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Strength from Self Empowerment

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Strength from Self Empowerment'.
A Teaching from Songee, 2nd September 1999.


Find Yourself - Heal yourself
Blessed Water
The Energy of Songee
The Energy of God
Other Peoples Channeled Messages
The Breath of Life is the Sun
Making changes by Learning the Lessons
The Lessons
Breaking the Pattern
Planned Destiny
Speaking Your Personal Truth
Depowerment is Anger
Strength from Self Empowerment
Know Your Enemy
Other Questions

Songee Channels through Roberta-Margaret -

Songee: Greetings to you. So what is balance?

Balance is harmony.

Find Yourself - Heal Yourself

Songee: Let us look for a moment at some of the many things that puzzle the minds of humankind. Matters of philosophy. Matters of theology. Simply: what works, how does it work, and what you need to know for. So there are many questions surrounding these things, are there not? Many peoples talk about many different things to do with spirituality, to do with God, to do with the Trinity. To do with duality.

You will be told perhaps, and may have heard many times in your life that you have to find yourself! Hello! Where are you? I am looking for you! Where are you going to find yourself? Also, you may have hearing this, that comes from many peoples who speak from Spirit, that "Those that are practising healing energies, that they ought to heal themselves" - only they don't say "ought", they say "You should heal yourself". And then you have some poor Soul, struggling away in their life, getting this matter wrong, and this other matter wrong, and something else matter wrong, and they throw up their hands in despair and say, "How am I supposed to heal myself with all these many things going wrong for I in my body?"

So how is this, how are they going to do for this? And many other such things. What other such things have you heard said to you, or to other peoples in this manner of things, that puzzle you about, well - "How am I supposed to do that thing? How am I supposed to know where to find this thing?" Does anything come to your mind?

Go find a life.

Songee: Go find a life! Is that not beautiful? And where do you suppose they're going to find it?

They're only making a suggestion because they're not doing the looking themselves.

Songee: That is so. However, in the situation that sometimes comes where this is said, the peoples that are saying it often are not interested any longer in what is happening to the one they have said it to. Is this not so? Perhaps they are out of patience about the ones making complaints about their life all the time, or some other manner of things, so they brush it away and throw it out of the window, and say, "Go and get a life", do they not?

And what is this poor person to do that has been given this information? What are they supposed to do with this? Does somebody come along and say to them how they can get a new life? Or do they perhaps suppose that this one is not any good any longer, so they have to leave it behind! Perhaps enough people say to them, to a point where they believe that this life is no longer of any service to them, so they take it.

Now, I have given many speakings to you about responsibilities and about how you are responsible for only your own self, and this is so. However, along the way of enlightenment, you need to spare a little compassion for those that perhaps are struggling to find their path, who are struggling to find their own way in their life. Let us look at this other manner of thing about "healers healing themselves". What about this? How do you feel about this? You all have the capacity to be channels for healing energy. How do you feel?

Yes, can be done.

You were asking for healing energies for your toe, weren't you, P?

Did it work?

Oh definitely, as soon as I put my hands over my toe it eases up. I did that as soon as it happened.

Songee: However, when you are in a time of great trauma it is not always easy to remember to do this thing, is it? So, look at peoples that have not had the amount of teaching that you have had. And look at sometimes that perhaps there have been lessons to learn upon a life. Look perhaps at the example that can be set for others to learn compassion, to learn not to be judgmental. How to look at each other with your eyes open and your hearts open, and to see the achievements; to acknowledge that perhaps there are lessons to be learned, and lessons that are still being learned. So the one may have disharmonies of body that are teaching them many things, and others are learning from being around them.

However, it can reach a point when those lessons are now finished and it is time to move along. How do you manage to show these ones how to move along? Ponder on it for a moment, because I am going to speak of another matter.

The only thing that comes to mind is like, leading by example - like sometimes it's very difficult to tell somebody something because they're very resistant to it, but to actually do it yourself in their presence, they can see - or whatever they choose to do - by being shown by example.

