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Healing Our Self

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Healing Our Self'.
A Teaching from Songee, 26th August 1999.


Being Content
To become a Donor, or not
Advanced Souls
Self Cleansing and Healing
The Breath of Life is the Sun
Fearful Emotions
The Lost Child
Power of Healing Energies

The Aroma oils for this evening was Jasmine and Roberta-Margaret listened to music during her preparation to offer herself as the channel for Songee.

Songee comes to be with the Group.

Being Content

I feel I'm doing pretty well at the moment with everything that's going on in my life and I feel I'm progressing quite well. I'm slowly piecing things together with work and things like that, and I wanted to ask you if there's anything that I need to know right at this moment or where I'm at the moment, that you feel would be of great benefit to me, if there's something that I'm overlooking. I feel quite content, but I'm always looking for more challenge.

Songee: Sometimes it is much better that you be content, because it is a sign that you are in a space of rest and you need to have some rest before the next part of the journey of lessons come upon you. The seasons pass, do they not? They do not remain growing all the time, they have a season of rest - this you call your winter time. And in this time of the winter, all that is above the ground goes below the ground and goes to sleep for a while. All the energies that bring life to many things - not all things, of course, there is always enough energies to keep something moving along, just to keep your Spirits alive and moving. However, for the most part, everything is still. It is a time of repose.

That's good, thank you.

Songee: So enjoy it while you have it, it does not last for very long because the seasons change, and they must, and they move into a new way of being. You come into the spring, and the summer of a new cycle.

You might liken your sojourn in this winter time as also a little death. The demise of all things that are no longer required in your life anymore, everything that is not required is passing away, or has passed away from you, and you have now the opportunity to recognise this and to let go of the old things. In the time of the winter, those that husband the land will very often trim away from the plants and the trees all the dead wood. And so this is the time for you to trim away all of the dead wood of your life. And as you trim this dead wood away, your burdens will be lighter and then when the spring thaw comes you will discover that you will be able to blossom. This is almost there.

Do not confuse the winter of the emotional being or the mental being that you are with the winter and spring of the physical world around you. Sometimes you can be lagging a little behind, you know, like a cat's tail. And although the cat goes in front, the tail will soon go where the head has been, you know? So you will get to where you are going. For you and for many others, you are coming now to a place of your Earth time around and about you where there is the beginnings of your life. Already your birds have young ones in their nests, did you know? And you have new things growing out from your Earth, and your standing people are putting out new life, so already your thaw is beginning in this place of your living.

What else have you?

To become a Donor, or not

Well, I am of the understanding that when our bodies cease to function, die, that we need all the bits to be in one place so that Spiritually we can go, into Spirit. Is that so?"

Songee: That is, not entirely correct, they don't all have to be in the same place. That is not all the time possible, because sometimes peoples have bits and pieces they have left all over the place.

We have a question coming up, with all these drivers' licences that we're all doing at the moment, about being donors of bits of our bodies to other people who are not as fortunate as ourselves, because they didn't die and we did, and we wondered about how it would be for us to go into Spirit with bits of us we'd given to somebody else and lived on.

Songee: Now, this is something that is of great importance, because everybody has different idea about this. When, first of all, when in times past, the peoples of the land left their physical bodies and they demised, as you say, the bodies were prepared and put into burial, back into the Earth, they were put under the soil, or they were put into the waters, or they were burnt by fire. Sometimes they were encased in tombs and sometimes they were encased in rock. Many different peoples learned how to prepare the body for the afterlife journey. This you call embalming, do you not? And many different cultures developed this skill. Many of the ancient ones had this skill and indeed do practise it still to a certain degree.

First of all, let us have a look at how it is that this came to be, and we will move forward from there. It came to be because when the peoples came from the stars, they had within their knowledge the ability to put into a sleep, the bodies of those that were travelling.

