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Changing Behaviour

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Changing Behaviour'
A Teaching from Songee 3rd February 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
The Dream
Afeared of the energies of Spirit
Aroma Oils
Colour Meanings in Meditation
Moving into the Dream State
Deja vu
New Behaviour for Relationships

The Group including the children and the dogs have gathered together at Roberta-Margaret home in Auckland. The Aroma oil this night was Lemongrass. When everyone was settled the Crystal Light of Love Poem is read.

Ready to close our eyes please, ready - coming or not!

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The Music is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.

Songee: I am here, greeting to you.

Greetings Songee.

Oh my goodness.

Songee: That was already foretold that you would do this thing.

I apologise.

Songee: So what have you for I this night?

Songee is my Mum going to get the house she wants to get in Massey?

Songee: Oh you do ask such ordinary questions of everyday that really you are going to spoil the fun if you have the answers, are you not? Let it be a big surprise of what happens and where you are to be. All very exciting you know. Part of the Adventure of Life. Songee does not tell fortunes. This is part of the picture of telling fortunes you know.

The Dream

How about a dream? (Laughter)

Songee: In what way?

Well I dreamt about these two big black snakes that were about twelve feet long - two men lengths long - and as wide as a man. And I had been taken captive by the person that supposedly to own these two black snakes. And although they were very tame and gentle snakes he threatened to send them after me and the person who had been captive with me, supposing I attempted to escape. Then later on in the dream when I came back to the house with a child, the son of this particular man that was holding us captive, the man had gone away and he had put the snakes in these big clump bags and left them on the lawn and I was very disturbed about well we can't leave the snakes in that bag for the three months or so however long this man was going to be away. So I know that in some instances the snake can represent the Kundalini power however they were being used to hold me captive and then they were in this bag and I can't quite put that together. How come?

Songee: All time through history of your planet and the peoples on i,t the symbology of the snake is that of sexuality.


Songee: So you are looking at a situation of sexuality and the being held captive and being, feelings of being threatened by sexuality. So you are having to look at all this.

Oh that is interesting, I hadn't considered that perspective of it.

Songee: It is interesting that you did not take the opportunity while the snakes were confined to escape yourself.

Um Well I didn't take the opportunity because I took on the responsibility of the things that were there, like the child.

Songee: So this is something to look at is it not? And how turning the thing that was of a threat to feeling concern for 'it' safety and wellbeing as suppose to seeing it as a threat was a shift was it not.

Oh I see. Yes. No it was not a threat, not a threat. I felt very sad for them and quite attached to them.

Songee: So there was a shift from however they were going to be used as a threat for you, remember? So you now looking this how it has changed from being a threat to being ah - benign. Your shift of focus. So look deeply into that.

And then there was a cat that had kittens but it had what we call milk fever, it was unconscious with milk fever and that was part of the end of this as well. And I was attempting to help this cat as well.

Songee: Cats are usually representative of females, catty females.

True. (Laughter)

Songee: So you are looking at some catty female that is unwell. What is the condition that create this thing in the first place - this condition of with the milk.

It is over production of milk in the stages of lactation.

Songee: So you are looking at the babies have been born. So the babies represent many projects. And remember this is aspect of your own being also, so you are looking at the birth of many projects and you are looking at the energies that are needing to come to sustain and nurture this projects, however there is more energy and - how say this? The energy that is coming is being drawn from the own self to feed the projects rather than it coming from Oneness so that it is depleting the energies of the mother, you know? So this is how you look at things.

And with me being the mother of the projects, I allowing myself to be depleted by using my own energies.

Songee: Using your own energies too much. Very simple when you look at it this way you know.

It's difficult, I'm actually finding it difficult to remember to turn the switch. To switch myself off on Oneness on as it were.

Songee: It will come with practise. Everybody is caught up in the old habits, the old ways of being, you know. And they forget that they are not omnipotent. There is only one Omnipotent Power and that is the one that you need to have your side you know, so ask for it and it shall be given to you.

Thank you Songee.

Afeared of the energies of spirit

Songee: Now before we continue I am going to address something that is going to be of an encountering within all of your lives and you will come to other peoples in your lives with these difficulties. You will find that they are going to manifest around you and their faces are going to come and go because of this matter. And it is about fear. Peoples are very fearful, they are frightened within their own being of the things that they are not sure of, and of the things that they are beginning to get a sense of great magnitude. And that they get a sense of it they begin to become afeared, afeared of what they don't understand and what they don't know.

For many, many moons past in the history of your peoples there have been lessons given to the peoples of the Earth that have conditioned all of you to a certain way of viewing yourselves, your lives and the peoples around you. This has had a great bearing on your spirituality.

I'm going to pause for a moment because you are going to have to make for your portals to be closed because there is going to be some water come from the skies.

So OK. I'll fix it.

Songee: Now, already you are encountering different peoples that are becoming aware of the energies of spirit around and about you, however these peoples are going to experience as a result of their contact with this energy, a great fear. And the fear is born because within them they have been conditioned from bring small childrens that all these things are not good you know. So this is how you will find them.

There is nothing that you can do to change how they are. You cannot use words to speak to them, to make them change how they are. They have to find their own way in their own time, remember you are not responsible for their Destiny Path. They will have written into their Destiny Path that they are coming to learn the lesson of how to overcome this fear. You can only give them the information and then wait for them (Kirsty the big Collie dog barks) to - There is something that is not quite right and this one is let you know about it.

Yes that is right.

Songee: So they are coming to learn this lesson, the peoples, so that they can learn to master these fears within them. Now imagine, you are all reasonably content with the concept of Songee. In your intellect you have accepted the information you have been given. Over earth time that has passed you have experienced the benefits of the teaching that have been given to you and they have manifested their benefits in your lives and so things have begun to improve for you.

