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Songee at Tirau

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee at Tirau'.
A Teaching from Songee 12th June 1997


First peoples of the planet
Where did they come from?
Good aliens or bad aliens
How did the star people integratee
What is the purpose of the aliens today?
How to return to the energy of Oneness
The Earth Changes
Rising to the 5th Dimension
Illness caused when we came to the planet
Truthfulness in relationships

This public meeting was between Songee and those who had been invited by the Sedona Journal, a publication available in New Zealand at that time, to attend at the Tirau Event Centre on the evening of the 12th June 1997.

A spokes' person talked of her own work with the Journal and then introduced Charlie Ashe, one of The Second Well Trust Trustees, who spoke of the aims and the work the done by the Trust and introduced the other trustees and members. The evening continued with channelled healing energies being offered to the people who had come for the evening. Jeff Clarkson's music on this occasion was live. A real treat to be with Jeff and his music in this manner.

Charlie Ashe read The Crystal Light of Love poem to the live music played by Jeff Clarkson.

Roberta-Margaret offered herself as a channel and at its conclusion of the poem Sally, a spirit person who works with Roberta-Margaret had overshadowed and said,


"Hello me old cockers", then Sally leapt up and moved into the middle of the room.

Hello Sally. (Laughing.)

Sally: How are you?

Good. Very good to see you.

Sally: Oh, I've surprised a few (looking around at all the people sitting staring at her) people haven't I?

You certainly have, this is Sally.

Sally: Hello, how are you. I'm Sally and I have come to say hello to you. Hers is coming along in a minute, so don't get your knickers in a knot, will yar. All right. She's coming along in a minute. She sez to me go and say hello to them - Sally, She sez, cos they're looking all very sleepy. It's all that beautiful music it is...

Jeff says, "That's what it is."

Sally: ... it's beautiful in't, beautiful music, I love it I do. Do you dance? Yer can dance to it and all, beautiful. Sort of swing around... And do all sorts of lovely things... It's like birds in't?

(Jeff plays some notes which grow into music.)

What are the colours it brings out Sally?

Sally: Oh all sorts of beautiful colours, all reds and greens and orange and blues and purples and pinks and all the rest of them in between.


Sally: I work with colours... Oh dear (when there is silence, no-one understanding what Sally means) they don't understand.

They understand you all right Sally.

Sally: I work with colours on my side of things, right. You're doing things with colours and what-not on your side of things and I do colours on my side. And I'm in charge, I am (Laughter) I am in charge of colours I am. He's in charge of colours and all. (To Jeff who was playing trills of notes) Every time he plays a note on that thing-me-jig he's got there, he makes all beautiful colours. Did you see them, do it again. All the colours are out in the room. Can you see them? Have a look. There, beautiful like rainbows, lightening up all around the room. Very pretty in't it. Here anyhow I suppose I'd better go, hadn't I?

Well if you want to, do you want to ask Sally a question?

Sally: I don't know if I want to answer or not. (Laughter) Can I go? (She asks her friends in spirit) I'd better go hadn't I?

Is She (Songee) waiting for you?

Sally: Yes She's sort of tapping Her foot a bit.

Oh I see.

Sally: When She taps her foot you never know what's going to happen, sometimes the side of a hill falls off, you know. A bit of a bother in't it. All right then I'd better go then. Well, it's been nice to say hello to you all. I hope we meet again. Bye Bye. (Everyone say goodbye) All right then tra ra. Here, it's all right she won't fall over, I won't let her (Talking about Robert-Margaret, the Channel) I'll stand behind her. Well hurry up then. (Sally leaves the channel.)

Do you want to sit down.

Sally was already gone and Jeff continued to play more music until...


Songee says, I am here.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: So what have you for I this night?... Nothing! You have nothing for I, that cannot be.

Does anyone have a question? Don't be shy.

