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The Tree of Life

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Tree of Life'
A Teaching from Songee 4th May 1999


Making the Drawings
Drawing Circles
Considering the Drawings
The Knowledge
The Stories
Ancient Genetics -
The Glok, The Mur and The Xanosians

Akanaton Pharaoh
Preparation for Emergence
Christ Consciousness
Creatures from Xanos
The Place of Origin
Our Lives Impact on those around us

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The meeting, held at Roberta-Margaret's home, was the night for the advanced students to continue their spiritual lessons. There were two student attending. Usually Roberta-Margaret instructed the students however on this night they were pleasantly surprised by Songee's arrival. The students had been researching information about the Tree of Life. This teaching of Songee's came at a time when we were also studying the Kundalini Power.

The Incense was Rose and the essential oil Lavender.

The Introduction Music: "As One" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: I am here.

This is a lovely surprise for us. It's a bit like all our birthdays all at once.

You better be careful now Songee may go away and disappoint you.

I believe I found the answer to the question.

Songee: You have?


Songee: Then enlighten I.

The question was, if I remember correctly, how many peoples had 'The Tree of Life' in their Culture? And I believe they all did.

Songee: That is so. All the peoples of the Earth have a reference of it, within their peoples - this is very unusual - however now it is time to move forward a little from this. Do you not find it curious that so many peoples of the Planet have something of such of great magnitude amongst them that they share, no matter how they put it in their pictures of their stories.

Now you are going to need to have for yourself something to make for the scribings down for the picture.

Oh right to draw a picture.

Songee: That is so.

And the colouring things.

Songee: That is so. Would you like I to wait for you?

Yes please. I won't take a minute to get...

Songee: You know the little ones are going to want to say good evening.

(And all the dogs were let in.)

Songee: Good evening little ones. And what of you Little Robin?

Me I'm feeling very good. Yeah after last Thursday everything sort of like, you probably know anyway, pieced together for me after having a little kick in the soft spot no doubt.

Songee: Go back first to the beginning time when Songee first say to you there is resistance.


Songee: Now resistance is passing away, and now it leaves you free to travel the path you are meaning to travel.


It just seems to me when I do it, it just seems that I know that I do. When the resistance is gone it feels like how can I have done it, you know. But I can understand cos it's apparently my fears.

Songee: Fears are the greatest resistance of all, within all human-kinds. Peoples who say that they have not fears are only deluding themselves. All human-kind have fear. It is part of how you are made for living your life.

Now for the purpose of this exercise I may come to you with these physical eye open1...


Songee: ...from moment to moment, just to let you know because there is now a task for you to begin.

Making the Drawings

Songee: First of all you have to make for the shape of the tree that grows in the ground with the roots and the stem and all the branches with all the leaves up above it. I am going to now collect for you many pieces of information that you have and I am going to put them all into one picture for you.


Songee: And it has to be that the tree has all the bushy bits at the top, no bits hanging down.

Oh OK, glad you said.

Songee: It is important for this for you to see. This is not a picture to represent you.

This is The Tree.

Songee: This is The Tree of Life.

Now you have your tree?


Songee: Now where are the roots at the bottom, I want you to put at the bottom, and working up towards the top of the tree the colours of the chakras in the colours.

Shade the tree in that colour.

Songee: No, do circles of colour on the tree itself.

Oh there like that. (There was the shape of a tree with seven circles placed over the top of the tree to represent the position of the chakras.)

Songee: That is, that is so.

(Long silence while the students are doing their drawings.)

Songee: Now at the bottom where is just beneath the bottom chakra, beneath the roots just underneath at the heart of the tree I want you to draw a tail of the snake. And then I want you to take your snake so that it weaves its way back and forth like so, up all the way to this one.

That's right. To the top charka?

Songee: No.

To the eye chakra.

Songee: That is so.

I was going to do my snake in red.

Songee: Have another colour, no you are not doing it.

Another colour.

Songee: You need to take it so, through...

Oh through that one.

Songee: ...that one, through that one, through that one and so forth. And come to the middle and stop.

Now in this I want you to draw eye.

A big eye?

Songee: An eye with an iris and a pupil.

Like pupil, a black pupil.

Songee: You can make it look the shape of an eye. This is the eye of Sirius.


Songee: So. Now look at it. Study it for a moment. What does it look like to you?

Well it looks like the third eye with its stalk thing that it goes out on.

Songee: What else does it resemble?

The Kundalini?

Songee: It's the Kundalini and you have the Third Eye. What else do you see?

(Long silence.)

Well its linked to beneath us.

Songee: The Kundalini comes from the Earth.

That's right.

Songee: The Power comes from the Earth. It is the energy of the Earth that is placed within human-kind to fuel you along your journey of life and as such it comes from the Earth.

Now take the colour of the Earth and make for yourself, it can be straight or wavy however so you like, between the base of the tree and the roots and you have the line that goes across to represent the Earth.

Like here?

Songee: Not so, no so high. It needs to be beneath the base chakra, so. Remember sometimes the roots of the tree do not all time live under the ground, sometimes little bits are sitting above the ground are they not. So it is beneath the chakra, the base chakra.

Now what knowing do you have of the Tree of Life? The representation of it?

Well... it represents the different levels of our consciousness and our sub-consciousness. Um it represents different, like different planes or worlds that we live in.

Songee: I am going to give you another dimension to it. Take another colour for Kundalini and begin at opposite side and do the same snake up and make your curveings the same only the opposite way so that your snake will come up to here.

Like that, like the DNA.

Songee: It goes the opposite way around, you keep going.

Yeah I have done that.

Songee: Have you done for this.

Sort of looks like lots of number eights to doesn't it.

Songee: So now what does it look upon? Just say all the things that you can see in your...

Like a spiral from below the tree, see, from the emotions and that. How it's all is interconnected, how it's all interconnected with the DNA, the process of life. It means we go through life we attain all the information we need to go up through these different levels to get to the third eye and then through the third eye we are able to go further into another plane to get contact with the Oneness. You no matter what you are in contact with Him anyway.

Songee: Now do you have another piece of pictures for doing? You are going to need more than one.

(Songee is meaning pieces of paper.)

I had hoped there would be two more in here.

Songee: You will need...

More than that.

Songee: ...more than this.

Can turn it over to the other side.

Songee: No because that is different because you are going to make a different picture.

Excuse me. (Goes and gets more paper to draw on.)

Songee: You are going to need at least two to three more pieces each.

(The dogs are a little concerned with all the noises.)

