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A Teaching from Songee 17th February 1998.


People in our Environment
Channelling the Ego or Channelling Spirit
Righteous Anger

On the 17th February 1998 Songee channels through Roberta-Margaret to speak to the students in a class run by The Second Well Trust. This night was held weekly on the North Shore of Auckland. The students had begun their introduction to their Doorkeeper and Guardian and had on this evening been working with their Guardians. Now they are asking questions and Songee is answering and teaching the things that are needed for this time.

People in our Environment

One of the Students says, Yes I would like to understand the connection between us as a people and our environment, the woods and the trees.

Songee: Do you want to know about just mankind or do you want to know about the peoples in this room?

Probably mankind as a general...

Songee: The connection between mankind...?

(Student pauses, considering,) Sorry, yes and the woods and the trees, our environment I suppose, but being the bush mainly.

Songee: What about the little creatures, my babies?

I suppose that should really be the...

Songee: 0hhhhh... Songee seems to be expressing how painful it was to hear a student say the word should. This is one of a group of controlling words the group is practicing to not say anymore.

(The Student sighs admitting she forgot) ... the first question, yeah.

Songee: Where to begin with this... As you are in the physical body, so you are subject to the laws, of the physical. In your present way of knowing, your bodies are subject to the laws of birth, life and death. Is this not so? (The group agrees.) What you have in common with all other living things is this matter. You are matter, they are matter, you all live in a state of matter. Different forms, however it you are matter. Out of matter you are created and when you pass from your earth life and your spirit goes back home your body returns to matter, back to the earth. All the energies that combine to make a living organism, are all connected together, the energies are all connected together, they are all one.

So in essence you can say that your physical body represents a blade of grass, a mighty tree, a river, an ocean, a grain of sand, all things. This is the connection between human kind and all of nature. Is that enough?

Yes. (The student is in tears as she makes her connection with the truth of Songee's words.)

Songee: So when you take inside of you, the 'Breath of Life', you are breathing inside of you every essence of every living thing that is around and about you. The rocks, the plants, the animals, the insects, the birds, the waters, the many different waters. All of it, right, down, to the core and the fire of the earth itself. All of this you breath inside. So when I say to you; Take inside of YOU the Breath of Life, I am saying to you take inside, The Breath - that is Holy, that is of the Oneness. And Songee is the Energy of The Holy Breath, as well as the Energy that you know is the Earth and all that is upon it and all that is around it. The air that you breath, the surface upon which you stand, everything is one and you are connected to it.

You cut down the tree to make a dwelling, for many this means that the tree has expired and is no more. They forget that inside that remnant of that tree that has gone to make that dwelling lies the blue-print of all things, including yourself and were you to touch it, you would be able to feel its essence. Not just in its form as you see it making the dwelling, you would feel it as it used to be when it stood proud and strong with its roots in the soil of the earth. So next time that you enter the dwelling, say thank you to the spirit of the woods that have come together to make it possible to be standing there, even though man-kind have make the form of it. It could not make the form of it without Oneness make the form first, of the tree. Is this not so. (And the students express they know this thing.) And this is true of everything. Everything that you have, even those man-kind made things that you believe are man-kind made things that man have create from their own mind and make in big bottles and containers out of their own cleverness, every single atom that goes into making anything is there because the Creator put it there to be found. So everything contains the Essence of Life. Even the most seemingly inanimate things that you have in your life.

Ponder on that for awhile.


Songee do our Doorkeepers and Guardians have to have another earth life or have they fulfilled all their earth lives?

Songee: Oh sometimes they do come back to have another earth life. They are not saints you know. (The group laughs at the idea of this.) They are striving to achieve greatness just as you are and it is in this way they (and?) you are good friends to be together because they understand the human frailties, as well as you do. The only advantage is that they are not having to live those frailties. (More laughter as this is the predicament the class finds itself in while living a life.)

Does that mean that some of us might have been Doorkeepers?

Songee: Most certainly you have been Doorkeepers and Guardians yourself. There is no, what is it?

(Songee is pondering on the correct words She needs to use here and asks Her spirit helpers for the word and a student helps by saying:

There is no question about it. (That's not quite what Songee means.)

Songee: Oh no no. I was having its... Oh, it does not make them more special than for you, and you are not more for special than them. The ones who are most special are your Angels and the ones who come further up in this awareness that you are learning to come to. There are peoples who talk about masters of this and masters of that and masters of something else, and there are many peoples who - upon your earth plane - who lay claim to having connections with many exalted masters... I make no more comment on this. Except it brings me to the part of this next thing I wanting to say for you. It is very, very important, so I must give it as a teach.

Channelling the Ego or Channelling Spirit

It is a teach that before time I have referred in times past, to matters evolving and taking place within you and within those who seek to learn to explore their skills and to develop them and I refer to it as 'their heads becoming too big for their hats'. This is my polite way of saying that they are getting too egotistical. And it is this matter of ego, this word you understand, that I want to give you a bit of teach.