First peoples of the Planet

Songee I have a question which has been puzzling me for a long time. We read and hear about a lot of the indigenous races who have lost their lands, we understand that they are very close to nature, the native Americans, the Aborigines, and yet they lost everything. I find it very puzzling and I wonder if it has something to do with karma. If they bring that with them. Could you help me with this question?

Songee: This is not simple answer, however we will begin at the beginning. It is always a good place to start this, at the beginning. At the beginning, when, the peoples - you will have to bear with me a moment for those who do not have a feeling for this, when the people from the sky come to this place to make the people to come here, you understand? The people who were living upon the soil of this planet, were of a race of being that was dark of skin and dark of hair. Very dark, skin and very dark, hair. These are the people who develop upon this planet at the beginning time, you understand? And then the people from the skies come and they take the people from the earth, from this place, and they view these people that we have here, as inferior to themselves, you understand? So they use these beings, of this place, to become, better than they were - in their consideration, they come and make them better than they were when they found them.

What transpired from this is all the different races that you have on your planet at this time, many generations later, you understand? It not happen straight away. Now these beings that come from the sky have now changed the beings that were upon the planet. The beings that were upon the planet were truly - you may say, owned the planet before anyone else did. Now some become no more, they are all changed into many different race of people. In this way all the people of the planet, now are children of this planet and all have equal, ownership of it. Don't believe you own it, however it is a word you understand. So... all the people that live upon this planet have a right to it, however, the beings that come from the stars, these beings many of them were of lighter skin, lighter hair, lighter eye, than those who live upon this planet. They live - and as I say before time these beings that come from the sky believe themself to be far superior to those that have come, and been here first.

That memory, that racial memory has been carried down through the ages by those people no matter where it is gone, this has happened. It is unfortunate because it denies those a part of their own being in the generations that have come after. It denies their origins, their beginnings. If you look back you will find, far enough that all of you began somewhere, because of this integrating of the first species, and you became what you are this day. And in that time you also of light skin, you, have ancestry in dark skin, and you, of dark skin have ancestry in light skin, and there ought to be no different in the hearts, however, when you come man-kind and their greed, man-kind is greedy, they want, more, of this, of that, or something else of many things and sometimes they do not have caring of whom-so-ever they hurt in the process of acquiring it.

And this has been the pattern of those from the beginning time, to now, and in that process there is lying, also the understanding that you have, of karma, of wrong doing to others and the debt that has to be paid back. Karma will cease to have power when all persons learn that all are equal, in the Light, you understand?


Songee: Is there any more that you need to have answer?... Can you feel it resonating... And is there still puzzlement? It's alright you can answer. So do you still have puzzlement?


Songee: What about the one who ask the question? So...

Thank you Songee, I'm find it difficult to take everything in and, but I feel that the answers that I have asked have come to me and I thank you.

Songee: What else would you like to know?

Where did they come from?

Yes I would like to know, I have a question. What planet did the original people here come from and what planet did the others come from that came over. Or what area?

Songee: The people of the planet of this that you living on?

What were the originals come...

Songee: They grew here. They grew... (Making expanding hand motions.)

Were they planted or created here by anyone?

Songee: No they were part of this planet. They grew here...


Songee: ... because part of their life was that they came into being in this place and then others come from the stars, not just one, they came from different place, several place.

The Maoris or older people they use the Pleiadian star system as the beginning of the year and also some of the reasons why, why is this?

Songee: Because that is where the memory comes back from. All kind of decision come from that place.

What about Orion?

Songee: That is also one of the planets and areas that come to this place.

Thank you.

Songee: However the people that go to those place come from somewhere else, further out.

Further out again.

Songee: Much further out, it's not found yet. Comes from very, very, very big place, immense, bigger than anything that you have. And they come through the stars and they travel all around the stars, and as they come through, they stop, and some people get off, and then they come along some more, and then they come round some more and stop again and more people get off, and so... (Songee makes Her fingers represent people getting of the craft.)

