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Path of the Christos

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Path of the Christos'.
A Teaching from Songee 4th November 1999.


Roberta-Margaret talks about trance channelling
Crystal Light of Love Poem
Songee: Creating an Oasis
The Path of the Christos
Heavenly Message and Conception of Change
Journey to the place of delivery
The Birth: A new way of Being
The Betrayal Death Resurrection
Dealing with Empathy Respite and Healing
Talking with Cats
Someone's experience of evil
My Father's Prayer
Songee answers unasked questions
Songee is the Earth Mother
Sai Baba
Channelled Healing Energies
What Country does my Spirit come from?

The Songee Gathering took place at Roberta-Margaret's home. There are a number of people present, many familiar faces who have attended these meeting many times and several new people who are to have their first meeting with Songee.

The aroma Oils used this night were Lavender and Melissa Leaf.

Roberta-Margaret talks about trance channelling

Roberta-Margaret is talking about the cold she has...

I got very angry with myself because I believed I had stuffed up on something and we have been told that when we get angry and it's not a justifiable kind of anger we become susceptible to colds and flues and things. Well I have haven't had any colds and flues for so long, it must be 5 years or more I have never had anything, anyway the first holiday in what 20, 30 years we went away for a few days and I got upset on the Thursday because I was cross with myself and then found out it wasn't my doing at all and of course I came down with a cold, so I have come back, I have had a sore throat, gone through the process and come down to the point where I am just a bit drippy got a bit of a cough and stuff like that, so. Years and years and years ago when I have had a cold and I have channelled and supposing that I get a bit of a cold going, um quite often it catapults me back from wherever I am. Most of the time Spirit will manage it. I haven't had a cold while I have been channelling Songee ever, so I don't know what is going to happen. So we are going to go for it, (laughter) and just see what happens. OK. Um yeah oh well we will just see. So I have taken my remedies, if I had not had those remedies I would have been an absolute mess. We do a lot of Homeopathics just so that you know, we work with people who do Homeopathics, counselling and spiritual counselling and stuff like that to, channelled counselling. That's like I do and people who want to come and talk Songee or come and talk privately one on one otherwise we do Homeopathic counselling, that sort of counselling which you know I will work with people while I am integrated - I call it here.

We might be too stuffy can I open the front door a bit? Do you mind if I open the front door a bit? Just until I sort of get underway, don't know if I might be running a bit of a temperature as well.

Glass of water over there. If the jug runs out there is another one in the fridge, get it out put it on the table, help yourself. OK the loo is through there.

This is Elroy, this is Colin (These two dogs are Maltese), that's Kirsty the big Collie dog around the corner there, they always join in. Every now and again a couple of cats might come in, there is a grey one is called Misty, the white one is called Sever and then there is Tung Jen and Sever is up behind the back of the chair up there and we will just do a quick name round, I am Roberta-Margaret -

(And all the people introduced themselves to the group.)

Roberta-Margaret: K I have spoken to you on the phone, what experience have you had apart from you do channelled healing from home, don't you?

I do Crystal healing and I have sat in a development group since I was about 20.

Roberta-Margaret: Deep trance, have you been to anybody?


Roberta-Margaret: OK um what about you J?

I'm been out of the um, I have been in the dark for awhile, but years ago I was in a circle, healing crystals and the spiritualist church in F-road, um but I need to come back into the light, so to speak.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah right. Actually I know you and I don't know how I know you, but I know you. I know your name and I know your face but I know I have not actually physically met you but I do know you. And that often happens. I often meet people that I have known, and do know, so you are obviously here for a reason. Well everyone is, that is a silly statement everyone is here for a reason. However I feel this is a special reason you that you have been bought that's why I'm telling you.

I haven't had the contact with likeminded people for ages that's what I mean by being in the dark, I myself am OK inside and quite aware of my what nots but I haven't been amongst...

Roberta-Margaret: Um, have we got any of those back issues? Because I feel that J needs to have a copy of each of those back issues ('Heaven on Earth' the magazine The Trust was printing at the time). Because there is that story there about the house which she may find very interesting to read.


Roberta-Margaret: Now from my perspective of channelling, when I am talking to you like this I can be channelling, right I can be in touch with my Spirit People and I can past things on as they are talking to me or abusing me as the case may be. I have one wee friend her name is Sally and that is a picture up there on the wall. She looks like a little angel, don't you believe it. (Laughter) She is actually very good, but she is very irreverent and sometimes occasionally she will come and talk to people but most of the time she works and we go out together and we do things or she distracts me so I can go away. But she very often pipes up when I am in the middle of a conversation with somebody and she comes out with something quite, you know naughty and I have to sort of tune her out because I've got this, my brain is engaged with what I am actually saying then this other thing will come in you know from her where actually she knows what someone is going to say and she interjects just before they say it and it is absolutely hilarious for me but it's not hilarious for the other person because they don't know, so I have to apologize sometimes for her.

