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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Healing Energies'
A Teaching from Songee 10th February 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Seeing Spirit
How did Life begin
When will we use all our brain
Am I a Teacher
Songee's Teachings
'The Words' teaching
How to stop giving your power away
A coming flurry of Dark Energy
When Something is taken from our Home
Harm to Ourselves
Oneness Desires...
A Dream about Sea Horses
And Moths
Grief of leaving the Land
Channelled Healing

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Please close your eyes and I will read you some pretty words you can consider.

(The group continues to settle in. It is very hot and there is a discussion about closing the doors because the mosquitoes are coming in. We are at Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland.

Instructions are cheekily being given to Roberta-Margaret about taking her glasses off and her shoes. Songee removes them if they are still on when She channels through.)

Roberta-Margaret says, I have gotten into the habit now of taking off my shoes before I go so I know where they are when I come back. OK here we go. It's so hot.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The Music 'There is a Dream' from Denean's album Fire Prayer is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.

Music: "There is a Dream" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

I need to shut the doors because we cannot here the tape recording. Sorry about that... Thank you.

Songee: So... Greetings to you Little Wolf. Sit down and be comfortable.

Now what have you for I? Ah there is new energy I see. Greetings.

Seeing Spirit

Songee I would like to understand a bit more about how people, Spirit people actually present themselves. I had a situation at the Spirit Festival when I went to get one of those aura photos done and the lady did a reading for me and she said that - her terminology was a bit different than what you guys teach about Doorkeepers and Guardians and Guides. She talked about everybody as being a Guardian and what she said was that this Guardian presented herself as a bright light, like I guess I suppose we are used to our people presenting in as in a persona of a past life. So how does it work, is it whatever the person...

Songee: It is more to do with the seeing of the individual and how they are at that moment seeing things. Everybody is a little different. All Souls in spirit are bright light.

You are bright light. I see you as light surrounded by energy that is like... what have you name for this? Ah like smoke from the fire, you know. And it comes up like this and as it comes up so it disappears into nothing and yet it is all moving all the time, and all the colours swirl around and blend together and in the centre is the light. So depending upon whether you are in corporeal body or whether you are out of it, you will be perceived as one form of energy or another. The energy of Spirit is much brighter when there is no corporeal body attached to it. This is because when you are living in corporeal body you are ah... not have word... You have to wait a moment because you are going to have peoples coming in to speak - ah... you have this thing there that's people and I will wait a moment.

Would you like to come in. (Late guests come in and find seats.)

Songee: Come in, welcome. Greetings to you, greetings to you. Come greetings to you. You are welcome. We will find seatings. You may have to like to find yourself something to refresh you.

Would you like a drink of water. There is water over here. Anyone else?

Songee: And don't be greedy, there are these things that you can sit on the floor. There are many things you can do you know. Songee has already come to be with you. Organism has gone and we are just talking about spirit beings and how they present themselves to people and whether they come in a physical form to show themself to you or whether they come in just a light. And I am explaining to everybody how it is, that it depends upon the person that is seeing spirit, the person that is of the Earth is seeing spirit, whether they will perceive them in a corporeal body of not.

So I am also saying that those that have a physical body, corporeal body and they are visiting other peoples - ah you have name for this, travelling in the astral you say, and when you are doing this because you have corporeal body the light is not so bright as those that have already left their bodies behind and moved on into spirit, you know. So this is what we were talking about.

However those that come to work with you, your Doorkeeper and Guardian they will present themselves to you in a form that is going to be comfortable for you to recognise and for the purposes of working with you and overshadowing you, then they will come and use the form that they had in a life time, usually the one they had with you in the most recent time before. So this is what they do. There is no one or the other - it is both. Do you understand?

No sorry I got lost.

Songee: Where did you lose yourself?

The one or the other. You saying they...

Songee: The peoples that are viewing can see them in the one form or the other, it matters no. Both are right.

Either in the persona or as the light. Is that what you mean?

Songee: They can see them as a form, as physical body or they can see them as a light.

So is that Spirit person projecting either one or the other, or are they doing both at the same time?

Songee: No. It is not so much that they are projecting, so much that the person on the Earth is seeing that. It is what they are seeing.