Are they still doing that?

Songee: Pardon.

Are they still doing that?

Songee: Not so much, they have already put where they want to put. This you must understand, go back, oh many thousand of your earth year before time that this take place. However those from the skies are still coming to this place to visit. Some are good, some are not so good.

So... I may need to pull questions out of the air again tonight. (Laughter)

Good aliens or bad aliens

What do you mean by some are good and some aren't so good? Do you mean...

Songee: Some are...

Do you mean the alien people in this aspect?

Songee: ...Some, some have come to visit, do not have the interest of your species in their heart. They have only curiosity about it and to them you are as the first star people who come, view, those who were here, to start, they view you as inferior and therefore only some people have stayed. You understand?

Yes I understand that. But we are lead to believe that there are star people here already.

Songee: There are star people here already.

Are they bad or are they good?

Songee: The ones that are among you are good, they do not come to harm you. They come to assist.

So how can we tell the difference?

Songee: You are not meant to. (Laughter) The whole point of them coming and not being able to be discover is so you won't know who they are. So that they can do their work quietly, politely and kindly to you and with you so that you don't have knowing of whom-so-ever it is. If anybody knew, who someone was, that they were from the stars it would change, how you were with them. It would change the energy, they would not beable to remain with you, they would have to go away.


How would you know would be the good ones or the bad ones?

Songee: How do you know when you are being good and when you are being bad?

No but I mean, is there, some people see alien ships, see them coming in. How would you know if it were a good one or a bad one?

Songee: It is very difficult because inside of you, you have this fear. So you don't know of this thing, you could be frightened of everything. It is not all time bad way to be, when you are encountering something you do not know. It is your protection. I'm not saying for you to go about your life being a-feared of everything, this is not good. However I will say to you that if those from the skies who are to meet with you and desire to have dealings with you. Those that are good you will never know this. Those that are bad you might return with some very unpleasant, uncomfortable feelings of doing this. There is not anything that you can do to prevent this. It have chosen you. That is so. However that does not mean you have to be frightened or out in the dark, you do what you do with your life because they do not just come and pick someone, every single night of your earth time. They don't do this to order. It is of no moment. Let it pass.

How the star people integrated

Can I ask another, I'm reading a book, Song of the Stone. How correct is the description of the settlement, how authentic, how truthful of what really happened?

Songee: When you read something that others have written down, first of all you need to examine, (Songee pauses for a very loud truck to go by) first of all you need to examine within yourself your feelings of your word upon the page brings to you, you understand? Feel, inside of you the rightness, the truth, that lies within the words. Know, that, not one person will give the same story, the same way, every single time. Not in your time that you are in now. Many, many years ago of your earth time, that was different.

The people of the planet have no way of making the scratchings, you understand? So they have to pass it to each other by mouth, by memory, and their memories were very long. And they could say, who, were the ancestor, right back to the beginning time. Some could not go past the beginning time because there was some confusion at that time. It was a new species of being that came out of the combination of the two beings, the star people and the people from the earth, they must decide, they must record for those who come after - the history of their people.

So all the new beings that pass out around your planet, to live in many different places, all learn this method of remembering, you understand? And there be, in some, places, some, cultures of your planet, there is being, a life, however because so many of the old ones have passed into spirit, there are some, gaps, holes, in the knowledge that was being passed on. So this does not mean that which is in your book is wrong, or bad. Look for the truth in it, there is truth in it. There may be little parts of it that you will discover for yourself inside that perhaps feel a little, what is this word? (Songee asks Her helpers in spirit) what is this word wobbly? I do not have this word. (Everyone laughs) Little One say it, she throw it in my face, 'wobbly', what is this?

Shaky, shaking around, trembling.

Songee: Ah tremble I know, tremble I know, I make the earth with this. If you find in this, writing, on the page, this little bit that is trembling and does not feel quite balanced - that is my word, balance, allow it to be just as it is and move on to the next piece of information, you understand? And you will find the truth in it. You will find about the journeys of the people across the oceans that come, around your world, to the different places of land, just as the craft came through the skies and through the stars and left people in different places.