Songee: Now on this picture that you have before you may like to write upon it, in your scribing in small writing to show you what are the different things. You have at the top the Third Eye. The Tree itself is the vehicle, the means of the 'serpent fire' (Kundalini) being able to travel through.

Now the left side of the Tree, imagine you are the tree, the left hand side of the serpent is the male energy, the right hand side of the serpent is female energy, not as you look at it, as you are it.

So it really ought to be that way. (Holding the picture up again the chest.)

Songee: That is so. You can make for your own designing another of your own later. Now you have the line that separates the chakras from the roots, and the energy comes from the Earth and up into the being.

Now put down somewhere where you can find it on the side where you have lots of empty space - about it looking the different levels that you travel in your awareness and all manner of things that you have been speaking about before time, just to remind yourself. And you said about your DNA, this is your physicality is it not, so you talking about that how this looks, whatever else you can find that you need to write.

Would I be right in suggesting that it is always continuous in its movements? And we have, oh well the majority of the time it's continuous in its movement, and just got something said to me, you got blockages, and we know that's right.

Songee: We talk about these manner of things in a moment.

Oh OK.

Songee: Now you need to take the colour of the Sun and around the outside of the top chakra, you have perhaps not quite enough room, you have to draw the beginnings of the circle of Light that goes around the outside. So you start at the bottom of the crown chakra and you draw the circle out and around. You might like to colour it in and make a beautiful spokes of the wheel inside it. That is your Light so that you might see your way.

Now on the next piece of your papers for your scribings. On this piece of paper do the drawing that you have in your knowing of the Kabbalah. Talk to each other about it if you are unsure.

To take up the whole page?

Songee: To go the whole page.


Do you need to remember the correct colours?

Songee: Supposingly you can remember that is alright otherwise just do the shape first.

It's on the front of those notes I gave you.


Because I can't remember how many circles there are down the side.


There is ten altogether, and that one is the black one, oh there's three, ok. That's it.

Songee: You have the colours on it. So put the colours in it. Don't forget to draw the connections within it.

No. Yes the connections are quite important. Otherwise they are just balls swinging around in space. I haven't got that one. It's an interesting one that middle one. I have actually drawn quite a lot over the last few weeks.

I was doing it from memory...

Songee: I am going to talk to you while you do this. You will have been given many things about this. You will have much knowledge that you will have gathered about it. There will be a lot of information about the connections between the circles and what they represent, do you not?

That's right.

Songee: What do recall of what you learn.

Well I don't recall the details but some of them like the cards that represent the Tarot Keys and one drawing I had had the different Angels on them. I believe they were ArchAngels. Some of them were cards of Goddesses. Umm

Songee: Where from do come this information?

Out of all sorts of different books.

Songee: And where do the peoples who come to put them into the book get it from?

Well one of the books that I was reading the man that wrote the book it said in the beginning that he was a psychic, a man with psychic abilities so I would suppose that his information came from Spirit. Now the other place where a lot of me information has come from is from a man who lives down in Hamilton and I am of the understanding that his information he accesses from his Higher Self. So I would suppose that means he is accessing spiritual knowledge that he has in his Soul or some such something or rather.

Songee: We will examine this a little more. So these are two examples of information from peoples who are putting this manner of thing into scribings for other peoples to read, is that so.

That's right.

Songee: Now all through, we have already discovered, that all through the peoples -
Oh this is a beautiful child, so beautiful little one, you are the most beautiful child, you are most lovely.
(Songee is making a fuss of one of the little dogs who had come to see Her.2)
So, now you already knowing that all the peoples of the planet have this knowing of this do we not?


Songee: So it is therefore reasonable, is it not, to suppose that their knowledge has been passed down through eons of time among the peoples in which they live. And in order to pass this knowledge down it has been made into something that has become hidden. You will have heard of the hidden mysteries. The hidden mysteries of the Kabbalah. The hidden mysteries of ancient times. The hidden mysteries of Atlantis, of Lemuria - do you not?


Songee: Now what do you supposing these hidden mysteries are? What do you suppose they have come to be hidden for?

Well I wonder if they have been hidden because usually people don't have the awareness of Spirit and they wouldn't be able to manage the information.

Songee: There is another part of this that we are coming to. I am going to give you all of it and put it together for you.


Songee: Now all the hidden mysteries talk to you about Spirit. They talk to you about your evolution of your Spiritual Soul. They say to you that you have to make this passings through this different places of knowledge, do they not, to show you how to connect yourself through these different paths to the different stages of awareness, is that not so?

Yes that's right.

Songee: Now do you know what are these different stages of awareness? Do you have namings for them?

Yes we do.

Songee: What are the namings you have for them?

Well... I don't remember it...

Songee: This is important.

I don't remember it but, however I have all different names for it...

Songee: You don't need to remember it just write them down. Say and write. Point to it and write it down.

The one at the base is, it's hard for me to pronounce it even, Malkuth.

M a l k u t h...

Songee: Malkuth. (Songee knows how to say these words.)

The next one going up the middle is, Yesod. And the one to the left of that is Hod. Or hood?

Songee: Hod.

H o d.

And then the one on the far right is N e t z a c h. The one in the middle is T i p h a r a t h. Next one on the left is, I can't say it, G e b u r a h.

Songee: Remember you are speaking a language that you do not have to your tongue.


Songee: What language is it?

Its Jewish isn't it? Hebrew.

Songee: Hebrew. So unless you speak Hebrew how you going to know what these different meanings are, what do they mean. Do you have knowing of them?

Well, yes I have quite a lot of information about the knowing of it and it is all different. Because one of the books that I've got looks at it from a healing point of view of using these centres to channel healing energies into them to activate them, so its...

Songee: We will come to that in a moment. Let's look at the wordings. What does the bottom wordings mean? What is the equivalent of it in your time?

In this it says Kingdom.

Songee: So in this one you are Kingdom. So what is the other equivalent in your tongue?

Right. The next one is up is Foundation, Yesod is Foundation. Hod is Splendour, that's what's here. There is a whole lot of words that describe all these...

What was that Kingdom, what was after that?


That was the middle one eh?

Yep. Hod is Splendour, the one on the far right is Victory. And then the yellow one is Beauty. And this one here is Might, strength might. And this one is Mercy. And the black one, only this man down in Hamilton has ever given this black one and it's like The Void. The passage through the Void. And then this one here is understanding. That one is Wisdom. And Kether at the top is the Crown. Can you read it. Look on here. Right. So these words that I have just said are they the meaning of that or is it just part of the meaning of it?

Songee: It is an expression that has been given, an interpretation, that has been given to suit the person who is giving the interpretation.

Ah right.

