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Give Your Life to Oneness

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Give Your Life to Oneness'.
A Teaching from Songee, 23rd September 1999.


Captured Energy
Healing Energy for Anger
Achieving Forgiveness
Altering the Destiny Path
False Pregnacy
Past Lives
What to do with Mother's Ashes
Higher Self
Give Your Life to Oneness

This transcript is from a public meeting and was known as a Songee Gathering.

Songee: I am here.

Hello Songee

Songee: Greetings to you. So, where to begin this night? First of all, do you have any questions? I always give you opportunity to ask questions.

Captured Energy

I have a question, Songee. A couple of Thursdays ago you were talking about how, like, say, parts of bodies, or for example, insects were kept in glass bottles and this prevented their spirit from, soul from re-incarnating. How does the energy work with things like images of people? It was going through my mind - I didn't understand how, like, you know, you have images of people, how this worked as far as ...

Songee: That is not the same because it is not the flesh and blood, it is only an image, it is only a reflection. Although there are people upon the Earth who believe that when you take the image of another, that you will capture their soul. You know this thing? And who is to say differently. However, this is how they feel about having their image taken in this way. And for them it is a great sacrilege of their belief to do this thing. And it can cause the individual to become into a great decline of health unto death when it is done.

Right. So just looking at it from another point, such a spiritual sort of point of view, when, for example you speak your words and they are transcripted onto the page, how does the energy factor of that go to people, like when they read it and stuff?

Songee: Because the word is power, and whether it is written and spoken it is still power. And when you, as an individual, come along and you read the word, what you are doing is you are making a spiritual contact with the energy that surrounds that wording that is there, and this gives you the connection to that energy that is behind the word, you understand. This is how it is, that the peoples of the Earth have great reverence for the books of your people who have written the wordings down of the Masters that have walked the Earth. So you have many from different lands who have written many things, and they keep holy these writings - these scribings that have been put down. Likewise, you can take that further still: when you look into the many temples of the peoples of the past who have buried their people inside the tombs and have scribed upon the walls into the stone, or have painted into these pictures of their writings, you understand - behind this there is still the power, because it is the power of the word. So the spirit energy is there behind. You understand?

So just taking that back a little bit, from a personal point of view, as far as these energy drawings that my people work through me and do, I suppose the principle is the same. Because I feel as though the energy part of it that is part of those drawings.

Songee: It is true of this and of anything that anyone creates. When you are small, your creations are not always very structured, are they? Small children learn first to make a line, and to make a dot, do they not? And then they go from there to making a half circle, and circles, and other shapes, and squiggles like worms, do they not? And all these manner of things have energy behind them. They have the energy of the spirit of the child that has done this thing. So, those very special first drawings and paintings and creative things need, perhaps, sometimes to be kept so that as they grow they can come back and find this power of creation that they were able to express.

Because sometimes, in the process of growing and going through the life, the peoples lose the ability sometimes to have this creative power in their life, and very often do not know how to re-find it again. So were they able to look at some of their beautiful - and I say beautiful - drawings and scribings from when they were small children they would find their creative power once more. How often do you gather up these beautiful paintings and scribings of children and have them for a short moment, and as soon as the child has gone away and does not have interest any more (dog growls) - this one agrees - they get thrown into the heap, because they are not considered worthy any more. It becomes just so much - ah, thanking you - clutter is a word I give for you, you know this word? And indeed, sometimes it may be very difficult to find a home for all these many memories. However, bear in mind these words I'm giving you so that next time you come across these beautiful creations of the child, honour them. Honour them - because they do carry the energy and the power that the child was just learning to discover.

(Guest is coughing) Do you have difficulty?

Healing Energies for Anger

Would you like a drink of water?

I'd like to know how to get rid of this virus that is afflicting me.

Songee: You want to know how to make it go away?

Yes, please.

Songee: Very well, come sit. Let us do some workings now, shall we?

Right, what sort of music would you like?

Songee: Oh, I like the one about the angels. Come, we do this thing now. What about anybody else, do you want to sit on your behind selves, or are you going to join in and do some workings also? Now, this is something that you are going to have to work with Songee, because - come this way, that is better - now.