So when the people came to the earth and made new species, a species went out, around your planet, and left some here, some here, you understand? And this was the (beginning?) of the travels of the people and how they come to the land and has been given, some by word of mouth, and some written down on the page and some of it has been mis-remembered. Not all of it. Some, just a little mis-remembered. However it is so small it does not matter. You understand?

What is the purpose of the aliens today?

Songee, these star people that are here at this present point of time in history, why are they, why are we hearing more and more about them at this, in this century, from this decade?

Songee: Many reason, one is that the awareness of man-kind has been raised in recent times, in the last one thousand of your earth years, the awareness have been, been raised. That is short time, in the evolution of your species. However, these people now, are working more and more with those who are wanting to move away from what was said originally about the greed, that has been part of the human race for so long. Part of that journey towards no karma, you understand? They have been assisting with this.

The other part of this is, that all around your planet, all your different cultures, all those of different race have different belief. They have different understanding and ways of speaking with the Power of Light. There are many different names for the Power of Light, are there not? How many names do you know?... Say some of them, what the names...

Yahweh, Allah, God.

Songee: Great Spirit, Yahweh, all those, more and more names, many names. I talk about Oneness. There's another name! However, the energy is the same, it is not different, is that not so?...


How to return to the Energy of Oneness

Songee:...The energy of Oneness. Man-kind over the last one thousand of your earth year that has been going further and further and further away from Oneness. And in that process of going further away, something has happened, inside, the people. There is down deep inside of most human-kind feelings of being alone... of being lost... of not knowing where to go, or what to do.

Is this not so?


Songee: Have you not felt that, of being alone... So how is this to be made changed?

END OF TAPE SIDE ONE (Songee waits while the tape is turned over.)

Songee: Where does it go... First you start the journey back to Oneness. So many, many, many, many of your moons past - many - your journey began, and slowly but surely man-kind is now moving back towards Oneness. Those of you who are here in this room, are already on your journey back to Oneness. There are many who are not in this room, who are not on their journey back to Oneness, they are still locked in that greed, that narrowness of being, of wanting more and more and more. And not caring if they hurt something or someone to get it. And the pain that do it with, this is still happening, and there is a lot of that happening in your world at this time.

So there is a desire now in the Souls of man-kind to return back to Oneness. They are starting to know this, the ones that have come to help you, they have come to help you, to raise your vibration so that, you can feel the Love and the Light of the Oneness because when you are all one, and there is no Karma, a (?) from the stars will be revealed to you. I can't really give it to you. Until you have Love in your hearts, until you lose judgement, and greed, and whether you realize it, or not, everyone make judgment about something, some-one, at least once in your day. Only times when you have been out and about in your world and you encounter a situation where, you have, perhaps seen someone, seen something, have something happen, you make a judgment about it. Someone who has perhaps, who looks perfectly well, who parks their vehicle in special place is reserve for those that do not have this special wellness and you will judge them. And you will be making judgment about their, rights to be or not to be in this place. The rights of others around you, you make judgment about them. And if you knew the truth, and knew that you are not greater than I. However you do not have all that facts.

So next time you find yourself looking at someone and saying, "Oh look at that person they don't dress very nice, they don't look as though they wash". You don't know if that person is being very unwell and maybe they have been very dis-stressed and something has happened to them, let them get on with their life, and it is just something that has happened to that one that day, you understand? And all of this must be lost, and so the star people come to help you. Quietly, very quietly and so that no-body knows who they are. And this is the reason now that the Oneness speed this up to bring you closer to Oneness, to give you something to strengthen your heart, to strengthen your Soul and to teach you, to Love, without judgment, just Love.

So let go of it...