Yeah. So the Spirit person is doing what? I'm just curious.

Songee: The Spirit person will most probably be there in a form that is of a physical nature, that will be able to be recognised by someone who can see these things.

Now when you are learning to see spirit it is very interesting thing because you are going to learn to see spirit... ah I have to pick your mind let me have a look inside it...

(There are a few giggles at this.)

Songee: Ah I've got it now. It is like radio wave - is that right?

That's right.

Songee: Like radio wave. You have to be able to make for the turning of the these thing and you find which one you are going to be on. And one day of your life you may be feeling very disgruntled about something so you may find it very difficult to see the physical form of spirit. You may even find it very different to see the light of spirit however you will feel them. Another day you will be feeling marvellous and so you will see them in their physical image that they want to bring to you and you will also see the light around them. So it really depends on you, on the one who is in the corporeal body on the Earth that is seeing spirit. It isn't spirit, it is you. Any blockages that come on the seeing and feeling and sensing come from you. They don't come from spirit, they don't put blockages in the way, you do. That's how it happens. So there is no wrong or right, there is no one thing. It is as I was saying to the peoples in the days just past, about, talking about life and the beginnings of life - were we not Little Mother?

Yes we were. (The Second Well Trust had spent the weekend prior to this meeting at a Spirit Festival where Songee spoke with the people who came to see her.)

How did Life begin

Songee: And we were talking about these things and someone was very curious about how their life begin. Was it truly because you came out of the...

The swamps.

Songee: Out of the... This is it, the soup. Did you come out of the soup or did you indeed be manifest by a power greater than yourself. And the great debate about one being right and the other being right and so on and so forth. And Songee say - how is it that you cannot accept that both can be right. Oneness can manifest anything at all. You as a spark of Oneness can manifest things, physical things. This lesson I give at that time also. You can arrange for physical things to come into your life. So what makes you believe that Oneness is not going to be able to manufacture something out of soup! Very simple, or to put together these little bit if atom and that bit of atom and bring them together and make something out of it. Of course it is possible!

So allow yourself the luxury of believing both and then you won't have conflict. And it won't change how you feel about your Oneness or about anything else in your life.

Now what else do you want to know of? I see many questions hovering.

When will we use all our brain

Songee will there come a time when we will be able to use all of our brain?

Songee: Not in this lifetime.

What about more than what we are?

Songee: Human-kind is very slowly developing and moving forward and learning how to use greater energies within their being. This is part of what is happening with the teach that Songee is bringing to people and the teach that spirit have been bringing through Organism for many years now.

The foundation of this is being set now. This is the teach that you are beginning to get and it is being made for you so that it is in just such a way that it will encourage you to grow and expand within the boundaries that are safe, you understand. So that you have a good, firm, rock base upon which to build your talents. Songee calls them Talents and Songee calls The Craft of what you do - learning to see spirit and all these manner of things - Songee calls it Craft. Because it is a Craft. It is something that you can learn, there are skills that you can acquire for yourself and you can use them in your life of your everyday. You can use them to assist people as well as your own self.

And so this is what is happening now - is the foundation is being put down, so that in time to come there will be for those that are able to be born with greater abilities then the foundation of teaching will have been set into place. And this is only the foundation you understand. It is going to be like you, it is going to evolve as human-kind evolves so will the teaching evolve to accommodate and different peoples will come into this, bringing their awareness and their skills and their talents to teach other peoples how to become stronger in their, in their craft. So yes it is going to come however it is going to take a passage of earth time for it to transpire, and this is the foundation of it. So perhaps you will be looking at the next millennium. You might like to ask Oneness now whether you could come back in the next millennium.

I have quite a few times.

Am I a Teacher

Songee: And then you can develop this talents further as you go along in different life times, and teach and bring others forwards and this is what it is all about. One day Organism will not be here, Little Mother will not be here, Wise One will not be here, you will not be here - you will have returned to spirit. These flesh corporeal bodies you have will have been disposed of in whatever manner that your heart dictates to you, you want to do, and your Souls will be in spirit having a fine old time together. And then when you are ready you will return to the Earth and you will live in a life once more and you may have elected by that time to come back as a teacher to bring teaching to other peoples so they can grow and go forwards in their lives. So...

