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All Souls Night

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'All Souls Night'
A Teaching from Songee, 30th October 1995


Meaning of Halloween
Fear of the lessons of Karma
Not belonging anymore

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The meeting began with the preparation of each person, physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually. Then came the opening into the Light so that each Soul was at One with the Oneness.

The visualising of the Journey to the Garden was accompanied by specially selected music and different aromas of incense were used. Each pupil used their feelings to go on their personal journey, the mind played no part in this.

The music changed at different times as the pupils went deeper and deeper into their consciousness as they travelled through the Garden. As the journey continued quiet sobbing could be heard coming from some of the pupils. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy.

With the completion of the journey in the garden the pupils returned to their physical bodies in the room. It took a few minutes to settle into their physical surroundings again after such a wonderful experience in Spirit.

Each of the pupils then related all of their journey to each other, the beauty in the garden and all along the path, feelings of joy and love when they recognise loved ones.

Some were effected more than others by their feelings so they asked Songee to explain about their reactions.

Meaning of Halloween

Songee: speaks... this time, each of you found part of the story for yourself and have taken it into yourself. As you progress forward from here so the story will become more clear for you and help once more at the same time in another of your year of the earth plane. You will look back upon it and discover how much more of the story you now have taken to yourself.

The story is this...

Tonight of all nights is more special night for those who are in Spirit. Tonight is the night of 'All Souls', you have different names for it. Those who belong to different Facets of the Diamond will call it by different names. Those who work in the Light have the name of All Souls. The Souls of those who have departed have access back to those that they wish to see and speak with. Those that they have perhaps not been able to speak words with at the time of the passing and more importantly even than that.

It is the time of all of the lost souls of the planet, from time past to time present, that have not yet moved on into the Light, for many different reasons, are given the opportunity to move forward into the Light.

In your earth time this encompasses seven days before this and seven days after this night. In between this time the soul has this opportunity. The ones who need to repent and then to move on can do so. Those who have been trapped for various reasons are then invited to move into the Light.

This is done at this time and so the music is given so that you can experience the joy and love of this time. Receiving this time all were given an opportunity to express Earth Love. Whether it is the feeling of Love of the birds, the trees, the flowers, the earth, the water, the sun, the air, the sky, it is all the earth love. That earth love is all bound together to bring those who have been trapped within the aura of the earth and have been unable to move forward, to bring them to the Special Place. Once in the Special Place the door can open for them to move through.

However although it is most inviting, you are not permitted to move through the Portal. Because if you move through the Portal then you not come back. So you have this, beyond the Portal you are allowed to see the Home from which you have come before you come to this earth plane, to this life. To be allowed to see where it is that you can return to, this place of beauty and this place of peace. This is the time of most joyous for those who are in Spirit, for they celebrate this as you would celebrate the birth of a child. For those Spirits that have been lost are now returning and each of your earth year this opportunity is given.

This is the positive Light and true meaning of the Souls night. Not the nasty one that you all have been given to from being a small child, it is not that night. The one to be celebrated with joy and with happiness and with this love and peace, a beautiful night.

So now you have the story and now at this same time, in one of your earth years from now, know the story be of the part, it's a happy time.

Also remember that all those things that you see that you have in your garden of your journey, all those have a symbol of something that have a meaning that you need to learn with your physical mind and your knowing within you, for an example for you to follow. The butterfly are symbol for you of hope and of happiness and they also represent the Souls that are to be born into the Light. You are to make your own connection in your own way and in your own time. Write it down in the little book that you haven't got. Please to make the little book, very important. You can recapture your thoughts and your feelings entirely from your own memory. Your own memory will tell you a lie and you telling a lie to yourself. You write it down as it happens, as you feel it. You can always look back at it several of your earth times later and deny that which you have written, you cannot change it.

(There was a general discussion about the meditation and the journey in the garden. Each one had been effected in a different way. One pupil was reunited with their father who had gone Home a short time before. Another had a reunion with a beloved pet. P had a disturbed feeling for some time and asked Songee to clarify it for her.)

I think Songee probably knows what the problem is, I have a feeling that it is in my memory.