We call that hibernating - like the bears do

Songee: Very similar, they go into deep sleep, and everything is slowed down and they can be in this place of sleeping. And then when they come to a certain point, they can be brought back to consciousness once more. Humankind... (arrival of a late guest)

Greetings to you. We are talking about what happens to the physical bodies and death, is that not an exciting topic? And what we do with bodies, and whether you give body parts to other peoples or not, so I'm going back to the beginning of time, not straight away to answer the question, it is better to go to the beginning of time. And I'm just explaining that the peoples from the skies when they came down, they brought with them the knowledge of how to put people into sleepings, and how to bring them out of sleepings, on their journeys through the stars, you understand. However, when they came down to the Earth, this knowledge became lost, and the ability to put the human organism into this place of sleeping and then bring them awake again when they needed to, was lost to them. However, the stories and the memories were retained, and the process that you now call embalming comes from this. This is how it is that this has come through mankind's history, because the memories of this lie with the peoples, it was passed down from generation to generation, and so forth.

And so you have the different peoples of the land who believe that when the peoples die, now put in its place - when they are sent to sleep, that they have temporarily left their bodies, and therefore they believe that when the time was right, that the bodies would be re-animated and that they would require all number of the Earth trappings that they had to function. And this was the afterlife. So you have a little confusion: on the one level of awareness there is the physical memory of placing the human organism in sleep state, and in reviving them, and then there is the belief that when the soul has left the body that it can re-animate that body in an afterlife. This myth is carried through many different of the Facets of this planet as you know, and everybody has a different story about it.

Those that buried their kind in the temples of power, that were shaped this way (Songee indicates a shape of the pyramid) would often place within these special places items and things of life for the new soul to have when they re-animated their body. It is a little curious, is it not, that although they have all these trappings of life, and indeed were given peoples also to be in this place of death with them, that these peoples also would demise and leave the Earth alive, that the ones that were in the place of burial, in the tomb, were prepared for the afterlife. Their bodies were prepared were they not, and yet all their organs were removed and put into separate receptacles around, and those that were to attend were not prepared!

Maybe they weren't going to go!

Songee: You have a little confusion here, a bit of conflict, so you perhaps would like to ask yourself, what mayhap was on their mind? And all of these symbols of the afterlife, because symbols is all that they could be, were to show that the soul continues, and also it was to keep alive the memory of mankind's original ability to put the Soul into a sleep and bring it back out and bring it back into life, into the physical body.

You have now among the peoples of your life, those who have the skills to make for you to go to sleep while somebody makes great holes in you, is this not so?

What's this, hypnosis?

No anaesthetics.

Songee: And these peoples put the human organism into a place of sleeping, do they not? Did you know that in order to achieve this place of sleeping, that you are taken that close to physical death (Songee shows this with the fingers a small space apart.) that close, each time, and held in that place and then you are brought back to awareness afterwards. This is a skill that has been rediscovered, by humankind. It is a skill the next step of which is to take the body and put it into complete sleep, like the sleep of death where all the body's organism slows down to a point where it has stopped, it is halted. So it goes into a very long pause, and yet retains its wellbeing, and then it can be brought back to animation once more. And when you have achieved this, then you will find it will coincide with more space travelling. Your peoples will then start to travel the stars. It is coming. And it cannot come if your Earth is disintegrated by a great big rock from the stars, can it! (Songee is referring to the rumour that the earth is to be hit by a big rock.) Point!

So, now we come back to this business. In times past all the different organs would have been taken from the bodies mayhap, sometimes not. Sometimes peoples were burnt, sometimes they were thrown to the fishes, sometimes they were put upon platforms and given to the Sky Father, and what happened to the remains in all these different things? Some of them disappeared and turned back to dust because all the waters of life went out of them and slowly they became as dust. All that would be left would be a shell.