Um however I have got my Doorkeeper and Guardian. My Doorkeeper is Fo Yung and Guardian is White Eagle and White Eagle very often will come and sit, and house-sit, mind. (This expression is used when a Spirit Person comes into the body to care for it while the Soul of the body has travelled elsewhere. The body must be protected during this absence or it may be possessed by another soul.) I have also got one and two other people who will come and house-sit. In particular there is one other person an elderly lady called Emily, that was a rescue once years and years and years ago and she just pops up every now and again and just, you know, just sits here until I am retrieved from wherever I'm busy and they bring me back.

So on a conscious level I can talk to you and do the channelling however with a deep trance channelling it is different. Um I actually go away, I leave my body and I just disappear, I just go off and do whatever they want me to do. Um, and then when it's time to come back, someone says it is time to go back and I come back, right.

Now because this is a Songee night, because it is a Songee Gathering we know, I know, that when I go away that Songee is going to channel through. So there is no hit and miss about this. I know that this is the purpose of the gathering, so I know that She is going to come through. When this first started years ago it was sometimes, it would be my Spirit people would come through first and then She would come through. And I didn't always know, now I do. So I mean that's now that's it. That is the only knowledge I have, I don't have any knowledge of what goes on at the meeting. I don't know what you have asked, I don't know anything of what you said and I need other people to tell me what's been going on because my reality is not in this room - it is out there. That's the difference between conscious challenging and deep trance channelling. Sometimes She (Songee) will talk to you and She will open my eyes, sometimes She will not. It just depends on what She wants to do. So sometimes She will open my eyes and sometimes...

MMM Is there anything else? Have I got everything?

I don't believe so.

Roberta-Margaret: Right. Oh yeah in the event that you see anything, hear anything, you get any clairaudience and get any clairvoyance or you see any auras or whatever, um share it, yeah. Share it because you might see something round someone else here, you know. They would probably be very pleased to know, just like they see something round you they will, can tell you, and you know it's a sharing something where we interact. So I hope that people will interact anyway.

We Ok. We start with our Opening Prayer. We just sit quietly.

What sort of music you want?

What one do we want? (Roberta-Margaret is asking spirit this question) Um Fire Prayer, 5, 6, 7? We start at 5. I don't know. What we do is we put some music on, I use the music to focus on, I don't have to but I like to. It's actually quite nice, it's just relaxing and it just breaks me from talking with you and going into myself and going away and it's nice to have a little sing song - if you want to, dance.

If she gets to be a pest we will put her in the bedroom (the cat).

She doesn't look like a pest to me. (Laughter)

She's not going to be a pest.

She looks quite laid back.

Alright I've just taken some of these (Homeopathics remedies). Alright, alright don't nag me. She's (Sally)nagging me. Take some more she says.

Crystal Light of Love Poem

OK so I am going to read to you these words that are called The Crystal Light of Love, So it's always easier to hear things when your eyes are shut.

That sounds good doesn't it?

It's true. So if you would like to close your eyes.

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . . Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Then the music played. Everyone listened to this while Roberta-Margaret prepared herself to enter a full trance state to offer herself as a channel to Oneness.

Songee: I am here.

Hi Songee.

Songee: Greetings to you. So Songee have to take care of Organism.

(Laughter and Songee is smiling) Glad somebody can.

Songee: What have you for I this night?

Does anyone have any questions they would like to ask Songee?

Songee: Creating an Oasis

Um Songee I have a question. About a couple of weeks ago you were talking about this place as being an oasis, what are the essential - like you said that this has been created and this has been created and this concept and energy will go out into different places and create other oasis's, so what are the ingredients to an oasis?

Songee: First of all it needs to come the change within the individual and the desire to create such a place of rest. And also to create a place where others may come at will. Now this is the nature of the place of being in which you are in now, that any can come at any moment they need to come. It is only human - how for I say this for you? Human consideration for each other that makes you say, "Is it alright for I to come to be?" Is this not so?


Songee: However putting that to one side, you understand, you will find that there needs to be no consideration, indeed because when there is need for respite spirit will arrange it so anyway. You understand? There is - I have to watch for this, the voice box is a little, how for I say this? (Songee is referring to Spirit for assistance.) Not usual. So for Songee to speak it is making it a little, have to work more than usual. So now and occasionally sometimes Songee will make for energies to go - so. (It would seem that Songee will bring healing energies to Roberta-Margaret as required during the channelling.) You understand? That is just by the by.

Now the changes have to come within the individual. At the moment there is a transition taking place. A transition of acceptance, acceptance, and I'm speaking first for you about Organism not about everybody else because that is to come for each as you decide for it. There is a transition taking place between the knowing and the acceptance of the knowing that when the door is open wide there is no need for concern about personal need.

Now, upon your Earth you have among your concern that when you do this and you do that and you do something else and some more things that you are not going to have any of your Earth time for You own self. Is this so? And Songee all time is teach those in the beginning how you are coming into learning to work with Oneness and with Spirit that you need to honour your Earth Life. You need to honour your Destiny Path, you must balance your life with your Earth Life and that of Spirit - that holds true, that does not change. However as you learn and grow and develop you will find that the need to exercise this will become less urgent because your life will be all belonging to Oneness anyway. So your time for your own self will be there when you need it and have a needing for it and then the time for the openness for all will also be there.

