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A Ceremony of Celebration

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'A Ceremony of Celebration '.
A Teaching from White Eagle, 9th April 1998


White Eagle
So the first part of the lesson is
Now this is the second lesson
And here is your third Lesson
This is the forth lesson
That is the fifth lesson
So here you have your sixth lesson
So lesson number seven
Lesson number eight

White Eagle is the Guardian of Roberta-Margaret Wiggins. Roberta-Margaret transcribed these teachings from the tape made on the 9th April 1998 at Glenfield Community Centre, in North Auckland. It was an evening of the class for the Teachers Training Night. The meeting is opened in our usual light-hearted manner with the teachers taking turns at leading the opening disciplines.

White Eagle had given the following words to the pupils at another Class a little while previous and were read this night -

"On this Earth you travel the path of Eternal Light. It is important that you learn to recognise the signs that will guide you in all your endeavours. You must not ignore them, to do so is to ignore the very fabric of your destiny".

Roberta Margaret said, "I offered myself to channel, as this is what My People had requested of me at the beginning of the evening. I do not have any preconceived ideas about what is to happen, and I do not make assumptions about what is about to transpire. Nor do I make any assumptions about WHO may channel through, or what subject matter they may have to impart".

When Roberta-Margaret departed into spirit White Eagle channels through and begins to speak -

White Eagle

I am White Eagle. I am Guardian to this one.

I am honoured to be with you.

It is deemed time, that I come to speak to you. There is much for me to teach you.

It was decided that White Eagle would come and give you a little at a time, for yourself. Part of that which I bring to you this night, is, relating to, the path upon which you tread, the journey that you are embarking upon. On this journey you have many lessons to learn. Lessons that you need to learn, are often difficult. However you have been given a guidance, on the path on which you are to travel. To understand this path, you do not have to believe, you have only to understand the concept of the teaching, and the Truth that lies within the teaching. The Ancient One (Songee) talks to you about The Facets of The Diamond, the different paths that mankind take to find their place with The Great Father.

In the life that I have brought to you now, in this expression of White Eagle, The People, acknowledged, and still acknowledge the power of The Great Spirit. They also acknowledge the power of The Mother Spirit, they understand that both work together. That both are in harmony with each other, and it is out of this harmony that comes the balance and the healing. So it is this harmony, this balance that you are seeking, on your path.

Many moons, in the past there walked upon your planet, a rare being, a soul of great magnitude. Doesn't matter whether you believe or not, this soul, the story of this soul is what is the most important thing for you to understand.

Remember that the journey's of all souls are stories. Stories that tell a tale of discovery of life, of love, of joys, of sorrows, happiness, of grief, and all over this beautiful planet, mankind celebrated many different ceremonies. Ceremonies that honour The Great Spirit; The Father Spirit and The Mother Spirit.

The world in which you live, and the place of your living Honours the Spirit of This One who walked your planet, many moons in the past; and it is of This Being, that I speak now to you. Because it is the path, the example, of This Spirit that you, are walking in your life at this very moment of your life. Again it doesn't matter what Facet you have been brought to follow in your life, all you need to do, is to understand the story, and the Truth in the story.

The passage of time that you are in now, at this point, you are coming to the celebration of the life of This Soul. The celebration, of the passing from life of This Soul. Ponder for a moment, upon this celebration.

What is it you are celebrating?

First of all you are celebrating, the death, the ceasing to be of a physical body. Combined with all the pain, the anguish, and the terror, that surrounds the form of dying, that the living being experienced. Imagine, the pain, imagine the suffering, imagine, the terror, the knowing in the time preceding that this is inevitable. There is going to be no possibility of a change, for the Destiny. Even cries from the heart, to The Great Spirit, did not change the Destiny.

