pacific Suite Track1, Pacific Maning.
Ancient Mother Track 4 Lychan Dreams.


Songee: So. This time you do a little different. Before you begin your work, have you got a pen for you to write upon and the thing that which you write? (Most Members scrabble around trying to find pencil and paper.) How so is it not sitting upon your lap waiting for you! (It takes ages before the Group settles down and are ready.) Perhaps now you will remember to bring your little book. You never know what you might be given to put down upon the pages of it. Remember to put down what day you have and what date you have of you year. So that when you go to look upon it many day in the future time you will have something to remind you of what happened this day.

The Meditation was to feel, to touch, to know the Mother. The Question is did you achieve this and how? Just a little word to make you remember it to come back to you about it, not so..., you not have the time and then you can begin your other work. When you have finished putting down your word, let Leader know when you finish. Not put away your paper when you finish because there is more for you to put down, before this night is finish. Don't hide it away. So now when you have finish you can continue the other work that you have. This I watch as you continue.

Psychometry Readings

The Psychometry items which are hidden under a cloth are chosen from the tray by the Members of the Circle.

Songee: This is going to be very funny. Leader is going to do. Leader is to make for you to do. Begin with Little Bear.

Leader: Right Little Bear. What do you have?

Little Bear: Piece of shrub.

Leader: Describe it please.

Little Bear: Delicate little flowers, I mean leaves. No flowers, long leaves very soft and thin almost a silky feeling.

Leader: Now please relate to it.

Little Bear: Um, I'm feeling like something coming up that I really don't want to, I don't want it to but I know it's going to come up. I really don't want to have to do this Um. I just don't want to do this, I have to, it's inevitable that I have to face up to this. The top leaves that are very, the new leaves soft almost fragile, the leaves down the bottom are strong, it means the older leaves down the bottom are stronger than the newer.

Leader: Now what does this tell you?

Little Bear: First growth stronger.

Leader: The older part.

Little Bear: Is stronger than the newer part.

Leader: Yes now relate that to the person or a person or an incident.

Little Bear: I just get red and a heavy heart. To save me...

Leader: Is it the new life?

Little Bear: I think the new life is going to fall off the stem, it's too fragile, it's turning up, it's withering. It's not strong enough.

Leader: What do you feel this says?

Little Bear: Well it says you have to go back to the older if, if you want, if you want something strong you have to have the older. Not the newer lot. I don't feel that the new lot are acquainted with friends or new things that have been going on, not quite as strong as it should be. The older part of, just feel that those things are acquaintances or friends.

Leader: Right, that is better. Did you find any upheaval there?

Little Bear: No just the dread of doing it. Of straightening it up, sorting it out.

Leader: It is a change?

Little Bear: Yeah it's going to change, I don't know that, I don't think the person has decided yet. I don't feel they've decided because they dread is just, is just so heavy in their heart they haven't got to...

Leader: She's afraid that there can be a change? Could this be?

Little Bear: Yep.

Leader: Is that my words or your words?

Little Bear: Yours.

Leader: Yes.

Little Bear: I don't really think that it's the change that's bothering, I think, the feeling is the dread of going, it's really got, I don't know, I don't feel it even got as far as the changes.

Leader: She knows there are changes coming?

Little Bear: I guess that's what it feels like.

Leader: New things, is it?

Little Bear: No, the old things, all depends on what the person wants, if they want strong things it will be the old, first lot that wants to go on in a fragile relationship or friendship or whatever it is, that's where, I don't feel that the decision has been made yet.

Leader: Yes, so would you make any suggestions to the one, to assist them?

Little Bear: No cos I think it, that's their decision. I feel that's theirs, not for me. All I'm getting is the newer growth is not as strong as the older, more developed.

Leader: Maturer.

Little Bear: Yeah.

Leader: You have pointed it out to them.

Little Bear: Yeah, it's their decision...

Leader: They have to make a decision. That it your reading? Are you satisfied with that?

Little Bear: Yes, that's it, finished.

Leader: Thank you.

Songee: More than six time you say the think word.

Little Bear: I know, I know, I'm sorry, I feel...

Leader: D would you like to...


Leader: First of all describe the article, that will get you moving. Is it a flower?

D: No.

Leader: Is it a leaf?

D: No, a bone I think.

Leader: Right.

D: Or, it might be a bone.

Leader: Yes, right, carry on.

D: Maybe a fish bone.

Leader: Right.

D: But it looks a bit, too big.

Leader: Keep your mind out of it, do the feeling, forget all about now what it is.

