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Male and Female Energies

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Male and Female Energies'.
A Teaching from Songee, 9th September 1999.


A Green Dream
Male and Female Energies
Loving Yourself
The Crone
Channeling Healing Energies

This is a Public Meeting with Songee. The aromas used for the evening were Sandalwood and Myrrh. Roberta-Margaret prepared herself to channel and Songee came through to talk with the people who had gathered.

Songee: Greetings to you. So perhaps you all need to take a nice, deep breath inside, and prepare yourself for whatever it is you're going to ask! No question, or too shy?

A Green Dream

I have. I had a dream this morning...

Songee: You didn't!

Yeah I know...

Songee: This is far too dangerous to have these things, you know!

(Everyone is laughing.) "Alright then. I was in a space ship, and inside it there was a big pool, and it became a green colour, like I was going to say Spiralina, but I don't know if you have ever seen Spiralina - it's a darky greeny colour, seaweed stuff.

Songee: What makes you imagine I do not know what this is?

I don't know, I don't know if you know all the drinks..."

Songee: It is not just a drink, is it? It started off as something else, did it not? It started off as something from the oceans.

...And what I done is, it was going green so I had to clean it. So I went to get a bucket, and I - I was going, gosh, it's going to take me hours - probably days or something to bucket all that out. And it only took about four buckets. And what I did was, when it went in the bucket, it went all clean, and then I put it into this other pool which was a spa pool, which was a smaller one. And I was so impressed, it only took a few buckets! And what I saw at the bottom of the pool, it was all this metal stuff that I hadn't seen on the surface, I've only ever seen, I presume, on spaceships and that. And then I went to go, it was pretty hard work and I went to the tap to get a drink of water and all this green stuff came out the tap, and I went mayhap, obviously it's got to do with me. So I felt it was probably because we were in the green week, that it was to do with balancing myself and that I was transferring one lot of emotion into another little pile, putting it in nice little segments.

(This student is referring to our work with green aromas and the green heart chakra which is happening in our In House Study Group this week.)

Songee: What did you learn from all of this? This is the most important thing that you have to look upon, what did you learn from all of this, apart from it being very hard work?

It wasn't that bad actually, it was quite effortless when you start doing it.

Songee: What did you learn?

That I've got some deep emotions to look into? No, no, well OK.

Songee: Feel it.

Whatever I touched turned green! (Everyone laughs.)

Songee: Oh my goodness! Could it possibly be that it doesn't matter what you do, you cannot avoid it? You cannot just put it from one place to another place, because it's going to all come back again.

It looked like it was a little bit less quantity, though!

Songee: Then it goes into the pipes and you have it for washing and drinking, then there is much of it, is there not?

I didn't look at it like that.

Songee: So you cannot just remove it and pretend it is all gone, because it is going to come back to you from another direction. Is it not?

Yeah, that's true. So, what did I learn? That I can't avoid it!

Songee: That you cannot avoid it. You are going to have to face all these manner of things. Also, look upon this, what was the nourishment? You were attempting to remove something that was nourishing!

It looked like algae!

Whales live on that stuff.

But I drink that stuff!

Songee: It is nourishing, is it not?

I love it, yeah. It is, it's very nourishing.

Songee: So look more deeply into it. So what of the metal?

Metals are conductive...

Songee: Oh, you're getting far too complex! The metal is representing something in your nature.

I'd like to say that I'm resilient, bendable... conductive! But I suppose I must have a bit of... but metal is also when it gets to a certain coldness...

Songee: What was the purpose of this metal?

To contain the water. No?

Songee: Was it a crucible, by chance?

It didn't look like a crucible... So it's a mixer...(She laughs) I don't know!

Songee: What I am attempting to get you to do is to look deeply into these things for you own self. To find for your own self what these are for you. Because it doesn't matter how many messages you are given, you need to find them for yourself, to make sense of them.

Yes, that's true. I was just hoping for a little helping hand.

Songee: You have got it, I have already given it to you. All you have to do now is to take it a little bit deeper, you understand? Take it deeper.

So you are saying... I hear what you are saying...

Songee: The substance that was in this pool was coming out of the pipes, therefore it was not waste, was it? It was something else, it was not waste, it was not bad thing, otherwise it would not be in the pipes would it?

Well then, how come I decided to do that, then, because I wanted to avoid it, yes I remember you telling me that, yes...

Songee: And you are being shown, you cannot avoid what is inevitable.

About your pipes.

Oh about my pipes.

Songee: And the crucible.

MMM I'll have to look up what crucible means.

Songee: It is like a cauldron, under which a fire is lit, to heat the metal that will eventually become so hot that it will become pure and all the dross will float to the surface.

I wondered whether you meant that initially, I was having a little argument with myself.

Songee: Of course, this is what you always do.

It would be quite nice not to actually.

Songee: So what of anybody else? Let me have a look. What of you, Little Shaman, what have you this night?

You said you had a lot of questions."

Songee: Oh, many. Usually Little Shaman has to wait until everybody else has asked their question. What would you like to ask? Before you burst? Don't know? Oh my goodness. (Songee is talking with one of our young male students.)

What of anybody else, because if you're not going to ask questions, I'm going to start to tell you something.

Can I ask a question before you do, Songee?

Songee: It is much better to speak up than it is to stay silent, you know!

I've been a woman for as long as I can remember...

Songee: You haven't!

I have!

Songee: Oh my goodness! Oh that is so amazingly interesting! How did you manage to do that?