The peoples that you will encounter in your life are not giving themselves this opportunity of time. They are only touching the energy briefly and then in the touching of it, it stirs the Soul. The Souls recognises the Light, recognises the Power however because the ego is so fearful it gets in the way. Do you understand? This is what is happening with peoples, many peoples around you. So this is how it is that many peoples come and meet with Songee and sometimes don't come back. Not because they are saying Songee is nonsense, it is because within their being they have a sense of the Power and it frightens them because it is on a level of awareness that is beyond their control. They cannot control it. Do you understand? And that is where they are frightened. They are frightened because they cannot control it. Also too they have lived all their lives with many, many stories of great beings coming to the Earth and doing miraculous things and creating many great, special events. And so they have a great...


Songee: No! That is not quite what I am looking to say. There is a combination of things, part of them is in awe of it and the other apart of them doesn't want to believe it. Sceptical - thank you - this is word I been given for you, sceptical. So you have this where they have their Soul is in awe because it recognises the Power, and then they have the brain that steps in with the ego fully intact and it starts to take over and be in control. And what happens then is that it locks out the intuition. It locks out the Light that would like to break through and so it blocks and they cannot do it. And all that happens is that they go into this spiral of fear. 'I don't know whether I want to do it. I feel very funny in my middle self. I don't want to go, yet when I get there I am alright I enjoy myself.' Other things that are say-ed by people are, 'I couldn't be bothered going to do... I am too tired. I need to sleep.' Etceteras, etceteras, etceteras. And all these are excuses of the mind, most of the time. I'm not saying human-kinds don't get tired, you do however this is because you are living on your earth energy when you start to use some of spirit energy at the same time you not get quite so tired that you would ordinarily. So practise using yourself to open up for the energies of spirit to come and work with you in your life, your everyday life and it will free you up of this tiredness. I digress a little.

Now these peoples that are afeared, you have to wait for them to return to you. You cannot go seeking them. You cannot go out and look for them.

I have two at the moment that are so full of fear they can't even lift the phone to us.

Songee: Songee already knows about this.

I would love to reassure them but I can't, I am not allowed to do that.

Songee: Songee already knows this. Songee already say-ed for this was going to transpire, so here you are, waiting now. And there is nothing you can do to change it at the moment. So there are going to be very, very more of these sort of people that will come to you and will encounter them in your life. Do not take inside yourself the action of these others as a criticism of youself. This is the lesson I am bringing you. Do not take inside youself their inability to respond to the Energy, The Power of Light as a criticism of youself and your abilities. Do you understand? It is important you all know this thing because you are going to encounter many of it.

It would be very easy for you to say, 'Oh what have I done wrong? Did I say something I ought not to have say-ed? Have I got to find out what is happening with them?' And so on and so forth. No. You must wait. You must never ever use your energies to force your spirituality, or the concepts of your spirituality upon others. When they ask given them answers. When they argue with you, or attempt to argue with you - don't argue back. Say, 'Well that is how it is for I, you be however and howmsoever you need to be for your own self however respect that I am going to be my own self also.' Because what you will encounter in this area of your life is that the peoples that are most keen to ask you questions have the greatest fear inside them and they will do their very best to attempt to let you know how bad you are. How dreadful you are and what dreadful things it is that you are doing in your life. And how dangerous they are for you. And then they will leave you with these energy of darkness and doubt and fear that is all their own. It is their own. It is what they have been conditioned to have inside them.

And when you have those who come to you to speak to you about Jesus (Songee pronounces Hayzeus) and come to say to you about the working and deeds of this, this Soul. You know enough. You have encountered this Soul for your own self in your dreams, your waking dreams on the spirals of your journeys, have you not?


Songee: So no one is going to be able to take them from you because the knowing of that is now in your Soul. You cannot have that removed from you by anyone. This means that your strength and your faith in the Oneness may be even more powerful than their own. This their Soul will recognise and this is what is going to bring them to you in the first place. So it is like the sword that has two edges, you know. On the one part it brings them to you and on the other part the very nature of their fear causes them to want to destroy you. However in order to be preserving your integrity don't argue, let them have their way. Do everything you can to be of great assistance where ever you can be and wait.

Magic word this - Wait! Wait for your Spirit People to guide you to the next step. They will tell you when it is time to open the mouth and to speak and let them speak for you. Don't you do it out of here, (Indicates the head) you know. Let the words come so that they can be spoken to bring healing and change for those that are needing it.

Aroma Oils

Also too look to your environment of life where you are living, where you are having your place of earning your coin of life. You are not responsible for anywhere or anybody else, however in your own place of being where ever possible make it a sanctuary. It does not have to be a place of cold functioning. Give yourself the pleasure of the aromas from the flowers you know and the plants and the trees. And the different resins from the trees, give yourself the pleasure of this in your environment. You don't have to make it so that everybody has to be, you can have it just for your own self. Anybody walking into your space will immediately feel the benefits of what you have around you. And it will make for everything to be more calm. It will dispel the negativity that is around you. There are certain, certain smells that you can have that will do this task for you and dispel the negative energies that are around you. You understand. Learn which ones they are, use them.

