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Songee at Sunnynook

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee at Sunnynook'.
A Teaching from Songee 14th November 1996


The Crystal Light of Love
Increase in Spiritual Development
Does Songee have a counterpart on other planets
The Soul continues
Songee does not die
Do we come from other planets
Different planes of existence
HIV and other illnesses
Dolphin Healing for a sick child
Babies that don't get born
How many Souls are waiting to come into a life
Can our Souls come back as Animals
Learning new lessons
Meditation - The Living Crystal

The evening, a Public meeting at the Sunnynook Community Centre was begun with Charlie Ashe, one of The Second Well Trust Trustees reading 'The Crystal Light of Love' poem to the gathering -

The Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

At its conclusion Songee could be seen overshadowing the Channel. Songee was welcomed to join us -

Thank you Songee. You are welcome.

Songee: I am here.

Thank you.

Songee: Do you want to make for yourselves the music smoother, it is too loud.

So ... I am Songee, I am Earth Mother, Greetings to you.


Songee: I am most pleased to see that you are here and I feel your energy. It is most beautiful.

Now ponder a moment if there are any question that you might have for I. Do you have questions for I? ... If not I will just talk to you ...

Have you managed to feel the energies that are in the room? I hear many whispers, I not hear loud voice.

Yes I feel it.

Songee: Very good, you are very brave, and how does the energy feel for you?


Songee: Do you feel Love?


Songee: What else?

A knowing.

Songee: You feel a knowing?

I feel that you know, I can feel your wisdom.

Songee: I am only as wise as the Oneness decrees that I am to be. The wisdom lies within you, if you recognize the Love that is present and the knowing that is here. So, pat yourself on the back.

Now who have a question of great moment of something within their life that they have needing to make better?... Do I pick somebody? There is a bird flying around over here, on the head of a person over here, and it is waiting to land, to come to roost. Oh I am sorry, the little one is saying that nobody know what I am talking about! The little bird is your question that fly around in the air above your head and when you are ready to ask it come and sit on a little perch and then you ask your question. I feel that you are too shy to ask your question. There is deep concern in your life... you have endured a lot of sadness... don't be sad any more. It is time now for it to change... The person I'm talking to, you know who I am talking to. It is time to allow the healing to come to you so that you have a happier way ahead of you.

Increase in Spiritual Development

Spirituality has become... there is a lot of awareness of Spirituality and people who have chosen to step a spiritual path are saying how fast things are happening for them spiritually. I hear this a lot from a whole lot of people, why is it happening now?

Songee: Ah ... Very interesting question and very important. There has come to mankind a time of great change, change within the awareness within the way you live, the way you perceive yourself and the way that you go about your life. And this require that a large number of people who are living now upon the earth plane are taught how to become ready for this new way of being. The new way of being is due to begin in the coming of your earth year. Your next one that is to come. It is the beginning only, the process will still take many more of your earth year. Some of you may even have returned home before it all do come to fruition. However the beginning will become apparent in the coming of your earth year - that is to come - in your forth month, is that close enough? You are asking for what, how, how soon, is that right?

Yes that's right.

Songee: You are asking how soon, it is in the fourth month there will be much spoken of this. I not telling you more because I want for you to discover for yourself and to inquire and to look about you at that time and seek and find and you will see it. You will find it, you will hear it, and hear of it. It will not be able to be silent.

Oh one at a time very slowly...


Songee I've got a question. When a person passes over, some people believe in being cremated and some buried. What's - is there a better way or, for the Soul?

Songee: Once the Soul have leave the physical body, it has no import what you do with the remains. Provided you honour the remains.

Does it need a certain time?

Songee: It is important to allow at least three of your earth day to pass before you dispose of the physical body. This allow for all residue of spiritual energy to withdraw from the body on all, all levels. And then what you do is entirely how you prefer to have the remain disposed of.

Do you have a counterpart on other planets?

Songee: Do I have a counterpart?

Do you have a similar energy form on other planets?

Songee: Oh I believe that there is an energy for each planet.

But you don't know?

Songee: I have not been to them. I understand there is so because Oneness tell me so. I not go to visit. I am not that sort of energy.

Are there places where you can feel that energy more than others?

Songee: It is possible to feel the energy more in certain places than others, that is so.

Is nature one of those places?

Songee: Is nature...

And in the seas?

Songee: ...I am nature. So indeed, where ever there is trees, where ever there is earth, where ever there is creature walking upon it, then you will find the power - the energy that is Songee. In your own home, in the place outside, if you can put your hands in the soil, you put your hands into Songee. So you can gather to yourself, in your own place of living, an energy, you understand, that is equally as great as it is in the mountains.

