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Cleansing the Waters of Life

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Cleansing the Waters of Life'.
A Teaching from Songee 1st July 1999


Who Songee is
About Spirit
The Hall of Akaskic Records
The threads of Truth
No such things as failure
Cleansing the Waters of Life
Distilled water

This meeting was held at Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland New Zealand on the 1st July 1999. The aroma oils were Lavender and Ylang Ylang and the smudge was made up of Frankincense, Myrrh and Yerba Santa.

(The Frankincense and Myrrh were a dried hard gum and the dried leaf of the Yerba Santa. These are placed in a fire proof container over a burning piece a charcoal to keep them alight and the smoke is very strong in smell and used to cleanse and to create the required ambience. This cleansing was done some time prior to guests arriving so that anyone who may have health issues would not be affected by the previous heavy smoke laden air.)

The Poem of The Crystal Light of Love was spoken.

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Songee: I am here

Greetings Songee.

Songee we have A (the young grandson of one of our regular guests) with us tonight and he has never seen anything like this before.

Songee: I have already seen the heart with this, a little nervous.

Who Songee Is

I am Songee, I am an energy, the Energy of the Earth on which you live.

Many peoples of the Earth have call me by many different names throughout the history of man-kind and you don't have to believe, all you have to do - to feel and nothing is going to hurt or harm you. You have yet to discover for yourself many things within your being. You have many, many things to come to terms with within your own self. So there is much opportunity for you yet and there is no great hurry for them. Your Soul come to recognise what it needs to recognise about the (Two words unable to be heard), in the fullness of time. This is the beginning of a journey for you, because this memories will come back to you many times to cause you to question and to seek answers at different point of your life.

This way of speaking with humankind is not usual for the Energy of the Earth Mother. This is something that has come to be only now at this millennium. It is not to be repeated once the breath has gone from the body of the Organism, it will not come back for another millennium.

Excuse me may I leave. (One of the younger guests asks to leave the room.)

Songee: Granted, you are going to have to manage your bodily functions a little better Little Shaman.

About Spirit

So it is also that human-kinds, for all of their knowing, have been able to have contact with the beings that have departed the Earth and these beings are given many names by many peoples. Sometimes they are Spirit, sometimes they are spooks and sometimes they are called Shades. Another word for them is Ka. Spelt K A, Little Mother.

Right, I have not heard that one before.

Songee: Ka is the Egyptian word for the spirit of the one (that?) has departed or it is the birth of the one who is still incarnate in the body. So you may be able the discover about the Ka.

So in many different languages of your world and many different peoples, there is recognition of the spirit within the body and spirit leaving the body at the time of death. And the big question that everybody likes to ask is where do they go all these many spirits. It must be very crowded where they are going. There must be very many of them. And sometimes the mind of the humans find it very difficult to comprehend about this and where do they all fit in. There is no fitting in to be done because it is another dimension all together and it is not subject to the rules and regulations that You are subject to upon the Earth plane.

All those things that you learned about your life and your world in which you live, forget about it when you go into spirit world because it doesn't apply any longer. There is no time, there are no boundaries - not as you understand it, and you can travel wherever you will, wherever you will and in however way you want to do so.

Most Souls and energy's of Souls and Spirit just be say-ed to get somewhere. (There is a lot of rustling of paper.) Oh my goodness you are very noisy this night.


She's got a new book. (One of the trust people took the opportunity during these meetings to do some of the drawings for Songee's Great She-Bear stories, taking advantage of the high energies created when Songee was channelling through to us and also the guidance that was very freely available during this time.)

Songee: Oh perhaps you better make some more ready for the next...


Songee: Get all the noisings done now. That is very much better I believe otherwise when you make to go for listenings you will not be able to hear it because of the crackle noises.

That's right.

Songee: Is that not so? I am learning you understand, I am find out all these things.

Yes you are you are doing very well.

Songee: So I am learning these things. I hear all the grumpings and grumblings.

Who does that?