First of all, before we begin, I am going to give you a little story. It is not a big one, it is just a little one. Human kinds, when they have within them feeling of great anger and they put it down inside - it may be anger at circumstances of their life, it may be anger at somebody of their life that they believe is responsible for matters that are not harmonious in their life any longer, do you understand? Very well, this anger, when it comes to the surface and is expressed, it is not anger that is entitled to be directed, perhaps, at the situation, because the basis of the anger lies in something entirely different. So because this - I call this unjustifiable anger ... (Songee comments about the music) Not this one! Not this one! The other one with the angels!

Oh, this one's got angels on it ...

Songee: Not that one, it is another with angels on it. That's all right. You'll know which one. That is it.

And what happens is it makes your organism susceptible to the virus - the little bugs that are running around in the atmosphere. Also too, deep down inside, there is unresolved grief. Things inside you that have yet to have their resolution. And this will begin from your next breath. The path will not be easy: however, it will cleanse you from the afflictions that you have been suffering. Each day that passes will be a little different. Each day that passes you will become stronger within your own being, more powerful, more able to say to yourself - and be truthful to yourself - of the times when perhaps you have not been courageous and truthful before about matters that you needed to be truthful and courageous about. Facing all those things within you that you need to face. All those things that you need to face: all those things that you're going to change. (Songee refers to the music volume) Make more, please.

I want you now to take a deep breath, down into your middle self ... and as you breathe, ask for the Oneness to cleanse you ... (Songee's words are now drowned by the music volume.)

(Songee speaks to the guest who is receiving healing) You're going to need to come and speak with Songee ... Do not be concerned with the matters of life ... and also, too, there is a healing draught that you can be given to assist you in the few days between now and when you are able to achieve this thing. All you have to do is to ask, and it will be given to you. It will not be forced upon you. In the event that you do like to have this draught, it is known as (indistinct word - Medicine of the Earth? Songee may have been referring to Homeopathic Remedies and these are the words She uses for this.) ... it is so, and you only need one draught of it and you can have it before you leave this place. So, all you have to do is ask. Oh, the man who wears the white coat remind I to say for you to ask for the (word unable to be heard), however, this to help with the physical changes that need to take place, and it will also strengthen you for the emotional changes that will take place also ...

Keep breathing - breath is the most important ... it carries the Breath of Life. Just sit for a moment and enjoy the energies around you.

So - do you feel better for your sharing of energies?

Mmm, a little better.

Songee: You will find that are going to bring up much that is down inside you on the physical plane, and the emotional also. Be prepared for it. However, it will pass very swiftly, and when you do the work properly, you will not have it come back to you. Understand?

That would be good.

Songee: So, perhaps you would like to ponder on the wordings I give for you before ... that is it. I am sure Little Mother can find something for you if you would like. You have only to ask. Now ...

Homoeopathic remedies is what Songee's meaning, isn't it?

It's Tuberculinum - is that right?

Songee: Just one. (Dose. The Guest sniffs) Don't be worried about making soundings, you need to make soundings to get this all out of you! It has got to come out, little one, otherwise it will keep making disharmonies within your physical body. And there needs to be speakings, more speakings done, as I say for you.

Songee, I don't understand what I need to do. (About making the homoeopathic remedies.)

Songee: In the event that this little one would like to have this draught of Medicine of the Earth, then she is to ask for it, and I have given what it is for her that is needing to be. However, wait.


I would like it, please.

Songee: Oh, that is all right. We not have to make you have without you ...


What strength?

Songee: 10m.

Thank you.

Songee: Now, has anybody had any questions that occurred before I move on for this?

The best and quickest way to rid yourself of these afflictions is to start offering yourself to Oneness for whatever work Oneness would like for you to do. Because Oneness likes to see you fit and well to do the work. And so, will assist you in many ways to become well and fit to do this work of the Light. Now, don't imagine that you have to do great, grandiose things to do workings for Oneness. All you have to do - it is very simple, as most things are that Songee give you - you offer yourself, your life in its entirety to Oneness.

The difficult part of this for humankinds is that they are frightened because they are frightened they will have to lose control of their life.

(Songee deals with someone who is arranging things in the room) Oh, we don't want this things do we, put them over there, that's all right.