So it was with the peoples in times past, except for those Souls that had the, decision that they made to be born into the lifetime of those of the leaders of the countries that practised the art of embalming the bodies to prepare them for the afterlife, so that the bodies would not disintegrate and go to dust, so that all their organs and all their bits and pieces would remain intact. These Souls do not reincarnate in physical body until all their organs turn to dust.

Among your peoples, you have the mens in the white coats have gathered around them different specimens of creatures that they have put into jars. Some of these are human babies. The Souls of these human babies will not reincarnate until they are ceased to be on the Earth plane. It does not mean that the Souls are trapped and cannot learn and do not move forward. They will manage to do all of this, by being guides, helpers, doorkeepers, guardians. Sometimes they will incarnate into other beings in another place, but not on the Earth.

That is interesting, I have not heard that before.

Songee: And part of them has a connection, still, to the Earth. You might like to imagine it is as though there are two of the same. It is as though the soul is parted into two separate beings, you understand? So that you have the expression of one in one place and the other in Spirit remains with the remains of itself. One day, somebody will be very clumsy and drop the jar, and will loose the contents, and although they may be very upset, it is then when it is destroyed that it becomes released for the soul to rejoin it's other part.

Now, when you donate part of your living flesh to another, that is what you are doing, you are giving part of your living flesh to another, that another will be sustained, that their life will be sustained. So as long as they have possession of it, you may remain in Spirit until their life is complete, or until the organ ceases to function. Sometimes it will not function. So remember, there is no time in Spirit, remember that nothing is going to be wasted, there is no such thing in Spirit, that you will continue to learn, you may even go and work as guide to the one who has your organ, so there are many possibilities. It really will depend on what you feel inside you. There is no right and there is no wrong. This is just one of those dilemmas that humankinds develop for themself.

So there really isn't any need then for us to ask Oneness for a dispensation on this deal!

Songee: Almost certainly not! It is your physical body.

Well we're prepared to do it, my friend and I. We have no hesitation about doing this thing. We wanted to have our cake and eat it to.

As a reward?

Oh No, no reward.

Songee: It depends on how fast you want to come back for a life.

Well the way this one is going I don't suppose it's going to be that quick a turn around.

Songee: Oh you would be very surprised at how fast people are going to Spirit and returning back. It does not take very long to assess a life and make decisions and choices for a new one, because there is no time.

As long as we do not incarnate before we have left it!

Songee: It is not possible.

Songee, you said that sometimes, say human babies in jars perhaps might reincarnate somewhere else, not on Earth. Where else do we reincarnate apart from on Earth?

Songee: Many different places. There are many different places where this can happen because there are many, many planets that have got a life upon them that you know not of yet. There are also planets that are in different dimensions that you know not of and these planets, these soul can sometimes go to. Provided it is not on the same dimension as its other physical form that has not yet been, returned to the Earth or to the elements, then it is going to be able to do this thing.

Do the planets have different purposes, I mean, are there different, perhaps some advanced Souls go to certain planets ...

Advanced Souls

Songee: What is an advanced soul? How do you recognise an advanced soul?

They've got wings. (Everyone laughs at this statement as it was said in such a way as to be funny and hopefully as a very good reason.)

Songee: There are many peoples that may be advanced Souls that you would pass your eye over the top of. Remember that one of the master Souls of long ago was born in a stable of humble parents. So you don't look all the time to somewhere of great magnitude for an advanced soul. There are more advanced Souls upon the Earth than you are perhaps aware. They don't advertise themself. They keep very quiet.

The planets that these Souls, some Souls go to, not necessarily advanced Souls, I cannot give you the name of the planet because it would mean nothing to you, only you need to know that they do exist, that mankind will discover them in the fullness of their Earth time. They will not discover those of the other dimensions, only the ones that are of this dimension in which you resonate now. There are beings that come from other places of this dimension that travel to stars that already have been coming to the Earth for many, many moons. Thousands of moons. And they will continue to come. There are some among you, that walk among you already, and you do not know them, you will never know of them. They are not dangerous to you, they are watchers over humanity, they are the Gardeners, I have speak to you of this before have I not? The gardeners, they will look after you and the peoples that are of the Earth.