They all come from me.

Songee: There are many grumpings, grumblings going on underneath. Sometimes there are mutterings as well, great dire mutterings. (There is much laughter. Songee is referring to the person who transcribes the tapes and can't hear the words because of all the background noise.)

Anyway, now we are going to continue, are you ready now?

Oh yeah.

Songee: Now what was I saying.

You said that most souls just decide where they want to go.

Songee: Very good.

And then I was writing about mutterings!

(Much laughter) This could deteriorate you know.

Songee: And this is how you can functions when you leave your body and go into the astral plane of travelling. Now do not confuse the astral plane of travelling with your beginning part of your dreaming because you go first through the layer of the Earth, the physical layer, and then you come to the astral plane and then you go from the astral plane up through the other layers. However then you go travelling at night and you bring back memories of your travelling, it is upon the astral plane that mostly you are doing your workings.

You meet there with those that are going to assist you with the work you are going to do while you are sleeping and they will take you to wherever it is that you are needing to be. It may be that you need to find something else for youself, and they will come and take you - these companions of spirit and light, will come and take you to, perhaps wherever it is that you need to discover this information.

The Hall of Akashic Records

There is, a direct way from here, to the Hall of Akashic Records without going every which way. And sometimes peoples need to go to visit the Hall of Akashic Records so that they might have a little peek of what it is that they have arranged for their life. Now this happens more often than you would understand or perhaps realise. The Hall of Akashic Record is the place where all the information is kept of all the Souls that are living in physical form. It is a place that is storing all the records of all the different life times, all the lessons they have learnt upon those life times, all the karma that they have incurred, all the karma they have paid back and there are also notings of the lessons they have yet to learn. And they are able then to go to visit it and to discover little bit of the life upon which they living now. Sometimes it may be that they need to know what has happened in past life that is effecting the life they are living now and the Akashic Records is the place where this can be given, to view the knowledge.

Little Mother you are going to have to make better your machine.

Yes it is making a funny noise isn't it.(Songee is referring to the tape recorder)

Songee: So, what you are going to find when you go to the Hall of Akashic Record, first of all is there is somebody there in charge of it. Somebody that looks after everything and keeps everything tidy. And it is very much like the big buildings that you have that you keep your books in, that you go to, library. Thanking you. (Songee is thanking some spirit person for the word Library.)

However beyond that the similarity ends. You may imagine for yourself, for the sake of your physical mind and your ability to comprehend that you go to library and you take out book and you sit and read it. However this is not quite how it is. Remember that in spirit there are no boundaries, so that when you go to the place of Akashic Records and you take your book off the shelf and you open it, what happens then is that you are immediately transported in your entirety into that experience, and that living experience that you have set for yourself, so you go and you do whatever it is that you have set for yourself. And you will feel it, smell it, touch it, taste it, every part of you will be involved with the experience. And this will come to you physical mind as you wakings up as memories as dreams. They will be transferred - Oh thanking you that is very clever. Little One (Sally) is saying that it comes like the little electrical impulses that come down your wires to your machine that has the big picture on the screen.


Songee: And this comes to you, so that you can have it in your memory. What happens to most human-kinds however is that when they come back to their physical body they don't recall what they have been looking at very well. Most of the time they forget, sometimes an they lucky they remember tiny bits of it that don't make any sense at all and because it doesn't make any sense, they say, 'Oh well doesn't matter, what a lot of nonsense', and they dismiss it.

Now, there is a special thing that you might like to consider doing and that is to have by your side of your bed something to scribe in, something to scribe with and when you wake up in the morning times you scribe down the very first thing that comes to your mind. And when you begin to Train yourself to do this then you will find that after a little while you will begin to recall a little bit more of your dreams and a little bit more and so on and so forth. And in this way you will train yourself.

Very few of you will come into the world complete with all your gifts functioning without the need to practise. Even Organism (Songee is referring to Roberta-Margaret) has had to learn to practise, although the gifts came without hindrance and without loss of memory there still was required need to exercise the disciplines in order to put all the gifts into some tidiness, you understand.

