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Honoring our Physical Bodies

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Honoring our Physical Bodies'.
A Teaching from Songee, 16th September 1999.


Human Language Accents
Earth Changes
Spirit Connections
Blessed Water
Sore Back
Stop Lying to our Bodies
The Doorkeeper and the Book
Channeled Healing

The Aroma for this night was Bay and the music played while Roberta-Margaret prepared to go into spirit and to act as a channel.

Songee: Greetings, I am here. Aaah (there is a new guest) greetings to you. So, what have you for I?

Human Language Accents

Where did the first people that lived on Earth get their accents from?

Songee: Where did they get their accent? Well, this was a natural thing, because when they first were, they did not have speakings as you and others have now, you understand, little one. So their voices to begin with were more like those of the animals. There were more of grunts and other such soundings that came from within them. As they began to progress and evolve, so their soundings became very specific for certain things, and they learnt from there. And as they moved along through their history, so they became more evolved and developed more soundings for different things, you understand.

It wasn't until very many, many, many moons later that they came to having different accents as you call them - also having the different languages of the different places of the world, also. This came much, much later.

So it was a gradual thing, not something that happened very suddenly over a short space of Earth time.

Would it also be that as these people grew and moved about all the different parts of the land that they became separate, and they formed these groups and that's how their accents, because they stayed together, they changed and grew within these groups?

Songee: That is so, and also to remember that when they were commingled with the others that came, that also created changes within the groups of peoples, that is so, that is how it come to pass.

Can anyone have a white aura?

Songee: Oh yes, indeed - around each of you, outside of all your colours ... (long sleepy growl from dog) we don't need you to add your little wordings! There is around the outside of you, it is like a skin, and the skin is white like that of the bird.

Like a shell.

Songee: That is so. Within each of you, the spark of light that is yourself, that also is white. The aura that shows predominately white within it usually demonstrates a Soul that is working very assiduously to become one with Oneness. And this will show and shine in the aura. Very often, the white aura is there and present with those Souls that those of the Earth know as ... I have to give you a word for you to understand ... somebody that may be called, perhaps, an adept, or a master Soul, you understand. There are other many names that go with this: you may research this for your own self and find for them. However, these Souls will often have a very white, glowing aura.


Songee, Hurricane Floyd has just gone through Florida ..

Songee: Moment, I have a look. What is this you want to know?

I just wondered when it's going to stop, or ...

Songee: When it runs out of breath!

Yeah, but where's that going to be? How much damage is it going to do?

Songee: Oh, much damage.

How far will it go?

Songee: It will not remain upon the land for very long. It will go back out into the ocean and there it will disperse itself. Everybody is doing everything that they are knowing that they need to do, do you understand? And this is one of the parts of the Earth that are going to have these great winds come. Some parts of your Earth are going to have very great winds, and others will have winds that seem great to them, and yet other places will be far more powerful, the wind, you understand? So that it depends on where you are having your dwellings, does it not, as to how you receive ...

So how will we be, in New Zealand?

Songee: You don't have the same force of power coming across your landings as this. You may experience winds of great force, only not so much as this, because this is not the nature of where you are having your dwellings. This is not to say that you are not ever going to experience it.

So where will it be most affected?

Songee: Where will what?

The winds and ... what about Europe?

Songee: There are windings everywhere you go.

Yeah, I know, but I mean catastrophe ...

Songee: Not to the same degree ...

Okay, thank you.

Songee: ... you understand, not to the same degree.

The United States of the Americas, the States part, that has quite a history of these type of events, doesn't it, as far as the way that the land and the sea and the air all interact with each other?

Songee: That is so, and you also have similar things that happen in the deserts where there is not the water, however the land rises up into the sky does it not?

Sandstorms ...

Songee: And you still have the windings that come, because there is not quite so many dwellings, there is not so much to be blown down, and also too, the peoples make their dwellings to resist such windings.

Earth Changes

What about all these massive Earth changes that they predict? Is that going to happen?