Male and Female Energy

I don't think I did anything! I must have made an arrangement with myself to do that! But I still don't know what feminine energy is. I know what my energy is, and I sometimes have more of it and sometimes I have less of it. And I know what feminine energy is as a concept, well I don't really as a concept. I have heard discussions about female energy, and I know from what we've talked about, the Soul and the emotions, and the moon as opposed to the sun, and the mother as opposed to the father. But I've never been a father - I've never been a man, well, I may have been, but not in my conscious recollection, so I can't contrast feminine with masculine energy, to say, this is masculine, this is feminine. I know energy: I know the energy I feel from men, I know the energy I feel from women - superficially that feels fairly similar to me, that feels like human energy. Can you enlighten me further, please?

Songee: Well, first of all, you have made a very good observation, and that is that both male and female energy are very human as well as being male and female. Also there is male and female energy in all creatures - all living things. Not just creatures, all living things. Male and female energy both, it is conjoined, you understand? It is just that some have an expression on the physical plane, in the physical body, of male and some have the expression of female. In times past, you may have had lifetime where you have been male. Indeed, that is more than probable that you have done so, because all Souls have experienced lifetimes as both male and female, you understand, the expression of it.

Now, that is taking care of just the basic picture of the male and female being born as male and female. Then you have all the complications of the emotions that come into being. Some Souls also bring with them into their life memories and remembrances of their lives before, when they were of a different gender, and they will bring this with them into the Earth life, and it mayhap be that they are of the opposite gender to the one that their memories are of. And so, they come with this, of a purpose, you understand, because they have already arranged to do this thing, so that they might live this life through learning how it is to be in the physical body of one gender while feeling all the emotions of the other. So that is another picture that is part of the human living that you know. The other aspect is that they don't remember it as past life, they only remember the feeling and the emotion, you understand, they sense a difference within themselves from other peoples around them.

Then, you have the first groups of peoples who have been born into physical body that are fully integrated into that life and that form and all the emotions of that form. So were it a girl child that is born it will grow to be a female with all the aspects of femininity.

However, there is something that do take place within the womb of the mother. And that is that at a certain point of the gestation, there comes into the unborn child on the physical plane hormones of the male, that come and flood through into the body, and this will happen twice during the gestation period - once in the first three months, and again about seven to eight months it will happen again. When that girl child is born, something very interesting happens. Usually, she is born with some very strong masculine energies within her. Not that she is a masculine female: however, sometimes it is that the brain operates more in the masculine fashion, in the ways of reasoning, in the ways of viewing the world and about them; often they are very strong-minded people, you understand? Very strong-minded. It doesn't mean they are not feminine, it does not mean they are not female, it does not mean they have not feminine energy. However, they are often, able, more able to use their brain in a certain manner.

Now, the energy of male and female: we come now a little further into this. The energy of male perceives the world from a certain perspective, and it is a totally different perspective to the one that female view it. It is as though you are two different beings, from some other place of living. And this is interesting, because it gives you something to discover about each other. It also makes for great conundrums, because nobody can understand anybody else, and everybody throws their hands up and says, "Oh, I don't understand". The man says, "I don't understand womankind, they are most peculiar!" And womankind throws their hands up and says, "Oh, I don't understand mankind, they are most peculiar!" And so it is, both are very peculiar to each other. However, when you are speakings with another womankinds, you will find that for the most part you will resonate very well together.

Now, you will find that womankinds that have had this hormone, male hormone come into them before they were born will find other females who are more of their sort of energy. They will come together more readily. These female kinds are very strong, very clear in their mind about ideas. They are very firm, become very firm about what they want to do and what they want to achieve. They may take a lifetime coming to it, but they will come to it. And they will have great leaps of inspiration. They are very strong. It is the masculine energy that gives them that strength, that particular, peculiar strength.

Then there are the other females who are not having this come into their bodies at the beginning, you understand? And when they are born, they are very, very soft, very gentle, very pretty, very quiet. They have ideas, they can be very clear for themselves, but they are not so - ah, (Songee is talking to the spirit people.) that is a very nice word, thanking you - dynamic, I am given to say for you, about how they present themselves. The females that are born that have the male energies come to them, will be children that will, they will climb trees, play with frogs, run around and jump in mud puddles, run about and kick a ball, chase around with all manner of other peoples that do the same things. They want to belong with the boys. And yet, they are female, they are no less female for wanting to do all these things. They will take to their hands the implements of building, and they will make things with these things of building, you understand? And they will make for their horse and cart to go, and they will make things that ordinarily the male in the community of the village would do. They are not frightened of doing these things, they do all these things, because they have within them the power to do it, you understand?

So it is a different energy that comes with this - it is a power of conquering, a power of moving forward, a power of finding and establishing new countries, you understand? The female energy is not quite as this manner; it does not operate in the same fashion. It is still strong, it still is powerful, however, it is a lot more gentle, you understand? And those that don't have this are often sometimes, by those that have this energy, the females can often look at these females and say, "Oh my goodness, aren't they weak?" They're not really, they just didn't have this energy given to them before they were born. They are not any less strong because they didn't have it. They just came to this life to be in this way, because this is what was going to be right for them in this life. Just as how you are is how you are in your life.

Now depending on the amount of this hormone that comes into the body, the female child will be more so, or not quite so, you understand? So there are degrees of it. And you will recognise each other when you look around, because those that have this have come into their being will gather together! Look around you!

And play drums! And know that when you rollerblade over the carpet you leave a track...

Songee, am I more female? (from young boy guest)

Songee: No, you are not more female, you have been born as male. However, your feminine energies within you have been awoken for you. Now it is interesting that when the male child is in the womb, there is not an influx of female hormone to come for that child. It only comes the male for the female child. Is that not interesting? So, your female energy you bring with you already from Spirit. The male and female energy is within all, and for the most part, the male energy is dominant. I hate to tell you this.

