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Unconditonal Love

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Unconditonal Love'.
A Teaching from Songee, 30th September 1999.


No such Word as Failure in the Language of Songee
Speak the Truth
Give Yourself to Oneness
Confusion is an Illusion
Channeling Healing Energies

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

Hello, Songee.

Songee: There is much that I am needing to bring to you. Much teach. There needs to be more teach for you about unconditional love. There also needs to be more teach to do with matters within your own life, your own being, and sometimes it is not always possible to give you all the teach at the same moment, so it has to be given to you over many different visits. However, before I embark upon anything of this nature, what have you for I? What questions have arisen in your heart since last we met?

No such Word as Failure in the Language of Songee

I was just wondering about this research project that I was meant to embark upon, and all the things came together and people were ready to help me with the research and stuff, and I didn't get my act together on it because of various things at the time, just lack of discipline mainly, I suppose. And however, now the chance is over, really, because I haven't really got time to do it, and I sort of feel like I've kind of ... it was about pesticides and child health and stuff, so I kind of feel like I've ... I could have contributed something significant. And now I haven't. I'm just wondering if the time wasn't right, or is it just because I was lacking that discipline, or I could still do it another time, or what ... or ...

Songee: You have to look first at what it was that prevented you from doing it, to begin with. What excuses did you give yourself, from your head, at the time this was taking place in your life? This is a very good example of some of the things that humankinds to themselves. Now, it is not necessarily that you have failed - there is no such wording as this in the language of Songee, and I encourage it to not have it in your language, also - however, it does bring to you the opportunity to consider the actions that you may have been involved with at the moment that this was taking place in your life.

Some humankinds may refer to it as 'a lost opportunity', because to look at it from the Earth perspective, this is what has occurred. You have lost an opportunity to do something. However, you would have written it into your path of your life, would you not?

Mmm. Yeah.

Songee: So, it was not meant to take place at that moment. You were meant to learn something else - and what is the something else? That is what you need to look upon, you understand? So although you may have been able to contribute, as you say, to knowledge, and to enhance your own personal knowledge, there was another lesson that you were needing to learn that was far more important than this knowledge - do you understand? What was it?

Not to let it happen again ...?

Songee: Oh, that is far too easy to say that! You will let it happen again unless you know what the lesson was that you had to learn from it.

The behaviour behind why I didn't attempt it ...?

Songee: That is it. That is much better. So you have to look at the behaviour that you were indulging in. Were you indulging in slothfulness? Were you indulging in greed? What manner were you indulging in? Or were you just throwing a temper tantrum like a small child?

Probably all of the above!

Songee: All humankinds do it! You are not alone with this thing. However, it is a challenge to you to look at yourself, to look at behaviours that you are making for the world around you to see, and when these behaviours do come into being within you - and it is you, I am saying, all of you, not just this one - what is happening is that you are using your mind. You are thinking, are you not, too much? Thinking! Lose that. You must start feeling. Trust your feelings, trust your intuition, trust your inspiration. It will be far more valuable to you than your thinking will, most of the time. Now this is not to say that you have not to use your brain to reason out things, to help you to put things into a perspective. However, when you have done it, always feel into it. Feel it, and find out whether it is your mind that is playing tricks upon you and attempting to convince you of something that you would be better off not doing.

I don't want to take that medicine of the Earth, because I might - I might have to do some work. That is the truth. However, what is hearing is, I won't do that because I haven't got the time. I won't do that because I can't seem to 'get it together'. I won't do that because somebody else came and interrupted I. I won't do that because ...

When you hear somebody saying, "Well, I didn't do this or that because ..." you can say, "Aha!" When you hear yourself saying it, then you say to yourself, "Aha!" You understand? Because this is your mind that is giving you excuses. All manner of reasons that are very reasonable as to how it is you will not, or cannot ado something, or achieve something. And yes, I did say 'ado'. Because humankinds make a great ado about things, do they not? A great ado about, very often, something that is nothing. Is this not so?

So what are you looking at here? This lesson? It is another perspective of the lesson of truth, is it not? Carrying yourself inside the truth - not lying to yourself.

Mmm. Yeah, I keep denying my truth to myself all the time, so ... just so I can appeal to certain people, in a different way, yeah.