Because you are tied to earth time while you are in physical body, this is how it is that yourself having to make time for things to occur in your life. As you learn to let go of earth time then you will discover that matters will begin to balance themselves out. To begin with there may be a semblance of imbalance, that will change, all you have to do is be patient. Now this is not something for everybody to do right now. It is something that you have to learn to grow into. First of all learn how to manage yourself in your Earth Life and how to be kind to yourself, for yourself. Learn about all the things that are within you - all your fears and doubts that act as blockages to your journey in the Light and your journey of working for Oneness.

More and more people now are being called to come and stand up and be counted in the Workers of Light. Everybody is needed. More now than ever before time. This I have given for you.

The Path of the Christos

Very often the journeys of your life will guide you into areas of seeming separation from peoples of your own nature. Remember the Path of the Christos, whenever you need to know where you are upon your life journey or any part of it all you have to do is to look at the Path of the Christos and you know where you are. Remember that on the Path of the Christos there were times when that One was separate from those that were with Him so that He could be alone to test His strength, to test His faith, to look at all the things that have transpired in the life and yet although being separate they were not disconnected from the Oneness. This One was still connected to Oneness you understand? And so it is with you.

You will find yourself travelling your path and it may be that you will have to go into the wilderness for awhile. And your wilderness may last for a few moments or it may last for many moons. Sometimes very many moons. There is no fixed time of Earth for how long you are in any one of these cycles of The Path of the Christos. You may also be in the cycle of being in the wilderness, perhaps in the area of your learning. You may be in the wilderness in the area of your emotions. And so on and so forth. However this passage of earth-time is just that, it is a passage of time, it goes past, and it will not remain. So know that all things are transient. All things, no matter how dreadful sometimes they may seem to be, always remind yourself that it is transient, it is going to pass. It will pass. You may not know when it is going to pass however KNOW that it will do so because that is the nature of it.

That is also true of the good things because the good things also pass because they go in cycles. You have something good happening and there is a beginning, there is a middle where everything is at its most perfect and then there is a decline as you come away from it. This is the nature of things. This is the Cycle of Life. Is it not? You go into the beginning where you have the Spring and then you come to the Summer and then you have the Autumn, do you not, where you come away from it, the gradual decline away from the peak of this and then you go into your winter. Now the Winter is not a bad time, it is a time of rest, a time for you to gather together and to look at all the things of the times that you have had. So the Winter moments of your life are not to be looked upon with great sorrow. Look on the Winter times of your life with a different eye now and see now in them the purpose behind them. It is a time of gathering together the energies.

Everything is asleep, it is resting gathering its power it has gone below ground to gather itself together for its new burgeoning into the new way of being.

And so your life, your spiritual path, your earthly life, the life of your land upon which you live, the land and the peoples on the that land - all are subject to this cycle of life. You know? Everything is subject to it. And the Path of the Christos just gives you a little more detail about it so that you can identify for you-self a little of where you are. Those that are here at Songee meetings are, you are in the spiritual part of your path where you are in effect where that One was sitting at the feet of the masters, you understand? I am not say Songee is master, I am saying that in the Path of the Christos that One went into the place where gathered together the men of the people that taught, you know how this is. And He went and was only a young child when He went to sit and listen and hear the words of the master's teaching. These were the peoples of the earth that were recognised by the peoples as being masters and teachers.

So for you, you are at this moment of your life, sitting at the feet of the masters in the Path of the Christos, you know, you understand this? So this is where you are, so when you look deeper you can find other places where you are.

On the physical plane, when you are sitting at the feet of the masters you are doing studyings of books, of other people's scribings, to do learnings for your earth life. Little Robin knows all about this, do you not? Little Robin have done much of this. So this is on the earth plane that you are sitting at the seat of the masters when you go to this place of learning and you do the studyings of the scribings of others. And so you can look at this path and find where you are upon it. And you can look at it and apply also to the peoples around you and those that are ruling your place of living. Those that govern you, these people also are undergoing the Path of the Christos. Your whole land upon which you live is undergoing this process.

Heavenly Message and Conception of Change

Now in the course of The Path of the Christos there is, first of all, there is one who comes to herald and bring messages that there is the coming of the Soul to the planet is soon to be. This one comes to tell everybody. There is the Angel of Light that comes to the Mother and says, Lo you are going to have child. You are bless-ed, bless-ed be you for the child you have is going to be very special to human-kinds, however the path will not all time be easy. So this message come and is given in your life and in this Path of the Christos you will find you will have a message will be brought to you. You will find that you will be, um how I say for this? You will be guided by your people in spirit mayhap, to listen or suddenly take notice of something that before time you have not taken notice of that will guide you into something else that you need to be, where you need to be of life. And this is your message that is being given to you. This is your Heavenly message, you understand?