I've read contrary to that, in biology books, they say that all things are actually female until the male hormone comes through.

Songee: I what you are speaking of, that is so, that is on the biological scale. I am speaking now of what happens in the womb, when the female child is in the womb and the male hormone comes and the female child is already established as a female child. However, when the male child comes and is established as a male child, there is not a female hormone that comes to flood it. That is what I am saying. And in that instance, the male is dominant, and it carries within it the female energy already, you understand?


When the female is in the womb, the female child, it is feminine all the time until it is born, you understand?

However, in certain instances, more than you are aware upon perhaps, the male hormone comes and makes for this female child to be enhanced with the male energy. And to a certain degree, it dominates the feminine energy: in this way I am speaking that the male dominates, you understand? It doesn't turn the female child into a male child: that is something else again, that is when the Soul has elected to come to the Earth, has chosen to come, in perhaps a body that expresses both male and female gender, and that is something else again.

Songee, with the Kundalini power coming from the Mother, does that put female energy into our bodies, into our whatevers?

Songee: Remember what you have knowing of the Kundalini. The Kundalini is male and female both and it entwines like this, like so, remember? So its not just...

Oh yes that's right. So does that influence what you are talking about, the masculine and feminine energy?

Songee: Influence is not the right word for this. The Kundalini energy enhances everything that is already there. It will make stronger that which is already strong, and it will show all those things that are not so strong, you understand, so that they can be strengthened. And I'm not going to go into that, because to go into that is to take us away from what you are saying. We are talking about this female energy. So, you have as you're sitting, you have the female body; you have all the feelings of the female body; you are looking upon your world with an eye that is female. Your energy within your body is primarily female. Your emotions, your sensitivities, how you touch your world, how you experience your world, is all female. It is: nurturing, creative, inquisitive; it is open to external influences from Spirit, from other things that will stimulate you into looking for new ways of being.

In the male, when the female energy is activated, this is what happens for them. The males that do not have this remain locked in their maleness, and they don't have this sensitivity, this expression. They have it inside, they are not able to let it out, you understand? Female, were you to say, female is this (Songee has the hands in an open bowl like shape), male is this (Songee holds the two hands together at chest height. And when male learns to find the female energy and release it, so you find they will come like this, and like this (Songee opens the hands with the palms facing upward) Female, when they are like this and they have male energy, they don't go like this, because they don't ever close off. However, they may go like this, or like this (Songee is indicating with the hands in a more and more open position and the hands going out wider and wider from the body as the creative female energy grows.) So they manifest more. This is the nature of it.

And when you speak to male that is locked in this way, you will find that they do not comprehend the concepts of Spirit very readily. Sometimes when they hide themself away behind this, they are frightened of it. They can't help themselves, because this is how they are. They are used to conquering, they are used to building and creating by 'engineering' things: that is interesting word. Females don't do that. Females create by nurturing. By planting seeds and watching them grow and nurturing them for growth. Mankinds go and say, "This is the big picture". Females say, "Well, yes, I can see the big picture, however, what about this little bit down here. How is this person here going to fit into this big picture?" And conversations like this happen all over the place, many, between many. Some mankinds are frightened of their womankinds, so they want to dominate them and keep them in one place, because they are frightened that they might escape.

Would you say Songee, that there are... what would be your comment about men who have difficulty with us women who have a little bit of masculine? Do you think there are men who do?

Songee: Oh, most of them do...

Why is that?

Songee: ...because they sense the resonance of the masculinity within you and they are threatened by you. You become like an opponent, and they don't want an opponent, they want somebody who's going to be submissive to their masculinity, and this does not work, and it is not going to work, and they are going to have to wake up to this, because it's part of the learning. Mankind has got to learn that they are also female energy.

Are they going to learn this, do you suppose?

Songee: Oh, they will learn it, they are already learning it now, more and more are learning and coming to it. Some will not, of course, some will not in this lifetime, they will have to come back in another lifetime for it. When you look at the manner of things that are taking place around you in your world, how many female kinds are there involved in the world of arranging matters for your countries?

More than there used to be.

Songee: That is so, however, when you look at the quantity of male to female --- . and it is the female that has these extra energies, that is able to function with these people, because they are able to use their brain in the same way.

However, womankind has a task. Womankind has always had this task: it is a very important one. And this is how Songee comes to tell womankinds; you are the ones now with the power. Every female kind has the power to assist the male kinds to come to the realisations that they need to come to. You have to teach, you have to lead the way, you have to take them by the hands and say, "Come along, this is how you do it". Because they need to be led by the hand. This is not making small of them, because that is not the intention of these wordings. It is only that because of their fear, they need to be guided. They need to find that with your liberation, your expression of truth of your own being, they will become free themself. By freeing Youself, you are in turn going to free mankind.

That's beautiful.

That's wonderful.

Songee: And that is the movement of the truth that is working in the world at the moment. However, there are mankinds that are fighting this movement. They are being whispered to by the dark energies, they don't want to allow the feminine energy to have expression. Now remember, I say to you, that the feminine energy is within all things, male and female both, so when you have a group of male persons that are expressing their female energies in a creative, nurturing, and yet an interested way that is caring about this person here and how they fit into the big picture, those that are locked behind this don't like it - are frightened. They want to dominate, they want to control, they want to suppress, they want to put down.