Speak the truth

Songee: So, when are you going to stop? Now is the time of your Earth evolvement for this to stop. Now. From your next breath. Don't wait! Start from your next breath. Speak the truth. Sometimes, as you will know, your truth will not resonate well with somebody else, and this cannot be avoided. It does not change that this is your truth of the moment. However, the truth of the moment also is that when you don't resonate with somebody else's truth, allow them to have it. Don't be angry, because to be angry will be demonstrating to you that you are wanting to turn them away into something that you believe is better, or more worthwhile.

In the event that they cannot perceive the path they need to walk in front of them, and when you give them opportunities of other alternatives to walk and they say, "But, I cannot do, because when I do I get such and such happening, I can't do, because ..." This is the most common wordings that are used, is it not? "I cannot do, because ... when I try to do, I get this happening." These are examples of the wordings that you will get.

Let them be. Take a deep breath - I speak to you all the time about the breath of life - breathe, take the breath, smile and let them be. Say then, "Very well, you must find your own path with this. I wish you well with it." And mean it! Don't be saying it just because it's words, to be smart to come out of your mouth! Mean it from your heart, that you truly do wish them well on their path. When you do this, most of the time they will go away, consider all that has transpired, and very often will come around to see that they need to do something perhaps in a slightly different way. And then when they come to say to you, "I listened, I have realised something, I am now doing it this way." You can say, "Very good, you have done so well, have you not?" And again, you can mean it from your heart, because you were not attempting to impose your will on theirs.

Most of the time, when you find yourself becoming disgruntled with other people, it is because you want them to do something in a particular way that you perceive to be the best way, and you attempt to impose your will upon them. Don't deny it! You do it, all of you do it, in some form or another. All I'm saying to you is, be aware of it, when you find yourself becoming out of patience, becoming - ah, that is very interesting word, (here Songee addresses her spirit helpers) show I what that is, please. Ah, that is to do with the machines. Mens in the white coat have given me the word 'cranky' and showed me this is to do with winding up the machine, is this so? I not know what this is, so I have to ask, to look. So when you find yourself getting cranky, so you're being made to wind up - is this so? Before you burst into fire - or, sorry, burst into life - you have to ask yourself about the wisdom of your being cranky. How is it you become to be this way? Sometimes it is because you are believing that there is not enough Earth time to do everything, so you rush about like little bunny rabbits, hopping about every which place, is this not so? Attempting to get everything done in 'just so' way. And when it does not happen, because you will it to be this 'just so' way, you get cranky. I like this word, I'm going to use it some more. Do you not?

Who bears the brunt of you being cranky? It starts, first of all very often with the partner of life, then it will move to the children of you both, and in the event there is no children it moves to the small creatures of life that live with you. And in the event you can't find them, then you take it out on friend. And when you can't find any of these, you turn it in upon yourself. Some peoples by-pass all these alternatives and go straight to the self of course, and beat themselves up, and turn themselves into something that is unrecognisable, and then, when they have finished, they sit there, and then they moan, because they don't recognise themselves anymore and they become even more cross with themselves and cranky because they did it in the first place. Now, where is the reasoning in this? And this all begins because the head gets in the way. When the heart is working, and when the heart is active, then these manner of things are less likely to take place, because you come from your heart, from your feelings, from inside you. Somebody else wants to be cranky, let them be cranky. Smile for them. Let them have what they have got for their own self, for most of the time they have indulged themselves with it.

So your lesson is not just a simple one, is it. It covers many things, for many different people as well as for yourself, does it not? So when these opportunities come by once more, you can say to yourself, when you find yourself making all manner of excuses for not doing something, ask yourself, "What is the real reason? What is it that I am having to learn? What am I not facing perhaps in this situation? What am I avoiding?" All these questions you can ask yourself. One will be more right than the others; however, let them all come into your awareness. You have to do something, and you have to have it done by a certain Earth time, and you put it off, and you put it off, and you put it off until the last minute, do you not?

Oh yeah, we do that really well.