D: The feeling, jagged when I first touched it.

Leader: Yes.

D: Um Ah bit of agitation there.

Leader: A good education?

D: Agitation.

Leader: Or a learning situation?

D: Agitation.

Leader: Right, yes. How does it agitate?

D: Annoying.

Leader: Would you like to say in which way?

D: Something here, somewhere in here is fear with Um making them feel a bit uneasy.

Leader: Good.

D: Quite annoyed.

Leader: Yes.

D: Um There's a bit of warmth coming from it.

Leader: You are on the right track.

D: I really don't want to hold it.

Leader: Right.

D: I feel quite annoyed.

Leader: Yes. You want rid of it?

D: MM I'm quite annoyed with it.

Leader: Right.

D: Um.

Leader: Could you why.

D: Oh that is a...

Songee: To what is it you are annoyed with?

Leader: Thank you. What is it you are annoyed with?

D: Doubt.

Leader: No.

D: Doubt.

Leader: Doubt is fear, the annoyance, there is a reason.

Songee: You are making for the way to get across C, this is correct what it say.

Leader: Right, yes, thank you, I understand that now.

D: What I'm getting at the moment, what is it I have seeked.

Leader: It makes you feel annoyance.

D: Yes.

Leader: Could you explain now to release the annoyance.

D: To release the annoyance, to let go, and to let go and healing of love.

Leader: Yes, could you please, you have already thought of it.

D: Yes.

Leader: Say to send love to that and healing.

D: MM...

Leader: Do you feel now that everything is well.

D: I feel better, calmer...

Leader: That the incident is now healed by sending your love and healing.

Songee: Beware of allowing the knowledge to colour your word.

Leader: Yes, Yes.

Songee: It may not be as you imagine.

Leader: I'm trying to edge her to the insight of the article.

Songee: It is the person to which the article belongs that the insight must come.

Leader: Right.

Songee: It is about that one, not about your supposing.

Leader: Yes.

Songee: If you use your 'thought' and your knowledge you will colour the reply that is to be given. You will cause confusion. So it is important not to have you own 'thinking' and the giving away.

Leader: Yes.

Songee: So you have reached the point now where you are comfortable for yourself. Is it now, do you know within you, is resolve for the one who have put that upon this place.

D: Acknowledgement. Yes.

Songee: Acknowledgement of what?

D: Acknowledgement of what I have said tonight, what I have felt tonight. Healing from the acknowledgement of what I said tonight.

Leader: Healing has been sent, has been acknowledged. Thank you. The relation of it. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

L: I've got a little plant and when I first held it...

Leader: What colour is it?

L: It's Um deep red on the outside and comes into a nice soft pink in the centre.

Leader: And a long stem.

L: Yeah a long stem. When I first held it what I felt was prickly on the flower around the petal, just on the outside, very prickly and very cold. The stems feel silky but strong and when I was holding it what I started to feel was that the person has got a barrier up and the prickliness is the barrier. It's like, I feel that they are afraid to let people in because when I feel the leaves, the petals I should say, they are very soft and I feel a gentleness, I feel a deep caring from this person of others, that they're frightened to let others in and what I felt very interesting was that there's one of the leaves of stems at the bottom ready to fall off. Now they feel very prickly. One of them looks like they ready to fall off but next to it there's a new one growing and that one feels very substantial. What I feel the person needs to do is to have trust and belief and to take away the fear and believe in themselves. I feel they're very strong but very afraid but there's so much love I feel coming from them. I feel so much love from them but the fear, there's the fear there but I think AH!, I feel that possibly the person's starting to have belief and that thrust because that new branch is very whatever it is, is very strong. It feels very strong, it is small, gentle but very strong.

Leader: That is quite well expressed. Thank you.

Little Fish: I've got a leaf, it's a bit spotted.

Leader: What colour is it?

Little Fish: Green and light green.

Leader: Right.

Little Fish: UM...

Leader: A large leaf.

Little Fish: It's quite large yes. When I picked this up, interesting thing about this leaf is on the backside of it, it's rough, very rough and around the edges of the leaf are very rough. And if you touch the leaf, touch the leaf on the opposite side, the stem is very strong. I feel that this person has a barrier. It's a place that they can go into, that they can keep others out of but there's also...

Leader: Why did they want to go into or behind the barrier?

Little Fish: ...but there's also a feeling of confusion, fear, fear of letting others get to know them, of others becoming close. Then they retreat behind this barrier, they can push people away...

Leader: Do they accept the love of the other?

