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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Judhement'.
A Teaching from Songee 8th December 1996


Words for the babies
The Foundation Stones
Solving the Puzzle
Punishing Ourselves

This meeting was held at the home of one of the teachers of The Second Well Trust. Two people were present besides the channel. The following dialogue arose out of the questions and answers given.

Songee: I am here.

Thank you Songee.

Words for the Babies

Songee: What have you for I?...

Well we have the ummm, need of words for the next Sedona magazine article.

Songee: Ahhh!... words for the babies. (Songee uses this term for people who are beginning their spirit journey of awareness.)

Yes, for the babies in the world.

Songee: Where to begin!...

That's right.

Songee: There is much that is needing the telling of, however it is difficult to find the place to begin, because there are so many question that require answer. Do you have any that you would like to ask, that others might be interest in answer.

Ummm, The subject that was originally ummm discussed about this was the ummmm, the focus of judgment and I don't know whether that was the required information that you wanted to give or not.




Songee: What is it that you want to know about judgment?

People making wrong judgments about other people, but where it affects their lives to the point of almost destroying their lives.

Songee: First of all you must find your words and speak the words that you have upon you earth for this. You find your word of this... Find the word of judgment, and see what you have written...

In my book? I need to go and get my book. ....Excuse me.


Songee: I wait!... What is your understanding of this word?

Judgment!... Opinions of others, well the opinion that you make of others... An assumption that you make of others actually, isn't it really? And how you feel about them... Which I don't agree. (laughter) In one way I don't agree and yet, you do it anyway.

Songee: What is YOUR... YOUR UNDERSTANDING on the word?

Is when you're making a ... an assumption of a person, when you have a first impression about how they are and what...

Songee: So you are saying, that you make for yourself, this assumption, about somebody or something?

I probably do, yes! ...

Songee: That, is what?... It is - What?...

It is what? Making a judgment, yeah!

Songee: It is a judgment so you make, judgment about something, someone, based upon information that you gather to you-self, some ... somehow...

From your experience?

Songee: ...whether by sight, by smell a touch, and so on... Is this not so?

Yes it is.

Songee: So, ...you gather information, information comes to you, and based on that information, you make a judgment about some-thing or some-one, or a situation.


Songee: So... What do it say in the book of words?

Yes in my book of words. Judge:- 'decide, judge, to hear critically examined and decide as a court case, to try, to pass sentence on as a person. To decide or decree judicially, or authoritatively, to form an opinion or estimate of, to infer, think, or hold an opinion, to govern, as of ancient Hebrew Leaders of Tribes.'

Songee: And what about, a 'Judgment'.

'The act of judging as the act of deciding of passing decision on something; The act or facility of judging truly wisely or skilfully, good sense; discernment; understanding; opinion or notion formed by judging or considering': and it goes on from there.

Songee: So, you have at your disposal information, that enables you to come to a decision about something, that decision is a judgment... Is it not? ...

That's right.

Yeah its true.

Songee: However this is a word that is most mis-used by Humankind...

I agree with that!

Songee: ...Because sometimes the information that is gathered is erroneous, it is not all-time truth. It is not all-time all the information, it is only part of it. Therefore the judgment becomes faulty.


True!... Makes sense.

Songee: So, when you have those who are working in this capacity, where they are called upon by the people, to gather together information so that can judgment can be made upon another, upon a situation. It is their responsibility, to gather together as much information as they can humanly find. To make certain that they have all the information. And it is not correct to throw some of it away, because it does not fit.

However this is what do happen on many occasion, information that comes into the possession of those that are collecting it, very often will put it to one side and throw it away, as unimportant. That it is not necessary to what they are trying to make happen, and this is the secret of how you get mis-judgment. When people try to make the facts of their information, fit, the finished picture of what 'THEY THINK', the finished picture is supposed to be. Instead of gathering the information together and then putting it out like you would, all the pieces of you puzzle.

Right, that's right.

Songee: And then saying what sort of picture does this make? ... And then you come to the next part and that is where those of the people who, once the information has been gathered together they then have the task of using the words of the country...

The Law...