Journey to the place of delivery

And then following that comes the journey. There is a journey of the Mother-to-be across the sands and across the land, to the place of counting, you understand? So that they have to come to be counted, to know how many of them there are, and so it will be with you. You will be called to be counted. Only when you get to the place of being sometimes there is so many peoples you cannot find a place to stay so you have to find somewhere and you will be guided to where it is you have to be, ready for your birth. Remember that all of this relating to Yourself not to just everybody it's relating also to yourself. So each little event you must look for yourself.

The Birth: A new way of being

So you have Your nativity on one plane or another or several at the same time. So you have your birth into the new way of being, into your new life, into something new. And while you are there others will come and bring you gift of life. It may be the gift of love, the gift of happiness, the gift of compassion, the gift of sincerity, of truth, whatever it is this gift. It may be something physical they give you if supposing it is that you are moving into a new place of living this is in effect a new place of being so it is as though you are having a new life beginning and you will have gifts bought for you, in your new place of living. People will come to visit you and see how you are in your new place of being and then you move from there because you have to have this moment where you have to flee, because when those wise ones come they bring the news that the powerful leader of the peoples where you are, wants to destroy much of what you represent because of fear within themselves. So you will find that there is this protection that you have, of forewarning of something so that you do not become hurt and you are able to escape, you understand? This is the process of The Path of the Christos and so you escape something on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual levels - one or the other or more of those. As so you progress along through the path, and all the different steps of it, you will pass through.

The Betrayal Death Resurrection

Until you come to Gethsemane, and you will all come to Gethsemane, you will all be betrayed, you will all find yourselves suffering on the cross and you will all be brought down and be placed in the tomb, you will all have a resurrection, you will all show yourself to the peoples, you will all have your ascension and you will return then back full circle back to the heralding and the nativity once more. And this cycle goes on from the moment of your conception until you complete this life cycle in which you are now and will continue when you enter a new life. And you can go through the cycle very swiftly. Sometimes it will take a moment, sometimes it will take many moments, sometimes it will take many moons. There is no earth time to govern it, you understand?

So understanding this you will learn to find where you are, how to look at yourself, how to work out where you are on your path, how to look at all the fears that are deep inside you, that prevent you from opening yourself up to become ready to prepare yourself and your place of living around to become this oasis.

Dealing with Empathy Respite and Healing

One of the things that do take place with many human-kinds and Organism is no exception to this rule, because Organism is human-kind same as you, and that is that as you move through your Path of Life, you absorb from around and about you many of the things that are happening to other peoples. For the most part most human-kinds will discharge this...


Discharge this in a number of different ways, sometimes they scream and shout, sometimes they go to sleep, sometimes they ignore it and hope it will all go away (a small dog barked) and sometimes they do what you talk about - taking yourself away from it and divorcing yourself from it for awhile. Now, most of you do this all the time because that is how you have been. Once every twenty five earth cycles of your years is about how long it is that Organism has to do this thing of taking away from everything because usually when absorbing everything it is passed on straight away and it is not left around to clutter up the aura and everything about. However at the 'about' this period of your earth cycles of time sometimes things get a little clogged up, so things need to be shifted and moved, you understand?

It's a long time between holidays Songee!

Songee: There is no requirement...

Oh good!

Songee: ...because ordinarily it takes that long before this event comes to pass so the next time need not happen until the next twenty five cycles of the earth. You understand?

No I don't.

Be in a rest home by then.

Are you saying about how some people say something in anger or something and whatever and we take it on board, is this what you are talking about? That they...

Songee: No that is not just it, everything that happens upon your earth life, all the things that come into your life to make for you happy, sad, angry etcs etcs, you know? All these things of living, when you are with other peoples, when you are bumping together a little bit of them bumps and sticks with you. Even whether you desire for it or not. When somebody is happy with themselves you feel it because it is in their life, in their aura around them and so it comes to you also, you feel it. When they are sad that also is in the aura you understand, and that also can bump into you and this will come a little of it into you and you will absorb a little of it, is a part of the sharing. Now for most people's there is a requirement to retain balance in your life you need to do something to take yourself away to cleanse yourself of all these bumping into peoples, you know? Now do you understand? So that, so that you can cleanse yourself and for this most peoples do for this.

So how would you go about doing this cleansing part?

Jump in the water. We were talking about cleansing a little while ago.

Songee: You do many things. You can go and cuddle the beast of four legs that stands in the field and eats the grass, you can cuddle the trees and you can get into the waters and put your hands down into the earth, there are many things that you can do to help yourself, to take yourself away. What happens is a little different with Organism and has been since conception because what happens is when Organism goes and is with and bumps into peoples whatever is there is absorbed, not taken away, because somebody's Destiny Path must have what they need however there is sometimes enough that is not required and it is absorbed. Now suppose that your level of physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain is constantly being refuelled and you are around Organism. When you are around at the beginning of the cycle there is no problem no difficulties you know. When you are around towards the end of the cycle then Organism starts to reflect all that is within you. All your pain, all your eccentricities and you will see a reflection of you in Organism, rather than a true picture of Organism, you understand?

What's this got to do with the twenty five years you were talking about?

