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Question Night at Glenfield

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Question Night at Glenfield'.
A Teaching from Songee 29th May 1997


Managing a difficult child
Channelling Healing Energies
Where do the Souls come from
The Plan
Animal Spirits
Fast answer to relaxation
Will my Son return Home
Where need I focus my attention
No such thing as Choice
Are my Spirit People with me

This public meeting was held at the Glenfield Community Centre on Auckland's North Shore, New Zealand. The Aroma for this night was Clary Sage and Bergamot. While the music played Roberta-Margaret prepared to go into spirit and offer herself as the channel for the Songee Energy. The Crystal Light of Love was read to the people present.

Songee: I am here. What have you for I?

Managing a difficult Child

(The first question is not able to be heard on the tape however it was from a concerned parent asking advice as to how to manage a difficulty with her child.)

Songee: This is a natural thing for the mother to want to help the child. However it is not a simple matter to do this thing. The child have chosen the path upon which they walk. You can only be there to assist and to guide and to give comfort when it is required of you. If the child comes to the mother for advice, for counsel on what to do with their own life, the mother must then, sit, with the child and get the child to examine what is happening upon their life and how they would like their life, to be. What would they like to have their life to be. And when the child have make with the words of what it is they are searching for then it can come to pass and only then can it come to pass. Before anybody can make something happen upon their life first of all you must identify for yourself what it is you want in its place of that which you no longer want. You understand? So this is a very important step to take. If the child does not come to ask for the counselling then you can only suggest this method of finding their task and then leave them to move in that direction if that is their choice to do so. You understand?


Songee: Sometimes, I am looking inside of you and I see the turmoil and the darkness that is inside of you and I can perceive the damage that it is doing to your own self, as a result of watching this take place. I have to say for you that if you want to give counsel to your child first you must learn to master this within yourself. Understand?


Songee: Do not allow yourself any more, to become damage by this turmoil that is taking place. This is not your responsibility. Now this does not mean that you cease to love, you cease to care. It means only that you must step back and allow the other to find their own path. Understand?


Songee: Sometimes it is necessary to withdraw so that the persons who are in trouble, can, become, for a moment of your earth time, isolated from the support and the love they have felt coming from you. What happens when this takes place is that the person will look around them for where the warmth has gone and then they will be able to perceive more clearly that where they are is not a place that they want to be anymore and that they need to change into And all you have to do is to say, well I'm going to let you sort it out, if you need me I am here. You understand?


Songee: In this manner the healing can then take place, within you. It have been making you very sick in your body. So...

Thank you.

Channelling Healing Energies

Songee how can I do a better channelled healing?

Songee: OH... You do very well already, you only have to practice what you are already doing. Most of the healing energies that are channelled through humankind, come through people who have inside of their Soul, a desire to be of assistance to others. It is this intention, that creates, the way for the energies to flow. If those who are channelling healing energies speak about 'I healed' then you need to ask them, "Who does it? If you do you must be very clever because the healing energies are not of yourself, they are from all around you and they come from the Oneness". Also to, some who stand, and say that they are healers, this is words you use in your world, is it not? They say 'I am a healer'. They are not a healer! They are a channel for healing, and the sooner they learn to change their word the better for mankind and for those that they work with. No matter how precious their gift is, it will be even more precious when they learn to hand over to the source of it. understand? In all ways, in all of their being. You understand? So this applies also to you, this you are already practicing. And to remember that there are words that have been given to you. I put it slight different way of putting them for you. It is not your will, you say 'not my will but will of Oneness'. You understand? Does not matter what you want, what you believe you want, or what you believe the person who have come to you want.

It is what that person NEED that is important. It is what that person, in their Soul knows, deep down inside of their being, what they want inside and they fetch down inside and find that need and Oneness knows that need, so the energy can come and flow for the need, not the want. And all you do is be the conduit for it. You understand?


Songee: Already you are very strong in your energies and allowing them to flow. And you allow them to flow freely although as is common most humankind you doubt you own ability. So... I not going to pluck any questions out of the air this night! All time I have doing this, not this night.


Where do the Souls come from?

Somebody asked me a question which I couldn't answer recently but the question was, where do all the Souls come from?

Songee: So the theory being that all the Souls have origin in one place and that they are now coming to the earth and we know they go back to spirit, where did they come from? Is this it?