You are at the moment doing much work with your breathing and you are opening chakras are you not? Now it will be becoming very apparent to some of you that unless you have properly been practising your breathing into your middle self that the opening of your throat chakra is going to be a little strained. Is that not so? And with the workings that you are now doing you will find that the muscles that are around your throat and neck will be letting you know that they are being used in a manner that they have not been accustomed to being used, is this not so? So they begin to ache however the more you use them the less they will ache, and it is the same with your gifts. Unless you exercise these muscles of your gifts you will not get passed the aching point.

You gift are talents, they are a craft that you are practising and learning. A craft that you are being taught, a craft that is as old as time and all the skills. A craft of spirituality, a craft of coming to know how to manage the forces of the Universe. Every bit as much a craft as learning to ride a horse, or to drive a horse and cart, or to build a house, or to make the seatings for you to sit on and tables for you to eat off your food, and the different utensils that you have to eat you food out of. You have gone from being beings that tore the flesh from the bones with their hands and their feet only, to creatures that now like to put the flesh from the bones nice and tidily upon something, a platter from which you can then eat of and everything is nice and clean and tidy, is it not.

So you have refined your ways of being to a greater or lesser extent depending upon which tribe you are in. However even the most lowly beings of tribe will have its order within its structure of its living. So you have evolved and so also have your spirit awareness evolved and yet the basic truths that were there at the beginning of time - as you understand time, are still there and are still being practised. It matters not which facet (different religion) you belong to. Within each facet there lies different... habits.

That's a good word.

How many were they offering before you choose that one?

Songee: I was waiting for Little One to finish scribing.

Oh I see.

The Threads of Truth

Songee: These different habits of practising their spirituality vary from facet to facet. However among each one there are threads of truth that connect them all together, you understand.

Now I have work for you, to do. You have to go to your place where you keep your books of scribings and do some practise looking at all the things of all the different facets because you need to have a look and read and know about the different facets, in as much depth as you can manage without belonging to them. Unless of course you want to do that in which situation you go to do it, and join the facet for a little while and find out all about it by being part of it. Embrace it with love, not just curiosity.

Now, when you find the different facets you are going to look for those things that show in those facets that are the same if not similar in the other ones. I will give you a little clue.

I was wondering if we were going to get some clues.

Songee: The thread that runs through all of them is a Universal Truth. It is A Truth, such as Songee gives to you from time to time. So you will discover that it has stood the test of time through their faith and through each one that you look at and you will find that they will be very much the same no matter what it is. And remember don't just look at all the ones that you know that follow the Masters of the Earth. Look at all those other ones also that follow nature. These Souls that follow this you often call Pagans, do you not? Look into it and you will discover something very interesting about them.

Before you sit in judgement of the different faiths and the different spiritualities of others, know your own. Find the truths that run through all and practise acceptance of all and then you will truly be resonating as one of the Facets of the Diamond. Until then your diamond is flawed. And you hold any feeling in your heart of judgement about other facets then your diamond is flawed. And when your diamond is flawed, when the light and the sound of the light comes into your crystal to resonating it, this is your diamond, it is in danger of making a sound that is sour, and that sour sound will reverberate out and others will hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, touch it and will not like very much.

I don't understand this Songee and I must have missed a bit somehow. Is the crystal going to be like that because we don't know about the other religions or because we sit in judgement on them?

Songee: Because the sitting in judgement of, not because you don't know.

Oh that's alright.

Songee: You don't like this one because they do this, you don't like that one because they do that and when you are speaking to representatives of this different ones listen to them, listen to how they are. Do you want to be such a way where you're saying that this is the only right way to be and everybody else is wrong. Such peoples there are in your world and their diamonds are flawed as a result of it. They do not resonate as clearly to the celestial music of Light because they are not practising the precepts of their faith. Any faith of spirituality that teaches fear, subjugation, violence, and treats other members of their community as lesser beings are not sounding true notes in the Light. And yet were they to practise the Golden Truths that lie within their faiths then they would resonate with clarity. And it is these Golden Truths that I want you to find. Don't condemn them because they cannot resonate to the Golden Truths, just understand what it is they are doing.

