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Destiny Paths

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Destiny Paths'
A Teaching from Songee 2nd December 1999.


Songee - Song of the Earth
Crystal Light of Love
Work of the Warriors of Light
How to combat the Dark Energy
Path of Enlightenment
Finding lost things
The Council of Twelve
Karma and Forgiveness

This Public Meeting has 8 people present and we were at the home of Roberta-Margaret-Margaret's in Auckland. The aroma for this night was Lavender.

Roberta-Margaret is asking a guest,

Have you been to anything like this before? I mean channelling. Do you know anything about it?


Roberta-Margaret: Um.

What I have read, put it that way.

Roberta-Margaret: OK. Um have you had any psychic and spiritual experiences, like seeing auras or encounters of spirit or anything like that?


Songee - Song of the Earth

Roberta-Margaret: No OK. Um Songee is not a spirit person. She is the Energy of our Earth Mother and um other things. She tells us She is the female half of our masculine Heavenly Father that She is the female half of that. And She calls Herself the Holy Breath as well but the name She has given us to use is Songee. She says that there is the, She has come in this millennium to speak to people and to teach people.

And the word Songee means - Song of the Earth.

Oh is it.

That is beautiful.

Roberta-Margaret: Yes She told people, The Song of the Earth which is interesting. Now for me when I go away I'm not here, I'm out there. My reality goes outside the room so when you talk about what's happened, which I'm happy to hear what's happened, if you tell me. Oh no thank you. I can't really respond because I don't know what you've been told or talked about. But I am quite interested to hear. And when I come back I just take a few minutes to sort of get myself together and be grounded.

Right well. Ready.

Sit down behave yourself. (One of the dogs is playing up and being naughty.)

Roberta-Margaret: B is getting worried you know, he's going to go home in a minute.

Yeah OK if you all be quiet I will read these nice words to you, and it's a good idea to actually shut your eyes because it means you can hear the words better with your eyes shut.

Crystal Light of Love

So darkness leaves the land and light is born,
And soars heavenwards
Then dives into the hearts of mankind.
The truth of light within the crystal doth lie
To drive away the demons of your soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
The knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind,
For reason, it is blind.
It leadth you astray and further into darkness.
Put aside your reason, the mind that tells you lies
And hearken to the light, the crystal light of love
For within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this, only you.
Crystal light, so bright, of many hues
Piecing through the darkness, allowing none to be,
Only light, crystal light shall be inside of thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle I give to you
And know its truth of crystal light
Remain inside of you...
Be at peace.

A track of music is played while Roberta-Margaret goes into a full trance offering herself as the channel for the Songee Energy.

Songee says, I am here.

Greeting Songee.

Songee: Greetings to you. So as you have been making playings of your Earth Life you have very short earth time, however let us see what we can manage with all of it, perhaps we can put much into it and find much to gladden the heart.

First of all perhaps to look inside yourself and to ask yourselves that sometimes these manner of happenings come to take place upon the life and how they come to be there and whether or not you become disconcerted about them or whether you open your arms and embrace them. So always perhaps allow youself to be gentle with yourself and follow the energies that are guiding you. Is this not so?

Now have you any questions for I?

Work of the Warriors of Light

I have some. I have a friend who has asked me to ask on her behalf as she is very deeply concerned about something that is happening to her partner and how she can best manage it and whether or not their relationship is going to continue?

Songee: AH This is a time of great trial however there is message for all peoples that are to be given very shortly and Songee will give you a little peep at it.

At the moment surrounding all of you there are energies of Light that up until this moment they have been buried beneath the Earth. They have been slumbering, asleep. Their presence in the world has not been able to come forth until now. They have had much to learn, much to prepare themself for and now the time is coming for the emergence. This emergence is going to be true of all those who are in the Light, who are working in the Light. The powers of Darkness will lose their strength and will have to retreat in the Light that shines upon them. They will not have the strength to stand up any longer. Now this is going to be true of all beings that follow a Dark Path.

There is a requirement that all Souls follow the Path of Destiny that they have set for themself before time, before coming to the Earth plane, before being born even. Everything upon your life has been arranged by you before you come to this Earth.

Foundation Stones - read them, very important.

Because when you remember these, everything that you have you can measure by the stick of the Foundation Stones. I have speak to you before time about measuring sticks. And the Foundation Stones are the measuring sticks for you for many of the things and the conundrums of your Earth Life.

So there is a Path of Destiny that this is being fulfilled, you understand? This one of whom you are speaking, there is a path that is to be fulfilled. There is also a path that others are walking whereby they are instruments, tools by which the Light energy functions and works through to protect the immortal Souls of those that the Dark Energy would like to take for its own self. Intervention has already been taken to ensure that there is a Warrior of the Light standing between the Souls that require protection and the energies that would like to overtake it.

Now the Soul is, that is being spoken about, is not aware on the conscious level of the danger in which they are. They are living in ignorance of this, so there is no deliberate attempt to work with the dark energies. This is how it can be, and this is how it is that the Warrior of Light can stand between the two forces, between the Soul that is at risk and the Dark Energy and those that are being used by it, you understand? This gives you a little clue, about the Destiny Path because there is no need for interference with the Destiny Path. It is part of the Destiny Path that the Soul will be protected because there is within the heart a goodness in the Soul. There is no desire to work with the Dark Energies, there is no desire in the heart to do bad or evil things, so there is innocence, and the innocent are protected by the Warriors of Light.

That is it, very simple. So this is a good lesson for all of you learning to be Warriors of the Light, is it not! I am looking at you.

Yes. I don't know who you are talking about!

Songee: That's alright you don't need to know who I am looking at you because you are to be Warrior of Light, are you not?


How to combat the Dark Energy

Songee: So this is a good lesson for you to learn. You know when you are to be Warrior of Light and you know when you are not interfering with the karma or the Destiny Path when you have an innocent, someone who is innocently embroiled in something that you sense deeply is of a negative influence. Make note of it.


