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Learning the Lessons of Life

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Learning the Lessons of Life'.
A Teaching from Songee, 6th June 1998.


The Energy of Songee
Did we come from other Planets
Where the Soul goes at Death
HIV Virus
Reincarnation - Learning the lessons
Righteous Anger & Personal Anger


Songee I've got a question. When a person passes over, some people believe in being cremated and some buried. What's... is there a better way or, for the Soul?

Songee: Once the Soul have leave the physical body, it has no import what you do with the remains. Provided you honour the remains.

Does it need a certain time?

Songee: It is important to allow at least three of your earth day to pass before you dispose of the physical body. This allow for all residue of spiritual energy to withdraw from the body on all, all levels. And then what you do is entirely how you prefer to have the remain disposed of.

The Energy of Songee

Do you have a counterpart on other planets?

Songee: Do I have a counterpart?

Do you have a similar energy form on other planets?

Songee: Ah I believe that there is an energy for each planet.

But you don't know?

Songee: I have not been to them. I understand there is so because Oneness tell me so. I not go to visit. I am not that sort of energy.

Are there places where you can feel that energy more than others?

Songee: It is possible to feel the energy more in certain places than others, that is so.

Is nature one of those places?

Songee: Is nature...

And in the seas?

Songee: I am nature. So indeed, where ever there is trees, where ever there is earth, where ever there is creature walking upon it, then you will find the Power, the Energy that is Songee. In your own home, in the place outside, if you can put your hands in the soil, you put your hands into Songee. So you can gather to yourself, in your own place of living, an Energy, you understand, that is equally as great as it is in the mountains.

Songee is it true that the Soul never dies?

Songee: That is most true, it continues on.

The way we are screwing up this planet do you die?

Songee: I do not die, I am energy. I am not having life as you understand, I am only energy. I do not die. This planet will not die. The people upon it will come and go, Songee energy not go. There are other names in mankind's knowing that have been giving me different name. So if you know me by this name you may call me by this name if you are more comfortable to do so. That is answer to question someone have.

Did we come from other planets?

Did we come here from other planets?

Songee: AH now we get into something that is very interesting. Some people accept the knowing that earth was seeded by people from another world. Other people do not want to know about it at all and that is, that is as it is. It is not right or wrong, it is. However, other people came to this planet and seeded it. There were original people living upon this planet that were intermingled with the visitors.

Where was it that they came from?

Songee: There have been several visitations from different planet. There is a visitation of some people from a star system that you know as Cereus. There is, there is people who have visited from the star system that you know as the Pleiades and there are people who have visited from much further away even than that. You have no name for this system.

Is there another earth the same as this?

Songee: There is not another planet that is exactly the same as this. There are other planets that contain the same... the same, elements that humankind require for breathing to live.

Thank you.

Where the Soul goes at Death

Songee you know when our Soul dies we go on different planes, different levels of planes, our Soul goes to different levels...

Songee: Are you telling me?

I am asking you.

Songee: Are you asking me this so?

Which one is my son on?

Songee: You are asking if, first of all if there are different planes that the Soul do travel an, is this so?

That goes to when they...

Songee: When you pass from you physical body and you go into spirit, you return to the Oneness. I know not of a preference for one plane or another. What occurs is that the Soul returns to spirit and depending upon the amount of learning that it have within itself, then it vibrate at a certain, certain level, and the one of whom you are speaking, is on, if you want to have numbers, is on number three.

The learning process that takes the Soul to that vibrational level is of number three.

Thank you.

HIV Virus

Ah yes, two questions if I may. One is HIV man made, and two is it curable?

Songee: It is made by man and the cure already was in existence when man, con... I have not this word...

When they made it, concoction?

Songee: That is the word.


Songee: That's the word, when they mix it together and it was made loose amongst the creatures are then the creatures got loose and this goes back many of your earth year. When you planet, peoples of your planet were at war with each other, and there is an answer to it however it is convenient to some that there is no answer to it at this time. There is deep concern among people who govern the countries of your planet about the amount of people, human kind who are inhabiting this planet and they desire for there to be less.

Songee they say that a more lethal disease will affect us, a victim, is not true, that will reduce the numbers on this planet?

Songee: There are already taking place within mankind the changes that will be discovered of illnesses that mankind have develop that they do not have answer for. As they manage to find answers for some so others will came to the fore... Moment please...