So the first part of the lesson is:-

How can you possibly delude yourself to believe, that you can change your Destiny, for this life? To do so is to live with an illusion, it is to tell yourself lies. And this is a Truth that is part of this story, that mankind, and womankind, make for themselves, this illusion, and they delude themselves over many things in their lives. This Soul, the story of This Soul is telling you, of your own illusions, your own delusions, your own self-deception. It is better by far that although you may perceive that something is horrendous, terrible beyond your believing, that when it is part of something that you must learn, it avails you not, to attempt to avoid it. It avails you not to beseech The Great Spirit to remove you from its path. Rather it is more important that you beseech The Great Spirit to give you the power and the strength to go forward on your path of learning, and teach yourself so that you do not ignore the signs of your life. I have given you some words in the past about ignoring the signs in your life. So many times the signs of life are ignored, the life of This Soul, the story of This Soul is part of the signs of the life that are come, and given to you, so that you might learn, so that you might be prepared, so that you will not, continue to deceive yourselves. It will come to pass, on the path of This Souls journey when The Soul is taken and place upon the place of suffering. In those times it was chosen, by those in power to place the human form upon a cross of wood, to anchor it into the ground, and to stand this cross up into the air for all to see as the body hung suspended upon it. Tendons being pulled, blood, coming from wounds, pain.

In many cultures of the planet there are many such rituals of ceremonies that are taken place by, the warriors, where similar pain is undergone, as a test, of a trial, a passage of spirituality. My people have a name for this, it is called The Sun Dance. This is when pieces are placed through the musculature of the chest, both sides, rawhide is attached to this pieces of wood and then the warrior is hung suspended from a centre pole. Before they do this they have to undergo much purification and preparation. The Shaman leads them through this to prepare them for their journey, for journey it is, a journey through pain, and suffering to the inner self. To take them beyond themselves, back into the Universe, to the place of "all knowing", the place of "all being". This is a Ceremony, and it is undertaken willingly by the warriors, because they know, there is much for them to learn from the suffering, and going beyond the suffering, beyond the pain, Transcending it. And so it was, that The Soul that came to walk upon the planet in aeons past. That Soul knew, already, the Destiny that was before it, and it willingly underwent the trial, and the ceremony and during the ceremony, they left their body. The Spirit, departed from the physical body. Such is the power of The Spirit, that it can transcend all things, pain and suffering.

Now this is the second lesson:-

You also can learn through your own pain and suffering, to transcend, and to lift youself out of mortal pain, mortal suffering to go beyond and to blend, and become one with The Great Spirit once more. This is part of the celebration of this ceremony that you are beginning now in this earth-days that you are coming to now. Remember it well, mark it, because, it is important for you to know this lesson.

So all those things that happened to you in your life. All those painful sufferings that come to you. They come to teach you, how to be strong, how to transcend your soul out, to return, to The Great Spirit. So whenever you have pain and suffering, ignore it not. Be as the warrior, and learn to go past the pain and suffering, into Oneness. Join the Great Spirit, and learn the lessons that are being brought to you. To honour these lessons, not ignore.

There are lessons also for the people who are around you when this suffering is happening. Just as The One who was hanging upon the cross, had people standing below, watching the suffering. Suffering with Him. Empathising with the pain and grieving, they are to lose the physical form of one that they love. Yet not understanding the greater glory that is beyond the suffering. And so One who is hanging, speaks to The Great Spirit, and says words. He speaks words of kindness and love for all of the people who have contributed to this ceremony. The words that you have are, "Father forgive them, for they know not, what they do".

And here is your third Lesson:-

The lesson of Truth, it is showing you, how you, can forgive others many things, even unto your own demise. You forgive them, everything because, they do not know what it is, that they are doing. They have not the knowledge, that you have. Those with the greater knowledge have a responsibility, they have a responsibility to teach by example, by "Being". BEING! You must "BE" the example. You do not speak the words of example, and do the action that is opposite, this we have a name for, my people call it "speaking with forked tongue". Do you speak with forked tongue?

All these things are questions to ask yourself, they are not questions that I am asking you. I already know it. For I can see into your hearts.

