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The Silence

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Silence'
A Teaching from Songee 14th May 1998


Roberta-Margaret Colours and Opening Prayer
The Crystal Light of Love
The Words
Journey into silence
Find the Silence, get the answer
Love and Forgivenesss
Teaching the partner-of-life
Channelling Healing Energies
Questions of Spirit and Earth

This evening took place at the Crosslands Lounge in Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland. There were 7 people present and several Maltese dogs.

Roberta-Margaret Colours and Opening Prayer

Roberta-Margaret is speaking to the guests present:

What we normally do is we open our evening with the colours and open our chakras up as if we were in class. So we need to sit down and uncross arms and legs and we breathe the colours in to the count of 4, hold to the count of 4 and breathe out to the count of 4. I will say get ready to breathe and in which case you will breathe out and I say the colour breathe in, hold it and I say hold and say out. You breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

We are going to breath the colours in, it will be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple and then into the White Light and then we say our opening prayer.

Close your eyes and just relax for a moment. Imagine the colours coming in from the earth into a pool of light around your feet. And as we hold our breath the colours will be sucked up the body towards the crown of the head. As we breathe out the colours fountain out through the crown chakra and into the aura around you.

So we begin with the first colour which is red. Get ready to breathe In, (Roberta-Margaret counts 1, 2, 3, 4 in a whisper) Hold, Out. Breathe normally.
Orange. Get ready to breathe, In, Hold, Out.
Yellow. Get ready to breath In, Hold, Out and relax.
Green. Get ready to breathe In, Hold, Out.
Now we have blue. Get ready to breathe In, Hold, Out.
Indigo. Get ready to breathe In, Hold, Out.
Next we have purple. Get ready to breathe In, Hold, Out.

Now breathing normally we are going to draw the pure white light which is in each and every one of us out through the crown chakra to join with all the other colours in the room, uniting purifying themselves.

Now we welcome our Doorkeeper and Guardian and ask them to come close and blend their colours with ours. And we invite our Guides and Helpers and all those people in spirit who come to teach, to be taught or simply to be.

And all together as one we entreat the Creator the source of all Light, Love and Power for the protection, guidance, harmony and healing. The healing to go to all the people whose names are written in the healing books, to all the people that we have encountered in our daily lives, to all the people in hospitals, in sick beds, prisons and institutions throughout the world.

We ask for it to go to the government heads of the different countries of the world that they might govern wisely and well with humanity and mercy.

May it go to all the different countries of the world, to those suffering floods and famines and man's inhumanity to man.
May it go to all the creatures of the Planet, those that walk upon its surface, beneath, that live in and on its waters, that fly in its air, to the plants and trees and rocks and to the Planet itself. For all of this we say thank you. So Be It

White Eagle wants me to do this. Have you got the book out? (Discussion of the music we needed to continue the evening.) The music selected was 'Sounds of Silence' and it was played.

Roberta-Margaret: Is there anything you want to ask me before we start?

Not before we start. No.

Christene: Maybe we could introduce each other.

Roberta-Margaret: That's a good idea.

Christene: What's your name. (And the group introduced themselves to each other.)

The Crystal Light of Love

The music Roberta-Margaret was channelling with at these Takapuna meetings began to play and Christene read the Crystal Light of Love: If you would like to close your eyes so you can feel it rather than hearing it with your mind, feel it with your hearts.

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenward,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

Roberta-Margaret offered herself in service to the Oneness Energy. As she went away into full trance White Eagle overshadowed her body in what appeared to be a preparation for the Songee Energy to channel through.


Songee: I am here.

Thank you Songee. We have changed our place. We are in a different place tonight. We also bought our naughty children or our naughty your children with us.

Songee: They are most welcome. (One of the dogs barks.) Greetings to you also little one. It would be circumspect for you to be silent. This little one is most disturbed about not be able to do what it wants to do.

Greetings to you, greetings.

That's better, now, rest. So it is time to begin is it not.

What would you like to have?

You want to rest up with I, very well. (Songee is helping the dogs to be more at ease. Several of them had been huffing loudly from the very start of the meeting obviously unsettled. Both Christene and Roberta-Margaret breed Maltese and there was a bitch in season and the male dogs were going to live at Roberta-Margaret home while the females remain at Christene's home for the duration.) You may come to rest up with I. Is that for you. Little one will not want to remain for very long, it is too hot.

So what have you for I? There, is the beginnings of getting uncomfortable.

The Words

Very well we will begin with something that I have come to speak to you about and that is about The Speakings. The words that come out of the mouth. Before time in teach before I have given to you many counsels about the words that you use, the words that come out of your mouth that effect other peoples, is this not so? And you have been endeavouring to practise using the words that are more beneficial to your life than the ones that are not, is this not so? The words that are not beneficial to your life you already have, that is the words 'Think', 'Should', 'Shouldn't', 'Why' - are the main ones that cause you disharmony.

I am not going to go into the teachings of all of this again because it has been given many moons past, this teachings, you already have it, all you have to do it to search out the words that were given before time and learn them.


However this night I come to speak with you about the opposite of the speakings and that is the not speakings, the silence.

