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Winds of Change

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Winds of Change'.
A Teaching from Songee, 12th August 1999.


Healing Medicines for the People and Animals
Earth - The Winds of Change
The whispering of the Dark Energy
The Emotional Waters of the Dam
Changing times shown in the Heavens
Friday 13th - Omens
The Bear Story - Illustrations

The Aroma used on this evening was Lavender and Roberta-Margaret listened to music as she offered herself as a channel to the Songee Energy.

Songee: Greetings to you, what have you for I? (Every one begins to laugh at Songee as She takes off Roberta Margaret's slippers.) Oh we don't need these things. (Songee tosses the slippers away and one accidentally hits one of the dogs.) You don't mind do you little one, I not hurt you. You can look after, that's much better.

Now, where to begin.

Healing Medicines for the People and Animals

Can I ask a question to understand about an experience I had on the way here. I had an appointment at the Osteopath, I was waiting in the waiting room and this little black cat sort came close, picked me out and sat down on my lap and I was actually channelling to it and I really wanting to understand. I found out later that she wasn't feeling the best. And it's like do animals know that they need healing and just go seek it out?"

Songee: Of course. Of course they do. They are much wiser than humankinds, you understand. Humankinds, sometimes they know that they are in need of the healing energies and deny them to themself. You usually find that the small creatures do not. (Long silence while Songee is waiting for someone else to ask Her a question) It looks as though I'm going to have an easy night!

Songee, what can I do about how loud the noise in my head?

Songee: There is substance that you are ingesting into your body that would assist with this, you need to make it into vibrational medicine.

Yes. What is it?

Songee: Oh, I understand you, you're meaning because you're not sure of which substance. Ah. It is because you have it in your mind already, it is to do with your mind.

Is it the E... that I'm already taking?

Songee: It is the powder that you already have, that you put into the little ... I not have name for them, little cases.

Ah, the gingko (boilata?)

Songee: I believe that is it, although the name's not quite correct.

No, because I can't say it properly. It's a big tree that's got ferny leaves on it...

Songee: That is so, great big ... and you have to make that into vibrational medicine.

Oh right OK. Thank you. So it's going to pass away?

Songee: Also remember that there are certain things taking place, and that these are in the process...

Because it has definitely got much worse and I am actually having difficulty hearing. Alright so it's going to pass away.

Songee: Not very swiftly, however, it will begin to diminish. Before it can get better it has to become a little worse.

That's pretty usual.

Songee: I know you agree that is so. (One of the dogs makes a large groaning noise.) You understand all that very much, don't you.

She's been a long time healing, hasn't she. (The dog has been taking homeopathics for a long time to heal her skin disease.)

Songee: And now, there is result of this. (Long silence) Do I answer the question or do I let you ask it? I believe I'll let you ask it. We shall see how brave you all are. (Long silence) All you have to do is to take deep breath inside and start to speak.

You're not going to do so?

Are you referring to me?

Songee: I am waiting for the questions to come that I know are there, that are flying around in the minds of everybody. And everybody sometimes gets a little too accustomed to having their answers sometimes given. So Songee is going to wait for peoples to become brave enough to make their throat chakras work!

Songee, what was wrong with my pussycat? I'll fill in time while everyone's getting their questions together!

Songee: Let me have a look ... greetings to you (Songee is talking to one of the animals that walks past Her) Let me have a look at this little one. Now, what would you say it was? (Songee seems to be asking the advise of one of the dogs who is sitting in front of Her gazing intently at the face.) Ah, something in the tummy. Not very happy in the tummy. (Silence) That is a very sensible idea! (It is as though the dog has given Songee the answer to this question.) Will we suggest that, do you suppose? I believe that is what is going to have to be given. Taraxacum is for this little one, you understand? Ah, shall we tell you what it is? It is the dandelion, that is so, is it not? So that is what your little one needs.

It is a homeopathic medicine? What strength?

Songee: Oh, just a moment. Aahh. The mens (Songee is referring to the Spirit Doctors who we work with in spirit) in the white coat is suggesting for you 1m.

And how often is he going to have these?

Songee: At least three to four times a day while this is like this. It is something to doing with the functioning of the kidneys. It is more peculiar than it is dangerous.

(Someone arrives late.)

Songee: Greetings to you. You are most welcome. It is not all time easy to depart, is it?

Not always, not always to be on time. I apologise.

Songee: Oh, you don't need to do for this! Songee knows how it is. When there is resistance, external resistance, sometimes obstacles are placed in the way, so that departure is delayed.