So what we have to do for this is to be brave, because everything that you do in your life, every little thing - when you wash your face, when you make your mouth clean, when you make your body clean, when you feed yourself, when you feed others, when you go to do small tasks of life, or large tasks of life - ask yourself, who are you doing this for? And when you are getting an answer for yourself that says, I am doing this for Oneness, then you will find that all your tasks will take on a new light. Because the power and the energy that you require for those tasks will come into you for them to be done, even though before time you may have been feeling very tired, perhaps a little weary, and saying to yourself because you say - "Oh, my goodness, I'm so tired, and I've still got this to do, and that to do, and something else to do." And it may be indeed that this manner of things have to be completed in your day for matters to be harmonious in your life.

Now - this is where, when you put your life over to Oneness that this becomes different. Because then, you find that you can stand still for a moment, and you can take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, down into your middle self ...

(a dog barks) ... that is alright - it is just some more people coming to visit with you this night. And you take this breath down inside of you, hold it inside for a few moments, and then say, "Oneness, I do these tasks for you, my life is yours." And then you breathe out. And then you'll find that the power and the energy to do the tasks to their completion - to your satisfaction - will be there for you. This will work for you every single time you do it.

Dog barks again) Don't worry! They are used to him making soundings at them! They don't take much notice except to smile and wait.

Achieving Forgiveness

Songee: So, do you understand? Because, when you do this thing, you cease ... that is so (Songee speaks to the dog who growls) ... you cease to have to struggle by yourself any longer. Also, you begin to start to make very, very big changes in your destiny path. Now, I have given to you many, many, many, many times that you choose your life before you come. When you get here, there's no choice, I give you this, you know this thing. Now I'm going to give you an advanced lesson - just as I have given you advanced less on karma: in order to break the law of karma, you must practise forgiveness, and you achieve forgiveness by saying, thank you to all the trials and tribulations that have been part of your life, that have caused you disharmony and grief. You say, thank you to them, and mean it from inside your being. Thank you, for the lessons you have taught I. Thank you for teaching I to be strong. Thank you for teaching I how to recognise when this manner of thing is around I, in my life. Thank you. Now, I am armed with this knowledge, I can move forward in my life, and leave behind any need for karma continuation, because with the thanking, automatically forgiveness is there. When you attempt to forgive for the sake of forgiveness, somewhere down inside of you, a small part of you hangs onto a little bit of resentment and refuses to let go of it. When you come from in here, and you say, my goodness what beautiful lessons I have learned from all of this, thank you, and mean it, that will change, so you can break the law of karma.

Altering the Destiny Path

Now, that is the advanced lesson of karma. Now I'm going to give you the advanced lesson on destiny paths. The advanced lesson on destiny paths is that you can alter your destiny path by one simple thing, and that is by giving your life in its entirety, completely, with love, to Oneness. That your life will be for whatever Oneness needs you to do. Now, this does not mean that you will hear voices telling you to go and tell everybody that they must do the same thing. This is not true. This would be your ego speaking, and it would be the negative power speaking to your ego. You don't attempt to make everybody else do what you see is the right thing to do. They must come to it of their own free will. Free will - that was there before they came to the Earth - they will have put it into their writings of the life that this is what they are going to do at a certain point of their life, and the opportunity will be there for them.

And this is the only thing that is - I have to use this word because this is the only one that you will understand - it is the only choice that you have given in your life time, that you are allowed to take up, or reject in a life time. And I use it to describe this, because it doesn't change your destiny path as such. What it does do is that it brings into being the power of the Oneness into your life, so completely that your destiny path becomes not as important any more as the tasks that Oneness requires of you. The task of Oneness may be that you are required not to go out this day but to remain in your own home. You don't question it, you just do it, with love and with gladness in your heart, because it will be manifested to you the reason that you have to remain in your own place of living for that day, do you understand? Another time, it may be that you are driving your vehicle - I now have these wordings because I am having to learn about this world of you - I used to say horse and cart - now I have you driving vehicles. I'm getting very good at this. So now that you are doing this thing, it may be that you are going somewhere. And on the course of this going somewhere, you get a feeling that instead of going to the somewhere by this way that you have gone always, that you have to take another way to your somewhere - do you understand? Instead of going that way, you go this way. You may not understand the reasoning for it, just do it, because the guidance will be for you to do this thing, and again it will be manifest for you how that is so. You may not hear or know the manifest straight away, you may not hear of it for a little while. However, you will find it will be given to you, to show you the reason for this.