Have a look at what is happening in your world, now. Go past all the tiny little reasons and excuses that are given. And look deeper, look behind it at the fear that is moving people to violence. People are moved to violence by fear of what they don't know, what they don't understand and by the threat of change.

So you're saying that they're moved to violence against those men who are displaying more creativity, more expressiveness, more nurturing qualities?

Songee: That is so.

Oh, like gay people.

Songee: Anybody, that is expressing...

And like in East Timor, when the people voted for independence the others attempted to suppress that.

Songee: That is right, that is so. And you look into that very deeply, forget about the personalities of individuals and look at the fear, fear of change, fear of not having control because that would not suit some of the greedy peoples.

So, Songee, the flooding of the male hormones of the female child in the uterus: is that a relatively recent phenomenon?

Songee: Oh no, that has been happening all the time. It is only recently that you will discover it.

Do I have feminine energy? (from young boy guest)

Songee: Oh most definitely you do! And your feminine energy is very much alive and well, and showing itself and shining through your strength of your masculine self. So you will always be a strong young man, as you grow, and yet you will be a kind, gentle and sensitive person that will be able to understand and appreciate better womankinds as you grow. You will still have moments of mystery when you won't quite know what is wrong with them! Because those womankinds have not yet discovered for themself what is wrong with them! Not that there's anything wrong, just that they have things inside them that they've not managed to work through yet!

So, Songee, you've talked about our task as women, and you say that we have now got the power and how we can lead men or to help men to find their own liberation by finding our own liberation, and people said (and I agree) that it's a beautiful message - is there anything more that we can know about that?

Songee: It's important for you to know that it's not an easy path to tread.

(Everyone laughs.) Surprise, surprise!

Songee: Because it requires of you great delvings and divings deep into your own being to find out all your insecurities, all your innermost fears and things that you have down inside you. And when you have found them, and you have worked through them, you will not be vulnerable to the negative energies that would deflect you from the purpose for which you have been born.

Many peoples come to Songee and say, "What is my task in this life?" First of all I say to you, "How have you been born, male or female?" That's the start. "If you have been born female, it is easy. You are here to take charge now. You are here to show other womankinds, other mankinds the way to the Light." Aahhh! (Songee says this Aahhh, as She seems to recognise the understanding these words have bought to many at the Gathering.)

I always suspected this, you know!

My question that I brought Songee, not so much asking my task or purpose, in this life time, but whether I'm on track with it.

Songee: Let me have a look. Ah, I perceive that you have managed to come just so far with it, and yet there is something that remains a mystery to you. Ah, that is so. There is more yet to come. That is all I'm going to say. For the most part, there is more yet to come. You are still developing and moving along towards where it is you are going.

Now, it is easy when I say for you that all womankinds have got the same task, because what you do in your own Earth life will be something that will employ the skills and talents that you have brought with you into this Earth life, to use those skills and talents for the purpose of bringing to other humankinds knowledge, wisdom, healing, you understand? Now to do this, you are already doing this; however, you are going to do more of it, and you will find that as you begin to develop your gifts more, so you will be guided into a focus for this energy. The focus will become more intense.

Ah, thanking you! (Songee seems to have a new word from the spirit people). That is very interesting! The doctor man says you will become 'specialist' of what you do, so that other peoples will also become specialists of what they are going to do, and everybody will have a part to play in the big picture, you understand? There will be peoples that will do healings with speaking, there will be peoples that will do healings by using medicines of the Earth, peoples that will use their hands, peoples that will use sound and colour and music, peoples that will use dance - healing is The Key to it all.

This is what womankinds do the best. They nurture, they take care of and they bring healing to those around them - just by being female you have the power to heal. Males are born to take strides forward and to break new ground. When their feminine energy is strong, they also will become expressions of healing energy, you understand? When a womankind is with a mankind that is very disturbed and in great disharmony, sometimes she does not have to say a word, all she has to do is to be there in the same environment and be silent, because the presence of the female energy soothes, brings calmness.

This is not, I am not speaking of the extremes, when you have male that comes to beat up womankinds. This is not usual. It is not of what I'm speaking, that is another matter again. In those instances, often the male energy within the female kind has been subjugated to such a degree that they are not able to fight back, and when they do fight back, when the masculine energy comes up for them to fight back, the male becomes incensed and wants to beat it down because it is a threat. In those instances there is only one course of action - the female must leave, must move themself away from that person. That is the only action that can take place that makes sense. Until that Soul then comes to its senses and manages to learn how to become liberated themself, you understand?

What you have is a Soul that is locked behind the barrier of the man energy, the masculine energy, and it has a creativity and a sensitivity within it that it wants to give out, it's screaming to get out, and yet it has been taught how to lock itself down and does not know any other way of expressing itself, apart from having learned certain ways of behaving in its life, and apart from karma, of course. This is the way this energy is. And in order to free it, it has to learn to express its feminine energy. That's the only way it's going to come free. How to express its creativity, its nurturing self. It may be that it can never come together with the womankind that it was with before, and that is alright, however in order for it to be free, sometimes the womankind must leave, to shock it into a recognition of itself.

So there's many complex ways to look at male and female. What you have to do, Little One, (Songee is talking to the young male student) is to look inside you and say to yourself, how do you feel this day, or how do you feel at this moment? Do you feel very strong and powerful as though you want to break new ground? And when you do, you know that you are expressing your masculine energy of yourself, you understand? And when you're feeling that you want to lie into some soft waters that are smelling sweetly, and dream sweet dreams of butterflies and flowers, and perhaps a lover, then you know that you are in your female energy. (There is laughter as we imagine this). And as female, you have the best of both worlds, because you can operate on both! You can be both. You can be beautiful and sensuous and go out and break new ground at the same time, and confound all those masculine peoples out there. This is such of your power that you have; all of you have it.