Songee: Oh, most definitely, there are going to be changes upon the planet, already I am making changes, because the Earth is needing to be healed, you understand. It is not just one thing, it is all things. There is needing to be a balance brought back to the Earth, to the atmosphere that is around you, and part of this is the changes that you are experiencing on your Earth now. Some - to the great grief and tragedy of humankinds - will see many Souls return to spirit as a result. This is how it is, because humankinds have built their dwellings on places of the Earth that are going to move very readily, you understand. And so, when this happen, the dwellings come tumble down.

Yeah, 'cos there's been those earthquakes in Turkey and in Greece, and that cyclone.

Songee: There is going to be much more. I have already given this to the peoples and they already have knowing that this is coming. Now - this does not mean that in the goodness of your heart that you do not be caring about the peoples that have lost their families, you understand. This you must do, because you are human and you are here to learn compassion and love and understanding, are you not? So you must have all of these emotions and all of these feelings. However, always remember, hold onto the thread that you know, and that is that all the Souls that are born on the Earth also choose before they come how they are going to pass back to Spirit, it is part of their destiny path that they have already chosen it. So hold that as well in your mind, in your heart, and set yourself the task of doing whatever you need to do on the physical plane, and are able to do on the physical plane, for all those Souls that are left behind, including prayer - intercede for the families of those who are left behind with prayer. Intercede with your prayer for the Souls that are returned to Spirit. For their passage back home to be peaceful, to be in the Light, and for the Souls that are left behind, for them to be able to express their grief and to have the strength and the power to pick up the pieces of their lives and continue on with their lives.

Not one of you will be able to escape contact of some description or another with someone, somewhere that is experiencing one or another of these tragedies in their life. It may be that it will touch your life, because one of your own loved ones will be involved. It may be that it is not your own loved ones, however it may be the loved one of somebody that you know. It may not even be that close - it may be someone that knows somebody in a group of people that you belong to. Such is the nature of the connection of all the Souls on the planet - you are all connected, you are all one. And so when one experiences something in their life, it touches you, your life also. And that is when you need to have compassion and love for those Souls.

Songee, what will be the nature of the difficulties that people in New Zealand will face?

Songee: Where would you like I to begin?

Will we have physical ... storms ... you said there were some winds and things, but we are an earthquake zone and people might wonder about that.

Spirit Connections

Songee: There are going to be changes of such a nature that this will happen, however, not to the same degree that you have seen in some of the other places. Now, you might ask yourself, how is this? It is because there is among the peoples of this small place of being a large number, growing even more, that have a connection with the Spirit of Light, with the Oneness, and these Souls, because of their connection, are asking, please, to protect, to guard, to bring light, to bring healing. They are also making very definite voicings to the rest of humanity about the beliefs of taking care of the Earth, of looking after that which you stand upon, of taking care of each other. And it is this spirit of love that is going to go a long way towards making less of some of those things that will come to this place of living. Now it does not mean ... (long growl from dog) ... that is so ... it does not mean that there are going to be people escape it, that is not how it is meant, because some will return to Spirit, it is their decision before they came to the Earth.

However, I have given this before time, and it is about the story of the good fairy at the birth of the little child, remember your fairy story? Remember, you are Oneness / Songee's little fairies, and your prayers of intercession will go and assist for the healing to take place. DON'T WAIT for the disaster to happen before you ask for the healing energies, ask for the healing energies NOW. The disaster has already taken place, you understand, because there is no time in Spirit, and because Souls can travel through this no-time, then the Souls that are to be taken back to Spirit can be taken ahead of your Earth timings. So don't get trapped in the ideas and the rationale in your mind that dictates to you of how your Earth time works, because when you work with Spirit, you go beyond time. And this is a very powerful thing to be able to achieve. Ask your people in Spirit that work with you, --- (indistinct) ... come close with you, all of you, I know they are there, I can see them, they talk to I. So, you talk to them. Ask them to show you the truth of these wordings I am giving you. You can be effective right now in assisting anything that is coming to your Earth, anything at all.

So I wonder if life ... how quick ...I mean, I know there's no time in Spirit but, how long does it seem in Spirit, you know, a hundred years, I mean, how quick ...

Songee: There is no time, little one, there is no time. So until you are able to grasp within your being a feeling and a knowing of no time, you may just have to confirm the truth of the wordings I give you with your feeling. Feel the truth of them. Don't accept them just because Songee say them. Feel the truth, feel it within your being. You have a connection with the Spirit people, you have a connection with Oneness. Feel the connection. Feel the truth. Always ask questions and feel the truth of the answers you get given to you.

