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Earth Changes 1996

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Earth Changes 1996'
A Teaching from Songee 3rd October 1996.


Earth changes in Europe, New Zealand, America and Japan
Visitors from other places
The New Comet

This conversation with Songee, 'The Energy of The Earth Mother', took place on the 3rd October 1996 with one of the Trustees of The Second Well Trust, on behalf of two people who had submitted questions to Songee. The Venue, was at Roberta-Margaret's home in Auckland, New Zealand, in the room Songee fondly refers to as 'The Mothers Hearth'.

As these answers were eventually published in a public forum we now offer these teachings on our website. Thirteen years ago much of this information was very sensitive however now we are very aware of the Earth Changes taking place and much of the information is common knowledge. Songee has also given many teachings around this subject. A number of the events Songee mentions in this channelling have now taken place so the time frames are interesting, and there are still some events to happen in the fullness of time. In later years, 2007, 2008, Songee has spoken much on the coming Earth Changes however this is one of the very early teachings on this subject.

Roberta-Margaret offered herself as a channel and Songee came through -

Songee: This is not correct, it sound... (Roberta-Margaret had developed the early stages of laryngitis and the voice was affected. Songee seemed to make adjustments to the physical state of Her channel to enable Her to communicate as well as She did. Roberta-Margaret totally lost her voice the next day.)

Earth changes in Europe, New Zealand, America and Japan

OK? Now today is Thursday October the 3rd 1996 and its 10-past nine at night time, and the first question that we ask is - Can we expect Earth changes, when? where? and then we're listed four countries (laughter) Europe, New Zealand, America, and Japan.

Songee: First! Must consider if it is import for this information to come to the people. We begin with some in one place, this time, only... In this place of green this jewel of greenness. There will be movement of the Earth, however it will not be as great as those imagine it to be. That is not yet time for that to come. There is many people who speak light, about, now hard the Earth is going to rock, and when it will come to pass, it is not to happen soon. It is to come at a later time than people imagine. There will be movement upon the Earth in certain places, not the whole part that people are concern about. There will be larger shake in the city that sits between the two islands. There will be large shake that come at the place of the middle of your island...

The Northern island?

Songee: Of the top, this is the one where the lakes are sitting in the middle, and over to the coast, I not know the name of this place!

Mount Egmont? (This mountain has since been renamed Mount Taranaki.)

Songee: lt have a name I not know, it is a large part that stick out to you like a ball.

Taranaki? That's the one!

Songee: This will come, in the next Earth of your time six of your Earth month, I not give you exact time because sometime it is possible for the Earth to shake rather than earlier, and this is because of mankind's effort in spirit to help this to not come to pass... I come back to that in a moment.


Songee: ln the place that you know as, Japan. With this one, which you got, there will be off the coast of this, place, there will be Earth move and large water come, and make, for the people of the land to have to run back inside, into the land. This will come to pass, once more, in about the sixth month of your next year...


Songee: There are changes that are taken place beneath the surface of this planet already at this time, in the places before that you have known as, the big place that have a big North and South...


Songee: That place in the South part, there is to be have the Earth shake, that will make high land fall down upon the village below. You have name for the mountains of this, it is An-des. And in the North part, there will be many places where, there will be movement of the Earth, not large movement, enough to make disturbance for the people who live thereon, and inconvenient, however this is connected to operations - Thank you - this is interesting word, operations that are taking place made by humankind, who want to dig down, into the surface of the planet, and they are digging more deeply than I am comfortable with, in that place. This I can give no time for - in the place, that is given before, where all the lands belong together in one place

In Europe!

Songee: There is a place that you know of, it looks like the boot...


Songee: ln this place there will be felt movement upon the Earth and there will be a rising of the heat from the Earth through the funnel, the Volcano. Some of this will be, felt, in other parts around and about. The information of this is given with love, not cause fear of hurt or harm, it is simply, is. No-one can interfere with the destiny path of the planet or those living upon it. Therefore, the information of exactly where and who will know of this is, is kept to only a few people. Sometimes those who are sensitive, are given the information and they do not know how to be in their lives, with this information, and they make it known to many that this information have come to them, their knowing, their way of knowing; and in doing this they cause fear, they cause great harm to the effort of Light that is trying to bring Peace to the planet.