The Earth Changes

Songee could you tell us something about the earth changes. I have been reading where the earth is going to tilt on its axle of 23( 0 ?) or something and can, and the photon belt can you tell me something about that?

Songee: Short answer, it's not going to happen just yet. I know this!

I realize that, yeah.

Songee: I am going to be helping for it to happen, so I know it not happening yet. At this time it is something that is going to take place, this I have say many, many times. This question have come before time from other people and I have saying the same thing to them. Don't worry your head about it. You must continue your life, live it. When that time do come and it takes place and we shift, the planet, from where it is at this time and all time I say this has already been done before time, there was shift, on its axis. You understand?


Songee: This is not the first time that this has coming along, this is the second time that it is coming along. However, you must live your life, every moment of your life to the best of your ability and not to trouble your mind and your Soul about this thing that might be, because when it do come to pass, it won't matter, where you are, who you are, how far it is in your time to come, everybody will be affected by it. There wouldn't be anybody who isn't affected by it, it will be all. And when it do happen, land that is above the water will go below it, land that is below it will come up, land that is dry will become green, and land that is green, will become dry.

So the whole face of the planet will change, will it not! And some of you, or your descendants will not be here to see it anyway, you will be back in spirit, getting ready to come back to educate, and teach, those, that have been left behind who have managed to survive. So the process of learning will start all over again. And next time with the teachings that you have, that will survive with those who survive, there will be, an opportunity for man-kind to lose this greed, once and for all.

So teach your children, the children that come along, are, the treasure of your planet. They are the jewels, in your life, teach them about Oneness, teach them about spirit, about life, about Love, about non-judgment and teach them by example of yourself, be that way...

Thank you.

Songee: So...

Rising to the 5th Dimension

I have a question, I have been told that we are at the moment in a third dimension and moving into a fifth dimension, could you explain the fifth dimension to me?

Songee: This is a matter that where others have been speaking about moving from one place of awareness to another place of awareness, of shifting between this reality we have and another reality, so that, the concept that they have is that the body that you are living in now, the physical body that is upon this earth will begin to vibrate, so fast that it becomes invisible on this level of awareness and shifts into another plane of awareness, into another dimension. You understand?


Songee: It is the raising of this vibration, that causes, the shift into the other dimension. You understand?

So more and more groups are getting together and creating this conscious awareness and allowing the vibrations to rise into the fifth dimension.

Songee: There are many who are practicing raising their vibrations this is correct. You will not know if they have moved into the next vibration or the next dimension or not, they will just go when it is time, and when they go they don't usually come back.

Is that what happened with the Mayan Indians?

Songee: No.

So what happened to them?

Songee: That was a combination of sickness and also others coming and taking them. Ah, killing them. Also, because some of those, that were part of those beings that came from the skies, some of the beings came from the stars and take them away, not many, not all of them. There are many beings upon your planet, many creatures upon it that no longer have existence upon the planet. They did not all raise their vibration and go into the next dimension. Most of them were destroyed by outside means, outside of themselves. You understand and again this comes down to the violence, greed for power. Power over, others.


And I have been reading about the Mayan calendar stops at the year 2012, what significance does that do?

Songee: This is the time that upon your earth that those people of far sight and, special sight, have fixed upon as being the time for the great shift.

Thank you.

Songee is that time referred to as no-time?

Songee: What, what time?

The time of the shift.

Songee: No, no-time is when you are in spirit. You can go to no-time now, at any time, of your earth, that you choose. You can slip into no-time and back out again. Organism does it all the time. You go into no-time and you come back and when you come back, the time that you left, is exactly where it was when you went away. Unless you make slight mistake and you come back a little bit before you went away. That cause confusion. (Laughter) It does happen, it does happen. Indeed Organism not very clever at coming back on time, sometimes doesn't come back at all. Makes for confusion.

Illness caused when we came to this planet

Songee there is a lot of illness, with a lot of people these days, is it to do with the changes in the DNA?