Songee: Because when the cycle comes to its conclusion, to the twenty five earth year then the reflecting happens more often because there is a concentration of energies around that are coming in faster than are able to be dispelled. You understand? So you have overflowing.

Yes but that... following that line of thought it means that this is only going to happen possibly on 3 times in anyone's lifetime. From 0 to 25, 25 to 50, 50 to 75. I don't understand what you are getting at.

Songee: That is not in anyone's lifetime, speaking only in this instance of Organism. Oh OK.

Songee: And everybody, most everybody else this is how you go you take yourself away and divorce yourself from your environment, do you not? To refresh yourself. That is your naming for it. Is this so?

(Everyone agreed.)

Songee: So most of you do for this, do you not? Somehow. Organism does not, has not. The cycle is as I give for you, that is how the cycle is. It will not be required to come in such a fashion for another twenty five earth year. Doesn't mean that it isn't going to be, it is just does not have requirement for it because, what I say - everything is being cleansed out so that it can go back to being absorbing again and being dispersed. So there won't be more coming in that is being got out because the cleansing is taking place, you understand? Now do you understand?

(Some are OK yet many sound uncertain of this.)

Songee: So you must balance your life by doing your own needing for cleansing for yourself. Please you must do for this it is important you do for this. However look with different eyes sometimes at the things that transpire. It is only matters of the physical plane that will create disharmony, not matters of spirit in the life of Organism. It is the matters of earth only because in absorbing everything it is absorbing, Everything - all Your pain, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual as you are needing to discharge it. Not to take it from you because that would be to take your right of your Destiny Path away from you. That is not how it happens. However that exchange takes place.

So you, the cycle you were talking about like Roberta's is twenty five years, but is everyone else's cycle different?

Songee: That is so. So you will find your own cycle it will be part of your Path of the Christos. You will find when you are going to have your time of respite, your time of rest will become part of that. Look at the Path of the Christos because there are places there where the Christos goes and takes Himself away, away from the peoples, to have a rest. This will show you where your cycle is. So part of what I am showing you as you say to become an oasis you become an oasis within your own being and you spread that out into the environment in which you're living and then you also follow the Path of the Christos to show you where you are of your journey of life.

(Very long silence)

Songee: So that has given you much to consider. (Still no-one speaks.) Have you got any question?

Talking to cats

Songee I send my cat messages, does he get them? (These word come from a young boy present at the meeting.)

Songee: You send your cat messages does he get them? What do you feel? How you know whether you are being successful is when you send the message to your creature and perhaps you want for them to come to you. Does this one come to you when you call with your mind?


Songee: Sometimes, and other times?

He goes away somewhere.

Songee: Now you have to observe closely when you start to practice doing this thing. Because this creature that you speak of is a very highly intelligent creature and very independent. You do not own them you know? They own you! Did you know that?


Songee: Because what happens is they will allow you to cuddle them, they will allow you to feed them, they will allow you to let them sleep upon your sleeping place and so on and so forth. That is how they are. And what they do is they communicate with you with their mind to your mind and they train you.


Songee: They train you to do what they do what they want you to do for them. So when you get to know them and you start to talk to them with your mind back to them you will find that first of all they will be a little bit resistive. Because it is something that is happening on the about foot, you know? And what you will find is when you look at them and you ask for them to come to you for you to hold them, you send them a picture of them sitting upon your knees with your arms around and giving lots of love. You send this picture to them.

Now in the event that they would like to participate of this you will find that they will look at you and then after a few moments they will come to you. Sometimes they might not all time be ready to do this thing and they have to consider it first. So they will sit there and they will turn their backs to you and you will see their ears moving like this, and then the more time you send this message to them you will find that they will turn around and wash themselves, like this. Something need to be cleaned and as they washing behind they open one eye and look at you and then go back to ignoring what you are saying to them. And then they might lift up their little hands and wash their face while they consider it a little more.

(Everyone is laughing as Songee's picture is so real.)

And then they will sit there and you will watch and they will go (Songee makes a big sigh) and then they will get up and they will either come to you or they will go away. So you have to watch when you start practicing for this with this small creatures because every time you send message to them they receive it however they don't always want to do anything about it. So learn to be observant about this when you are talking to the small creatures. It is the same when you talk to the little wolves also. Although the little wolves are a little different they don't quite make you do what they want you to do in the same way. They are more gentle to be reached to you by them, rather than them training you to do what they want you to do. Having said that some human-kinds are very easily trained. And their creatures of four legs, their little wolves and the little tigers train them beautifully. Are you well trained?

(We agreed we were all well trained by our pets.)

I have a question about that Songee the cats in our house they spray (Urinate) everywhere. The house reeks of urine all the time and it is really unpleasant.

Songee: It is just because they are marking their place of living and saying that they are in charge. There is a battle going on of who is going to be in charge. It is one of the most difficult things that you can encounter and it is not something that you will stop very readily. The best you can do it to talk to them and tell them that you don't want them to do this anymore. The other aspect that you can do that most human-kinds do not find except able is you can urinate yourself over where they have been and then they will not come back for that because your urine is stronger than theirs.