In the event that you don't want to put this thing onto the heat for this to come out, the smellings to come out for you, first of all find the substance that you are going to use, ensure that it is going to be safe for you to use upon your skins and then rub it into so - into here and then to here and into here you know. (Songee is indicating the main pulse points, wrists, temple, throat.) And it is going to then be all around you. You can also rub it down in here, high up in the top of your legs, right inside your legs, on the skin. On the insides of your legs because this is a very hot warm place down here you know. Everybody it is very hot and warm down there! And what happens it is the base chakra also and so that energy down there begins to warm up and so the smellings begin to warm up and they come up through the body. You can put that behind here (Ears) and behind the kneeling parts of your legs, you know. And when you do this you will find that this aura of essence is going to be around and about you wherever you go you will carry it with you. And people that pass you by will do this (Turn and sniff after you) because they will not be able to help themself. It might only be quick like that or it will be a leaning of the body towards you. Without them been knowing of it. They will not be aware that this is happening. You will start to notice it, it will be very funny.


Songee: And you will know that what is happening is that as you are walking through them your are carrying with you an aura that is going to be cleansing of negativity, of anything that is around and about you as you walk through the many peoples. And when you encounter anyone that has negative energy around that require cleansing you will be draining away from them and hence this, you know, hence this leaning in. These are things, it will not be so exaggerated you know as that every single time. It may only just be they will stand still, stop and wonder what is happened.

In the studies that I have been involved in, it has been indicated to me that Lavender is the only oil that you can actually use on yourself as it is, straight onto your skin. So any other oils you use would need to be perhaps with some sort of carrier oil. Or are there other oils, aroma oils we can use?

Songee: There are others that you can use that will not burn your skin.

Can you indicate what they would be? Rather than us doing a trial and error.

Songee: Oh there are so many of them who are better to have a look, you will find what they are. However you can yes certainly put into something else that will be as you say...

Carrier oil.

Songee: ...carries it, carries the essence of it, with it.


Excuse me Songee. Today I said to my friend that she was a sook and then I could, I said to another friend that (?) and I didn't want to speak behind her back so I said it to her and that hurt me when I said that. Um was I playing games?

Songee: Not so much playing games as just being very cruel. You have made a judgement about your friend. However what sort of friend are you to make those comments about her?

Because she kept on saying every time she hurt herself but after a while when she wasn't she could just do anything fine and then when she (?) she said it was(?).

Songee: So what is this sook?

Because she cries when my friends just tell her something not to do.

Songee: It seems to me that you are all needing to learn some manners, you know? You are not very nice to each other and you are not very polite. Perhaps you need to learn some manners and learn to respect each other as individual human beings you know. To respect each other as special people in your own right. And when somebody is hurting then you say, 'Well, an you are hurting, then how can we help for you?' Not - 'You are being sook, how can we help for you'.

We help her and sometimes she won't let us help her.

Songee: Then you walk away. You don't call names. When you do this you are imparting an energy of negativity. It is psychic energy and hits out. It is a violence that you do, and you must not do it. When you are cross with someone like that you say to them, 'Every time something happens you make for crying.'

I said that.

Songee: And you can say it makes I feel very cross. However you don't have call bad names you know. Do you understand? Otherwise they are going to call you bad names back and then you start. That is how you get wars you know.

But then she said sorry to me and I said it was OK and I said I that was sorry too.

Songee: What did she have to say sorry to you for?

Because she hurt me as well.

Songee: What did she say to you? She hurt me by saying because I like the boy I was just being silly and she said it out loud to his face and hurt me.

Songee: So what was it that hurt you, what was it about it that hurt you.

Oh because then everybody in the class knew.

Songee: Ahh... Then they started going up to me and saying would you like to have...

Songee: So there you are. This is a very good lesson. It is about secrets. It is very much better Little One to not have secrets. Always do you very best to be as open as you can. You like somebody you tell them, ' I like you. You are very nice. I enjoy your company.' You tell them yourself and then they have to learn to manage that however best they can. And the other peoples are only making laughing at you to make you feel uncomfortable, and they are succeeding very nicely. This is the game, that is all a game. So what you do is whenr they say to you, 'Oh you like such and such person.' You say, 'Yes I do, very much.' You admit it. You don't, 'Oh no I don't like that person at all.' And pretend you don't.

I don't...

Songee: I'm not saying. However you must be truthful and you must not worry about having secrets.

When you live in a small village everybody likes to know what everybody else is doing. And the best way to stop chattering behind your back is to always be truthful and let everybody know what is happening. And when somebody wants to know something then they can come to you and say, 'Well I don't know what is happening, would you like to tell I?' And you can say, 'Not really, however as you have asked I will tell you.' And then you can tell them. However it is much better not to have secrets because when you have secrets that is how you get misunderstandings, you know. People imagine all manner of things about what is happening with somebody else. It goes back to what I am saying to you before time about the peoples that will come to you that have lots of fear inside them. You can make many conjectures and there is a certain amount of pleasure that human-kinds can get in making all this conjectures. However bear in mind that is all they are, are conjectures. They do not go any further than that. They are not truth because you do not know them to be truth and you will not know what is true until that person comes and opens their mouth and tells the truth. And even then because of their fear they will not tell all of it. You need to know this thing and you need to know this thing Little One because it is part of the lessons you are learning as you grow up in your life.

Girls in particular, females are like the pussy cat you know.

(Someone sneezes.) Oneness blessing Oneness on you, Wise One.

Thank you Oneness.

Songee: Now female-kinds are like the pussy cat, you know. They have the temper that is alllll smooching and likes to be stroked and then when it is not going their own way they go Hisssssss, and they hurt you.

(Much laughter.)

Songee: Do they not? So all females are pussy cats.

What are males then?


Songee: That's right.

A real gentleman.

Songee: Not necessarily however they are a lot more faithful in that sense however when they find the pussy cat that they like, they chase.

But they only run so fast that they can catch you.

You have to be pretty quick.