Little Fish: ...they push people away...

Leader: Yes.

Little Fish: ...and yet they themselves are prepared to give the love that they have within.

Leader: And do they give that love out?

Little Fish: They're prepared to do that, they're unsure of how. The only thing I would feel...

Leader: How would you suggest they do this?

Little Fish: I feel that they would need to let go of the hurt and pain from the past, forgive themself the deeds of the past. Open their heart and let the light shine through and radiate outwards.

Leader: Now the barrier. Would you suggest that it has to come down first? To allow...

Little Fish: They must...

Leader: Love both ways.

Little Fish: ...they must forgive themselves their deeds of the past.

Leader: Yes.

Little Fish: Open their hearts and let the light radiate, in doing so the barrier will fall...

Leader: Thank you.

Little Fish: ...and they will find it much easier to give their love and also to receive from others.

Leader: Thank you, that was very good. Thank you.

Little Robin: Um, I believe, a pinkie, orangey plant. What I first felt when I first touched it, anger, which is not what I believe is deep seated, only superficial, but you're got a whole lot of love inside that is just bursting to come out. I can feel that and it was really hot around the outside but deep down it was really cold. So what I done is gave them love and the plant was very comfortable but UM part of the little leaves are falling off. I felt that was just like the new growth giving way to the UM the old. It's the old giving way to the new really, like flower blossom, letting it come out of itself. That's what I mean. And part one fell off so that (prepare?) the flower for the new beginning. I feel that's for the new beginning, that's about to become new shooting, and shedding the old for the new. I feel very comfortable with it now. In the beginning I didn't feel very comfortable not at all. Cos the new buds coming, it must be new knowledge coming to you so you can develop further. You are aware of what your, of what you can do, you have the knowledge but it's up to you to, but it's there the warmth and love there for you, if you wish to use it and acknowledge it.

Leader: Thank you. Yes.

H: I have a little wee flower here. I, little wee orange one. When I first picked this flower up I felt what a small flower. Then I thought small, but it looked quite strong and touching it and Ar... first initial feeling I got Um it was very, very hot. My hands were burning, anyway as time went on my poor little flower started to wilt. Suggests perhaps Um that it's not so strong, it's not standing up anymore.

Songee: What does it mean?

H: Ah not the strength, I did say a prayer over it, some healing Um a little bit touchy Um a little bit nervous. I also felt a lot of love within deep in and I felt very comfortable about the little flower here. I still actually feel quite loving.

Leader: Why should it be touchy?

Songee: Not with the 'should'.

Leader: Ah of course.

H: The way I feel. That's how I was feeling but there's a lot of love, felt peaceful, I felt the peace all very comfortable sitting here holding it, on the whole, the little flower. I sent a lot of healing there. They should build up on the strength, that's about all to say.

Leader: Do you feel that they need the healing to strengthen then?

H: That's how I felt for them...

C: Yes.

H: ...although I think, I feel...

End of side one

H: I feel quite hot.

Leader: That's good thank you, you'll have it explained later, I would suggest...

H: What do you mean by that?

Leader: By the person who owns it. Little Mother.

Little Mother: I have a dead stick and I think it belongs to a silver birch and I have a silver birch tree here on my book made out of its bark. The silver birch tree is bending in the wind but it's not going to break. All it's leaves will fall off but it won't break. All it's leaves are falling and all I've got is the trunk.

Leader: And what does that tell you? The feelings you are receiving from this?

Little Mother: It's just a dead stick, see it's just a dead stick.

Leader: There's nothing can be done with it?

Little Mother: No, I don't think so, I don't know.

Songee: It is important to stand back from your own feeling a little for to do this for another person. To take for you the breath deep inside.

Little Mother: I can't do it because of the way I'm feeling.

Songee: The piece of stick. Once upon a time it was part of a living tree, is that not so?

Little Mother: That's right.

Songee: And now what have happened to it?

Little Mother: It died and fell off.

Songee: And therefore does the tree need it anymore?

Little Mother: No, probably grew new ones.

Songee: And so what happened to this little piece?

Little Mother: I suppose it will rot down and nourish the tree.

Songee: So what do you manage to find upon that for this person, remember to apply it to part of their life.

Little Mother: They will be nourished and they will grow.

Songee: And that in discarding the old, the new can be given life, do you understand this?

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: So now it is important for you to know how to put yourself one step beyond yourself and to perceive that which is there so that you are able to help another. Do you understand?