So for you to make your own decision now about what you do with your bits and pieces, is your own.


Can I ask a question - about something I saw on TV, it's about a young girl called Audrey. She was in a state of coma for quite some time. This is in America. There's a horde of people, hundreds of people that follow this girl and spend money to go and see her in her coma state and ask her - she's a gift of God - and they ask for their wishes through this person Audrey, and she's got gods and crosses and things like that all in her room and house, and they cry, they leak oil. Has anyone else seen it? It's such a huge thing over there. Do you know who I'm talking of?

Songee: I know of whom you speak.

Can you explain that to me perhaps? Like the oil for one, and also the effects it would have on this girl, having all these people's burdens placed on her, or whether they are passing straight through her.

Songee: First of all, it is important to look at the process that takes place. I have explained to you before that when somebody is not able to return to their body they remain with their body, I have given this information before time. They don't go anywhere, they remain with their body. Now imagine a soul that comes and it arranges for just such a thing to take place. When it is out of the body, much is achieved. When you go to sleep at night, you leave your body. Your body rests wherever you leave it and you travel, do you not? When you travel, many things can be done, many things can be achieved.

So from the point of this soul, they are achieving much, even though their physical body is not animated. Now as far as the other things are concerned, when you are in Spirit it is possible to manifest things on the physical plane. You can manifest anything at all. Rocks, precious gems, knife and fork, food, anything, clothing, anything.

Except a pair of scissors! Sorry, I lost my scissors today ...

Songee: However, do you not know perhaps where they have been taken? Perhaps somebody borrowed them! And it is very possible that they will bring them back.

Oh good. I was asking the Spirit people to show me where they were.

Songee: Oh it maybe that they have not yet...they will have to be returned to you. This is possible. Believe it or not!

(Everyone laughed as Songee said this last sentence.) We have a television programme where they say that. Believe it or not. It sounds just like you said. Songee: When you experience this in your own life where something is exactly where you have left it before time, and you know with your intellect and your eye that that is where it is supposed to be, and you know you are definitely not mistaken, because you have only just set this item down, and then when you turn away to do something else, and you turn back and it is no longer there, and you wonder what have you done with it. And you close your eye, and you feel, because your eye might be telling you lies, (More laughter.) and still it is not there, so you know that somebody has borrowed it. You turn away, and you say, "Please put it back, I need it", and you wait. More often than not, it will be put back for you, and then you can turn back and there it is waiting for you, perhaps not in the same place, it might be moved a little bit, just to show you that you are not imagining it.

Or going nuts.

Songee: That your brain is not getting over hot!

So this is how these things do happen, they can be manifest from Spirit to Earth, and do not mistake this for those that do this to trick people, because there are circumstances on the Earth where there are people who will do all manner of things to trick people into believing something. However, I am not saying this is the situation, you understand.

Now I came tonight of your earth time, to give you some speakings about something, and that which you have asked, you have brought very beautifully to where Songee is going to give you this other speakings, and it is about the healing energies. What is healing?

It makes that which is not well get better.

Songee: Just ponder upon your concept of healing, what is your concept of healing. That is alright, that answer. Everybody?

It brings things back into balance, when things get out of sequence, out of balance.

It's love - the process is love.

The process of growth.

Songee: It is all of these things, is it not? So, what of the - cures. When peoples consider the laying on of hands by somebody from one of the Facets. What do you suppose is in their hearts that they are seeking?

Do you mean receiving or the person standing as a channel?

Songee: The person that is receiving, what might they be imagining is going to take place?

A miracle.

It will be done to them.

They will be taken care of and dealt with.

Songee: "The lame shall walk and the blind shall see."

That's right, miracles.