Songee: And when they don't want to be caught they go and sit up in a high place and they tease. And this is what childrens do, together. And you have lots of girl childrens together, you know Little One you have lots of girl childrens together and you all playing these same games. So look at the pussy cat, all manner of pussy cats - big ones, little one, wild ones, friendly ones - and you will get the picture of the nature of women-kind. Most of the time.

I actually don't feel quite so bad about my behaviour or that is it kind of like sometimes when you behave that way sort of it is something that you need to leave behind or it is...

Songee: It is something that you need to learn to change in your life.

Oh good.

Songee: You don't need to behave like pussy cat. It is better to learn to let this part of you evolve, you know. So that you are not continually scraping with other females, you know. You get lots of war wounds that way.

So when you are encountering your friends Little One remember treat them with the respect that you would have them treat you.

As you will be done by them.

Songee: As you did. Remember that. That is exactly right. Do as you would be done by, as you did. So as you do, so you will get back. Just like the Law of Karma, you know. The story of this tells you the Law of Karma without saying about it, it is all locked into the story of the words that are there. Did you know that? Did you know that?


Songee: That this is where it is. So learn from this, when this little child that go to this place to live with beautiful fairies, not just fairies all the beings, they taught much to this child about the right way to be with each other. How not to be jealous, jealousy! This is what is happening with you are your friends. Jealousy. They would like to have what you have. You would have what they have and so on and so forth. And jealousy is called the green dragon. So when you see green dragon in your meditations you are looking at jealousy. Remember that.

Colour Meanings in Meditations

That silver one?

Songee: Silver dragon. It is a little bit more involved than, or involved than having a green dragon. The red dragon you are looking at your tempers, you are looking at your angers inside you. So your Silver dragon you are looking at your spirituality, your journey. Brown dragon you are looking at things of the Earth, your earth life, your physicalities of life and depending upon what your dragon is doing. And your black dragon is telling you of all the hidden fears inside of you. You know?

Dragons tell you about your inner being. Symbol of dragon tells you all of this so you have to find out. Golden dragon is a dragon that is telling you about your learning, your intellect, your gaining of knowledge...


Ok thank you.

Songee: ...So perhaps I had better go back a little, is that so?

About the golden dragon or yellow dragons sometimes people have. Use your knowledge that you have of the colours of the chakras and apply them to each of the colours of the dragon that you get because it is, it is telling you something. So you were asking just now about purple dragon, so the purple - what is the purple in your chakras?

Crown Chakra.

Songee: The Crown Chakra now what does it denote?


Songee: Higher spirituality. It is also the colour of greatness, of earthly greatness - symbology of earthly greatness as in you saying with priests. You are looking at those that are in the...

The higher realms like the Queens and Kings.

Songee: That is so. People who are rulers and leaders. So your purple dragon is coming to bestow upon you the knowledge of these things and to show you within your own being how to find these qualities within your own being. Do you understand? The green, green dragon is always jealousy however it also comes to show you about balance, does it not, because the green is the colour of balance. So you are going to find that when green dragon comes into your, your spiral of your journeys that it is telling you to look inside yourself, at deep inside, at all your jealousies, all your want, wants. What you want in life, what you want to have happen. And all the fears surrounding those things. And also teaches you to look at your greeds, you know your greed. Because greed and jealousy are twins that go hand in hand together through life. When you are jealous of somebody it means that you are greedy for something. Ponder on that.

That's right we want something that they have got.

Songee: Now don't mistake jealousy for possessiveness. This is different. I heard it!

I wondered if you would. (Laughter) Is it to do with envy?

Songee: Possessiveness is part of your fears. Fears of abandonment, betrayals. And so possessiveness is born from your fears inside of being - welcome to you Little One - of your fears of being betrayed.

So Little Wolf where are you going to go this night? Ah you lie down and go up into the great hills, into the mountains and go and see 'The Great She Bear' she'll like to see you. (Songee is talking with one on the dogs who has come close to be with Songee.)

So possessiveness is very different. You might even find possessiveness underneath with the brown dragon because the brown dragon covers most of your fears you know. You can also find it in with the black dragon because it is part of these energy again of your fears. It depends on how destructive your possessiveness has been allowed to be in your life. Whether it is in the brown or in the black.

Then of course you have where you are looking at the red when you are looking at something like this. Red is going to always carry for you the fears about your sexualities because this is to do with this lower chakra, you know. And it is also relating to all the things of your life that that part of your body is in charge of. So you are looking on the physicality, you are looking at all the organs inside your body and the bones of that area of your body and any fears that you may have with regard to this aspect of your body. So when you get the dragons coming to you in your journeys, your spirals, then know that they are telling you of the big fears inside you and of your deep emotions - always, they are telling you of deep emotions. They are not just pretty companions.

And the blue. We have not talked about the blue, have we? The blue, what is this?

Emotions, healing.


Third eye chakra.

Songee: So all the emotions that surround these energies, however remember that the further up you go the more refined you are beginning to get. The dragons of 'IChing' are the dragons that come from the Earth and they fly to the Heavens. And they are dragons, there are the seven dragons you know, like the seven chakra colours you have - and each dragon represents a certain aspect of your nature and where you are on your journey so that... I'm sorry there are nine dragons because you have your seven chakras and then there are the other ones beyond that above you, you know. So you are looking at going from the Earth through to the Heavens and that is what the dragons represent, and so you have it there in this writings, scribing that everybody have done many moons past. There was understanding of this many moons ago.

Yellow is your, is your learning, it is your intellect, it is the sun within you, remember?

The Sun is my Nourishment.

Songee: 'The Sun is your Nourishment.' 'The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment.'