It must be looked upon with a different eye. How much of this information that is given is being given by the Dark One, to cause chaos? And WHEN, it is given. How steadfast in their being are those that have the information that it is given to them? How balanced is their mind on the physical plane? Do not - before they have the information sometimes they are well balanced, before, - however once the information come, sometimes they not have balance. This must all be taken into consideration when information comes into your knowing, sniff into the path of your knowing, then stick by which you can measure this, the right and the wrong, and the knowing and the not-knowing, lies in 'The Test of Time'. If it is 'A Truth', it will endure the Test of Time. This lesson I have given you many time before, so I repeat it once more, and I will continue as long as it is needed for it be repeat. The Truth endures the Test of Time. Do not be confuse, if sometimes the time you are given does not transpire within exactly at that time, this is making for your mind and your being to be too, too firm in its resolve, it allows for no movement, no no waving in the breeze. You understand?

Visitors from other places

Yes I understand! Are you ready for the next question?

Songee: What, do you feel? Do you feel, that there is more require for this? If there is more require, then Songee happy to give answer.

No I feel that we will move on. Ummm, the next question was, wanting information re. Starship landings- Where, When and so it goes on.

Songee: This is too complex, to be single answer, already there are people upon the planet who live beneath the surface of your planet, already walk among you, who share your experiences of Life, and you do not know them, you do not have knowing of them.

Now, there are those who also come, to watch the people of the planet, who come to see how you are progressing, if you are being 'good children'. They are well pleased with some of the developments that are taken place, with the change in the way of being of many upon your Earth planet. However, they also perceive that there is some distance for mankind to travel, in awareness, in acceptance, in enlightenment, before they will be able to make open connection with, the people as a whole. Up until now, they have only made contact, with selected groups of people or singular persons. Most of those, that they have made contact with are people, who live close to the Earth - people, that have strong sensitive souls in their body.

You have another word for this, - ahhh - the word he is giving I, is Psy-chic. (A Spirit guide known as Dr Sven, seems to be the 'he' that Songee is referring to.) This is correct?

Mmm, Yes!

Songee: Moment, Organism is not correct. - Now - there is a group of people who come from the other planets, who are not, very friendly to mankind, they view mankind as a primitive species, and they would like to make experiment, thank you, (more information offered from spirit), with the human-kind, and they are not - do not have a word, - they are not gentle, of nature, they are, more clinical of nature. And there are those, who have come, who have tried to make contact, and unfortunately have received harm from the people who are managing the government of your planet, they have received only suspicion and fear, and the people have tried to control the visitors...


Songee: ...and cause them great harm and pain, and have not had compassion. So those groups of people now, desire not to be known or seen. There are those who are, friendly to the people of the planet - before time I say for you - and these people they will contact that they have chosen to contact and the ones they choose have inside of them compassion. And they have inside of their awareness, in their brain, on the physical plane, a quality that these people, find compatible, so they choose them. And in doing so they change the lives of those people and if then the people can talk to others they in turn open the minds and hearts of others, and so it have continue.


Songee: This is not new thing, it have been happening on your Earth for many of your Earth year. Information, of this nature will come, those of your people, of the Earth, who are close to the Earth have knowing of this already, they do not need, to have a telling of it again, their wise people of their - of their culture have knowing of this. They do not broadcast it, like the seed, as broadcast over the field, for any to come along and just pick the seed away, they keep it for their people, and they in turn tell only a few, because they know that the power of this knowing can cause fear, and it will entice greedy people to come and try to make for themself, the power.

So, how do you know, that all of this is true? Ask, ask the people, that are your, Doorkeeper and your Guardian in spirit, if they will guide you and permit you to hear for yourself and experience the connection with these people, the friendly ones. (It would seem that Songee is referring to the 'visitors'.) Be very careful about who you want to speak to, and then be open to whatever will transpire to bring this to fruition.

Over the Earth time past, many people have received information from those from other worlds, many times this has been given out from these people to other people, in an incorrect manner, they hear the words they understand, however they put their own interpretation upon it, and so they make for confusion. That is not Songee's desire, to make for confusion. I can only show you how to discover for yourself. I cannot make for you the proving of these thing, you can only discover through the Test of Time, and through practicing, and learning how to do this for yourself.