(Long silence)

Okay, back to the waiting for the questions!!

Songee: You may ingest into your body some of those minerals that you have been introduced to. Because your body does not assimilate minerals as well as some other people's do.

Are you talking about my body?

Songee: Of course!

That's because lumps of my bowel are missing.

Songee: I know this thing. So you have to look at that which you are ingesting. And you have just ingested a fluid, and this fluid is better for you because the minerals within it are readily absorbed.

Because they are already a liquid rather than a solid.

Songee: And if you are very, very sensitive to yourself, you will begin to feel changes already.

Yes ... I feel better than what I did at 5.20 tonight when I could hardly stand on my feet.

Songee: Yes, that is so. So you are going to need to have this method of ingesting some minerals for your body's needs. And you may have no more than two in one day. No more. One - and when you are especially feeling tired and depleted, then have another one later on. Do not take too close to going for your sleep time, because it will make all your body's system get up and wake up and start to go.

So I'll be sitting there all night playing my little musical instrument!

Songee: That is quite possible! You might even find yourself dancing to music! You don't need to be doing things all night - especially when you have been doing it all day as well.

Earth - The Winds of Change

And this is something that you would like to perhaps consider also (to another person) Little Snake because there is an efficiency that is required for your bodies to assimilate some of the minerals that your body requires for its existence, and over the many, many moons, the many millennia, the earth's minerals have become toxic, because of mankind's abuse of the Earth upon which you walk, and the air that you breathe.

The mantle that is around the outside of this sphere on which you live, it is like the aura, and when it is contaminated it will leave scar tissue that is not readily repaired. And that will leave your Earth aura open to influences of an external nature, both physical and metaphysical. It is because of this that you are now heralding an age of much turbulence in your patterns and cycles of your seasons. These patterns and cycles are going to become even more extreme than you are already knowing of. Your children and your children's children will experience great storms of immense magnitude, that will come very suddenly upon the Earth, levelling all in its path. The Winds of Change. In order to manage, and I'm going to use your Earth word, in order to 'control' this, mankind will endeavour to create a means of controlling the weather patterns. Already it is being practised. And they will endeavour to do this from outside of the mantle.

You mean from the satellite stations around the planet?

Songee: That is so. How they are going to do it, it is too technical, much too technical for me to discuss, only to know that this is on its way. Many of you will see the birth of it before you leave this life. And that ought to give you a little clue about something else, and that is that your Earth is not going to tilt on its axis and have every devastation happening to the planet before the end of your earth life, so stop panicking. There is everybody upon this Earth at the moment that are consumed with the idea that the planet is going to explode, or disintegrate, or become attacked from the stars by some matter.

Substances from the stars will be coming. There is one substance that is coming that is very, very large, and it is this that is concerning a large number of the peoples in the white coats, and so they ought to be very concerned, because it is on a path of collision. However, they have been given the technology, the intelligence and a number have already been born, souls, who have been born into this field of expertise who are unknowingly in some degree in contact with their spirit people who are also assisting, and they will have these wonderful, beautiful ideas about how they are going to manage this. And although it will be a very tense time for the peoples of the Earth, this great boulder is going to be passing by. It is not going to collide. It will create disturbances and disharmonies because of its nature, the consistency of its structure, the size of it, it will have an effect, much as your moon has an effect upon your planet, so will this, and it is going to come much closer to you than your moon. It will not be destroyed, it will be deflected, and it will be done by the means of your powers outside of your atmosphere, not by powers within your atmosphere. And that is a long way off yet. Not for at least another 70 or so of your earth years, so don't panic, most of you will not be here. You will have been returned to Spirit ready to come back once more.

Oh yes, you will come back, there is work to be done, you know! And work to be continued that is being started now, and being achieved now. Slowly and surely, as man evolves along the path of destiny, they will return for the most part to the skills that they lost in times past.

The Tempest of which I speak to you before time, it is upon you. You are now in the midst of the Tempest. How can you recognise the signs?

All the people that are being killed and going back into Spirit, all the great things that are happening in the weather and the earth changes and that sort of thing.

Songee: That is so. However, it is not just the amount of people that are going back to Spirit, it is the way in which they are going back. It is the souls of the Earth that are disturbed and disrupted. Now, more than ever, the Beings of Light will gather to support you.

The Whisperings of the Dark Energy

How many of you recognise the whispering of the Dark One? The Dark One that whispers in your ear about how 'useless' you are, what a 'failure' you are, how 'stupid' you are, and all those feelings that come up inside of you of great despondency, that say to you, "what is the point of carrying on?" "What is the point of my doing any more?" Have you experienced this?