Understand what is happening because when you understand this then you will understand more fully how it is that your World is in such a mess.

Welcome Little One.

We were just watching how her tail just wound around your leg. (One of the cats had come in and was with Songee.)

Songee: In a moment you will have to go and lie upon your own sleepings. So you look into all these different things. You will find it very instructive for you, you will learn much and see and you can find the Golden Threads of Truth that run among them all. There's two very important threads of truth that ought to stand out and jump up and hit you between the eyes. And then the others may be a little more hidden, you may have to seek a little deeper into them to find out. Next time you come together bring a little of this information with (you?). You cannot do it all at once, don't attempt to do it all at once, see what you can find between two perhaps and then when you have found those two then you can have talkings among each other. Or perhaps you would like to, one of you look at two and then someone else look at a different two and somebody else look at a different two and so on and so forth. And then you can come together and you can compare the different truths you have found and when you do that you talk to Songee about them. Would you like to do? Not really because it is going to mean you do work and many peoples don't want to do work! Do they?

I have 2 books out of the library at the moment about two different facets of religious groups of people and quite frankly I have not had time to even look at them let alone study them as such. I am still hoping to do this of course.

Songee: Well when somebody brings the information and it is there to be speaking about then we can do this, can we not? And I will work with you to help you to find your feetings with it so you don't fall flat on your nose. We can't have you fall flat on your nose, you would look like little piglets. Won't you?


Songee: That's what you would be like, so.

What is this about? It is about learning about yourself, learning about humanity, learning about your spirituality, about your Soul, about what happens to you when you leave this Earth and go back to spirit, and what have you come to be here for in the first place and what a bore it is! Is that not so?

What's a bore, being here? I don't feel that way.

Songee: Having to be here, to do all this workings, it is so much simpler not to come in the first place. Is it not?

I'll agree with that.

Songee: So.

You would have missed all this, this adventure, this holiday.


Songee: That is right. I have give you this before time have I not? You are coming for an adventure. Your life is a big adventure with many things that happen upon it.

When I told Roberta about the fact that she was on holiday she said she was going back to the holiday agents to change her tickets.

(Much laughter, Songee is laughing as well.)

Songee: Oh that is not possible. You cannot do this thing.


No Such Thing as Failure

You all Know what you have to do and you do it, you all Know what it is you need to learn and you set about working towards doing that. Nobody is in judgement of you. Nobody says that you have failed something because that is not so. There is no such thing as failure.

When something happens upon the earth plane whereby you are doing something and you have to meet certain requirements in order to show perhaps that you have achieved something and you don't quite manage to do that. Human-kind have a way of saying, "Oh they failed that".

Songee say, "No, No, there is no such thing as failure". Remember all things are written before you come to the earth, so working on this understanding what is it that was suppose to be learnt from this, not happening thing. Not a failure, it just did not happen, in quite the manner that you have looked for it to happen. So you must look a little deeper. Say to yourself, "Now that is very interesting, obviously I have arranged for this to happen in I life so what must I learn from this. Perhaps it is that I need to be more diligent about what it is I am doing. Is the information that I require been given to I or do I have to go out and seek more for my own self in order to make this happen". And then you take 'charge' and full 'management' and 'full responsibility' for your own self and you seek the knowledge that you require in order to meet the level of achievement that perhaps others around you are demanding of you. This way you will never ever 'fail' at anything.