Those that develop the skills are able to learn to travel through the realms of Spirit and no time. And in this place of no time, one Earth year can be as one breath. One hundred Earth year can be as one breath.

I see ...

Songee: One hundred times one hundred Earth year can be as one breath. There is no time. Also, when you are in Spirit, you can travel forwards and backwards through Earth's past and into Earth's future. And when you come back, you can be away for - an example, Earth time three Earth weeks. That is only that your Soul travels for the equivalent in Earth hours and time for three Earth weeks. However, you have the ability, and so do your peoples in Spirit, to bring you back into your body to the point at which you left. Sometimes they don't - they'll bring you back three Earth weeks later. Somebody else will have taken charge of your body for you while you have been away, perhaps your Doorkeeper. That will happen sometimes with some peoples, not all the time.

You have to be - I have to be very careful how I say these wordings to you, because I don't want people to go away and get their heads too big for their hats - however, you have to be at a certain level of awareness before this usually takes place. This is not always conscious awareness, very often it is Soul awareness. Yes, you can have both, Soul and conscious awareness, and peoples do do this, they travel in time and space.

Blessed Water

Songee, you've spoken before about how a drop of blessed water can purify water, or land, that is polluted or damaged, or ... Could you tell us again how we ...what we say to the water ... how exactly we ... or do we do it intuitively when we offer ourselves to process the water to make it pure and blessed. And the second question I have is what would happen if someone drank it?

Songee: Very well. We're going to --- (indistinct words) I'm going to open eye. And what we're going to do is this. You have here.

(Guests direct Songee to a water jug at the back of the room - ) There's a full jug at the back, Songee.

Songee: Oh, there's plenty in here ... What you have here is the water. You hold it in your little hands (Songee hands a glass of water to the guest who asked the question) and you say ... close your eyes, go into your being, down deep inside, take a deep breath of life, down into yourself. Feel the water, feel the water, the life of it in the container. And then you say - (guest repeats the words after Songee as she says them)

Oneness, please, bring your beautiful light into this water
and bless it with your light.
And let there be the energies of healing, peace and harmony.
And may it bring all these things wherever it touches.

So be it.
And then you take another deep breath of life, and know that it has happened.

Thank you

Songee: And when you drink for it, you are taking within you all those things, of the love, the peace, harmony, healing, light, everything is in there.

I think we'd better share it ... I'm going to be selfish and have the first one ...

Songee: That is it, it is so simple. And you can share it, and it will go into you, and bring this to you. So.

(To another guest) You don't have to put up your hand, I can see for you! What would you like to say. Go ahead.


Will I get a good mark for my project?

Songee: Yes, you will, because you have worked hard at it, you have done very well. Don't be too busy to compare yourself with other peoples around you. Always do your very best to the very best of your ability. Because in your Earth life, you will find that there will be, always, somebody greater and lesser than you, you understand? So don't be too upset when others are greater than you, sometimes. Because, for all those that are greater there will some that will seem to be lesser, and you are not, really, any of you greater or lesser than each other. You are all Souls on your path of life, travelling, doing your very best, with the life path that you chose before you came to the Earth.

You are all doing your very best, and everybody is achieving everything that they came to do. Certainly, all of you are, or you would not be here. You have come to take yourself beyond a point of learning into another realm of learning. And so you are here. To add to your knowledge, to enhance what you already have. You understand?

Sore Back

I'll ask about my back now. Yes, how is it that it's still sore? I feel that because of all of the things that have happened to me just in the last few days, I know it's connected with that; however, it's still quite sore, I'd like ...

Songee: You have to look at physicalities ...

(Songee pauses here while the tape is turned over).

... So we're going to talk about the back of the little one here, because you must not get trapped in all the worries of the emotional self, although this is very important. You have to also look at the physicality of your life, and look at all those manner of things upon your Earth life that may have contributed to the situation. The way that you sleep. The manner of workings that you do. All these things will be part of it. Also, remember that you have a destiny path, and upon the destiny path you will have set yourself certain tasks and trials. And part of those trials will be to learn to overcome adversity, no matter what manner it comes to you in. And although you may find that the emotional upset and disharmonies will aggravate and disturb the physicality disharmonies, sometimes you have elected from Spirit, before you came, to have these things, to teach you something. So you have to ask yourself what can you learn from these things.