Songee: And then you have to stand between that energy and the innocent and you say, "Oh no you don't. You have to go past I first. Go away." And you be very firm about it. And make no mistake you have to be very firm and you have to have no fear. Very important, no fear. Healthy respect yes, no fear. So this is how Warriors of Light function on the Earth plane and assist those who have requirement and need of this particular form of intervention. And the Light that is directed is not directed with anger, it is not directed with vengeance, it is all time directed with love so you say, "No you are not going to have this Soul, be away with you." And then you be channel for the Healing Energies of Light and you send it to them. You understand? And you ask for the Healing Energies to surround the innocent also and in this way the Dark Energies have to go away. They have no other recourse, they must go away. You cannot vanquish this, you cannot annihilate it. It is there at this part of your awareness for you to learn from. You don't use any of your gifts, any of your talents to cause hurt or harm to other peoples. Always sending Healing Energies of Light for healing, for situations for peoples.

Now the time ahead for this is shrouded in mystery for a very obvious reason. Songee is not able to give you the answer, although Songee already knows the answer, because to give the answer will endanger the process that needs to take place because when people know too much about what is coming in front of them they have a tendency to attempt to make things happen before they are ready for it.


Songee: Very common mistake. And when things don't go accordingly as they would like it to go they get very upset and very cross and who do they blame?


Songee: Songee, spirit people, Oneness - anybody but their own self. So Songee does not all time give answers to every single thing because sometimes you don't really need to know the answer. You may want to know it, you may believe you need to know it however in knowing it you may trip yourself up.

You came to this Earth with no memory of your life in front of you for a very good reason. It was so you would not interfere with the plan that you set for yourself. Nobody imposed this upon you, you arranged it for your own self. All the ups and downs, the bangings of the toes on the boulders, the fallings over and the bumping of the nose, the fallings over and the sittings down on your behind selfs - all these things that happen to you in your life you have arranged it before you came. And for many, were you to know what was in front of you when you were born you would immediately want to climb back and go back where you came from and you wouldn't fulfil your Destiny Path.

You wouldn't fit either.

Songee: It would be a little bit of a bother would it not. I don't suppose that Mumma would be too impressed. So it is very important that for the most part you have ignorance of your life in front of you.

The Path of Enlightenment

Now as you grow and you start to develop some instincts and some intuition and some sensing about things. This is because you have arranged to do it of course and you come to a point of your life where you want to do something about this. You want to learn to understand it more, you want to get better at it, you want to become more attuned, and so you begin the journey to the Path of Enlightenment.

The Path of Enlightenment, as that one said many moons past that walked the Earth, the one you know as Jesus (Songee says this as Jayzeus) this one, this one said that the straight path was often very difficult to walk. The Path of Darkness was often very broad and very easy to walk, and that is very true. Path of Enlightenment requires of you - diligence, dedication, focus, practise all your lessons, and You are the only one that can make You do it. And also to learn about where all the holes in the ground are that you could fall into on your journey. Learning how to recognise them so you don't fall into them. You don't need to fall into great holes because you do a very good job of digging your own and putting yourself in the first place. So you don't need added holes to fall into do you?

So learning where these pits are that you don't fall into them, so that you learn how to practise your talents in safety and surety of mind, heart and soul. That you are sensible on the physical plane with all the things that you, that you do with your talents. You understand?

So the answer is to this one that I'm not going to say about the life partner and whether or not they are going to be together or not, this is something that will unfold itself like a flower in front of them. However the protection is already in place. All that needs to happen now is to keep a careful watch.


Songee: And to resist the temptation to interfere. That is so.

Thank you very much. (There is a long silence.)

Songee: This is your Earth time, does anybody else want to have question?

Finding lost things

I would like to know where my wheat sack is please?

Songee: You want to go searching for things? Ask your people in spirit to assist you. Songee does not go looking for things for people. You learn how to find for your own self with the assistance of your own people in spirit.

Yeah ... (Some words not able to be heard.)

Songee: This is a very important lesson however, because peoples very often come to ask Songee about - are they going to have new home to live in, are they going to go to new place, where will it be for them, how long will it take before they get there and so on and so forth. This is not Songee's task to come and give you this information.

You have the ability within you to know for your own self. Songee is here to teach you how to know within your own being and you come to learn to trust yourself and your own intuition and your own people that work with you in spirit. And to help you to find your way back to the feet of Oneness because many peoples of the Earth have lost their way to the feet of Oneness. And that is Songee's task. Sometimes there is a need in the heart of someone to know of a loved one that is passed into spirit. Perhaps they are heart sore for their loved one. Occasionally when that Soul that is in spirit also is wanting to say to that one who is heart sore, "I am alright, I would like you to know that I am alright", then that Soul will present themself sometimes to Songee and say, "Please would you say to my loved one..." and then Songee will do so however not at the request just like so. Because the Souls of those who have passed into spirit have a right to continue their journey, they have left the Earth life and they have gone forward now into spirit and they have a task to fulfil when they return to spirit. Part of that task is to review their Earth life, to look at all manner of things that they have achieved in the life that they have given to themself, that they have just left. And they need to look at these things and ask themselves have they learnt them to the very best of their ability. Were there parts of it that they could do better or are there some aspects of it they have not learned at all well.

The Council of Twelve

And this is when they go and speak about it with the other Souls in spirit, they go and speak to the Council. There is the Council of twelve that they go and speak with, some of you may have know of this I have spoke of it before time. Some of you may not. The Council of Twelve are beings of light who have lived many life times and transformed themselves and no longer have earth life. And these beings of light council those that would go for earth life and would like to review their earth life. Have I given you this teach that you remember?

I've heard it before. Do you know it?

No I don't.

Songee: There are many misconceptions about the Council of Twelve. There are many, how say I this... mysteries and great emphasis is placed upon the Council of Twelve by the peoples of the Earth. Many times often they are referred to Master and the peoples of the Earth, some of them often believe that these Masters of the Light will come and speak through them to the peoples of the Earth. THIS IS NOT SO! They do not speak through the peoples of the Earth. Their function is to council the peoples of spirit.

So are these the people that are, people that are around down here refer to as the Ascended Masters?

Brotherhood of the Light is that it?

Songee: There are many names that have been given to them, this is part of it.

Right they are the same.

Songee: There are many myths, mysteries.

So are these people ... (Words spoken very fast unable to understand what was said.)

