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The Longing of the Soul

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Longing of the Soul'.
A Teaching from Songee, 4th November 1997.


Where do I go when I die
Learning the Eternal Truths
A Meditation

Teaching from a public meeting held at the Glenfield Community Centre on the 4th November 1997

Introduction Music: Earth Songs by Emily Burridge
Incense: Karma Devaya Aroma: Ylang Ylang & Lavender

The Second Well Trust had invited White Beaver as the Guest Speaker for the first part of the evening. She answered various questions about her American Indian connections and shared the knowledge of her people. White Beaver then followed with a detailed description of how to handle a pipe and the rituals associated with its use, and the meanings of the decorations.

In the later part of the evening Roberta-Margaret channelled Songee as the words of The Crystal Light of Love were read.

Songee: I am here.

Thank you. It's hard to turn down. (The volume of the music.)

Songee: It is good for you listen to words that come from others, awareness. Now is already known that the time of your earth time at this moment is short therefore there can only be short interaction, therefore it is more important that those of you who have question ask them now.

Where do I go when I die

(One of the young students asks,) Where do you go when you die?

Songee: Now, what you meant to say little one is where do, I go when, I die, because Songee does not die, and the words you use are saying where do you go, and I, am, all time here. I do not die, I do not go anywhere, so, I understanding that you wanting to know where do you go, is that correct?


Songee: You go back to the same place that you did come from, before you come to this earth to be born. So you return your Soul back to spirit, back to be with Oneness.

Ah. There is some thing here that is needing to be answered and the person does not have the courage at this moment to ask the question. Therefore I am going to give the answer. You who ask this question, will know, as I give you the answer. Also be aware that there are others also in the room, to whom parts of this answer will also apply. However, the full content, of the answer will only begin to belong to one. So I begin.

There is inside of you a deep, deep sadness, your Soul is crying out. Your Soul, is looking and seeking and searching for a way to release itself from the bounds, that restrain it, the bounds that tether it. Your Soul, it cries in silence. Many around and about you see the smile upon your face, and believe it to be the face of a happy contented person. Songee says to you, I see, deep into your Soul and I know the pain that is there in. It is time now for your Soul to gather together its strength, and it has considerable strength. However that strength has become dissipated, lost to the four winds. It is time now to go this way, to gather up all those pieces of energy that you have allowed to go away from you. Not through any fault of your own, rather because you knew no other way. It is not possible for you to be wise before an event. Most human kind are only wise, when they look behind themself. So now it is time, to very slowly and very gently to get to your feet and to stand tall and strong, and be assured that this is possible now. It may seem to you, at this moment, that this is an impossible task that I am presenting to you. And this also is part of your task, is now to learn to trust. To trust in your own strength, to trust in your own power, and to hand all of it without reservation to the Oneness. To say, Oneness, here I am before you, a child of the Universe seeking your assistance to stand tall and strong. Guide my footsteps Oneness that I might, tread, truly in the path of Light and Truth.

Now what is truth, this is lesson I am giving many times before, however it can not be repeated to often. What is Truth? There are two sorts of truth, did you know it that there are two sorts of truth? Do you know what this truth is? One truth is the truth that you hold inside of you, the knowing that you have inside of you. So that when you say to somebody, I did not like what you did, it made me feel very uncomfortable, and I feel what you did was wrong. So in that one thing, it contains many things. First of all you are stating something about how your feel inside and you are also telling somebody that you have made a judgment upon them, upon their behavior are you not with this? Now the other person may say to you that they do not believe that what they have done is wrong, and so, were you to be ... Oh, Little One, I Like that. (As Songee talks to Her spirit helper, Sally) Little One says that if you had the head of the pig, then you would argue about it and have fight. However Songee says to you, allow it to be. Each of you are correct, each of you are entitled to your own truth of how your feel, and how you are, and how you be. Even though your truths are different do you understand?

The group says, "Yes" as most agree with this.

Songee: Now, we come to the next Truth and this is the most important one because it is the only Truth that is a real Truth. So do you know how to tell a real Truth, from a Truth that is somebody's own Truth?