Songee: Ah, you want short answer or long answer?

Short answer, please.

Songee: Short answer, yes. (Laughter)

Very short.

Songee: It goes back to the beginning, when the people come from the stars they already make plan with all this, that you speak of, so it is not just now, that is causing the problems. It cause problems back at the beginning time. That's long answer.

Thank you.

Songee: So you still having it, the problem. Man-kind has got a very curious mind, very curious about this and that and something else. It would make (?word not heard).

So is that all for now? What is your time Little Turtle?

What's the time Charlie?

Twenty five to eleven.

Songee: Gone to sleep. Little Turtle has put his head inside his shell, pull his feet in and gone to sleep.

It's after half past ten.

Songee: Oh so it is time for I to leaving you now.


Could I ask one question, before you go?

Songee: Oh I believe that might make that possible. So what would you like to know?

Truthfulness in relationships

About the Oneness, is this problem that why there is so many problems with relationships with people, and couples?

Songee: Oneness is the Power of Light, Oneness is Love. The problems of man-kind have with each other are not with Oneness. They are with each other's inability, to be honest, with each other. I give you teach related to all the people that I teach, about honesty to each other, to give love. Take out of your words of everyday life, the word 'think'. Throw it away, find another word. You use your head to make for the ideas, you understand. This happen, it is normal you do this, all the time you must do this, it is part of how you function. However when you go to action, the idea, that your brain has come up with, you must address it first to your feeling. And if you say, "How you feel", in any given thing in your life, then you are being honest, you are being truthful, and, if you have love for another being, they are entitled to your honesty. And you, are entitled to this and if you apply that simple rule, you will discover that your relationships will start to change. They won't all time be how you want them to be, sometimes they might be a little strained because it is not an easy thing to lose this 'think' word. However practice it, practice it every day of your life and soon you will find that you don't have to 'think' about it anymore. You will just feel it.

Next time somebody says to you, "What do you 'think' of that meal that you have in front of you?" You could say anything at all, whatever took your fancy. However if you address it to how you feel, your feeling might say, "Yuk I don't like it". (Laughter) So you say, "Yuk I don't like it". However you might have feelings of this, mmm that's beautiful, I will have some more of that. So you can say, " I like it very much, it is beautiful I would like some more of it". You understand? This is only simple example. So use it in everything next time somebody says to you, "How do you, how do you be this day", and you say to them, "I'm fine, I feel good today", and you are feeling as though you want to crawl into your bed and put the covers over your head and pretend there is no world out there. That is not good way, that is not good answer. You say, "I don't feel good today, I want to climb into my bed and pull the covers up over my head". It may not be what the other person wants to hear from you, however it is an honest answer. So give it. You understand?

Thank you very much.

Songee: Practice it, all of you practice it, this honesty and you will discover that all those that you love in your life will have to learn to be honest back with you. It will change many things for you.

Songee, I feel it is time.

Songee: You come out of your shell now.


Songee: So, Organism will be a little confuse when she come back to you so give her a moment to bring herself back.

Child of Music do you want to play some music? So...

(The music starts a few notes at a time, slowly, quietly)

Songee: So... before I go, as you listen to the music, closing your eyes and taking inside of you the deep breath, breathe in deeply inside of you, the breath of life, hold it and then let it release out. And listen to the gently music.

As you feel the notes, vibrate, inside your body. A wakening all of your cells in your body, the Light, and feel it flowing and warming every part of you.

And the Light of the Oneness, shines down now into your hearts, where-in lies the crystal light as all of you have a crystal in your heart, from this night forth.


The Light it strikes and shines out, and you can feel this Power of Light, know that you are not alone, that you are all one, all part of the Oneness.

May you walk in peace, with Love.

I will go now and leave you with the Power,


So Be It

The music continued as we waited for Roberta-Margaret to return to us.

Afterwards we all danced to the music until it was time for us to go home.

Reference no 19970612


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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