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Matters of the Earth Changes

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Matters of the Earth Changes'.
A Teaching from Songee 25th September 1996.


Who Songee Is
Showing others their responsibility by example
Rain, rain and more rain
People who live inside Songee
Songee's Children
Repairing the Planet
There is always a reason things happen

The Songee Energy was invited as the guest speaker at Browns Bay, North Auckland on 25 September 1996, to a meeting held by the people of Sedona which was a Spiritual Magazine available in New Zealand at that time.

Roberta-Margaret introduces herself and the activities of The Second Well Trust to the 50 or so people present and talked about when Songee first came to speak with the peoples of the Planet. Roberta-Margaret then introduced Christene (a fellow Trustee) who read the words of The Crystal Light of Love. During this Roberta-Margaret prepared herself to enter a trance state with the intent of channelling the Energy we know as Songee.

We welcome you with us Songee.

Songee: I am here.

Thank you

Songee: So now we are gathered together, are you all well? (Many voices said they were.) I am Songee I am an Energy only, I am not spirit person. I come to you to speak the word of teach so that the pattern of your daily life will be enhanced and made more beautiful than you have had before time. However this does require of YOU that you do home work. That is most important. So, do you have any question for I to answer for you? Don't be shy, I don't bite your nose. (Laughter)

Songee what work in particular are you talking about that we are meant to be doing?

Songee: The work is within the self, within the being of youself to bring yourself more into the Light. Do you need more?

No thank you.

Who Songee Is

Could you tell me a little bit about who Songee is, the energy that is Songee?

Songee: The energy that I, have been known down through the ages past of mankind. I am the energy that you know as the Earth - The Mother of All that is of the Earth. The waters, the plants, the creatures of the sea and the rivers. All these things are part of I, and I, are, all of this.

I am the Energy that move the mountain, that move the river, that shake the surface of your planet. AH, so who all are all the others that say they have similar name of this? They are not Songee, they are not Earth Mother, they are other energy. They are not bad, they are not wrong, they are only different.

There is talk about the Earth vibration leading the consciousness as we enter the new age of enlightenment, that the Earth will evolve also, can you elaborate on that?

Songee: Look inside your mind. The concept that I am receiving from there, is that there is to be a new place, of living, for the people of the planet that you know is this Earth, that the people who come to pass and live upon this other place, of being, is in a new form, is that correct?


Songee: Therefore you already have a concept of how the planet is passing through into a new dimension of being. Is this so?

Mm mm.

Songee: There are many planets within your Solar System that you know at this time that have already passed through into that new dimension and the people upon it have also passed into that new dimension, so how would it be any different for the people of the Earth? Those who are enlightened and who move towards the Light will move into a new way of living, a new way of being. This is the coming of the New Eden that is spoken of by some who belong to one Facet of the Diamond. You have it?

Yes, thank you.

Last night I was asked to help with the earth grids, the grids are changing, is that right? I have no idea what is required of me.

Songee: What was it that was asked of you at that time?

It was a friend held one of my crystals and he said this crystal gave him that message, for me to work.

Songee: To work to do what?

To work with the grids of Mother Earth.

Songee: And did they not explain, this crystal, how this was to come to pass?

No, no.

Songee: Very well, I give it to you. Because if you dig into part of I, to take the rock out, that is beautiful, that you like to feel and to treasure, every time that is make the blow to take the rock, it is believed that the rock does not feel. It does not feel as you understand it, however Songee feel it, the Earth it feel it and it resonate around the whole planet, so that other like rocks in other parts of your planet resonate with the pain of it. So by working for the healing you work along the line that connect the rocks of the planet and you can draw lines around your planet if you desire to and connect up the deposits of the rock that correspond to each other.

This is different - there is a question, this is different from the grief, that are there, that come from the people from the sky. Who have that one? Someone have that question? I see it.

Showing others their responsibility by example

Can you give any advise, on how we can become or help other people, or encourage for people to become more, I can't think of the word, about the pollution and rubbish and throwing rubbish and all that stuff, you know ...