Songee: From the same place that they go back to! From Spirit! That's the short answer. It is. The long answer... Before the spirit become incarnate, before it ever have incarnate body, all the Souls together were one, in one place of being. They all belong to the Light, they are all part of the Oneness and where this One is and with all the energy that all the beings, are, were the other beings that you understand the name of angel. These other creatures of Light that were all part of this, at the beginning time. I use this word, it is not correct, there is no time, however I use it to give it so you understand. So it is before time, that you understand it, and one of the angels decide that they would like to have the same power that Oneness have. And so battle is done, in the heavens as you call it, for the power of the Oneness. And in that battle the Light become split. Now I know that many of you are hearing this words, they are only words, feel behind this words for the truth. Because deep inside your Soul you already have knowing of this and your Soul will vibrate the truth of the words. Feel it. If you do not feel it then put it to one side until you are able to accept and feel it.

So when this split occur there were some that went to the Light and some that went with this other angel. You understand? So Oneness was very disturbed, did not want to lose all those from the Light. Wanted to have unity once more, like as it was. Oneness would like very much to have complete unity again, including the one who caused the strife to begin it. He would welcome that one back with great love, if that one would only come.

However... The Souls that go with that one, for awhile are lost to the Light and Oneness grieve because the child is lost. And so He make it so that these Souls can be gathered back once more into the Light and how this is to take place is for there to be incarnate beings upon the surface of different worlds. Aha, says somebody. Not just the earth, different worlds.

The Plan

And so the plan begins. The plan that most people speak of that most people study and talk about and wonder about this wonderful mysterious plan and they have all kind of complexities of what this plan is about and I say for you, it's very simple. To bring those that have been caught, by the other, back into the Light. And how is this done... How is this done... (Songee spreads the arms out, inviting an answer.) Do any of you know?

Through us, by us, through us channelling...

Songee: LOVE That is it, simple. Oneness wants Unity, Oneness wants Love. So He sends His incarnate Beings through the Universe to collect back all those that have been lost to the Light. Each of you, in turn, have taken turns to collect those from the dark. Whether in this life or other life times. Whether in your sleep or awake. All time, every part of your being is to use the Love... To bring Light, and Love to those around you.

Now something very wonderful do happen when you do this. It starts from in here (Songee holds the hands to the chest) and as it starts to glow out, all the things that have been wrong with your body, that have been wrong with your life, that have been disturbed, put out of balance, are bought back into balance, until you do something silly to upset it again. You understand? So whenever you are in doubt about anything. Love it. No matter how horrible it might seem to you. Love it, because it is there to teach you something, there to bring you lesson for yourself, for your life. And in doing that you become better person and then you can give more to others.

You cannot give this way (Songee makes outward movement with the hands) if you have not first given this way (Brings hand back into the heart). You understand?... So that is the long answer.

Animal Spirit Guides

I have been through a lot of changes and I feel like a lot of things are opening up for me but to get a sense of direction is hard for me at the moment, I will go with it, I trust it will come. Is there anything you could give me advice on in guiding my direction or... I have a close respect and relationship with animals. If there is any animal spirit that could help me find the direction, guide me...

Songee: For you I am going to say that you need to look to the wolf. Look to the wolf, and you will discover many things in the wolf that you need to take upon yourself. Indeed there are many things that are already part of you. This is your Soul name. Wolf.

Thank you.

Songee: And if you are looking for direction, I say for you as I have say for this person before time, with the child that is troubled, if you want to know where it is that you are going, first of all you have to know what it is you would like your life to become. You might have the formulation of part of it now and there are parts yet that are unseen to you. What is the nature of wolf?

To be able to be amongst others but to also to draw on their own strength.

Songee: The wolf can be alone or can be with others. What does it do at the time of the moon?

It howls.

Songee: He sings!

He sings!

Songee: He sings to the moon! He sings and tells the story of his life and as he sings the story of his life to the moon all the other wolves can hear his song and hear his story.


Songee: So... Now take it a little further. Remember you are the wolf... What do you need to do?

Go within myself... go within myself.

Songee: You need to go within yourself and find the truth of your being and then say it. Tell the story of it. Teach it. Pass it on. Entrust it, into the hearts and minds of others. There may be some who will disregard it, there will be many more who will treasure it. You do not focus your energy or your concern of those who disregard it. You rejoice, with those who treasure it.

More, of it, more singing into the moon. There is a lot more than that, there is much, much more. That is just to set you on your path. To help you discover those hidden things. Remember that the wolf is the symbol of things hidden. It is a creature of the moon, of the night. So you must look for those hidden things that you want to bring out.


Songee: AH...


Songee: So...

Fast Answer for Relaxation

Songee, How can I relax myself more?

Songee: Oh, I give you, I give you fast answer. Stop worrying. (Laughter) That is fast answer. I don't know if I give you long answer. You must cease to constantly pick at something, so that you do not have peace. Allow yourself to have peace. Within you, there is, something that denies this to yourself. You, deny, to, yourself, peace. You understand?

I do understand.