Your peoples in Spirit are the messengers for some of these changes that Oneness requires for you to make sometimes. Sometimes, you may be moving through your life, minding your own business and you get something comes to you in the form of scribings, and it is just suddenly there in front of you, and it says something that you need to go to this thing. So perhaps you need to listen and go to this thing, because there will be something there. It may be that you have to go to meet somebody - not because you have to go because of the soundings that are going to be made at this place. It may be that there is somebody there that you have to meet, somebody that is going to require the healing light that will flow through you to them at a moment when they most need. And it may be that you will not see this one ever again in this life - matters not. You will have gone to do the task of Oneness; it will have been achieved, and so you move on.

The same is true when you go to buy, with the coin of life, the food of life. Sometimes you may be that you bump into somebody and it is that you keep bumping into the same somebody all the time while you are looking for your foodings. Ask yourself, how is it that this one person, out of all the many persons that are there, that I am finding this one keeps walking across this path of I, or seems to be just in front or just behind I. It is because Oneness wants them to be near you because there is energy to be sent to them, to be given to them, and you will find that your connection will allow this to be, and you will find this happening just so naturally, you will not feel drained or tired because your life to Oneness for just this manner of thing to take place.

It also means that all those things that you want to achieve for your life, when you have given them all to Oneness for the purpose of bringing light to others, the light of healing energies to others, everything that you do in your workings will bring that light to them. Because Oneness will assist you to do the very, very best that you can be in the task that you have been guided to do. It may be that you will be a humble sweeper of floors, and yet, as a humble sweeper of floors you will meet many people. Some people will ignore you, you will be invisible to them. Other people will talk with you, will spend their Earth time telling you things that they wouldn't tell anybody else, because they know that you are not going to tattle-tale to anybody in their life, because you don't know of them and their life and they don't know of yours.

It may be that you are going to be in a position of life where you will be helping other people. You may be a physician, you may be a person that takes care of the law of the land. You may be another sort of person that takes care of the sick. You may be a person that takes care of the wellbeing of others around you in the villages around you, helping them to find foodings, helping them to find shelter, helping them to find clothings and all manner of other things such as this. When you offer your life to Oneness, all those skills that you have in these paths of your life will be enhanced, and people will be brought especially to you for the succor and the healing light that you will be able to dispense to them as a channel, do you understand?

And when you are in your own place of living and you are grumbling to yourself about all the manner of cleaning ups you have to do, and how nobody does anything, only you, and all the manner of other things that you grumble about, having to make foodings for yourself and perhaps lots of other peoples also, and you don't believe you have enough time and energy to do all these things - this, also, you say, Oneness, this is my life, I give it to you.

Because Oneness needs to have all your life, not just the best bits, you understand? And you need Oneness in all of your life, not just the worst bits. You need Oneness there in your happy times. Oneness loves to share your happy times. So when you are sad, mayhap you say, "Oneness, please help I, I need your help so much." And you get the help. And then you have a beautiful, glorious time, and you say, my, that was beautiful, that was glorious, what's next? How often do you stand for a moment in stillness and say, "Glory be to Oneness for this beautiful time, thank you." And then say, "What's next!"

You don't have to make big showings of it, just be it within yourself, acknowledge it, that everything - your whole being, your whole life. And then there will be no need for you to control anything anymore. There is no need for it. For when you attempt to control, all you are doing is suppressing - suppressing things that are the potential to happen for your life. So by doing this, you take away the barriers, you take away the restrictions of a fixed destiny path that you have come into this life with, into one of infinite possibilities.

So, that is something for you to ponder upon, is it not? When somebody does you an ill deed, you say, "Oneness, this is my life, this ill deed has been done unto I, therefore it has been done unto you. What would you have I be with this?" And you will already know the answer to this. What is the lesson this ill deed is teaching you? Say, thank you for it, let the forgiveness be, and move on.

You will not lose your Earth life until you are meant to lose it. That will remain true in your destiny path. In the event you have written it into your life that you will lose your life in a certain way, then that is what will happen. However, it will not happen before its rightful moment either.