Songee: Oh most certainly. You begin by doing it yourself, you begin by leading by example. You show others how it is to be. You do not keep on and shout in their face that they have got to do all of this thing, otherwise they close their eye and they shut their ear and they say, "I am not going to listen to you."

So, you show them by being example of how to be and being steadfast in that way of being and that will then encourage others to follow that path and you teach the little ones as they grow, it is much better to teach the little ones now, so that they do not make the same mistake that the people who have gone before have made.

Do you see the situation getting any better in that regard?

Songee: Oh, now I must be careful or I give too many secret away. I see improvement in the people of the planet making the effort to make all of this come back into a greener, happier place to live. I perceive that the conscientiousness of mankind is being improved and enlightened and made more pure. However when the time comes, for the people who are enlightened to move across to their new planet then Songee will shake, the old one and it will not be the same anymore and all that was poisoned will not be poisoned any longer however there will not be too many of the people upon the land to poison it afterwards, there will be some, you must always leave some to continue. This have been done before time, that was question ...

It seems ...

Songee: Sorry ...

It's said that the axis of the Earth is going to change.

Songee: That has already been done before time, it is to come again.

When is that likely to happen?

Songee: That is not permit to give. To give such information can cause great consternation in the hearts and minds of people. Although you may be enlightened enough within youself to know of this, it is not information that is to be given at this time. All that is needed to be known, is that, mankind is on a path that is taking them away from the darkness that have been enslaving them for a very long of your earth time.

Tell me, is the, all the natural disasters on Earth, are they caused by mis-qualified --- ?

Songee: It is caused by mankind refusal to learn the lesson. The lessons that are being shown, that are being given to bring enlightenment. It is caused by mankind having to pay debt of karma, also it is caused by those who are greedy, who want to take more and give nothing back.

In all things there must be balance. Now this is a word that you have hear very frequently, is the Balance. That is for Songee is, the Balance. If there is imbalance Songee make it so, so that it come to pass. If the buildings tumble down upon the people, that is how it is to be. The ones who are there, who are caught in that, are there because they need to be there so that they can pass back into spirit. Perhaps their life, they have completed all that they needed to know, they have completed their karma. It is time to move on and to come back.

So the Balance of the earth occur and in the process of this so souls can come and be returned to spirit and be prepared to come back once more to move forward some more. It is not a bad thing and although it does cause great anguish of heart of humankind, this is understood. It is not ... it is not without compassion for those who have this pain inside of them.

Rain, rain and more rain

Why in Auckland in the last couple of months have we had so much rain?

Songee: Do you not like the water?

In moderation!

Songee: There, are a number of reason for this to take place. To begin, there is, within, the earth there are changes taking place. There is balancing occurring. This portion of your planet have been known to be a very moist area to live upon. Over the recent part of your earth year, possibly the last hundred of your earth year, that is very recent, this have begun to be a little drier, though you may not imagine it so. However it is important that for balance sometimes the areas of the planet that use to have more water are allowed to receive it and if mankind have been so unwise as to build their dwellings in the wrong place, that is not the fault of Songee, or the Oneness, it is the fault of mankind. Again greedy people, people who want to make that piece of soil their own and to take from other people large quantities of, of eggs for themself. I apologize, I am being reminded that you do not understand this. I talk about the eggs, as a means of payment. Sometimes I forget. So greedy people who are in power, who rule your small area of land that they want lots of money from this. I give you the right word now, not the egg. (Laughter) So they want lots of money, so the house get built, the dwelling get in the wrong place, and the big waters come and wash it away, and wash away all the pretty flowers and all the food patches and everything else. It is to be very wet for a little while longer. It is to be very hot and very wet so you will believe yourself to be steam. In the fullness of time there will be some very hot, dry days. In the winter it will be much colder than you have become accustom to. The people who bide upon this Land already know about this. They already know about the change that is coming, to the nature of the land upon which they dwell.

Songee could I just ask about the present areas that use to be full of plant life in the middle of Australia, the Sahara, the dust bowl of America, is there anything that humankind can do to help bring back the trees and the plants or do we just leave it to Songee?

Songee: It is to be made different however that time is not yet come. Soon the blossoms will come once more to the dry places, however those in the Light won't be there to see upon them. They will be in the other dimension.