Songee: When is it going to stop? When do you stop doing it? You stop doing it when you start to face up to the reason you're doing it. This is called, what is this - ah, it is not just avoidance, it is a special something that is called procrastination, putting it off because either it may go away, or you will find time to do it later. Later never comes! That's news for you! Far better you say to yourself, "This is interesting, this needs to be done. How am I going to achieve it? When am I going to achieve it?" And work out for yourself how you are going to manage this thing. And then do it. Give yourself space to assimilate all that you need to know for the task that you have set for yourself, and don't believe you didn't set it for yourself, you don't say somebody else has given you this task, because you planned your life before you came to this Earth, so you arranged with these peoples that this was going to happen upon your life at this moment. So don't blame them for your avoidance. You understand? They don't come by these ideas to give you tasks to do by chance. They are guided to do this from somewhere.

When you want to learn something, you go and you find a teacher, do you not? The teacher says to you, "What do you need to learn?" And you say, "I need to learn this, I need to learn how to do this." And the teacher says, "Well, with my knowledge, with the best of my knowledge I will show you how it can be achieved." However, the practice and the work lies with you, not with the teacher, with you. You are the one that must apply yourself to the lessons the teacher gives you to practise. In all things there are basic knowledge that you need to have before you move on to greater things, is this not so?

Yeah, it's like the ... it's like a grounding, because without that information, you can't go to the next step.

Songee: That is so. And when you don't do it properly, and when you don't do it consistently, you will find that when you are given the advanced task to do, that you don't do it or perform it as well as you would have been able to had you followed the teachings that you were given by your teacher.

Yeah, I do expect to be able to move forward without actually having to do the work required to move forward.

Unconditional Love

Songee: Expectations. This is something that is common to humankinds that are in the first flush of youth. They want it now, they look at everything around about them, they look at those that are older and wiser than themselves, and say, "I want this, I want what they have got, I want to achieve what they have achieved." And conveniently forget that these peoples have spent, mayhap, 20 to 30 Earth years getting to this place, you know? So you can say, "Yes, I would like to achieve such things." However, be aware that you have got to apply yourself and acquire the knowledge and the wisdom in order to reach that place. Unless you come to the Earth and are born with the knowledge and wisdom at birth, that is different. Especially in the areas of spiritual knowledge.

You will discover around and about you now many more young souls that have been born on the Earth plane that have come with some knowledge already built into their Earth life. And some that you encounter that are much older and wiser in the ways of the Earth are still as babes in arms where spiritual knowledge and wisdom is concerned. However, although the wisdom of Earth is necessary to your existence and your co-existence together as humanity, the thing that will bind you all together is your spirit - your spirit knowledge, your spiritual awareness of yourself, of each other.

Each one of you is an individual in your own right. While you are on the Earth plane in particular, this very individualism creates for you difficulties when Spirit demands that you come together. Because more often than not, the ego self gets in the way, and this is when you start to hear all these reasonings - can't, won't, shan't, impossible, not possible, and all manner of other things that get said, you understand?

So how to get past this? Start looking at each other. Start seeing each other properly, with spirit eyes, and when you start to do this, then you will be able to resonate better with each other. You will not cease to be your own self when the need arises; however, you will find that you have a greater union and a greater power and strength in the collective spirit that you become with others.

The greatest sadness that Oneness knows is when the souls use their minds to decry and put down others for their differences. This is a time of unity, a time of coming together, of being one with each other.

There is much said in your world at the moment, by many different people, about this matter, as I am saying to you, of unconditional love. I have already given to you in moments past that this love of which you speak is compassion. Compassion is not pity. Compassion is being able to accept whatever is and love anyway. Compassion is to love the murderer, to love the rapist, to love the human being that is not resonating in healthy ways with other human beings. Feeling the sickness that is inside others and loving them anyway. When you very easily allow the word 'unconditional love' to trip off your tongue, ask yourself, are you really feeling and demonstrating unconditional love, or are you still putting conditions on that love that you're extending?

Conditions - what are conditions? Conditions are born out of judgments. "I will give you love, providing that you are, you do, you say, you be ..." You can love somebody when they are nice to you. That's often very easy. How easy is it to love them when they are not so nice to you? Sometimes, judgment will creep in even when you believe it is not there, and then you lose that element of no condition to the love. Somebody performs a dire deed to another. Your hearts are torn asunder at the tragedy of the events. Your heart goes to the peoples that are left behind, perhaps, and the families that have been torn asunder, and condemnation is rained down upon the head of the one who creates the tragedy. It is very easy to feel compassion for the ones that have been injured and hurt. It is much easier to dislike, to hate, to condemn the one that has been doing the hurting.