There are many things in silence. Humankind live with an illusion. They live with an illusion that all speakings are bad and only silence is the answer. There needs to be balance, silence by itself is not an answer, it can be very destructive. The silence that you seek is not the silence of non-communication, it is the silence of communication. Do you have that?

The silence that you seek is the silence of communication, sounds like opposing words does it not? The silence of communication is that place of being that you travel to within your own self that you find that you can talk to the Oneness from this place of being. You can discover for yourself the answer to many of your questions that you have for your life now in this place. And you can find this place in the midst of complete chaos. Sometimes it requires for you to undergo the test of complete chaos before you strive to learn to discover the silence within. Everything that happens to you upon your life all the things that come to you to cause you botheration whether they be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual they happen as a result of your having lost your way and having forgotten how to find the place of silence.

Now I am going to go backwards a little. Before you come to this earth plane to live, you exist in a different form to the one you have upon the earth and you are in a place of light, of vibrational energy. It is also a place of silence. The only sound that you hear is illusion, an illusion of sound. There is no need for sound in this place because all is connected together by energy, by light, by the vibration of sound. You don't have to hear the sound to be the sound, do you understand? So in this place of being you are light, you are sound, you understand? And you vibrate with this light and this sound. And others recognise your pattern. And you know from your pattern - your development, and where your awareness is in spirit.

Now to come forwards in time because you get born upon the earth plane into time, and time does certain things to the physical body. It transforms it, time is an energy and it flows just as sound and light flow. And you measure your time according to the revolutions of your planet, it this not so? Now when you learn to master sound and light upon the physical planes, time ceases to be. Ponder on that for a moment.

Do you have any questions about that?

Does that mean that when you are dying and your Soul leaves your body is that when you have mastered it?

Songee: It is possible to master it while you are living in the physical plane.

While this is channelling?

Journey into silence

Songee: This is mastering light and sound so that time has no meaning to the physical body. So the physical body ceases to age, it ceases to be ruled by the flow of time. Time will flow around you and you will not flow with time. In this manner you can leave your life, you can be in the world and living your time in the world and yet be beyond it. The way to learn to master this is first to learn to master yourself and part of that mastery is to go into your own being inside and to find the silence within.

Now I am going to come to you now for you to practice a little exercise. So to do this first of all you need to be sitting very quiet and very still. You need not have anything upon your own hands and you need to be free to let your body sit.

Now part of the lesson of going into the silence within begins in this way, all time - to sit. And you sit so, quietly. And as you sit let your ears waggle about and listen to all the sounds that are happening around and about you. You hear all the little noises that are happening around. Make note of them in your being and then let them go. It does not matter how much louder, how much sound is created outside of your being you must learn to let it go.

Focus yourself upon your own body now, be aware of how you are sitting, how your body feels, where there are any small places that are sore or uncomfortable. Anything that is at all difficult for you to manage, adjust your body to get comfortable. This is the time for you to do it, not later. And then you go back and you repeat first of all the outside noises and let them go, and then you come back to the body and examine it. Feel what it is telling you. It maybe that you have a sore back, so talk to it, talk to the muscles in your back, talk to the bones, tendons and sinews. Say to them, "I feel you. I feel your pain and your distress." And ask for some of the energy within your body to go to that place, your own energy that is within you that is yours to shift the place from wherever it is to go to this place, to bring warmth to it, comfort, love.

And now you are going to be prepared to go into the Silence. And as we begin to get ready to go into the Silence all manner of things may pop into your mind. "I can still hear those things making noises out there. How much longer have I got to sit here. I wonder what's going to happen next? My goodness what a busy day I have had today." And then you come to this part of the busy day and you look at all the things that you have done before you came to this place of practising. All the things that pop up into your mind, it does not matter in what fashion or order they come to your mind allow it to happen. Don't deny it. This is part of your life, this is part of who you are. Don't deny it.

Follow this little path now as the mind takes you upon a journey, spiral inwards towards the centre of your being. It may lead you from your life of today to your life of yesterday and days before. And then it may lead you to conversations you've had, or arguments you may have had and of happy things that you may have exchanged with others. Many things follow it, do not deny it.

And then you will follow it to a place where there is one thing that goes on and on and on in your mind, one thing. Maybe a difficulty that you have, stay with this. And the next step is yours, I will leave you with it for a moment. (There is a long silence while the group follows their own path.)


Songee: Would you make for a little bit of the music that is of the fairies. It's nice to have the little fairies dancing around you.

(The music begins to play.)

Songee: That was a very short time to be practising. When you learn to practice you will learn to practise a little more and a little more, and a little more each time, until you can learn to sit in the place of silence for as long as you need to be in it. Now it is important that you now communicate that you use the words now to speak of what you find. You are back now.

So who would like to speak? (Long silence.)

Start with the beginning times. First of all there was the sounds around you outside of you and then the physical self. I am not going to do the speaking for you, you must do it for yourself. This is your lessons of communications, not I. So...

I'd like to know why my fingers haven't stopped moving, since you started talking.

Songee: Close your eyes, go inside and feel. What is coming to you? What is the feeling that is coming to you? What do your fingers feel as though they want to do?