Songee: Now supposing, I like to do supposings they are very good imagination exercises, supposing that you are in a group of people wherein there are many that are halt (archaic word meaning crippled) and lame that are come for this healing. Much as they go to this young girl. They are seeking what?


To be able to walk again if they are lame.

Songee: And what happens sometimes to those that may be watching for the first time and the halt and the lame go and they still, when they have finished, they are still halt and lame?

They loose their faith.

Songee: What may perhaps, do you imagine, happen to those that have gone?

They didn't believe either may be.

Songee: Not necessarily. This is something I want you to consider. To look inside you, to question, to ask yourself, what is this healing of which we are speaking much of. This, you have a young girl who is in a deep sleep, and others go to her for succour, do they not? To have their wishes blessed? How did it all begin? Who started the rumour? Speak what you know. Who started the rumour?

The mother did a lot of publicity for the girl. I'm not if she's the one that originally started it. They've even been to stadiums where hundreds of people turned up and this girl's turned up in a hospital bed, and they all prayed for her as well I believe and asked for their prayers to be answered, and they pay lots of money to have private sessions with this girl.

Songee: So look at the nature of healing. Healing is not always a cure. Sometimes it is that you have to live your life in whatever body you have chosen to live it, in whatever manner you have chosen to live it, and it may be that is how it is going to be for the duration of your life. That there will be no cure. However, there will be a healing, you understand? There will always be a healing, because there is a difference between a cure and a healing. The healing will affect you on all levels of your being, mental, physical, emotional, Spiritual. It may not cure your physical affliction, however it will give you the strength and the courage and the Spiritual power and energy to live your life with the body you have chosen to live in, do you understand? And this is very important, you must hold this to yourself, hold it in your heart, know it for the truth.

This is the reason we ask when we offer ourselves as channels, we ask for whatever is needed, rather than a cure as such.

Songee: So the healing energy will work by uncovering many of your insecurities, encouraging you to face those insecurities, encouraging you to work through them, to cleanse yourself of them. And as this begins to take place and your life begins to, open up, that is when you start to have miracles happening. Miracles do exist.

Self Cleansing and Healing

Songee, how do we cleanse ourselves?

Songee: By taking deep within you the Breath of Life. By immersing your bodies in the waters of the planet.

I've been considering that, however it might be a bit chilly!

Songee: You don't have to worry so much about that, you don't have to be in very long, jump in and jump out! Provided you make all of you go disappear beneath the surface, this is the most important task. You must go beneath the surface.

Now, when the healing begins, it will touch whatever part of your being is needing to be looked at. The matters of the life that are in disharmony or in disarray. It will challenge you. It will not always let you rest easy. Is that not so? (Songee is directing this question at one student in particular who was working to bring about changes in her life.) Sometimes it makes for you to feel very uncomfortable inside you, because when you are uncomfortable, you wriggle about, like so, (Songee makes hands movement like a snake) in an attempt to get away from the feeling that is coming inside. And it does not matter how much you wriggle or how much you fight, eventually you will have to face the emotion that is behind the feeling. And then you will have to face where that emotion began, how it came into being.

How do Souls come to be on the Earth plane in the first place?

They come because they choose to learn the lessons.

Songee: How is it they come to choose this place and not some other place?

Maybe this is the closest place, the closest drop off point when the bus went through! We dont know the answer to that Songee.

(Everyone laughs.)

Is it something about the speed and the length of the life time that give a person enough time to gain what they need to do. I've heard it said that there are other places on other planets where Souls are born and then gone and they dies and that is their experience but this is a lot, I suppose a lifetime here is... It's to do with the time and the experience... I'm getting confused!

Songee: What of the Souls themselves that come to the Earth and are born into physical bodies? They come along, they are born into physical bodies and they endure all manner of things, all manner of different things!

Like they pack a whole lot into a short space of life?

Songee: That is so. However from being born, even before you are born, the experience of life begins, because once you have chosen your parents that are going to be your birth parents of this life, and you have entered into the cells that are beginning to grow, from that moment that the cells begin and are conjoined together, you are attached to the life. So your living experience begins at the moment of conception.

