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Earth Names

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Earth Names'
A Teaching from Songee, early 1995


The Nature of the Name

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The Nature of the Name

Songee: When those names are given to the pupils they are not given lightly. They are given so that the one who receives the name can understand the nature of their Being at the moment they are given it. It is also given that they will grow and find for themselves the writing upon the page that others have written of knowing of that creature that they have been given the name of and in the learning of this creature they will learn of themself. Also too those who have been receiving the names it is permitted to put the names upon the paper. If you have given the explanation of how the names come to pass then there is no difficulty for those who come to read of how it is that the person has this name. Then also too, is to distinguish between those who have not yet been given names.

The ones who have not been given names are not yet ready for them, no matter if they believe themselves to be ready. It does not matter if this one believes that they are ready. The names that are given are given by Songee only. Others will come, if they choose to give a name to one, that is not the 'Earth Name', it is to be remembered that sometimes this is not all the time correct. It is only a name given of Love. Songee does not give names of love. Songee gives names of 'Being' and in learning of the Being comes understanding of the 'Self' so there is more than just a name. Also too it gives others who read an indication that perhaps they also might be similar in being to this one who have this also. For the next of your book that is to come I will give you teach of the names of the ones who already been given. I will tell you each one and how they are the little similarities that the people can find within themself.

For instance Little Turtle; how often Little Turtle tip himself on his back and wave his feet and legs in the air. How it is that the other creatures come along with their little nose and turn him over on his feet so that he does not wave his arm and leg in the air. Then when he comes onto his feet he is a little bewildered because he has been lying on his back for so long and perhaps he has been turning round, round and round. So sometimes when he comes on to his feet he does not know which side he is facing.

So for a little while he will stand there and will look around at this and his head go from side to side like this and he does not know if he is upside down or right way up, (Songee demonstrates the movement of the head and neck of how the turtle acts) or which way he is facing towards his destination or away from it. Sometimes he has to turn around in circle from where he is standing to find which way he is to go and then he starts to move forward once more. The head goes this and that way. So you understand? This can come and we can have all the names and all how they are, and others may find sameness within themself of this way of being.

So we give a basic description in the first book. (This reference is to the content of the 1st publication of The Facets of the Diamond.)

Songee: What you will do is to explain how people have come by their names. What the purpose was for Songee to give them their name and how they discover for themselves the nature of the creature that the name have been given to them and how they discover how close in nature they were to that creature.

In the example of Little Rabbit who changed to Little Robin and how that come to pass. How with the growing and the changing and the difference of the life, how the Little Robin have to change to the Little Rabbit. Yet even though now although she is the Little Robin sometimes she likes to change back to the Rabbit. When she does so, she now understands this is not a good way for her to be. It does not mean Little Rabbit is bad thing to be, only that, it is not the correct way for Little Robin to be now she has moved forward from that time. All this must be explained that the creature that is given by Songee does not at all time have remain so. However it does not change to new creature until that one has learned lesson and moved forward.

(Songee finished the instruction at this point.)

Reference no 19950401facets18


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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