Songee: They want to talk. Keeping your eye closed. Let your fingers now, let them talk. What do they want to say? Do they want to dance? Find the words of feeling to express what you feel... Don't be afraid...

Give me your hand. (Songee has gone over to where the person is sitting) This is what your hands are wanting to say, is it not? To touch for you, to know, to feel the Power it comes to you from the Oneness through your being, bringing you knowledge, bringing the Power to you so that you can reach out. And so this is how you communicate, you reaching out, touching. And you can touch Songee anytime you like. You can touch the tree, you can touch the earth and my children of the earth - all have the energy of Songee. And so do you, you also are a child of Songee. And especially so because you are born in this life as woman-kind. So... (Songee returns to the chair She was sitting on).

This is it - communication. The touching, touch each other, share yourselves with each other because this is what it is. (Many people are crying.) To go within, to find the silence and then to come out of the silence and to communicate with the feelings that you have found within and the feeling is what? It is Love. The silence within is Love. And when you have found it then all around you is light and sound and you are light and sound, living in the kernel of silence that is love. And when you are in this place of being you can walk through your life every step you take you will leave a footprint of light and of sound just like the fairy creatures and then others will come to you because you will be giving this light and sound and they will feel it.

All those Souls who are lost, that have lost their way as you have once lost your way, will come across your footprints and will follow them until they find you. So.

And remember all time that everything is Love - the healing that is channelled through you to others, the words that come out of your mouth to bring healing to others, all of it - it is part of the Dance of Love, the place of love...

That is all I came to teach for you this night, what have you for I? (There is lots of quiet talking in the background.)

So let us return to the investigation a little more of how others have been feeling within, how they found themselves in the place of Silence. Communication begins with this (Songee touches the lips) and then ends up with this (Now Songee touches the heart). So this little one began with this and ended up with this. Who is next?


I realise the truth of what you are saying, I am very physically tired, I (?) that you spoke of. I really finding the time in this life now to stop and devote to the Silence. So busy and especially the partner I live with, husband I live with. I keep asking him to slow down. How can I manage this? At this point in his life he can't seem to, and it's not for me to control him.

Songee: I have given to you before time about woman-kind. Many times have I given you this - woman-kind have the Power. Man-kind also have Power however it is woman-kind that has the most important Power, the Power of creation, of leading the way, of showing the way. And because you have this Power it is part of your destiny as woman-kind to bring this teach to whoever and whomsoever need it, whether that be your partner in life or the child that comes to you. It is you who must set the example, you teach by example, you teach by doing, by demonstrating, by being. You have the concept incorrectly about there being 'no time' in this life you live to find the Silence, because without the Silence you cannot go beyond time, do you understand? So it becomes more important to find the Silence than it does to be trapped in the coils of time, you understand? Consider your life and consider it well and look very closely at it, examine it very carefully, and discover for yourself just what part of it is not completely necessary at one particular point and exchange that for time of your own to sit to find the Silence.

Now it may be that you only have one half of one of your hours of your day with which to give this to yourself, that is sufficient, to begin with it is sufficient, because once you make the decision to find the Silence and then you make the action to go to find the Silence then you will find the Silence and within the Silence, in a place of 'no-time' you will discover how better manage the other problems that have been plaguing you in your life - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Do you understand? Without that place of 'no-time' you are locked in the coils of time, and you will become very weary very quickly and you will become very old very quickly, not necessary old in your physical body you will become old in your Soul, and tired, exhausted because all time you are fighting and battling the forces of time.

I am going to draw your attention to the physical being of the Organism for a moment. What manner of time piece have Organism got?

She hasn't got one, even the one at home doesn't keep the right time.

Songee: However apart from occasional leaps in the process, time is for the most part honoured, is it not?

Yes it is.

Songee: It is disconcerting for some to communicate somethings with Organism because time does not exist for Organism in the same manner as it does for others and so sometimes weeks of your earth life, many moons have past and other times only moments - and the awareness is such that it has transcended time and gone backwards and forwards and here and there and thither and so on. So it can be very disconcerting for those who communicate sometimes very confusing, it matters not. Far as the physical body is concerned it is passing through the life, honouring all that has to be honoured for that moment of that life as well as it is able to be honoured. Time has no, has no domination, do you understand? No domination. On the few occasions, the rare occasions when time becomes dominant, very rare occasions, then usually chaos ensues. However when the Organism disciplines themself to go back to the silence and to let go of all the nonsense of time their equilibrium returns.

Practice it, it works. Put away your timepieces, throw them away. Learn to manage without them dominating you, learn to listen to what your body is telling you, and your body will tell you what time your day is passing through. Notice I say, what time your day is passing through, not what time you are passing through. You don't have to pass through any time at all, your day will pass through it, and all you have to do is to look in on it now and again to see where it is. It is a very good system.

I have been practising it for some time and it works very well, because then there becomes enough time for whatever you need to do.