Once you have made your contact with these people 'visitors' you will know, and knowing it inside of you it does not come from anything that anybody says to you, it is deep inside of you, this knowing, that this is right, that this is A Truth, you FEEL it inside of you, and none will gainsay it.

A new comet

Sure is. The next question is - Is the appearance of this new comet relevant, and how is it relevant?

Songee: I will answer that in a moment, do you have any other question?

Yes another question is, Ho! How is that planet being prepared? Is this true and what is its purpose? I'm wondering is the planet being prepared for, for, about the comet, I don't know.

Songee: There is another part of that, it is not written on the page. Give me one moment to ponder on where to begin with this.


Songee: To begin. There are those upon the planet at this time who have been given the information, that says, that mankind will leave this Earth as you understand it to be, and move through it into a new dimension. They are talking about dimensions. That they will not lose their Earth life they will simply move, from one dimension that they are in now to the next one. And to do this they must have a place of being that they can travel to, to move into. And is this place of being, in the process of being prepared, for those to move across into it. This a very long answer. There is only part of the Truth that is being given, only a portion of it is known to mankind. The information that I am about to give you, you will need to be circumspect about who knows of it because, the information is only given, to match, the capabilities of the listener. There is much talk upon the Earth plane about different dimension...


Songee: There are much talk about, how there are beings who live in other dimensions living a life, of a similar nature to the one that is being lived upon the Earth Plane. Some of that which is about to be given will contradict some of the information that have already been passed through. It is being given that this planet that you live upon is the third dimension, and I say for you - NO, THIS IS NOT SO. This is only the second dimension. The first dimension is a place of, great iniquity, of great darkness, and many call it the place of 'The Pit', some call it the place of 'Hell'. Some call it the place of 'Nightmares'.

This place is, where the Souls go that are, in league with the Dark force. When they do not function as the Dark One would have them function, and still they are enthralled by Him, this is the place where they go to Spend their eternity between lives.


Songee: ln service to the Dark One, and it can be made whatever, this One design it to be make for punishment. Now, mankind upon the Earth, when they come to do the work of Light, sometimes they are taken when they are asleep, down to this first dimension, to this place of being and in this place they approach the souls of those who are trapped therein, to bring them back into the Light.

Because they are so en-mired in the darkness, and the filth of the planet that they are upon, and the place that they are living, they do not see the bright light of those who come to help, to assist, so the souls of those who are living upon the Earth plane are used as intermediary, because they are closer to the vibration of that place, than those who come from the other Realms of Being. You understand?


Songee: So these souls are then brought from that place if they are ready to, forgo, their enthrallment with the Dark One, they are then taken from that place and brought into the Light, by the Souls and handed over, to the Ones who are from the Higher Vibrations. (Angels) You understand?

Mmmmm, Yes.

Songee: That is the first place, the second place is this that you call your Earth. This is the energy of this planet, that I am in charge of, to have the Mothering of, the nurturing of. And that is to bring the people existing, to bring them from this place, into the next stage of being.


Songee: The next stage of being is already in existence. The dimensions are already there, they have not gone away, they have been there since the beginning of time, as you understand it to be, it has not been any different. So, to answer this question, yes the planet is already there, it is waiting.


Songee: Which is the third dimension, not the second one, and the people of the planet will move into it, and when they have done their time on there, they will move to the forth, and the fifth, and the sixth, and the seventh.

(Laughter) Yes!

Songee: So, the information it is given, it is not incorrect, it is the interpretation of those who receive, who sometimes make it different and sometimes when the information is given through the channel, and the channel is awake, to the Earth life at the same moment, then mis-interpretation can take place, because the personality of the person, it jump in the way, it does not mean to do this, however it is something that does occur. So many informations that come, have discrepancy about them.


Songee: What must be done - is that you must take the little golden thread that runs through it, a Thread of Truth, and pluck it out and let go of all the rest.

Mmmm, yes.

Songee: That is a shorter version of that. (Songee smiles as she says this, Songee often has a long version and a short version.)

(Laughter) Very informative!