Songee: ...to make - that is so - to make for the words to be of good sense, so that more judgment can be made. Now to do for that, they must work most diligently at their studies to learn a considerable amount of information, and that which they cannot remember they have it written in books, that they can research. However, ...once more, they do not lay all the information out and say what is the Truth of this? Where is this Truth that I, is in here? It can be, a positive truth, or negative truth. Negative truth is that someone has done something wrong, or situation is a bad situation, that is still a truth, however it is a negative truth. However - Ahh nobody have learn this lesson yet!


Songee: And now, we come to the Positive Truth, the positive truth is that someone, or something is a good situation, that it is, that the people or situation is such, that they have done their very best with the knowledge that they have at that time, however due to lack of information, lack of knowing, of all that is transpiring about them, they do not have ALL that, at their disposal to use to assist them to move forward. Therefore the truth is, in this happenings, that they have not all of it. However they are, good truth, if they not wicked, not bad, understand? However, because of the study, that the people do, from their books and all their years of learning they must, look at what is not known, and ask question, and they usually use bad word when they ask it, they say, "WHY did you not know?" And person say, "I did not know, I had to ask. I did not know it, there was a question that I have to ask about that". "Why did you not do something?" And the person may say, "I did do something, I did this". And then the other person will say something, "What you did was alright however it was not enough. WHY didn't you do more?" And then the other person, the first person will then say "I didn't know that there was more I could do". Then they say, the person who is gathering information, "WHY didn't you ask question?" And then the first person say "I didn't know I had to ask question". And so it goes round in circles, all of the time.

So, when this happen and this happen all of the time, it is because the wrong questions are being asked, they are being asked in the wrong way in the wrong manner. What needs to be asked is...

How did you find you-self in this situation? How did you find you-self doing this thing? And, When this happen, what did you do? And When that didn't happen, did it occur to you that something was not correct? And if it was not correct - Did you know, what you could do to correct it?

And if the answer to all those is - No they did not know how to correct it. Then, the answer lies then for more seeking to be done to discover what transpire at that time, when the people come to that point of that situation - what did transpire? What agency came between them and stepped in front of them so that they could not make their inquiry of how to make it right? And if that did not happen, what agency gave them information that was incorrect, and if that is not also what happen did somebody perhaps say "Not be concern about situation, that it is not something to be worry about?" And what agency was that? that say for this... Many things that can be investigate...

So... it is very, very important not to make judgment about others, or about you-self.

That's what we're learning your whole life isn't it? (laughter) Even though you, like I'm, like you say, I misuse that word a lot now that you've told me about judgment. (laughter) Like, I like to believe that I'm non-judgmental, but however I am.

Songee: All human kind do this thing... in big or little way, it matters not, sometimes it is a big way, very serious and it hurts life of person, other people do it and it is only little thing and it only hurts a little part of the life of a person. And sometimes somebody will do it to themself, and this is where the greater damage is done.

Yeah, I believe that too!

Songee: Because once they have sat in judgment upon themself...

Of course.

How do you rectify that? That'd be like ummm...

I suppose I'm talking about it to myself!

Increasing their self esteem about themselves, and relinquishing that judgment, eventually.

Songee: When you make judgment about you-self, you are working on information that you have. However the information that you have, is limited only to what you know - at that given moment.



Songee: How can you possibly make a sound judgment, when you are a child, about you-self - and when you become adult, you still hold that judgment, that you gave to you-self as a small child. For an example - what of the small child, who decides, that because of information that they have about themself, given to them by others, that they are ... not a very good person. ... That they are ... lazy person ... That they are bad person... because everything they do seems to be incorrect they cannot get smile, or kind word, from those in their life, because those people in their life, ...cannot give it.

The child, does not understand that, the child, will make judgment about itself, believing itself to be unworthy, to be part of the human race. And then because it does not have its own power anymore, it becomes ANGRY inside, so the anger gets pushed down with everything else. And the child grows to be, full grown, and then something comes along and turns the key to this corner inside of them, and out it all comes the Anger, the de-powerment of the child, and the judgment that they placed upon themselves, due to information, mis-information, that they receive as a child. So, this is great damage is it not?