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: It is important that you learn to do this thing. It is that which will help you to become strong where already you are strong. This will make you even stronger, if you can learn to do this. Is that all you wish to have?

Little Mother: That's all I wish to say.

Songee: Please continue.

P: I've got a dark green leaf. It's perfect, or it looked perfect when I picked it up. As I picked it up I felt very heavy, physically heavy, as though I was just (large sigh) that sort of heavy. Um my hands really burnt, like, it was that intense heat Um I couldn't make up my mind whether it was a drop me type feeling or feeling that was. Well I ended up actually wanting to nurture it. Alright, I tried to analyse it like should, is it needing healing, love or whatever so decided just well hold it and it just well hold it and it just was more love, of needing of love. It lost it rigidity then and has become pliable. Um I feel not that without too much trouble it could be moulded. Just gently.

Leader: Could you relate that now to the person.

P: Um I would say that the person could appear to be rigid and perfect but without too much trouble can be soft and pliable. I'm still wanting to bring my fingers up the side of the veins on the back of the leaf which means that it stretches and it's comfortable. It's gone from being almost a don't touch me to yes I will be loved and yeah it's that nice warmth of...

Leader: They are willing to accept love?

P: MM...

Leader: Yes.

P: ...love more so than healing, love, don't love me too much I might have to bend. Does that make sense.

Leader: They do not want too much...

P: Sorry?

Leader: You say they do not want too much love?

P: They are too scared to have too much love. Not that they don't want it, just scared of it.

Leader: Yes.

P: It is a simple belief that they just want to touch on and it's very pleasant. It's very soft and sloppy now.

Leader: So do you suggest to touch the person to see them being sloppy, That's a joke!

P: I would say it probably wouldn't hurt them to be a bit sloppy, in a nice way.

Leader: Yes of course, thank you, that is all.

Little Laird: I've got a leaf here, just one stem Ah when I first touched the leaf it was very smooth and soft inside and I felt very comfortable with it but on the outside it was rough Um and the leaf actually turns upwards, round all the sides but they don't, all the sides don't meet together. So I feel this person is slightly protective or is protecting themselves or is only temporary. But the protection at the moment is needed to help them through a decision they have to make, for the split in the leaf at the top of the side and I feel that's, that's the decision they have to make Um that it's a parting, not necessary in a relationship, could be anything. Um, I, the stem I feel the person is strong and they know what they're doing Um and that they have to stand alone on this, only they can make the decision. And at the bottom of the stem there's another split and I feel, that they, it's only hanging on by a little thread and I feel that they half made, more than half made the decision but they're still hanging onto a little part of something. But I feel that the person actually knows what they're doing, it's just time.

Leader: They are willing to open up.

Little Laird: Yeah, it's like they're a little bit closed but the protection is needed at the moment.

Leader: Right.

Songee: Very good, not too many 'think' words this time. You have all done well. For the one who have to claim that which is said about you thing that you have. First of all allow the one who speak to it very swiftly repeat what they have said before to remind you. Little Bear you have there,

Little Bear: I have a leaf and I felt that the new ways are a bit fragile. Perhaps look at the old ways of friendship and relationships, they might be a bit stronger.

Songee: Now I wish to add for that, that they can draw strength from that which they have in their past to help to nature the new beginning. That it is not essential that that part that is new, fade away from existence it only need to be nurture and given love and it will grow and it will in turn become the old. So who have that one?

Little Fish: Yes I agree, very much, there's a lot of growth going on at the moment.

Little Bear: It's a bit fragile.

Little Fish: Oh Yeah.

Songee: Nurture the growth.

Little Fish: I do, I understand I have to do that, so thank you.

Songee: Very good so next one.

D: It' s gone already.

Leader: Irritation.

D: ...agitation been annoyed, fear, Um doubt, doubt of what they have seeked. Um.

Songee: Do you send love and healing.

D: I send the love and the healing with the love and the healing comes acknowledgement of acknowledging being annoyed.

Songee: Annoying is what?

D: Anger.

Songee: What is anger?

D: Fear.

Songee: Anger is when the bubble has been burst. So it is important to help for the knowing. If you know and understand this then you can pass upon that one how to not become angry, how to be strong about themself, within themself because the strength is there. Feel that thing it is very powerful. Strong, is it not?

D: Yes.

Songee: Not to, not to break or bend, very easily. Funny thing but it is also very strong is it not?

D: MMM...

Songee: Also something that strong must protect something. Is that not so?

D: It is strong to protect something, yes.

Songee: So therefore that is so strong it is protecting something. What is it protecting?