Songee: Before you ask about who are they really channelling, first of all ask yourself what is happening to the ego self of those who are channelling this energies.

It has obviously been inflated quite dramatically. Very famous and tra la la.

Songee: Also to it gives them a great sense of self importance. All those people that are with you in spirit, your Doorkeepers and Guardians these are the Souls who have lived lives with you before and have come to be with you in this life to function with you as you Doorkeeper and Guardian for the duration of this earth life that you are living now. These Souls are as light and pure as any Soul that is in spirit. Even the ones that belong to rapists and murders and other such wicked peoples - I heard that. So it is not the responsibility of their Doorkeepers and Guardians to ensure that their people of the Earth live lives of purity. Their task is to ensure that the Soul is protected while they are enduring the earth life time they have come to live. Not all those that do these wicked deeds are evil beings. Some of them have become distorted in their perception of light - I come to that in a bit more further along, some other moment.

So the Doorkeeper and Guardians will assist you in the things that you need to learn. They will give you the inspiration, they will give you the ideas that you need to have to manifest upon the Earth that which you need to know of your life. They will guide your footsteps, an you let them!


Songee: Most of the time you don't allow them to guide you! You too busy controlling things for yourself, "I'm in charge of this life." Nobody said you weren't. You planned your life, you came into it, of course, this is your life and you must live it to the very best of your ability however part of that is to be open to the guidance of the Light Energy, the Light of Oneness. Oneness sends the energy of Light through all the Doorkeepers and Guardians, the Guides and Helpers, to assist you in your journey through your life. It is very simple, it's not complex at all. And you don't have to be a channel for some great being, is that not so? All your people in spirit in their own way are great beings as are you yourself. You have the potential to be great beings within yourself, in this life time. You don't have to wait for the next one. You don't have to wait until you return to spirit, you can be great in this life and greatness comes from loving, giving, being open and giving love out. Opening your heart, that is where greatness comes.

Is that not in your Destiny Path?

Songee: That is so. There are many Souls of the Earth that it is not in their Destiny Path for that to happen. There are also Souls that are born on the Earth that - this is the other side of this, that have had many life times working for the powers of Darkness, understand? There are Souls that have been born into darkness not born into light. They come to the Earth for the purpose for creating disruption, disharmony, chaos and to bring to other Souls disharmony, disruption, chaos, to entice them from the light into the darkness and indeed these beings, these Souls come into a life for the purpose of this.

May I ask another question. If your Destiny Path is not to be attracted then that's not going to happen? There seems to be too many conflicting back swinging.

Songee: So you have a Soul that has - perhaps take one that has been just speaking about, the Destiny Path is there is karma, karma that the Soul has not yet paid back. Before time we were speaking about somebody, you understand? And that Soul that was being spoken about I'm saying to you, you have to take this a little on trust. So the Soul concerned that has been attracted by the Dark Energy has an innocence however they also are walking a path of karma. In a time before, the life before they walk the path of darkness, they were enticed away from the light and they walked a path of darkness. They recanted before they left the life and returned to the light and have come back into this life in order to learn how to be strong and to resist the temptation to be drawn into darkness. Now the test is taking place now whereby they are being introduced to that part of their Destiny Path that is going to test their strength in the light. Part of the assistance that that Soul has requested is that they have a protection to assist them with the process. That they not be aware, consciously of the protection that will be given to them...


Songee: They have in innocence pursue the tasks they have set for themself and the path is too learn how to resist the temptation, how to learn to be strong in the light. That is part of their Destiny Path.

But if they fail to learn that then what is the controlling factor for the Destiny Path or these other issues?

Songee: There is already written into the Destiny Path where it is going to go. Songee cannot give where it is going to go because to do so would be to interfere with the consciousness of the peoples that need to work in innocence.

I'm not specifically commenting on the whatever it was that C asked, I am asking in general terms. Either there is a Destiny Path or there isn't. And either there is karma and you either having accepted before you came here that you would or you would not accept in this life time.

Songee: That is so.

So what is coming out of some if the things you are saying, to me, is that there is a Destiny Path and then suddenly it is being flicked this way and flicked that way. So either there is or there isn't a Destiny Path.

Songee: There is a Destiny Path that everybody follows however you have to follow it in ignorance. Songee is giving to you a little bit of a peak behind the energies of how it comes to pass. So when you look at the Foundation Stones that I give you before, it is a measuring stick, nothing that happens upon your life is something, is anything that you have not already arranged. Also too nothing will happen that you are not able to function and manage for yourself. So when you put this measuring stick against all the conundrums of your life you will find your Destiny Path. The Destiny Path is also following the Path of the Christos where you are encountering cycles of a pattern throughout your life, that is already written and put into the weave of your Destiny Path. Sometimes someone may weave into their Destiny Path that they will have a test of darkness, they will be tested upon whether they will be able to resist the temptation.

Now they will also have written the weave that they will succeed in resisting temptation or they will have written into it that they will not succeed in resisting the temptation. In the event that they have written that they will succeed what is not written in is to what degree they have managed to resist it. That is the part the is not woven in to the Destiny Path. In the event that they have written that they will not succeed again which is not written in to and woven into the Destiny Path is the part the says to what degree they didn't meet the requirements of the test.

So does that mean that we really have no choice in what, if it pre-organised...

Songee: By You.

Then you really have no choice in where you are going or what you are going to be doing, it has already been pre...

Songee: That is so because Songee have say-ed this many times that although human-kinds believe that they had a chose in life, many times they are presented with situations where they believe they are going to have a choice of things, that this is truth an illusion. This is the truth - it is an illusion.

When you learn to walk the Path of Enlightenment and you learn how to walk with Oneness, you learn to open yourself to whatever is to come. You don't worry about whether your earth time is seeming to disappear beneath your feets because there is always a reason for it. There is always something that needs to happen, you understand? And when you allow Oneness to be in your life, to be completely in your life then you will find that you have no need to worry about choices. The illusion of choices of life because you will find that the doors will open that are meant to open and the ones that are not will remain closed.

Why would you choose to not succeed?