And remember that at this moment of the Earth's passage through time it is undergoing many changes. There is turmoil everywhere: this is part of the tempest of which I speak to you before time. It is taking many Souls back to Spirit. (Dog growls) That is so. Not just human souls, but wolves also, and great cats and small cats - that believe them to be great cats, and other manner of other little creatures also are returning to the Spirit. How is this? It is because those souls are going to be needed in time to come on the Earth and beyond. So they need to return home now, they need to prepare themselves for the tasks that they are going to be required to perform.

And just as I am giving you this teach now about giving your life to Oneness, they will already have this teach in Spirit about giving life to Oneness, and there will be more souls born that will come early on in their life and give their life to Oneness, before they become trapped in all the many toils of life. So you will see more children coming early to this knowledge, learning to do this thing now, and in doing so, they will learn how to move through their lives doing the work of Oneness.

How does that fit in with your Earth life and all the many peoples of your Earth life, you say. It is very simple. Some are destined, when they come to the Earth, to have partners of life that will work with them in this manner. Some have karma to overcome first, and so they do, and then they part from these partners of life and others are brought to them. The new partners of life will have been given to you, you are given to each other, to be companions in the Light. To begin to move forward in the Light together, and both will give themselves to Oneness, knowing that the Earth life is very, very short. Eternity is forever - your souls will be able to be together through eternity, an you so desire it. So, the time on the Earth, because it is short, certainly you need to honour each other and your love for each other.

You must honour the children that come to you, and the love you have for your children so that you may teach them. You teach them also by example how to give their lives to Oneness by doing it yourself. You teach them how to break the law of karma by teaching them how to learn the lessons of forgiveness, and these lessons are not easy lessons, however, they are very simple ones. They're not easy, because humankinds want to control, and it is necessary that you let go of control in order to learn forgiveness, to learn to say, thank you, and allow forgiveness to be. And you must let go of control, to give your life, in its entirety, to Oneness. You understand?

And although your lives are short, and your times together are short, don't believe that you have to overlook the lessons that you have come to learn in order to be together. Just learn them as swiftly as possible and move on - together, as one - working for Oneness, doing the work for Oneness in whatever way you are called to do it.

Ponder on it for a moment. See how it feels. Allow yourself the supposing of - were I to do this thing, how might it feel? And then go on, perhaps, to allow yourself a little peek by saying to Oneness, "I'm going to give my life to you, show me what it feels like, would you, please?" And wait. You will find that the Light will bless everything that you do.

Now, how is your Earth time?

Nine o'clock.

Thirty more minutes.

False Pregnancy

I have a questioning, Songee. How is it that sometimes a dog when it's come into season - a bitch - will have what is known as a phantom pregnancy? What does that ... why?

Songee: It is because the little creature has desire for babies.

It's quite common.

Songee: That is so. The small creature has, within the body, the urge to have babies, and then the babies don't happen, and small creature's emotions are still craving the babies, and so the body manifests a pretending babies.

Oh, okay.

Songee: You don't want this to happen, make it so, your small one cannot have this happen in the first place.

Oh, it's not my ... my sister wants her dog to have puppies but not yet, she's not big enough yet. (One of the dogs gives a long growl, as if in agreement, and there is laughter.)

Songee: Then she will have to wait, and just be gentle. Give the little one something to cuddle, to make a baby of.

Oh, okay.

Socks, bras, underpants, anything like that fits the picture beautifully.

Okay, thank you.

We've had a lifetime of little lady dogs that want to have babies.

Oh, okay. Thank you.

Songee: You cannot stifle something that is natural.

Now, am I going to go fishing, or are you going to ask questions?

Past Lives

I have another question. I hear a lot of people talking about past lives and going into past lives and things. Is that really necessary?

Songee: No.

No, I don't believe it is.

Songee: The only purpose that going to past life will serve for you is when you need to know something that is going to assist you directly in the life you are living now, and that is perhaps something you have learned from another lifetime. Does it matter whether you were king or queen or another country, or not? Does it matter whether you were serf?

Yeah. I've heard a lot of people talking about it and I didn't believe that ... I didn't see the point in it myself.