Fear of the lessons of Karma

Songee: First of all you must be left of the fear, the fear - the mountains and all the things with a little lump of dirt, that is so. Now take away the cover that is on top of this mountain. It is covered with a big something. Take it away and underneath you will see that there is only a little piece of earth. Then you can look at it properly, see it for what it is. For the lesson that it was meant to teach, for you choose it. It was not given to you by another without your consent. You choose this thing for learning and for Karma. So remove the cover, you look at the little grains of dirt, it is not a big mountain. Take away the fear. The fear is the big thing that covers it and remember that you have chosen it. So then therefore remember the people. What Power have they? They have none. Because you have learned the lesson from it, lesson of value, which you will discover when you look upon it with your eyes and then forgiveness will come.

Not just to those who were part of helping with the debt to be paid back to you, but the forgiveness for yourself for incurring the debt in this way.

At this point now without the fear - there is nothing to fear - everything that has happened for you in this life, you have chosen, remember that. There is no big hole to gobble you up, there is no shame. There is only understanding and knowledge and wisdom and then forgiveness will be there for you. For the debt will have been paid in full and then you can go on to something else. It is better to know that that one is not going to be paid again unless you do it all over again.

Why do we choose to get into these situations in the first place? Is it a learning process?

Songee: It is learning and it is also that you have debt to pay. If you say about another person, bad things, then you can be very certain that that will come back to you, only twice as much.

In this life or the next one?

Songee: Anytime, some upwards will pay it back as they go. That is because they have reached a point where all Karma has been paid from previous existence. Most however do not have this happen, little thing is big thing. No it does not always come back in this life time. That is why when you look upon the world and you look at all the disharmony and all the wrong happening upon the world. It is make for you in your mind the confusion of how, it is that someone is so bad, so evil can appear to not be punished for something that they do even in their life time. You would not like to be them in their next life time.

However you, provided you are very naughty, you would like to look to see, however that is not permitted either. To do that means that you want to look for vengeance, that is not for the Soul, that is only for the Oneness and the Soul that committed the wrong. It is between the Oneness and the one who committed the wrong not between those two and everybody else as well. That way the one who does the wrong chooses the punishment for themselves.

Usually it is chosen so that the Soul repays in full, the amount of pain that the action has inflicted upon those that they did wrong doing to. It is not important that they do repay to those same people. Although sometimes they are given the opportunity to do this, it is not essential.

If you send out a bad thought do you pay for that bad thought. Sometimes I think that I'd like to, then I think I shouldn't do it.

Songee: Something of an equal nature will come back to you, every little thing. However if you have been thinking bad thoughts which has been showing it is not possible to not have thinking this way, all humans have this failing. It is possible to make atonement by sending love instead, in abundance.

That is very difficult if you really feel the struggle and the pain.

Songee: Especially if the one that you are thinking of will have tremendous hatred and anger, and will them as though you wish them that they were under a big rock and you were putting it down on top of them. You send them love to that one instead, with much of it in abundance. You will be surprised how magnificent the world will become if you do it, however you have made observation it was not just one of you but several of you. That when you now mix with others who do not have Enlightenment that you do have, that you have managed to get to this point, that those people appear to be not with you, that you are outside of them. Do not immerse yourself in that feeling and imagine that you are better than they are, that is not so. It is only that you have been granted, through your own choice, the life in which you can pursue this avenue of learning. They have not yet reached that point and many will do so and you will all meet again.

Can we continue with this learning and with this type of life if we wish through every lifetime?

Not belonging anymore

Songee: If you wish it can continue. The expression of this work can take many forms, it does not have to be exactly as you have it at this time. You can choose another way to express it and remember that when you do have feeling of those around you who are not part of this for example. You go to a place and you are sitting and everyone around you is talking of things to do at night and the plans they make to go to make a big fire and getting together and having lots of things to drink and eat. That something in you does not feel the belonging anymore, because that is not for you anymore. It is not that you do not know how to enjoy yourself and there is time when you will do so.

However there is now becoming a little gap that separates you from the other. Have you heard the term that the farmer had. To separate the wheat from the chaff.

In the old days when the farmer wish to get the wheat, he will bash the wheat upon the ground and the wheat, the germ of the wheat will fall away as seed. Then the husk of the wheat will fall away and you will sweep away the chaff, blow it away and you will gather up the wheat. So who was it who had the field of the wheat?

(The pupils discussed the changes within themselves, their attitudes to other people following the study and learning over the preceding six months.)

Songee: Now it is time for all to express the Healing Energy for each other and then it is time for you to watch your time. There is a little time to express the Love and Healing. I will remain with you while you do this work.

(The Healing and Love was channelled to each member of the Circle by each other.)

Songee: It is done...


Reference no 19951030facet31


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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