Songee: That is so.

Now among you peoples, there are many things, scribings down by many peoples about great matters of life. Great matters pertaining to happenings that will take place upon this earth. There are, and have been, for many, many of your earth years, foretold the coming of the end of your world. Is this not so? Indeed, there are great changes coming to your world. However, it will not end: you need to know this thing. Your world will not end. The planet on which you live is not going to break into a million thousand hundred pieces and scatter throughout the universes. It will remain whole; it will remain for the most part blue and green. What is going to take place is a healing.

Now, I give this for you before, and I am going to give it for you again. All those that walk in the Light have the gift and the power to bring about the healing of this Earth on which you walk. I tell you before time - you have only to take one drop of blessed water and place it where there is sickness, and the blessed water will spread out and bring harmony and healing to where it touches. When you use the same energies, and you walk in places that are sick, you are channels for the energy to flow through, to cleanse those sick areas.

Now, to know this within your being, don't rely on everybody to tell you, you go do it. Instead of looking at everybody else and saying, what peculiar peoples they are, look at what they're doing, or looking at peoples and saying, look at this terrible mess everything is in, well, it's so big I can't do anything about it. Nonsense. One drop of blessed water will bring a healing to a space. So when you put one drop of blessed water into a larger bit of water, it will spread out, because as one part is healed, it will bump against the next part, and that will become healed, and that will become healed, and that bumps against the next one and that becomes healed, and so on and so forth, and it picks up speed as it goes, until there is much that is cleansed.

Blessed Water

Songee, may I ask, the blessed water, how is that created, or how does that come about?

Songee: You can do that by opening yourself up to Oneness and asking for the healing energies to come into the water. Do you understand? Now about this matter of duality. Songee has speak to you many times about how you are male and female both - in your one being - do you understand? Songee has also speak-ed to you about how Oneness is male and female energy, creative power, you understand. That when you say the word God, you are speaking about a male and female energy combined. There is no separateness.

The Energy of Songee

This is how I come and speak to you. From the day I first come to speak, I come and speak of Oneness. Because that is what Oneness is. The energy that is Songee is a very, very small, infinitesimal part of the energy that is the Feminine aspect of that. To bring all of it would be to make no more the flesh. So only a small part is allowed to come to be with you. And yet Songee is male also because the Oneness is male and female both. It is a creative power.

The Energy of God

In times past, there were great debates among humankind about the God power: God the Father, and God the Son that manifest on your plane of earth as the Christ child, Jesus of Nazareth, you know? And this soul was said by the learn-ed ones to have been in existence at the same time as God the Father. So there were many great debates about how did God the Father and God the Son occupy the same space at the same time. And yet how could the child, Jesus of Nazareth, be manifest upon the Earth and God be separate, because the argument was that Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ child, was God, was one with God and therefore God ought to have been manifest on the Earth plane at the same time, in the body of this child.

Now they had great difficulties with all of this because they did not have concept of no time. They did not have concept of how it was before the creative processes began. And so these great debates took place. And then they had great debates about the Trinity - about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Sometimes they called the Holy Spirit the Holy Breath. And they had great debates about this.

Not once mind you, did any of these wonderfully sagely minded people consider that there might have been a female energy: that Oneness was both male and female and out of the union, the fusion of their energies was born that energy that you know as the Son. Now because Oneness is just as it implies by the word - it is One, with all things - the potential for creation, the potential of the finished article is already encapsulated in the creative power. And so you have God the Father, God the Mother, and God the Son inside. All together as one.

Remember that these are energies: it is an Energy, it is not a physical form, although they speak before of physical form, and the peoples who have these great debates, when they finally decided upon how it must have been, insisted that this was the way it was, and everybody who respond differently had dire things done to them. Sometimes they were christened heretics, which meant they were going against the teachings of the church, do you understand?

