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The Night The Crystal Light of Love was given

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Night The Crystal Light of Love was given'
A Teaching from Songee 5th June 1995


Crystal Light Of Love
Gaining Help and Support
This Group Meeting was held in South Auckland on the 5th June 1995. The Insense used was Wychwood and Quintescence.
The Introduction Music played was Enya's Shepherd Moon.


- Oriental Sandalwood, Patchouli

- Stonehenge: Tr 5. Sunrise, Tr 6. New Beginnings, Tr 7. The Highest Place, Tr 8. The View Beyond.

- Enya: On Your Shore.

The Meditation Journey began with the music of The Rovers, 'What Wid Ya No'. The Group started out on the path and paused awhile to be entertained by the people who came with the music, then the Group continued to The Meadow of Peace from where the rest of the journey would be.

Crystal Light Of Love

As the Group returned from their meditation they heard the following words:

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.

The Leader and Little Fish spoke of their experiences.
This night was the second part of the Journey from the 29 May 1995 and the Journeys were similar except for Little Mother who told the others how she felt about the personal worries she was having.
Then these words were spoken to her -

The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
Little Mother says thank you.

So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !


Songee: Songee: I am here.

Leader: Thank you Songee.

Songee: The name who come to speak with you have name is not the one you imagine it is another.

Leader: Yes, I wasn't sure.

Songee: It is one who you not encountered before time. They give their name for I to pass for you, is Amanda.

Leader: Amanda, thank you.

Gaining Help and Support

Songee: (To Little Mother) Do you have knowing of this word?

Little Mother: No.

Songee: You hear the word that is given to you before time, the word that was given to you it is Truth. However you pass to yourself within your mind and you make for yourself all that which you imagine to be correct. You hear the word however you do not practice the fight, the trust, to do this you have to look for deep inside of you.

Little Mother: Trust in myself do you mean?

Songee: Trusting within yourself. It begins there and then you can learn to trust outside of yourself. This is the journey upon which you travel at this time. You have inside of you all the reason what it is that you should and shouldn't do something. Your reason is not correct. You are going with your head and working with your head upon what it is that you believe in you should and shouldn't do. What you hear the word before time was correct, however you do not apply it with the knowing, you are not applying it with the trusting and therefore it is making difficulty for yourself. To help you to undo this difficult knot you have tied for yourself, now first of all you have to put blessing upon all change that is to come for you upon your life and know that you have desire it to come. That you have asked for it to come and therefore it has come for you. However what is not correct is entirely the way in which you are endeavoring to make for it to happen. It is time for you to not to try to make for it to happen. You trying to move too fast for the events to come to you. Look to your feeling inside of you. What have you given the word to the feeling that you feel at this moment of time?

Little Mother: Sadness.

Songee: And what do you do with the word that make for how you feel inside your heart?

Little Mother: The died word?

Songee: So, does that not say something to you? To Songee here it shouting loud, very loud, so loud all whole world can hear it. Does it not shout loud for you?

Little Mother: No.

Songee: Does it shout loud for you Leader?

Leader: No.

Songee: My word, all very deaf people. It is saying, 'I don't want to do this thing.'

Leader: Alright.

Songee: Very simple. The heart is not happy, to make this decision. The heart knows it is not the right decision to make at this moment. However the intellect is saying, we must do too much thinking, too much thinking. Must have the feeling. Is another way to make for the balance without making the heart die inside of you. You understand?

Little Mother: Not really, because I feel as though how it was happening was the right way I had to make it happen.

Songee: So how do you feel with that decision to be that way if it is the right one? How is it that it make you feel this way?

Little Mother: Obviously it is not right.

Songee: So, how to know the right decision to make way for the decision. This is what is needing to know. First of all, if something is needing to be tone, then the feeling to do that thing will feel right and sure. It will feel true inside of you and although there may be little sadness at knowing there is time for the pathways to go different ways, between yourself and another whether it be a friend of two leg, or a friend of fourleg1, or a friend with feather, it matters not, if there is little sadness it is acceptable. It is because you have to say goodbye to a friend. However if the pain is so bad that it make you wish for no earth life to continue then you have made wrong decision. You made it now you undo it. You do it now this moment and then it is different and all that remains is to look for the solution to the other part of your worry and this can be done with trust and with love. So, first of all you put yourself the limit upon your life at this moment that make you feel sad inside. You have the Power to unlimit you. So now do it. You may still proceed with part of your idea of what it is right for the small creature however is it really so desirous to make for than to go some place and live another life?