Now, you don't have to accept the behaviour that created the tragedy. That is not what Songee is saying for you. What you do is when you are extending the compassion to the families and those left behind, spare a little also for the one who was responsible, because, remember the law of the Foundation Stones. They probably arranged it in the first place. Tragic though it was, it is karma and something that needed to take place in that life, so don't make judgment on the spirit side of it, always give compassion. And that is true unconditional love. It doesn't mean that this person is not to be told, "I'm sorry, you did the wrong thing, bad thing, and you can't do it anymore. The law of the Earth says that you have to be punished." Is this not so? And that will still happen.

And there needs to be coming to the peoples a greater awareness for those that do these not very nice needs to have to look upon the faces of those that they have brought harm to - more than once, to look on their faces - until they truly start to understand the greatness of their misdeed of Earth. Of Spirit, there was possibly no misdeed, because they came to be part of this karmic link. However, upon the Earth, they have come to learn lesson, and the lesson is, you ...

END OF TAPE Some words are lost as the tape was turned over

So the peoples that have been on the receiving end, in order to break the karmic pattern, have to learn to forgive. They need to have the opportunity to learn to forgive so that they can be healed. Healing has to take place, does it not? It may be that the soul that has come to do the dire deed never, ever makes a connection with remorse within their bodies. However, the karmic link between these two groups of peoples - the one and the others - will be broken once forgiveness comes and compassion is exercised. And then, those that need to move on can do so.

And this is true for your own self. How can you move on into your life, into the next part of your life, until you forgive yourself for your seeming misdemeanors to yourself? Your seeming transgressions to yourself? Or are you going to keep beating yourself up with big stick all the time? In forgiveness lies your salvation, and forgiveness comes by saying, "Thank you, thank you for everything you have taught I, all the lessons of life. It has been a very rocky path, however, thank you, I have learned much from it. I have become so much stronger in my being now than ever before." And remember that you arranged with these peoples that you would come together for just this purpose, to learn first of all to complete the karmic debt between you, and also to teach you how to be a stronger person in yourself and to prepare you to do your work for Oneness.

Because that is what you are doing it for, is it not? When you give your life to Oneness, as I am saying to you over and over again, and I know it might sound as though Songee is going on about her - what is it - pet acorns, you need to keep reminding yourselves. Everything you do is for Oneness. When you do your work of life, "Oneness, this day, I give it to you. Show me what I can best do for you this day. And show me how I can best do it, and where you need I to be and to go this day." Keep practicing this thing as well.

Now, have you got any questions, because there is a lot of pain in this place that needs attending to.

Songee, I need to move on from my home. I know that, that it's holding up my life, being where I am, and I've had it on the market for ... done what I need to do in earthly terms to try and move out of my home, and it hasn't worked. I haven't got anyone to buy my home so that I can move on. Is there something within my being that's preventing it from happening?

Songee: You have to look inside you, because there is also other things around you, other factors around you that are contributing to this. They are emotional things. Not matters of a practical consideration. And you need to go inside and ask yourself what is it, and ask to be shown what it is you're needing to do. There is yet to be a letting go within your being.

I actually thought I'd done that. I'm really, really ready to move on, expecting to, wanting to, hoping to, praying. I have asked, and so far ... and I'm very introspective of that ... and so far, I haven't ...

Give Yourself to Oneness

Songee: Have you given yourself to Oneness?

Well ... I certainly try, daily ...

Songee: Oho! Trying doesn't work. It doesn't exist. You need to do it - to give yourself to Oneness. Every time you find yourself stopped, you will find that behind it is this need to do this thing, especially at this (movement?) upon the Earth at the moment. And don't look for results in your time, you understand? That is another difference. You give it, the whole of it, to Oneness, and you do whatever you have to do on the earthly plane to make the considerations, and then you just keep doing.

I'm going to bring you together a little with something, and with somebody else, because these experiences are not singular, they happen to all those that walk in the Light. And that is this matter of which you speak. Just when you believe you have managed to sort something out, you find that it's not quite going the way you planned it - as you have just described. This other person of which I'm speaking has discovered for themselves that when this happens, that usually they are sitting on a fence!