Songee: Only when you can relate, the reason that you have been shown this information. You sometimes will be given a vision into a past life when you do your meditation, and it will be to give you some information that you need to know about the life you are living right now. So it is for you to work out the puzzle of it, you understand? To just go and seek for the sake of it, some peoples do this thing. Some people do it because they have a great curiosity. There is nothing wrong with it - however, it is not necessary.

Sometimes you may go and find a place where there are great, beautiful pictures that other peoples have made for others to look, you know this place? And you may go to see, out of curiosity, what these beautiful pictures look like, and to perhaps muse a little upon the person that made these beautiful creations. And to ponder, and make in your mind a story, and this is something that humankinds like to do, because they're very curious, you understand. And sometimes there is a truth, there is a story that is the truth of the person that did these beautiful creations, and you learn something. However, that is what it is, it is part of learning, part of curiosity. However, you can also use this to enhance your own life, can you not? You can use it to say about, perhaps, the content of this beautiful creation. It may be that it is a creative, beautiful work that shows naked bodies of ladies and mens with beautiful drapings about them, and it may set you to wondering whether these peoples were real peoples in the life of this creator. And looking at the bodies, and wondering about their perfection, and wondering about the shapes and how your shape and your perfection fits with this image - or doesn't fit. It will set you wondering into your own being, about yourself, how you are, whatever shapings you are, and how you might be different shapings, perhaps. And so on, and so forth. It creates, does it not? It creates a stirring within you, and that is the purpose of it, to create stirrings within you, to seek as much as possible.

The same is true of past life knowing. When you have past life knowing, it is to create within you a stirring of curiosity about something of your Earth life that you have now, something that you may need to make different, perhaps. It may be that you were a humble person in a past life, and you are being given a message that you are getting too big for your hat and you need to be humble once more. It can be anything at all. You have to just look for it, and find it.

Thank you.

What to do with Mother's Ashes

Songee, I've kept my mother's ashes just over three months, and I just wonder when I'm going know when I can part with them.

Songee: You have to look inside yourself, and ask yourself what are you hanging onto? And discover for yourself what it is that you cannot let go yet, because this is where the secret lies. The one that is no more - all souls return to Oneness: they go back to Spirit, they go home. They are very much alive, only they are in a different dimension. They are possibly more alive than you are! However, the physical remains always, sooner or later, return to the Mother. They always return to the Mother. Whether you let them go, or someone else, somewhere, in time to come, lets them go. Or whether the Earth is shaken and that which binds releases them, they are released and returned to the Mother, do you understand?

Not entirely.

Songee: What don't you understand?

END OF TAPE (Words are lost as the tape is turned over.)

And the strong feeling is within you. This is your own feelings, it is not only because of anything outside of you. Nothing in Spirit is saying for you to keep this thing. This is your own desire within your being, within your own emotion. And as long as you have this feeling, then you will keep these remains this way, do you understand?


Songee: Because it is within you, this something that cannot yet let go. You will know when to return the ashes to the Mother - to the Earth. Whether it is on the soil, or whether it is to the water, or whether you give it to the winds, you will know when to do this because the release will come from within you, you understand? So you need to understand the reason that you are holding on.

Now, the holding on is not wrong or bad, it just is. You have to learn what it is and be honest and truthful with your own self about your reasons for keeping these remains this way, do you understand? And note, I say to you, reasons. Because this thing will find its expression in your mind. You will come up with your mind, all manner of reasonableness for doing this thing, you understand? To bring justice to your decision to keep these remains in this manner, you understand? When you are able to let go, when you are able to feel inside - note now, I say feel. You will feel inside you a warmth that says, "I no longer need this. I no longer need to hold on this way, because I know the truth in my soul". And the truth is that the one that you are attempting to hold onto has gone on, has moved forwards into Spirit. You understand?


Songee: It will not take away from you the memories, the love, the happy times, the sad times. It will not take any of those things away when you let go. This is what I am saying before time about giving your life to Oneness. All those things of your life that you treasure, you will not lose, when you give your life to Oneness. Oneness does not come along and say, "Well, thank you, I'll have all of those!" Because that is not the purpose of your life. The purpose of your life is to make you rich. Rich beyond your wildest dreams, with memories, with love, with human contact, with union with others. That is the purpose of life, to make you rich. And to make your Soul's equally rich.

Thank you.