Songee: Because when you are in spirit you have a different perspective of life to the one that you have when you living it. When you living it you are trapped in a space of time where you are in earth life time and you are trapped in a physical body and you are bounded by the laws of Earth in which you live. When you are in spirit there is no time, there is no space and the laws are very simple, very direct. And you have a different view of life. In spirit your view of life is that you are coming to the Earth to learn, to teach, to grow, to be a carrier perhaps of light to others and to learn certain lessons that you would like to learn, to - ha that is a very interesting words thank you I will use that (Songee is speaking with spirit) - to experiment and your life is an adventure, to a certain view - of experimenting with many of the experiences that life can offer you. The many different vagaries of life can bring you many learning things. So from spirit when you look at life you are not involved with the emotions of the earth life, you look at it as something that - "That might be interesting to do, I wonder what it's like to be born with no eyes. Perhaps I will be born with no eyes in this next life. And what will that do, oh that will do raise many different things, many conundrums. I am going to have to learn many different things from this." And so you begin speaking with the people that will assist you on how you are going to manage this life without eyes. You will talk to the Souls of the parents who are going to be there for you, or not there for you and ask them, "Will you be content for to have a child that has no eyes in this life or cannot see." And they say while they are in spirit they say, "Of course that would be a very interesting thing to do, I will do that with you, I will work with you with that so that you will learn and I will learn much from that also." So when you are in spirit you don't have the emotion, you don't have the pain that the Earth gives you, that the emotion of Earth gives to you. You understand?

So the perspective is very different. So when peoples come to the Earth they come without knowledge, without fore-knowledge of their life. This is a special blanket that is given. There is a veil that is put down on the memory of the Soul when it is first born into the Earth body so that it will not be afeared of the journey that is in front of it.

Karma and Forgiveness

So if a child for instance a child that has been abused and dies at a very early age, do you, they have already spoken with the person who is going to do the harm and that person has agreed?

Songee: In some instances the Soul that is reaping the karma of this will have arranged with the Power of Light for somebody to be the giver, the one who is going to deal out the karma. Now, very often the karma is between the two peoples, the two Souls that have karma with each other from a previous life. Mayhap the one that you see that has been abused as you say in this life, in a life before mayhap have been the one who hurt this one, that then becomes the one that deals out the learn in this life. So in that respect you have that happening. And I talk to you in a moment about the karma because you will not have had this teach although it is a teach I have given before, you may not have know it. So the karma has been arrange between those two Souls in spirit, "Well I did a bad deed to you, I have to pay back the karma, are you ready to pay back the karma to I?" And the other Souls says, "Yes indeed I want to pay back the karma so I am going to come."

Now the crucial lesson of karma is forgiveness. When you learn the lesson of forgiveness and you will have woven it into your earth life, into your Destiny Path to learn this lesson you will have learned how to break karma when you learn how to forgive. Now the secret that Songee have come to teach everybody is how to forgive, how do you forgive somebody of such a dreadful happening in the life? Because when you are living on the earth life these dreadful thing hurt, the emotions of people that come to hear of them or who are involved with the loved one this is happened to and this is how it is to be. This is how it is meant to be. You cannot divorce yourself from emotion of the earth plane, that would be very wrong, you are here to learn.

The breaking of karma comes when the Soul says, "No more I am not going to have vengeance in my heart any more. I am going to forgive." And forgiveness comes when the Soul and the Souls of those involved can say, "Well Oneness this was a most dreadful thing to have to live through in this life and I am hurting with it but thank you. Thank you for all the lessons I have learned from it, thank you to the Soul that has come to live the life and to expire in this way, thank you for this gift you have given. And thank you to the one who has given the possibility of this gift so it was the executioner of this. Thank you for all the lessons." And when the thank you comes from the heart to Oneness then forgiveness happens naturally, it just happens and the light shines and karma is broken. There is no more karma for those groups of people to come together, to act out these scenes anymore in a life time, it does not have to be anymore. You understand? This is the gift, this teach of forgiveness is woven into your Destiny Path for you to hear it, so that then you can take it away with you and ponder on and learn how you might play it in your earth life for all manner of things of your life because it is A Truth I give you.

And A Truth will stand the test of time, it will go from the time before, to the time now to the time to come. So you apply this to everything and you will find that when you apply the gift of the truth of forgiveness that you open yourself to Oneness, and let Oneness into your life and into your heart and into your everything that you are doing then karma will cease to have the same power. And I have spoken before time, have I not about how you can come to this teach and it be part of your Destiny Path, it is woven in, and that when you take that step and give your whole life to Oneness from the core of your being to the exclusion of everything else in your life you give you whole life to Oneness, then, you will step off your Destiny Path, because you will have transcended it.

Now to do that requires great strength and faith and trust within your being, within your Soul.

So if you have stepped off your Destiny Path, you have then got free choice again?

No you have Oneness choice.

No I find this very, very complicated.

Songee: You may find it a little difficult to absorb into your mind. It is something that you need to absorb with your heart rather than with your mind. Though the mind will help you make reason of it. That is not always possible, you have to open your heart. When you give your life to Oneness this is, this is the difficult part because human-kinds are very jealous of being in control of their lives. They are very jealous about saying, "I have a life to live, this is my life. I want this, I want that and something else to happen in my life. I want to make this happen I want to make that happen," and so on and so forth. And you are entitled to have that because that is the Destiny Path you have woven and the emotions of the life that are woven into the Destiny Path. The teaching that comes to you in also woven into your Destiny Path. Now what is not woven in is whether or not you will take it up in its completeness, in its entirety. That part is not woven in.

Are there any other parts that aren't woven in?

Songee: It is, it's very simple, the bits that are not woven in are the degrees to which you learn the lessons. The degrees to which you take up the teaching and apply them in your life. Many peoples come to the teachings, more people are called to hear the teachings as part of the weave of their Destiny Path. Very few are chosen to let go of their Destiny Path in so far as they are not be able to take that last step and let go. All time there is the cry of - "What about family, what about friends, what about my workings of life where I earn the coin of life, what about health, and wellbeing of the body, what about all the things that I wanted to do with this life, what happens to all of that when I give it all up for Oneness?"

Remember the teach that that one that walked the Earth many moons past gave you, that it is easy for the animals with the humps on its back to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go through the gates of Heaven, remember that? This is the meaning of it. The human Soul that is embroiled in the life finds it hard to let go of these things of life and to work with Oneness.