(Songee pauses, she appears to be listening to someone in spirit.) It is important that you do not live in fear of what might be. If you live in fear you will bring to yourself what it is that you fear. It is better that you let go of your fears. Allow yourself to live your life in fullness, in love and no fear. You could make for yourself a great hurting of you head if you worry about all that might take place in mankind that is negative. You understand? So it is important that you focus yourself upon the positive in your life. The negative energy will always be there to try to trip you up and to cause you not to, not to heed the lessons that your life is trying to teach you. Does that answer your question a bit better?

Yes it does.

Songee: You might have to shout I cannot hear everybody.

Reincarnation - Learning the lessons

Is there a certain amount of time that we will come back to this plane of, for this planet as a reincarnation.

Songee: How often do you want to come?

Is it until we learn what there is to learn?

Songee: It is important that you learn as much as possible in each life that you have. That you live it and experience it to its fullest, not worry about what is to come. You have only got one life to live and that is the one you are living in now. You understand? Any more life that is to come is governed by how much you learn now and what happens to you in your other times is governed by, I not take any notice. (Songee is commenting on the background noise that made the conversation almost unhearable at times.) It is governed by what you decide you want to learn next time you come. So you can come as often as you like.



Songee: Now we have this question of the seeking of things. Seeking a, of the path to enlightenment. How do human-kind embark upon this path of enlightenment? Usually because they fall over it. Seemingly quite by accident.

I say to you, there is no such thing as accident. No such thing as chance. Every time that something do happen upon your life, ask yourself - "What is the lesson, what is the message that is being given to me this day?" Because, all time there is a message and a lesson there for you to learn.

Every single one of you that steps upon the path of enlightenment, is beginning a journey, a journey of self discovery. Not a journey, of, everybody else discovery. A journey of self discovery. And as you learn to discover yourself and your own power and your own strength, then, again something really beautiful starts to happen. Inside of you, your Soul, that has been moving through life, at, just a gentle pace, and moving like this. (Songee makes slow rippling motion with the hand.) Glowing a little, like the embers of a fire that are almost going out, only not quite, just glowing nicely. And most of the time human-kind are content to just glow like this,... understand? The path of enlightenment is not easy. Because when you then step upon the path, what happens to these coals? (Songee demonstrates by holding the coals in the hands) To this little fire?

They become a big fire.

Songee: How does it do that? What does it need to become a big fire? (Songee blows air through the lips onto 'the coals in the hand'.)


(Songee continues blowing!!)


Songee: Breath, The Holy Breath. The Breath of Life. This what it needs. The Breath of Truth, and this is blown onto the 'Embers of the Soul', and then there is no looking back.

Once you step upon the path, there is no going back. Know this thing, it is inevitable, that you will go this way. (Songee makes forwards movements with the hands.) Occasionally human-kind, will say, "Oh my goodness!, it is going too fast, it's far too hot for me, I can't manage it, it is 'out of control'."

(The students laugh.)

It sounds familiar doesn't it?

Songee: And I say to you, it does not work. You cannot throw the water on these 'coals of the soul',' that have been fanned to life by the Breath of 'The Holy Breath'. Doesn't work. All that happens is that the water nourishes and gives energy, for the coals to get hotter, to burn more fiercely, to move forward. So you begin, to glow brighter, and brighter. And so when people come and encounter you, after you have been on the path a short time... a very short time... instead of finding this little coals glowing nicely, they encounter this warmth, and this light, that they have not encountered within you before. And they are drawn to it, because it is LOVE, and when there is LOVE, there is no room for anger, hatred, jealousy, greed. No room because the coals of light burn it all away.


Songee: Have you heard of ALCHEMY?

(Some of the people have, some haven't.)

Songee: Would someone like to explain what is alchemy?


Songee: That is the word you have this time. In times past, alchemy was a word that was applied to the magic of the realm, to things that people did not understand, and what it pertains, to, is the changing, the transmutation of some substance, of something from one way of being, into another way of being. You understand? So what takes place when you step on the path of enlightenment is in the old fashion word, alchemy, where you are transformed from this way into, this way. From one way of being into a new way of being.

And how do you get this alchemy to start? By learning how to use the correct words in your vocabulary in your every day language. Changing your words. How you use them, when you use them to people, so that they hear you differently. You understand?

They don't then hear, what they have been hearing from you before, they hear kindness, they hear consideration. They hear interest, and love and not only do they hear these things, they also will FEEL these things. And you, as the giver, of these words, also, will learn to hear and to feel inside of you, as you practice.