I am not talking about the ego that was created by Little Parrot, this is an alternative one, that was set in place by Little Parrot to serve a purpose. Having said that now I move on to the matter of ego. (Songee is referring to something that happened with a student in a previous class.)

When you encounter upon your travels of self discovery, moments when you find yourself, exercising your skills in ways that are - Oh that is a lovely word (It seems that Songee was given a word by Spirit to assist Her). I am liking this word, exorbitant, then you need to look very closely at yourself. There is no requirement of those in spirit, of you, to demonstrate exaggeration, of your being, for them to notify that they are present. It is possible for them to come to you and work through you, gently, quietly, peacefully, unobtrusively, most of the time. You understand? So I am counselling you, when you discover within yourself, this tendency to, overdo actions, question yourself, not spirit. Question yourself, look inside, and discover on what part it is that you have set your foot. There is no requirement for you to be made to dance and jig about. To perform, do you understand? Those of you who are going to develop the skills of letting your people come and work with you, closely enough to be able to let your own personality recede. To do this first of all you must learn total trust with your people. The best way to do this is to learn to work with them, one at a time. Come to know them, in every aspect of their being. How they feel to you, how they touch you, how your emotions blend together. Take meditation journeys together and request only one to come and work with you. This you can practice safely in your own homes. To do the meditation journey with only one, while the other watches over you both. Does it not make sense?

I am not suggesting that you practice letting yourself, your personality to fade away while the other comes through in your own house, because those around and about you may not be skilled in the art of watching over your physical body. Therefore it is important for you to have that time of practice in your meet when you come together. (The word Meet is Songee's way of referring to the Classes held by The Second Well Trust.)

Those who are working with the ego, you will always recognize. They very often have illustrious peoples working with them and do not truly let their personality fade away when this illustrious personalities are channelling their information. Now this does not mean that the illustrious personality is not there, it only means that the person who has the strong ego is controlling and when this is taking place you will get the personality of that person coming into the words that are being given to you. So that they are not all time true coming from spirit, from the illustrious personality. There will be a mix and blending of the illustrious one and the not so illustrious one. And sometimes you may hear it in the passage of one phasing alone, where, part of one phasing is from the illustrious one and you can feel they 'Think Should be said'. (The group laughs at the expressing of all these control words to make the point of what takes place in this situation.)

And you will notice it, you will find it, you will feel it, and as you learn to develop and grow and move forward, you will find yourself becoming very intolerant. This is not, Ah (As another word is brought to Songee's attention by her helpers) this is not depowerment, you will find yourself becoming very intolerant and restless, wanting to get away from it because it is not comfortable to be with because you are sensing this, incongruity, of what is taking place. How many have experienced this? (Many of the students express that they have.)

All of you are on the Path of Light. All of you are precious individuals and all of you come together, to give love and support to each other on this path that you tread, in whatever way you are able to give it, and whatever you are able to give and whatever (-?), and however you are able to do it, then it is acceptable. There is no right, no wrong and all of you are equal and all those in spirit are equal with you. No matter how many talk about masters of this and masters of that and masters of something else, those who are Masters, do not call themselves masters. Do you understand? (The group does understand the meaning of this truth.) To do this is to allow the ego to take a hold and it is the ego that corrupts. It is the ego that causes disharmony. And the tolerance of which I speak before time, not wanting to be tolerant of this, is a form of anger that comes to you and through you, not of you. It is called a righteous anger, an anger that says, "This is not right and I do not want to be in its presence any more". It is intolerable. Not because your ego doesn't want to be there, it comes from without of yourself, like the Healing Energies, and it is very rare, it does not come all the time, only occasionally.

There was one who walk upon your earth that demonstrated this passion of anger, of righteousness, in a very particular manner. Do you know what it was?

It was when they set out their goods in the house of the Father.

Songee: And this one was most incensed, not because of a violation of themself but because of a violation of Oneness and the energy that represents Oneness.

Ponder on it.

Righteous Anger

There will be times in your life when you've got sense of this righteous anger and when you do have it, make no mistake it comes from Oneness and none shall gainsay you, because you are in the right and you will know it, you will have a knowing of this inside your being, of its truth. Now this does not mean that this anger is going to run rough-shod over everybody. It does not function this way. It also functions with compassion however it functions with firmness, with directness and with purpose and that purpose is straight, there is no twisting and turnings, it is straight. Have you feeling of this anybody.

(Many of the group have experienced this.)

Songee: Deep down inside of you before time? So you know I am speaking for you this truth.

I will go now because you are getting a little tired and I do not want for you to be too tired. It is not the desire of any energy that's in spirit, and Myself, to take charge of all of your time. Only to bring you teach and to bring you love and to help you to acknowledge the love that you have inside of you.

So I shall go now and I leave you with the Power, the Power of the Blessing of the Oneness, to light up your life and bring peace to You heart and joy to You Soul...

So Be It

Reference no 19980217


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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