Are you speaking of someone with you, or in my life on the Earth ...

Songee: I'm speaking of somebody in this room, who can share with you quite intimately, the experience of which you are speaking now. (Laughter from the person concerned.) You might like to get your heads together and share experiences. This is called unity! Although you are individuals, you are not individuals in your experiences. Your experiences are very similar, and to look at how the shiftings and the movings take place, you have to find out what has gone before to enable the shiftings and movings within the being to take place. Would you like to do that?

Now, or later?

Songee: Oh, you have just leave it for a little bit further forward. There is still some work to do. Are you ready to do that?

Yeah, could be! (Laughter from the other person concerned)

Songee: Because the experiences that one have is also the same experiences that others have also. It is good to share it, to know that when you are perhaps sitting upon the fence - you may not be sitting on fence, you might be sitting some other place, perhaps on a rock or something, in the middle of an ocean.

Yeah, I wasn't aware ... I'm very self ... I'm very objective about myself, and I thought I'd sort of sussed everything out that was holding me back, so I'm confused as to what it might be.

Confusion is an Illusion

Songee: So. Two words: thought, confused. They give you the first ideas of what it is that is happening. First of all, thought is doubt. You believed you had done something, and it's not quite working out the way you had planned it, so there's a little bit of a doubt, have I done it? Have I done it properly? Did it happen? Doubt is fear - fear that I might be wrong, fear that I might have to do more. Fear that I have done enough and I don't want to do anymore. And then, you have this confusion. There is no such thing as confusion. Confusion is illusion! Confusion is conflict. Conflict between a want and a need. Identify your want; identify your need; get them both on the same side. There is your clue. When you start to look deep inside yourself and you find your want and your need. Wanting something to happen will not enable it to take place. Needing something to happen will make it happen. However, your wants and needs must marry, must come together and be on the same side. Confusion is only conflict when these two opposing forces are doing this all the time, and all you get is an impasse, because each is as powerful as the other, and all they do is keep doing this (Songee gestures the hands clapping together.)

So, in order to achieve movement, you have to identify want and need, bring them on the same side, look at them. You want to move house?


Songee: Do you need to move house, right now?

I feel I do.

Songee: You feel you need, and you feel you want, and what about everybody else around and about you? Do they feel and need also the same thing?

Yes, yes.

Songee: Or do they say it with their mouth, and inside their bodies they are feeling different?

Well, it's my house. I'm the only one that owns it.

Songee: Do you live in it all by your own self?

No. But the others are ready to move too.

Songee: So are you saying that you are all completely of one mind and one heart?

As far as I'm aware.

Songee: Ah, as far as you know. Now. What is it that you know about people being of one mind and of one heart? (Laughter from the other person referred to earlier, whom Songee now addresses) You believed the same thing, did you not?

Oh, at one time I had that delusion, yes, but it wasn't quite true. I found out, a little bit further along the line that they all had differing opinions. And I had to wait for the time that was appropriate and when they all felt that they could move. It took a while.

Songee: However, it slowly came together, did it not?

It did, it did.

Songee: However, what I'm saying is that very often, out of love, somebody will say things with the mouth and in their being there is reservations.

Yeah, you've just cracked it for me. Yeah.

Songee: And when this becomes together, you cannot force it to happen, however, you can keep holding true to your own ideal of what you want to be, so the wants and the needs then can come together. So although there may be your own personal wants and needs are together, the wants and needs of the others around you don't quite match - yet. When they do, then you will all move to a new place of living. And it can happen like that (Songee claps).

Yeah, it did, it did ...

Thank you. You've answered my question.

Songee: So when you listen to the wordings you speak, and I know I have gotten, ah this is another one of these things I say about the foot of the tree, is it not? That is it, chestnut she says, (Songee is referring to Sally, one of Roberta-Margaret's helpers) it is not acorn. Chestnut, she says. When you hear I speaking to you all the time about wordings, I not giving you this in idle chit chat. There is a purpose behind it, there is a big teach behind it. Hearken to it, take it into your hearts and practise it. Listen to when you use these words of think, and should, and shouldn't. Be alert, because they will tell you what is happening inside you. And when you use the word 'confused', when you hear anybody in your life saying, "I am so confused, I don't know what to do", you can say, "Aha, I know what's the matter with you. You are not really confused, you are in conflict. You have got something you want to do and something you need to do, and you can't marry them". And then you might be able to say to them, "Aha, would you like to solve this situation? This is how you do it. Songee says, you're not confused at all, you have conflict". And you give them the teach of it, and show them how they can come out of this place of being.