Yes we do.

Songee: So you need to look inside of you and be alert to these whisperings that go on, for they are the influence of a dark energy attempting to undermine the resolve of the workers of Light that are incarnate.

What of this momentous happening where you have experienced a darkening of your light? That was your question was it not? So, what of this? There are many different beliefs about this that go back many millennia. Most peoples, when they witness such a happening find it an awesome experience. The awe that they feel within their being transcends their minds. How do you suppose this is? When your minds and your brains tell you with great reasoning power that this happening is something that do take place on a regular situation, not all time very frequently, however it do take place and has been happening for millennia. Also, you have experienced through your different lifetimes pieces of your light being obscured from you, and nobody seems to make great excitement about it. So what is it about this happening that is so exciting, do you suppose?


I've watched all this, I've been very drawn to this, and I can't quite put my finger on what exactly took place. Last night when I was watching pictures I wondered about what actually happened to the moon. I wondered what happened to the power of the moon during that time and what its influence would then have had on us, even though we're down here and it happened up in the Northern Hemisphere. My feeling is it was quite dramatic, but I don't know what it is. Can't put my finger on what it is.

Songee: Has anybody else got something they want to say? Let everybody say something. Come. Put your ideas into the mixing pot!

Was anyone else interested in it? In the eclipse?

I don't know anything about it.

It was last night.

Yeah, I know that, but I don't really know what it is.

It's when the Moon comes between the sun and the earth, so therefore the sun shines the Moon's shadow on the Earth. And there's other planetary alignments that are taking place too and I don't quite understand what that's all about but that's really important too. Did you see it?


I was really excited about this!! I don't know for what reason, but I have been!

What about you?

Well, I saw it on television and I just sort of took a general interest, but I didn't get enthusiastic or excited, I just took it as another phase of a day in the life of the world, I suppose. I know it's the last eclipse of course, for the year.

Or the first one of the new millennium. That was really significant, because the millennium has already started.

Songee: The new millennium as you understand it, you are already in it. You have been in it for many earth years already, and this is your first one for this millennium, not the last one of the last. And this is a little slip up that peoples are not aware upon. They prefer to have the illusion that it is the last one. So when you look at this phenomenon, you need to look at how it affects the psyche of all the peoples that are party to it. For you it is of no great matter, because it was a long way away for you. However, the energies of it have affected that part of your atmosphere, and as such it doesn't just stay in one place, because your Earth is turning around, is it not? So all of the surface of the planet is going to have an effect from it.

Now, it may be that you will feel that the effect will diminish the further away it goes. What can you tell the peoples, Wise One, about sound waves?

Frequencies are the same but they just diminish in power over time, over space.

Songee: And what of distance?

Yes, the effect reduces, although the pattern is the same.

Songee: So, the sound itself gets softer, and fades out, that is so?

Yes, but as I understand it, the wave pattern continues at a lower velocity.

Songee: However, it still continues, does it not?


Songee: And that is how it is with this happening in this other place. It is going to radiate out and continue, and although the intensity, the initial intensity is diminished, there is an essence of it that is just as powerful.

Imagine, and you will, the waters that are held back by a structure...

A dam.


Songee: So the wall breaks down and the waters then rush forth, do they not? And the peoples below would witness what?

A great wall of water.

Songee: That is so, a great mountain of water coming rushing down like this, all the way down. Until the full force of it, of the suddenness of it, has dissipated. And then what is left?

The debris, flooding?

Well, there'd be water where there wasn't water before because it was being held back.

Songee: However, it would settle down to a steady flow. However, the energy of the water would still be there, only it would be subdued somewhat. Do you understand? Not as forceful as that first whoosh.

And so it is when this happens, you have the Sun, that is giving you energy and light, and then you have the Moon, and it comes between you and the light. The light, life-giving light. And within your primitive souls, there is something that says to you, this is as though the gods are speaking. Your intelligent minds know how it comes to be, but that part of you that is still a little a-feared looks upon it in a different manner. And it can't help it. It will happen whether you are liking it or not.

What does the Moon represent? What is the Moon?

It pulls our water backwards and forwards and it emotionally affects us

Songee: That is so. However, what is...what do the peoples of the Earth that dance upon the Earth, what do they call the Sun?

Father, is it? Logos is the other word ...

Songee: It is masculine. It is Father Sun, Sister Moon. So Moon is feminine.

Sometimes they say Grandmother Moon.