One of the words that was given by The Soul upon the walking of the planet and with the teaching was being done, and it refers to a humankind, that when they are children they speak as children, and when they become grown, they put aside the childish things. This is also an example for you on how to "Be". So this celebration of this ceremony that is taking place in your earth life at this time, comes now, to this lesson, that I am speaking to you about, and that is - at this point you are supposed to be, now, walking as an adult, not as a child, and so you must put aside all your childish need for vengeance and revenge. You put it all away because there is only time and work now for you to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness! Forgiveness! Forgive, because they do not know what they do. You are the ones, who have the enlightenment. You are the ones who have the knowledge, it is your responsibility, to live, and set the example by living, breathing, by being the example of Forgiveness. This is the reminder that comes with this ceremony at this time.

Then Soul has departed the body, and the body is taken down from where it hangs and it is placed into the tomb, where it is put to rest, and the people who live, grieve for the loss of this soul that they love so dearly. And they seal the tomb in great reverence, and those who were responsible for the blame of this physical body, those in power, set to guard the tomb, the soldiers, the warriors, to ensure that the body is left unmolested, untouched, so that it cannot be taken away by the followers, and the believers.

What does this have to do with your life? ... Much.

Because you come into this place of lying. Being in the tomb, this place of repose, this place of Non-action. This place of TRANSITION. While the body is lying in this place. The Soul it is free, to travel, and to visit with all that it needs to visit. It visits the people who are incarcerated in prisons, of many different natures. And there are many prisons that human-kind devise for themselves.

This is your fourth lesson:-

How many prisons have you locked yourself away inside?

Prisons of self-deception. Prisons of vengeance, prisons of hatred.

Prisons of intolerance, of bigotry. Prisons of self-pity.

The list could go on. So look at prisons that you have placed yourself in throughout your lives. Not just once, but many times you have placed yourself in these prisons. Only now in the tomb are you free, to examine the prisons that you have put yourself in. Only now in the tomb are you free, to examine how you got there, and how you might best get out. So listen now for the prisons of your life. Examine them well, and ask yourself, "Do you really still want to still be in this prison, or another prison. Would you like to truly be free?" Such is the nature of lying in the tomb. It is time of self-examining. It is a time when all illusion is swept aside. This is a ritual that the Shaman undertakes, at certain times, ceremonies are done and the Shaman embarks upon this journey. Remember this journey at this time of your earth, at this celebration, that is happening in your days that are just ahead of you.

For three days upon the earth the body lies in the tomb. And it is often called "The Tomb of Remembrance". Because this is when the soul is remembering everything. Remember! And then at the end of this time, something very magical happens. The Great Spirit, sends to the tomb, two Beings of Light, to restore The Soul to the body and to TRANSFORM the body from the physical matter, into matter that is transmutable between physical and spirit. And in the doing of this, so the barrier is removed, and the tomb is unsealed, and The Being, stands and walks forth out of the tomb, and into the world once more. On the journeyings out into the world. The Soul encounters many that it knew in its earth life.

In these days that are coming, you have a celebration. A celebration, and a commemoration, a ceremony, that honours this Transformation. You have symbols on your world, in your world, that you use, to show this transformation. You have many stories, many myths and legends that you use at this time. The most important one is that you greet each other once more, that you greet old acquaintances, in your transformed state of being. That you demonstrate Your, transformation, that you live, breath, walk among people demonstrating your Truth. The Truth of your Being, the truth of your transformation.

My people choose a ceremony to do this, we go into the sweat lodge, and we undergo ritual of purification, and release, examining the prisons that contain us. And when we step out of the sweat lodge, some part of us, is being transformed. And each time that we enter back into the sweat lodge, and repeat the process, and then return back out into the world again. We return out into the world of changes inside, and these are demonstrated, as we move step by step, on the path of your life.

So it is. That is your fifth lesson, to learn how to demonstrate 'your truth'. Changes that you can be aware of in your life that you need to make and living them, and demonstrating them to the people as you meet them one at a time. Showing them your new self, your new way of being.