Now, having said that, don't forget that you are given the tools to make the changes in your body that you need to make. Not everybody is clever enough and able to do it. However, you must persevere, you understand.

Oh yes, the healing ...

Songee: You have the healing energies that you can have, gifted from Oneness to you, and this will change how you are. It will lessen your burden.

Mmmm. Because I actually feel great strength, I mean, just, infinite strength actually in my whole being, except it's just the back, is just, sort of ...

Songee: Your soreness in your back may well be for you, in time to come, your ... (Songee acknowledges a message she is receiving from Spirit on this topic) ... aaah, thanking you, the bell at your door. When it rings, you know that something or somebody is there, demanding your attention. So you will know that there is something upon your life that is needing your attention. And so your back will say for you this thing - it will say, listen to I, you are ignoring something, come along, don't ignore it any longer. It may be that you need to take care of yourself a bit more. It may be that you need to rest.

Mmmm. I haven't actually done much of that for quite some time.

Songee: Ponder on it. Learn to feel and to know yourself, to know your body, to know what you are being shown. There is no wonderful answer for everybody that is going to be exactly the same, because you are all different. The power of healing can be given, and certainly there are some who will be cured of their ailments. Some will not be cured, however, they will experience miracles in their life. Do you understand? Miracles are real, they are not imaginary. When the light of Oneness comes into your life and touches your heart, you are never quite the same again. Because it strikes the crystal in your heart and its rainbow lights go out and you shine like a beacon of light. And those that are walking in darkness, no matter how momentary it may be, will see that beacon of light that is you, and will come to you for that assistance.

Now, I'm going to ask you, do you have any more question, because now would be a very good opportunity for you to practise the dance of love, would it not? So give everybody the opportunity now to ask any more question that you may have before we do this thing.

Yeah, I have one, surprise, yeah, I know. Ummm, I was considering ... we were just talking about buying and that sort of stuff, about what would be the most beneficial things to give to our body. I know that we've all got different types of body and our structures and everything are more or less the same, like we've got nutrients and all that sort of stuff. Because I really want to look after it, because I don't want to have any more pain. It's quite selfish in a way, but not in another way.

Stop Lying to our Bodies

Songee: It is very simple, and it is something that everybody can have, whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, man or woman, adult or child, matters not, and it is for all of you the same thing. It is the breath. When you take inside of you the breath of life, you are taking inside of you the power of the Oneness inside your being, to nurture and bring mana to your Soul, to your physical body, to every part of you. You can live on this breath, you don't need anything else. However, I do not suggest that you all stop taking foodings, because to learn to live on the breath requires discipline and an understanding of your own self. It requires that you learn to not tell lies to your body any more. And it requires for your body to learn to trust you once more, and that takes a lot of your energy of Earth to teach it. So living on this breath is not for everybody. However, the breath will enhance and nourish your body at the same time as you practise not lying to your body and being kind to it. (Long growl from one of the dogs.) That is so, they must promise must they not, little wolf, that when you say you are going to give it a rest, you do so! You say, body, I know you're tired and I know you need rest, however, I need you to do one last task, and I promise I'm going to let you have a rest. And body says, some hopes of that! However, it does it anyway, and then it gets to a point because its rest doesn't come to it as it has been promised and it says, well, you won't let I have a rest, I make sure you have one. I make your back sore! I make your foot sore! I make your head sore! I make your stomach sore! Any manner of such thing it will do, because you lie to it, all the time. I will feed you, you say to it, I will feed you, I promise I will feed you in a moment. And it says, I'm hungry, feed me! And you say, I will feed you in a moment. So it waits, and you don't feed it. And when you do feed it, you feed it something that is not very nourishing, perhaps. So it gobbles it up as fast as it can, and say, where's the rest?