It is this history of your mankind that has made so many of your Earth now distrust the power of the God of which this church speaks. It is because of the misdeeds that were done by these learned ones to others who did not conform to their teaching that created the barriers in the minds and the hearts of many of those of the Earth, in your world of now. Many people say, "How can there be a God when there is so much suffering?" When you apply the Foundation Stone that everybody chooses their life plan before they come, with all the things upon it, then this ceases to be a great conundrum. It does not mean that you do not have compassion for those that are suffering - you just understand it.

When you have your scribings down from many peoples that have wordings from Spirit and other beings from other places in the universe - all beautiful wordings, have you read any? Do you know how they make you feel? Wordings that other peoples have put scribings of, for you.

You mean Buddha or . . .

Other Peoples Channeled Messages

Songee: No, not this, this is different. I'm speaking of those peoples in your world of today that have many peoples coming that are speaking through them, that are channelling messages through others. How do you feel when you hear these messages from these peoples?


Songee: What else may you sometimes feel? You say sceptical - what does somebody else feel?

Are they the people that tell you about the future?

Songee: Not always. I am speaking more of the peoples that are coming to speak to you, much as I am speaking to you now. The peoples of Spirit who come to speak to bring words of wisdom and counselling.

You mean that some of those words have been put into books, and they are in the bookstalls?

Songee: That is so. How do you feel when you read some of these things.

Some of them I feel are really positive and I really connect to. There's others where I just haven't made a connection at all, and in some respects I may look at it for a while but I may tend to leave it because it doesn't seem to gel for me - but others are really positive.

Some of the so-called teachings, I've not felt to be very teaching. They're great on some other level but on a practical level of getting on with your life and managing as best you can, it doesn't seem to be very helpful in that respect.

Songee: And how do you suppose this may be?

Well, they seem to be more involved with what hierarchy you belong to and what level of involvement you're at and all that sort of thing, and what colours . . . Gobbledegook I call it.

Although the five books of Shirley MacLean are a little different from that.

I haven't read her books.

I feel that each of them have got wisdom in them and it's up to us to discern which is correct, which is applicable to you, where you're at. I'm only speaking for myself - sometimes I read a book and I go, that's really applicable. And then I look at another and I go, oh that's not applicable at this stage, mayhap in the future it might be, and sometimes it just doesn't get.

I'm not that charitable.


Songee: Do you need to know the names of all the angels?

Well its probably very nice but is isn't very practical for us.

Songee: It is interesting, and it is enlightening; however, do you need to know?

Probably not.

How many angels are there?

Songee: How many do you imagine?

Well, if there's only twelve, they've got an awful lot of work to do in the world.

Songee: When you look at the hierarchy of beings, angels have not incarnated upon the Earth. They are beings separate to other beings. All of you are creations of the angels. Did you know that? Oneness gave the task of creation to the angels - to create life. Now, holding onto the concept of angels and of the energy and the light of angels, and knowing of their truth, you understand, now state this way: supposing that you are a creature living on this Earth many, many moons past, thousands of moons past. And one day you are out and about, minding your own business and getting your food for the day, and you come across the most glorious being that you have ever seen. It is bright and shining: it seems to have light all around it. And it seems to be able to just come and go as it pleases. It can rise up in the air and it can come down again, and "I don't know what it is, it is so beautiful and shining, this being". And it comes along, and it gathers you up and it takes you to its home, this being. And there, you go to sleep. And while you are asleep, you are having beautiful dreams, beautiful things happening. And then you wake up and you find yourself back where you were before and you believe you've gone to sleep and dreamed it all.

Very soon, when you are out and getting your foodings, somebody else appears - somebody who looks a little bit like you, however this one is a little different, not quite sure what it is but there is something different about them. And so this goes on, and more and more of these new beings begin to appear, these new peoples. And the same thing happens upon them, also; when they are out gathering their foodings, they get taken by the shining beings.