A teacher answers, "Stands the test of time"

Songee: Little Robin has the lesson well. The Truth that is the real truth of something will stand the Test of Time. Something that is true now was true in times past, and it will be the same Truth in times to come. And although people's personal truths do change, the Eternal Truths do not. So, little one as I am explaining to you, now it is time for you to discover about Truth.

Learning the Eternal Truths

Learning to speak your Truth as it occurs to you. Learning about the Eternal Truths because these are the teaching tools, that you will use to teach yourself and to teach others who come to you. Learn the Eternal Truths, and then and only then will you discover true freedom. Ah, because this is what the Soul is seeking, freedom. I want to free and this is how you achieve it by learning the Truths.

Ah, you say however what are the Eternal Truth, it seems very obscure to you. Anything that stands the test of time is an Eternal Truth. This statement I give to you is in itself an Eternal Truths use it as a measure for discovering the other Eternal Truths. Make no judgment of the other person. Allow yourself, to have your emotion and the freedom of your emotion, without using it as a weapon to gain your own desires. It is time now to speak, your truth, your truth, so that you can learn how to find the Eternal Truths. This will not happen, all in the flash of one piece of moment, it will come gradually, slowly, as you practice, practice is the work that you will do to achieve the goal, of freedom.

How do you practice? The next time that you come to open your mouth, to say something, that is not a truth for you, put your tongue behind your teeth and wait, and consider well, before you open your mouth and say the words. Be very careful about what words you use, because the words that you use, you, will give away, your power to others and in this you must learn discernment of what words, you speak, and what words you keep to your own counsel. And all the time to remember that you are slave to no one. The only serving that you do, and maybe called to do, will be to Oneness. And make no mistake about it, persons are called by Oneness to serve, to do the work of the Light, to be as the Shaman to the people.

Now that is all I am going to say about that at this time I, am only going to add for you that supposing you or anybody else requires to speak with Songee, by yourself then you must make your own arrangements to speak. You can speak as I am doing now with you and speak and have the answer come from the voice, to you. And the other way that you can speak with Songee, is, next time you can go out into the world, into where there are the trees, where are the small creatures, and sit quietly and speak, and the holy breath will come to you and whisper in your ear and bring you the words that you need to hear to help you. So there are many ways for you to do this.

Thanking you. Little One is making for I the suggestion, that your time is short and that you might benefit from having a moment of quiet, and I applaud the idea, therefore I am going to have my own suggestion for you. Perhaps you could manage to bring yourselves to gather around so that you can all join hands.

(Everyone in the group comes closer, rearranging their chairs to be nearer to each other.)

END OF TAPE The tape is turned over at this point.

A Meditation

Songee: You have your hands this way. (As Songee demonstrates how one hand is up and the other faces down.) Now, are you confused? Do you have it now? So please to closing your eye and imagine in the center of all of you, is your home upon which you are standing, this planet that you know as Earth. Imagine that you are outside of this planet and you are as Gods standing around in space, looking down at this beautiful, glorious, blue and green world. And from where you are, this beautiful world is shining and sparkling. And as you study it, and look closely at it and drift around it, looking at it from all sides, top and bottom, all round and about, every which way. You perceive areas upon it, that are a little discolored a little misshapen, some areas even look blighted and damaged. And now feel the love of the Oneness coming through you and out and down into this beautiful world and as each piece of energy leaves you it touches the dark spots, the misshapen places, the blighted pieces, and where it touches, it heals. Feel the power of this and know that you are indeed as Gods in your part of this healing.

And at this moment you are all one. And as the healing energies go to this beautiful planet, now it begins to radiate and glow and the love is radiated and sent back to you. Bringing to you some of this beautiful healing energy to cleanse you, and to bring healing to you, for whatever you need, for the life that you live now. And know I am going to go, and I am going to leave you with all this beautiful power of the Oneness, to be with you to strengthen your days, and to help your step to tread lightly, on your path of destiny.


The Gathering was concluded by speaking the completion of the Crystal Light of Love, everyone was thanked for coming, as Roberta Margaret returned to us.

Reference no 19971104


© 2008 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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