The Soul continues

Songee is it true that the Soul never dies?

Songee: That is most true, it continues on.

Songee does not die

The way we are screwing up this planet do you die?

Songee: I do not die, I am Energy. I not having life as you understand, I am only Energy. I do not die. This planet will not die. The people upon it will come and go, Songee Energy not go. There are other names in mankind's knowing that have been giving me different name. So if you know me by this name you may call me this name if you are more comfortable to do so. That is answer to question someone have.

Do we come from other Planets

Did we come here from other planets?

Songee: Ah now we get into something that is very interesting. Some people accept the knowing that Earth was seeded by people from another world. Other people do not want to know about it at all and that is, that is as it is, it is not right or wrong, it is. However, other people come to this planet and seeded it. There were original people living upon this planet that were intermingled with the visitors.

Where was it that they came from?

Songee: There have been several visitations from different planet. There is a visitation of some people from a star system that you know as Cereus. There is, there is people who have visited from the star system that you know as the Pleiades and there are people who have visited from much further away even than that. You have no name for this system.

Is there another Earth the same as this?

Songee: There is not another planet that is exactly the same as this. There are other planets that contain the same... the same, elements that human kind require for breathing to live.

Thank you.

Different planes of existence

Songee you know when our Soul dies we go on different planes, different levels of planes, our Soul goes to different levels...

Songee: Are you telling me?

I am asking you.

Songee: Are you asking me this so?

Which one is my son on?

Songee: You are asking if, first of all if there are different planes that the Soul do travel on, is this so?

That goes to when they die?...

Songee: When you pass from you physical body and you go into spirit, you return to the Oneness. I know not of a preference for one plane or another. What occurs is that the Soul returns to spirit and depending upon the amount of learning that it have within itself, then it vibrate at a certain, certain level, and the one of whom you are speaking, is on, if you want to have numbers, is on number three.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: The learning process that takes the Soul to that vibrational level is of number three.

Thank you.

HIV and other illness

Ah yes, two questions if I may. One - is HIV man made and two - is it curable?

Songee: It is made by man and the cure already was in existence when man con... I have not this word...

When they made it, concoction?

Songee: That is the word.


Songee: That's the word, when they mix it together and it was made loose amongst the creatures and then the creatures got loose and this goes back many of your earth year. When you planet, peoples of your planet were at war with each other, and there is an answer to it however it is convenient to some that there is no answer to it at this time. There is deep concern among people who govern the countries of your planet about the amount of people, human kind who are inhabiting this planet and they desire for there to be less.

Songee they say that a more lethal disease will affect us, a virus, is not true, that will reduce the numbers on this planet?

Songee: There are already taking place within mankind the changes that will be discovered of illnesses that mankind have develop that they do not have answer for. As they manage to find answers for some so others will come to the fore... Moment please...

It is important that you do not live in fear of what might be. If you live in fear you will bring to yourself what it is that you fear. It is better that you let go of your fears. Allow yourself to live your life in fullness, in love and no fear. You could make for yourself a great hurting of you head if you worry about all that might take place in mankind that is negative. You understand? So it is important that you focus yourself upon the positive in your life. The negative energy will always be there to try to trip you up and to cause you not to, not to heed the lessons that your life is trying to teach you. Does that answer your question a bit better?

Yes it does.

Songee: You might have to shout I cannot hear everybody...


Is there a certain amount of time that we will come back to this plane of, for this planet as a reincarnation?

Songee: How often do you want to come?

Is it until we learn what there is to learn?

Songee: It is important that you learn as much as possible in each life that you have. That you live it and experience it to its fullest, not worry about what is to come. You have only got one life to live and that is the one you are living in now. You understand? Any more life that is to come is governed by how much you learn now and what happens to you in your other times is governed by - I not take any notice (Songee is referring to the background noise making it hard to hear the conversation at times) - it is governed by what you decide you want to learn next time you come. So you can come as often as you like.


We've got two children are they together?

Songee: Oh I see two babies, there is one that has already come to earth once more, the other has not yet returned. No it not come back to your family, it go to another family. It is important that you know that they are held in love, always. You understand? ...

So... have you finished your question?

One more. If you learn as you pass through this existence and prior or subsequent ones and so the collective that the Soul retains this knowledge to its certain level there, why make it, why is it more diff... why is the Soul's knowledge from previous existences separated from your current physical existence?