Now, imagine that you have come to a parent who is horrified at being a parent, doesn't want this new life, or so they believe in their mind because remember, they don't remember their destiny path and all the choices they have made for this life, so that doesn't matter. So they are living this life, this drama, or belief, that they don't want this child, how it's going to mess up their life, what a dreadful experience it is, how frightening, how are they going to manage, all manner of things, this is only just a little example.

Mayhap they have mother that is pleased and yet still there is a little fear within about whether they will be a good parent, whether they will be able to safely deliver child, whether the child will be whole or in one piece and beautiful to look at, intelligent, you understand, and well formed. All these things go through the mind of the mother, go through the emotions of the mother. You, as the new soul coming will experience all of this, you will feel it. Do you understand? You will feel it in your being, in Spirit, while you are waiting. You don't do anything about it, because your presence in their life is something they have already chosen and you have all agreed upon and you are learning from how they are managing the emotions and feelings that are coming into their life. You don't interfere, you allow it to be, and it has an impression upon you. So when you are at last born, all those impressions are already begun in your life, they are already working in your being, they have already contributed to the kind of person you are going to be. You understand?

And everybody, when they have absorbed many of these different emotions can't help becoming a little lost and afraid themself. Because they take into themself this experience, so it is safe to say that the majority of the peoples that are walking around you, including yourself, are all lost children. You understand? You are all lost children. You are all frightened children. And this lost and frightened feeling is buried down deep inside you. Some children when they are little, manifest this as they are growing in different ways. Some will become very quiet, some will be very noisy, some will be not just noisy, they will be - how can I put for this, children that whine like the dog. They will whine about things. Nothing is right. Nothing is satisfying, nothing will please them, they want this, they want that, when they get it, it's not enough, and everything is so in their life. They can't sit still, they wriggle their bottoms about all over the place. And other childrens become very quiet and do everything they can to please everybody in their life, so that they will belong to those people in their life, so that they will have a belonging, that they will have an approval from those people of their life, that they will be seen to be good children, model children, and yet, still, hidden down inside is the fear that they will be abandoned, because remember, they are already lost inside because of everything they have absorbed before.

Mayhap they have bringing this with them from a previous lifetime also. And it is the lost child in each of you that needs to find itself, and this is part of the healing, part of the cure, part of the miracles, all of it. Your emotions of anger, of sadness, all these things that you feel, that show you the way, show you the way backwards to these fears, to these feelings of being lost and abandoned.

And don't deny and say, "Oh, but my life was perfect, it was beautiful" - that may be your conscious memory.

And all the other stuff is buried underneath it.

Songee: I challenge you to look inside, deeper, and you will find your lost child. You have to find your lost child and bring that child home. When you learn to do this, you will become whole, in your being. Not necessarily whole in your physical self, because you may have chosen to live in a body that is not completely whole for some purpose or another. However, the rest of you will be whole in its own way. And even the physical, although it may not be perfect, will still have a wholeness about it, because you will have the power and the strength to manage.

Look into your lives and ask yourself, when do you find the burdens of life the heaviest to carry? When you are tired.

When there is too much to do.

Songee: When you are afraid. And too much to do, what is this, is there really too much to do?


Songee: Is there truly too much to do?

Sometimes it seems that way, Songee.

Songee: That is how I am saying, it seems this way. However, when you are empowered with the Power of Light, nothing is too much. You will find that.

I am just going through one of those worry periods, when there is just so much work to do and how, how am I possibly going to manage it.

Songee: What is worry?


Songee: What is concern?

I'm not sure, I know it makes me feel really awful.

Songee: It begins with an F.

Fear of not being able to achieve.

Songee: Fear of anything, whether you are going to achieve it, not achieve it, whether you are going to be given more to do.

No I'm not concerned about that.