It is not simple matter to do this, you have to practice it. Changing the words that you are using, changing the words of 'should' and 'shouldn't'. First of all, pick a word that you would like to use, to become a habit, in place of those words, and use it; all the time, every conversation you have with anybody, anywhere, in your life. And change the word 'think', because when you have the word 'think' in your language, of every day, it always follows on in your language with 'should' and 'shouldn't', somewhere. I think, I should have done that! I don't think, I should have done that! Do you think I ought to... So instead of 'should', you can say ought, or ought not.

Too many times in this world that you have living in now, there are short cuts of speaking words. You understand?


Songee: Many, many moons past, many moons past, human-kind did not use less words to speak, they used more words to speak, and people of your planet now don't use the same words because they are, too busy going fast. I say to you, slow down. Consider your words.

Words to use, consider and ponder.

These are words that take you into your feelings, not into your mind. You use the mind. (Songee touches the head.) To process these things, however you need to use your feelings to express how you feel about those ideas that you get in your mind. Do you understand? So by practicing all of this, you can learn to change, how people behave towards you. How people deal with you, or you deal with other people.


Songee: It effects every moment of your time, of your interactions with others, no matter how seemingly small those interactions are. When you go to your place of trading and you want to purchase something, from this place of trading, how often do you go in to these places and you say, Well I don't know what I want, I think I want this. I should get that. How much better might it be were you to say, I don't really know what I want, however what I want to achieve is this... , have you any suggestions? It may be that you want to have the soft paper to wipe you bottom, not the crunchy paper to wipe your bottom.

The students laugh.

Songee: So, you say, "I'm wanting something soft, where might I find it?" Where would it be in your place of trading? Then the person says "Oh!, it's just over here." They don't say to you, unless course they are ignorant, they don't say to you, "Oh, I think it's over there." Either they know, or they don't know and you can say to them, "Well is it or isn't it, do you know, or do you not know." Very simple! They can say to you, "Well I'm not sure, I do believe it's over there. I'll go and look, or you go and look." Or, "We, will go and look." And you have COMMUNICATION. This wonderful thing, that happens between people when they start to be nice to each other. This wonderful thing, beautiful, and before you know where you are, over something so very trivial and small you have made a friend. And next time you go back to this place of trading the person sees you and remembers you, remembers you face, and is pleased to see you. It just happens that way, because your light, is glowing, so they are attracted to you.


Songee: So how does that all fit with how you were saying before about allowing? I did hear you...


Songee: Which is allowing, accepting, allowing. Accepting... (Songee pauses to give time for understanding of this and then continues.)

And then you move on from there. Accept and then you need to heal. You cannot just accept, because sometimes when you accept you also accept the pain, the resentment, the anger, that has all come inside of you. Be careful of what it is that you are accepting. Acceptance is, good, however, know what you are accepting and when you have accepted, then you need to sit down and talk to yourself about whether or not you want to continue with the acceptance.

This is called management, not control. Control, accepts and doesn't do anything more about it, and says, "I've accepted it there is nothing else I can do about it." This is wrong reasoning. Understand? You accept, initially you accept and then you have to sit down and feel through everything, and say to yourself, "Now I have accepted, the event. I've accepted the pain. I've accepted everything that has happened with it, however I now no longer want to have it with me, so now I am going to change it. I am going to apply, the alchemy of transmutation, and I am going to change all this and heal myself, and let all of this go back into the Universe."

The energy of it can go back into the Universe and be made into something beautiful and good for others, to have. It does not have to be left inside of you. You understand? This is the art of management. Not stopping at something. Controlling gives you boundaries that are inflexible, walls around you. Management, allows those, 'not walls', boundaries yes! You need some boundaries, some discipline. However they are flexible, they move. They flow, and they move around you. Whatever way they need them to move. You understand?

And as you learn more and more, it will make your light glow. Those boundaries move out further and further... And you can feel them moving out. (Songee moves the arms slowly outward to the fullest extent.) Until they are so far out, that it doesn't matter where they are, because anybody, that comes within-side of them, comes into this light that you are sending out. Comes into this love that you are sending out, that you are allowing to be out here... (Songee extends the arms out wide.)