Songee: You do? Inside of you, is, I not, I not want to make you frightened, this is just to describe. Inside of you is 'little demon voice' you understand? This not mean that you got demon inside of you! All right, you understand that? Little demon voice that say to you, 'You not doing it right. You must do it better. You must try harder. You must do more. If you don't do more you will fail at it'... You must stop listening to that little demon voice. It is telling you lies. AH this is the words you have given to you this night.

Mmm the Crystal Light of Love.


Songee: This is the words. Listen with your heart which is so (Songee places the hand on the heart) and when you hear that little voice you say, "Pfff, you don't know what you speak about, go away. You are speaking nonsense." You understand?


Songee: Because, you are very special, and you are very strong in your Light. Believe it! Don't doubt it any more, believe it!


Songee: Trust, this, because it is a truth. And it is only the little demon voice that takes your attention and your focus away from the truth. Which is what little demon voices come to you for, to take you away from your truth. Don't listen to them. They take you down a dark path and you don't want that. You want to go Path of Light. You understand?

Yes, thank you.

Songee: So... Oh I see many questions. You have to hurry up and ask or your night will be gone, your time will not be here for you.

Will my Son return home?

Songee will my son ever return to New Zealand and live here permanently?

Songee: Oh I have to look into this... A moment... What I can say for you is at the moment there is not desire in the heart to do this thing. There is too much excitement and happening upon the life to do other things. However the desire to change it to do this thing, to return, will come. From, the standing of where you are in your life, it may seem to take too long. If you have desiring for this one to make the home back where you are at this time then you need to communicate this need within you so that the other have knowing of it. Not, so that they will obey, your need, only that they have a knowing of it. And to have a knowing of realities that surround that need.

First of all that, physical earth life, is limited, such is nature of your life. One day it is going to come to an end. Most often, not all time, most often the parent leave the planet before the child do. However when the child is growing and they enjoy themself, all busy with their life and doing everything that they can, they lose sight, of the parent slowly passing down the years towards this inevitability of them leaving the planet, you understand?

Yes, thank you.

Songee: So you need to convey that if this one have desiring at any time, ahead, that they need to take into consideration that if they want to be around you that they need to make their decision while you are still on the planet.

Thank you.

Songee: And then you leave them to it, otherwise this one will decide to return when it is almost too late for you to enjoy each other.

Thank you very much.

Where need I focus my attention?

Songee, I'm feeling perhaps a little bit lost at the moment. Could you perhaps guide me or suggest in what area or field I should be focusing my attention?

Songee: Oh...First of all I never tell anybody what they should and shouldn't do. I can only say to you, as before time, what is it about your life that you are discontent with it?

Well... I don't know.

Songee: Do you like what you do in your life?


Songee: Do you like the people who are a part of your life?


Songee: Do you love them?


Songee: Do you love your life?


Songee: With all the skills that you have, what would you like to do with them?

That's the problem I don't know... Yet.

Songee: What are you doing with your skills at this moment?

Not a lot.

Songee: So have you given some consideration to what you would like to apply your skills to? How can you best use them, in your life and what would you like to apply them to? Do that for a minute! ... Give you example. Would you use your skills to hurt somebody?


Songee: So what do you want to do with them?

Help people.

Songee: Ah that's better, now we are starting to get some movement. So you want to help people. How are you going to do that with your skills.

By being loving to them.

Songee: Is that going to be enough? Feel it! Feel it, feel it all. See how it feels to you. Imagine that you are using your skills to be loving to people. How does it feel to you?

Feels good.

Songee: Now, how are you going to apply these skills?...

By teaching them to do the same.

Songee: So you are going to teach, and what are you going to teach?


Songee: AHH. So, now, what do you want to do with your life?

Be happy.

Songee: And how can you best do that?

By sharing love.

Songee: And how are you going to do it?

By doing it.

Songee: That is exactly right! so...


Songee: So now you know what you are going to do with your life. Now all you have to figure out is how can you find a way of applying what you want to do. What is the best road down which you can travel for it. Read The Facets of the Diamond. (The book of Songee's teachings.)

Thank you.

Songee: Go to class. Become teacher. Is that not so?


Songee: Become teacher.

You are recruiting her Songee?

Songee: Ah Songee, Songee needs many teacher, many teacher. More teacher there is on the planet the better, to teach love. So important. So now all you have to do is to focus yourself on that goal that is there that you now know is in front of you, that is where you need to move towards and ask Oneness to guide your foot step in that direction and you will be surprise at how much of the doors do open, you can listen to this also, (indicating one She had spoken to previous) the doors will open for you and you will find that if you want to proceed down a path that is not for you, the doors will stay closed. Doesn't matter how much you knock on them, they will not open for you.