Songee: Because you choose for it to be so. Because it might not suit your next stage of learning that you want to undergo. And also to, if you have something from the very beginning, it sets you apart from others in humanity so that, it gives you a whole change of how you view your life and how you live your life and always you are separate being from everybody else and that carries it own burden and its own learning.

And then on the other side of the coin how do explain the five year old who picks up on the piano and plays Beethoven when he's never seen the instrument before?

Songee: It is not all time the composer who have come back to life in that Soul, that body of that child. Sometimes the composer will come and stand next to the child and teach and will be guide for that child. And that includes those children whose intellect is damaged, you understand? Is that part of what you want to know?


Songee: I see it.

Dolphin healing for a sick child

Songee recently I took my son to a healing to swim with the dolphins and it was a wee bit disappointing, do I need to take him again or?...

Songee: What feeling of this disappointment, what happen that you not, that you not feel?

That it was only a um, for him it was a fleeting visit from them, a quick turn and they were gone. I felt he needed more.

Songee: The child needs only to come to know the energy of the creature. You do not need to touch the creature to know its energy. You can look upon the picture, the image of it and teach to child how to feel into the Soul and the energy of this creature. And the creature can then respond and will do so and the healing will come in this manner. If you have opportunity to make physical contact with the creature then So Be It. Other than that there is no need.

Thank you.

Songee: Teach the child, teach the children how to be sensitive, how to know about their spirit friends, how to know about the energy of love in spirit and how it makes itself felt upon the physical plane. And to do this just by talking about it, by sharing what you know within yourself and answering the questions of the child. You may be surprised at how much the child already knows. When the child is born into the earth plane, for the first few... I not have this, the first full of your earth year the child still have contact and some memory of spirit and its time in spirit.

Now some children have it more and some have it less. There is no stick to measure it, I'm very sorry there is no stick to measure it. So, however if you understand that the Soul do have memory and you speak to the child, you can speak to the child before it comes to the world and share with it your love and your knowing and your acknowledging of it. And then when the child is born then you share with it again that you know that it have come from spirit and that you are going to take very good care of it and love that child and help it to grow and learn its lessons that it have chosen for this life. And be honoured because the child have chosen you to be the parent for itself for this life. Just as you choose your parent to be your parent for this life.

No matter how hard the lesson may have been for you, honour them in your Soul because they gave their life, the offer of the connection of this life for you to come into it.

Babies that don't get born

Songee what about the babies that don't get born?

Songee: They are Souls that have to complete a task because they did not complete it the time before. Usually they are Souls that have taken their own life in the time before. So instead of finishing off all of their earth life it is possible that they have not, they have not finished - some months of that life - life because they took it too soon. So they come and they learn.

Now this is something that, people are learning now upon your earth plane and that is, that from the moment of conception the Soul is attached to the mother. However this must not mean that you do not choose to do whatever you choose to do for your life, for your body, for your own peace within yourself. Remember that sometimes a child have chosen to come only for short time. In this there is lessons to learn for all, for the mother, for the father, for the child itself, for the families.

Listening to the Crystal Love

Songee, how to listen to the crystal love?

Songee: OH it's very easy, you feel it inside of you.

How to feel?

Songee: You feel it, you feel the warmth of it. Feel the lightness of it, the brightness and the loving of it. Would you like to have Crystal inside of you?


Songee: Very well. Before we do for this is there any more question, because when we do for this you may not be able to ask anymore question.

How many Souls are waiting to come into a life?

Is there an infinite number of Souls waiting to be recycled?

Sounds like old McDonald.

Songee: Oh my goodness. There are many Souls that are waiting to be coming to the earth plane. However there are many Souls that are still trapped upon the ethers of the earth plane that are waiting to go back. So what part do you need to know?

Well I guess the object of the question to find out if there is a limited number of people that can exist at any one time. Is there a limited number of Souls to go around?

Songee: No. No limit. However it is sensible is it not, not to have everybody come at the same time. It would become very busy and then there would be nobody over there to help you if you all down here.

So it is not sensible.

So it flows, the energy flows. The people learn they go back to spirit. They look at what they have learned and then they decide what they're going to do when they come back, if they want to come back. Some may not come back for many hundred of you earth year. Some may come back the next, next few days after the passing of over.


The Soul comes into the body, when does it come into the body? Does it come into the foetus?

Songee: It come into the cell that is conceive, at the moment of conception. The moment when, when, when the cell is made quick, then the Soul is attached to the mother, from that second.

Thank you.