Can I ask about that, Songee, because I'm still struggling with, like with appearance and looks, and believing that, you know, to get acceptance from the opposite sex, and I know that isn't the way, but part of me is sort of locked in that thing? I hate it, it's horrible - I know, accept yourself as you are ra-ra-ra, and then the other part of me is preoccupied with the other aspects and its horrible...

Loving Yourself

Songee: You have to come to the acceptance within your being --- . let me finish, let me finish because this is important, you need to accept that in order to be free, first of all you have to love yourself. Find the best way for you to express your sensuality - not prettiness!

Everybody has a degree of beauty. The Soul is always beautiful, it is exceptionally beautiful, and it needs to be given an opportunity to shine its light out through the physical form that it is living in. Your body becomes the expression of the Soul. So that the light shines from the eyes, from the skin, from the hair, from the aura, it shines out. It doesn't matter whether you have wart on your nose, whether you have marks on your face, whether you have body that is not a perfect shape, perhaps you have got a spine that is not straight, perhaps you do not have a leg that is straight, perhaps it is something wrong with it. Your body is not all time perfect! Some people's bodies are not all time 'born' perfect, are they? However, the Soul is.

Let the Soul have expression - let the Soul show itself to the world. Let the Soul show its sensitivity, its sensuousness, its power and its strength, you understand? And then you will be liberated. And when you are liberated, so your liberation will liberate other people around you, because they are tied to their concepts of beauty and ideas just as you are, and when you free Youself and you let yourself glow, then other people can do the same.

On the other hand, it's not a bad thing to sort of take, sort of look after your appearance, because sometimes I look after my appearance, and I feel bad and then I go from extremes from slopping around the place...

Songee: That is not what Songee have say-ed to you! Songee has say-ed to you, allow your Soul to express its sensuality and its beauty. Now, your body may like to make itself beautiful and sensuous in whatever way it needs to do. Your mind will explore all manner of ideas of doing for this. You are in the time of your Earth life when you are experimenting and learning of these things.

You will not come to your full power and fruition until you come into - oh, how say I this, half a century! Because womankinds do not come into their full potential and power completely until they come to their half-century. That is when you have combined the knowledge of life and the wisdom of life, you have the freedom very often to explore your spirituality, your strengths and your powers and to bring them to the fore and to use them for mankind. You are very fortunate that you are beginning to start your journey of discovery early, and you will manifest a lot of these things on your journey of helping mankind, you understand, because that is what you have chosen for this life.

And learning about your sensuality and your beauty is only part of that journey. It is a very important part, because you are going to bring that light into everything you do, and this is true of all young things that are coming and growing, your light is going to shine, you are the next half-century people that are coming, bringing with you the wisdom and the knowledge of your lives.

The Crone

Womankinds are very special because, they can at this point of their life, when they are reaching the half-century, you are what is known as the "Crone". Did you know this? In some people's language in times past, you would be called "Crone".

...With whiskers all over your chin - and warts! Lots of laughter and speculation.

Songee: Oh, not so, however that often can take place. However, you are in the age of Crone, and in the age of Crone it is an age of wisdom, an age to be revered. So those that are coming along - you have the cycle of life. It begins with the girl who becomes the maiden. The maiden is taught by the one above her, who becomes the married woman, the first one to be married to or to begin life in this way. And then she goes from being a married woman with children of her own, and her own girl children and boy children perhaps, she moves on through life and she becomes a mature woman and then she goes to become the Crone, and this is the passage of life.

The Crone is like the queen. She is the power, the strength, the symbol of all that has gone before. And as such, all those that are coming can look to the Crone for tuition, wisdom, learning, for knowledge of how to use and exercise their own power. How to be strong in their female energy and their female power. So, being a Crone is not bad. It is just that you have bad pictures in your mind about it. Don't be ashamed of being a Crone. You could be wise woman, it is still the same thing, it is only another name for it. Wise woman. And you get to be wise woman when you are half century, or coming close to half century, that is the way of it.

And when you are in this age, you begin this age at the point of half century, and that's where you stay until you demise from the life. Because you have contained within you all the knowledge. That is when you begin to manifest more abundantly upon the planet and around you those things that you have learned and gathered over your life.

Have you not heard the saying, "Would that I could do, when I was younger, all the things that I know now!" You know this thing! Unfortunately, you cannot go back. However, within your being is still the maiden, is still the young woman, is still the older woman coming through the change of life, and then there is the manifestation of the physical of the Crone, and inside you are all these other aspects of your being you have taken with you.

Now I come to a little point, because, when you reach the place of Crone, this is when you very often begin to do most of your internal work. That is when you go back to find the child that is lost and bring it forward and give it lots of love. That is when you go back to find the young woman who is just coming into her maidenhood, and you go and find her and nurture her and bring her forwards into her fullness of her being. And so on and so forth, until you get all those aspects of your being here, expressing themselves. That's how it is.

But society doesn't value women like that any more, like only if you're beautiful then you're kind of, you know.

Songee: Oh, you don't have to take any notice of that. You just be yourself! You'll set the new way of being. You set the example, and you say, "This is the way I'm going to be: I'm going to be a happy person and I'm going to wear flowers in my hair, I'm going to jump about and leap about and be happy. And I'm going to wear my hair this way, and no doesn't matter whether anybody says it's how everybody else is doing it. You be yourself. Find your own expression of yourself. And the best way to do this is to make your own wearings for your body, your own coverings. When you make your own coverings you can make them howsoever you choose. You can make them as beautiful, as bright, as somber, whatever you want to do to express your feeling within your body. Can you not?

