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Songee At Wangarei

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee At Wangarei'.
A Teaching from Songee 10th & 11th July 1998


The Words
The Power of the Animals within us

Many of The Second Well Trust people had travelled north of Auckland to the town Wangarei. We stayed at a motel close to the venue of a Spirit Festival being held over the weekend. We talked to the people about the work the Trust was doing and on the Sunday Songee spoke with the people.

There was over I00 people present in a large hall where lots of other activities were happening. We had been given a hand held microphone and an amplifier to assist the people in hearing Songee's words.

This was the first time we had used this sort of equipment and Songee found it very strange to be holding a microphone. It also had a wire attached to it, which had to be moved each time Songee took a step forward. The quality of the recording of this talk is very poor with a lot of background noise which has made the transcription very difficult.

Roberta Margaret introduced The Second Well Trust to the people and Christene spoke The Crystal Light of Love words. Roberta Margaret then explained how deep trance channelling took place. Roberta-Margaret then prepared herself to enter a trance state and Songee channelled through very disconcerted by holding the microphone.

Songee: I am here! Greetings, I am not familiar with this thing. (Songee is talking about the microphone which She holds in the hand.) I must be very careful because I might make the power to go different from the way it is suppose to go.

I have being taught to say to you greetings.

Greetings Songee, say hello to Songee.

Songee: No one is speaking. I am very pleased to meet with you, how are you? (Many of the people speak and smile to Songee.) I come today, because there is something of great import that I have to say for you.

I am not going to sit, I am going to stand, that's better. I am going to enjoy this.

I have come to say to you... Oh this is a most peculiar thing, is it not?

I am going to say to you, it is about many things that happen upon your earth that is changed...

Oh the little one, (Songee speaks of Sally, Roberta Margaret's spirit helper who assists both her and Songee.) - is saying how I have to change how I'm holding this, I have to put it this way, like so. Is that better?


Songee: It feels as though I am holding a big tree trunk in front of me. I hope it doesn't look this way...


Songee: So, this thing that is of great import that I have come to say to you is about the matter of, FEAR. Oh, inside everybody there is a lot of fear. And this fear does the most terrible things to you. It upsets your balance, it upsets the equilibrium. And there are many people, at this time, upon this planet who are teaching fear. How is that you say? There are people from many different places who have to say to you, "This is the way that you are going to reach enlightenment, this is the way in which you are going to find Oneness." And then they say, "This is the ONLY way that you are going to do it. There is no other way you can do it." These are the people that I am speaking about that are teaching you fear. All the people that are teaching need to come from Oneness. They are suppose to all be coming to teach you, so that you can come there together at the same time. How to get to this place, of Oneness? It is your choice before you are born and that will raise some eyebrows!

Many people believe that they have choice upon the earth, and even supposing this - you are allowed to have this supposing - however I am going to give you this truth and the truth is, the choice is before you come, not after you come. So that when you are meant to come together in some place of being, you have only the work for yourself however you are going to do it and how many steps you are going to get there. Now the peoples that teach it here, they only teach you one way of getting there. And they say to you, "This is the only way that you can do it. And if you do not belong to this thing, then you will NOT come to Oneness."

Among the peoples of life there are some who believe that when the time comes and the earth moves and the oceans rise and the land falls, that the peoples of the earth will move from this vibration of energy that you live now, into a new one. How many have heard of this? (Some people indicated that they had.) Now I am going to throw a little piece of something into the works of this. Sometimes you must be very careful not to become too trapped in all the things that are coming ahead of you. It matters not, however you are going to have a new direction coming to live upon. This is only a matter of conjecture for many at this time. Although there are some who have, ideas, that this is not just a fantasy, as it could be a reality. Of this I am not here to comment, however what is most important at this time is that you live your life each day, in the very best way that you can. In the most kindly, in the most gentle and loving way that you can. And then, supposing that this most tremendous thing is going to take place, then you might just be fortunate and find that you are being in this new dimension. It doesn't matter whether you are or not, because whether you are or not, if you are not then you will go back into Spirit, which is another dimension anyway. And if you are, you will move into the new dimension, will you not? Then you are there. Whatever is going to be, will be.

The Words

Songee: Before we come to this part, you must come to a realization in your heart, and you must learn, how to be with each other, and how to be with yourself. Inside of yourself, how to be, a kind person inside, in this life. Most of mankind and womankind they beat themselves up with big stick. I have given this many times and I am bringing to you in small, short version.

Oh, and the big stick that everybody uses is SHOULD and SHOULDN'T. And this is like a BIG STICK. Something that is so heavy and hard, and damages and hurts you. It hurts you when you are using it, and it hurts other peoples when you do it upon them.

Now to begin without being too concerned at the moment about other peoples, look at how it is when you use it to yourself, when you hit yourself with this word. Next time you find yourself saying, "Oh I didn't do that, I SHOULD have done it", imagine that you have got a big stick in your hand and you are beating yourself, every time you say the word SHOULD. Now I am going to ask you, how sensible is it for you to take a big stick and hit yourself with it? It is not sensible is it? What would you do were you to see somebody walking down the road with a big stick going like this, (Songee demonstrates the hitting of the body with a big stick) to themself? You would say to yourself, "Oh my goodness I wonder if they've got all the things they are suppose to have in their brain." Would you not? You would wonder at it. It is not different when you use this word. This word is harming and damaging.