Songee: That is exactly right. And everything that you want to achieve and need to achieve - So be it. Supposing you come to the end of the passage of time or one of your earth days and you look back and you say, "I didn't do this job, I didn't do that job." And you say to yourself, "I mustn't need to do them. So they will be done as the need arises." And so perhaps you can say that you might address the need on the morrow, the next time that you day opens itself to its wakening time, and you can pop up and have a look and say, "I will begin that now", and you proceed. Don't worry about whether it will be finish or not because you know it will be finish. Know it will be finish.

This means that you do not need to control things. It means that you can relax and enjoy your life and enjoy the challenges that your life has for you, including the ups and the downs. And when you look upon others that are locked in the coil of time you will see them from your place of silence. When they are ready they may look for their place of silence and go off to find it. However you cannot give it to them before they are ready. You have to live the example, you have to be the example, do you understand? When you are being the example that is all the teaching you need to do. Very simple.

What of the others?

What about you D?

Oh it just seems so tough sometimes, you know. Especially when somethings has been niggling for ah years and years and you just can't, can't work it out. And then it goes away and then it comes back again, ah, it's pretty tough.

Find the Silence, get the answer

Songee: You have to follow it into the silence. This starts at the outside with all the noises. Then you start to go and you follow the physical things, then you have all the little and emotional things that come that follow and so it goes like this until it comes down into the centre and there it circles. Now this is where you are with this thing that comes back and goes away and comes back and goes away and so on. This is the place that you are being. Notice that I am saying this is the place you are being. In this place of circling.

The next step is to say, "Oneness I am getting dizzy." And then you step off into the Silence. And the Silence can be for you in many ways. Some peoples feel it first as darkness, a wall of darkness that envelopes them. They may feel as though they are floating and drifting in this warm darkness. And then comes the Light and the Light starts to grow, and the feeling that comes with the Light is the sound of the Light, the Sound of Silence. And the Sound and the Light and the feeling, are Love. And in that place of being you will discover the answer to that situation and question and happening that was making you dizzy before you stepped off, to the Silence.

Now, the curiosity about human-kind is that very often even though they do practice this and go into the Silence and they find the answer, when they come back out into the chaos that is their life around and about them, they deny the answer that they discovered in the Silence. They discount it, and they put it aside as nonsense, or they put it aside as something that they cannot possibly manage to do - or something similar. What you have to do is say to yourself, "What is it that I am doing?" Some people will go into the Silence and discover something that is inside of them that requires forgiveness, forgiveness of somebody that has done them a great harm. Something that ordinarily your peoples around and about you would look askance of you were you to say that you were going to forgive these peoples for their bad deeds to you. However when you come out the Silence with the knowledge that you have the solution to your difficulty -Is to forgive, very often human-kinds say, "Oh I couldn't possibly forgive them what they did was so terrible to I. I will never forgive them." And in this very words they deny the answer, the gift of love that was given to them in the Silence. They deny it, they discount it and they push it away. And then they want to know, "How is it that I can't get rid of this problem." It is because that which is given is not heeded, it is not actioned.

When you learn what it is you must do - that is what you must do. There is no such thing as trying to do something. I have given you this beforetime. You cannot 'try' to do something. You will never succeed, you will never do it. However when you have the council and you know what to do then you go and you do it and then something starts to happen - changes start to take place, miracles start to come. The biggest one is that you are actually doing something instead of trying to. That is the biggest miracle of everything. And so your life turns around and become very different from the way it was before time, and you sit there in great surprise and say to yourself, "Oh my goodness look at this, isn't this wonderful." And do you know that this wonder can become very addictive. You can get quite used to it so that you want more of it. "More please." And so you go into the Silence more, you talk to the Oneness more, and you come out with more answers that you then action. And you can have a lot of fun doing that. And your people in spirit will help you with this, they will help you to find the Silence and sometimes when you have become very adept at finding the Silence you will beable to say to them in the middle of chaos, "I need the Silence quickly help me find it." And you will go into it like that. (Songee snaps the fingers.)

Find the Silence, find the No-time, get the answer. Come back and do it.

And in the real-time you will discover that only moments have passed not the hours of your earth-time that you may imagine will have passed.

Practise it. Stop denying the answers that you find in the Silence.

It is the holding onto the old habits and the old ways of being that hold you back, that keep you going round in this circle, that keep this problem from going away, that make it keep coming back to you. Do you understand?

Forgiveness... Love... Very Powerful things and woman-kind have it in abundance, this ability to Forgive and to Love. How many female-kinds have you learned of in your life who have remained with a man-kind or somebody in their life who is not kind to them, who perhaps makes the fist to hit the body or the fist with the word to hit the body and the Soul and the mind. And you say to yourself, "How is it that this woman-kind stays with this?" It is because of this inherent capacity to forgive and to love. What this woman-kind needs is to be taught how to be strong and to stand tall in their power, so that they can continue to love and to forgive and also when necessary to walk away, understand?

Would you please explain more about walking away?

Love and Forgiveness

Songee: Sometimes it requires the strength of love and forgiveness so that you can walk away. As long as you do not forgive you are tied to the one that you do not forgive. You have an invisible binding to them that tethers you to them as surely as a chain with tether you to a rock. You are a prisoner, a prisoner of your own emotion and you have the power to release yourself. All of you who live upon this planet, man-kind and woman-kind have within them this power to learn to forgive and to love.