That does not seem strange to me at all actually.

So are they in battle with each other or with us in the house? The humans or the cats?

Songee: They are in battle with each other because each one wants to have supremacy over you, over the humans, you know? You belong to them, not them to you. According to earth law, which you need to honour, they belong to you, so you have to do everything you can for to keep them well and feed, so on and so forth. However according to the law of nature you belong to them and they did not desire to be with you, they would not they would leave you. They would find somewhere else that is more pleasant for them to be. Such is the nature of these creature. They are not silly you know. They know when they are on to something good.

Someone's experience of evil

Songee I have a question. I had some friends come along a while back to Songee night um their experience was quite overwhelming for them and they described their experience as evil. They had reason to believe that you are Draco and they saw horns over your head. Could you explain to me?

Songee: Oh how fascinating. How fascinating.


Songee: They need to look inside them own self because this is the nature of the fear within themselves. In the event that this was so how would you be in your life, all the teach that you are given that comes to you is to enhance your life, to help you be better and improve your life. All the teach that comes to you is for this purpose and when you employ it and put it into your life this is what will occur for you. Songee have always say - all you have to do is - do it. Find out for your own self, apply it, take the truths and apply them into your life. Is this not so?

(We all agreed.)

Songee: Now when you look upon themself, these ones, and you look at the amount of fear that is within them, their fear will give them whatever they are needing to see. Of all the peoples that have been coming to meet and know Songee they are possibly the only ones, and I say possibly because there may be other that have not yet confessed their deep fears however those that apply the knowledge will find that they do not have these seeings, these feelings because they are not true. The only way that they can manage to find out the truth is to come and meet again and to find out properly. You have only to look at the behaviour and to look what was happening upon the life and the degree of fear within. To this end compassion and love needs to go to these Souls because their fear is so great, and the Dark One will work through that fear.

So all time I say to everybody and as such the same thing as this, come back again and come and see. Songee is not hiding anything from you. Is not hiding anything from anybody. When you feel the Energy you will truly feel it.

Could you tell me who Draco is? I have heard of the name I don't know who it is though.

Songee: It is the name of one of the demons.

One of!

Songee: One of. There are many names for different demons. Songee is not a demon.

I have not brought to you words of destruction, I have not brought to you words of chaos, not ever, not since taking the first breath through Organism and coming and speaking with you. Never have the word of darkness past the lips or been given to the people.

All the teach is for you to make for your life better. If you have any doubts or fears in your own being all that you have to do is to close your own eye, take a deep breath within you and reach out. Feel the energy for your own self. There is nothing hiding here. The one that is being given this name, this demon would not bring you the words of the Father to speak, would not teach you how to take into yourself the Light of Oneness into your being. Would not say for you that your healing comes to you from Oneness and would not charge you to receive the gift from the One that you know as Jesus, the living Christ. That one would not be able to speak the name.

Also the word that is given to the people of prayer to the Oneness. (The Father's Prayer) You know the One, "My Father who is in the Heavens, all holy is your name". This would not be able to be spoken by this one. You cannot be responsible for what other people fear, you understand?

(Along with Songee's teaching of My Father's Prayer She has given for us to say this prayer when we feel threatened by the Dark Energies as the Light created from saying this prayer is so strong the darkness MUST step back and so be repelled. The Prayer also realigns The Chakras.)


Songee: They must be responsible for their own fears. In the event that anybody else have the same fears then you speak to Songee about them, there is nothing to hide.

Thank you Songee.

My Father's Prayer

Songee: And remember the rest of that - that You are 'The Kingdom' that you come upon the earth, may the laws of Heaven be done in the Kingdom upon the earth as it is in the Heavens. Remember, remember to ask also - Give I this day the Breath of Life. Whatever that is for you. And forgive I all my inequities as I forgive all the inequities of others. And lead I NOT into the temptations of darkness but deliver I, deliver I from all that is evil, for I am thy Kingdom and I belong to You. And may Thy Will be done at all time, may Thy Kingdom do Thy Will at all time. Now and for all time and beyond, forever and ever for all time.

This is your words of praying to Oneness, is it not?

Its similar. We didn't have inequities in that. I've got trespasses well I ought to speak for myself. I know it's the same meaning but a different way, is that word your word that you use is that more used now days than it was using trespasses in days past, in the olden times?

Songee: Inequities are part of what you are speaking whether it be trespassing or inequities is the same thing. However the Power of this wordings would not be brought to you by a demon. You would not be being encouraged to speak these wordings of Light and indeed you have been encouraged to speak them, have you not? So you make your own decision for your own self and let others make their own for themself.

However Songee all time sends out a challenge.

There will be many detractors of Songee in the days to come. It is not for Organism to face the detractors. It is for Songee to face them and Songee will do so. You know this thing.

So it will be.

Now. What other is there?

Songee answers the unasked questions

Hello Songee I am Joy.

Songee: Greetings to you Joy.

And to you.

Songee: Joy of life, Joy of Spirit, joyful tidings.

I have so much there is to ask, but then I haven't. I wonder if you could tell me anyway?