How many times do you do this to your body? How many times in your Earth day do you lie to your body? Ponder on this a moment, because when you start looking at yourself and you start asking yourself this manner of question, then you are on the journey towards enlightenment. Enlightenment about yourself, about how you function, about what you do to yourself. And then you have the opportunity to learn how to do something perhaps in a better way that is able to be fitted into the life you are living, perhaps in a better way. And you stop lying to yourself.

Now, ponder on this for a moment. When you discover how often you are telling lies to your body about what you are going to give it and not give it, and promise and not keep, how often do you lie to the other parts of yourself? To your emotions? To your spirit? What of your spiritual wellbeing? Is your wellbeing sound in your spirit, or do you, from time to time, tell your spirit lies also? Now, what part of you is it that is doing all the lying?

Your brain

Songee: It is your brain. It is your intellect, it is your mind. It wants to control, so it does. It can override anything. Your brain will override anything. You can convince yourself of anything at all.

Who's got a sore neck?

I have had.

Songee: Up on your left hand side and right up into your neck, have you not? And the more I am speaking about this, the harder it is getting, the worse it is getting, is it not?

Ah, well, I've been stretching this evening to ease it a little bit. It's okay, it's reasonable, it's hurt a lot more in the past.

Songee: However, it is beginning to get tight ...


Songee: That is what I mean. It's getting tired. The more I'm speaking of it, the tighter it's getting. Listen to what it is telling you. Your brain will override anything at all. When you learn to listen to your feelings, the part of you that is in here, then you will find that you will have greater management of things in your life. Not control, because control is not sound. It comes from the mind - the mind controls, the feelings manage. That is the difference between control and management. Anybody want to debate that?


Songee: You're welcome to. Ponder on it. Take it away inside you and ponder on it. Practise it. Next time you want to do something and your body says, no, I don't want to do that thing, be aware of yourself saying, well I can just manage to do that, you will behave yourself and do as you're told. And the body heaves a great sigh.

Do you realise that this is the equivalent of what you have in your Earth life that you call abuse? You would lock somebody up for abusing somebody in such a manner! And yet, you do it all the time to yourself! Dreadful! Ponder on that for a moment! I'm not suggesting you go and lock yourselves up. However, I do suggest that you make different how you approach your life.

What if you have to go to work, though, and you have to lift all these things and cart all these things in order to get some money?

Songee: Perhaps you need to find a better way of doing it.

Doing the tasks ...

Songee: That is so.

Its too busy, you have to do everything quickly.

Songee: Do you?

Well ... I like to do the job properly, though, I like to get everything done and have it - proper.

Songee: Ponder on this for a moment, because in the world that you live in, everything is moving faster and faster and faster. Everybody says they want it now, they want it before time. Everybody uses wordings of shortness, not wordings of longness. (Dog growls.) It's much better. You see, even little one agrees, you know. Very wise is the wolf. So, you need to take sometimes a little bit longer round to do the same task. A way that is not going to damage your physicality.

Yeah, that's what I did do, and then we changed ...

Songee: And you need to educate those round you that this is how you're going to do it. That you are not going to be less efficient, just that you're going to do it a bit differently, to preserve your physical health. And that is not wrong, and you cannot be made little of for this, because that is not reasonable. Is it?


Songee: So all you have to do is to be reasonable with this. Which is another word for sensible. And you will find that most peoples around you will also adopt the same manner of sensibilities. The ones that don't, you will find they are locked in the path of speed. Let them speed away. Don't damage your own self. You have too many Earth moons to go before you leave this planet and go home to Spirit, so you have to take care of the body you have got. You can't suddenly change it for another one half way through.

Yeah, I do push myself, I know that I do. And every time I feel the pain I just ignore it and go on past it and ...

Songee: Start learning to talk with your body. Start learning to develop a rapport and a communion with your body so that you work together in harmony. You want to be in harmony with the Earth, with the spirit of the Earth. You want to be harmony with peoples in Spirit. You want to be in harmony with the planets. You want to be in harmony with each other. How in the name of a great dragon's fire breath are you going to be able to do these things when you can't be in harmony with your own body? (laughter from the group)

Start at the beginning. Where it matters. It's your own self, and on the journey, and you make contact with other peoples as well, and teach them the same lesson, and then everybody knows it. Don't keep it to yourself, share it. And then everybody will learn to be loving, kind and gentle to themselves, and that will pass on to other peoples around them, will it not?