All of you have a relationship, a very important relationship one that all time must be honoured however for the lost past it is neglected - and this is your relationship with Oneness and with yourself. You have within you a triune power - a power of male and female both, and a child. The female power has the ability to nurture, it has the ability to forgive and to love, and it has the ability to talk to Oneness. And the male power within you, it has the ability to talk to the child and to talk to the woman-kind - the woman power within, however it needs the woman power to be conjoined with it, to talk to the Heavens, to talk to Oneness.

Now, the female powers says to the male power, "Forgive and love". And the male power says, "I cannot forgive and love because .." , whatever reason, and will give many reasons. And the child says, "I'm not going to forgive anybody so there!" And the woman-kind says, "You need to teach the child how to love and to forgive, and you need to learn to how to love and forgive yourself". And by example the woman power will guide the male power into learning how to do this until there is balance between them and then they both say to the child, "You will learn and you will forgive because this is the way of being, and this is how you need to manage your life". So the male-power then learns from the woman-power how not to be a prisoner, how not to be locked in the cycle of non-forgiveness, of time, how not to locked and controlled, not to be a prisoner now of control, you understand? And this is true when you extend this out to your relationships around and about you. This is true also.

Now this does not mean just relationships between man and woman-kind, this means relationships between all peoples. It may be between two man-kinds or two woman-kinds, it matters not because always there is one who is more female than the other one in their way of being. Do you understand? So it matters not what the physical is, what matters what is inside. And any relationship that you have whether it be with another or within yourself, you must learn this balance so that you learn to forgive and release yourself and let those chains go.

Forgiveness breaks the chains of bondage that you have. It lets you free from that dungeon of pain, of misery... of self pity. Because when you set yourself free in this manner you cease to say, "Oh poor I." There becomes no more poor I because you then can say, "I have forgiven, truly, truly forgiven and I am now free." And you can then say, "Thank you, thank you for being part of this life that I have lived and teaching me this wonderful lesson of forgiveness, thank you." And then the Light will come into you, you will feel the power and the energy come into you.

Teaching the partner-of-life

How often in your life do you encourage your partner-of-life to just sit with you, hold the hand and say nothing?

Songee would you please say, say what, please say tell me again. Say what.

Songee: What is it you want me to say?

When you say hold hands and say ...


...occasionally they feel irritated or they get feed up with it and that's female stuff, they are not into it really. (This is another person speaking.)

Songee: Listen to the words that you're speaking, you are making excuses for them about how it is they will not want to do it. How are they going to learn to do it unless you teach them. You have to take the child by the hand and lead it to the place that you want it to be and sit it down and be very patient with it and say, "Come be in this place with I for a moment." It maybe that they only last for half of your one minute of your life, that is enough. The next time you do it they might last for two one halves of your minute, it that not so? And so you practise with them having this time of no-time.

How often do you just sit in nothing?

I have just begun to do it. And the other thing that is happening is that this time is being respected now which it never was before.

Do you mean that you put the television on and things like this?

Um no. I don't do it during that time unless I leave, because I don't enjoy television so I leave. I am talking about other times.

Like when?

Just whenever the feeling takes me.

Are asking your partner, you husband...?

No I just demonstrate it myself. I haven't included him in it yet.

Oh I see. If he's anything like mine he won't even notice. (Laughter) It's a fact we have been married 36 years they just don't notice do they.

Well actually they do.

Songee: Perhaps it is time to help them to notice. Perhaps now is the time of your life your earth life for you to practise this teaching so that the other can learn. Before time, this night, you express that you were deeply concerned because the other would not do certain thing in a certain manner, how is this one going to learn unless you teach?

It's a real hard call that one.

Songee: I didn't say it was going to be easy. The answer is simple, the method is not all time easy because human-kind imagine all manner of things and reasons for not doing it. Excuses - you have this word, you excuse yourself many things. And remember that while you are busy excusing yourself from all of these many things you are also excusing yourself from your own life path. And all those things that you excuse yourself from you will have to come and redo in another life because you did not do them in this life. And so - and this is not karma, this is something that you have set for yourself, lessons of your own life... (Very long silence.)

Organism need adjustment to this. (Songee is doing something to Roberta-Margaret's throat.)

So you need to honour your life, you understand? When you do not honour the Earth life then you must come back and repeat the lessons that you did not learn.

Have to continue to make adjustment keep managing it.

I feel very happy to listen to the lesson you teach us tonight because I used to be very talkative. And I um I be silent, however I always fail. Today I listen to your lessons I feel I have strength to make it. I feel appreciate. I feel maybe it is the one reason I am so tired because I like to talk too much.

Songee: Remember before time I say to you that you will get the tired and that soreness of the body because you do not find the Silence, you do not find the no-time.


Songee: When you are locked in the coils of time this is when you have the difficulties.

Coil - what this mean?

Songee: Like the snake has coils...

Oh I see. Yes, yes I understand.

Songee: There is one who not communicate at all yet.

(This person laughs.)