You want to wear or do something very different to how everybody else around you is doing and being. It's not hurting anybody, do it. It not hurting you, not hurting anybody else, then do it. Matters not they say, "Oh you're most peculiar". Say, "Thank you very much! Isn't that wonderful! I like to be peculiar!" Enjoy it, revel in it, being different. And yet you are the same, because you have the same energies.

And though you are beautiful in your own separateness, you are also strong in your unity of your femaleness. And you can take within that strength males that will resonate. Such as this Little Shaman here, who can be brought into this because the energy is already being expressed is it not, and so the resonation is there.

You will find that mankinds that cannot come into the companies of such strength will find it uncomfortable to be in such companies for very long. They will come, mayhap for a little while, and then go away. And mayhap they are saying to themself, "I don't know what it is, but I don't know whether I can be there for very long, because it is just t o o m u c h for I! Much too much!" They don't know yet - yet - how to embrace, and take it in and revel in it, and revel in themselves and their own power. This little one does, knows how to revel in their own power, do you not?

Lucky boy!

Songee: Very strong. Very strong, there will not be much that will be able to slide past this one! (Songee is again talking to the young male student.)

So, do you feel you have a better feeling for the feminine / masculine aspect?

It's wonderful, thank you, such good news, thank you!

Songee: Because it is important that you have a feeling for it. This is something that is not always something you can give in a 'concrete' form. This is a word I am learning because I've been given it aforetimes, so I know what concrete is. It is that hard substance that mankind makes, and very often mankind likes to put it around and about them so they can't be found, they can just peek out the top. Womankinds can come along and say, "Ohhhh - pfffff - blow it down". This is very disturbing for the mankinds you understand, so you have to be gentle with them, because they have to find their ways slowly.

The ones that do, oh my goodness, you can't hold them back. And they will resonate and work with you, work with womankinds, they will not have difficulties in their being with your strength and your power - they will be able to absorb your sensuality and your femininity when you want to express it, howsoever you need to express it, and give you back whatever masculinity you are needing as a result. You understand? And that is true of all relationships of male and female, male and male, female and female, you understand? Where the male/female energies are working, and working together, it doesn't matter what gender you are.

The purpose of having gender of male and female separate to come together, the most important reason, when you are young, is for procreation - to continue the species. That is the reason for it. That is the reason that you fall in love, and you get stars in your eyes, (Songee is smiling and looking dreamy) and you don't see that the man has got warts on the end of his nose. Because you are 'In love' you understand.

It is not in love, it is your body saying it is time to make babies. And even the mankinds that loves the mankinds and the womankinds that loves the womankinds, they will still have this same sparkle come, and it is wanting to come together to procreate, and yet they cannot because they are the same species of gender, you understand? However, it doesn't stop them wanting to, it doesn't stop them having the feelings and it doesn't stop them coming together for the same purpose of it, you understand? And that is all. That is how it is meant to be. That is what nature is, that is what is Mother Nature, you understand! (Songee is laughing.) That is how it is.

When you get past this,


that is when you start working towards Crone, you understand, and then when you get to be Crone, of course you don't have the sparklings in your eyes in quite the same way! It is not to procreate; it is because you love, truly, with your heart, your Soul, your being. And it is a much stronger feeling, a much more powerful feeling, and very often mankinds are very frightened of it.

Ah Ha! (Lots of comments about this revelation.)

Songee: However, they can be taught, to like it. (Much laughter.) And what you do is you 'back off'. And you be gentle, and you be truthful. Truthfulness is the most powerful tool that you have, that all mankinds have. When you are truthful and you are honest within your own being, then all those around you MUST follow suit. Not always immediately; however, they must follow suit. The power of truth is such that that it shines a light, and where there is light, there is no possibility of darkness. There is no possibility of misunderstandings because you are saying it how you're feeling it. Not how you thinking it! How you feeling it.

When you want to achieve something, then you have to ask! How many times have you heard mankinds say, "You have only to ask I and I will do it for you, dear"? And womankinds say, "I ought not to have to ask you, you ought to be sensitive enough to see I need it - and do it anyway!" (Everyone who knows this thing is laughing and agreeing with Songee.)

No! Doesn't work! You have to teach yourself, first of all, you are the main power, the main mover. So you're the one that has to say, "Look, I would like you to do this, please, and I would like you to do it this way."

Because when you don't and when you say, "I would like you to do this please, dear", and man goes away and does, and says, "Very good, look at me, I'm very proud, I've done this; this woman have asked I to do this, and I have obliged and done it." Woman comes along and says, "Oh, but that's not how I wanted you for do it!" And man says, "You just asked I to do it: I have done it! What's the matter with it?" And woman says, "But you didn't do it the way I wanted you to do it". So man throws up hands, and says, "What am I supposed to do? You asked I to do, I do. You didn't say how to do."

So don't wait - you always say how at the same time of asking, because then you can be assured that it will for the most part be done the way you would like it to be done. Not a hundred percent; however, very close to it. And in this way, then when it is done, you can say, "Oh my goodness, isn't that wonderful, you have done such a beautiful job". And they say, "Oh, that's good, I'm being very good now". They are so proud of themselves, because they have pleased you.

That's kind of sad, though.

Songee: This is not a game this is not a game, this is real. And it is not sad; it is the way the brain and the mind works. Because the mankind wants to please the womankind in their life. They want to nurture. It is not a game to play, this is serious. This is not to play with the emotions of the partner of life. This is so that you understand better how to function!

