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SALLY - Fairies and Unicorns

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'SALLY - Faires and Unicorns'.
A Channelling from Sally - Fairies and Unicorns, 30th June 1998.



Sally is a Spirit Guide who has worked with Roberta-Margaret for many years and on this night she channels through Roberta Margaret. Sally is presenting in the persona of her last incarnation, as a young child who lived on the streets of London taking care of a number of other homeless children.

A long time ago a question had been asked of Sally and an answer had never been given for it.

The question was: Did Unicorns use to live in the water when they first came to the planet, in the very beginning?

The student who asked this was delighted to have Sally come and visit and says, "We have been waiting to get you for months."


Sally: Oh goo blimy, I had better go, hadn't I ... what you got in mind?

I have a question.

Sally: Oh bleeding hell.

In fact this question has been around for a long, long time.

Sally: Oh I don't wanta answer it.

And nobody has done anything about it.

Sally: I don't wanta answer it. I know all about it. I don't wanta answer it. I ain't ready to answer it. I'll cover me ears up.

Oh she don't half rabbit on. Well alright then, shut up and I'll tell yous.

Well its sort of a bit mixed up, in't it, because we bought all them things over first, right what came down in the water and all them things what came into the water. In amongst them all there was one of them wots got a horn on its head, see. Not that one.

The Student had in mind the Unicorn and says "OH", in suprise.

Sally: Bleeding hell.

Sorry which sort then.

Sally: It's a great big fish it is, it's like a whale.

Another student says: A marwhale.

Sally: That's the one and its got a big horn on its head and its bleeding long it is, its real strong it is and its all twisted like a cork screw and its on a fish. Well it ain't a fish it's a mammal. But it's on its head see, right, well that's how it came to be believed they were's in the water. But they wasn't in the water, see.

Well where were they?

Sally: Well they were something else again. But that wasn't them. But people believed that that was what they was see, that they went from the land and went into the water. But they didn't because they were in the water in the first place. That's right.

The Student understands this.

Sally: So then now them other ones, they were already on the land. But they're all part of (Sally sighs), their sort of all mixed up, like again. They are a little bit of real stuff and a little bit of, the Little People stuff.

Fairy stuff.

Sally: That's right.

The Student tells the others of the group that Sally and she were talking about Unicorns. The Student was painting in a picture that showed Unicorns swimming in the sea and evolving to having legs instead of fins and then flying out of the water and into the air. She wanted to know whether this was true of not.

Sally: Don't they know.

Well some of them may.

The group indicated they had guessed.

Sally: They are suppose to be able to read minds aren't they?

No we are not all Physic.

Sally: OH.

OK. So these ones that are on the land.

Sally: These ones what were on the land, they belong to the Little People.

Right. So they weren't seeded into the oceans at all.

Sally: No. (She sounds hesitant) People might have believed they was because of these other things, see. But they wasn't really its all part of people's imaginations. See what happens is [people have got wonderful imaginations you know and they put things together wont don't really belong together, and they come up with something that is really fantabulous you know. Don't they, kids do it all the time.

So do we.

Other says about it being into great delusions.

Sally: Oh but aren't they fun eh. They are. It's all right for her. You have to have a bit of fun sometimes, don't ya? It can't be all doom and gloom, can it.

Well seeing we have got the Unicorns out of the way, what about the dragons?

Sally: What you want to get the Unicorn out of the way for? You're in a bleeding hurry aren't ya? In't she? Have you finished with them?

Not really.

Sally: Oh.

Well where do they come from?

Sally: Well they were part of the Little People. Where did the Little People come from? The Little Peoples all part of everything, sort of lie fairies and things and people that what had, oh for goodness sake. I suppose I had better start at the beginning hadn't I? She's always saying that (Sally is referring to Songee.) in't She. Oh All right.

Right well you know how ya got ya angels and ya got ya cherubim and cherabins and all them sort of things, right ya got the fairies and things. And ya got all the devas and you got gnomes and ya got elves and ya got sprits and ya got, you know, all sorts of people what are part of all that, see. And then ya got your human beings...Well?

All in the same breath!

Sally: I hope not.

So do I. (Everyone is laughing)

Sally: Well does that answer your question?

Well that's not too bad, it's a pretty good shot.

Sally: Well when you want to add one of them Unicorn things, right, all you gotta do is ask the Little People. And if you're nice to them, they'll let you have one.

That would be nice.

Sally: They're not very big ya know. Only about the size of a little dog.

Well that's all right. We could put a white furry coat on it and no one would notice the difference.

Sally: Might look like one of them little white dogs, might it. With a horn on its head. The nose is the wrong shape though.

That would be a bother.

Sally: The ears are the wrong shape and all.

And we continued to speculate about all the animals that have horns on their noses.

Sally: Dragons have horns on their noses so they can break out of the shell. They are apart of the fairy people and all. The real dragons, but they are bigger than a horse. They are big.


So how can we get to meet some fairies so we can communicate this.

Sally: Talk to them.


Sally: Well, they are all over the place.

I can't see them.

Sally: Well that aren't my bleeding fault.

I am asking your advice. How?

Sally: Well ask them. All right, Oh I'm going to get into trouble. He said, Put out a saucer of milk. You don't do that you do that for hedgehogs. You don't put it out for fairies, fairies don't like milk. They like nectar out of the trees and things and little flowers. How you never tasted it? It's very nice. All you got to do is talk to them see. Go outside in the garden and find a tree and sort of talk to the tree and ask the deva to come and show you where the fairies are. The fairies will come and see ya.

Reference no 19980630


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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