How do you know whether you are a teacher or...

Songee: Is very simple! Songee says - everybody is teacher! Everybody is channel for healing energy and everybody is teacher! You have your life and you encounter another person. When you encounter another person part of you is going to influence them, is it not? And part of them is going to influence you, hopefully for the better. So this is part of the teaching energy at work. However when you start to focus it then you start to get big, big results, different things start to happen, better things. So you take the teachings of Songee and you tell everybody, everywhere you go you say, 'I hear these wordings the other day and the wordings are these - and I have found it has made a big different in I life so you know you might like to have a listen to them your own self.' The wordings of Songee are on the machine, they are on the - I must remember these wordings - tape!

Tape that's right.

Songee's Teachings

Songee: Tape. You have this with the wordings on of all the teachings that Songee have given at all the gatherings - or most of the gatherings. And this teach you can listen to, you can ask about and you can find what they are and you can take them home and listen to them. And you can have them for your own self. You can ask to put coin of life to have them for your own self or you can borrow them and return them when you have listened to them.

They are really good Songee to do this in the car, I have been doing this and it is really informative, to listen in the car.

(Laughter) Some people can listen to them in the car, other people it's not safe to do that.

Oh well it's OK I can manage it.

Songee: However this is thing for you to know that you can do this thing, so all the many teach that have gone before, all the questions everybody have asked at gatherings are all there for anybody to listen to anytime they want to, and all the answers. All the things that are about the problems of life, how to manage relationships with each other, how to be kind to each other, how to be gentle, how not to get angry all the time and all these other manner of things. We have scribings down of things that have been written - ah there they are, I get for you. You might like to let everybody have a look - the scribings. And the scribing are not going to cost great coin of life. And Songee talks about this because the 'Coin of Life' goes into 'The Well' and then The Well is where the Coin of Life is gathered so that more scribings and more teachings can be gathered together for the people, so they can be put out for more for the people to have, you know. And because you are on the Earth there are Earth things that have to be honoured and so Coin of Life is part of the honouring of your Earth life.

However all these things you have got available to you to listen, to look at the scribings, to learn the lessons and then to pass them onto others and that is how you teach. You teach by example.

If you people are looking at the books, if you look on the back that's is where the index is for the book to tell you what is in them. Sorry Songee they were searching for it.

'The Words' Teaching

Songee: So the Teachings when you take them into your being you live them, you learn the teach about the 'Words', about not using the 'should' and 'shouldn't', the 'why', the 'think', 'if', the 'but'. All those words that are indications to you of blockages. And 'should' and 'shouldn'ts' very different it is about the violence of the two words I am speaking, and you will find that these are very important because when you say these words to childrens you are beating them up. You may say you are kind parent and that you are good teacher and you are respectful of your childrens however when you use those words you are doing them violence.

And when you use them upon your own self you are doing your own self violence. And I cannot stress it strongly enough, for these two words in particular for you to not ever use them - ever, in your life! In the event you find yourself using them - Stop! Hear Songee's voice saying to you - I am being violent when I use the word 'should' and 'shouldn't'.

When you say to the child, 'You should do this.' You say to the child, 'I would very much like you to do this because... It is important that you do this task because...' And in the event that the child still resists you say that, 'You are resisting what I am asking you to do and this is very disrespectful. I am not being disrespectful of you, please do not be disrespectful of I.' And you can be very firm without using this other word that will cause damage to their, their Soul, and to the psyche.

You have had this word thrown at you all of your life, it is time to change it. It can't wait for someone else to change it - you must change it! You must stop the violence in your life!

And as I have said this before and I am going to repeat it because it is a little funny and you will be able to understand it. All the mens that like to make the fightings with each and take away each other's land and this manner of thing and say, 'This is I piece of land'. And the other one says, 'No it is I piece of land'. So they come to fisty cuffs and they start throwing great banging things at each other and making each other very, very sick and also to many peoples get to return to spirit.

Imagine these peoples, these leaders of men coming together around their meeting table and one saying to the other, 'I really don't like you throwing your banging things at my people. I feel very upset about it. Do you really understand what you are doing to us and how we feel about it?'