Little Mother: I was working through it trying to look at it from their point of view.

Songee: At this moment in time we are looking at the decision. The truth of the decision. If the truth of the decision is wrong then it will be wrong for the little one. If it is wrong inside of you and your heart is saying it is wrong, it is not just for yourself. There is a larger part of you that is wiser than your own head. So listen to it. It is inside if you to tell you the truth. What is the word my friend have say for you, Harken to it. Very beautiful word. write that down and you can look it up. It is a good word to look up. Harken to that, it is inside of you. So now we have this situation now for you. Now you do not have to leave away your little one away from you. So they go and make better so they not make you so upset. So they stay with you and you continue as you must at this moment. If you endeavor to move it before time then you will feel bad inside of you. This is what that large part of you is try to tell for you. Slow down. You are going too fast for this.

Little Mother: I usually, when there's things like this to be done, I do like to get them over and done with.

Songee: However it is not correct decision entirely. So part is correct, the part of you having to make them go away from you is not correct. Now it is important now to look upon what is left after you have given youself the permission to keep your baby beside you.

Little Mother: It is managing all the work the babies make.

Songee: So, that is something that can be addressed on the physical plane and the best way to approach it, is to trust and to send love out to the Creative Force and ask for the assistance to come. It will come. Nothing is so bad that it cannot be fixed. The little creature have always been there. They have not not been there. It is only that circumstances around about you have made different now. How you feel about you life.

Little Mother: That's right.

Songee: That have change. It is not little one that caused the problem.

Little Mother: Oh no.

Songee: Now the word that was given to you was to allow all those things that no longer need you.

Little Mother: That's right.

Songee: to let them go. The way in which you live it no longer need you.

Little Mother: That's right.

Songee: It can go to another. It does not mean your family. Your family needs you. The little one is your family. You put it into proper, proper size and shape and look upon it properly, in correct way. You don't say to your family, I can't have you anymore, go away I can't, you can't be part of my life anymore. Is that so?

Little Mother: In this instance I don't know whether it is so, because the family is so big I can't manage the family. With other things to do in the future I cannot manage to do all the work.

Songee: So perhaps it is important to manage the work a little more.

Little Mother: That was what I was attempting to do.

Songee: You don't make family to go away to make for the balance for the work unless it is correct thing to do. You cannot make for yourself the reason of your head to make it to be because to do that you are going against the correct way to do it and it make you sad.

Little Mother: That's right.

Songee: So balance the work that is there. Do only what is to be done for this day. Allow that which can be left to be done for another time, to be left and done at another time. Enlist, put that word down and so look it up also, enlist the support of those who can assist for you, in whatever manner is available to assist for you. This time of change is coming to a close. It is rapidly moving to close.

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: It is not too far for you now to walk down your path into your new home. Do not lose sight of your fight and your trust, for that is your true home. You carry it with you where ever you go, how so ever you go, always it is with you. That which is around and about you can be made of wood, or stone, of material, of clay, or twig from the tree and always it will be safe and secure and will be your home, if you carry within you the Light, the Light of Truth, and the Light of Love and the Light of Trust. It always will be a home.

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: So, the walls that surround you, and the place within you lay your head will be a home as long as you are in the...

Little Mother: Inside it.

Songee: ...in the heart of it. If you carry with you the Light, the Love, the Truth and the Trust within you. To do that, the word of Truth have been given to you in the word of the music before time. The Crystal light was given to each. Imagine within each of you, withinside of your Being, a beautiful Crystal. Shining most gloriously. With all the different facets of the diamond cut upon it. And what makes it glow with Myriad hues?

Little Mother: The Light of the Oneness.

Songee: Of course, the Light from the Oneness and the Light from the Oneness strikes you within your heart of Crystal Light, it shine forth, so that all mankind may perceive it and so all doubt, all worry, all fear, it goes away. There is no room for it to be there, there is no room for darkness in the face of such Light. So, let the Light shine forth. And that moments when your mind and you wrong thinking make you feel the edge of darkness creeping around and about you, return to the Crystal Light withinside of you and all that will disappear. And then all you need to ask to be shown the correct path for you to follow of that moment of your time. Not to try and make lots of moments. To try to do that same time your earth time it make for the head to go dizzy and this you do not need to do. So, one effort, focus upon that effort and do it. When it is gone and complete, focus upon the next effort and do it. There are sane thing around you that may need to be completed and bought to a finalization. Do these thing, one thing at a time. Do not endeavor to do all of them at the same time. Do not project into your future time, your worry about that. To do so is to make for you up there (Songee touches the head) all the problem that you envisage.