Songee: It is not right, it is not wrong. It is only how they have found they are going to give you this information. In order to find the true understanding of the word you will have to go and research the Hebrew and learn the true meaning behind the wordings that are written in this language.

Whatever you get, whatever you learn it is going to show you only one thing. It is going to show you the hidden mysteries of the evolution of the Soul.


Songee: You understand. I am going to give you something else. All this information you have is information that is easily found. The information I am going to give you, you will not find anywhere, understand.

Now look at your picture and study it. What does it look like?

When I have looked at it before it actually looked upside down. But it's not upside down.

I see lots of triangles and diamonds.

But it looks as though it is not flat, it looks as though this is out here which makes me wonder what is one the other side of it.

Ah I wonder if it's got to do with the space ships and how a space ship looks like. I suppose it would be too... (Laughter)

Songee: Now you are beginning to find the connections.

Oh right.

Songee: So...

I've looked at a little bit but I didn't understand it, but I know the shapes that they had for the sacred geometry which had all sorts of secrets hidden within it and this reminds me a lot of some of these shapes of that.

Songee: The sacred geometry is only a mystery to those...

Who don't know it!

Songee: ...that need to have the complications.


Songee: It is not complicated, it is simple. Everything Songee say to you is simple. Even the hidden mysteries are simple. They are only complex when human-kinds make them for so.

Now you need you other piece of paper we may come back to this in a moment.

Drawing Circles

Songee: On this piece of paper you are going to draw a big circle.

In whatever colour we choose?

Songee: You need to have a solid outline because you are going to do it as you understand it with the serpent twined around itself this way, this manner, you understand? It is this way like this. And one it black and one is white.

So I do a circle like that?

Songee: You go like that. And then you are going to do like that so you have that shape. You have like that and like that inside it together. Making that, that way. You know the sign of it. It is half like half...

Oh the Ying Yang sign.

Songee: It has the shape of the serpent.

That's right. I don't know which side it goes from, that side is it?

Songee: You do it on there yourself. You having the circle like so and then you are going to go like so.

Oh the Ying and Yang.

That's right that's what I said.

Songee: What you have in there is this eye and this eye.

I believe I've done it like that.

Songee: Now one half is dark, one half is light.

So... the other eye stay the other colour.

Like the moon one half is dark and one light.

It's funny that its always sort of represented balance. Symbol of balance.

Male Female. Right that's what...

Songee: Write all those things down upon it what it represents.



Songee: Be careful of this, because you are going to do the next part. And have it in this fashion do you not. You have it this fashion, so I cannot have not space for this so I do it on this side which you going to do one and one.

So now you are going to do another circlings, and you are going to do so, like so. Not the same side perhaps, smaller circlings and you make for that to be so that this is part of - this part of the circlings so that that is so. Understand? One so, and so.

Xanos Drawing

Songee's drawing of Xanos4.

So there is two.

Songee: That is it.

Looks like somebody with two eyes.

Songee: One so and one so.

It goes around that twice.

That's lopsided but however.

Songee: That does not matter.

It looks like...

I was looking at three planets. Is it three planets?

Songee: And now you have this and you are going to do this.

(Songee has shaded in the bottom part.)

Oh right.

Songee: What do you see? You say you see infinity symbol, write it down.

There is also a connection as you can see, you know from having those lines there how they touch but it also looks like a person with a pair of glasses which could be able to see further. (laughter)

Oh yeah. However there is something about creativity in this because you have these three circles now.

Songee: Write it down. Write down what you say about the three, looks like three planets. What else is it?

One, they all can't move without the other moving, they have to move in unionisation, well appears to have to move in unionisation.

Songee: Now get the three drawings) together. One...

End of side one


Songee: Now open them up so we can see them all side by side. Just look and study them for a moment. Now we are going to play.

Considering the Drawings

Songee: First of all take the first one. Pick it up and have a look at it on its own.

What is Songee teaching you about this Tree of Life before time?

How it represents us?

Songee: The Tree represents you. It represents your information upon the Planet on which you live. The Line that represents the Earth from which the source of Power (Kundalini) comes to your body, you understand?

Now remember the other teaching. Turn it up the other way. Upside down, as you are calling it upside down. Now the roots are Heaven and the top of the Tree is where you are manifesting and coming to the Earth. You understand? The roots, where are the roots?

In the Heavens.

Songee: In the Heavens. There is your first clue! The biggest clue that is always over looked. It is always ignored and taken only one way. The roots of the Tree of Life are in the Heavens.

Now look at the next one. What have you here? Turn it up the other way. What is this?


Songee: How many shapes has it got in it?


Songee: Does it always have three in it?

Yes considering it is, depends on...

Songee: And the third one and compare it with this.

Now what do you imagine this is?

Well does the circle represent that there?

Songee: That is so. Now what do you know of the Kingdom? Who is the Kingdom?

Oneness is.

Songee: Who is the Kingdom?


We are that's right.

Songee: You are the Kingdom. The Kingdom upon the Earth in the prayerings3

of the Ancient One (Jesus Christ) are you not?


Songee: You are the Kingdom on the Earth. Now, this one, when you look at the first circle with the serpent in it, the serpent again representing the fire, the Fire of Life.

Now we are going to jump back to the first one. The Serpent Fire looks like - DNA.

Yes. Actually when I was looking at that I could see petri dishes and how they - in the third one - and how they get the chromosomes from that one into this one and join them together, and do whatever. (Laughter)

Songee: You are doing very well Little Robin. So the third one is the beginning of creation...



Songee: You have the egg containing the potential that is to be fertilized and made into something, you understand? You also have a representation of the Home Planet. The Home Planet that contained three races of people.

So you have three circles. You have one planet of living with two suns. It had two suns, so you have two suns. One sun ruled one half of the planet, the other sun ruled the other half of the planet. Your knowledge of physicalities will find that very intriguing to work out. I leave you to do it in your own earth time, you understand?


Songee: So the Planet of Origin has two Suns, one governed one and one governed the other. In order to come to the place of being - the new land - the peoples had to be brought together in one form.

The two circles that join together in the middle that may look like the infinity symbol is the journey through infinity that the peoples made through space to come to the new place of origin. All the symbols...

Oh how did you get the space ship I was giving you - Oh, sorry...

Songee: Now this one here that you have, this also and this one are symbols of the Craft that come through the Void. And this represents the travelling through the Stars. This is as though it is a map of the Stars of the Planets that the peoples went and seeded on their way to the new place of being.

And are these circles these places? (The Circles on the Tree of Life.)