Can you imagine it? And the other one saying, 'Oh I am very sorry. I didn't know we were hurting you so badly.' There would be no wars would there? It would cease to be quite the same.

There needs to be a little more gentleness among each other, and how to teach that you - begin with yourselves. You begin within your own being by stopping using 'should' and 'shouldn't'. And it is that simple. That will spread like ripples on the pond and although it may take many earth years to pass through all of human-kind eventually everyone will absorb the teaching and will cease to use these words, and then we will start to get a bit more sense out of your chaos that is around you.

Also to don't forget woman-kinds you are now the power that is to rise up and to bring this teaching to people. Man-kinds that have hear teaching and taking into being and allowing the feminine energy within to rise up, this you will do also. You will be part of this movement of bringing this change around and about you. You change it within yourself first and then it will spread out.

Is there anything else? There are, however there is a little bit of unassuredness.

How to Stop giving your power away

Can I just ask - like I have been to quite a few of these festivals trying to do my own task and that I keep getting that I need to be more forceful, stronger - I'm too sensitive and that but I don't know how not to be so sensitive.

Songee: How not to be sensitive, oh my.

Well they say that like I sort of let people push me around cos I would rather make them happy than myself.

Songee: Ah, that is a little different. It is not a matter of being forceful, it is more a matter of looking at what you are doing and whether you are content with giving the power that you have away. Do you sometimes find yourself getting a little exasperated and a little bit cross with people because they seem to be taking advantage of you and your kindnesses? It is because you are giving your power away. Would you like to know how to stop? It is one word, a very magic word - do you know what it is? No!!

Somebody says, 'Oh would you just do for I...' And you say, 'No'. You don't say any more, you don't elaborate on it, just say 'No'. And you wait because they will look at you as though you have grown two horns on your head, you know. And then they will start to say, 'Oh oh well I don't know what to do.' So you say, 'Well did you expect I to do this thing?' And they may say, 'Well I, I um you usually do,' and you say, 'Well I'm turning over a leaf now and I am going to say no a bit more frequently so be prepared.' And give them the teach that Songee gives and that is - when you expect something you doomed to disappointment!

(The person laughs.)

Songee: It is far better to not expect. It is different when you do things to help each other because you are friends or because somebody is in need and you respond to that need. When peoples keep coming and taking and taking and taking. It leave you no power, no energy for your own self and your own life and your own development. So you start by saying, 'No'.

I seem to get all these lectures all the time, every time I try to move forward I get all these people that want help everywhere, if I don't help them I feel bad inside.

Songee: So how do you come to feel bad inside? Do they make you feel this way, or do you allow yourself to feel this way? What manner of things are you speaking about. Share it because other peoples can learn from this also. Just one example, give one example of something that happened very close, not too many moons past.

Um Well it's more of an issue that I am going on my own spiritual journey and don't have the same time for people and their problems and their boyfriends girlfriends that sort of scenario. And they don't understand what I am doing and the fact that I am changing. It's like I feel they are dragging me down, it's like they don't want me to change.

Songee: You will find this. You will find that as you change you will begin to vibrate at a different level, is that not so little one -I am looking at you, this little one has just learnt this lesson, it is a very big lesson to learn, you might like to talk to each other about it - because as you vibrate at a higher level of energy and they are down - I don't like people to be up or down however I am giving you this just to demonstrate. They are vibrating here, at a slower, slower pace to you. You started to go a bit faster you know, and what is happening is you are leaving them behind. You are leaving them behind. What you have to do is say to them, 'Well I cannot change things unless you are willing to change your own self, nothing is going to happen.'

I have said that.

Songee: Tell them, tell them to come to Songee meet. Songee tell them. I will sort them out.

(Much Laughter.)

Songee: This is what Songee does, this is what Songee is for, for people like this. You say to them, 'Well I am doing this, you come along, and you learn and you grow, and you expand, and then you can catch up with I and then we can go on this journey together can we not.'

I have told them that and...

Songee: And after that you just step away and you say, 'No! No more. No more. I have given you all the answers. I have listened to you. You know what you have to do. No more.'

People will even like stop me in the street. Like you know like you can feel their low energy and it's like they sort of latching on and they want me to help them everywhere. I tend to get them like little letches everywhere I go.