So your yellow dragon and your golden dragon are a little bit together in the same meaning. So orange and yellow, very close together, they come together. This is how it is in some the peoples of the world that the orange is very strong among the colours that they use around them in their lives. And the yellow which is gold, they use gold which is the yellow, and then they also have the red and this is as you know the kundalini fire that is coming through and firing through and bringing the energy and the light through from the Earth. However when it is in dragon form you are looking at fears, hidden things - it is probably better to say. Hidden things in the emotions. Always look for this when you have dragons.

And they are very valuable to you when they come to show themselves to you, these fairy creatures because they come to teach you something about youself, something that you need to know.

Now is there anything else that you would like to ask?

Moving into the Dream State

Songee I watched a movie screen and sometimes I get frightened the murderer is going to come and kill me cos its... (Too soft to hear)

Songee: Don't watch it little one.

I only saw a part of it.

Songee: Don't watch it. When you watch these things you have got negative energy that is coming from these moving lights, moving pictures that you have. Now unless you are able to protect yourself by instinct from this then you are going to absorb the energies and the images and you are going to allow yourself to become afeared because when you go to sleep you then taking these images into your subconscious mind and you transfer them in your sleep into your dreams. Do you understand? You making lots of noise, are you listening? Did you hear what I say?


Songee: No you didn't because you were too busy rattling your papers. You are going to have to ask Mumma I am not going to repeat it. So be aware that there is nothing that says that you must not enjoy some of the fantasy of some of these things that you like to watch and enjoy - although how you can enjoy I not know, however human-kinds like this excitement. It is a way of getting excitement without having to do it. Is that not so?

Some people enjoy being frightened to.

Songee: That is so. However it ceases to be fun when it is taken into the aura and it is taken into the being and then manifested into the dream state.

The beings - now I am going to come into another part for you because this is to do with your dreams. Now when you are going to sleep you go through the different layers, you know, to get into, into the realms of the spirals, the dream spirals that you are going to travel.

First of all you have your physical body, this is the physical body. Then you have the next layer and it is just above the physical body. And then just above that you have another layer, you understand? And then just above that you have the astral layer. So you are looking at those stages, most people don't know about those stages prior to the astral layer, they are not aware upon them. Now as you are in your earth body and you are absorbing all the things of life coming into your body it goes into your being, your absorb it all into your being. Ahh thanking you that is very good - mens in the white coats say you have machine - I know this machine. That is it. Computer - this it? Machine and it takes inside it, it gobbles up all these things. Does it not - gobbles everything up. And this is what you do you gobble up all these things and out it inside you and then your brain...

Gets indigestion!

Songee: Has to sort it all out and make some sense of it. However when you go to sleep and you start to leave your body your mental body is still sorting out all this stuff that it has gobbled up over the passage of your day, you know. And in this process it is attempting to make some sense of it. It doesn't have time, because there is no time - and then you pass out through this layer and you go into the next one, and as you go through the next layer you coming into, into where all your emotions are part of this and it is taking all this. So you have you physicality energies and you have mental energies, you have your emotional energies all gathering together, all attempting to make sense out of all these things that you have gobbled up over the course of your day.

And then you are going to make a transition into the next place just before you go into the astral. And as you come into this next place, it is a little bit like Earth and Heaven are beginning to overlap, like this you know. It is often called 'The Veil'. And as you go to pass through the Veil this is where all those demons wait and hover and gather on this level. Just on that place, on that edge - waiting for your awareness to come to that point. And when it comes to that point it feeds, they feed on all the things that you have gobbled up during your earth day. Some of these demons that are there are from the dark side, some of them are spirits that have been locked on the earth plane and cannot go up and cannot go down and so they are there waiting to gobble up what you have just gobbled up, you know. And they live the experiences through your awareness, your memories.

Now as you learn to develop and to grow and to be aware of what is happening to you then when you get yourself from here through to spirit because your power of light is so powerful they have no ability to come into you, or to come to you and extract what you have been doing over the course of your earth day, you know. They are kept away from you. And it is this transition of part, this little bit here that is where peoples are most vulnerable. And it is, it is the point of transition between earth and moving into the spirit realm. It is the most vulnerable point when the Soul is being birthed into the earth plane and it is at that point that your Doorkeeper and Guardian work most diligently to protect you, so that you go to sleep in peace every night. Every time you go to sleep your Doorkeeper and Guardian guard you on this transition between these two places of being. So that when you go to the astral plane and you step on one of the spirals that will take you on your journey, you are still taking with you all the memories of your day so part of the beginning part of your journey often is encountering all the things of your day and working through all the difficulties, however your transition has been made so you are quite safe to continue doing this. You understand?

Any Questions?

Which level does rapid eye movement relate to?

Songee: It is, it is at this transition of point between these two just as you are coming into the astral plane, as you are going from the Earth and into astral plane, this is when this is happening. And then you go onto your spiral, this is when you are beginning to get into this, you understand? And then when you go deeper and deeper into your spiral so you are ready getting deeper into your journey and so this, as you call it is part of the astral trip,ah the spiral that you take you when you go into the astral plane. Every journey you take is a different spiral and one spiral can join onto another. You can step from one to another you know and then do another journey on that spiral of something else. It is as though each spiral has its own story for you to discover, you know. And it is in this that your are living the experience within your spirit self and it translates through into your physicality as little movements.

What, what you see when you see the little creatures, the little wolves and the pussy cats when they are asleep and they are doing this (Little hand and feet movements) you know. This is part of where they are dreaming and they are on the spiral and they are doing all the exciting things on the journeys of the spirals, you know. And what is happening is that as their Soul is doing this journeys it is translating through the cord that joins the soul to the body and it comes back and the body moves. That is what is happening.