And as their experience with these shining beings grows, they have to make sense of it for themselves. They are not of themselves, they do not fit anything that they know of their pattern of life, so they have to make something up for it, to describe it. So it has to be something beyond themselves, and they make for themselves beings that are beyond themselves, beings that are not of the flesh. Because they can't be of the flesh because they come and go, and when you go to sleep and wake up, you wake up in the same place, and they're not there anymore, so they can't be real - you understand? And perhaps, they might just be angels. . perhaps they might even be gods, you understand. And so the mind that is not tutored develops this awareness of these beings as being angels, or gods.

Now that does not take away the truth of the energy of angels, it just gives you another perspective to look at as well as holding onto the truth of the knowledge of angels. Angels are and always will be. They will not incarnate into physical bodies. They will come and speak with you from time to time. Some people will be more inclined to hear the voices of angels than others do, because perhaps something within them wants something that is of a greatness beyond themselves.

It does not make little or diminish their experience. It does not make little or diminish the wordings that they bring. However, often the wordings when they are brought sound beautiful, sound so nice, and yes, you can resonate with them and you can feel that this is wonderful. What about the beautiful sayings about how you are all Love, and how it is important for you to love one another, and the beautiful sayings about opening yourself up to the Love and the Light and how you will then change your life? What does that say with you? Speak!

Seems pretty reasonable, good idea, works well!

Songee: What about other people?

Look inside yourself, all these words are very beautiful. How do you do this thing? How do you forgive the person that has murdered your child? How do you forgive the person that you are living with that beats you senseless every week? Or verbally abuses you all the time, or most of the time? How do you do with this? How does this fit into this beautiful pattern of loving everybody?

You see what I am saying to you is that the wordings are beautiful and they are very important to have, however they don't tell you how to do it. What I want you to do is to look at these many different things and find for yourself how to do it. Those of you that have already found this path already know how to do it.

Even Songee have said to you, you must trust your process of development, however the doing of this trusting is something that humankinds find very difficult is it not? And that is what I'm coming to talk with you about. This philosophy of "how". And the best way to learn how is to talk about it. To talk about all the many little things of your life of every day that don't function as you would like them to function, and then step by step learn how to change yourself, because by changing yourself inside, everything else outside of you will start to change. The more radically you change inside, the more radically things outside of you will change.

The Breath of Life is the Sun

I have just given you something for you to practise with your breathing, have I not? Remember what it is? You take a breath in, here, and you say: I take the breath of life into my being. The breath of life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment. The breath of life is the Sun, and the Sun is my nourishment. So, all you are really needing to remember is that the breath of life is the Sun, and when you take the breath in, this happens in here, in your middle self, your Sun begins to glow, your yellow chakra begins to expand and to swell and to spin, and as it does this it generates energy, like the Sun in your skies, and then it sends out rays of light, and the rays of light go down into your bodies, the physical, mental, emotional bodies, and brings light and nourishment to those bodies. What have we here? The breath of life is female, the Sun is male - conjoined together create energy.

Making Changes by learning the Lessons

So how do you change things in your life? You change them by learning to trust the power of Light, to trust your own Spirit being that is one with Oneness. You are a spark of Light that comes from Oneness. So that when you take the breath in, you are creating fusion, you understand?

Now is it not interesting that the opposite of this is confusion? However, when you look at that word confusion, you also know that it is conflict. So when you are having conflict between the male and female energies, you are having battles with yourself - battles of dominance, of who's going to have supreme power, and that is not how it is, because the power of creation is not fighting itself, it conjoins and fuses together to create.

And so you have the male, that is supposed to be the right side, and you have the female that is supposed to be the left side, and you have ... so. When peoples came to speak to Oneness, they brought together the two parts of their being and made it one, and spoke.

Little one's being naughty! Very happy to be with everybodies, is that not so, little one?

She's freezing cold.

Songee: That is so, I know this thing. You must behave.

So this is how you have this position (Songee brings the two palms of the hands together.)

So when the Hindu people use that as a greeting, is that what they're doing?

