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Questions in the Circle

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Questions in the Circle'
A Teaching from Songee 24th February 1996


Bermuda Triangle
Energy of the Dolphins

It was question and answer night for the pupils in their six week period of study. The pupils had a varied selection of questions to be asked and this is one of them.

Songee: So what have you for I? I come to be with you. You have question for 'I'?

Bermuda Triangle

Pupil...The Bermuda Triangle... I would like to know of the different dimensions of the Bermuda Triangle.

Songee: Ahh the mystery!

Songee turns to the Leader of the Circle and says "You can make the music a little softer". The Leader turned the volume of the music that was being played down so that Songee could be heard more clearly.

Songee continued to speak: So now two things can happen at this point. I can give you answer or you can keep your mystery. What do you like best?

Pupil...Answer please.

Songee jokingly said: Those who do not want an answer put finger in your ear. In this way you cannot hear.

The pupils laugh at this suggestion.

Songee: Inside that space that you have speaking of, there is Energy that are created by the forces of the planet, by the forces of Nature and all combined together with...

(Songee speaks to the Helpers in Spirit) I have not the word, give it to me. The Doctor is saying Electro Magnetic Energy are created in this space for... in great, in great amount. It also is created in other place only this is more so. Do you understand?

Pupil...Yes I do.

Songee: Now that is the natural event of that place. The Supernatural event of that place is something different. Those who come from other places, from beyond the stars that you know. Use this natural element in this area to conceal their coming and their going. Also too there are not very pleasant human kind who also make use of the history and the superstition and the mystery of this area to confound other human beings and they do many misdeeds in this place and many people do lose their lives, through human kind means, not through the phenomenon of that place. Do you understand? So it is many faults, there is no one answer for this place. All answers are correct and no one is the only answer. So that still leaves you with a little bit of mystery. Very important that you have a little mystery.

(All the pupils laugh at Songee's answer and the mirth in her voice.)

Songee: If you solve all the problems of your planet, you will have no surprise. It is important that you retain and learn to gather back to yourself that special magic that human kind have left behind many of your earth moons ago. It has all gone from many people and now more people are attempting to bring this back into their being. This knowing of the magic that is around you in your everyday living. Do you understand?

Pupils...All answer Yes

. Songee: And so it is important to expand your Awareness in every way that you can possibly expand it. To allow for whatever needs to come to you so that it can come to you. This means that you learn to free yourself within the structure of discipline. Do you understand? You must have the discipline of that which you learn so that you can, when you have it and it is as natural to you as breathing and taking the breath. Then you can expand beyond it without having to concern yourself with... "Have I got the foundation correct"? Because you know it is correct, it is the same as breathing to you. Do you understand? And that will set you free.

Energy of the Dolphins

(A pupil asked Songee to explain a very interesting experience that he had...)

Pupil...Can I ask you a question Songee?

The pupil continued when Songee nodded her head. I did a journey in our meditation about two weeks ago. It was a journey to the music of the Whales and Dolphins, where I moved into the Mist. This cleared and I found myself in the midst of whales and dolphins. I swam around and suddenly I had a strange feeling that I was actually a dolphin swimming, diving, twisting, turning for some time. It was the most wonderful feeling being 'at one' with everything in the water.

I swam around diving deeply then coming to the surface and doing the acrobatic stunts that dolphins do. I seemed to be doing this for ages when I heard the voice of our leader of the Circle saying that I was to make my way back to the land through the mist. I regretfully became my human form again and slowly made my way back through the mist to my favourite beach. As I stepped on to the beach I became aware that all the creatures of the waters were in the bay. I waved goodbye and suddenly there was an overwhelming wave of Pure Love which surrounded me coming from the creatures of the waters.

When I returned to my physical body in the Circle it took some time before I could speak to any anyone in the Circle about my journey because of the beautiful emotional experience that I had received.

The memory of the Journey stayed clearly with me for a few days. The question that I wish to ask is - Was there a specific lesson for me during the time I was with the creatures of the waters?

Songee: There is always a lesson. You must look at what occurred in this situation. What happened to you, what was the nature of this happening?

Pupil...I don't remember the moment when I went into the situation and suddenly became that dolphin.

Songee: You made contact with the 'Energy of the Dolphins'!

Pupil...Right, yes I answered. (Surprised.)

Songee: Is that not correct?

Pupil...Well, that must be the reason, yes.