(Everyone laughs.)

That is a very wonderful way.

Songee: I have already given you much.

Yeah you have.

Songee: However where you need to begin in your journey for continue your beginning. You are in the Path of the Christos now where you have encountered your, how say I for this? You have been in the wilderness in some respects of your life. There have been for you, in your life that create for you this situation, certain betrayals that have caused you to, how say I for... I have beautiful, (Songee is speaking with the spirit people who are there assisting her) that is beautiful. You are like the little fish that lives in the shell in the sea, what have we have name for this?


Songee: That is so little one but something special.

The oyster one.

Songee: Ah that is it. It is called Oyster, you have name for it and what happens is when it gets, when it gets frightened or it gets hurt it closes itself up like this.

That sounds right.

Songee: It locks itself up and hides, hides itself away amongst everybody else and hopes that nobody is going to find it until the 'fisher' man comes along. Who is the fisher-man?


Songee: Ah it is a little more special than that.


It is Jesus.

The Father.

Songee: That is the fisher-man, is also the shepherd is it not? And the fisher-man comes along and says, "Ah my dear little shell fish you don't need to hide yourself down there anymore, come I take you out". And fishes you out and says, "Come I show you something else, a new way to be. So you don't have to be locked away and afeared any longer. To show you how the path works so that although you may still receive the battering like the oceans coming at you, you will find that they will not hurt you quite the same ever again. They will not have the power to hurt you ever again the same way because your understanding will guide you into a new way of being for yourself".

So this is how the Path of the Christos is so important to know it and how it is important to know of the cycles of life. You have name for the Earth Mother do you not?


Songee is the Earth Mother

Songee: Songee is the Earth Mother so when you speak to Papatuanuku (This is the name the Maori in New Zealand use when they speak of The Earth Mother) then you are speaking to Songee, one in the same Energy, also is the same Energy that is the female part of the male energy of Oneness. So your names matter not. Songee has only bought the name - Songee, for you to have in this millieum. You have other names, you may use them, you don't have to be staying with this one. You can use the one you are familiar with and speak, the answers will come to you. They will come to you in the birds, they will come to you in the insects around and about you. The little things of life, look for the signs. Look for the messages of spirit in nature, around you.

You have within you a great ability to take the knowledge that is part of your heritage and to teach it to the little ones. That is where your path lies. Teaching on the knowledge to the little ones. The spiritual knowledge, the knowledge that goes back before to the time when the peoples came from over the oceans to this shore, the very, very first peoples that come to this shore. In one of your past living times your life was with those peoples, not with the peoples that you have now. The peoples that came afterwards are not the same. They are a different tribe to the ones that came first. The ones that came first that made this land their own have gone now, past, the memory and the history...


Songee: So I have to say again the wordings otherwise they will not have the wordings for what they want for their scribings. (Songee usually waits while the tape it turned over and usually makes sure that we do not miss any of the words during this change over.)

So all these peoples that came before, the history of them is only just now being given through the wordings, through the mouth of peoples. Much of the history of the peoples before has been kept silent. Much of the teaching has been kept silent however now it is time in the development of the earth and the progress of the peoples of the earth for this knowledge to be bought out and shared with others. It is not your responsibility to make others understand. It is not your responsibility to make others appreciate it. Those Souls that are to be enlightened will be brought to be enlightened and taught. There is much that you can do, that you can offer and teach in this way. You have here among you many who would like to learn much of these teaching. You may like to consider how you could share it through this means of scribing that is done with the peoples that you are among now at this moment. And you have here 'little one' the child) who is a Little Shaman that is ready and waiting for all the knowledge that can be given and taught. And although this one is not from the physicality of the earth that is of the peoples that came of this land, their, the ancestry is that of another land across the oceans. It matters not - no I am saying about Little Shaman. Little Shaman's ancestry is from across the ocean however the need for the knowledge is still there. To pass this knowledge on to all that you can no matter where their heritage is from. You understand?


Songee: And there is much work for you to do and any time you need guidance with it please just ask.

I do, I do.

Songee: However you have not had the confidence within you to take that step, now you have come to Songee this is your first step. Now you can got the next step. And the next one and get out with all the peoples and become confident in yourself, more and more. The more you do the more you can achieve.

Thank you Songee.

May I ask, you are talking about people that came before the Maori, were they the Morioris?

Songee: Oh before. Long before, long before them.

Wai... Wai... And can't quite get the right word for these people.

Songee: That is so. Organism was one of such in another life...

AH No wonder you knew, Organism knew me from before when I came in.

Songee: So this is how it is, the Organism have life living - how do I find for this? You have a beginning, a top and a bottom of this of your living and it is from the very top of this place of living that Organism have live before time.

(Songee is referring to the very top part of the north island of New Zealand, Spirit's Bay is the place where Roberta-Margaret has been most drawn to in this lifetime- 'Aotearoa' is the Maori name for New Zealand and means The Land of the Long White Cloud)

Oh right, right.