Whatever information you are given always ask yourself, "Now do I need to know a little more of this? Do I know all I have to know at this time? Or am I able to look a little deeper into this?" Be curious, like the little pussy cat, the small pussy cat likes to stuff their nose into things. And to see how they work and sometimes they like to put out their little hands and to touch it to see it if it will move. They are very curious are little pussy cats. And they will wiggle their noses and they will stretch their long whiskers forward to touch things and then they will sit back and they will study it from all different directions. And when you see little pussy cat doing this and then they sit and they do this - what do you imagine they are doing?

They are tasting it, the scent of it is on...

Songee: Oh not just that, they are doing something else, what else do you imagine they are doing?

It's their scent isn't it?

Songee: Keep pondering on it, they are pondering on all that they have found out and they do this while they are pondering about it. And then they put their paws down and they look again like this, you watch they will do this manner of thing when they are curious and don't quite know what to make of it. And while they are doing that they are also a little bit out of their bodies and they are having a look at it from the other side. So that when they come back to their bodies they then can look at from this side once more and decide for themself if they are going to eat it, attack it, play with it or treat it with the distain that these little pussy cats are so good at. They put their nose in the air do they not, and they become very disdainful of things.

So develop within your own being the curiosity of the little pussy cat to all manner of things and look at everything as an excitement, something exciting and new to learn to discover for yourself. It does not matter how small, it is precious. It doesn't matter whether anybody is better that you, what you have is precious. What you know and are able to do for youself is so precious. Enjoy it, embrace it - it is yours. Don't worry about somebody else whether they are better than you or not, just do your very best for the time and you don't ever talk to yourself about failing. Anyone who tells you, you have failed - put your hands over your ear, they are speaking bad words to you. You don't want to hear these bad words, you have not failed, it is just that you have arranged it to be so for this life that you not achieve for that at that particular moment and that it because you have to learn something from it. You have to discover something. Perhaps you were not focused upon the task that you were suppose to be focused upon, perhaps your energies have been taken up in some other ways. What way have they been taken up? Where was your focus? Where had it gone to? How did it get to go to that other place? Mayhap there was something of great emotional importance that you needed to focus upon in your life and so you did so and this other matter was not important. However when this happen remember Songee word - there is no such thing as FAILURE. You give yourself this word - you beat yourself up. You want to continue to do that, you have word for that in your language do you not? Do you know what it is?

Don't know.

Songee: Masochism. To deliberately continue to create injury and hurt to yourself you are doing this thing because some part of you is enjoying it. You may tell yourself in your conscious mind that you are not enjoying it - I tell you this is a lie you are saying to yourself. You are enjoying it somewhere in your being. You are getting pleasure from it because you have been taught to get pleasure from this form of beating up of yourself. Abuse. Self abuse is what it is.

Stop it! Stop it now. Don't let it go any longer in your life because it is causing damage. Damage to your physical being, damage to your chakras, damage to your aura, damage to all parts of your being - your emotional being, your mental being, your spiritual being. And you are not meant to hear these words you would not be here this day. So it is written. So you must have been meant to hear these words so you are here, so open your ears, clean them out and hear and stop doing this to yourself. Nobody else can stop you. You have to stop yourself you understand? You can stop others by not allowing their words to come into your being, not accepting them inside your being, keeping your tongue behind your teeth, closing your ears and letting the sounds of the word wash over your aura and away, because it is energy that you do not want absorb into your being. Every-thing vibrates.

In the beginning was the word, what was to word?

(No-one knew.)

Cleansing the Waters of Life

Songee: Logos. In the beginning was the word and the word was like sound, colour, all things. When you speak words you are speaking like sound, colour into the ears, the heart, the chakras of peoples around you. The sound that you make in your place of living when the waters of life travel through and underneath your place of living, through your tubes that you have, they absorb, the water absorbs the sounds from your place of living. It absorbs them and with the sound it absorbs the colours of those sounds. And when the colours and the sounds are then coming up your tubes into something that you are going to put and get your receptacle and you are going to drink, you are drinking and taking into your physical body all that that living water has absorbed on its journey to you. Ponder on this.