I hear this little voice saying, "That sounds very beautiful, and very nice, however, it sounds far too difficult." This is understood, however before you can get to this. (Songee expands the arms very wide.) You understand? Before you can get to this, you must practice these little steps, as you move along the path of enlightenment, and that will lead to this, expansion. Understand? In the fullness of time you will come to this expansion. All you have to know is that it is possible, and then forget about it, and practice, each of the little steps, one at a time. Before you know where you are, where you have been like this. (Songee makes the hands close together.) You will be like this. (And expands the arms outward.) Then you will be like this.


Songee: Human-kind go through their life, most of the time, without taking any notice upon what is happening around and about them. They do not have consideration of matters that touch their life, lightly. They only have, consideration of matters that come and 'smack them in the face' then they take notice! What Songee would like for you to learn, is, to take notice of the little things and in this way you don't have to have too many smack in the face.

(The students laugh.)

Songee: You have less 'smack in the face' which for you is far more comfortable, than the other way. It means, for instance, when you practice this other way, that, you can learn to overcome the little difficulties that come to you in your life and now you may say to yourself, "Oh, but I don't have any difficulties. I manage everything." Although YOU will not use the word 'manage', you will use the word 'control'. I know this thing!!! It is not a good word. When you have control of something, in the fullness of time, always, you will lose control. It is inevitable, it will happen. You will loose control, because you have everything so controlled. So how do you do, without this. You say to yourself, "I have got to have this, in this way, and I have to have that in this way. And if I don't do it in all of this ways, I will lose control." I say to you, of course this is the way it is, however when you approach it from another direction, and you look at with different eyes and a different heart and you apply your feeling to it then, you have this wonderful thing that takes place.

It is called MANAGEMENT, and you manage something, and supposing it does not quite come to pass the way you first imagined it ought to happen, so what! Change it! Change yourself to suit the way that it is going. Or stop and discard it altogether and say, "Oh my goodness that didn't quite work, that's not the right thing to so I won't do it, I will do something else."

This is not control, this is management. Discard what does not work, keep that which does work. Not control. Control is, "I'm going to do it this way. I'm going to make it work and it is the only way I'm going to do it". And then one day something else comes along and it changes all the components and suddenly it doesn't work anymore and you are sitting there saying to yourself, "It should work, it should work, it had always worked before, so it should work. I don't understand, why it is not working now." So how many times have you done for this?

The students agree, Many times.

Songee: Ah, many times, I know it, I see it, many times done for this, through time past. So, what's wrong with all of this... ?

Look also at the words that you give to yourself. The words of criticism, the words of pain. The should, the shouldn't, the think, the try and the why.

How often do you say to yourself, 'Why did that happen, why did that person do that, why did I do that?" How often do you say this?


So you still feel angry, and every time the word is used to you, 'WHY', you feel that you must give an answer, do you not? However Songee say to you why are you still asking the question. This is because inside of you, as in most humankind, this is a lesson I'm giving you, you understand. Inside of you, there is this, programming to respond, to the 'why', to justify yourself to the person that is asking 'Why'. Now the person that is asking 'Why' is making the other have to make a response of some description. Quite often most of the time, the person that have transgressed, that have created this Why question in the first place, doesn't know, 'Why' And supposing they have some idea of, 'Why' they will not say, because they are frightened, that supposing they give an answer, whatever the truth may be, they will be rejected. So you have a number of things taking place here. First of all you have the person who has been hurt, wanting to have an answer and the person who have created the hurting, is also hurting themselves and they don't know how to give an answer. They have no way of giving it. It can be for all sorts of reasons, the main one is because of FEAR. Now, you may never have your answer to this particular 'Why'. Having said that, you now have something, so that you can find out from people, 'Why' they do things, without asking 'Why'. You understand?

Righteous Anger & Personal Anger

Two students were speaking with SONGEE about a personal difficulty in carrying out an action.

Songee: And the reason it has not come to this yet is because of your conflict.

Yes, right, because I knew that there was a pause in it.

Songee: Because you could not move forward until you sorted this out inside your being.


Songee: There is no conflict in the other.

No I know.

Songee: There is only conflict for you-self because of your own discomfort about certain aspects of it. It is not because you are uncomfortable about these aspects, it is because you are uncomfortable with anger!


Songee: Anger that is displayed about other things and other peoples. It makes you uncomfortable, you also. (To the other student.)

I like everything to be smooth...

Songee: However with righteous anger...

As you felt the other day. (Speaking to the other student who says)

My uncomfortableness is that it may get out of hand.

When you loose control of it, eh?