Deja vu

Can I ask something that is just a little bit unrelated but I have often wondered and I hear other people talking about it as well about 'Deja vu' - what's that?

Songee: That is very simple. That is when you have been out on the dream spirals and mayhap you have gone to visit the Akashic Records and you have gone to have a look to see where you are going upon your life and the Guardian that is in charge of these books you know, will show you where you are going and say to you, 'Well this is where you are in your life, this is where you are going and these are the things that you need to see'. And you say, 'How will I know when I get there?' And he will say to you, 'Well would you like to know when you get to this point .' And you will agree on a point where you would like to say, 'Yes I would like to know.' So he say-ed to you, 'Very well go visit it now.'

So you go on the dream spiral a bit further and you go into this and you visit it and you experience the whole thing. You experience it, you live it, in time future, you know. Then you come back and he say to you, 'Very well do you remember it?' And you say, 'Yes I have it now it is in my Soul.' And he say, 'Very well go back, go back to you body and get on with your life.'

So you leave and you go back to your body and when you come back to your body you remember going on the dream spiral. You don't remember the Akashic Records. What you remember is the part where you went and lived the journey of the spiral.

Was it...

Songee: Wait a moment! And then, you forget it. Most of the time it is forgotten before you even get back in your body but your Soul remembers it. The Soul remembers it and then when you travel through your life and you come to that point where you are going to live that experience you say, 'That's very peculiar but this looks very familiar. I know exactly what that person is going to say before they say it. I know exactly that something is going to happen now' And there it is it happened, and you scratch your head and say, 'How strange!'

I mean some of the things are quite mundane though.

Songee: Of course it is.

So what is the significance of that?

Songee: Because it was the very ordinary things that are most able to stick in your mind.

Is that letting you know that you are on the right path?

Songee: That is so. Sign posts!

Oh OK Cool.

Songee: You be to go visit the Akashic Record, come back with the memory and you have it there.


Songee, um Buddha is represented in Indonesia through the Malay Peninsula into Thailand and into Burma as a young man but in China he's represented as being quite old, very overweight, bald headed man. Why is he represented, what is the reason for him being represented in one area in one way and in the other area as a later part of life? In other words did he originate or did he manifest in the region I described prior to getting to China?

Songee: This Soul came from the Place that you know as India, you know. But not from where it is down where all the rivers in the flat it come from up high. There is a place in this place of living that I speak, that this Soul was born, and was from parents of great magnitude. Ah not have it - ah give me word please? (Songee is asking the spirit people.) Royalty - word from the peoples. You understand? And this, this Soul that came was from this family of greatness among the peoples. And the peoples where they, at that time of the Earth, this is a little bit scattered about (Songee is pausing often and Her manner suggests the information She is searching for is scattered about) however - the peoples that you know now that have dark skin from this place, originally the ancestors from this place did not have dark skin, it was very light skin. Still it was golden colour however it was light skin, you know. And then there were the very dark brown skin people. And this one came from these peoples that were of the light skin and they had these very, very slim features you know. Very beautiful. And this, these peoples were looked upon by the dark skinned peoples as being as gods, or godlike you understand, deities of greatness. And they were revered as such and so when this one became evolved in the manner in which you understand, what was taken was the representation of the ancient people and the beauty of form that the ancient people had that this one had as ancestors you know. And so they take this form for their representation for themself. And it wasn't until much later that when the teachings reached the peoples that you speak and say is China where the peoples were yellow skin, that they revered age as wisdom and they then incorporated the largeness of being is representative of largeness of the manna of the spirit of the Soul and the - it is to do with the culture of the people, you know that their countenance of roundness is ah how I have for this? The roundness is of great magnitude you know for the people, it is greatly respected - the roundness.


Songee: That is it. I know this I have this from your mind, you say the word, I see what you meaning from it. So this is respected. So one group of people are respecting the energy from one perspective and the others are respecting it from another prospective, you know? That is all it this.


Songee: And so you have the different , the different images that are coming to the peoples. Not many peoples know that the beings of that place originally were of golden skin. And that they are, they did not have the dark skins of the other peoples. Their hair was much lighter and it was, it was not dark, it was not black hair, or dark brown hair like the other peoples that you know from that place. However the ancestors - their Shamans came, there was one that came among them that had the wisdom to know that they needed to be a blending of the people in order for there to be unity between the two races. And so it came about that a female from one, from, from the light skinned people... (Long silence) No, it was a female from the dark skinned people mated with the males of the light skinned people. However when you look at the history that they have given you before of the people from the stars it is not so very strange to understand that the descendants of the people from the stars are the people that are the ancestors that bought with them the knowledge and the power of the mind that they then taught to the people that they mated with as they, as they blended their races together, you know. So the light skinned people always view themself as superior to the dark skins because they bought with them much knowledge. It is an erroneous thing, there is no such thing as superiority of race. Everybody is now in, blended together, you are all blended together, all the dark skins, light skins you are all blended together. And even more so when you understand that you have had many life times in many different bodies and you will have lived lifetimes in many different skins. And that even more so makes you 'one'. Does it not?

Thank you very much.

Songee: You are welcome.

New Behaviour for Relationships

Can I ask something Songee? I have had a few situations lately where there has been quite intense niggle with a couple of males that I know, just really sort of brief but really intense and I sort of examine my behaviour in the situations like tense and its like well what is there something I was doing that wasn't right or whatever and um I'm just wondering, needing to know if there's sort of something I'm missing like something I am doing here or needing to know about these situations you know how I am behaving. Sometimes I say to myself well perhaps I am just a bit of a bitch. Is that the case or really attempt to be diplomatic in these situations as well. So I don't know.