OK so we have got this Destiny Path and now you are going to give it all away to work with Oneness. Now what I can't understand is either you have got a Destiny Path or you haven't. And what you have just said to me suggests to me that you are going to make, the person is going to make a decision to move away from their Destiny Path. Now oughtn't that be in the Destiny Path in the first place?

Songee: The decision is not woven in. What is woven in is the opportunity to hear the teach that will lead to this place. Now the decision as you call it to give the self back to Oneness is not woven into the Destiny Path. It is left open to the Soul to make the final step. It is not a choice it is a step that the Soul comes to a recognition on the Earth plane so in spirit this recognition is not required, it is already there. On the Earth you are working blind, you have not knowing so you have to come to this point of recognition of acceptance within your being. And this is the struggle that takes place within you and in other human-kinds, the struggle to come to the feet of Oneness.

Now the extension of this is that when you do take that step and your Soul does make that connection, makes that recognition, that realisation and is ready give up everything of life and work for Oneness, Oneness say, "Bless-ed Be." And the life that you have then takes on a new perspective because the light shines on it. The lessons of life may continue, the karma will continue to be repaid as long as it is requiring to be repaid. Your requirements of honouring your life will still be there the difference is that the burden of it will be lighter. It will be easier to walk the path than it was before. Before you would have walked the path perhaps often with a heavy heart, when you walk the path with the light of Oneness shining on it you - for the most part - will be able to laugh at the vagaries of life as it comes to you. Not laugh in derision, to laugh in joy and amusement at sometimes perhaps your momentary foolishness and how it could be before time you would have been very upset about something and now you are not so very upset because you know Oneness is walking with you and guiding your footsteps and the burdens of your life would be lighter for you.

Can you explain Oneness to us?

Songee: This is, this is an Energy of Light that is Creation, that you know as Creation. You have name of God for this. Other peoples have other names for this Energy of Light. So you have whatever name that is for you the right name, you want to say God you say God, you want to say Allah you say Allah, you want to say Oneness you say Oneness - whatever. It is what is in your heart that you and your concept that is in your being.

Thank you.

Songee: So for example the Destiny Path when you reach the point where it is woven that you have the teaching of coming to the feet of Oneness and this is what happens to many people. They come to this path of the teaching and the teachings says - Give up everything of Earth and come and walk with Oneness and they stop, in their tracks. They stand still, their bottom mouth drops down to where their knees are suppose to be and they say, "I can't do that. How can I do that? I will have to leave behind my family. I will have to leave behind my friends. I can't do it." That is the part that is not woven as to whether they can meet the challenge or not. What is written is that they will be given the teaching to enable them to meet the challenge supposing they find it in their Soul to take the step. In order to be a Warrior of the Light you have to take this step and when you have taken this step it doesn't mean that your lessons are all finished because it often heralds the beginning of deeper lessons.

(Much laughter.)

Songee: More lessons, lessons of the Soul, lesson that temper the strength of the Soul that make it stronger in the Light than ever before and then when the Soul returns to Spirit eventually it can look back on the life and say, "Well my goodness I did manage to make the step and look at what a learned, look at all the manner of things I learned and look at all those different places and peoples that Oneness sent I to be with where the energies flowed for healing for these peoples and places. Look at them all, is it not amazing?" And you will look at it from Spirit in this way.

Because when you give your life to Oneness, Oneness says, "Thank you, at long last I am so pleased you have come back to I. Come I have work for you to do. I have lots of work for you to do, there are many Souls that need you to be there." So on the Earth you become for Oneness an Angel incarnate, so to say. Not true Angel you understand, a true Angel is different again, they are different beings however you become as angelic being to others in that you are a channel for the Energies of Light for them.

Now how are you still with this Destiny Path, are you still struggling with it?

I don't want to continue it thank you.

Songee: You are angry.

Yes because you are selling the sizzle not the steak, do you know about that?

Songee: No I don't. What so you say is sizzle, what do you say is steak.

Selling the, oh never mind it is too difficult to explain. Its um, I'm still hung on you either have a Destiny Path or you don't and nothing that you've said to me shows me differently. I haven't been able to understand what you are saying because either you do or you don't have ten bob each way when you get to a certain doorway.

Songee: That is where you humanise is taking you. That is where your mind is carrying you to this place of being. It is maybe that you have woven in your Destiny Path to come to just this point and now you have got the challenge. Are you going to give your life to Oneness or are you going to continue with yourself and your angers inside you?

No don't start saying that I'm angry. What I am saying to you is that everything I have ever heard you say is, it's your Destiny Path, it's your Destiny Path, now we get this little point where suddenly it isn't your Destiny Path. Now I can't accept that. I can't accept that suddenly on one line, on one point you suddenly allowing people the freedom of choice. And never anywhere else are you allowed the freedom of choice. I find this quite strange.

Songee: So where do you see there is a freedom of choice in this?

Where you get to this point where you either do or your don't give yourself to Oneness. And this is what you are saying to me. Now this seems to me that suddenly your Destiny Path has stopped and you are given a choice.

Songee: The Destiny Path for your Destiny Path has not stopped. The Destiny Path continues however your burdens on will be lighter. What happens is that you come to a point of learning where this is woven into the path...

Yes I don't want to talk over the top of you but as soon as you get to that point you are getting a choice.

Songee: The Soul comes to a place where it is able with the knowledge that it has got before time, not to make a choice but to come to a recognition. There is a difference between choice and a recognition and an acceptance within the Soul. What you are speaking about are matter of the head not of the heart. And as long as you are locked in your head you will find that your heart will not be listened to. When you reach the point where you heart can speak itself and allow itself to open up to this then you will know inside you and there will not be the same difficulty that you have at this moment. You have not yet reached this point that is the reason you have this difficulty. When you reach this point you will feel it inside.