Songee: So it is time to start practising how to be channel for healing energies so that the healing energies will go without them having to come and attach themself to you, is that not so?

I do shine purple light for them...

Songee: Oh! You don't have to do all that shining of different light and colours and all this other manner of things - far too complicated. It's very simple, you get up in the morning after you come back from your dream spirals - I'm telling everybody this so you can pass it on - you get up from your dream spirals in the morning and as you come back into your body and you stretch it and you come back in properly, 'Well Oneness I'm back. I give myself and this day to you what would you like to do with it?'

And then you get on with whatever it is you are going to do for that part of your life. Oneness will bring people too you and take you to people and so on and so forth. You will have people coming to you and speak to you on the bells, you know you have the bells and you talk to them, and then they will go away. And then when you don't want them you say, 'Oneness I need a day off!' And that is what will happen. Oneness will say, 'Very well I will get somebody else to do this today.' And they get someone else who is not having a day off to do it.

And when everybody becomes servant to Oneness it means that everybody gets to have day off, somewhere, (Laughter) because there is always someone who can do the job. Is that not so?

It's very, very smart. So you just ask. And the same principle applies when you want to be channel for healing energies when you are going somewhere and you don't know what the energies are going to be like before you leave your place of living you say, 'Oneness, I would like to be channel for healing energies please ask for healing energies to flow through me and by me to everybody wherever I go, only I cannot, I cannot be delayed in my task of this life so just let it happen.' And as you walk through, it will go to people, and it will just pass to them and they will feel better and will walk on. And they won't have to climb into you.

It does not mean that you are not going to meet some people who will require you to talk with them because they, they will want you to talk with them and you will need to talk with them. And what you do then is you take a big breathe and you say, 'Ah Oneness has sent this person for a reason, what is the reason.'

Ah Yeah...

Songee: And you wait. And you just listen and you wait. You make no comments, you feel your Doorkeeper or your Guardian giving you the information that you need to tell this person.

I know which ones are ready, they usually come with a shining star on their heads. I know which ones that I have to help. It's just that I don't know how to tell - I know which ones are being sent to me and I get the calling and I go and help them. And so I already know that. It just I try to deal with the ones that latch on, I know that I am not suppose to be helping them but it's just the heart doesn't want to let go, I want to pick them up and help them up.

Songee: So you give them the teach and you say, 'No, no more. No, no more.' You have to. This is not about being aggressive, this is about being sensible. You understand? That is what is meaning by the information you have been given. You say, 'No, I cannot at the moment I am busy. I have to do something.' And then you ask Oneness in your mind, 'Oneness this person needs some help, please send them to someone else or ask for someone to come to them.' And you move on, someone will be found for this one. In the event that it is in their Destiny Path it will come to them.

Is there anything else, do you want to ask any question of I?

Would you like to ask anything?

What of you, would you like to ask something?

Either of you! Any of you! Would you like to ask question?

A coming flurry of dark energy

Songee, Songee, September is this a significant time for the Earth? It just come to me in a dream.

Songee: There is going to a rise around this time of a negative energy that you are going to have to combat. This time. It is a time of the energies of light going to sleep as you see in nature when you have all your bright sunshines begin to fade away and leaves on the trees will begin to fall to the ground, and you come into the time of your winter do you not. You know how you come into your time of winter, this is the Cycles of Life. So as with the Cycles of Life you will find that there will be a rise of darkness as the light begins to go back to sleep like it does in nature. The light goes to sleep beneath the Earth in nature and you have your winter time. And the winter time is a rise of the colder energy of the - it isn't negative however it is the symbology I am giving you.

So about this time (September) there is going to be a rise in among the peoples of a negative energy that is going to be like a little winter storm, you know, that will go around and like flurries of snow stirring up your emotions and your doubts and your fears and every other manner of thing. However remember that like the seasons it is going to pass because the light will come up once more, you know.

Everybody views the Dark Energy with great trepidation. Certain aspects of it certainly you can view with some great trepidation however one a day to day living you do not need to do this thing...