No such thing as Choice

And another thing, this is something that all time I give to people, and all time people forget, or don't remember, or don't hear it. I want you to hear it tonight. When, you are faced with a dilemma of something you believe you have to make a 'choice' between something and another thing, this is an illusion.

There - is - no - such - thing - as - choice!

All time you have already made your choice before you come to be born on this planet. All you have to do is to look at the nature of this, supposed choice, in front of you, and the more you study them, and the more you feel into them, it will become apparent that the one that is the reality, will give back to you an energy.

The one that is illusion will, disappear. Like a ghost, it will go away. And then what are you left with? One path, one door - and you walk through it. Now this is a truth I give you, and I have given it many times before and I am giving it again. It is a truth, and when you apply a truth, it will always work. You can apply it to something that you have already experience it in time past of your life. You can apply it to something which you are living in at this moment and you can suppose it to something that is coming in time to come and the answer will come back to you. Try it. Enjoy yourself and it will stop you worrying. It will take away all your worries because there is only one door to go through, not many. So...

Are my Spirit People with me?

Songee last time I spoke to you I asked you how I could tell, could let the spirit people know that I was ready for them to come me and you told me that I had already done that. Did they hear me and has anyone stepped forward or made it known that they are mine, my guide or the person for me?

Songee: They are already there. The only difficulty is within yourself. Is not having yet the skill to recognise who it is that is working with you and for this you need to practice and you need to feel safe while you practice because if you do not feel safe while you practice you will put up a barrier and you will not feel very much.


Songee: You will not be able to sense those that come to work with you very well if you have fear inside of you. This is true of everybody. Fear is a barrier between yourself and spirit. So what you need to do is to find a way that you can practice this in safety for yourself and to learn to trust that you need to develop.

Yes, thank you.

Songee: They are there, they are waiting to, to work, they are all there! (Songee laughs.)

Have they always been there?

Songee: Two certainly have been there with you. All time they are with you, from birth and the others have come to you as they need. One came to you in a child, when a small child and is still with you now. And the others were with you before time and come with you at the time of your birth.


Songee: It is your Doorkeeper and Guardian that I am speaking of... Ah there is much more there... (Songee places finger over the lips and is looking at the one She speaks with)... There is something there, that you, I need to be very cautious of how I say for this things that are deep inside a person because it can, be sensitive for you to have others to know. So I have to make it in words for you to understand and others not. So I have to choose this word very carefully... I can say for you that there is in your past, of your life, there is something that take place for you, that have cause you great hurt inside, deep inside your being. It has cause pain for you. This is emotional pain. It have cause you to lock up inside, and to put up the barriers, so that others around you are kept at a distance. When sometimes perhaps, they would like to come closer and you cannot allow them to do that because of this, this matter that is locked away inside of you, understand?


Songee: I see this! So there is no need to speak of it, of what it is. I can see it inside of you. It is time, to turn the key, and open the door and let all that pain to come out now. When you are doing this, then, you will be ready to move to the next part of your learning. Until you let this go inside of you, you will not learn to trust. How can you learn to trust those in spirit when you don't yet know how to trust yourself...

I know what it is.

Songee: So, unlock it. (Songee makes movement with the hand as though turning a key.) That's better... Unlocked now. You might find that your eyes will leak for a little while. So...


Songee: How is your time?

Thank you.

Songee: I already I have seen you. So, very well it is time for I to go and Little Turtle have reminding I. So before I do, I'm going to ask you to close your eye and I will say goodbye to you the way that I always say goodbye to people.

As you close your eye I would like for you to remember this night, from the moment you walk in through the door, to the meeting of old friends, to the acknowledging of new faces,

END OF SIDE TO TAPE (Songee waits while it is turned over.)

Look at the faces behind your closed eyes, the faces of the people that are here, gathered together, see them in your mind, acknowledge them as old friends, from before time, from before the Split. Because all of you have been together, many times and are come together once more. You move forward through your evening and all that you have shared, all that you have experienced, the knowledge, the love, and the sharing. Imagine now all the energies of Light flowing through each of you, through the crown of your head and out through the tips of your fingers. Flowing into the center of all of you, in this room. And as this do so, then the energy will build up and come back now to the person who sit to the left of you, bringing you all together as one.

And then all together as one, you can say to Oneness -

Thank you Oneness for the blessing of Light that you have shed into my life and open my heart and Soul to do the work that you need for I to do, in this life that I am living now,

And I say to you now that -

I leave you with the Power and the Power of the Oneness, as it flow through you into your daily life and say


So Be It

Songee: And thanking you. I go now.

And the meeting was ended.

Reference no 19970529


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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