Songee: Those are the places, the Planets that were seeded on the way through the Stars. And the other different shapes that you have of the different beings, you called them Goddesses, they are the Mothers of the new beings that were created upon the Craft on their way through the Stars. They did not live forever, they had to go back and come back again, however their energies came back again and again.

So you have many different symbols.

Now this one, we come to this one once more, the Kundalini. The Kundalini represents that joining together of matter that was accomplished on the Craft and the eye at the bottom is the place of emergence from the Craft.

So coming down from here and out?

Songee: That is so. So you came on your journey from the Heavens through the Stars. And on the journey so the bodies were formed, how they were going to be at the place of emergence. And when they arrived at this place, this planet, so then they were ready to emerge from the Craft.

And the Crown Chakra represents the Light shinning forth from inside the Craft. So in all of the symbology, the mythology, the stories, the hidden mysteries - everything, it is this. It is also those other manner of things that it speaks about, it is all of those things also. However the origins of it lie in the stories to tell the story of the passage of the peoples from the Stars, from the Planet of Origin. That is how it came to be put in the symbols to begin with.

Because it was known that it would be lost. This process began on the Craft. It did not begin when it arrived on this place, on this Planet, it began on the Craft. The childrens were taught of their origins. They were taught how they came from this other place of being. They were taught how they had been made and constructed of the three peoples, and made into the peoples they now were. Little childrens do not be able to understand things all time the same way with the same mind that those with grown bodies do, so it was given to them in a manner they would understand. And because it was so simple and because it was so easily and readily carried, this knowledge it remained so, and that knowledge was passed through all the different generations of peoples and so passed out across the Planet where everybody travelled with it. They took the knowledge with them, however in the taking of the knowledge some parts of it were changed - names were changed. And then peoples begin to put new meanings upon it.

When you look at it you will find that the journey of your spirituality parallels the journey of the physicality, the change of the physicality as it travelled through the Stars. And so you have now the whole picture, not just little pieces. And you will be able to make even more of your connections as you have these connections here.

The man who says about this blackness and is the only one who has been able to give the saying of it. This, this particular circlings was not one that was put on the original Star Chart. It represents a very important phenomena in the space through which they travelled. It is known as the 'hole that is black' and it draws into it all those things and takes it through. It is a place of opposite to matter. And on the journey they had to go around this place because it was too dangerous to go near it or they would have been drawn into it.

In the spiritual symbology you can then understand how it is that is it now only just come to light because within it is the opposite of all that you know. So it contains the opposite of all that you know. So Songee is giving you that which is the opposite of all that you know.


Songee: Now you have more of the picture.

I had a dream again, sorry to interrupt, about me, I was in a big space ship right the big, big ship we came in and got created, and I was called Andros and I was dropping all these people off to different Planets because that was my job, being a space craft person. Yeah, that's all... I felt I had made a connection then as you were talking it just jogged a bit.

Songee: And there you have your connection here and when you super impose your other pictures over and underneath you will find the more connections the wording that has been given is 'Pathways'. Pathways through the Stars, Pathway through the knowledge, Pathways through the awareness. And this information is not given?

The Knowledge

Songee: Peoples may take great delight in it, many will reject it. Know the information has been given to you, some person will present themself to the Planet at large at some future time of the Earth and will offer this theory to the peoples of mankind and they will lord it as a new discovery and it will create great consternation amongst many and many arguments especially among those that want to believe that there is only one facet that is to be followed. It will not fit the pattern of things for them so they will become very upset. When this takes place you will know. You already have it. Organism already knows it.

Now that you have mentioned it, it is so perfectly obvious.


Songee: Human-kind, you doing all the thing that human-kinds do. You research all these many things, it is great (intrigue?), very exciting and important to do these thing however you can become lost in its complexity.

Well I couldn't because I can't remember all of its complexities but I knew that was upside down. I knew that that was upside down.

Songee: And when you look at the top part of this, it is the shape of the Craft. It is the underside of the Craft and behind is the rest of it spreading out. It is as though the light that is shining down underneath it.

Late this afternoon I watched this program on television about the so called sightings of craft on this planet and during it - and I don't know if the film was real or not, it doesn't matter whether it was real or not - but they showed - probably a simulated thing - but however it touched me very deeply because they showed another, I don't know how to describe it, we use the word Alien which I don't like that word, but another...

Songee: Being.

...Being holding the hand of a Human-Being and it was really so beautiful, it really touched me.

Songee: There are Beings as I have given you before that are still coming to this place. There is so much and human-kinds for the most part don't want to know.

They are so closed and so frightened.

Songee: It is the fear, that is the blockage. Now we are coming to this that you were speaking before Little Robin, about the Kundalini going up and finding the blockages.

Is this when the chakras are damaged through some reason does that block the Kundalini rising?

Songee: That is so. Sometimes the chakras are blocked before Kundalini comes to them and as the Kundalini comes and finds the door closed it goes back down on itself. And this is how it comes to lodge in some other place, cause damage. This is on the esoteric understanding.

The Stories

All this knowledge the Ancients have and all they have done is to wrap it up and hide it. Look at some of the ancient cultures of the Planet and you will discover that there are connections between their histories and their teachings, the stories. This is how it is that Songee has come to the people to give speakings about the stories of man-kind.

D hasn't heard that one about the Sleeping Beauty story. Is this the story you mean?

Songee: This is one of the stories.

The fairy tales?


Songee: There are other stories also that have travelled with the peoples and they have been passed along through different generations. You have stories of Giants. Peoples that first came from the Stars were very tall people, so tall that in your present day such people are viewed as unusual. And the substance in the body that causes them to grow to this great height often also causes them to become, as they grow older, a little malformed in the bones, in their joints because they have grown too fast. They are a back-throw...

Oh yes.

That's a bit of a pun isn't it? Sorry. Because it's usually the back that does go.


Ancient Genetics

The Glok, The Mur and the Xanosians

Songee: So you have this. All those different genetic differences that you observe in human-kinds are all part of these different back-throws. Sometimes it maybe the features are very broad and course, that they resemble more ancient man that modern man. Again it is the genetic back-throw from when the people from the Stars joined with the peoples of the Earth.

Then you have the peoples that have different shaped bones that perhaps have very wide apart eyes and flat face, with a very round features and have eyes that pop up to the temples. In this manner. You understand. These peoples are the peoples that have their origins in the flesh with the peoples of the original planet, you understand, not with the peoples of the Earth.

This feature is part of that. It is a very dominant feature because it was a very distinctive shape and it belonged to the peoples that lived in the tress, the Glok. They have the dark eye, that goes like so, (Songee is indicating an eye shape that we see on Asian peoples) and they live in the tree.