Mmm, that's right. Even as an Adult when, your head accepts this, that the logic of this is not right, and you accept that you're not a lazy person, that you've proven that you aren't, still in your heart you continue to believe, this thing, it's hard to find, to feel the Truth of it in your heart. And this morning I asked for help to actually feel the Truth, to be able to feel the Truth of what I know to be true. I know it in my head, however I can't feel it in my heart yet!

Songee: So, based upon what I have just given for you, what would you imagine would be the correct ... procedure.

Well I'm not sure, I just asked the Oneness to help me and to guide me to help me to feel this thing in my heart, so I can honour it and grow from it.

Songee: So, the judgment that you are living with at this time, from whence do it come?

Well it comes from myself.

Songee: What part of you-self.

From my head, my head has judged that I'm not worthy of something.

Songee: What part of you earth life has it come?

Ahhh! Probably from when I was a child!

Songee: So you must go back to that time, and you must now learn that, with all this knowledge that you now have, to go back, and tell that child, all the knowledge that they did not have at that time, say, "You made a wrong judgment about, you-self because you did not have all the information, now here is all the information. Now you must change your judgment to a new one".

Yes, ...0k.

Songee: You cannot prevent, human kind from making judgment, what you can do is to, ensure that they make one based on ALL the information that they can possibly gather, and then if there is not enough to give a sound picture, that they do not make one at all.


Songee: So if somebody says you don't have all the information, it is not all there, it is not upon you that you have it, then you must cease and desist, from making a judgment about it...


Songee: ...and wait until more information is shown to you. And this can be, Physical showing, Mental showing, Emotional showing, or Spiritual showing, however it comes to you; in dream, in meditation. Whether it comes from your people in Spirit, whether it comes between you-self and the Oneness, whether it comes between you-self and another person on the earth plane. Whether it comes between you-self and a book you read, and words come to you from the paper...


Songee: ...it is still information coming, and if you are working in the Light, you will feel the rightness, and the correctness, of the information, and you will add it to what you already have. And then when the last little piece of the picture is put into place, you say "Ahh, now I can see all of it, and had I made that judgment, that would have been wrong. I now know that this is the full picture, therefore I understand and I know".

It probably doesn't need a judgment anyway! (laughter)

Songee: It doesn't need one because you already know, all this, so judgment then is not require of you. So...

...Hmmm ... Mmmm.... Yes. So we start with ourselves?

Songee: Always. Always start with you-self. And if you start with you-self and you work through you will discover, as you have just now, that there is no need for judgment.

What I was considering when you were talking about it that you need to gather all the information, I was given, 'It would take a lifetime'.

That's right!

I hadn't quite got up to making the conclusion...

My conclusion... was maybe at death...

Songee: Sometimes, it takes many lifetimes, indeed it does. So where does that leave you now with your question?

Well it almost leaves the question not a question at all. (laughter)

That's true. It actually has a profound effect upon me. Well like with my life, lifetime, I was looking back, and also the profound effect I 'm having upon my 'babes'. And how I like to be a perfect mum so that they don't get hurt, so that they can develop freely as possible. I was conjugating upon how can I do that? You know, in the end I've blown it so I don't know what I've ....(laughter) I'm just going to let it go.

Songee: There is no such thing as the 'Perfect Mother'.

I suppose there's not really. Just want to...

Songee: That does not exist.

Mmmm... I suppose what my problem is, is that it feels so much pain that I've put them though.

The Foundation Stones

Songee: They have chosen to come for you. So they have chosen whatever you have chosen for this part of your life path, to share it with you, or they would not be here. Remember the 'FOUNDATION STONES'.


Songee: Do you have them?

Yes I have them written somewhere else.

Songee: Well that is something that you must, you must study, and employ the Foundation Stones, all time, will lead you back, to 'sanity'.


Songee: It stop you going all around the Universe and loosing you-self.

Yes, because they are the basic Truths.


Songee: And if you understand them inside of you not just inside you mind, you understand them inside of you, then you will feel the correctness of them, you will know the rightness, and if you follow the steps, and read them and you apply them to all the questions that you have, and if you are using the words of you people - you people have using before time - 'if you are stuck', stuck fast, or 'confused', then all you have to do is read the Foundation Stone and apply them to you problem.