As the population of the world is increased where will all the Souls come from, for all the bodies?

Songee: There are many Souls in spirit that have been waiting to come. They have been waiting to come to bring to the planet teaching, enlightenment, to help the people to move forward. There are more teachers coming now from spirit to the earth plane than have ever come before time.

Is this because the world, such destruction that man is destroying themselves?

Songee: This is not quite right. Mankind is moving forward and developing and moving forward and becoming more enlightened. Most of mankind. A large portion of mankind is not. However there is a large portion that is. The task that those in spirit have, is to teach those who are not enlightened and to teach those who are little bit enlightened so they in turn will teach the ones that aren't enlightened. You see, you understand this?


Songee: I not certain if I put it in correct way for you.

Thank you

Can Souls come back as animals?

Also can you tell me when a person passes from this side to the other, when they come back do they come back as the same sex or can they change and also animals?

Songee: They change, they do not come back as animals.

Can they come back as animals?

Songee: No they do not come back as animals. The animals are different again, you are going to say.

So the animal Souls never become...

Songee: The animal Soul does not become human soul. The animal Soul is more... not have this word, moment please, (Songee is requesting a word from those in spirit who are helping Her) what have this word. Ah, I not have this word, it is not word that I know, it is - refined. They already have understanding, they already have knowing. They are instruments of the Oneness, to teach. To teach mankind, they come to teach the lessons and when they have taught that lesson to you then they pass away from your life.

Songee they don't have Souls? You mean they don't have Souls?

Songee: Are you saying they don't have Souls?

I'm asking, do they have Souls?

Songee: They do have Souls.

Learning new lessons

If we're, destined not to bring the knowledge of the Soul, previous experiences with us to the physical now, what keeps you from doing the same damn thing over and over and over every time you come back, how do you know what you are suppose to do to gain further knowledge?

Songee: When you were a child and you did something you ought not to do, what happen?

That someone would corrected it I presume.

Songee: Something would happen to dissuade you away from whatever it was that you were doing that was wrong. Sometimes you choose, or seem to choose to ignore the lesson of it and sometimes you will repeat the same mistake...


...a knowing, something comes to you and it is like a light has gone on in your head, in your heart, in your Soul, in all of you. This light it goes on and you don't do that mistake anymore. You suddenly wake up and say to yourself, "My word what a silly person I am to keep for doing for this, I'd better stop". And you stop. So the knowing comes within, that you don't need that lesson anymore. You've have learned it, it has served its purpose, you have learned your lesson and then you move onto something else and you do something else wrong and then you keep doing it until you get the light come on again. So ...

I'm sorry Songee, this physical earth time for us to go.

Meditation - The Living Crystal

Songee: Oh my, my word, very well we will close this time and I leave you first of all the little gift of your crystal, so close your eye, and relax your body, and take BIG deep breath in, hold it for a moment and then breath it all out. Very good ...

Now I want you to feel, the love and the energy that is within the room ...
And feel the presence of the Oneness ...
And let the Light shine into your awareness, into your Soul ...
Feel the Light as a living thing ...
And as it comes within you ...
So within your breast is a crystal, a beautiful crystal ...
And as this beautiful white Light strikes the crystal within you and lo it shines and it glows ...
Many, many different colours, shining bright ...
Moving through your body ...
Touching all the comers of your being ...
And with this crystal Light,
The Love of the Oneness will dwell withinside of you
To carry you on your path as you journey through your life,
To make your footsteps light ...
And to give you the gifts that you desire to have and to learn for yourself ...

So I leave you with the Power of the Oneness
and the Power of the Crystal Light of love within you ...


So Be It

Songee: Now it is important that you make for yourself to be prepared for your journeys into your world. So while you are still sitting quietly, close down the colours as I say for you.

You begin with your colour, bring the white back inside of you, for that belongs to you, that is the God Power within you,
And then you bring back inside the purple colour,
And the indigo beautiful sky at night,
And then the beautiful, beautiful blue of the day time sky, bring it back inside of you.
Then you bring the green, the colour of the trees and the grass and the plants back inside of you, for you are at one with the planet,
And then you bring the colour of the yellow like the flower,
And then the orange like the fruit of the tree of sustenance,
And the red which is like the blood the goes around your body.

And say thank you to all those people that have come to share this time with you, all your friends in spirit, all the many people in spirit who come to be here. Your doorkeepers and guardians, guides and helpers, all of them.
And they all step back now and allow you to continue your earth path.
Go in Peace.


I go now ...

Thank you Songee.

Reference no 19961114


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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