Songee ... achy, itchy, twitchy pain in bottom of back that I've had for such a long time. Anything I need to know about that?

Songee: I'm looking to see where to begin to tell for you this. It is a combination of things, because it is to do with the electrical charge within your body and also it is to do with the restlessness in your spirit, and it is to do with the unfocused nature of this energy. Moment, please, I'm going to search for something to give you comparison. Ah, that is very good. Among the peoples of your planet, you have certain individuals that have disorders in the brain. I'm not saying you've got disorder in your brain. These peoples have disorders in the brain. Now, what sort of disorders, I'm not having names and wordings for this - however, sometimes, while they are awake and while they are conscious, they find themself unable to manage movements of their body. Sometimes they find themselves unable to manage wordings that come from their mouth. So they will pass through their Earth life with the great burden of this happening in their life. And they have been viewed by many peoples that see them with great fear. Other peoples don't view them with fear, however, many do. Because their language sometimes is very violent and coarse. Sometimes their body actions also are very violent in their nature of movement. They will move suddenly, such, so. You understand. And startle the peoples that around them. They may be going in one direction and suddenly they will go back in the other direction, and then they will go back the way they were going. Now, this going back on themselves is the part that they have no management of, their body - the electrical impulses in the brain - make for this to happen, you understand? Imagine a similar thing happening inside of you.

Now, these peoples, when they are able to be brought to focus their energies on something that they enjoy, it may be a discipline, such as making pictures, it may be a discipline that is with animals. Ah, it may be a discipline of body movement that they learn. When they are focused on practicing these things, it is interesting that the electrical impulses that cause these involuntary movements become diminished. Sometimes they even go away for that short moment.

(Guest is coughing) Keep going! Keep doing, you've got to get it out! That is what you have this for, so you can get it out. You'll feel better when it's all out.

So what I'm saying to you is that you have to start appreciating what you're body's showing you. It's showing you that you need to learn a focus, a focus for your restlessness, your restless nature. Your - I have to find wordings - I make the wordings a different way. Sometimes, when you are doing something, your attention is distracted by something else, very easily. This is not so? And it is this very distraction that contributes to this restlessness and this lack of focus. So, you are needing to learn and to teach yourself, when this happens to you, how to bring yourself back to the focus. This will lessen this happening within you. Now, on the physical level, you can do something to assist. When something is restless, it means it is tight. It is too tight. It is wound up like something that is going to ...


Songee: ... come out, like this, that is so. So you have to look at what it is about you that is coiled like this. Now, the coil is the clue. Because you have down within the base of your spine, what coiled up?

Kundalini ...

Little snake ...Kundalini.

Songee: And it is restless, and it wants to be moving and doing something. Now, the more you can allow this to happen, the less you will have these explosions of energy, and the sorts of things that you need to do are workings with Spirit. More and more and more workings with Spirit will assist this to take place. Teach this energy discipline. Don't just let it go sparking out, because you don't want it to spark out and come back inside and roost in a chakra. You need it to be able to uncoil and come out and be present in all that you do, and then to be reclaimed back down and have it go back to sleep.

And on the physical plane, when you have something tight, you make it tighter, so that when something is very tight, you squeeze it even tighter. You understand? (Dog growls) She agrees. And then, when you feel that you have held it as tightly as you possibly can, then you release it. And what happens is, is the resistance within the body will go away, you understand?

Are you talking about a simple muscle contraction, or are you using this as an example to say that there's something else that I need to do, not just muscle contraction?

Songee: Muscle contraction - no. It is not just contraction, although that is correct. It is, when - we go with this muscle - when this muscle is already tense, it is already contracted it is not. What you do, is you apply an external force to it, to make it fight you back. That is what you do. You might like to do what the bear does. The bear stands up on its hind legs and it leans against a tree, and it rubs itself on the tree. Does it not? And you do that, don't you?

Yes, wriggle about on the floor - thank you, Songee.

Songee: The reason you feel the need to do this is because you need to apply an opposing force to the already tense muscles. So you follow the same principle. And you apply this, and that will mean that the muscle will start to fight back. That encourages all the electrical energy within your body to fight back, you understand? And it is there, because it has been repressed, it has been not allowed to come out. Some peoples have more than others of this energy. And when you are learning and walking the path of enlightenment you need to learn anything and everything you can to assist you with the process.