Songee: Are you being a pussy cat?

(Laughter) Well...

Songee: Are you purring around and making all the nice smooching soundings and then when the hand comes out to stroke you go 'Weol Scsssss' Like that?

Ah (Laughter) Well in one situation I definitely no because I was just doing my job and the guy does had a big scitz about it and um I don't, I am not all that nice to him anyway because I don't particularly like his personality. And I know that's not very nice and I have attempted to be a ball of compassion but sometimes I can't help but say - you're a dick, in my mind and then I treat him...

Doesn't help!

Songee: That is not...

Treat him accordingly which isn't nice I know.

Songee: That is where you are making your mistake then is it not?

That I believe that he's a dick... Well he acts like one.

Songee: Then it is his responsibility not yours.


Songee: You have to be - ah I like that - you have to be neutral.

I believed you were going to say neutered! (Laughter) Sorry!

Unfortunately S there are words that he could say back to you that would be even more hurtful and he hasn't done that yet.

I only thought it!

Oh OK. I was going to say...Lucky you.

I speak in a particular tone to him referring that he is a dick by my tone but I have never said you're a dick.

Songee: Then you are implying with your manner and your voice the same thing and that is what is creating your difficulties. You must stop.

What about with my flat mate though? Um like the other night he was helping me, I didn't say anything nasty, I didn't mock him or do anything - he burst out, leapt up and ra ra ra stormed off. It was like I did not, I don't feel I anything to encourage that behaviour.

Songee: Then unless you ask you are not going to know the answer.

He won't tell me though because he can't, he's not able to communicate in that way. Like I went up to him and asked can I speak with you - No - and then...

Songee: Then you let it go.

Then I said to him if I, attempting to explain to you that I was not, I was just joking and that reaction...

Songee: Ah! Now you are starting to come to it. You say you didn't say or do anything, it just suddenly happened. That is never true you know.

I know that's not true.

Songee: So what was it you say or do that you say was only joking?

Well he was attempting to help me on the computer, he wiped all this stuff that I had just typed and didn't say anything and I went Ohh! Oh my god. I meant it jokingly and it was in a joking way and I expected him to laugh but he was just serious. And then he didn't even say sorry or woops or anything and it kind of escalated from there. He said oh you are treating me like a child ra ra ra.

Songee: There is a step between there and there that you are not speaking about. You are just passing over very quickly.

Ok um. Let me see, um oh I started to argue with him because he wouldn't let me say, I was attempting to explain to him that I was just joking when I said that and blab la he wouldn't let me speak. I kept saying it because I wanted him to know what I really meant. What I wanted to say was OK fine you reacted like an over reactive student stupid... Well he so over reacted then...

Songee: 'How is it that this one comes to be so?' so you say to yourself in this situation this is happening and you are making these things and this thing goes wrong for you with this machine. And you went Ohh! Terrible, whatever you say. And the other one does not say anything. So then you take deep breath and you say, 'Very well, what's the next thing that to do?'

Oh I just remember he did not actually not say anything, cos I said it jokingly and he goes it's OK just calm down everything's fine. You know he was fully like that, very tense about it and I was like attempting to say to him - I'm not complaining, don't bla...

Songee: Stop! Stop! Because you already yourself as soon as somebody is saying something you immediately go on the defensive.

Yeah I do, I do do that.

Songee: You have to change it. That is where you are having the difficulties because you immediately go on the defensive.

Yeah I do and its tedious I know.

Songee: Its causing you great difficulties and will continue to cause you great difficulties. Your best way of being is to not go on the defensive. As soon as you start to defend yourself your aura goes in a particular way and when you have energy, psychic energy it is going to, it is going to gather up as though it is get ready to punch.


Songee: Now the other person does not have to see it, hear it to feel it. You know? They can feel it, they can feel it happening, it is an instant thing.


Songee: So what you do is you take deep breaths. How many times have I got to tell people - take deep breaths! It will break the pattern of whatever it is you are doing. It will break it. So you take deep breaths and you say very quietly, 'What do we do now?'

To the person.

Songee: Wait. Wait a moment - stop jumping in! This is another thing you do you jump in all the time like this, no wonder you keep falling under the waters. So what you have to do is you take a deep breath and say, 'What is next.' And bear in mind that this one is probably feeling very bad at having lost something that you have done and is feeling a little bit guilty, and responsible, you know. And when that is so you have to leave them with their guilt and their responsibility to sort it out for themselfs. You cannot sort it out for them, you cannot make it alright for them because within their being it is all wrong. And every time you say something you are hitting them with your defence. Every action you take is going to hit them with your defence. And it makes their burden of responsibility even greater.

Even if you are not even saying anything.

Songee: Wait! What is anger.


Songee: So whether you are aware of it or not you depower this one.


Songee: And they also contributed to their own depowerment by losing your materials that you had on your machine.

I wasn't actually angry though.

Songee: Doesn't matter. Doesn't - I'm not saying you were angry...


Songee: Your reaction, your reaction, your defensiveness creates anger in the other person because it depowers them.

(laughing) That's why because I used to have so many fights and still do.

Songee: Everybody learn lesson from this.

UM So I fully hear what you are saying however at the time I am attempting to be well meaning and don't realise that, I suppose part of me does realise but the thing is I really like to get me point across to people and if I feel that they don't understand me then I want to make them understand...

Songee: Don't! Let it go. Let it go!

Let it go and let them behave and react.

Songee: It is entirely their own responsibility. You don't have to force your opinions on other peoples.

There is one thing that irritates most men is women that have to have the last word. I'm quite serious. It's one of the very annoying, very very annoying factors that seems to carry more weight than what a lot of interactions may cause.