Where has your water travelled, what colours, what sounds has it absorbed on its journeyings? When it comes to your place of living is it cleansed by the sounds and the energies of your place of living before you ingest it into your bodies or do you add to it discolourment, its disharmony? Ponder on this.

Do not believe that silence is going to give you water that is clear and pure, because then there is nothing to cleanse it. You need to apply sounds and the colours of sounds to cleanse the waters. You can take out of your waters the organisms that cause you disharmonies of your body. You cannot take them out, those organisms that cause disharmony of your Soul, of your ethic bodies. Ponder on this.

So what would we do?

Songee: You ensure that you have energies of light in your place of living. That you make the soundings in your place of living of light and the energies of light.

Music, do you mean?

Songee: That is so. You are already learning about colours and sound and light are you not? And also to you are looking at colours and the soundings and the smellings, are you not? So that you will have the different smellings and the energies from those smellings will go and be there in the place. Into the aura of the place of living. Now the aura does not sit just upon the top it goes down beneath the grounds and underneath like the big, like the big egg.

So the actual house that we live in has its own personal aura that extends out and above.

Songee: That is so. That is so. Now when the cleansing is done on this place of living this aura is cleansed of all impurities and it is then filled with the light. Now you can renew the cleansing very simply by practicing using the sounds, the colours, the odours. By putting into your place of living the vibrations of light that are going to bring purity and cleansing. The soundings you have out of this, outside place of being...

The water sound? (Roberta-Margaret has a fountain of running water outside on the patio and Songee is referring to the sound it was making.)

Songee: This is a soundings and it brings with it colours. It brings with it yellows and greens and blues. Mostly greens. And it brings with it peace forming, calmness, tranquillity. It stimulates the mind and at the same time imposes rest. So that it makes the mind receptive to more learning and greater absorption of learning. To put something so in your place of living does not need to be very much only very little to make the soundings, to give you the soundings and it needs to be the living water soundings, not soundings of the living waters having its life cooked out of it.


You mean like the little fountain out there?

Songee: That is so, that is not having the living life cooked out of it by the fires of heat. When you take inside yourself the waters that have had the living energies taken out you are not drinking living water anymore. You are drinking water that is dead.

You can have clean water without having dead water. Water that has no oxygen in it is dead water. Water that you leave standing by the side of your sleepings over night in the morning it has lost its oxygen and it is dead. This water is living it has oxygen in it. It is proof that it is living water it has living things growing in it. Water that is not living does not have living things in it, of light. It may have living things in it of dead. That sounds like contradiction does it not? However there are organisms that live in the darkness of water that are not alive, they feed on the decay and were you to take it into your bodies you would become very sick and perhaps you could die. Is that not so? Especially and the waters have been sitting there for a very long time. So you ponder on all of this.

Anything that has a pure sound that comes from naturalness that is made with joy, with celebration, with love, with pleasure, that is received by you within your being in this way will benefit your living waters. And in the event that there are some soundings that you do not like that are from the natural way of being then look inside yourself and find out what it is in the chakras that is blocking because it means you have debris in the chakra and you cannot listen to sounds, living sounds. You have debris in your chakras. And unfortunately the best way to cleanse them is to make the sound you don't like.

What sound, the same?

Songee: Any sound that, that is needing to be used to cleanse that chakra.

Course we were enjoying making those sounds!

Songee: Oh I am not saying you not enjoying making the sounds, I am just giving you something else to know.

Oh I see.

Songee: There are some peoples who don't like the sounds and those peoples that don't like certain of the sounds will find that they have got rubbish in the chakra and that has to be cleansed and the best way to cleanse it is to use the sounds that they most dislike.

The one that irritates them the most to clean away the irritation.

Songee: That is so, that is the one, because it will, it will resonate with the sound of the rubbish that is inside and it will break it up into little pieces so that it has to float up and come out and then it has to be looked at and treated, and then not given energies to.

Now what have you for I? I have answered all the questions I have been asked. Yes you did ask questions, I heard them all - and the ones you weren't quite ready to speaking out.