Songee: And then you will find the door that opens, for you to step through, so that you not going, round, and round, and round in circle all the time. Be very busy if you do that. Might fall over and go flat on you nose. (Songee pushes organisms nose into the face.)

We do, frequently...

Songee: So, it is better you not do that otherwise you have squished nose. (Pushes nose in with flat of hand.)


(Little laugh.)

Songee: So, ...read the Foundation Stones, and that will stop you doing that. It will stop you from immersing you-self too much in emotion.

Oh yes...


Songee: So that, the emotion can be brought into balance. You, you have emotion in you, you must have it. However you must have balance... of emotion. When your emotion is out of balance - Oh my goodness, sometimes people can be so happy and excited that they seem as though they are going to disappear up into the sky.


Songee: And then when that emotion it is gone away, they come down and, (Songee makes her hands come down, as though to hit the earth.) CRASH down to the earth, with a Big sound. And they hurt themself, and so this is not good, this is not balanced. So when you are feeling, way as though you are fly in the clouds with the birds, (arms out as though She was flying.)... be aware, (She looks down) that it is a long way down there.


Songee: Start to flap you wings very hard, (flaps arms very fast) so that you come down gently (gliding movements) and mayhap, you don't come ALL the way down to the ground, you may have only come as far as the top of the tree. (Makes landing gestures with fingers as though landing on the branches.)


Songee: So that you can rest a little while, before you climb down some more.

Well I've found that, the last emotional upset that I allowed myself to have, ummm, when I was able to balance it a little bit, I was able to find out the reason for the emotional effect that was taking place.

Songee: That is so! When you are in the big stream of one or the other of an emotion, SAD - BAD - GLAD, matters not, when you are in the extreme of it, you are not rational, you are not 'sane'. Your emotion is too out of balance, and you must assist you-self to come back into balance. Foundation Stones, can assist you with that.


I'm going to get that!... (laugh)

Songee: If you can still you-self long enough to read it!...

(Laughter) It's not that long. I'll manage somehow, I don't know how. I'll take a lot of phosphorous. (Homeopathic Remedy)


Songee: So... It is that enough for this day?...

(The people present were asking Songee some personal questions here, however Songee soon came back to the main theme of Her Teaching.)

Solving the Puzzle

Songee: If you look at what you know and research, with you feelings, backwards, you will find the answer to you question. So...

That'd be with everything though wouldn't it?

Songee: That is so!

The question. How do you get a question? (Songee opens arms wide.) Start at the beginning... (Looks at one hand) or at the end... (Looks at the other hand) ...whatever way you are looking for.

A question happens when something comes along, and you don't know, the reason, that it has come along. In my case what usually happens, is an answer comes along and I don't know how that answer came to be. ... That's how I get questions.

Songee: So, what you have, is something occurs, that is a mystery.

Mmmm True...

Songee: Whether, you have answer, or whether you have question, it is something happens that is a mystery. You do not have in your knowing the answer to it.


Songee: So you have not acquired to this point, information sufficient to give you the answer.

Mmmm. That's right!

Songee: So you make small judgment, and say, "I don't know the answer to that, therefore I must ask question".

That's right...


Songee: However, it you work backwards, you will say, "Now that is a puzzle, I don't have the answer to that, however, there must be an answer to it somewhere, I just don't have it at this moment". Now something will happen when you say for that to you-self. Either the need for the answer will go away...

(Begins chuckling) It often does...

Songee: Or, you will find you-self musing a little further, along the path. If that happened in just that way, then what is the connections between that and something else?

That's right.

Songee: And so you start to look for connections between things.


Songee: And that leads you down the path of discovery; until you find you answer.

...you make it so easy!

It's magic!

Songee: It is very simple, very simple.

And yet we make it so difficult!

Songee: Oh yes! You go all around the Universe to look for the answer.

It needs to be a problem!