Tonight has been informative from the point of view of on Monday and Tuesday nights I do a night class in animation and before that between work and the class, I spend some time in the Parnell Rose Gardens in just space and I have been working towards this Silence you speak of and it's been nice to have the clarification cos the feeling that's coming out of it is very much of the peace and love that you speak of.

Songee: And the more that you find of the Silence the more you will discover that you can let go of control, and then you will achieve all the things that you dream about, more swiftly than you can imagine at this moment - believe it.


Channelling Healing Energies

Songee I have many friends who feel they are not healthy, ah I somehow realise I can do the Channelled Healing at home. However last time I ask you about this you say I can't. Ah when can I do it at home for my friend?

Songee: You are coming very close to it. Not just yet. Very soon.

Mmm OK.

Songee: You are closer now than before time, give yourself a little bit longer to practise and to learn to touch.

Mm When you say touch would you please explain what?

Songee: The physical body that lives upon the life requires sometimes the touch of another human being, very gentle sometimes, very soft, however it is a comfort. Even those Souls that sit and profess that they do not want to be touched by you or anybody else because they have been hurt by somebody upon their life, their physical self have been hurt.

Oh I see.

Songee: And they might feel that they do not want to be touch however even though those Souls need physical contact of another human being. It is only that they do not reconised it. And they need it to be coming to them when the purity of the Love that comes from the Oneness. And with the healing that is channelled then they can be assured that that touching that you are offering to them is coming with love from the Oneness not from your physical being to their physical being and yet your hands maybe touching their physical being. And in that touch a wealth of feeling is conveyed. Before you can learn to do this first you must overcome within yourself your own resistance to be touched and touching others. Those who do not touch when they are channelling the Healing Energies, and it is consistently and persistently demonstrated that the touching is so fleeting, if at all, then those persons must look to themself and ask themself - "How is it I am not able to touch". You cannot blame your people in spirit. Your peoples in spirit are content to use your physical hands to touch the physical body of another. They have no concern about it, they are not 'Controlled' by the inhibitions that you have on the physical plane. Their intent is pure, they know their intent is pure and they offer it in purity. So where does the barrier come? It must come from within you. Must it not? Something within you is preventing this from taking place, so you must look to yourself. And it is this that you must overcome, you must master before you are ready to channel on your own.

I feel happier not to hurt people.

Songee: You are getting better at it, you are coming closer to it. However ...

Something I like (?) right away but I feel well maybe it would be (?).

Songee: This is correct and you must of course honour the Earth and sometimes the inhibitions of others at the moment, so that although you might desire to put your arms around and give love to somebody with affection, sometimes it is not correct to do it at that moment and it may never be correct to do it with that particular person because they are not ready to receive it.

Yes I can tell I...

Songee: And you use your knowing to sense and to respect it. This is different. However when you are learning to be a channel somebody comes to you and says they want to come to sit for the energies of healing that are channelled - do they not. You don't, you don't drag somebody from the street into your home and say, "Sit down there I want to channel Healing Energy for you". This would be most impolite, an infringement of their dignity, would it not? So when this takes place, it takes place with the permission of the Soul that comes to receive the energies that are channelled. This is sense is it not? And so all time you have to, you have to be aware of good sense, not nonsense.

So. You have the person who comes and sits and maybe they have received channelled healing and maybe they know all about it, maybe they know nothing - you manage it as is required at the moment that it is taking place, this meeting between yourself and this person. And they are sitting upon your seat waiting, that is when you give yourself to Oneness for the purpose of being the channel for the Healing Energies, is it not? And so then you step forward and you begin your work. And you have a task of work to do because you have offered yourself as a channel for Healing Energy so therefore the Healing Energies are going to work their way through you for this person, and that is your job to be the intermediary between there and here. No you don't all time need a intermediary however when you are looking at this situation you are the intermediary and your hands on the physical body are comforting, soothing and they convey a wealth of energies, you understand?

Yes I understand.

Songee: And until you learn to overcome your own self consciousness, your own inhibitions, your own difficulties, then, you will be a more effective channel for the Healing Energies and then you can work by your own self. However I would council you that for the most part while you are learning in the early beginning days always endeavour to work with a partner so that you have somebody there with you to assist you whenever it is required, or simply to be just with you in the room. Because sometimes when somebody comes to you that you have not meet before they may have had a difficult life where somebody has not been kind to them and they might be a little afeared of being alone by themself with you even though they have gathered to themself the courage to come and be with you, they may still have this fear. And another person in the room with you and them can offer them the security that there is another person there on the physical plane to bear witness to anything that transpires in that room or in that place. Also to for yourself, it gives you the physical protection of the same witness so that there is always somebody there who knows other than yourself what has transpired and this is especially important when you develop, were you to develop to be a trance channelled healer. When you become this title you would be the intermediary for a person in spirit to come and channel the energies directly by using your body completely and unconsciously. And you may be completely unconscious about what is taking place therefore it is circumspect for you to have somebody else in the room to bear witness, you understand?

Yes. Thank you very much.

Songee: You have lost your fairies.

Um I have to turn them back on, turn the music back on.

Oh yeah.

Songee: However it is also important now for you to watch your time.