Songee: What makes you imagine that just because the meditation is completed that the connection is going to go away. Once the connection is made, then it is open for to further connection. Once you learn to open yourself to all that is possible to the art of Meditation and the skill of this, then you will discover all the doors will open to you. Doors not only to people in Spirit. You must also be receiving inside yourself, willingness to allow the doors to open to yourself also.

Those who have difficulty in following a meditation usually are having difficulty following themself. They do not know how to feel inside of them for the keys to open the doors to unlock the pain which is inside and to unlock the awareness and the knowledge that is inside. Meditation is the key to this, this is how it is that this is stressed to you and has been so important for you to learn and when you put it to one side and dismiss it as though it is unimportant because "I can't do it". You must look to yourself and ask the question, "How is it that I believe that I cannot do it?" All persons can learn to do meditation. It is very simple. The secret lies in being open to yourself. Open to wanting to learn about what it is inside of you and not allowing your fear to step in your way. Those who do not follow meditation, I say to you - You have fear, fear of what you may discover inside of you and though you may deny it sometimes, I say to you, you deny in vain because you have fear. It is a 'Truth' I give you.

So you have to put aside the fear and allow 'Let it be' and learn to 'Be'. Remember the lesson of letting it 'Be'?


Songee: Did you learn it?

Pupil...Yes I have written it out.

Songee: So you do your meditation all the time, beautifully. (Songee said teasingly.)

Pupil...No I don't. (Laughing.)

Songee: So!

Another pupil laughingly said, he has improved.

Songee: That is so.

(All the pupils laughed at the teasing.)

Pupil..."Thanks" he said laughing along with the others.

[The pupil had further interesting experiences to tell two weeks later when he spent some time at his favourite beach for a few days.

Pupil...It was a beautiful summers evening at dusk as I walked along Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. This part of the beach is a Place of Power where hot water bubbles up through the sand. By digging a hole in the sand a very relaxing bath can be had when the tide is low.

I decided to go to the top of the sand dunes which overlooked the beach and out to sea to meditate on the beauty of the area. After a short time of relaxing and breathing exercises I meditated on the sea, its movement and the sound of the waves. At that moment I took on the persona of the dolphins again and I found myself swimming around the bay although my physical body was on the sand dunes.

This experience lasted for a short time and then I was back in my physical body again. I could still feel that the persona of the dolphins was close to me and that if I concentrated my arms and legs would make the movements of a dolphin swimming. I pondered on this for a few moments and then I felt that I could make the sounds of the dolphin.

I concentrated on being a dolphin again and I began to make the movements with my head and body and the sounds with my throat. They were sounds that I could never make with my voice or throat in my physical form. I was thankful that it was getting dark as I imagined that if anybody on the beach would see and hear me in this state, the beach would soon be cleared of people through fright.

This State of Being went on for a short time and then it stopped. I sat pondering on this strange happening when it came to me, a very, very faint sound of dolphins 'speaking' from away out in the ocean. I realised then that I was in complete touch with the Energy of the Dolphins.

As I sat on the sand dunes I slowly came back to my complete consciousness and was aware of the clear fresh air, the noise of the waves on the seashore and a few people making their way to their homes again. I also slowly made my way back to my caravan.

My holiday was nearly over so I decided to get in touch with the dolphins the night before I was to go home.

Three nights later after two days of wet weather I went back to the sand dunes again. The evening was cooler because of the recent rain. I began my meditation and was soon in the persona of the dolphins again. The 'feelings' of the moment were quite different from the previous meetings. I was quite aware that you rarely had the same experiences as the times before when working with all those in 'Spirit'.

The persona of the dolphin was not as strong as before as I seemed to drift back to my own consciousness easily. I sat and talked to the dolphin and asked if there was anything that needed to be communicated between us. My eyes were closed as I spoke to the dolphin and at that moment I saw clearly with my "Third Eye" at my forehead a set of steel bars with a beautiful dolphin behind them. A great emotional wave of sadness and longing came to me and I had the 'knowing' that all the dolphins in captivity by humans wanted to be free to swim in the oceans of the world unhindered. The dolphins were willing to be in contact with humans but only at their desire.

Mankind would gain a great deal of knowledge from all the creatures of the waters, not just the dolphins and whales if they were respected.

Later when I had returned home from my holiday and my meditations on the sand dunes, I was still aware of the feelings of the dolphins in captivity. The only way that I could find to bring this message to mankind was to explain about my whole experience in a magazine or book, this is it.]

Reference no 19960224


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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