Songee: They are bringing you the blessings of the Oneness when they bring this to you. This is a blessing. This is a coming together in Oneness and Unity. This is a symbol of Unity, so they are saying to you, welcome in Unity, welcome in Oneness, this is how it is.

So when you read all these many things, look at them. Also look at how it might make you feel sometimes as though you are not achieving very much. How all these beautiful things that you are being given, perhaps, although they are meant to bring great feelings of warmth to your heart, very often they do not. When you read the scripts of 20 different people telling you 20 different things about how you, as a Being of Light, should be functioning in your world, and how little time you have left to do it in. And then they give you all this information about how many angels and so on, and so forth, and then say, "get on with it - get a life . . . !" - To quote to you yourself - not Songee words. It is not quite like that, however, you understand what I am saying to you. You may experience sometimes, instead of elation, you may experience feelings of depowerment, because you are not being empowered, you are being depowered. Ponder on it. When you have readings of these scribings, keep yourself alert to your emotional insights (? word unclear) of what is happening to you. Be aware of the connections that you do make, where you resonate with some of the information, because you already know it, and that is good, because it means that you already know it, you are already practising it, so it's nice to be able to see that somebody else is confirming something what you already know.

How do you feel about the prospect of this planet ceasing to be, and peoples upon it stepping into another dimension?

If it's a superior dimension, I wouldn't mind.

The Lessons

Songee: In order to do this thing, you have to perform certain tasks, and those tasks are to learn forgiveness for the iniquities of others, also to learn forgiveness for the iniquities of yourself. And this is what is meant by the loving without condition. Loving the person that murders your child. Loving the person that beats you senseless, loving the person that abuses you with words, that depowers you, that belittles you all the time.

Only those that have managed to master this - you are told by these many peoples that do these scribings, only by doing this are you going to be able to transcend and move onto the next plane of existence. Those of you that do not will remain behind. And those of you that are in the Light, some may elect not to go into another plane because there are so many that will be left behind they will need somebody to lead them and teach them.

It sounds like blackmail to me - if you're good you can go, if you're bad you stand in the corner.

Songee: And what has been the teaching since the beginning of your Earth time?

Just that, punished if you don't do as you're told. That's what the church has taught.

Breaking the Pattern

Songee: And this is not a lot different, is it? This is what Songee's coming to break, the pattern, to say, this is not so. You have the power to do these things and you have the power to do them now, and you will be needing to do them because there is a great turmoil on the planet. Certainly Souls are going to leave this planet in great numbers and move back to Spirit. Already you are seeing it. They are not gone into another dimension. They have quit their earthly bodies and have returned to Spirit, you understand. And the turmoil that this surface of your planet will experience will continue to return many back to Spirit. However, this is not for you to be a-feared, because, remember, the Foundation Stone, everything that happens upon your life you have already set for yourself.

So supposing it is to be your lot to return to Spirit, then that is what will happen, and it is not terrible. Spirit is the most beautiful place that you would want to be. When you are in this place of being there are no regrets of the sort that you experience on the Earth. There is only learning of what best to do the next time. There is no punishment - Oneness does not punish you! You do that all by yourself! And most of the time, you do it very nicely right here on the physical plane in your physical bodies.

Planned Destiny

Have we planned how much we're going to learn before we come?

Songee: Oh, most certainly you do. You set it out for yourself. Some peoples, their souls are very obstinate and they dig in their spiritual toes and do their utmost to ignore the lessons of their life. And some peoples, this is how it is, do not learn very efficiently the lessons of their life, and so when they come they have to re-do that part of their life again, just to make it a little better for themselves. However, nobody is there saying, "You have got to go and do this thing"! They see it for themselves! It is not as it is on the Earth plane as you understand it. In Spirit, everyone is responsible for themselves, every Energy understands the wholeness of their being. So there is nothing to be a-feared of going back home to Spirit.