Just taking it from another point of view, as a graphic designer, I have really learnt in order... I start off the beginning part of a job and create the artwork, right, but in order to get it printed and produced and the end result that I foresee, I've learnt to be very, very specific about how I want it done and how the end result is to be. Because if I'm not, I won't get what I want.

Songee: And that is the masculine energy working within the female body. That is an example of it! Because that is the masculine mentality, you understand? That is the masculine mentality that is their view on the world. So you have to be very specific and precise in order to reach through to the masculine perspective. So you can use your masculine perspective to reach their masculine perspective. So this is not a game, it is not playing games with them; it is not belittling them. It is only using the knowledge that you have to achieve something. And then when you have this, you have a gratification, because they are pleased to have pleased you.

Look at the creatures of the world. When we take the little wolves of the house, shall we, for an example? When the female comes into estrus, when she starts to get ready to make babies, you understand, you call it "heat". The male comes along, and he says, "Aha, you smell very interesting, you're very, very enticing, and I am going to be very much in love with you". In order to win her around, he has to do certain things. He has to please her. He likes to play with her a little, he likes to kiss her ears, he likes to do whatever he can to please her so that she will accept him as her husband, you understand?

This is not a "game". It is a ritual, a ritual of communication, of gaining acceptance without force, you understand? So that there is no abuse, and use the same principle when you are working with other peoples because you can learn to use this masculine energy to reach the masculines of your life by using the gentleness of your knowing, along with the knowledge of how they are looking at the world, and giving to them the information that they need so that they can do whatever it is to make you pleased and content.

Mankind comes to womankind in partnership (or woman to woman, man to man, it matters not, I am going to use just womankind and mankind for example, but take it as just said that it matters to all companionships, you understand) - womankind and mankind come together for companionship. The man wants to break new ground. He wants to be creative, he wants to be protective. Many moons past he was the hunter and the woman stayed home and made things and minded children and looked after the home and grew things to feed themselves and all manner of things. And the man went off to find the meat, to hunt and to bring back to the womankinds the spoils of the huntings, to share it, to feed it to the family, you understand? That was their role.

For the most part the womankind is wanting to be protected, guarded, nurtured, looked after while she is having the small ones. She needs to know that somebody is there taking care and guarding. When you look at the wolves in the wild, the female goes off to have her cubs, and the male goes and hunts and brings to her food and leaves it outside the den, so that she can get it and eat. He will feed her, he will bring food for her. The same is true of the fox, he will bring food. There are many creatures in the wild that do this. And mankind is not different, that is their, that is the impulse within them that moves them, you understand? You cannot change it, it is the male energy, and as such, in relating to the female energy this is what they are endeavoring to do. Very often their endeavours are misunderstood, misinterpreted, and sometimes they are abused. And vice versa; however, we won't go into that for a moment.

So when you understand this and you want to make yourself understood, you have to be very specific, so they are pleased they have done the right thing for you, and then there is harmony. Even sometimes when it is not always quite as you would have liked, say so, because they have done their best.

Can I add another piece into what I was saying before? Because there's two sides to that: the one side about being very specific about what you want and the end result you want to do, but another part of it is, as a graphic designer I design for a process, and it's a matter of understanding what that process is in order to get the result you want. So quite often - there are a lot of designers out there, just as I am, that's it and they've done their job, but what I always do is go to the people who are producing it, and before I start the actual final production of my part, to understand their task and how they do it, and ask them, how do I supply you the artwork, in what way, to get the result I'm wanting to get. So there's another thing, it's about understanding how they work in order to also get the result that I'm after, so that I don't cause them any extra hassle, or pain as it can be for some jobs, which are not supplied as the way that makes their job easier. So there's that other side as well.

Songee: That is the feminine energy, attempting to find the creative and the nurturing, you understand, so that is how it is functioning. So when you have mankinds that is already beginning to liberate the feminine energy, this is very good, then you can come to them and say your truth. They - hopefully - will be sufficiently enlightened in their feminine aspect to be able to listen to you, and to hear your part of what you are saying.

In the event that they hear you and they still attempt to escape around the edges, let them do it, let them have their escape, and then tell them, well, the truth of the matter is this. From my perspective, this is how I feel. And you needed to hear it, I hope that you've heard it. And you don't need to do anything with it, just hear it. That's all you're asking: all I want for you to do at this moment is to hear my words. Hear how I'm feeling. You don't have to do anything to make me better.

Because another aspect of the male energy is it wants to 'fix it'. It wants to make it better. You're hurting, they care about you, they have affection for you and they don't like to believe that there you are, hurting, and they can't do something to 'fix it' for you. And even though they may be very enlightened male, and may have lots of feminine energy working around them, they cannot stop their instinctive reaction to 'fix it'.

Their feminine energy may come out to the fore and say to them, before it gets too far advanced, "You can't fix this. Stop, you can't fix this. This female wants you to listen, so you'd better just stop, shut your mouth and listen". And then they will stop. However, their initial reaction is, "How do I fix it?"

When you have problem and difficulty and you go and talk to another womankinds, the womankinds doesn't say to you, "Oh, well, have you done ... and what about doing and all these other things, and how can we fix it? How can you sort it out?" They will sit there and they will listen to you, and say, "Oh isn't that terrible, oh yes, oh I know how that feels, I've felt like that too, oh it is awful, oh my goodness". And before you know where you are the both of you are crying and saying, "Oh yes, this feels terrible". And then one says to the other one, "Well, when I was feeling like that, I did such and such". And the first one will say, "Well, I haven't considered that, maybe I will consider that now". And so they begin to come out of their dismals, together. But one does not attempt to fix the other one.