Distilled water

Songee in the case of distilled water, do you know the word distilled?

Songee: I see it now I see it in your mind, I have it. It is water that has been put to the flames and made to go cold and then it is dripping down again.


Songee: It is not living water. It is water but it is not living water. It has been cooked. It has been cooked by the flame to make it go away and then come back. Goes away into, into a gas it goes away and then it collects back down when it gets cold and it comes back down at water once more.

So chemically it has to have oxygen in it to be water. How do you view that?

Songee: Don't do it in the first place.

No the composition of the material is hydrogen and oxygen to make it water in the first place so you can't take the oxygen out of water and have water left.

Songee: The essence of this is not there. It has been changed. The nature of it has been altered. This is not something that you have in your books. It is not something the mans in the white coats can teach you, this is something that is of spirit and there is no life, no light in it, no spirit in it.

Perhaps it is aeration we are looking at because running water is aerated.

Songee: You could perhaps take your waters that you have taken the life out and then you can run it in such a manner that you put back into some of this that you speak of, however when you do this you are going to put back into it all those things that you have just cooked out of it, that you don't want in it.

So how are you...

Songee: I give you an example. Man in white coat (Songee often refers to Dr Sven in this manner) is here and is giving me something to show for you. Supposing you have lots of little tubes and little, what is this word (Songee is asking spirit for assistance) beakers, and you have them and you cooking up your waters of life, and they go up and they go down, they go up and they go down and as they come to the end they become cold and they drip. This, you understand is science, then this is taken and put into another place of beakers and tubings and in this beakers and tubings there is a machine that puts into the tubings the, the gas you know as oxygen, you understand? And then the waters are made to go through with all this, gathering it up as it goes, and then it drips out the other end and into beaker once more. Then you will have living waters with no impurities. Understand?


Songee: Supposings that you just have machine that blows air not oxygen into this and it goes so and drips out the other end. Where does the air come from? Is it going to be pure air that is not circulated from around and about in the place of your living or where ever this is being done? Because if it is coming from the world around you it is going to contain all the energies of life that are around you and then you will have living water at the end however you will also have everything else that has been carried with it.

So the only way you can purify water is by filtration, would that be correct?

Songee: That is so. You, that is on the physical place, you will be able to cleanse to a certain amount by using this that you say, is like putting something through lots of little holes.

A filter.


Songee: It is so, only the something that you are putting through is very tiny, tiny little holes and there is some substance there that will absorb all the negatives of the physical plane so that when it comes out it is pure on the other side. Is this so?


Songee: This is the best kind of waters that you can have and you want to make for cleaning of it. And then you still have living waters without so many of the impurities of your earth life. In times past there was no concern for this because there was not the same impurities in your world that you have now.

That's right.

Songee: With your progress of your earth you have brought to the earth many impurities that are destroying your earth, your waters, your air.

When you take water to use for medical purpose, it is normally distilled water, so is the suggestion that the filtered water is satisfactory?

Songee: Not in that instance that you are in your mind because you have to ensure when this is taking place that there are no introduction of organisms and so it is done this way so that there will be no introduction of organisms and in this instance there is no great need for the waters to be living waters, to be a carrier for another substance.


Songee: For yourself to live and breathe and ingest for your body to benefit you need living waters. You are made up of living waters. You need to feed your body with living waters. Something you might like to do is to take your waters that you have put through your little holes into a place - bring the waters. The waters that you have.

OK you want some.

Songee: Bring all of it.

Do you want me to bring it to you?

Songee: That is so. I show you.

It's very heavy it is full.

Songee: So you have this living waters.

So that's like water that's come through the tap system and through the filter into that jug.

Songee: That is so.

So it still has the oxygen content as part of it.

Songee: It has, it is living waters, it has all...

It has chorine too.


However the filters actually take some of those chemicals out.