I go back a little bit - so as the sun comes up and you have your coming together of the light coming up and in the everyday life your little darknesses are going to illuminate the light parts of your life. They are going to give you differences you know. The dark parts of your life, the shadow parts teach you lessons. The teach you about yourself, they teach you many, many things and are to be welcomed and said thank you for. You say 'thank you' for some of the not so good things that happen to you of your life...

Are you comfortable on your seat or would you like to sit down awhile?

No this is fine thank you.

Songee: So you say thank you for all these things. And what happens then is that when you say thank you, the light comes in and they cease to be dark any longer however they will have taught you the lesson you need to know. How do you know what it's like, how can you counsel somebody about pain in their life when you have not felt pain your own self, in your own body or in your own Soul?

Life is a teacher. It teaches you many, many things and those things that your learn make you a more beautiful, powerful spirit within your Soul, within your bodies so that you then have an understanding and a feeling for the pain that is within others, you can respond to it. You know? So don't ever depreciate some of the shadow things that come to your life because they are there to teach you something. Don't forget you have probably arranged for it to happen anyway. This is something that is part of your life. Do you understand?

Oh. A little bit yeah.

Songee: What don't you understand? Not just sitting there pretending you do when you don't.

I can understand the negative energies and that the sun is going to come up again. And the learning of the dark side. Yeah I believe so.

Songee: So don't view it as something that is going to be bad. View it as something that is going to be of great benefit to your learning of this life and that will defeat the negativity of the dark one because your turning something that the dark one would like to have you believe is going to be bad and so terrible into something that is going to be positive and light. Do you understand?

When something is taken from your home

Songee: Somebody takes something from your home that does not belong to them and your first reaction maybe of being very cross and that is your right to be very cross because they are not allowed to take any without asking. However you can let anybody know that you need to, that needs to know around and about you, because it will usually be someone who is going to be about to hear this message, that your house is protected by spirit light and that the things that they have taken without permission will carry with them a tapu1. So that while they have it in their possession it will not do them an awful lot of good. It will not cause them a lot of harm because you are not going to harm anybody however they are not going to come by great fortune, you understand, of the life as long as they retain it in their possession. So they must return it.

And that is all that will need to be done. There is no incriminations, no bad things that are going to happen to them, they just return it, as they took it they return it. And as I say no recriminations no why did you do it, no anything else just thank you and you take it back, and you say farewell and let them go. Because as long as you have things in your house that are protected by spirit light others are not allowed to take and for the most part they do not. For the most part they are protected and when something does get taken it is about a lesson in life that you are going to need to learn. It is a shadow thing that has come to teach you a lesson of life. Perhaps to teach you how to break the Law of Karma because by being this way you are not incurring Karma, you are letting Karma go. Then you don't have to return to the Light to repay Karma because you had a bad idea in your mind about the person... and you can let it go.

And in the event that the person does not have the courage in their Soul to return the things, you say, 'Oneness whatever needs to be let it be.' And you let it go. You don't make a great fuss about it you just let it go. Do whatever you have to do of the Earth to make right the things of the Earth regarding these things and then let it go. They will come to their lesson in their own time, you don't have to do anything - it will just happen.

Do you understand?

Is there anything you want to ask about it?

Harm to Ourselves

It is a good lesson for teaching to young ones because young ones believe sometimes that they can just take things and do things and behave any manner of which way they want to be. And have great disregard for what their actions and their words and their deeds are having on the families and the peoples around and about them. The greatest harm is the harm that they are doing unto their own selves. Is that not so? The harm that you do your own self is much greater than any harm that you can do to anybody else because your Soul is the one that is in conflict, your Soul is the one that refuses to learn the lessons of light, and refuses to learn the lessons of spirit, and refuses to see what is under your own nose.

Oneness desires...

When you learn to understand that Oneness loves everybody no matter who you are, where you are, what skin you have on, or what Facet of the Diamond you might be following - Oneness loves all Souls. No matter what part of the Universe you are in, no matter where - you are loved by Oneness. All Oneness desires is for you to return to the fold, to come back into the embrace of light and once you are there that's when your real work begins, because Oneness says, 'There are still very many out there that have yet to come back to the fold. Now I need volunteers - You, you, you and you, and you - Go, be born, and bring my lost people, my lost Souls back into the Light. Go and show them the way.'