Higher Self

Songee, sort of carrying on from what you were just saying, I know I'm getting to a time when I'm opening up and ... to open up to Oneness and to my higher self, but I'm having difficulty with my Higher Self now, because I have no concept of what it is. It's like ... yeah. So I just want to understand more about what the higher self is.

Songee: Your higher self is not the Being that stamps its foot and holds onto things. Your higher self is not the Being of you that weeps when things don't quite go the way you want them to go. Your higher self is not the voice that criticizes you and tells you what a dreadful person you are. Your higher self is not the lack of energy, that is all coming from your low self. The need to control comes from the low self. The middle self would like to direct, would like to be in charge - not control, in charge. Would like to tell you what to do with your life. Your middle self will give you all manner of reasonableness for the reasons that you're going to do things and not do things. (Long growl from a dog.) This one agrees, you understand (The group laughs.) So, when you find yourself using this reasonableness of yours, to say how it is you're going to do some fool thing, ask yourself, middle self, low self, or is it high self?

High self says, come: we are light. Come: walk in the light. Come: walk with Oneness. Come: trust. Come: I can help you to make all things possible. This is the nature of the high self. The high self is like a beacon of life that shines. The high self has its light hidden by the reasonableness of the mind and by the spoiled actions of the child, the low self, that wants to dominate and control. The high self does not do any of these things.

So how do those parts of you relate to your Soul? I mean, I'm not getting the connection about ... you've got a soul, right, you've got these, high self, you've got a low self, so how do they ...

Songee: These are parts of the personality, I'm speaking to you. All these parts of your personality are incorporated within that essence that you know as the Soul. Now, I'm going to take you a step further and discombobberate you some more! The low self part of you can learn to become a middle self. And the middle self part can learn to become a high self, and it does this by evolving, by growing and expanding itself, by eliminating all the negative aspects of itself, by finding the pure parts of itself. So the child will not be a petulant child, it will be a kind and generous child. It will be sweet, it will be considerate. And in doing so, it will evolve into a more mature version of itself and become a middle self.

You have only to look up the teachings of Kahuna to know this thing - I give you. So you have looking for Kahuna. Now, the middle self can learn how to be less ... less in charge. It can learn how to be a little bit like the child that has fun and lightness to its spirit, to itself.

So it sort of loses the seriousity about it?

Songee: That is so. And becomes a little lighter in its being and its expression of itself. And together they can evolve into becoming one with the high self, and in this way they blend, so that all parts become unified, you understand? That is the process. The quick way - the simple way ...

... Short version ...

Give Your Life to Oneness

Songee: That is very true! Is, give your life to Oneness. You don't have to worry about so much those other things then, because ... (dog growls as if in agreement) ... that is so - you have already done this thing, I know. So that those other things will slowly manifest.

You will find that even though you give your life to Oneness, you will have days when you will be a small child, stamping your foot and saying, "I don't want to do it!" This will still happen from time to time, and Oneness says, "Aah, child, that is all right, I still love you." And you stand for a moment in the silence and feel the love coming, and you say, "Oh, all right, I'll do!" And you do anyway. Because the energy and the light and the love will be there to give you the strength to do. It is only the little dark parts of you that are attempting to hang onto this control and these other things of your nature that you have come to learn to lose.

You come here to learn forgiveness, you come to this Earth to learn to love each other, have you not? Part of it. Some of it is you've come to do service to mankind, perhaps. You want to have time for yourself, ask Oneness - "Oneness! Could I please have a little Earth time for my own self? Just for a little moment?" Oneness will say, "Certainly, I will find somebody else to do your task today." And so it will be.

Short version - give your life to Oneness. As long as you cannot do it, then you will know within you there is resistance. This is not bad or wrong and not everybody knows and can come to do this thing. You must come to it at the fullness of your own realisations, of your knowing, within your heart, with your own being. Nobody can make you do it, you understand?


Songee: However, it is the secret to assuaging a great number of the ills that are besetting mankind at this time.

Your time is up. Is that not so? (Songee is referring to the 2 hours set aside for each meeting.)


Songee: So I'm going to go now. You might like to listen some more to the Angels. And I'm going to leave you with the Power of knowing and the Power of the Light of Oneness to shine on your life and into your hearts and your souls. And may you all blessed be.


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