It is far better that you turn your energies towards learning how to know yourself to the best of your ability and know yourself within, by teaching yourself how to be aware when you are doing and saying things that bring disharmonies to your life. How you react when others behave in a certain manner to you - and be sensitive to this, so that you learn how to react differently. So that the next time a similar situation happens, you don't behave the same way, you behave in the way of the Light, the new way, and what will happen then is the other person will be very surprised, because you're not doing what you've always done, you're doing something different. And so it has to be looked at, and perhaps it will need to be tested, to see whether your resolve is sound!

Speaking your Personal Truth

And this is how it is that we speak: Songee comes and says to you, for you to be aware of the truth within yourself. Remember, your personal truth will change as you change, so don't become fixed with it, don't become rigid. However, the moment that you have a truth for yourself, own up to it. Be brave! When somebody says to you about matters that are to do with Spirit, be brave! Own up to your spirituality. Don't allow others to put you down for your spirituality, your power of Light. This is what Jesus of Nazareth came to teach those of the Earth. This is what is known as your Christ consciousness. This light within you, the light of truth, your spiritual Light. Don't be a-feared to stand up and say, "I am a channel for the healing energies in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, or of the Christ". Be strong in your power of spirituality.

It doesn't matter how many beings of Light went before and were buried in whatever parts of the planet. There came another to unify all of them, and that is the purpose also of Songee, is to unify, not to disrupt. Disruption lies within the Being of the individual, not in the words of Songee. The disharmonies, the disruptions, lie within you, and this is how you need to balance, because balance will bring those disruptions and disharmonies to the surface, where you must deal with them, you must look at them, you will not be able to ignore them any longer. And in doing so - in not ignoring them - you will learn to free yourself of them. And as you free yourself of them, they will no longer have power over you.

I am going to see if I can find you an example.

Depowerment is Anger

Depowerment is anger, and it also creates a fear of the next time that depowerment may come to be. Somebody shouts at you for doing something that they consider is wrong: it may not be very great, you are a small child perhaps, and you are shouted at. And you wonder what have you done wrong, because your mind does not perceive that you have done anything wrong. You get bombarded with all the 'shoulds' and the 'shouldn'ts', and all the cudgels on the head with this. You get bombarded with, "Why did you do that? Why did you do that?" And your brain and your being do not know, you have no concept of what you have supposed to have been doing so badly. It may be that you have got your nice clean clothes dirty, and you were told not to: however, the memory of a child is very short, and playing sometimes is just too big a temptation. And yet the yelling and shouting will take place - sometimes the beatings.

This passes, until the next time. Until the child learns to live in fear of voices that shout, to live in fear of condemnation of people that love them, or who say they love them. Until one day, the child grows up and comes and discovers a new way of being, a way that allows them to let go of this fear of the shouting, to let go of the fear of the words that may be said. And they learn these new ways of being. They learn how to do the breathing. They learn how to speak with their Spirit people. They learn how to acknowledge their own spiritual power and their own spiritual strength. And they learn how to find how it is that they came to be frightened of the loud, shouting voices that made them feel so small all of their life. They learn about karma, they learn about the Foundation Stones, they learn about how they had to endure this. They learn all the lessons that these things have taught them over the years of their life.

Strength from Self Empowerment

They learn where, although there was fear, because there was fear there was a compensation that created a new strength in them, a strength of character of some other description. Perhaps they developed the gift of silence, the gift of patience. Perhaps they developed the gift of being able to switch off, which is all very important when you need to work in the Light with Spirit, because unless you know how to switch off, you don't get time off in your Earth life! So you have to know these things, so this lesson you gave to yourself to learn, however you reach a point where you no longer need it.

And so in all this learning and discovering and finding out, slowly - although not too slowly because it does happen very quickly by your Earth time - you learn to lose your fear of the loud, shouting voices. You learn to let go of feelings of condemnation towards you: that this is not you that is being condemned, the person is condemning themselves. And so you find that you are able to stand, and the soundings of their voice and the soundings of their words wash over the top of your aura, they don't even enter your aura, they just hit your aura and fall away, and your light remains strong, and you remain strong in your truth, because by the time you reach this point, you are powerful in your own truth of spirituality. And the one that shouts and wants to diminish no longer has any power over you.