Songee: It matters not, it is the same thing, it is still fear. Fear! And when you are feeling this fear, your burdens weigh more, they get heavier do they not? When you are a-feared, you become tired, because your energy goes into...

Worrying! (Everyone is laughing including Songee.)

Songee: Combating the fear, that is so, that is your worrying is it not? Combating the fear.

Unnecessary mental activity.

Its not necessary all mental either.

Songee: So how do you manage this?

I usually just wade through the mess, shrug my shoulders and go to bed! Oh well, tomorrow's another day. And I say to Oneness every morning, please help me to achieve what I have to achieve! Please. And I need to just accept that, and well whatever I achieved, that was it. (Everyone is still laughing as many of us do this thing.)

Songee: That is quite correct. Whatever it is you have managed to achieve, then that is what you had set yourself to achieve.

And try not to worry!

Songee: Oh, Very good!

That was a nice play on words, wasn't it?

Songee: Would you like to add to that, that you "think" you would like to "try", or mayhap you "should think" that you "should try"!

I used the word "try" hoping it wasn't going to come together. I don't want to doubt that it is going to come together.

Songee: All you have to do, it is very simple.

Here we go!

Songee: Take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, the living breath. You know how to do these things. Take it in to here. What is this? What is this in here? Energy centre, solar plexus.

That's the part where I worry.

The Breath of Life is the Sun

Songee: It is also the place where you hold your fear and your doubts, your angers, everything is locked in here. This is where you feel it, it is the place of the Sun. Now, close your eyes, and get ready to take a breath, and I'm going to speak some words to you.

Get ready to breathe in, now breathe in. The Breath of Life is the Sun.

And now breathe out. The Sun is my nourishment.

Now again, breathe in. The Breath of Life is the Sun. The Sun is my nourishment.

Do it again and say to yourselves now, breathe in, the Breath of Life is the Sun, The Sun is my nourishment. And then again, The Breath of Life is the Sun, and the Sun is my nourishment. So you're breathing in to, The Breath of Life is the Sun, and is when you pause, and you say, The Sun is my nourishment, as you breathe out. Learn to do this under your breath out loud, so that your physical ear may hear it, as well as your inside ear hearing it. Feel it. You understand?

And from this night forward, Songee is going to offer for you to come to receive healing energies. You want to do this thing, you are welcome. Anybody, everybody, whom so ever. All you're going to do is come and be here. Come and be here and all that we are going to do is this ... (Songee places the hands on the top of the persons head and channel to this one.) and remember, breathe. Blessed be.

That is all we are going to do. And then you will find that things will change within you, slowly. Things will change. When I say slowly, you may find when you wake up in the morning that something will be different. Not all time in an instant, and yet some time some people will feel in an instant. So. (Most of the people present, one at a time went up to receive channelled healing energies from Songee.)

Remember to open your hearts to the Light. And the Light of Oneness is Mother, Father and Son. (Songee said this to one of the people who came to be before Her.)

You may like to hold within yourself the Living Christ.

(When this was completed Songee went on and asked.)

Have you any other question?

Fearful Emotions

I will ask a quick question if it is alright. I know the ocean in meditations represents the emotions, I have a fear of swimming in the oceans, and you said earlier it's a good cleansing. Is it the emotions that I fear? It's the feeling of not knowing what's underneath me. Not necessarily, perhaps being something may take a chomp of me, I don't know.

Songee: It is still fear, whatever it is, it is still fear, whether it is fear of the physical things of the life, or fear of the emotion, or whether it is fear that you have brought with you from another time. Remember, another time can be part of this life also.