Songee: So Organism belong to the peoples of there from before time and of the land of that place. So that is many, many, many earth moons past, many life times have passed since then. Not in this life-time of course, however. So you have to look that far back, you understand? And those peoples travelled the earth, they crossed many waters and settled in many places around the world. And everywhere they went they told the story of their passing and of how they came from the stars, to the earth. You know this?

Yes, it's in there somewhere.

Songee: So the peoples that I am speaking of came from the stars, it is in their heritage, in their knowing and the stories of their peoples. And as they travelled around across the waters they took with them and shared the knowledge and they took it and made it into beautiful things around them where they make shapes in the woods of the standing people so that they could be seeing the story of their journey. (These are Songee's words for trees - the spirit of the tree stands in 'Heaven' long after the physicality of the tree has gone from the earth.) And this is part of the heritage that came to this land. And then the other peoples came to the land and for the most part there, the peoples that came first were absorbed into the other tribes until you have the peoples that you have now.


Songee: And more, and it has not stopped, it has kept going so that now you have many peoples that came from across the oceans to this land and have been absorbed by the tribes so you have now many different mixes of bloods among the peoples of the land. So that they are not separate anymore. Everybody is one big family, when this is accepted by all then there will be peace in the heart. Until then there will be ups and downs, and pushings and shovings. So that is the short version!


(The young boy asks something not heard.)

Just a moment. I need to be certain first that everybody have finished having their question answered before we go onto the next one, you understand?

So what else would you like to know, anything else?

Sai Baba

Ah I have a burning desire to ask you, well not a burning desire, but yes I'd like to ask you do you know Sai Baba?

Songee: Do I know...

Sai Baba.

Songee: Not of a person, I don't know however as an energy Sai Baba knows Songee. The energy is connected as are all the energies of all the Shamans around the planet, are all connected together. The energy of Songee connects with them all, is one with them all. They have connection with Oneness, Songee is the feminine aspect of Oneness. So it the same. Songee is not here to magic things out of your air for you.

No. (Laughter)

Songee: Songee is not here to say that you are going to be great magicians in your life or have great wealth in your life, is not here to give you the fortunes of your life. Songee is here to bring you teach of how to live in peace. How to be in harmony with youself, with Oneness, with each other, with the Universe, with nature, with all things of this nature. That is how Songee is come to be, to speak, and to bring to you the healing energies of Oneness. By touch, by word.

Channelled Healing Energies

That is beautiful, I have certainly been needing some.

Songee: And as it is required, and as you speak a need for it - So Be It.

And you close your eye now and take within your body the deep Breath of Life and feel the energy coming to you now...

When Songee teach the healing that is channelled from Oneness Songee teach you always to speak of being only the channel, never being the one who does the healing. You are not the healer, you are the channel, for it. You are the instrument for it to take place. As such when Songee teach this healing that is called by I 'The Dance of Love' because it is the love that has no strings. It is the Dance of Light, Love and Compassion. Songee encourage this, the touching of each other, hands onto body, because human-kinds are starving for human contact. You have boxed yourselves into corners of fear where touching each other is such a big taboo in your lives and so you need to relearn how to touch and be touched with love and compassion and respect and honouring. So Songee always teaches you how to touch and to be channel for healing energies through touching. However you don't have to touch to the healing energies to be given to you. You understand?

Which country does my spirit come from?

Now, I am going to answer Little Shaman's question and then your earth time is to be watched. Is it not? What is your question Little Shaman?

Which country does this person that my spirit was... (Rest of words could not be heard.)

Songee: Which country! Oh we had better go back much further than that because to answer that your very first life on this earth was when you came with the peoples from the skies and at that moment everything here was all one land. There were no separate lands when the peoples came from the sky. That is going back a very long way. That was your first earth life. To go back further than that would be a bit too complex, you would have to go back to other planets and that is not for this moment, you understand?


Songee: Your first earth life was when you came from the stars and you came with the people and you came to this place of living and all the land was one land.

What was the name of this place?

Songee: The people from the skies?


Songee: Xanos. Xanos. Your letterings - X a n o s. Xanos. You have it? So that's how far back you have to go. That far enough?

Now your earth time?

Is all gone.

Songee: All gone. Because Songee has not been giving you much of your earth time for this for your doing of the channelling of healing energies please do share your energies among each other after Songee have leave you. The Energy of Songee will still be here with you even though Songee is not here speaking with you, you understand? So please do share with each other as you feel a need to do.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power, the Power of Knowing for yourself within your own being. Thank you little woof (The collie dog Kirsty had made a soft groan.) Knowing the Power of Light and Love within your own Souls, to Light your way of your Path of Life.

So Be It

So Be It Thank you.

(Songee leaves the body of Roberta-Margaret)

Just to conclude the Crystal Light of Love the words are -

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love
to burn bright within your heart,
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
and bring forth its brilliant colours of light,
To drive away the darkness from your Soul,
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns with her experience of being in tornadoes and taking people over into spirit. Helicopters and troops in a dry dusty place like Africa where there was to be another outbreak of the abola virus. Much pestilence on the planet, Songee has given in a recent channelling that The Four Horsemen were loose on the Planet now.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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