Those that have reached that point of their part of their life where this have been woven in, and they reached this point this is the part that I speak of that is the degree to which the acceptance of the Light into the life. That part is not written in. They will continue their Destiny Path. They will not stop their life, they will not stop working with Spirit, they will not stop exercising the talents that they have learned to the point that they have learned them, they will continue to exercise those things in their life. That is already still woven in. The degree to which the will exercise those talents in their life is not written in. That is not a choice, that is a result of something, it is - let me say first supposing you now have now as a result of this teaching, you will find that you want to open yourself to the Doorkeepers and Guardians and the peoples in Spirit who work with you, you will embark upon a path of enlightenment that will be part of your Destiny Path that you come to this place to hear the teach so that you can embark upon it. As you are travelling this path of enlightenment you come to this place where you don't want to do something, perhaps very simple things that happens to people that are working for channel for healing energies. Mayhap they don't like touching people or don't like other people touching them - this is very usual for many people. The teach is woven in to the Destiny Path that you will receive the teach of how to touch people, how to make contact on the physical plane. That you can be a channel for healing energy this was because peoples of the Earth need physical contact - safe, kind gentle, physical contact. The Souls, the beings of human-kind are crying out for it. Now supposing you come to this point and you hear this teach, and you hear it but you don't accept it in here, in the heart, you don't accept it. You don't see any reason for it, any point for it, you don't want to do it, it is something you can't reason out you don't see any reason for it so you make decision in your mind, I not going to do it, don't see any reason for it so I'm not going to do it.

Being a channel for healing energy has not reasonableness in it, it just is. It is something that comes from the heart, the Soul, and as a channel for healing energy when you offer yourself as a channel for healing energy you say to Oneness, "Here am I, I would like to be a channel for healing energy whatever is needed please let I be the channel in this way." And the healing energies will come through and go to the peoples that are needing it.

Now the beautiful thing is that in the event that the peoples need to be touched then they will be touched, in the event that they don't need to be touched then the healing energies will go to them anyway however on the physical plane people of Earth are starving for the touch of other human Souls.

What has that got to do with Destiny Path?

Songee: Because there is an acceptance that has to come within you about allowing yourself to be channel for whatever is needed. The letting go, the letting go of the control that your mind is dictating to your heart. It is the same things as when you come to this part that I am speaking of before time. When you let your mind go and let the control go and let your heart speak the truth, then you will walk the path of Light with Oneness.

If that is not in your Destiny Path it's not going to happen.

Songee: The opportunity for it woven in. Your acceptance of it is not woven in. The person who does not want to be touched when they are working as a channel for healing energy may continue to not touch with their illusion on their mind - "I am not going to so therefore I sharn't. I won't". Their ability to be a channel will be - I have not the word for it, (Songee is speaking to Spirit) give me word for it, I not want to make this small, it is softened, muted is the word I am given. It is muted by their control that they are using in their mind for this to take place. When the acceptance, which is not woven into the Destiny Path takes place within their being then the doors open and the energy will flow more freely. There will not be the same soft, muting, muting of it, you understand?

Now, it is woven into the Destiny Path whether someone is going to follow the path of enlightenment to a certain point of acceptance. It is woven into the Destiny Path that they will use their talents. What is not woven in the Destiny Path is the degree to which they will use their talents.

I cannot explain it for you any clearer than that, the acceptance that needs to come because until you feel the acceptance you will not truly know it. You have experienced part of that acceptance within your own being, when you learn to be a channel for healing energy, and that acceptance opens you up, it then means that whatever you do, whether you put your hands upon another or whether you hold them in your mind kindly, and in your heart with love, and send energies out to them - that is when they are not with you in the same place of being on the Earth. You know within your being that because you are open to the Power of Oneness that that is going to reach for them. And it is not something to do with the head...


Hear of it, no time anyone want to have listen of it, you understand? (Songee is making sure that all the words She speaks are on the tape for people to hear in the future.)

So the acceptance of yourself to be a channel for healing energy, the acceptance and overcoming of the (resistance?- unsure of this word) to touch another human-being and to learn all the lessons that these brought up and the emotions for you, the acceptance is the part that is not written in to the Destiny Path. Being a channel for healing energies is written in, using your talents is written in. The degree to which you use them is not. That transcends the Destiny Path. It is as though a light that shines on it and illuminates it and makes it brighter and lighter and warmer. Do you understand a little? It does not take away your Destiny Path.

Perhaps someone else has a question.

Songee: You have closed your mind and you have closed your heart so will proceed with something else with somebody else until you reach it is your own place of being it will have to remain there. When other want to ask we can discuss it some more, for your own self you must sort it within your own being and all the lessons that are coming to you as a result of it. The lessons are written into your Destiny Path. The degree to which you learn them is not.


Songee may I be greedy and ask two questions?

Songee: Oh as many as you like.

First one is I put out to the Universe for a spiritual teacher and now I want to go further on that path, um how do you see me progressing in this area?

Songee: You have reached the point now where you are ready to move on into a deeper level of your enlightenment and that which I have been speaking of this night is just as true now for you as it is for other people so that as you come into this teaching, the teachings will show you what it is that you need to do. When your heart is true to following the Path of Enlightenment then you will indeed follow it. You have saying that you have asked Universe. So the Universe for some is Oneness, the Universe for some is God Power and that will be answered and has been answered for you else you would not be here. And this is what we were speaking of Destiny Path because the path of destiny it has been woven in for you to here, to hear the talk, the teach.

I understand. I think you just talking to me all tonight.


That's how we all feel.

Songee: You have to speak as in to you as for when you say that is how all of you feel, that is not so true. However...

We all feel that way except S, is that the case?

(More laughter)

Songee: You will discover that everyone will have different degrees of acceptance of it and that is what is there. You, you hear the teach, you all hear the same teach and you will all absorb it in slightly different ways, you understand? And then that will lead you a little further along your Path of Enlightenment. It will cause you to ask questions in your mind and in your heart, it will guide you to go deeper into your being, into yourself, to find out about yourself. The Path of Enlightenment is part of that enlightenment is learning about yourself. You learn all about yourself, all about your strengths, your weaknesses, your fears, your need to control your life and where you need to control it. At the times that you believe that you have not done this for a long time and you are not doing it anymore and then - low, a test is given to you to show you that you were erroneous in your belief, that you really have been attempting to still 'control' things. Now we speak, instead, of managing things rather than control. Control is something that is from the mind and it is ridged. When you manage something you take it to the feelings, to inside you and then you feel it speak a little more for you.