Thank you.

Songee: I believe you are all ready to do the dance of love, are you not?

Can I just ask a quick question?

Songee: Most certainly.

The Doorkeeper and the Book

I'm almost finished writing a book. Could you tell me something about it and what I should do with it?

Songee: Oh, I don't tell anybody what they should and shouldn't do. You have to feel inside yourself and feel the rightness of what it is you are doing, and feel what it is you are wanting to say and the message you are wanting to get out to peoples. And remember that you are not doing this alone, you have your people in Spirit helping you do this thing. Is this not so?


Songee: Aha. The one that is walking with you is saying that ... is saying that there is a need for colour, you understand?

What, in the book?

Songee: A needing to put feelings of colour in this that you have, something that is bright, that will bring to the hearts a sense of wonder, a sense of connection, do you understand?

Not altogether, no, I mean is that on the cover or inside the book - a physical cover, you said a feeling of colour?

Songee: There is needing the colour to be on the front and also ... this is one is showing I to tell you ... pictures ... ah, moment please ... diagrams, that need to display the feeling that is within the words that you have written. Now, you understand?

Yeah, it's in two parts, it's got story at the beginning and then there's diagrams in the second part of the book. It gets a little bit scientific, but the first part's more story and artistic.

Songee: So it needs to have colour, this is what this one is saying for you.

Physical colour?

Songee: Physical colour.

Inside ...

Songee: Inside.


Songee: It will not serve to put just the form of something in it, because it will lose for you the energy - it is the power of the energy that is needing to be felt. And although there will be many who will be able to read it and feel it, there will be a lot more that will be able to understand and feel it better with colour as well, you understand? So you're needing colour. This one says that they will assist you in the process of bringing together the colours. They will be very bright and vibrant, these colours; there will be some that will be very soft and gentle. And you will know where they need to be and what they need to be in reference to. Also the diagrams that you are going to do are ... I'm sorry, I'm speaking with this one that is with you ... you have already done the diagrams, he says. He was already telling I that you have already done the diagrams. He is saying that he would like to make for them to be a little more ... ah ... I not have wording ... ornate, is that the right word? I can only say, pretty, beautiful, you understand. Something that is going to ... not detract from the function of the diagram, however something that will bring colour to it. Colour, form, depth - depth is the word he wants for you, to bring depth to what it is you are doing. So that the whole thing will then have this depth to it. And that will then give you that spark that at the moment you cannot quite find.

He is very happy to have been able to tell you this. He's been with you for a while, this is a Soul that has been part of your life for a very long Earth time.

Does he have a name, or ...

Songee: Oh yes, however, you're going to find out for your own self. Because that is your task, to get to know the people that work with you in Spirit. You want I to say to this ... ah, moment ... this one would like for you to know that he is for you Doorkeeper and you have to find name yourself. However, you are given this, he is happy for you to know this. He has been with you beforetime in another lifetime; he has been Doorkeeper to you from your birth. This one came and helped you ... ah, moment, please, yes I will pass that on. This one is saying for you to know that he came and be with you when you were a small child. When you were enquiring about many different things that other children were not inquisitive about, that you were inquisitive, this one is the one that came to open your heart and your mind to that. He is saying also that he walked with you through the dark times, and that you were never alone. You understand?


Songee: Your Guardian also is there, however this one is very quiet at the moment. It is the Doorkeeper that is the most valuable because he is the one that has been waiting to come and speak and is wanting to pass all this information for you so that you had it for yourself. Aha. This doesn't happen very often, however, sometimes the peoples in Spirit get very chatty, and this one is very chatty indeed, he has been waiting to come and speak with somebody who lets you know also that there is lady - there is young female in your life, not to be apprehensive about this, for this female, you understand, all will be well, he is saying to you. And he wants you to start learning to work more closely with him and get to know his energies, his feelings of connecting with you every day that he works with you. He works with you much. There is much more, however, I cannot let him go on all night, of your Earth time, because your time is getting very short. Very good. Is there anything else you would like to know?