The peoples that have the eye that is blue and green and very wide like so, these are the peoples of the Mur.

And the peoples that have the eye that is light, that is sometimes a little blue, sometimes a little brown, sometimes in between, you understand, these eyes and their eyes also are a little different shape. They are not completely like so, they also have a little bit of this and these are the peoples from the city.

Now the peoples from the city were very large. They have very large bodies, hands and feet. They have very large skulls. Their skulls go back like so, in that shape - I have for you to make, (the skull is large at the back of the head) that shape.

I wouldn't have liked to been in one of those.

Songee: Their...


Songee: They have at sides where you have your ear, this is where they have - this comes out like the fish with the, with the...


Songee: They move like this out here. You call them ears but they are very big and have wavy bits on the outside. A frill, like petticoat on there. These peoples have this and have very deep chest for breathing a lot of air. Very big lung space and are able to go into water and come out again as are people of the trees. You have word for this, amphibious - people of land, people of water. Only the people of the cities. Their skin was very smooth. They has no hair upon their bodies. Their bodies resembled more the shine of the fish, although not scales of the fish you understand, but the same sort of shine.


Songee: It had a different look to it and it was yellow. Their skins have a yellow cast to it. They were great engineers. They constructed things, they were the scientists - the mens in the white coats of the Planet, for the most part. They built the cities, they dwelt in the cities, they constructed things and they made for the well-beings of the peoples in the cities to function, and they were very precise with their governing.

The peoples that lived in the trees, the Glok, these peoples lived mostly on the other side of the Planet. They lived where the red sun shone. The peoples of the city lived where the yellow sun shone. There is a difference between the two suns, they have different energy ray and because of the size of the Planet and the size of the suns they had a different effect upon the land and things that grew. Where the two energies overlapped there was a space of nothing because the peoples of the red sun could not function very well under the yellow sun and vice-versa. It was very difficult for them. For them to come into the middle was death, to come into each other's lands it was death. They would cess to be. Not instantly in this fashion, however they could not function together. They were not at war with each other. They had no way to be at war with each other because they could not come together in this fashion.

The peoples of the trees they have many trees for them to live, greet huge trees. Their limbs were very long and sinus. They used to have their homes up in the trees and they would come down to the edge of the waters and they would gather their needings out in the waters for themself and the peoples. However they also could only go just so far. These peoples have skin that was a reddish brown. Their hair was very dark, dark almost to black. Their features were finer than the peoples of the city. And they had very long fingers, toes and their and limbs were very long in the bones.

The largest of the races were the city dwellers and the next largest were the tree dwellers. And the wise ones of each could communicate with each other. They could communicate with their minds, both with the power of the mind. They could speak through means of - you call it Telepathy.

That's right. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Songee: This is how they communicate with each other.

Now, then you have the third lot of beings on the planet. And these beings were very different, very, very different. These beings were half man and half fish. I say man because it is the only way to describe for you. These beings had skin that is very pale blue, very, very, very light, so light the skin is that the veins, the blueness of the veins can be seen through the skin. Very delicate, very transparent. Very beautiful, very beautiful, very graceful. And these creatures live in the oceans of the planet which were very vast. And because of the nature, that they were, they could travel anywhere at all. They could be on the red sun, or the yellow sun and anywhere in between. It matters not. They did not all time come up at the place where the two suns cross because that is still not a very good place to be even when you are in the water. You don't want to be on the surface of it, however beneath the water you are alright. The water acts as a diffuser of the energies.

So these creatures are called the Mur, and your spellings M U R in your spellings of your language.

Oh yes its quite good isn't it. Like Muriatica (referring to the Homeopathic remedy Muriaticum) was of the sea.

It doesn't happen by chance does it.

OK let it go.

Songee: You will need to ask Organism for the spelling of this, in the writings of the peoples that has already been given. The writings of the peoples you will also find other connections in your earth knowledge.

Now the peoples of the land also communicate with the peoples of the ocean, with the Mur. So the Xanosian and the Glok and the Mur living on the planet, co-inhabited (in?) peacefully with each other. And the peoples of the ocean assisted the peoples on the land to get their food from the ocean. They gathered together their - ha that is a very good description - their horses of the ocean and they would together as a (team?) bring the fish of the deep in to the land for the people of the land to collect for themselves. Peoples of the city required many fish, many fish, because there were so many of them. The peoples of the trees did not need so many because they lived amongst all the waterways on their half of the planet.

Now there you have the two halves of the planet with the red sun and the yellow sun, and the connection between the two are the Mur.

Oh that's what that line represents. This line here.

Songee: This is the Mur crossing between the two halves also. So you have the peoples travelling across the two. So this becomes the waters and you have the Glok, and you have this would be the Glok...

Oh it's the other way round.

Songee: ...and that would be the Xanosians. And the Mur is the one in the middle because it travels between both sides. This, this whole thing...

All the tree people...

Songee: ...this whole thing. The big circle is the Mur because the Mur travel the waters of the planet.

And they can go on this half and that half.

Songee: That is so. All the waters. So you have many representations in this, this alone (pretty?) much.

Oh I have still got something...

Songee: Light half is the Xanosian...

I can't spell that!

Songee: X a n o s i a n.

Ohh. You said it before and I...

Songee: And it is pronounced at the back of your throat sjar-no-si-an. To make it simple Songee said Xanos. And you may look at it with a J, however it is not so. Xanosian. Sjar-no-si-an.

So it is part of the language of this place of being, Xanosian. And those, the name of the whole place of being is Xanos, Xanos. There is a place on your Planet that has a similar way of speaking and this is known among the peoples - Ah thanking you, this is it that I have to say for you Mexico.


Songee: Mexico. And they say the same Xanos. At the back of the throat. And it is part of the language of the peoples from that place. And so it is still here among the peoples of the Earth and it has not changed. There are many different peoples of the Earth that speak from the back of the throat.

The peoples that make the clicking sounds with the mouth and the tongue and the throat. The little peoples, they are part of the Glok that used to live. The peoples of the Earth that wear the feathers in their hair they have their origins also with the Glok, they have the skins, the hair and the eyes and some of the teachings come from the Glok.

The peoples of the cities that master all your technologies that have their eyes so and their skins are a little lemon to brown, they are from the cities. They have their peoples, their genetic structure from the peoples from the cities. When they come on the craft all these peoples are put together into one. Understand?

On that programme that I was looking at today they were depicting these beings as very tall and having very, very long fingers, so is that a fairly true representation of these people what you describing like what they sound to me like city people...