All that is above land will go below, and all that is below will come back up. However you are not to be concerned about that. It is not going to effect this life time that you are in. This I can give for you. So proceed with all your plan for it is most important so that the transition can take place.

People who live inside Songee

You mentioned people down below, I have read that they are human type people living inside, the earth, inside. Songee, is that correct?

Songee: What type of human type?

I don't know, I have just read that there are beings living under the surface.

Songee: Now you are talking about the people from the void who come down to the planet. The people who come who live inside Songee.

Is it? Because I don't know.

Songee: The people who come, who are indeed already upon the surface, of this planet who already walk among you and yet you do not know them ... Ah I see so Lights going on over there. There is much I can tell for you.

Songee with the atomic tests that have been going on from the last 50 years how has that effected the earth?

Songee: It has poisoned the earth, it has made great damage to it, it has contaminate much of the rock that is part of I. It have make, a lot of pain, for the rock of that place, so that other parts of the planet also feel it. And it have killed my children. This I am not happy about. My children are there to teach also.

Songee we live in this beautiful land, I have always wondered why we have never had really poisonous animals or vicious animals?

Songee: When the land was all one, there was no division of it and then came the time when the land broke apart. All those creatures that were upon that land, that broke away, it left this small island, free, from contamination. There are only very small islands around that are free from this contamination.

Thank you.

Songee: I could say for you that there is a greater plan, that allowed for this to come to pass so that there, would be a place of safety for people of the earth to come to be. And that still is so, there is still places of safety for people to come.

Songee's Children

Who are your children Songee, what did you mean by that?

Songee: My children, my children are all the creatures that walk the face of the planet, all the creatures that burrow beneath it, that swim in its waters and its lakes and its streams and its seas. These are my babies, my children. You do not have to believe anything that is given to you by Songee. All that is required of you is that you feel, the truth. Do not trust the word alone. Feel it inside of you. Feel it, and have a knowing of it, so that you will truly know and then none will gainsay, You, that truth.

So ... Is there more for I?

Yes Songee, in earlier times there is meant to be a firmament created a temperate, climate, around the planet. A firmament being a barrier of moisture or ice that formed an outer shield around the planet. Is this correct and there are thoughts that this will be the place in a future time. Is that correct?

Repairing the Planet

Songee: For the repair of this planet to take place, then that which has gone must be returned. So, there was this protection, the protection have become ... I have not the word, thank you. I have man of science here, he gives me word if I not have it. (Songee is referring to Dr Sven) I apologize to you for not having the word. He say dissipate. It has dissipate over many of your earth year past until now it comes to the point where mankind have poison your protection so that it is becoming no more. It is beginning to, go away, break up, and if mankind does not change their way very soon the repair will only come to pass with the effort of Songee and this is not desired this time, so therefore enlightenment of the people must be made more, must happen faster. It does not suit the plan, for Songee to make for the big shake at this time.

Hi it's me again! (Laughter) it's said that, that the animal kingdom will gradually diminish and that people will come to know the elementals, the divas and those, is that so?

Songee: How would the animals not be there?


Songee: So we go to the next part of that. Already you can contact and be in tune with the diva and the energies of the trees and the plants. That is now. You can do it now, it is possible for you to do this in your life now, not to wait.

Right, thank you.

Songee: All things have high self, they have an energy that rules a large group, you understand?


Songee: You can make contact with this energy that rules the larger group. I feel the energy of a larger group. Already it speak, it is singing to I. It knows the Mother. And this energy already have given some wisdom to you this night.

It's me again.

Songee: There's a lot of people, called me again! (Laughter)

There is always a reason things happen

A couple of evenings ago I meet the commander of the Monawhai which was involved in that very violent storm two years ago where several yachts were in great difficulty and life was endangered. Was there a reason for that violent storm at that particular time?

Songee: There is always a reason. The people involved choose that this was going to happen in their life, that they were going to be a part of this. To test their spirit, to test their strength. To teach them much that they need to learn at this life time to move them away from where they have been into a new way of being. Most of the people who are involved in such event, that change the way that they function in their life from that point on, usually for the better, usually to work more in the Light. And also to when it is known that Souls that are endeavouring to move closer on their path, their journey into the Light, to touch briefly upon it, the negative energy would like to make it not so. So it will engender energies of its own to try to make for this not happen, however the Light is much stronger.