Could one way of overcoming this fear, I feel, is to experiment a little in the ocean

Songee: That is so. You need to get first into the waters where they are safe and you can walk with comfort into the waters, to show yourself that you are able indeed to manage this element. There is also the racial memory and that is of the one (Songee is speaking of our inheritance from the star people.) that dwells on the land, that does not have its origins in the waters, and for those the waters were a great mystery, they were not something that they were comfortable in, they were more comfortable in the trees, or in the great buildings of the cities, you understand? (There were three races of people who came from the stars and seed our planet, one lived in the trees, one lived in the cities and the Mer who lived in the waters.) So sometimes, there is memory coming through the blood of this. However, your task that you set yourself to overcome this fear is very sound, and when you go to do this, you will find all manner of things will surface in your being. And once this flotsam and jetsam have been disposed of, you will find that you will be able to float, not just in the oceans of the Earth, but in the oceans of your emotion. And then you will learn how to dive deeply. Sometimes you need to learn to dive deeply, like the whale, and to go down to the depths of the ocean. To go down so deeply to those places where the light does not penetrate, where only your senses can guide you to what it is you seek. You cannot rely on your eyes, because your physical eyes will not show you, so you will use your body and all your other senses to show you the way. And when you have discovered many of the things that are down there ...


The Lost Child

I have a question.

Songee: I have been waiting for you.

You have been very patient. You said about the need to find a lost child and bring the child home, and I'm looking at the moment for the one that's been lost. It feels as if it's another person, so I'm crying for a person that I think I've lost, and its an everybody, it's a mother and it's a daughter and it's a lover and it's an everybody that has been lost to me. But is it only the Self that is in fact lost? Is it the love for the me-Self, the child-self that's lost, is that the real Beloved that is lost?

Songee: That is the core of it, the manifestations are all the other things, they are just as valid, don't dismiss them, because you have to grieve for them also, because they are part of the loss. However, you are needing to find the child and bring her home. Home to your heart. Because the child was so frightened, frightened, terrified that it would be abandoned were it not good. Terrified that it would lose everything were it not a well-behaved child. That everything that it could have been was stifled. However, remember that you chose it to be this way. Don't lose sight of that, hold onto that, because that is your line that will enable you to pull yourself back to the surface from the depths, you understand? This is your line of life, it carries your strength, it carries your courage, carries everything, you have only to grasp it, to keep hold of it. While you are learning how to find this lost part of yourself and bring it forward.

Thank you, thank you.

Power of Healing Energies

Now what of your Earth time? You would like to ponder for a moment upon the power of healing and the power of the healing energies, and tell anybody at all that they are welcome to come and receive healing energies from the Energy of Songee who is the Holy Breath, who comes to bring you this power for your life, following the principles of the Living Christ. And that this is for all, not for one, it is for anybody, no matter what Facet they follow. They don't have to belong to the Facet that follows the teachings of the One who went before. The wordings that I am coming to give to peoples now, although they may be the same or very similar to the wordings of that Soul, because that is the task that has been given for this millennium, to bring this teach, so many have taken the words and the life of that One in vain, and have abused the gift of life that that One came and gave to the peoples of the Earth. Every time they deny the presence of the Light of Spirit, of the continuance of the Spirit, every time they deny others their rights to express their Spirituality in whatever way they need to do, they are denying the very purpose of the life of that Soul that came. Every time you deny within yourself your own Spirituality, you are denying that Soul that came. The Power is just as strong now as it was then. They power has not diminished. It is there for all to receive, to experience their own healing within their own being. And some will experience cures, not all, some will, and others will simply know miracles.

(The puppy is barking and someone goes to pick him up.)

Songee: Oh, little one is alright. So know this thing, and tell everybody that you meet, because this is something that is to be spoken to everybody, come, come receive healing energies, come learn how to be channel for healing energies, come learn how to find the words, to find yourself inside.

Come. It is time.

You all have your own cross to bear, as did that Soul so long ago. And yet, your burdens will be borne up with you as the energy of Light suffuses you. You will have the strength to carry your burdens. You have only to breathe. Breathe.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the power of the Living Breath and ask you to open your hearts to the Power of Light and the Living Christ Power that is all around you, also.


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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Susie Vincent

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