And it's right in front of you... (laughter)

Songee: Right in front of you nose. (Puts finger on nose.) I say for you, you fall on you nose too much, it get squish, you can't see what's in front of it, you too busy sitting on it. (Puts hands on nose and tries to see over hands.)

(Laughter) ... That's gorgeous.

Songee: So?

I'll give up the 'squishy nose' business then.


Songee: It does not work, does it?

No... But usually, Umm are not only are these answers in front of us, I mean we have all the access to all the knowledge that is ... in our books in our libraries, and the people we know.

Songee: So then that comes to the next part, that Songee would like to ask? How is it then, that now with all this knowledge, and all this wonderful information, that you still get lost in you-self, and you own despair?


It's the emotions isn't it?

Punishing ourselves

Songee: How can you allow you-self to do for this? After all this information is give to you?

Because we punish ourselves.

Songee: So, it is time to stop! Time to stop, time to make it different.


Mmmm... it's something that, like, yeah I can understand that, really it's time to stop it, but it's something that's been, ... innate yeah, something that you get brought up with, too, don't we?

Songee: Some people, in your planet, they take to themself, the whip, to make the skin bleed. By making pain and blood to come on their own flesh.


Songee: It is called scourging.

Mmm Mmmm.

Songee: You are doing the same thing to you-self. (Songee holds this 'whip' out to the people present.) ...You imagine, if somebody say to you, "Here is an instrument, take you clothes off and smack you-self with it until you bleed". Would you do for it?

(Small laughter)

I can, I can imagine that I've been in the state of a, a er, almost insanity, as you mentioned before where I had done that. I considered smashing my head against the wall. Because of the pain that I've...

...inflicted upon yourself. I see it all the time where I work, and also I was talking to 'my partner', because mmm, that tape that you gave me 'Well Balanced' tape and I was, that I was putting myself into emotional pain, so that I felt that I could go deeper to release it. Does that make sense? It does to me!

Songee: Because you are trying to make sense of it, you're trying to make your mind make sense of it.

Mmm probably...

Songee: And the emotion, does not make sense of it...

So I would expect, that if we're able to do this for ourselves, to, well to NOT do this anymore to ourselves, then we're setting the example that, that, the, your babies that are coming along now as the next generation, would see your example, and not feel as we did as we were children!


Songee: That is correct. now imagine, get you-self the picture in your mind of those people that scourge themself, in the physical, imagine that this is you doing this, get the picture of it, of, the insanity, of hitting you-self until your flesh bleed. Imagine a person in front of you with all their skin torn, and blood running out of their body.

It's pretty horrific actually...

Songee: Remember it. Remember the vision, keep it for you, as a reminder, of what you do to you-self. The Oneness, does not require of you that you do this to you-self. Those who belong to this 'Facet', believe that the Oneness requires this of themself, and although they don't do it in the emotional, in the same way you are doing it. They are doing it in the physical, to release it from their emotional self, and in fact they are doing it to themself twice, twofold. And the Oneness does not require this of you. The Oneness does not require that you give 'blood sacrifice'. ...Remember in the past, 'blood sacrifice' was given to the gods.


Songee: And the Oneness came and say, "You do not give 'blood sacrifice', I do not need it. I have no requirement for it".

Yet, and Ummm...When Jesus went on the cross they believed that He let his blood out for that, for the sacrifice for the people. I don't know if I've got that right, this is what, I've been told.

Songee: He suffered pain... Suffered... so that others need not suffer anymore. That was the message that was brought at that time.

People misinterpreted it, or so I feel.

Songee: It was made, that if they would go to be with the Oneness, then they also must make this 'blood sacrifice'. This is not require, the sacrifice was symbolic, of ... that mankind does not need to give this anymore, it has been done.

Mmm quite, mmm...

Songee: All time, in you life, in your earth life, your cycle of progression, passes through, the cycle where you come to the crucifixion.


Songee: In this time you will encounter, all the emotion and all the...


Songee: ...have great fun with you machine. (Referring to the tape-recorder.)

Yes well we need to make it go properly.

Songee: So you do not have to bleed, however sometimes you do have to die, a little death. So that new life can begin, this does not all time mean you leave your physical body and not return to it. You understand.