When you go to make a step for something and it 'feels wrong'. There is an old saying of Earth - when in doubt, don't! And the doubt comes from the fear inside, doubt is fear. So you feel a little fear it comes in here and you say, "I feel this feel this fear what is it, where does it come from. Am I frightened I am going to fail? Am I frightened I am going to succeed?" And you look at yourself. So the Path of Enlightenment requires that you look inside yourself. Are you ready to do this thing? Are you ready to do this thing?

Oh Yes.

Songee: This is something you have to ask yourself, you say this to yourself, "I might find out things I don't want to know about myself. Am I ready to face all these things? Am I ready to face all the deepest fears that I have? Am I ready to face all the mistakes, or seeming mistakes that I may have made in this life? Am I ready to face them and look at them and perhaps learn the lesson of forgiveness by saying Thank You? Am I ready to say thank you for all the terrible things that have happened upon this life?" If so you will find the Path of Enlightenment will open its door wide for you.

Now, you might consider continuing to meet and come to the teach with Songee as you are now. You might consider the teach that the peoples give that have their meet in this place of living. You will have to speak to Little Mother about this.

I've got all the brochures.

Songee: So you might like to consider this things because you are sitting in a place of teach already, a place where teaching is already happening.

So is that not an item of freedom of choice?

Songee: Which bit?

The bit where you said that this lady can consider whether she does or she doesn't? Either she is on a Destiny Path or she has the freedom to consider. And this is what I don't understand.

Songee: Very well. Songee is being very careful not to give too much about what is ahead in the life, to say what they must or must not do. They have to come to their realisation for their own self. This is not choice this is realisation of the Path. When they open themself up to the Energy of Oneness, working through the people of spirit then they will find that the door they are meant to walk through will open. The one they are not meant to walk through will close. The information that has been given is being given so that they have the opportunity to consider it. Considering is a way of looking at something and looking at all the different things is part of the learning, part of the Destiny Path of learning. Because when you learn, when you look at these thing you learn to look at these things, this information will be given to you, you understand? You then have to say to yourself, "What is it that these people are doing? How do I get to know more about it?" So then you say, "I had better ask questions. I had better find out something about it." And you begin a process of discovery, do you not? You discover whatever you can, as much as you can. And then what Songee says to you is - Feel inside you whether this is the right moment of your life to embark on this mission. You have already asked, this is an answer you have been given.

Now the degree to which you accept the answer is not written in the Destiny Path. The Soul may say, "I accept that this is the right thing for I, however I am a little afeared to do it just now." And this does happen with peoples. They come to their place of enlightenment, their place of recognition of acceptance and yet are not able to take the last step on that little bit. And that is how it is. There is no right or wrong about it. No-body is going to shake a big stick at them for not taking the step.

That is not the point that concerns me.

Songee: I know it is not.

It's the point that whether it is the freedom of choice or whether it isn't, and I wonder what other circumstances are there what we are going to use for degrees again. Because this is shades of grey, I am looking for blacks and whites.

Songee: Then you are going to have to keep working on it because I am only going to give this I have given so far and the answer is just as true now as I gave it before time. Now supposing I say to this one over here - you are going to come to the classes.

Which I already do.

Songee: Pretend you are not.

Oh OK, I am not.

Songee: You are going to come to the classes. It maybe that you have been asking can I come to the class, can you find something and what happens you get bought to find the teach of Songee somewhere or you get to meet somebody, Organism or somebody else who guides you to the place where the information is given to you. And you say, "Oh I don't know whether I want to do that, Oh I don't know whether I want to do that, Oh, Oh." Supposing Songee came along and say to you - You are going to do it! That doesn't stop you still having inside of you, "OH Oh, yes I will, no I won't, yes I will, no I won't." It doesn't stop that at all because the faith, the trust has to come from within you. You have to find it for yourself. No-one else can give it to you. I cannot give it to you, nobody else can give it to you. You must find it within your own being.

So she is going to make a choice.

Songee: No. Not a choice.

I don't get it.

Songee: You are limiting yourself to one thing. You are not looking into the acceptance within the being. The Soul's acceptance.

For example B, um its woven into your Destiny Path you decide to take up the teaching and then it's up to you as to how far you want to go with it.

So that is a choice either you go this far or that far. Surely that is a choice.

Songee: That is what you are seeing it as.


Songee: That is how you are seeing it. And as long as you see it that way you are going to hit this barrier.

I can't see how you can explain it or see it any other way because it is a fact.

Songee: It is according to your mind and your reasoning it is so, however I am saying that it is not it is different and until you find it in you, I cannot argue it out of you. You must find it for you inside you. I cannot make it be inside of you.

If you are going to walk 4 miles, or you are going to walk 10 miles you make a choice. Because you are talking about degrees.

You may decide to walk 4 miles, then you may suddenly find the strength to walk 10 miles.

So you choose.

You don't actually choose, you simply do it. You get to the point where you do it.

It must be a choice. You decide to what degree you are going to do something.

You are not consciously saying I am going to ...

Conscious or not it is still a choice.

No it simply becomes a way that you just do.

I don't see it at all.

Songee: That is your difficulty, this is your difficulty, it is something that you have.

I have taken too much of your time on this subject, so thank you for your explanations.

Songee: You are very diplomatic.

Songee what about people who feel that they are ready to learn but also feel like they are coming up against, and I am talking about myself here, against a not so much a barrier but, for instance I used to dream quite a bit, I don't dream anymore. In the last 5 years I what maybe I dream but I don't remember and I've only remember 2 dreams in the last 4 years which I've told B about in the last few months, that were very significant and had meaning to me but other than that I don't remember a thing for the time I put my head down on that pillow until I wake up in the morning. Whereas previously I did.

Songee: So what you have to do is to go back in your earth life, the memory of your earth life, and discover for yourself what transpired upon your life that contributed to your path that you are on at the moment. You are going to a time of transition now. Everyone is coming to a time of transition, however looking at your own self you have come to a point where you have been - word I have for it is isolation. Your spiritual self has been a little isolated from the spirit connection of Light. Um How am I going to give you this? Because it was written you have had a time of separation. A time of, being in the wilderness, you understand? Now you don't stay in the wilderness forever because there is within you, deep within you, in your unconscious being, a little knowledge that this is time to change. So you know somewhere inside you, it's time for change and there is a sensation within you to say, "I have had enough of this, I don't want to do this anymore, I want to do this differently."