Songee: When there is righteous anger there is only one energy that is Master.


That is Oneness.

Songee: Oneness. Personal affronts do not enter into righteous anger and actions that are taken with righteous anger do not, contain any reflection of personal affronts. No matter what anyone may decide for themself. The person knows within their own being whether or not their own person affronts have been carried into the action or not and if they say to you, NO and they can show to you NO, this action is because of this not because of this. (Songee shows one on the one hand and the other on the other hand.) Certainly I am feeling this however the purpose for this action is because of this. Because it is right and just as this is what is to take place. Not because of this. Because the affronts are not material. And they have no bearing on it because the spirit self forgives any affront and no matter how long it takes, the spiritual self will forgive the affront. However sometimes an action needs to be taken, out of righteous anger by, Oneness to correct something that has been, topsy-turveyed. You understand?


Songee: And it is the Oneness that brings about the righteous anger. When you perceive yourself being, observed and at risk and all the peoples around you, at risk of being observe and possibly attacked, Oneness came and opened your heart and your mind and said, NO, these people are under my protection. Because the blessing have been given to invoke the power of Oneness, to protect and guard this sanctuary. (In this Songee is talking about the Room where a class had been held.) For all these peoples, so all the Warriors of the Light that were around, were gathered up to protect. And you were one of them. So you would feel the righteous anger and so would others. Even though they might not have been entirely aware of it, they would have been feeling something of it.

I can't say I had everybody else's...

Songee: You don't have to be responsible for everybody else's.

I didn't feel that, I can't say that I felt that they were unprotected. They didn't, it was just myself.

Songee: You don't have to have the feeling...

Oh, OK

Songee: It is an instant Soul, knowing. It is an affront.

It was.

Songee: It is an affront and...

I was just sitting there, this wonderful healing was just happening and all of a sudden this anger. What am I angry at and then I looked up and saw this black hole, and I knew they were there.

Songee: However remember also, righteous anger Empowers. Anger, de-powers. There is a difference. Righteous anger, empowers you and if ever you are in doubt about what type of anger you are feeling, look to how your strength is. If you are angry and you feel as though you want to cry and stamp your feet because this person or situation and you cannot make it different and you feel as though you want to cry, and you can't change it, then it is your own...


Songee: When it is righteous anger you may still cry, you may still stamp your foot but you will stand there strong, holding the sword of truth in your hand and saying NO. And the words that will come out of your mouth will be truth. Not your truth, truth from the Oneness, from spirit. Not from you. The words will come out and all in front of you, that is negative, just fade away and disappear. It will melt away, like snow in the hot sun, just disappear. And you will be left standing there, with this big Light around you, with the sword up there. (Songee holds the sword up high in the left hand), and everybody disappeared. And then you can put your sword down and say, "That's better! Its all been restored, order is restored."

So in the middle of all that, standing there yelling, wanting to yell at them and then I'm saying I hope you mean it, that I don't have to put this into practise. You know in the, hope I mean this, I did mean it.

Songee: Of course you meant it.

Oh yeah I did but when you have time to look back on it. Oh... There is the law. The law spoken of here is where one must not bring hurt or harm to any other living thing whether by Word, Thought or Deed.

Songee: That is not what counts, that is not what counts. What counts, in the Story Book of the Soul, is the moment when you said 'NO MORE and NO WAY , You are not going to do this. It does not matter whether the physical self afterwards throws all these little doubts and fears into the pool...

It was already done.

Songee:...because the answer has already been given and that is enough because now, next time there will be no hesitation. This is the reason that when you, become a Warrior of the Light, those energies of the dark energy will manifest themselves in many different ways through other peoples around and about you. And you may discover anomalies taking place. You may discover that you drop the knife that you are holding and it falls down into the ground, point first. However because you have made a stand and are protected it doesn't stab into your foot. It stabs into the ground next to your foot.

That's been that way.

Songee: And when you go into the garden and you go to do something, you find the nail that is rusty before you put your hand upon it and drive it into your skin and give yourself poisoning in the blood. The little things and you say to Oneness, "Good job, thank you, thank you very much." And Oneness says, "You're welcome. You are one of my Warriors, I look after you." So. And then the one who is directing these energies, out of their own meanness of spirit, and it is meanness of spirit that allows the dark energies to come to play in this way, they are not successful in bringing hurt and harm to you.



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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed: Christene Hart

"These words come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light. And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see the word. It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them." SONGEE
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