Songee: And it does not require, that, ... your pain, be put away on one side. You must experience it, in all its way of being... So that you can learn and move forward you-self. Now when you do for this, you are making, your sacrifice of your 'old self', your old way of being...

Mmmm Oh...

Songee: So that your new self can come into being. So you sacrifice your old self, on the cross of knowing, so that you can become new self. And you do this in part for you-self, and in part to be example for others. So that others can see the path you tread, and that if they have knowing they will then know, that one day they will have to pass that same, .... that same point, for themself. Not exactly the same way as you, however, they will have to pass it. It prepares them for the knowing. They don't have to have this knowing all time, they can come to it in stages of learning.


It's pretty awesome, isn't it? ...

I suppose by seeing it happening in somebody else, ummm, they know that it's OK.

Songee: They may understand the process, passes.

That's right.

Songee: IT DO PASS. And the quicker that the lesson is learned, the quicker it will pass.


Songee: Sooner it will go. So, now we have the secret of it, how to make the pain take too long.

Because we do hang onto it... I hang onto it. ... almost like wallowing in it, I know I do it, and I attempt to let it go and its... Mmmm its very difficult to let go...

Songee: Now you know the secret.

Mmmm...Let it go!...

Songee: Learn the lesson and then let it go. And forgive, whether it is others or you-self or both, or all of it. Remember forgiveness, most important at that time...

That's right.

It's so basic, isn't it?


And so frustrating.... You know, you don't, ... you're aware of it but however you don't utilise it, you know? 'Cause you're too far into it.

Songee: You do not utilise it.

I don't. Yeah, I, I'm aware of that.

Songee: You are aware of it. You do not utilise it.

Mmmm. ...it's true.

Songee: You must say for you-self.

I'm aware that I don't utilise it. And I'm aware I've got the knowing. That's what's so frustrating. It's awful.

Songee: This is how it is that you have each other to remind you...


Songee: ...when you slip, when you become lost in you-self, you have the other to come along and say, "Hohh! remember when we were told about doing this a different way". Even if the person who is coming along and saying this, finds that the one receiving this words, is being very obstinate, and "No I don't want to do this, I'm enjoying being in this pain, I'm going to be in it a bit longer, 'cause I'm enjoying it".

(Laughter) I've been there.

I was watching all this.

Songee: "How dare you take this away from me, I'm enjoying it".

I said to R afterwards, I could have had an argument with you in there, the problem was, she was right. (Laughter.)

Songee: So...

Then I discovered, how it was that I was still hanging onto it. It was because I hadn't yet felt it in my heart.

Songee: So you moved forwards some more?

Yes I did.

Songee: Very good... That is how you do for it.


Songee: Now that is enough for this time.

Thank you very much...

Songee: There is enough to ponder upon.

This is true.


Songee: So close your eye... Now imagine that you are sitting in little boat in the middle of a large ... open Ocean ...

The sun is warm upon you head... There is a breeze to keep you cool, and comfortable ... and all around you the sun sparkle on the water ... and the breeze rock the little boat, its make it move this way and that way ... And as it rocks backwards and forwards, and as the light on the water sparkles ... The light on the water becomes brighter ... and more bright still ... until it becomes so bright ... you lose sight of the water ... Indeed if you look about you, you lose sight of your little boat ...

And you are held ... in this beautiful light ... now it becomes brighter still ... and as it becomes ... even brighter ... so you find that you, also begin to dissolve into the light ... and as you dissolve into the light, you become aware, that you are now part of the Oneness ...

Feel what it is that you need to know for your life ... the life path that you are on now ...

Now the light begins to move itself away from you, slowly, so that you coalesce back into your own form, only changed a little ... And all around you, you perceive others ... who are also there ... People of the Oneness who have come to the earth, and returned to the Oneness for recharging of Spirit ... as you-self ...

And now it is time for people of the Oneness to return back to the flesh ... To bring you-self all the way back ... to the physical body that you have on this life for this life path ... Complete with all the knowing, and all the Love of the Oneness ... And be prepared to continue you journey of life.

I leave you with the Power...


So Be It...

Reference no 19961208


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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