Now, in the event that somebody is making blows to the physical body, then it is at this point that usually the person will stand up and say, "No more". They may not say it to the face, they may not have need to say it to the face; it may be too dangerous to say it to the face. So, they get themselves together and they go and find a place of physical safety, you understand.

And so, this way the being that learns to find its truth can learn to walk taller, can learn to walk in its own power and its own strength. There may still be many things to learn, many journeys to make into the being of themselves in order to free themselves of their other fears. However, it is the freeing yourself of your fears that is the process. This is the process, freeing yourself of your fears. And then other, negative things around do not have power or dominion over you any more.

I have said to you, many moons past, that one point of energy will come where all things will return to Oneness, have I not? You would be interested to know, perhaps, that the Ancients, the sages of your peoples before, some have the enlightenment that even the Dark Angel would return to Oneness. And those of the great body of the Church did not agree, and called this one heretic. However, you need to know that these arguments have been going on for very many Earth years: they are not just happening now, because you have reached this point where everybody suddenly says, "It is happening now". It is not suddenly happening now, it has been happening for many of your Earth years, these reasonings among humankinds. And the learning has always been the same, the process has always been the same: know yourself; know how you are, what you are, what are your fears, and that's what it means by knowing yourself - know your fears. Because in your weaknesses sometimes are your greatest strengths.

Know your Enemy

Have you heard the wordings, "Know your enemy"? That is very true. You need to know the enemy within your being as well as without your being. So all those times within you when you feel that you are not of any great worth, that your life has no purpose or no meaning to it - these come from the fears inside you that have been fed by the Dark Energies. And the Dark Energies work in the most interesting ways. Because they don't always come and hit you in your face: quite often they nibble away at your resolve; they nibble away and whisper in your ears, and talk to all those fears that you have locked away down inside you. And very often, they use the words of Light that are chosen by the peoples that scribe in these things that I speak of before, and they are interwoven in the wordings, to undermine your feelings of self-worth, rather than to enhance your self worth.

The wordings on the surface are intended to help you feel good. The energy sometimes that floats behind - that sneaks in: I'm not saying that the wordings and the energy that come to give you these wordings is bad, that's not what I'm saying; however, there is this negative, dark energy that will sneak in, and this is what you are sensing when you sometimes read something that you don't resonate to, you understand? Have you got any questions?

Other Questions

Is there more planets than we know?

Songee: Oh, a great many, little one. A great many. Mankind will develop a way of going and finding them."

Songee, would you mind enlightening me? My cat has hurt herself quite badly, has been stitched up and is healing at the moment, but what were the circumstances that came to this?

Songee: This one was being chased, and in leaping to safety, had a mishap.

Was she being chased by a cat or a dog?

Songee: It was by the dog. You probably already know it.

Well, there's not too many dogs around our area, at least that I'm aware of, and I know we're not totally fenced in, so we do get odd dogs that stray from time to time.

Songee: The one you seek walks loose. It has some short hair, some long hair, and it is brown and black. Not small dog. You would call it big. Bigger than the pussy cat.

Okay, because we've got a new cat in the neighbourhood which is very similar in colouring to my cat, and I was worried that it was this one.

Songee: Oh, not so. Anybody got any other question?

How did my dog die?

Songee: It had ingested something that was not good for it. Something that was left out for something else.

She did warn us that she was going to pass over, though.

Songee: So, would you like to have Channelled Healing? So we're going to ... come sit.

Would you like some music?

Songee: That would be very interesting.

Take inside of you the deep breath of life, and remember, the breath of life is the Sun, and the Sun is my nourishment.

The rest of the session was the Group and Songee Channeling Healing Energies and the only words to be heard was Songee repeating the words, Blessed Be.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Susie Vincent

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