Now this feeling comes from the Soul's recognition that there is a need for change, you understand? There is a recognition, now, the energies that are around that are influencing everything around you are calling to you to meet the challenge of this transition, this change and your being is responding to it because it also knows that it is time for change. So there comes to the consciousness an awareness coming up from I don't want to do this anymore. Greetings little one. (Songee speaks to one of the cats, Tung Jen, who are present in the room.) And so you ask the Powers of Light whatever your concept of them are, "Please I don't want this, I want to change it different, How can I make it different, show I how to make it different." And so what happens? What happened when you asked for this change?

You made a choice! (Much laughter) Sorry.

Songee: What happened when you asked for this.

Um I came here!

Songee: Somebody say-ed to you, did they not and you got to hear how to come and how to get teach, did you not? So you were guided to walk the Path, this Path. This Path will give you all the information that you are asking for. It teaches classes of people about how to use their talents in this craft of spiritual development. You have also in the same place, you have meetings of Songee where teach also takes place, a different way of it however it is still teach. Soon to come is to be another time when you can come and there will be healing that is channelled, that is all that is going to happen. There will not be the speaking teach that you will hear this night. And that is the night that will be coming that will join the other things that are taking place. There is written information that you can, you can have to look at. There is the scribings down that go to make what is this thing?

Extramural study course.

Songee: Not this thing, that thing where you put all the stories. The stories that go into it and the teachings.

The Newsletter.

Songee: That's it. You have this you can look at and read. You can put for yourself your own inspiration that comes to you from your spirit peoples and Oneness. You can offer this and be part of it. You can join this movement in the Light.

Thank you.

Songee: It is there for you. You asked to it and it is there. Now it is written in your Destiny Path that you would come and hear this and you would come and know of this, that you would have it offered to you. What is not written is how far you will walk the path into accepting within your being. You will accept to a certain point then you will get stuck. Everybody does! This is normal, everybody does and then they have to go inside themself, look deeply inside, find out what it is that is making them get stuck. Sometimes they talk to Songee, sometimes they don't. When they talk to Songee they get unstuck quicker, when they don't talk to Songee they get stuck for a lot longer.

What She does is kicks up in the soft place.

Songee: What you have is not choice, what you have is an acceptance within yourself of the teach. And when you resist the teach then you stay stuck for a bit longer.

Now I don't know whether to make a little tease and tickle you or not. Perhaps I will not. (Comments unheard, lots of laughter.) It's not you I am going to tickle, it's the Wise One I would tickle.

You can accept the path that you have been shown by feeling inside you whether it is right for you. Now whether you accept part of the path or whether you accept all of the path is going to remain a mystery until you tell somebody you are going to do because you will have to look into your heart and you will have to examine for yourself, this is part of the process that everybody has to do. Some peoples make the process very quick, some peoples take a little longer. Understand? And some peoples come to the class and they only come for a short while because of many different reasons of life - life says to them, "You cannot do this thing it is interfering with your wants." And they use their reasoning to say, "I want to do something else so I won't do that just now. I want to be somewhere else." Nobody shakes big stick at them, they go and be somewhere else. They have accepted the teaching to just the point and then they don't accept it any further than that point but they continue to teach and to practise what they have learned to the point. And that goes, travels with them.

So Songee is not going to let slip the mystery of your acceptance or not, or the degree of your acceptance of the information that you have been given and will be given, do you understand? You can surprise everybody. Songee won't be (word unheard) However you can surprise everybody (word unheard).

When you imagine you have a choice, please close your eyes and take a deep breath inside of you and ask Oneness to show you, "Shine the light please Oneness on the door I must walk through."

And that which is not part of what you are to be will fade away and where you are meant to be will become illuminated. That does not mean you are saying, "I am going to go through there or I am going to go through there." There is placed in front of you a conundrum whereby you are, in your mind believe you have to make a choices. When you work with Oneness and you ask Oneness there is no requirement for you to trouble yourself about this seeming choice because it really doesn't exist. That will fade away, that one will stay. Or that one will fade any and that one will stay. Supposing you have four of them, five, twenty five - there is still only one path that you can walk through the forest.

Meditation will help you to find, learning to exercise your talents will help you find it. Practising with your dreaming and to assist you with your dreamings get yourself something to scribe with and to scribe down and when you go for your sleepings at night ask your people in spirit to help you to remember please when you wake up, the journeys you have made. Don't give up, no matter how long it may seem to take for you to remember.

These talents are like a muscle of the body that require exercising. You have to learn how to warm it up, use it wisely and then close it down to rest. And that is part of the teaching that will be given in the classes that you come for, is that not so? You learn how to open yourself up, you learn how to do your work and you learn how to close yourself down, and that is true of all the things that you do. It is all part of the process, the discipline, the hard work.

So what of your earth time now?

Well gone.

Songee: So Songee is going to leave you now with many things to consider and remember that when you consider things you consider them not just with your mind and consider them please also with your heart, take them into your feelings of what it is and when you are feeling something inside that you are frightened, ask yourself what it is that you are frightened of. Are you frightened of not succeeding or are you frightened of succeeding. Are you frightened of letting go of the unknown, stepping into the unknown, what is it? Face your fears, that's part of the process too.

Well I cannot leave you all on a happy note, you have much to learn and much to discover for yourselves, however I will leave you with the Power to help you find yourselves the Power of Light, Love, the Power to open yourself to Oneness. This Power for you will help you to open yourself to Oneness when you accept it into your being.

So Be It

So Be It

Just to complete the words we began at the beginning about remembering the Crystal Light -

And to remember to allow the Crystal light of Love,
To burn bright within your heart,
And may the light of the Oneness
Strike it, and bring forth
Its brilliant colours of Light
To drive away the Darkness
From your Soul ...
Be at Peace.

Songee fades away from the channel. White Eagle overshadows to prepare the channel for Roberta-Margaret to return to. She had been away having fun for a change, sitting on top of a mountain looking at things and being warm.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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