Questions of Spirit and Earth

Songee: Had anybody got any other questions? I know what is going to happen - you will go home and you will find lots of questions and say, "Oh I ought to have asked those questions and say, "Oh I forgot. I will ask them next time." And you forget to write them down and do not bring them. This is the way of human-kind.

Do the spirit people get married in the spirit?

Songee: There is no requirement for it. (Laughter) That is an earth requirement.

But if some spirit would like to get married to some other spirit, can they get married and make a family and make kids too?

Songee: That is the physical thing it does not happen in the spirit.

So what kind of happiness do they have in spirit?

Songee: Everything that they desire to have however when they get past the need for that they move onto another way of being, another way of understanding things.

How do they get around? Do they have parties? Or celebrations?

Songee: No, they don't need to unless they chose to. When you go into spirit there are different stages of awareness that you go into and depending upon the stage of awareness and learning that your spirit have then you will be on that level of awareness.

But if you are boring?

Songee: Next time you speak to spirit person you ask them.


Songee: Songee is not spirit person, so Songee cannot give you that answer from the mouth of spirit.

Oh OK.

Songee: Songee is not bored. Songee has much to do, shake the Earth and make mountains to spout. To move the rivers from different courses to other places of being.

Are you going to make some (?) in Auckland in New Zealand - recently?

Songee: Not at the moment. You are quite safe. You won't lose your foot in, in the floor. Your house will not get gobbled up.

Thank you very much.

Songee: Peoples do not like their house being gobbled up, I have answer for that - don't put your house where I can gobble it.

How about the United States?

Songee: Oh they put their house many place that I can gobble it up.

Yeah it happens already.

Songee: Of course because they put it where it can get gobbled.

On the all the fault lines. Very obvious where the fault lines.

Songee: I am not responsible for what man-kind does in its foolishness. The Souls of those that pass choose to be in that place because they know that they are going to be gobbled.

Because they have chosen that as their life path.

Songee: They have chosen that as their life path, their destiny and they move on from there back into spirit and then they decide where they are going to come back.

What kind of winter are we going to have?

Songee: What kind of winter would you like?

I like a warm winter.

Nice and dry please.

Not thank you I don't want a dry winter.

Songee: Do you perceive how many different opinions that man-kind do have. How can everybody be satisfied.

A gentle winter not a harsh one.

However you need to look beyond your own your own personal comfort because...

(Much discussion about what each individual would prefer.)

It's a thing of balance otherwise things get out of sync.

Songee: That is what I am here to do, is to make for the balance. So whatever is needed to be, is how it is going to be.

Last winter was very cold. This winter we are suppose to have a warm one winter.

Songee: I am not going to enter into ... (Much laughter over what Songee was saying.) You will discover as you go through it how it is going to be.

Last time what you said where (?) for the summer came true so this time I am curious.

Songee: It could come true. It is already to be, it was the way it has to be balance. There is still to be much more to come for the balance to be redressed. There has been much dryness in different portions of the planet and now there needs to be more moisture coming. There are ravishes taking place to some of my standing peoples. The children of the forest - they suffer because their homes are being destroyed and so this will be redressed. You cannot destroy and remove something without there being a result to it. Man-kind must learn that it cannot continue to destroy in the way things without I come to balance something somewhere else. Man-kind is not yet learning of this lesson.

You destroy my children, I destroy your children.

(A comment was made.)

Songee: It is balance, it is balance - it is not hate or dislike - it is balance. You destroy the structures that are part of the Earth and your structures must come down - in balance.

When you take things from the Earth by force then the Earth must balance by force. When you take things from the Earth with love then the Earth will give back with love - Balance.

Learn to nurture the trees, the forests and then the trees and the forests will nurture you.

Learn to honour the structures of the planet then the planet can honour your structures.

Learn to nurture and love my children of the planet and then my children in turn can nurture and love yours and so can the planet.


It is balance.

When you say balance you mean the cause and effect?

Songee: It is more than just that.

Would you please explain more about balancing. Oh now I can feel.

Songee: Hold in your hand two fruits from the tree. Take a bite out of one of them, hold it in your hand now. Imagine you have them in your hand. You can all do this, feel them in your hand... Take a bite out of one... Now feel it... What does it feel like?

You have to take a bite out of that one do you not, take a bite out of it, now it is balanced. Equal parts.

Oh yes. OK.

Songee: Same thing. So this is not dark with hatred or malice, it is only balancing. It has got complete impartiality. No judgement, it is impartial. It has to be, because without the balance it cannot exist.

So in my (?) we say creation. In my magics creation...

Songee: You can say whatever you like, in any way you like...

Or equalise.

Songee: You can put it however you wish. You can reason it to yourself however you wish.

The action is - balance. That is the action and so it must be with all your life - is balance. Do something wrong, something wrong will be done to you. Do something good, something good will be done for you. Do something extra good, something extra good will be done for you. Something bad is done to you and you do something good - what happens then? Ponder on that for a moment. That is conundrum.

What is happening there?

Shifting to a different space. It's like you are going above, or raising above what has been happening, its moving beyond it.

Songee: That is when you break free. That is the ultimate balance. That is the fulcrum on which other things, all things balance, because that is Love.

Define the word fulcrum please?