However, in sharing their feeling and their emotion, they have come to a sense of peace, which then gives the one that has the difficulty the strength to go away and find their solution that they most need to have for themselves. Provided they want to have a solution. Sometimes, they don't need it any longer, they don't need the solution, the solution is just that they had somebody to listen to them, and to empathise with them. But mankinds are not quite this way.

Knowing the difference, understanding the difference, learning to feel your own masculine and feminine energy at work within yourself and knowing when it is happening is very important, and this is where you become alert to these things happening. And it can be very, very powerful.

This is how it is when Songee comes, She says to you, "I leave you with the power". I am the feminine aspect of the masculine energy of Oneness and as such I bring to you knowledge and truth of your power, of femaleness. The power to speak the truth, the Holy Breath of Life is there to teach you to speak the truth. That is what was spoken of many moons past and was the foretelling of the coming of 'This', to the Earth, to speak the truth, to teach others to speak the truth.

So here is I, The Energy. So it is. So you can learn to speak the truth. And just that alone will help you when you are sitting and you are having closing off inside, and wondering, "How am I going to say, what am I going to say, how am I going to say it", all manner of things like this.

Remember Songee's word and then remember, perhaps, to go like this (here Songee gestures with her hand to indicate a projection from the throat chakra) this will help to open this throat chakra. So you can go (gestures again, firstly from the heart, then the throat), "I feel this, this is my words I speak". The gesture will give you the key to open your door, of this, and this. How is your time? Have you time to put your hands on each other? You have gone well past your Earth time.

Can we do it anyway?

Songee: Of course you can. If you don't mind, you talk to each other and decide whether you mind that you have gone past your time.

Songee, who was my doorkeeper when he was alive? Was he like, did he do healing with other people?

Songee: Your doorkeeper was a man of medicine in the armies of the peoples, and looked after those that got hurt in the warrings of mankind. (Colin the dog barks and Songee speaks to him.) You be quiet! Speak to you another day!

So that was the function.

Channeling Healing Energies

You might like to find for yourself the musics and find for yourselves the seatings. (The group sorts itself out for channelled healing).

Songee I would like to sit briefly with you for healing energies.

Songee: You can put that as you like. You can have for this.

I didn't understand what music I'm looking for.

Songee: Aaahh... let me have a look. Oh the one with the beautiful lady with the stars, and number two, perhaps into three. Number two and perhaps into three. That will give you... number two especially.

First of all finding your seatings, and everybody have turn, and Songee have turn with you. You can take turns and work for each other. You have to have seats, and those that have not done before, you sit first. Come round together. (Everyone is talking and getting organised.) And what is going to happen is, the peoples that are sitting on your seating, on your bottom, on your behinds, you are going to close your eye, take inside your body the deep breath of life into your middle self and help yourself to relax by listening to the music. And in this special time, you can speak to the Oneness, your concept of your God, speak to Oneness for whatsoever you need to ask. Have a talkings. This is a very good opportunity to have talkings with Oneness.

And while this is happening, the peoples that are going to act as the channel for the healing energies, they are not going to heal you, they are not the ones who do the healing. The ones that are working with the energies in Spirit that come from Oneness are the ones that are going to be instrumental in bringing the healing to you. These people are only the channels, the conduits, just as when you stand to receive this energy through you to channel to somebody sitting, you will be conduit, you understand?

How this happens is that the one that is to be the channel will stand back a few paces from you, will offer themselves in service to the Oneness for the purpose of channeling healing energies. Will ask that nothing of their physicality's or their emotional being be transferred to you in any way whatsoever and nothing of yours will be transferred to them to burden their lives.

They then offer themselves once more, and step forward to you and ask you, "Do you mind being touched?" Because this is part of the Earth respect, you understand? Spirit have to know about the Earth respect. And then they will place their hands upon the crown chakra on your head and the energy will begin to flow. And then, with the music playing, and listening to the music, the energies will flow down through your bodies and through all your chakras and will be part of you, to all the places that are needing healing energies. Sometimes the people in Spirit will guide their hands to move across your body to different places that you have difficulties perhaps. They, as channels, do not decide where they are going to go on your body. Those in Spirit are the ones that show the way, you understand?

(The cats begin to move about and they are removed from the room.) Don't worry the little ones get a little frisky.

We do not need a giant cat fight in the middle of channeled healing.

Songee: So, take deep breath, close your eye and enjoy the experience of the love that is unconditional that comes from Oneness. And when you've finished working as channel, you say, "Thank you for being able to be channel", and you step back, and you wait with your people that are coming back from their journeys. Away you go...

And know that this healing energy, you accept it in the name of Jesus the Christ Child, into your being. Feel it for yourself. Feel the power of it. It has the power to change, to transmute, and to bring Light where before there was darkness...

I leave you with the power of Light and Love. And although I go for a moment from the flesh, know that I am always with you, and you will continue as you desire to continue. Don't stop, for the most beautiful expression that you can have is to channel the healing energies for each other, with love.


This is how it is when Songee comes, She says to you, "I leave you with the power". I am the feminine aspect of the masculine energy of Oneness and as such I bring to you knowledge and truth of your power, of femaleness. The power to speak the truth, the Holy Breath of Life is there to teach you to speak the truth. That is what was spoken of many moons past and was the foretelling of the coming of 'This', to the Earth, to speak the truth, to teach others to speak the truth.

So here is I, The Energy. So it is. So you can learn to speak the truth.

And Songee leaves until the next time and Roberta-Margaret returns to us.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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