And you can all do this thing. This is what the teach is for - take the teach, learn it, practise it on yourself and on others most close to you, and then take it out further than that. Don't just trust the words I'm giving you, practise it. Show yourself the truth of it. And it is a truth I'm giving you, and you will find that when you apply these truths they will always work, because they are constant - in the past, the present and the future - they are constant, always, through all cycles of life. All lifetimes. It's just a little unfortunate that every time you come to a new life you forget them and you have to learn them all over again. It seems a bit tedious, eh. Well, from my perspective.

Songee: However, you can, don't forget, you can elect when you are in Spirit and choose to come with the knowledge

Channeling Healing Energies

Now, workings time, is it not? Are you ready for doing your workings? So, now let us first talk a moment about this, just for a brief moment. We are going to invoke the Power of Light for the purpose of bringing healing energies into your own being and for you to be the channel for those healing energies for the peoples that come to sit with you. When you do this, you offer yourself in prayer to Oneness, and you say, "Oneness, I would like you to use me as a channel for healing for this child of the universe". And ask that nothing of your own physicalities or your own distresses be passed to this one. May it be pure. Because you all know each other so well, you probably do not need to ask whether you mind being touched, however when you don't know somebody, please observe this politeness to ask them whether they mind you touching their bodies. And please, Songee brings to you this teach, that although it is more than possible to be channel for healing in the aura and from a distance, when you come together, that is the purpose of this, is to come together, to touch, so that from one humanity to another you are touching with the dance of love, the love that has no conditions on it. No judgments.

When you are frightened that somebody is going to touch you in a bad way, you are placing a judgment that the one that is working with you is not working in purity. So you are not accepting the love of Oneness as well as you would be able to. So learn to touch with love, with gentleness, with kindness. And with honour - always with honour - and then you will never, ever be misunderstood.

Will you have opportunity to all take turns, do you suppose Little Mother? What is your Earth time?

Ten to nine.

Thirty, forty more minutes.

Songee: So you need to allow yourself the opportunity to exchange. So, those that would like to come to see Songee ... you are welcome to come. Now! Music to dance with, what am I going to have for music to dance? Do you suppose that it is this one? The one ...oh, no, no, we have a different one. I move out of your way. So, let me see. (Songee selects the music.)Tell I again which one you feel is the right one. (Laughter as the dog barks repeatedly.) It is the one that has ... (bark) I heard you first time ... the one with the peoples of the Earth - angels - dancing. So. Who's coming? Little Mother must come after you.

Are all the other people going to sit ...

Songee: Oh, most definitely, nobody is to sit out or be shy, everybody join together. Behind selves of the sit-upons ... (the group continues to arrange itself, people talk and organise themselves so that there are people channelling and people receiving) ... you are channels for healing, so you have people to sit and peoples to work. So you are Workers in the Light, are you not?

So. This is it. And remember to let your people in Spirit work with you also ... (a dog barks and Songee addresses it) you can sing, you're going to sing, little one, you're going to sing ... and dance, this is the dance of love, of light. And you offer yourself. Songee will not spend long of your Earth time with each one that wants to come here. Please do just come as you feel you would like to. And remember, that those of you who are sitting to receive, talk to Oneness from your heart - and those of you that are working, when it is your turn to sit to receive, remember also for you to talk to Oneness from your heart - and all of you, accept this gift in the name of Jesus the Living Christ. Allow this into your heart.

And remember to breathe ... (the group is now engaged in channelling and receiving healing.)

When you feel that your task as a channel is completed and the one on the stool is safely back in their bodies, then it is time for you all move about and change places. Those sitting can be standing and those standing can be sitting. You might even like to change partners. And in the event anybody wants to sit in here, (for Songee to channel to them) they can do so. However, be aware I am not going to be as long as everybody else and you will need to, when you come back, become part of the collective energies for channelling.

I go now, and I leave you all with the power of loving unity and love of each other. May all of you blessed be.


Reference no 19990930


© 2009 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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