Songee: Place of balance. The place in the centre.

Oh right OK.

Songee: The place which is the centre of balance.

The hinge.

Songee: You can have whatever you name you like I giving it fulcrum, because fulcrum is the point on which all things balance and it doesn't just go that way or that way, it can spin around also.

And the next question is that you talk about balance being up or down also tell me about spinning round?

Songee: Well something that not all times take that position, sometimes it will move and go up and down and will move and go up and down. And so on. And it will move in this way so that you have many paths doing this, in the centre is the fulcrum - the pivotal point.

(A question is asked)

It's like I perceive it as a two dimensional thing, no its three. It's like it goes everywhere.

Songee: That is correct. The Earth is not flat you know!

(Laughter) No I think it is my graphic design world and what you draw on a piece of paper and how you etc.

Songee: So you have to go inside and when you get inside then you can find all the dimensions you need and see them from the inside out.

A different way of looking at things.

Songee: Oh most definitely. That is what Songee is here to give you, a different way to look at things. So that all time you not look at them from the flat side of the world.

There was um a photo I took with my camera earlier in the summer and I was out at Piha and you guys - we were talking about balance, and it was interesting. I have an idea to use it very much in an illustration in my list of ones to do, but it was where the land form was very big and justified the frame and the people were very minute and distant. (This lady is crying) And it really raised the issue of just how some people among us be like control and alter the balance of nature. Gave me the idea of just um, bought home the idea of just um the question of just who the ones are so, not in control, that is the way man seems to feel it. It is certainly not mankind. It's like needing to be a part of the balance.

Songee: It is the people who are greedy who believe that they are in control.

Yes those people.

Songee: They are greedy people and as I have saying to you before time they are not, and they will discover it by dint of experience.

You may have requirement to go to let others know that you are present.

Would you do that (I) because we are going to get locked in.

Songee: So. The only way that you can combat this is to join regardless of like mind, feeling, emotion who have a desire to prevent these greedy peoples from dominating. And when you do that and then you use the power of love and healing and being a channel for that healing energy you can safeguard much and the rest, the rest belongs to Oneness and Songee.

Songee how um on Tuesday night um I felt that we were guided to do that meditation where all of use offered ourselves as channels and did this movement meditation to channel healing energies to all the water ways of the planet, how effective were we?

Songee: Oh most effective. Many things that were incorrect were put back into balance, were assisted to come back to balance. Many things that were hurting and in pain were assisted to be free of that hurting and that pain and much was achieved, to undo some on the harm the greedy people have done.

Wonderful it was our pleasure.

Songee: Now you really must watch your time.

We must go, thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Songee: I am going to go now. There is much for you to ponder upon. So close your eyes for a moment.

And ponder on those things. And when you go into the Silence allow yourself to bring with you when you come out of it the Joy of the connection with the Love that is therein. Don't forget the enjoyment, it is so important to your physical being and your emotional being, to bring the Joy with you into your life.

I am going to go now and I leave you with the Power of the Love and the Joy, and the Power to set yourselves free.


So Be It

While we have our eyes closed we need to bring the colours back inside of ourselves,

So we begin by asking all those in Spirit to come close one more time, so that all together as one we thank the Creator the source of all Light and Love and Power, for all the things and all the lessons and the understanding we have received here this evening that it may help us in times to come during our days and weeks and months. We say thank you and So Be It.

We say thank you to those in Spirit who have come here to help us and be with us tonight and ask you to stand back please. We say thank you to our guides and helpers and acknowledge that you walk with us in our daily lives and ask you to stand back please. We say thank you to our Doorkeepers and Guardians and acknowledge that you walk with us in our daily lives also and ask you to stand back just for a moment.

Now we bring the colours back inside of ourselves and the last is first -

So bring back inside the pure white light and allow it to flow in through the crown chakra like liquid silk filling up all the nooks and crannies, inside of you, so there are no spaces.

Now we bring back the purple colour. So allow it to flow in through the Crown Chakra...


(The rest of the closing was not recorded however we conclude -)

like liquid silk ... Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
Now the colour INDIGO, flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk ... down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
Now the colour BLUE, flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk ... down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
Now the colour GREEN, flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk ... down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
Now the colour YELLOW, flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk ... down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
Now the colour ORANGE, your Chakras are beginning to slow down now, as the colour ORANGE flows in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk... down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
Now as the last colour flows back into our body our Chakras will slow down to a vibration that is comfortable for us at THIS time of our day.
The colour RED now flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk ... spiralling down touching each of the Chakras in turn, leaving a little of itself behind as it goes on down to the feet, and back into the earth.
So completing the cycle,
We say Thank You for all we have learnt and discovered, and for the assistance we have received
And we are now prepared to go forth and Honour our Earth Lives.

Roberta-Margaret returns. And is asked if she was able to hear what went on here. Roberta-Margaret said she had been out with some whales spending some time with them. They went to some other place where it was very bright, there were two suns. The government was arguing about the same things that the Japanese are arguing about down here. They are related, their notions and the way they look at things are the same as the outlook and reasoning as the Japanese people. We were steering the whales always from where they were going to be poached.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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