Songee: Remember when they come to the stars they seeded the Planets. As they came through the stars, they seeded the Planet through the different forms that they had managed to create. So there are different forms and the genetic structure is also part of yours, however different enough from yours that were you to compare the two you would find the DNA is different however there will be similarities there. There would be aspects of their development of their genetic structure that has moved away from that which you have now because the one you have now has been built on since that time of coming, and coming to the different place of being.

To the emergence.

So supposing you were to put this together and you could see through all your pages. You would be able to put one on top of the other, on top of the other. And you would see something very interesting. Because also too those little rings of that other thing represents...

End of side two


Songee: ...all the different people that were created out of the DNA...

Right so there is ten races.

Songee: And all those peoples know this. They also have changed how they have constructed it and interrupted it among their culture. However the information is the same, and when communication comes to be it will be discovered to be the same. It is something that is not very different. And the Souls will all come from Oneness. That has not changed, it is not different.

The energy of the Earth - that is I - is the female half of the whole. The female half of the male, that you know of Creative Power. And the force is in all things, in all places, in all Universes. The ones that are known and the ones that are not yet known. It operates through all things. The magnitude of this has been spoken of by the peoples of the Earth from time to time. It is lorded about, it is not fully understood and grasped in the awareness. Imagine how many millions of light years the peoples had to travel from this place of origin to where you are now on this Planet. And imagine that many, many more times and you will have the beginning a little starlight glimmer of how vast that is, the Creative Power.

And this is the same for all those creatures whether they seem to be intelligent or not intelligent, whether they are seeming to be human shape or not human shape, whether they seem to have emotion or not have emotion everything is imbued with the Creative Power of Oneness.
(The beginning of this tape could not be played again after the transcription was made, to make this part as an mp3, as from this point on the tape had was twisted.)
During this time Songee talked about the question of cloning and how there needs to be the creative power of the kundalini to power the body for it's intelligence and memory. When the spark of life is not present in the body of the original creature it can share it. They already share a higher self, an awareness which encompassed the group. In the craft people discovered they couldn't do cloning as it bought disease and madness.
(This information has come from notes made during the meeting. CMH 2018)

Songee: ...of their bringing together the three races originally on the planet on the craft. Being on the planet there had to be three races, on the craft they had to be in three portions of the craft.

Because of the suns and all the different things they needed to live with.

Songee: With the different atmospheres and their different requirements. So the craft was split into three.

Oh yeah this is where this thing comes here.

Songee: And in this place also were the elements that they required so the peoples of the Mur were able to travel again all around, there were passage ways of water between the three areas so that the Mur could continue to join with the peoples that they knew of the land, communicate with the land...

So did they...

Songee: So the craft was very specially designed by the peoples of the city to accommodate the three races of people. And it became The Kingdom because as they left their home planet and travelled through the stars this was their home. This was their Kingdom. And so they travelled the stars in the Kingdom Ship.

What does the word King mean?

Of higher power. Somebody set above the group.

Songee: What is the word Kingdom?

The area that the whole live upon, the place that the whole are in.

Songee: That is so.

The place that is governed by the...

Songee: Find the book of words. (Dictionary) The secret lies in your words, secrets of the Universe lie in your words of different peoples and different cultures of your planet. All have their origins together you know.

King, Ruler...

Oh. 'Sovereign, hereditary ruler of an independent state. A person or thing preeminent in a specified field or class.' Oh and then it talks about chess.

Songee: You need to look to the where sovereign and preeminent. Now look Kingdom first before you look for these other things.

'Kingdom an organized community headed by a King. The territory subject to a King. The spiritual reign attributed to God. The sphere of this.'

Songee: So you have - say the wordings again...

'An organised community headed by a King.'

Songee: An organised community, now what is the next?

'The territory subject to a King. An organised community headed by a King, the territory subject to a King. A spiritual reign attributed to God.'

Songee: A spiritual reign! An organised community, subject to spiritual reign of a God. To the peoples of the Earth, the peoples from the skys were as Gods were they not.

That's right. Yes the Egyptians considered them Gods. So did the Mayan people. Great tall people they portrayed them didn't they.

Songee: The Gods.

With those big heads that you were talking about before.

Songee: So you have the peoples of the Kingdom, what were the words I give for you after that?


Songee: Before that, Kingdom, what were the words? Organised community, write all this down, organised community, subject, to - and the other two words you have there - reign and sovereign. Where was something about the God in it.

'Attributed to God. Spiritual reign.'

Songee: Spiritual reign...

Organised community subject to...

Songee: Spiritual reign.

Reign not realm.


Songee: Of God.

And it's got in brackets here 'Thy Kingdom come'.

Songee: It did indeed.

And then it's got 'The sphere of this', and in brackets, 'Kingdom of Heaven.'

Songee: So now you have sphere, so put sphere and write down Kingdom of Heaven. What is a Sphere?

It's a circle.

Songee: It is a circle. It is a dimensional circle is it not, a sphere.

Yes. It's like a ball so you've got in its, inside it.

Songee: You also have upon it.


Songee: The Planet, the sphere that represents the planet, the sphere that represents the craft - that wasn't entirely round. It had different corners on it. So you have the roundness of the cells of the body. Is this not so? The sphere. Sovereign Power. Sovereign. Sovereign Power. Power of the Sovereign.

Sovereign means supreme doesn't it?

I'm looking at... Monarch.

Songee: Monarch!

Supreme ruler, the monarch. Processing, possessing sovereign power, royal. The greatest good.

Songee: Who among the people were this that hold the sovereign power?

The leaders.

Songee: Mostly the leaders of the peoples were deemed to have the sovereign power were they not.


Songee: The power of the Gods. In the pictures that they draw they are often depicted as being larger than the peoples of the Earth in their drawings. They are drawn often with great rays of light coming out from around the tops of the head are they not? So on your Tree of Life with your Kundalini and you had the chakras and at the top you have the rays of light come out from around the top chakra. So you have this light of shining, the Light of Sovereignty.

It is also the Light that is given off by the energy within the body, not the kundalini, the kundalini fires of the body it being the energy to all parts of the body and it works on all levels of the body not just the physical, it is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And what it does it charges up, puts power...

Activates was one of the words I came across.

Songee: ...into the spirit. And this makes the spirit glow, and this is the Light that is seen around outside. This is the esoteric part of it.

The other part of it is that when the peoples came out of the craft they were in silhouette with the light of the craft behind them, and the light was very bright in the craft, much brighter than the peoples of the Earth were viewing it. So they would see this light around the outside, so you have this. And also the peoples from the stars...

Ah Halos!