I don't want to take up any time, but you said a Guardian and a Gatekeeper?


Songee: Doorkeeper, you can call them whatever name you like.

So there's one, or ...

Songee: You have two. You have Doorkeeper and you have a Guardian, they come with you from birth, from the moment you are conceived they are with you, with your Soul. And they remain with you until you go back to Spirit, and then you have whomsoever is going to work with you from Spirit, you have spirit guides and helpers. They will come and help from time to time. However, these two are constant companions. They do not go away, they do not belong to anybody else, they cannot pop up as somebody else's Doorkeeper, Guardian or guide, you understand? They are your companions through life. They are always with you, with everything that you do. They are your friends in Spirit. Very very good friends, because you've known each other for ... for ever.

Thank you."

Songee: I can tell you you have two male persons. Some peoples have one male, one female; some peoples have two females; some people have one male and a child female or male, everybody's different. However, I can say for you you have two male persons in Spirit. That will cut down your inquisitiveness a little - you will be able to find them. However, just a word of advice - work with one at a time; don't attempt to contact both at the same time because you can get mixed energies and you need to discern first one and then the other, and then there is no mixing them up. And then as you begin to get to know the energy and you want to know the name, you ask, and they give you the name that they want you to have. It's very simple.

Thank you.

Songee: Are you ready?


Channeled Healing

Songee: What is going to happen now is something that Songee calls the Dance of Love. It is where everybody gets to work with each other to be healing energy channels for the Light of Oneness. To give and to receive this energy among you, from one to the other. So gather yourselves together and I'm going to make ...

It will be better to have all one sittings to come up here, I put for this, and somebody can come to sit.

(Here the group moves into position and the dogs are moved to make space)

Oh my, what a piggle of higglesy! Move it over there - bring this one over here, then you've got some room to move yourself and dance. How can you dance when you are all sitting on top of each other. That is better, is it not. Now you can dance, the dance of love. You are a channel for the healing energy are you not. Open yourself to the Light.

(Again, people are moving around and Songee arranges the positions)

Now, who is going to work with whom? Have you got too many seats for not enough people? Now, remember - remember what you do. You are a channel for healing energy. You are going to offer yourself first of all to the Oneness, for the healing energies to come to you, to the one, the Child of the Universe that is here in front of you. You don't want any of your physicalities or your emotions or any part of you to be transferred to them, so you don't want anything of theirs, either, to come to you, and Oneness will assist that this does not happen. Whatever is needing to be, for this child of the Universe,

So Be It.

Now, remember the courtesies of Earth, and ask whether or not the person minds you touching them. Some peoples don't like it. Some peoples don't know how to touch; some peoples have great difficulties with it, and remember how to use your handings to be polite. You know this thing. --- (Indistinct word) ... until everybody has got somebody to be channel for them, you understand? And when you offer yourself to Oneness to be a channel for healing energies, remember, you are not a healer, you are the channel for the healing energies, and anybody can be thus. Everybody has the power to offer themselves to Oneness in service for this beautiful happening. And when you dance to the music, remember your hands. Begin at the crown of the head, the crown chakra, and come back to the crown chakra when you have finished. Ask your people to respect this, please. Always start and finish at the crown chakra.

And take inside of you the deep breath, offer yourself in service; ask the person whether they mind if you touch for them, and then focus yourself on the music and the breathing and allow whatever is to be to be, and let your hands dance; and this is the dance of love - unconditional love, the dance of compassion for the Soul that is needing the healing energies. And when you feel you have finished, your part is done, say thank you to the creative power and come back to the crown of the head once more and slip back away, and remain with the person until they return to consciousness on their seat, and then change over.

You understand? Let us dance! Listen to the music, take a deep breath inside. Feel ... offer yourself into the light. All of you, accept the gift of this healing light in the name of Jesus the Living Christ's power as it flows into your hearts and your Souls.

(At the time of the change over, Songee passes round the group and blesses each one, saying 'Blessed be')

Don't stop the dance of love. Continue for as long as you need because the Oneness will always be with you when you do this thing and such is the nature of this miracle of light as it dances and weaves its way through all your lives. So I go now, and I leave you with the power of light and of knowing and may you dance with the Light through your life.


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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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