D: Protecting oneself.

Songee: So that is not wrong is it?

D: No.

Songee: It is only, is so when there is no need for the protection, what else does that say?

D: Trust.

Songee: It say that there is no need for the protection any longer because you are strong enough upon yourself to not need it. You see how you make with the word?

D: MM...

Songee: You have not to make, because it is not something you are use to looking and feeling. It is make word stuck in your head.

D: Yes.

Songee: You not find right word to make you feel.

D: Yes.

Songee: So now that is part of the energy of the message to give to this one that they are already strong enough to not need the protection because they have the power and the strength.

D: Yes.

Songee: So (whose?) is this thing, so.

D: Who owns the bone?

Little Mother: Its mine.

Songee: It's no bone.

Little Mother: It's not mine, it belongs to my little lamb.

D: Oh the hoof.

Little Mother: No.

Songee: Are you going to tell her or is she going to guess.

Little Mother: No I'll tell you. I have a little lamb and it fell in a hole and it got mud all over its body and where the mud was all its skin fell off and it was all over and all it had was a mid line from the middle up without mud on it. It's little testacies and all down his little penis was all raw like three degree burns and on one leg it grew this to protect its rawness from the bone and this was tucked right in the leg this morning and managed to get a fingernail around it, so it was in the way. It caused him a lot of pain. So that's what it is.

Songee: However that is not for whom the reading was for.

Little Mother: I realise that.

Songee: Very good, I not smack you on your hand then.

Little Mother: Thank you.

Leader: You did terrific.

Songee: You did well, very good (to D) so you never understand what you get to look upon. Next one.

L: A feeling of prickly and cold outwardly but very, very soft and caring, gentle inside.

Songee: There is not much I wish to put for that, you do very well.

L: It's mine.

Leader: You thought so of course.

L: I felt so. New growth.

Songee: It is going to be exactly like a little flower.

L : Prickly, I appreciate that.

L: It's nearly fallen off anyway. Hanging on, the new one growing really strong.

Songee: So, old must go and the new must come.

Little Fish: Green leaf...

Leader: A large green leaf?

Little Fish: ...barrier up around the person.

Songee: You have to move around very quickly because of your time for something more.

Leader: Oh yes well...

Songee: Put upon your paper.

Little Fish: Who is going to volunteer?

D: It's mine, thank you.

Little Fish: My pleasure, yes I do hold a barrier up, there is not many people I let into my life it's all because of not trusting and being hurt. There is very few people that know me inside.

Songee: It's going to be different though, is it not?

D: I've already done some healing on my heart. Thank you very much.

Leader: Right.

Little Robin: Anger on the outside which is superficial.

Leader: What is the idea?

Songee: Anger is superficial. What is anger?

Little Robin: Anger is when you want to get angry.

Little Fish: Someone has burst the bubble.

Little Robin: If it's going to be superficial you'd blow it away wouldn't you?

Leader: It is a little orange flower.

Songee: Anger is when, the bubble has been burst. It is because the person have made themself too big in their own head.

Little Robin: But inside the head they've got heaps of knowledge and love there but it's making use for whenever they need it for that. It's got buds underneath which is the new development, let go of the old and look at the new.

Songee: Not to be too hard upon yourself, if you make the mistake, mistake is for to learn.

Little Robin: Me or them.

Songee: Them, though you can do with it too. You have to know that these little angry that is so superficial is because you know that is part of you. You have the information and the knowledge and yet you choose to disregard it and in effect you pop your own bubble. So you cross with yourself. So.

M: It's mine.

Songee: So you put your foot in your soft place and not be so hard upon yourself.

M: That's right.

H: I've got this little flower, which...

Little Robin: It looks like it's a part of that flower.

H: It's a fuchsia too.

Little Fish: It's a part of a fuchsia.

H: Has that come from that one?

Little Robin: I don't know.

Leader: I don't think that was, it's separate. At least the message was different.

H: Different music.

(The Group all together, at the same time discusses the flowers.)

Songee: What was the message?

H: I got strong, Um very hot I felt when I first, when I first got the flower it looked strong but in the end the message got wasn't so strong. That's what I got...

Songee: The need to be nurtured. To nurture themself little more.

H: Yeah.

Songee: So that they can grow and be strong. So now who have it.

H: Pardon?

Songee: Who is it for?

It's L. (The Group discussed the flower again.)

Songee: Do you know about this now?

L: Yeah.

Songee: Now the next one.

Little Mother: The new growth will come from the old, will be nurtured from the old.