Songee: ...And the peoples from the stars were able, when they came, to shine the lights from the craft down to the Earth to send down to the Earth the creatures that they were going to put into the oceans.

So they transported them down on light beams.

Songee: So the light would come down and they could come down with the light. So you see often in the picture of ancient peoples the sun shining bright and the light shining down from the peoples and the peoples worshiping the light. All the information is locked in mankind's history and many of it have been altered to suit their acceptance of their minds at any given point of their travelings.

Akanaton Pharaoh

The one of Akanaton Pharaoh is a very interesting example because many stories have been constructed around the information that they believed that they have of this life of this one. And much of it is poppy-cock! Much of it is conjecture. The body of this one was never found, has never been discovered and they do not know how it is. The Tomb was prepared for the body to go into it and it did not go in. And yet many, many miles away in a very rocky valley, in the hills, The Valley of the Kings lies a body that was discovered, and it is believed to be the body of this one hidden away from eyes that would destroy it and desecrate, it in a place where it would not be found. And indeed all the manner of things that were put done in those days for the preservation of the body it did not seem to have been done for this body. And even the mask of the place of burial, the box was destroyed and other manner of things destroyed so no identity for the body to be found. A great mystery. So they have no knowing, they do not know, they can only conjecture.

The Soul came to achieve a task, came to set upon the world the seeds of...

'One God'

Songee: One God and did the task very successfully.

It was like it was preparing the way for what happened afterwards.

Preparation for Emergence

Songee: That was so, that is what it was for, to prepare the way. So on the one hand you have the physicalities of how you come to the planet and the other you have the esoteric and the spiritual understanding. Remember all the peoples of the Xanos planet were all one together. They did not fight and have wars with each other. There was no way they could do for this because they could not function under the same skies. In bringing them together a new creature was created combining all aspects of the genetic memory of all three peoples. In itself it was successful. All the knowledge was given to the new beings that were to land and become as part of the emergence. They were given the histories and all the histories were combined. The genetic memories would tell them that this was true, this was so and how it fit together. When they come and they emerge from the craft and the mix with the peoples of the Earth this is when it began to become 'changed'. Because the peoples of the Earth were not as the peoples from Xanos. The peoples of the Earth were very primitive, very war like in nature and this now has become part of a genetic structure of the peoples of the Earth as you know now as modern man.

A great step backwards in many areas.

Songee: Your peoples of today still do not know how to co-habit in peace.

That's right.

Songee: Still do not understand how you are all 'One'. Still do not have loving of each other no matter what the colour of your skin or your eyes, or your hair, or the history of your peoples.

I did not even have that in my own home between two people that were supposed to be the same. Not the same person but have the same genetic thing. Both white, both same raised in the same country, same sort of parentage, you know. And when we were together today and I put my arms around him I felt so sad because I just couldn't see how this thing was going to come together. Different...

Songee: Not unless there is a change. This is the secret to harmony. It is change. Letting go of resistance, letting go of the fear that causes resistance. And when that happens then the door can begin to open wider and the light can shine and then you can have the Emergence of the new being. There are connections in all things.

So you have the Emergence of the new being from the craft and you have the Emergence of the new being out of the Light of Realisation. They are all one in the same thing.

So when the Teachings are given to the peoples of the Earth, of the esoteric, remember and smile to yourself because you know the other side of the story now, do you not?

I have a feeling that this, this man in Hamilton knows the other side of the story to.

Christ Consciousness

Songee: However the other side of the story is not allowed to be just given nilly willy to everybody. Imagine telling them that they come from the stars, that they are part of three peoples. And that all that they believe in is not as it seems anymore, that they have their origins on the Earth within beings that resemble those creatures you call monkeys. They would not like it, they would be very upset because they would not any longer be gods. They want to be gods do they not? Everybody is gods. The new being that was created had its origins part on the Earth part from the gods. So that within every modern man there is a god residing.

(Laughter.) Somes have just got a bit more than others, or believe they do.

Songee: When you hear of the different peoples speaking about the God within...

Right. That's right.

Songee: ...and they speak about the consciousness of the Christos being bought to the surface, what is the other side of this? A consciousness of the Christos? Christ Consciousness.

The other side would be the dark, wouldn't it?

Songee: Not of what I am speaking. Christ Consciousness, what is the other aspect of this? Christ Consciousness is what? Suppose to be what?

The Son.

Songee: What is Christ Consciousness within the human?

Forgiveness. No I'm stuck.

No I don't know.

Songee: Awareness, realisation of the God within. Awareness of the Supreme Power within. And to have a greater understanding then the awareness has to go past a membrane, a little barrier. It is a very soft barrier, it allows the passage of things through it to the other side. The awareness has to go through this barrier into a place of opposite matter, and to grasp the understandings that lie within it.

So you have a Spirit that travels through into the other realms, the other awarenesses, to gather the information. The Kundalini Power enables this to happen within you. The Christ Consciousness is that awareness of your connection through the stars back to the peoples of origin, to the place where three races of people live together in harmony, lived together in love and peace. Lived together with no wars, no destructions of each other. Where they had the ability to communicate with the mind. Where they had the ability to construct things that will transport things by means of the Light. Where the creatures of the oceans work together to help to feed the peoples of the land. Where the peoples of the cities create functioning places of living for their peoples to live in, for disposing of their waste, for bathing their bodies and for feeding themselves. The peoples of the trees harvesting the fruits of their land and passing it to the peoples of the ocean to take to the peoples of the city for the feedings of the people of the city. And the peoples of the city sharing their knowledge with the peoples of the trees, also through the peoples of the ocean.

The Christ Consciousness is the God Consciousness that rises within, that gives you the connection to this as well as your spiritual connection. It speaks to your Soul of Love. It speaks to your Soul for a need for Harmony. It speaks to your Soul for an expression of the Light of Oneness to be displayed all around and about you. It cries out for openness, for harmony, for unity. So all is connected. And the Christ Consciousness also is a Sovereign Power because it is the ruler of all Spirit. And I am speaking of Spirits of Light, you understand? All creatures, all beings of Light are ruled by this Christ Consciousness as you call it. You could call it Akanaton Consciousness however that would not be very well.

An art of consciousness?

No Akanaton.

Songee: You could call it Akanaton Consciousness. The process of the unity of all beings under the One God. The worshiping of One God. However the concept was so alien...


Songee: ...to the peoples of that time. They could not understand it. They had come too far. They had travelled too far from the craft in their histories. Too much had happened to the peoples. The lands had split apart and moved upon their own ways across the ocean like so many ships carrying the peoples and the creatures with them.