Songee: Grandmother Moon, that is so, however it is still feminine is it not? Is that not so? So what do you suppose is happening? Here you have this immense masculine energy shining down, and for a moment, along comes a female energy and eclipses it. Not for very long, because the female energy does not need very long. So it comes and eclipses it, and the darkness comes upon the land, and darkness is there because it is an object that is in front of the light that is shining, and so it casts a shadow, does it now?

It's amazing to see it, on the television, it just spanned across the earth, it was just wonderful.

Songee: And to live through that experience does something to the inner being.

Now, in times past, Songee has speak-ed to you about the affects of the Moon. Is that not so? About the feminine principle that is the Moon and how it affects you in your being, male and female alike. Female respond more readily to it, however it also affect male. It affects the female energy within all living things. What is female energy?

Creative aspect of anything.

Intuitive ... would there also be a sensitivity there as well?


Songee: We have creative, any other guesses?

The mothering.

Songee: That is the nurturing, part of the mothering. So these are some of the things are they not. It also represents, don't forget, the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of fertility within the body, it represents all the deepest emotions that are within the body, within the being. The waters of the planet on which you live are affected by the pull of the moon's energy, are they not? Imagine now, an you will, the dominance of this energy at a moment when ordinarily the Sun's energy would be dominant. It is going to affect all the waters, all the living waters of the planet. And the living waters are not just the rivers, the lakes and the streams and the oceans, they are the livers (laughter) Liver, did I say livers! Rivers and lakes and streams within your body. So all your body and your emotions will respond to this same pull. And because it is happening at this moment, then it is going to be very powerful.

It can't possibly be a coincidence, you know, that we're in the middle of this Orange Week and all the sensitivity. (The class is studying the Orange chakra and aromas.)

Songee: Also, I have been giving to you many times that Songee has come to speak to the people of this, this millennium, not to come until the next one. And when this time is past, there will be not happening in this fashion until the next millennium.

And so, you have the power of the Moon intercepting the light of the masculine energy. Now, the influence of this is also at a time when all the other planets in your system are in a straight line. So as this is taking place, so everything else was also in one great line.

Now, if all our energies came into line at one time, we would pass back into Spirit.

Songee: That is so. I have already given to you that you are entering into a Tempest and now you are in it, you are right in the middle of it, and the Tempest is of the emotions, of the feelings inside, and this happening is a physical manifestation of what is happening inside individuals. People around you that ordinarily would be quite seemingly rational will not be. They will suddenly become irrational. They will act out of character for themself. For some it is going to be a breaking down of their barriers. Haa! Just like the barriers that hold back the waters, the dam, you say it.

(Diversion as a cat in the room vomits).

Songee: Are you all settled now?

Yes thank you Songee.

Songee: Well we will address that problem in a moment. So. Too many fish!

So it her that has been taking the fish? That was the white one (cat). We believed it was the grey one.

The Emotional Waters of the Dam

Songee: Oh this one also. However, let us return to the waters that are behind the dam, because this is a very apt description, because this is how it has been. Everybody is damming up their emotions, damming up their feelings, oh behave yourself little one, (Songee is talking to one of the dogs who growled.) you're not behaving, silence! Now, when that dam is broken, all the waters are going to rush out, so all the emotions that have been locked up inside are going to whoosh up to the surface, are they not? And then, as you so correctly said, Little Snake, after everything has settled down there is going to be all the debris. All the flotsam and jetsam that is to be cleaned up. And as you say, there will be flooding. Flooding of emotion into areas that have been carefully 'controlled', 'controlled' by the dam, so the lands could be tilled and crops sown, in an artificial way because by holding back the waters to allow this to take place, it was not natural. When the waters are held back by natural means, then although there is sometimes a breaking down of the barriers that can cause this great happening.

(One of the dogs growls. It is as though she was saying something to Songee and Songee replies to her.)

Songee: Yes, I know you understand, you were a wolf once, were you not? And you got lost in one such thing, up in the mountains.

So, although that happens it is not so devastating as when man intervenes and makes this dam, because they make them so much bigger than nature will make them, so much stronger, as they feel, and eventually, sometimes they will break down. Takes a long time, earth time, however, they will break down.

I've been shown, a couple of weeks ago, a vision. I was on the ground floor of a big concrete building and I was sitting behind a computer, and at the other end was this wall of windows, and I was shown this absolute wall of water that was going to burst through. My feeling was the room that I work is what you say, very controlled and as far as I know there is a lot of stuff underneath there, and I felt this was a work situation, that things were going to be thrown upside down, a little bit.