Little Bear: Yes it's mine, I can go along with that. The first bit I couldn't. When I picked up that stick I was happy to find that little stick. I was looking for something in the grass everything was all lovely a little stick in my hand so your first, when you said it was dead, I was quite surprised and I didn't feel that was about it. Although your summing up was fine.

Songee: Very good.

Little Bear: Thank you.

P: The perfect leaf that's now become sloppy and doughy.

Leader: A little green leaf.

P: A little green leaf.

Little Robin: That's me.

P: I had a feeling it might be. It's just that's it's so perfect and upstanding and you know, I look good, I feel good but underneath it was just nice and soft and sloppy and pliable actually.

Little Robin: You'd be surprised actually. I didn't realise I could ever be pliable.

Songee: Put the word a different way, there is perhaps a need to be more pliable.

P: I felt that I've been able to sit here, sit here and mould it in the way I wanted it, mind you.

Little Robin: You're shaping my whole personality.

P: Maybe other people are doing that.

Songee: It has to come from within yourself. For you to have the softness so that the life can go the way you wish for it to go. How you can make it go for the way you wish it to go, if you not feel it and you not allow for the softness to take place. If you remain rigid inside you will not be able to mould your life to the way you want it to be.

Leader: Right

M: I've got a little green leaf that was very soft on the inside but Um hard on the outside. Um.

P: I'll just say yes to it all. I know in two weeks I'm very much on my own in what I'm doing. Thank you.

Songee: Very good. Now to some more work for the home.


The Group says Homework now!!

Songee: Between now and next time we meet you are to put down upon your paper how you would run a circle. Beginning with everybody walk into the room to sit down. Just make it very short word, not great big long story. Because when you have done that you are all going to take turn to do it and you will do it. I will not have any of this, I like that word she give for me, shilly shalling.

And I have word to say for Little Mother to let you know that three of your little friends are all together.

Little Mother: Thank you. (One of her dogs had died that day.)

Songee: They are all together the three of them. They all came to meet the other one. They are all happy like little lambs bouncing around, very happy.

Little Mother: Thank you.

Songee: There is to tell for you that there is another to come to join them in not too many of your earth day to pass. It is to come from another person not from yourself. You may know of this one?

Little Mother: Yes I do.

Songee: And all is happy together, very happy.

Little Mother: That's good, that's good to know. I find comfort in that.

Opening the Circle

Songee: That is good. Now when you have write down how you will do, when you do sit upon the seat and to make for the 'Open' you have to know how it is you will do it. What method it is used to open, to protect, to say welcome to those in spirit, to say a prayer for the world and the people upon it and for your book and then how to go into your rest of your meet, you journey and the work that may come after, upon it. All you have to do is to make the word in the order upon which it is too be done and then when you come to tell everybody what order you believe it is needed to be done and those which is not correct then Songee will make correct for you. That is your work for your home.

Leader: Can I make a suggestion? Don't copy exactly as I'm doing. If you feel that there is something wrong, write it down do it your way: Don't do it my way.

Little Fish: Why do you do it anyway you feel?

Leader: No I could be make a mistake, make a mistake then there could be a few things that could be corrected with my opening is...

Little Fish: How can it be a mistake if, if the was that you do it, is the way you feel it needs to be done.

Leader: There are things there that at times, there are things there at times Ah not, I feel are not going right.

Songee: There is a difference between that which you feel you want to do and that which you know is the correct way to do it. If you were to go from this place, this day and never to return and to begin your own meeting you have to be aware of the responsibility of those who come to sit with you. You have to know how to teach them. How to do this thing so they remain safe in the protection of the Light and how they can go and learn the colour of their chakra, to know what the colour is and which chakra it is for. All have been given for you, many time. And then you also have to know how to welcome those in the spirit and to open to the Light.

Leader: See...

Songee: And then in deeper again is to go into the journey. It matters not if you get it wrong, this is to learn not to say, Oh no you have got it wrong, to point the finger at you. It is to say, This is how it is to be done, and so that you learn and all of your earth day you sit this way. Much is supposed to be inside of you for you not to have to ponder upon it too hard. Is that not so?

The Group say Yes.

Songee: Now is your time very short so I have to go from you now.

The Group - Thank you Songee.

Songee: Now you make for closing yourself and go away for your night.

May the blessing of the Oneness upon all of you, to cleanse you of all that which burden you this moment in your day and in your life path.

To shed Light so that the steps that come for you are well able to be perceive.

I leave you with the Power.

The Group said Thank You Songee.

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