Creatures from Xanos

You see some of the seedings of the trees of the Glok on your planet they live in the land across your waters and are very, very tall. So tall you can put house inside. You can make home inside it. When you see the size of this tree will give you understanding of the magnitude of Xanos.

Your creature that you call elephant that has the long wiggly nose like snake, this on Xanos was small creature. They only bought the largest with them only small creatures. And so was the creature you know as whale and porpoise and dolphin, you have name. And you have seal and walrus, giraffe, armadillo...

How do you spell, what was that one?

Armadillo. You know the one with the armed skin, plate. All these strange creatures. They are so strange.

Songee: Rhinoceros and bear. All were bought. Moose.

They are so strange all their lumps and bumps and things...

Songee: Buffalo.

...They are wonderful.

Songee: How is it do you suppose that the peoples of the trees that now live on the land that wear the feathers and revere the buffalo.

Because they were their animals from Home.

Songee: They were from the red side of the planet you know. When you look you will find the creatures from the red and the yellow side of the planet.

See some of these creatures like to be in the water and they like to cover themselves with mud. The other day I watched...

Songee: Hippopotamus.

... Yes. The other day I watched on television a young whale calf playing with a dolphin as though it was like a toy. The dolphin was a toy for this whale to play with. It was just lovely.

Songee: All in this manner was harmony. Now on this place of being there were birds of prey. I call them birds they were not bird they were creatures of great largeness, with very big feet and very long (feets?). Like so. Very much like the flying creatures you have of this planet before when all the big creatures were on it.

Now there is a little misconception that when these big creatures were about was no human-kinds. They do not believe that there was human-kinds upon this place when these creatures walked the Earth. That shows how much they know.

Well they haven't found the remains of these people so I suppose they dismissed it because of that. What happened to the remains? Were they all eaten up by the big animals?

Songee: The remains will be discovered.

Oh right.

Songee: They will be discovered. They are looking now for missing link...

End of side three


Songee: They are finding this missing link. They will reject it because they won't want to believe it. Because it will turn all their conceptions of their knowing and understand topsy turvey.

Human beings don't like that much Songee. It's very disruptive.

The Place of Origin

Songee: That is so. Just as when the planet turns topsy turvey they won't like it then. However that does not mean it is not going to happen. However remember the story of the fairies that is good. If human-kind make enough prayers to Oneness and change their ways of being topsy turviness will not be so serious. Because they will show enlightenment, they will come back to the concepts of the place of origin. And to do it they have to pass back through the stars along the pathways back through infinity to their place of beginning. How do you suppose it is that Organism has depicted Kundalini soaring through the Heavens in the middle of an owl, surrounded by moons and stars...

And stars. That's right. (This was a recent painting Roberta-Margaret had made.)

Songee: ...and the infinity of the head in a circle. One half is one wing and the other half is the other wing and the two eyes are the two suns...

Oh the eyes are the suns, of course.

Songee: ...and the beck represents the Mur that connect the two together, and the feet grasping outwards beyond the sphere, waiting to grasp the new place of being, waiting to land the ship.


Songee: Waiting to come into land, it lands on those feets, out of the skies. And the Owl comes out of the night, the darkness of the night. And it has within it the compasses, the spiritual wisdom, peoples, and it communicates that it is a creature, of the night of the moon. It contains knowledge of all the hidden mysteries. (Songee whispers these last few words.)

Our Lives Impact on those around us

Songee you know how Margaret was Akanaton and she is Margaret now being organism for you, she must - obviously I feel that she is, and probably will continue, I might be wrong in my assumption - has a major part to play in each time - oh maybe not - every time she has been involved in human life, so to put it.

Songee: Not every single time. This would defeat the object of reincarnation.

Oh OK.

Songee: Each life that you live has an impact on each Soul around you. You are not an island living by youself unless you become as the religious ones who study and go and live in among the trees, who live in the forest, who live in the cave on the mountain top...


Songee: ...and never speak to anybody ever for all their earth life unless you become such a one as this your life will impact. And even these beings acknowledge that although they are physically separate from the earth peoples they are impacting on the other peoples of the Earth. They believe that by being separate in this manner they can have a greater impact, and in some respects this is so. Because they bypass all the restrictions and constrictions of life. And they focus completely upon their spiritual energies and their spiritual connection. They teach themself to pass out of their bodies and to travel the world. Food and drink are not essential for the bodies. They become non essential because they live on the matters of ethers. The difficult becomes when you have a Soul incarnate in a body that is living in a life that is immersed in the physicalities of life and yet is also living off the ethers as well. Then you have a little difficulty with adjustments. It does come to pass, this is part of the living of this time of Earth.

So all the lives are important because you all impact on each other. Occasionally the Soul will be given a task to perform that is of great magnitude to all humanity and this was the life of Akanaton Pharaoh. It was to impact on the known world of that time, the ruling peoples of that part of the planet at that time. And in order to begin and prepare the way for the changes that needed to come, so the Soul was incarnated and brought to bear upon the peoples the new way of being. It didn't go down very well. It was like a piece of bad fish. To begin with some peoples liked it. They liked it. It was new and exciting. However the peoples that were in power, that were greedy, they didn't want it, could see their power being taken slowly away from them. They did not like it. They were the ones that had the murderings. They did not do it themself they had somebody else do it.

Now what is your time?

Its late. It ran out a long while ago.

Songee: So, Songee is going to go now...

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Songee: ...because you have had much talkings there will be no opportunity for Songee to give you the rest of the Little Bear Story.

No we will do that another time.

Songee: So I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power of all this knowing and the excitement that you can have in following it with more seeking. Learn to look into stories. In the wordings find the truths that lie behind explanations in the wordings as I give to you of (story?), of kingdom. Look in this manner and you will find the hidden truths. You understand?

I leave you now with this Power...

So Be It

So Be It

Roberta-Margaret comes back.
You want to look at our drawings? No you not back. Tell us what you been doing before you lose it.
Roberta-Margaret: Umm
What were you watching out?
Roberta-Margaret: Helicopters...
And she went on to tell us her adventures in spirit.

1. Eye. Songee normally was present in the channel with Roberta-Margaret's eyes closed. It was often very disconcerting to see the Songee Energy in the eyes of Roberta-Margaret. It reminded us that nothing was hidden from the all seeing 'eye' of Songee and the Oneness Energy. Songee understood this and warned us when She was going to do this.
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2. The dogs related with Songee in a completely different way than they did with Roberta Margaret when she was present in her body.
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3. Prayings. My Father's Prayer - transcripts at these links:
20030813 My Father's Prayer
199706 The Lord's Prayer
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4. Songee drew this shape in the Journal.
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