It's not just men either.

I was just going to say that if they say something really stupid are you going to go Oh that's wonderful I don't mind about that. I admit...

Songee: Who are you to make judgement about stupid?

People do say stupid things. I say stupid things.

Songee: Who are you to make judgement about stupid? Do you never make stupid mistake?

I always do.

Songee: So don't make judgement about others. Allow them to have their mistake. Allow them to...

They don't allow you to make mistakes, that's the thing people say you do this and you do that. So well you can't turn around and say oh I acted like a child the other night...

Songee: You are doing the same thing now.

I can't do it...

Songee: No! You cannot do it. When you start to work with the Light you cannot do it. It doesn't mean you won't from moment to moment because you will forget your lesson and you will, you will behave like child. That is part of the human nature. However the striving, the striving is to overcome this. The learning of your life is to overcome it, so that instead of behaving like child all the time you, you say to somebody, 'Well I made a mistake.' And they may say all manner of things to you and you can say to them, 'Well you make mistake you are allowed to make mistake, I am allowed to make mistake.' You have a problem with that you go away and you manage it. It is not my responsibility how you manage that.' And you have to take this way of being with people and with youself.

I am fully attempting not to be like a child.

Songee: Ah thanking you that is very interesting, I am getting something from somebody mind here and it is...


Songee: That is so, you are coming very close to the end are you not.


Songee: So what were we talking about.


Songee: Uptight! This is a very interesting thing. You know what this is giving vision of? This is giving vision of all the (?) types of you going like this, front and back. (Songee is making a twisting of the hands.) Front and back like this.

(Much Laughter)

Nothing can get in nothing can escape.

Songee: That is so. That is the picture I get when this wordings were shown. So. You have to learn not to be (Songee demonstrates again) uptight.

I am, I am. I know that. I don't like... I am really...

Songee: So what you do - lesson, lesson...

Sometimes I just want to slap people verbally and that's awful I know, it is awful...

Songee: Then stop doing it. If it's awful stop doing it. Stop asking Songee what it is that you are doing wrong. You already know.

Well I just really need to be told really totally you know.

Songee: I am telling you.

It's going to take forever.

Songee: Remember!

Stop being uptight. OK.

Songee: You can't get away from that vision.

But then I attempt to loosen up and then people tell me I'm being irresponsible and being like a child, so it like where's the...

Songee: It not a case of loosening up, it's a case of allowing everything to function as it is meant to function so that there is balance, there is - there is tension where tension is meant to be and there is lessening of tension when there is need to be. When you need to relieve youself because your bladder is full you have muscles in your body that hold inside of you the waste water, is that not so? So there needs to be a certain tension within the muscles to hold the water in, however when you go to relieve yourself, this is exactly what it is - you go to make water then you release the muscles and you allow them consciously to let go. You understand?

So what you are going to learn is the balance between when there needs to be this applied tension and when you need to let go. So when somebody is saying something and they have been a disaster and you cannot change it at that moment, it is done, in that split moment of your earth time it is gone, finish, you cannot bring it back, like that. So you have to say...

(Songee has taken a deep breath, holding it and slowly letting it go.)

So when does the tension apply. When somebody is physically taking...

Songee: Watch. Watch. Stop talking. Watch. You go... (breathing in and hold in then letting the breath out slowly. The person is laughing.) And as soon as you do that you break it, you break the cycle.

So every time I feel myself go eke eke eke about to react I do that?

Songee: Take a breath, hold it as long as you can and then some. And then release it. And by the time you have done that you have most probably forgotten what was you had to take the breath for in the first place.

Or wet yourself.

Songee: That is so. Because the action is, as I have described to you, applying the tension is when you take the breath in and full up inside. And then you apply the tension to hold the breath inside. And as you hold the breath down in here then it is going to manifest the chi energy - the chi energy is going to build up and as it builds up it will go through the whole body and charge it with energy. And then when you are ready for relief you release the breath consciously. (With the lips pursed.) Understand? So it is like when you go to make water, only you are doing it with your breath instead.

Oh I see. I see.

Songee: Same thing, same thing you know. And what will happen is, supposing you were in the same situation and you said to the person, nothing about oops, you look at what has happened and you say, 'Excuse I, I have to go make water.' And you get up and you go away, to make water, you know. You go to relieve yourself. When you come back same thing. It has broken it before it even begins. And then you can usually begin to communicate on a better level. In the event it only goes a short distance before it begins to go down this hill again, you do the same thing. Take a breath.

So it doesn't matter what anything that anybody says to me, I need to react this way?

Songee: Take a breath!

Even if they piss me off to the max

. Songee: Take a breath!


Songee: It will work for you.

Yep. I don't want to be this way. At all.

Songee: So how about you all learn to do that now, practise when you go to your own home self. Take a breath, breath out first. Take a breath in... (Long silence and sounds of slowly releasing breaths from everyone.)

I can feel my heart pounding now.

Songee: You will have to practice. It is very soothing when you learn to do that.

I can feel the energy down there, but I can also feel my heart beating.

Songee: And you begin to feel this building up and it will travel down your legs and it will travel down your arms and all up the back of your head into your scalp, you know.

I am going to go now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: I am going to leave you with the power of all these exciting things to know and to practise and I am assured that I will meet with you again very shortly and have wonderful visits with you for much longer than I am able to be with you at these moments.

So I am going to say to you,

Thank you and I leave you with the Power

Close your eyes please,

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love
to burn bright within your heart,
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
and bring forth its brilliant colours of light,
To drive away the darkness from your Soul,
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns and she has been involved with trains and planes and boats.

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