Little Mother: That's right.

Songee: So don't do it. You are using energy that you don't need to use that way. Use it a better way. Use it to focus upon one task at a time. Use it to hold to you the Light of the Crystal. And now let go of your sadness. Let go all the deadness of heart. You have the Power to do that. You put it there, you let it go. You do it before you leave this room. If you do not I will know and come and give you kick in the soft place.

So, next time you start to feel this going the wrong way remember how to go the right way.

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: If it help write down upon your... Whatever it is that you need to resolve, what it is you need assistance with and then explore how that might be done. If you come to a decision or a realization that something cannot be resolved right that moment put it at the bottom of your list. Go and do the ones you can do. Put that one down there (Songee pushes it down with the hand) forget about it for a moment. You be surprised how quickly something come along to make it all better. So, try the thing. If it not go exactly as you hope, then we have talk about it some more.

Little Mother: Thank you Songee.

Songee: We will not look into how it comes to be there in the first place at this moment: Enough is to get you knot untied.

Little Mother: Mmm That's right.

Songee: This one can tie many knot, in many different way until you cannot find where the beginning of it and the end of it is. Is that not so?

Little Mother: That is true. It comes about when you trying to do everything by yourself.

Songee: Ah....So, another truth is born.

Leader: The light has come on.

Little Mother: I've always known this.

Songee: So you know how it is to be made different, to know inside of you, you do not have to do it all upon yourself anymore. It does not have to be that way. Already the changes are being made.

Little Mother: It is to.

Songee: So, I know it is. Like pulling teeth from the bear.

Little Mother: True.

Songee: However it is slowly coming to fruition. And more will be done.

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: I just do a little adjustment now to make it a little easier. So Be It. (Songee wriggles the fingers.) To make it happen a little different. Now interesting to make for this, how much of this thinking of you have you put to that other one?

Little Mother: Which other one?

Songee: Who other one have you got to say it, this word to, where you live?

Little Mother: My husband.

Songee: This other one! How much of this thinking of you have you put to this other one?

Little Mother: Not very much.

Songee: How much have you expressed...

End of side one

Songee: ...even to a point of expressing how the, how you had almost come to the decision, notice I say almost...

Little Mother: Mmm.

Songee: ...of carrying out your plan to do this thing with your children...

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: ...with your family, so, and let it be known it is not acc.. it is not something that is acceptable for you to do. However assistance is required to help to sort this. That one have wonderful way of making things go in the right way, has making with the mind working all the time. Is much better than making for your mind working all the time.

Little Mother: Yes it is.

Songee: So use the Power that that one have...

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: ...in the positive way. Allow then to bring to bear upon the situation that wonderful, powerful mind of working out a problem.

Little Mother: Yes he does it very well.

Songee: Beautiful, you give him that job to do and then watch and wait for it all to be made better for you. Without you have to lose your family. You'll be surprised how quickly you suddenly find you have house to live in and not have something which is stick from the wood to live in.

Little Mother: Right.

Songee: So now do you understand?

Little Mother: Yes, I understand.

Songee: The word behind that which was given to you before. You were told that the truth was in the word.

Little Mother: Yes.

Songee: It does take you a little while to discover it.

Little Mother: Yes it has.

Songee: And all people to know these things, that never can you find the truth if you spending your time and energy and Power saying poor me. If you do that you not find your way out of your knot.

Little Mother: Mmmm.

Songee: So, see how simple it is. Very simple: It is important now for I to go so that you can continue for you finish your night. And you doing very well Leader.

Leader: Thank you Songee. I still feel a bit lost.

Songee: Don't, don't try to find yourself.

Leader: Right.

Songee: Allow yourself to be lost. You doing very nicely.

Leader: Good, thank you.

Songee: It is better than you trying to control everything. This time you are doing it properly, and you are doing it very well.

Leader: Thank you:

Songee: So, I Leave you with the Power,

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its beautiful, brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

Thank you Songee.

1. Fourleg. At this time in Little Mother's life she was caring for farm animals and breeding dogs.
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