Songee: Now, the next question about your planet that is coming - again this information it must be kept, tight to the being for this moment of time, I cannot refuse to answer question, I can only give you, what is permitted this time.

This movement through those stars of this, this 'Child of the Universe', it have come before time, and pass over the heads of mankind, many of your Earth year past. At that time it was a very bright light in your sky. At that time it came to herald the beginning of a new way of being...

At the same time it coincide, with the receiving in your skies, of the light, of the same, the birth place of this 'Child of the Universe'. From its place of origin, where it was born. Where it was born, there was one piece of matter, it broke apart, and this piece have been travelling, and at the time it came across the skies, light of its birth, reached, the heavens, to coincide, to make it very bright indeed.

Now, imagine the many, many distance away, through time and space, long before this 'Child of the Universe' come into your skies, this event take place, and light come to strike itself in the skies, at the same point that 'The Child' comes in line with it, so very bright. Now the same 'Child of the Universe' is travelling back once more, however the light of its origin will not coincide at this time, because there is no physical birth.

At this time there is a Birth of a different nature that is taking place upon this planet. And Songee is part of this.

Songee is the Holy Breath, that will speak to the people, in many ways, in many different ways, many place, many different times. Songee will come to the people.

So at this time, I can only give to you that, yes this planet, is to witness, once more a birth of a different nature, that is heralded by this 'Child of the Universe', that the people of this planet have making known to this - in their writings, in their books.

You've answered all the questions that are here.

Songee: I am pondering a moment!


Songee: I need to seek into the hearts, of the questioners. What is needing to be say, now. This will only satisfy part of what is being asked, that further questions must be directed to Songee, by themselves, in their own way of speak, in their own way of making the words come together. And in doing so, then we can give a fuller answer, than have been given at this time. There is much going on inside, in the hearts and the minds of those, who have these questions. Songee sees deep inside the heart, and knows, the purpose of the question, and understands their source of coming to be. Songee also understand the need for the answer to be given, and is prepare to offer the time of your Earth, for this purpose if it is so required. They not to be afeard, the ground will not shake beneath their feet, there is much work to be done, it is not, correct, if the Earth shake and destroy all the work that is going to take place, to bring the people into the Light. To do so is to make nonsense, of everything that they are trying to achieve, and nonsense, of everything, that the Oneness is guiding people to achieve. This is not the purpose of Oneness. So, persevere with what you are doing, make order out of chaos, make sense out of non-sense, and use the yardstick of Truth, to measure things. And if in doubt, examine the doubt, examine its origin, because doubt is fear, so what is it that is being afeared? And when that has been discover, then what do you do with you fear? You give it to the Oneness and ask Oneness to assist you with it, very simple!

That is all for now, Songee have manage Organism, it is not good to continue in this condition.


Songee: Organism is not correct, and will be so in very short of your Earth time, and then better speaking can be given.

Mmmm, thank you.

Songee: Must take care of the Organism!

Yes, thank you.

Songee: So for those who would like to...


So for those who would have knowing of this speak that have gone before, I have words, to finish for them.



Songee: With after all that you have heard, there is much to absorb, and to ponder upon, so for a moment close your eye

(Songee takes the listener and onto those who asked the questions, on a short meditation journey.)

And relax in the place that you are sitting,

Imagine if you will that you are standing, in the middle of a void, and this void is sprinkled all around, with the stars of your night, and you are suspended in this void,

And as you turn slowly around, you become aware, that you are in the centre of a beautiful diamond, the colours inside with you, they move all about you reflecting the light from, the beautiful stars all around you

Making the light inside so bright, so warm, so tender, and from this place inside this Diamond in the Void, you can see out, past your own universe, through the stars, to all the places beyond.

And there comes inside of you a knowing, of the unity and the completeness, and the wholeness, of all that you perceive, and know that you are part of this

And with that knowing, the Light and the Love of the Oneness, it shine and glow, all round and about you, within that part of you being, allow this Light, to resonate in the crystal within yourself, and FEEL the power of this...

And so I leave you with this Power of Light and Love, of Peace, and Harmony and Balance, to travel with you, through your Path of Life, as you move forward doing your work of the Oneness...


So be it.

Reference no 19961003


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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