Songee: When the dam bursts, there is always a flood of emotion. Always. When you can go for just so long with your 'controlling' of something, and then you can't do it anymore and then you break. And you say, I can't do this anymore, I can't do this, this way, anymore. And something has to change, so it is not always a destructive thing, this breaking down of the dam, although it may seem to be so at the time. When, everything has settled down, then, peace can come. The river will flow freely. It will find its own level, its own paths. And as it flows along across the land and down towards the oceans, it will find its own path.

The difficulties that mankind experience is usually because they have built their dwellings in the path of a river and then they have stopped the river from flowing, or perhaps they have decided to move it a little and channel it in another direction. Eventually, one day, the river will reclaim its own natural course. Rivers do not stay on the same course, it is the nature of the creature that it will move, and over many of the Earth years can be seen the changes and the shapings of a river, how it moves. It will still be somewhere in the same vicinity of where it was to begin, however, it will just move over a little perhaps in some places, you understand?

So what's the significance of all the planets being in this line?

Changing times shown in the Heavens

Songee: It is the end of one era and the beginning of another. (The dog groans again.) Little one is in agreement. So something you need to understand to answer your question is that something does not just suddenly start here and stop there. When it comes to the influences of external energies, there is always an overlapping of Earth time, you understand? So there is a portion where the old and the beginning of the new are overlapping. Now, at the point where this overlapping finishes, here, that is where you have your alignment.

Now the last time that this thing occur, you didn't have the alignment of all the planets. That is in answer to the question, how is it that this didn't happen in the last time this happened upon the Earth? The influence is still the same, however it was not a new millennium, you understand, it was still part of the other. However, you look at this and you see it is equidistant to this. So when did the last overlapping, when did the overlapping begin? When did the overlapping begin?

I don't know.

Songee: You have just seen a full eclipse of the sun.

So does that mean when there was an eclipse before, 70 odd years ago?

Songee: That's when the overlapping began, in preparation for the new millennium. You understand? How many of your earth years do you have for this? What of your own knowing of time...

When it happened before?

Songee: ...that you're living now? What would you have your time for it? What date would it be? What year?

1929 ...

Songee: Now, what is half of that? Between there and now?


Songee: You need to come forward a little, just a touch, because that is the beginning of the new millennium coming into power, half way between these two points.

In the early 70s, when everyone went crazy and stuck flowers in their hair, about then did it start?

Songee: What was it called? The Age of Aquarius? Halfway through, it begins. The beginning of the new millennium.

It was 1967, 68

Songee: Now remember you're still having this overlapping, so there is a gradual process of coming into being, it doesn't suddenly, on this day, it's the first day of the new millennium. It is a period of Earth time that is happening, so you don't say, "this is the day", because this is not how it works in Moon cycles, you understand? It doesn't quite work this function in this way.

The Moon comes up to fullness over a period of Earth time and it comes away from fullness, and the influence of that is, as it comes to fullness, the power is gaining, and on the night of the full moon it is at its most powerful, but the influence is still there, and as it begins to come away, then it is beginning to lessen, the power is lessening. And then there is a time when there is no Moon, however, the Moon is till there, it just is not being observed.

I was really amazed when I was a little girl, I realised that the Moon was really still there! It hadn't gone away at all!

Songee: However, this means that although the influence is there, you have the complete opposite. You have a full moon in darkness and a full moon in light. So you have the power of the moon in its fullness in its dark phase. And this is going to have an influence also. It is going to get to the deepest, darkest recesses of your psyche. Of your emotions. It is going to be where you are hiding everything, everything is in the dark, hidden away in the emotions, down inside. And then, you come up once more, to the full moon, and the full moon shines its light into the darkness of the dark full moon. Because remember that the full moon at one place is a dark moon some other place, is it not? So the full moon exerts its influence on the dark moon of the other side. No it is not in the same place at the same time, that is not logical. (Songee answers an unspoken question.) However, it does influence the people's emotions, it brings to the surface all those dark hidden things. So when the moon is full, it brings all those dark, hidden things. When the moon is new, that is when peoples that have disturbances of the mind begin their process of their disturbances coming to the surface. They begin to come as the Moon rises, not when it is full, it starts as the Moon rises. So it is happening for a few weeks before this. So though it is that many humankinds say that everybody goes crazy when there is a full moon, this is not in effect the truth. It is beginning before that takes place, you understand? And it is this same influence of this that is taking place, this is the overlapping that I am speaking to you of.

How did the moon get to be there?