This is one way that you can begin to learn to be kind to yourself and kind to others. And this is something that is within your power to do. Your power to change, and it is only one small thing. When you are in disagrence with some of the peoples who are recommending you to do this, that they do not find it so simple. However you do not buying into that.

This is a most peculiar thing it keeps moving about. (Songee is doing very well with the microphone even though She finds it strange.)

Now I am going to ask you do your have any questions you want to ask I about anything that is a puzzle to you? I am going to be very deaf! (Songee puts the hand behind the ear.)

You are going to have to speak up, has anyone got any questions?

Songee: Do you want to take this contraption? (Songee is asking Her assistant to take the microphone.)

No, no you hold it. It's all yours!

Songee: I can't hear your questions.


Songee: Somebody that is wanting know about children. About their children, I know what this thing is about. There are two children, there is a boy and a girl and they are going to be alright. They will grow up to be very strong peoples, and they will learn kindness when you discipline them.

Now is there anyone else with anything else. I am not going to tell your fortune, I don't do that. I am here to give you teach about life, about what you can do, and how you can be powerful peoples, for yourself in this life.

Someone asks how the animals will be when the earth change comes and Songee replies -

The Power of the Animals within us

Songee: My babies, they will be ready when the time comes because I will have them ready for it. I will warn you when this is about to take place. They will show you. And this is another part of the teach for you this day, is to learn, to be at one, with the animal and tree - also the weather - with all the animals, learn to be at one. Learn about the turning of the seasons. Learn about all the ways of the turning of the seasons. Learn about the animals and what they represent. Learn about their power and what they come to show you. Each of you have within you the power of an animal. You can always use this totem. I already have here a Little Bear and a Little Mouse. Would my Little Mouse like to come and say hello? I don't suppose Little Mouse will, Little Mouse is very shy?

She is coming.

Songee: So we have a Little Mouse.

The young lady explains how Songee had given her the name of the Little Mouse some time ago.

Songee: You have learnt much since you have been Little Mouse, have you not? Little Mouse will soon come for a new name because Little Mouse is learning to be more than a Little Mouse now.

And this is how it is. As you learn and as you grow you become a different person inside. And so whatever you were before time, then you become something else and so have a new name. When you can learn who your totem is within you and when you learn what that creature is, then you learn all about it. Everything that you can find that is written and is given to you from your spirit people. Learn as much as you can about it and learn what it is about that creature that lies within your soul and in your expression of your soul, in your daily life. So we can admire the Little Mouse as you like to hide in a corner and whiffle your nose, and peer out and see whether it is safe or not. And learn all of that and whatever else. Look to the divas that you have that inform you of something else.

And I have a Little Bear? My Little Bear likes to hide in a cave and my Little Bear she likes to hide in the cave and is still hiding in the cave. However Little Bear likes to pop up every so often and say hello.

The lady Songee is referring to takes the microphone and says, "Hi."

Songee: You say Hello, I not say hello for you. This is Little Bear. Little Bear she likes to hide in the cave and when things are not so good in the life you know where to go to find Little Bear, is in the cave.

So what is inside yourself?

Ha, there is someone here who wants to know what is inside of them. And I say to you that you have inside of you a little Cricket. So you need to look and discover about the cricket. However there are many creatures upon the planet that you can imagine, and you are one of them, in your soul, in your being.

There is somebody else who wants to know, that over here, and I am going to say for you that you have the eagle. You will feel where I have pointed.

So, getting back to what I was saying to you before we move away from it, don't allow fear to rule your life. When you have any doubts in the life, these a little fears. You need to examine them as they come to you. Don't put them to one side and pretend they don't exist. Bring them out into the light and look at them. Acknowledge them and then ask yourself, "Where did it come from this fear? Where inside of I have I been hiding it? Where did it begin in my life? And how did I manage to let it get there in the first place?"

All these things you need to ask yourself. I know it is difficult however you can do it because unless you do it you will not grow, you will not move forward. So, ponder on that for a moment...

Are you feeling now that you have much at this time to ponder on, much to consider and there maybe that there are many questions that will come to your mind when I have left you. However hold onto those questions and ask them anyway in your heart to Oneness and the answer will be sent to you.


Songee: Little Mother I would like you to please find music of the Fairies that dance and would you please to make it so you can make for those who have desire to be sharing to join us for a moment. I say us because I am, here with you and I am part of you and you are part of I. So we are now all and us. Is this not so?

And so when the music begins I am going to show you something very beautiful, something within yourself. We will wait for a moment. And as you wait ponder on all the things that you have heard and are experiencing in this day and then you can close your eyes. No closing one eye and keeping the other open to peep? There is no need.

As the music begins Songee says -

Now, you are going to close your eye and put anything you have in your hand down on the ground, you don't need it in your hand, and have your hands free, so there is nothing in your hand. Now listen to the music for a moment. And as you feel this music, let the music wash all over you. Now take deep inside of you the deep breath of life. Take a deep breath in and hold it for a moment and then let it go.

Imagine ...

(Songee then takes the people who were there on a small journey through the forest, into themselves and then on into the Light. Slowly She brings the people back.)

Songee: And I will go now and leave you with this power.

The part of the journey could not be heard on the tape above the sound of the music and the other noise in the hall. When Songee had departed Roberta-Margaret returned to us. Many of the people sat there awhile considering all that had been given to them. Many people spoke to us about things that Songee had said and asked about The Second Well Trust before they drifted off and we went back to the business of channelling healing energies to all those who sat before us and requested this service.

Reference no 19980710


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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