There was a young man, had a friend on one of those yachts and he commented, he felt, he's not a religious young man, but that he felt a great evil, that was his comment about that storm, he was in it. He felt an evil in ...

Songee: To try to prevent the Souls of Light from teaching their destiny.

Oh thank you.

Songee: So be aware there is both sides, there is one and the other and it is not easy in your earth life to always be in the Light and focus on the positive part of your life when you have, the energy that is of the darkness, whispering bad words in your ear, to make you, not listen, to the teachings of the Light that will take you away from it. However the Light is stronger and although the people, for a moment, for a short part of their earth time, they might become deceive by these little whispered words in their ear they don't stay deceive for very long. And they say, "Oh Shoo go away I don't want you in my life, go away now". And so it has to go away and the Light it prevails, always.

The French have been testing on Mauroroa for quite some time and I understand that it has effected that type of place, on the sea bed, can you confirm this?

Songee: There is a large hole. There is a hole down in the earth, in the surface of the planet ... Is that, is that how you want to know?

Ah I ...

Songee: So you want to know more?

I wondered, I am of the understanding that it has affected the earth to the degree where New Zealand was going to be spared at one stage from a catastrophe, and maybe that may not be so now, because of what they have been doing.

Songee: I say for you, I not shake the planet to the point where the land comes up and the land goes down, in your life time. However there will be some shake of the planet because, discomfort, from time to time of your earth time ... there is confusion.

I'm getting the message, OK.

Songee: If you want to be upon the path of the land that is going to be shaken but not sunk under the waters, you stay in the top part of your island.

Thank you very much! (Laughter)

Where it rains!

Songee: Where it is very wet.

We have a wonderful choice.

Songee: And if you want to live on a new green place go and live in that place in the middle where it is all dry and brown at the moment.

So I feel that you are needing to watch your time, is this correct? How is your time, your earth time? You must be aware of your responsibility of your earth life, so how is your time at this moment?



Songee: So are you ready to go to your homes? ... If you are ready to go to your homes would you like to, would you like to encounter an exercise of moving?

Yes. Yes please.

Songee: You would like to do this before you go home?


Songee: Very well you need to move all of your chair away that you sit upon, and standing up.

(The chairs are moved and everybody stands up. The Tape is changed over to the other side.)

Songee: When you have all this space that you have got, you can run around in it if you want to, however for this moment all of you join your hands together and get into a big ring in the middle. All of you join your hands together because you are all friends together. You have all been together before time and now you are here together once more.

So now I want you to close your eye and I want you to be aware of where you are standing and how you are standing. Feel the hand of the person next to you give it a little squeeze, they are your friend, And now I would like you to be aware of your feet, feel your feet standing upon the ground. And be aware of any tension that may be upon your body. Let your shoulders have a little shrug, let go of some of all that tension that you have inside of you.

And now take a deep breath in from your boots up to your head and breath it out. That is very good.

And now we Begin.

Imagine if you will, that you are standing upon a very high hill top and all around you is blue sky. It is warm and gentle and there is a soft breeze blowing around you. And beneath your feet is the earth from which you come that carried the waters also from which you come, feel the energy coming up through your body and flowing around. And as it flows around it gathers in strength and brightness, until you feel as though you are floating upon the air.

Allow yourself to feel, feel the floating as the air comes up and lifts you up into the sky. And as you are in the sky the Beings of Light come and enfold you, and take you in their arms. Higher and higher into the Light, a beautiful white Light until you find yourself, in what seems to be a shimmering Light of Crystal, and within this Light is the Love of the Oneness that encompass all things.

Bathe in this Light for a moment and enjoy and have the serenity and the peace that is gift to you.

And when you feel that you have done and you have enough of this beautiful energy for yourselves, bring some of it with you slowly back to carry you through your days, through your Path of Living, to strengthen and assist you in all that you need to achieve.


I go now and I leave you with the Power, and the Love of the Oneness.

Reference no 19960925


© 2011 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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