Songee: How did it get to be there? How did any of the planets get to be anywhere? What is so special about one planet? I know it is one that is close to where you are, however, there are many different planets all around you, how did they get to be there? How did this planet on which you are, come into being?

Well, I like to believe that Oneness and the angels all created this, you know!

Songee: Whatever do you want to have knowing of. Some peoples like to have the knowing of the mens in the white coats, what they have to say about it. And how it was a very hot rock, and slowly cooled down, and that it had upon its surface many organisms that evolved into who you are now, and that all the different planets around you, all the different things that are around you dotted about, your stars and planets, all owe their beginnings in the same manner. Is this not so? As a living organism, a larger living organism, though perhaps they don't look at it quite like that.

I'm going to take you instead from outside, I'm going to take you inside. Imagine going inside the cells of your body, and imagine that you are sooo small, so infinitely small, that all the things around you resemble space, with all the different satellites around you twinkling in the light of different suns. And the suns are like the sparks of energy that come through the system, through the nerves in the body.

Now imagine that all of your space is as one enormous living organism. And you are just one little spark of life on one of those many satellites in that space. Imagine. Perhaps you are a living organism within the body of Oneness. And perhaps that is how you came to be here and how all the different planets and other bodies are here. That they obey certain rules of being, just as you obey certain rules of being in your space, so all those other bodies are obeying different rules in their space. So how do you know, you might be living in the body of a greater being, and not even be aware of it. Stretch your imagination to the concept. Let your imagination feel the concept. Because as you know, many things are not all the time made up of water and minerals as you are, in the form that you are, for them to be living organisms. There are many things around you that have different shapes and yet have the same elements within them, do they not? What of the little ones? (Songee is referring to the dogs, cats and other companions we share our lives with.) They have the same elements in them as do you, and yet their form is different.

And so this great being, that you may be part of (The dog groans as though in understanding.) were you able perhaps to get outside of it and look at it from a great distance, you might see something that is reclining on its side and waving at you, and saying, "Oh look up and see." So you can let your imagination have a lot of fun. Some planets get into being because others break up and explode and the debris floats about, and others just are. What of the great holes, that take inside of them the energies of light and draw all those energies into themself? What of this? How do they get to be there?

I don't know but they're fascinating places.

Songee: Many things to ponder on.

It's like they're part of the void, that they're windows into the void. I don't know really.

Songee: There are many things for you to discover, there are many things that you already have knowings of and suspicions about, I am just giving you some other thing for you to perceive in a different way. You understand? You can look to the mens in the white coats and learn all those things that they have to teach for you, or you can, as well, you can allow yourself to have a little of the magic of imagination, that will make things a little special.

Not superstition, superstition is something that humankinds have, that if they don't do something a certain way, they're going to have bad luck. You make for yourself your own good fortune before you come, to the Earth. However, you may have written into the script of your Earth life that you will have certain signals in your life that will herald for you times of caution, times when you need to be cautious and careful, and humankinds have many things that herald disharmonies, and good harmonies, do you not? And by invoking the powers of these, although it is a little fun to do, it is within your being that the power lies. So unless you have written it into the script of your life, to have knowing of certain signs in your life, then they have no meaning. You understand? For some it is that they have to be aware of certain creatures of the planet that will come to bring them messages, and these creatures will come and show themselves to somebody and they will herald something important in that person's life. However, were they to show themselves to somebody else, it may be that they have no meaning whatsoever for somebody else. You understand? However, collectively, so many humankind have experienced these same symbols for themself that it has now become written into your history of your peoples. Do you understand? No? You don't understand?

There are lots of sayings, but I can't for the life of me remember one. Like if you see something it means that something else is going to happen.

Friday the 13th - Omens

Songee: Ah, you have a very special happening, the man in the white coat is saying you have special happening tomorrow day.

Friday 13th, avoid black cats.

Songee: And what is the purpose of this? What does it mean?

Perhaps witches are with the black cats.

It's supposed to be bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

Songee: Not for everybody! For some people, they like for this to happen because it is good luck for them. So how is this? That some peoples it is good luck, and some peoples it is bad luck? How does this come about? It comes about because over aeons of Earth time individual souls have come and brought with them that when this happens in their life, this is going to be good luck, and some will come and say, when this happens in their life, it is going to be bad luck, and so when they come to the Earth, and they are talking with their fellows, and they say, "Oh, my goodness, there was this black cat walked across my path today, it always brings me bad luck, I don't know how it is, it always brings me bad luck", and somebody else will say, " Oh that is interesting, it always brings I good luck!" And so, enough souls come with the same symbols and so a superstition is born.