The fifth lesson:-

And then comes the time when you must speak to those who are closest to you, who have been most intimate with you in your life. And always there is someone amongst them who does not believe that you have made these changes, that you have been transformed, and they want to see proof.

So This Soul, travelled around people and came to the disciples, and the disciples gathered together and were and amazed and astounded, at the transformation of the one they loved so much, and understood then more fully "The Truth" that had been spoken by This One to them. And their eyes and their hearts were opened. And their Souls were transformed by the knowing, seeing and the believing, except for one. There is always one. And this one did not want to believe, they did not want to trust what the eyes, and the heart and the soul was saying. And this one had to touch, this one needed to place the hands upon the wounds, to feel the skin, because they did not trust what their own being and their own eyes were showing to them.

When you look at me, you have to, learn to look past the physical that I am borrowing at this time. And learn to see, the essence of who I am. And when you learn to do this, you are learning to see beyond, that which you need to touch. You are learning to see, with your soul, with your heart, with all parts of your being, and you are learning to trust and believe. And your own hearts, and your own being, will be opened, even more.

So here you have your sixth lesson:-

Learning to trust the process that you are indeed following the Destiny Path to its fruition. And having the Wisdom, and the Discernment to open your eyes and your heart, to your own disbelief, your own doubt, Your own fears. To look beyond, at the true substance that is behind the illusion, and then you will be able to touch it.

Part of the ceremonies that my people have, teach how to talk to The Ancestors, how to be one with The Ancestors, how to share the knowledge, how to be, wise, with their wisdom, and to bring that wisdom to The People, to share it in everyday life. This can be yours, when you learn the seventh lesson.

So in this day of ceremonies that are coming, remember, when you reach out your hand and you touch another, and say to them, "Congratulations on this time of celebration", look beyond that which you touch, into the heart, into the being of the other, and see the truth that lies within. Know their suffering and their pain, their happiness and their joys, be one with them.

And now the story is moving on, it is almost completed. There is another important part of this journey, of showing yourself to the people, in your new way of being. There are two people, two special people, that you will show yourself to, and they will not know you, they will not recognise you, they will speak about you as though you are not there. They will speak about you, in the past, as though they have not got you there in their life any more. And you will converse with them, and still they do not know you. Until they reach their destination, after you have left them, to go upon their way, they will reach their destination and others that are at their destination, will recognise who it was they have been speaking to upon their path, their journey toward their destiny, and they are enlightened.

So lesson number seven:-

Be aware that sometimes there are people in your life that you must allow them to go on their own journey, that they will not recognise you, they will not know you, because they cannot, because their minds and their hearts are closed. And all you can do is sow the seeds of recognition. So that when the time is ripe, those that come will be able to give them, the knowledge that will unlock the door of remembering. You have to have discernment to know when to let these people move on in their life. You have to have trust in the process to know. You have to have forgiveness. And you have to have Love.

And now you come to the most important lesson of all.

Lesson number eight:-

The lesson that is ruled, by the number eight. By the sign when it is turned on its side, that is the Infinity, that you know. And this is when, in front of all those who have travelled this journey of discovery have come together, to be with This Being, and to know of their passage through this life. And to Witness, the Transcending from earth into spirit, you have a name for this, it is Ascension. And the Soul and the Body ascends beyond the physical and transforms so much, that It is all pure energy. It radiates its energy out, for all to see, to feel.

And so you come after all the lessons that have been given, you come to your Ascension, your time to Ascend, your time to leave behind all the ways of being that you have had before. It is a time to glow with this light that is beyond the earth, that is beyond the physical. To be the light that shines, and so you become "A Light That Shines".

And this is lesson number Eight, to become, "The Light That Shines".

That is the celebration. The Ceremony of Celebration. Remember it well, for your soul undergoes this ceremony of celebration, many times in your life time. All you have to do to know, is to read the signs to know when you are in this ceremony. That is all I have for you this night.

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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