Songee: Not all, most, however remember you are living - in place of living - in this place that has aura around it of energies, you understand? So this make the water a little different because the energies in it are changed. Now also you can hold it in your hands, like so (Songee has one hand under the jug of water and the other hand covering the top) and you can take inside your bodies the Breath of Life, like so and you can focus your energy upon the waters and you can ask for the Light of Oneness to come and enter the Waters of Life and cleanse it further so that it might be pure for your consumption. You may like to go a little bit further. You might like to put around this thing something blue, across the top around and about it and then as the Light of Oneness comes down and goes through this thing, this blue it will impart into the waters the energy of the blue ray. What is the blue, what does the blue do?


Songee: Cleansing, purifying, healing, peacefulness. You can put around it the colour of green and have the balancing. You can put your waters of life somewhere with this colour around it and put in front of it a light to shine through it. A light of the flame perhaps that you like to have sometimes. Or the other light that comes from the power that goes through the wires, this will function equally as well for you.

Could it also be sunlight?

Songee: That is the best one, to put it out in the sunshine for this to come and energise your waters of life. I give back to you. You may like to share it out.

We will all have a drink of it.

Songee: Because now Songee have put into this water for you energies of blue and green for you to have. So you need to drink every drop of it. Don't throw it onto the ground or down into you waste things, you must drink it all because it is now Bless-ed Water. And you can help yourself for this.

I was going to bring it to them.

Songee: I am saying that they can help themselves for doing this for this doing the doings of it for them own selves in their own place of living, is what I am saying to you.

How long would you need to leave say you are using sunlight for example, and you say left it in the sun, how long would you need to leave it there.

Songee: Not for very long because otherwise it would not be very cold.


Songee: And you might like to have it cold, you want to have it warm do leave it there longer and it will get very hot for you and then you will be able to have warm drink.


Songee: However remember that, and you leave it there for too long you will with the heat, you will make for it to be not living, so don't leave it too long in the heat. And you want to do this for benefits of your body. This does not mean that you do not ingest waters that have been put to the flame. That is not sensible, don't restrict yourself in such a way. Remember there are certain situations where you need to put water to the flame because it may not be pure enough for your bodies and you have to take out of it some of the organisms that are in it that would make you sick. So certain places of your living of the earth that are contaminated by impurities of the earth in this way sometimes you need to otherwise you will get sick.

What about the minerals Songee, are they damaged when the water is boiled, when the water is cooked.

Songee: The minerals all the little tiny little bits, they are altered. They become a little altered. There is much that peoples are learning about the living waters that they are only just now beginning to understand. The peoples that live on the land understood the meaning of living waters many moons past and revered the waters. It is only as man-kind has moves forward that they are begun to not revere the waters around them. They have lost the sight and understand and knowledge, and the wisdom of the old ways. So when you look at your religions, your spiritualities of the different facets, look at some of those old ancient ones, the ones you call pagans. Or, there is another word is there not that you have, that had been given to such peoples - they are often called savages. And that is because peoples don't understand their way of living and their spiritualities. Look at their reverence for life, their reverence for the land, for the standing peoples (Songee's word for the trees), and the creatures of it and the waters.

There is a new filtration process using ultrasonic sound to filter water for swimming pools instead of the chemical treatment that seems to be satisfactory.

Songee: So this is giving you - what?

Putting sound waves through it.

Songee: And what have I just been speaking about?

Exactly, I am tell you now it is being done.

Songee: As I said to you human-kind is just now beginning to discover about living water, and yet there are many of the planet that knew about this that have been called many different names that would revere the earth in just that way, that would use sound to bring energy to waters as part of the healing energies and part of the ceremonies of spirit. It is only that it is being now explored more, is it not?

Perhaps I can go now?

Well it is very close to time, our time.

Songee: It is time for I to...

END OF SECOND SIDE OF TAPE (Songee's words are lost as the tape is turned over)

...Embrace it.

The final words of the Crystal Light of Love were read -

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart.
May the Light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of Light to drive away the darkness from your Soul,

Be at Peace.

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