Roberta's sign is about the magpies, and she usually sees two at a time, and I can't remember what they mean to her, but she gets really excited about it.

Songee: These are birds of omen, as are the black cat is supposed to be cat of omen, and the owl is a bird of omen, you understand? And the albatross is a bird of omen for those who sail the seas. So, you have many different things. The wolf is a creature of omen for those that see it, and so on and so forth. So the bird of omen, and then you have the raven.

Yes I saw a movie the raven was portrayed as eyes. I wasn't quite sure what it meant

Songee: There are some that...


Songee: The raven is an emissary of one of their god powers. The peoples that live in the snows honour the raven. (The dog speaks in a low growl) that is where the wolf come, I know. So, you want I to say? (Songee is speaking to the dog) In a moment. So the raven is looked upon by these peoples and is revered as a god in their culture among their tribe. And in others, look upon it as a bird of doom, when they see it, they say, "Oh my goodness, dreadful things are going to take place. Oh my." And of course they do, because they have given it to themselves as a sign that this is what is going to happen for them. And the bear this also a symbol, it comes as a sign, and the snake. And then you have those things of luck. The leaf that has four parts to it, the green leaf...

The clover.

Songee: ... and then you have the poor little foot of a little bunny.

The rabbits foot for good luck.

Songee: Perhaps you would like to investigate this and come together and speak of your findings. I'm not greatly hopeful for this, because you don't do much of this, discussing for yourself of what you have discovered! Among yourself! (Songee had set us a task like this before and we had not the opportunity to talk together about it.)

We don't get the opportunity.

Songee: This is opportunity, I ask, have you got questions, do you know anything, and nobody says anything, you all sit with your mouth buttoned up.

I don't, I say lots and I'm encouraging the others to talk too.

Well, I'll ask a question. Songee as far as your stories about the bear that...

Songee: You not have one tonight.

The Bear Story - Illustrations

...I want to understand, when I come to the bear, when I come to the point of actually doing the drawings what do I need to know about the doing process, or what I need to know on a conscious level.

(The Bear Stories are a series of stories that Songee has gifted to assist young and not so young to manage the trials of life in the form of Parables.)

Songee: What do you want to know? Just do it. Don't get too caught up how it is going to happen. Just do it. Once you have all the elements there, then you will see how it is going to be. Different from how you do it in your earth life. In your earth life, you get a concept of something and then you work out how you are going to make for that concept, do you not? Everybody does this. When you work with Spirit, you do it different. You don't worry; you know that this is going to be, this is it, this is what you want to have, and you don't worry about how you get it, because what will happen is that Spirit will give you this bit, and this bit, and this bit and then this bit, and this bit, and then maybe that bit there and that bit there, and then you will bring it all together and you will see the full picture.

Because the way things seem to be at the moment, what I've done so far is I'm working on a feeling.

That's a good start.

Songee: That is good. That is a very good beginning.

My guardian is the one who draws with me and it's like I just open up to that energy and we just draw it and just feel it and they're looking really cool. They are just layout things but its just to get a feeling of it to start it and how the thing comes together.

Songee: That will show itself, you don't have to seek it, it will grow in front of your eyes, that is what I am saying to you. Just do it, as you feel the inclination, just do it, and then the picture will start to form. Sometimes you will wonder why this bit doesn't work in with this bit, how is that? And it is because you will be given perhaps a picture that is not yet given the story for yet.

Oh OK.

Songee: So don't worry about it, sometimes the picture will come before the story will be given, and you won't know, what is this picture? How does this picture fit in with this piece of story? It doesn't fit in with that piece of story because the story is not given yet. That is how it is.

I suppose there is a necessary on my part to understand on the conscious level, to have some sort of understanding as in some respect it lets me go on the other end.

Oh yeah! What a whole lot of...

It's not silly!

Songee: Oh that's all in your mind. It is in your mind. You're restricting yourself. Just do what you doing. Go with the feeling of it. That is very good, keep doing that and don't worry about which bit fits where at the moment. You will find, it will be shown to you, you understand? So when you do picture, it can be picture of something that is not yet told. All right? Do you understand now? So that way, you will have excitement of not knowing quite what it is, and you can say to yourself, "Oh my goodness, well I don't know what this bit is, it doesn't seem to resemble anything that I have here, perhaps I'd better hold onto it for a moment because it could well be that the story has yet to be told for that picture." Do you understand?

Not that what you are doing is wrong. Only don't restrict yourself to, having to know. Let go of it, I know it's hard for you, let go of that part of it. That feature of your nature is all right in your everyday life, it will work for you in your day to day living. And what you are going to learning now is how to be flexible between the two ways of being, do you understand? So that you can dance this dance when it is required and then dance this dance when it is required. It is learning again, I have given you this before time, how to find the frequency of how you have to function. You understand? You are getting there, you are doing very well, so don't get lost. And you have beautiful pictures. They are very, very beautiful. And you are being shown much that is teaching you to dance this dance of freedom, so don't keep putting your feet back into the cement.

It becomes so important, Songee what we're doing becomes so important to us and that's how we get caught into it.

Songee: That is understood, it is called, I have been given from the mans in the white coats, "that you can't see the wood for the trees". And it is, as I am saying to this little one that sometimes you need to step back and look at the possibilities of a greater picture. That perhaps you are part of another living organism and so it is with this, this is like a living organism, this project, this is another wordings coming from the man, that you have embarked upon and it is being given to you to know that there is a project that is needing to be completed. Is that not so? You didn't just suddenly decide to do it, did you? You got a feeling that it had to happen.

And Roberta said don't count on me to do it. So I said that's fine is it alright for me to do it. She said yes.

Songee: Because you are the one that had the feeling, you're the one that was given this task, for you and you're are the one that is feeling those energies to move forward with this. So you will be given pictures that will apply to things that are not yet spoken, because Spirit can do this. They are very clever at it, and very practised.

I was doing one over the last weekend some of the ones that are happening at the moment are more detail and take a lot longer and I was getting really bogged down in it and so what they said was why don't we do a free one and it was it only took about a couple of hours. A free one. And it was interesting because the feeling was I seemed to jump between this absolute freeness that they are doing and my need and a want desire of attention for detail and I suppose I need to work on the balance between those two.

Songee: When you allow Spirit to work with the skills that you have learned of the Earth, this is how you find that freedom of expression, because then you will be able to allow to take place where the substance is placed upon the surface and then it is wiped away, and lo and behold you have the expression in front of you. Do you understand?

I'm not a hundred percent with you.

Songee: The substance (paint) that you use to make for your picture is put upon the surface on which it is going to be, and then it is wiped away.

Are you meaning like the unicorn drawing, painting that Roberta Margaret has done?

Songee: That is so. That was done by Spirit working with the skills, using the hands, using the body. Not using the mind, and not all the time using physical eye. Using, "do this", "do this", "do this", "now you need to get such and such and you need to do this". And not 'controlling' with the mind, well if I get that, how is it going to look, what is it going to do, what effect is it going to have? Putting all that out. Blank. Nothing. Just allowing it to be. That is what your freedom is, that you are speaking of. That is what your people are wanting to help you do. You can still satisfy your own craving to do attention to detail once that has been given to you. Then you can become excited and you can become involved on the physical plane and start to add your own energies to it, do you understand? However, initially, have a blank and then let whatever is going to come to just come. Like waving magic wand. Magic.

I find that is happening ...

Songee: Very good.

I put myself threw a bit of a dilemma because and they were hassling me over it. I was putting judgements on what I had done and not seeing the whole picture and yes I rather put myself threw the ropes on that one.

Songee: So when are you going to stop doing this?

I am learning I saw what was going on.

Songee: Very good. So this is all part of the learning how to bring from down below, the emotions from down below up to the surface, the light, that can shine on them, and then release them, so they don't hold back any more.

What is your earth time?

25 minutes past nine.

We've got 5 minutes

Songee: So there is this feeling now that it is time to complete your evening, because you have not enough earth time for you to practise the healing energies that are channelled, do you?

However we can do it later.

Songee: You may do whatever you wish, because I am going to go now. I have one last thing I would like you to do in the next few moments before I leave you. And that is, to take the number of your tomorrow day from the musics of the peoples of the earth. And listen to the wordings, close your eye, and let yourself be free and dance, just for one soundings of this music. Enjoy. Let your souls go free as you listen, and remember what I say for you before time, lift your wings a bit higher, take them up into the skies and dance. Feel it in your body, feel the energies coming through, and all the way to the tips of your fingers, to the tips of your toes, and feel in here the energy building up like a great sun in your middle self, as you breathe deeply inside and dance. Those of you that want to stand on your feet, please stand on your feet. Those of you that don't, you don't need to you. However, all of you, please, make an effort to lift your wings up high. And as you dance, let the healing energies wash over you.

As the music finishes Songee says,
I go now and I leave you with the Power to walk the path of beauty.


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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
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