And you can do this, you know. You can do this. It doesn't matter what has transpired upon your life you can do this. All you have to do is to begin by giving your life to Oneness in the morning time when you come back. Practising it, it doesn't come easily to do this because you have to let go of your earth control. People like to control their lives, like to control their days, they say this is what I'm going to do, and I'm going to do that, and I'm going to do such and such thing. And Oneness comes along and blows it all away for you. And you say, 'Ah I wanted to do all those things this day.' And you will find that it won't really matter because someone will come along, or it won't be important anymore.

So you begin by giving your life to Oneness at the beginning of your day, and when you do that you start practising that it will be like a breath of fresh air coming into your life, it will blow away all the cobwebs and everything else that has gone before you. It does not undo your Karma that you have already come to learn. It does not undo the Karma that you are in the process of living. What will undo that is a change within your heart, you change your heart any feelings of anger and recrimination and vengeance towards anybody including your own self, then you will find that the Karma will start to leave you - and the bad things will stop happening. And you will start to find an awareness of love in your life, an awareness of Oneness Love, Spirit Love and love of the people of Earth that are around and about you. People that love you very much will give you the love and support you need and the guidance.

You must listen! And you must follow when sometimes when someone is guiding you.

Do you know what I am speaking of?

Do you know what I am speaking of?

Do you know what I am speaking of?


Songee: Very good!

Now the Shaman have say to you to stand tall and proud and walk like a warrior, however you have not done so. You have walked like one, one that is renegade. You are not even having the honour of the 'dog-soldier'. You need to regain your power, and regain your integrity. And you can only do that by being truly humble and repent within your being, and to say, 'Sorry!' for the things, and to start to accept that there is love for you all around you. And until you can start focus on the earth love, start to open yourself to Heaven's love and let that come to your life - and that will begin to disperse many of the things that are happening.

The Karma that you have incurred is going to have to be completed, that will need to be done. There is service that you have to do that you have to, demonstrate that you have turned and come back into the fold. And only time is going to show that thing and although this is a difficult lesson for you to learn and at times you are feeling most angry then you need to talk about how you feeling angry and what it is that is making you feel so.

And in the event that you need to talk come and talk with Songee! You can come and talk any time you like, you know. Come and talk because I will help you to find your path once more, do you understand.

You have work to do. You cannot shilly shally about anymore, you have got to start getting yourself ready so that when you are grown full into your body you will be able to do the work that is ahead of you. And all these things that you are feeling and having in your life now, all these pains that you are having, that you are feeling inside you, they are going to help you to be a stronger, more beautiful Soul to help other people. However don't continue them anymore - you need to stop them now and go on from there, you know.

I speak the truth to you.

You will feel it inside you.

Now, what of your time? Time to go?

No long time yet. Twenty to nine did you say?


Yeah nearly 60 more minutes.

Songee: Oh aren't you most fortunate! We have making very good progress.

Ah Haaa. (Songee takes a deep breath into the body.) Now are there any more questions, because if there are no more questions I am going to make you do some workings.

A Dream about Sea Horses

Very briefly my friend had a dream. You know my friend that has the dreams?

Songee: Oh yes I know this one. This one likes to have many dream spirals. Let us hear the story.

The one that, it would be a good idea if she gave them up. Sea Horses! She has been dreaming about sea horses. Would you please outline the symbology of the sea horses please.

Songee: Ah! Well it depends on what they are doing of course.

I'm not sure.

Songee: Sea horses, horses of the sea. These are little fish you know. They are most beautiful little creatures are they not.

There are some on the mirror behind you.

Songee: Very delicate. Very special. They are friends of the Mur2 you know. These are like the butterflies. Butterflies are hope, happiness, bright things coming to the life. And when you see them of the ocean it is the butterflies of the ocean, in symbology. So they are symbol of all that is gentle, all that is sweet, all that is happy and joyful. Also too they are very busy. It also means that - don't forget it is the male that takes care of the small ones you know, is it not? So you are looking at this part of the life where the male energy is taking care of the small ones because the mother is busy doing other things, so there is this telling of this story. And also too remember how they hide, and hide in and out of the, of the grasses of the sea. You know we have grasses on the land, we have grasses in the sea, and these little creatures like to hide in the grasses and they wrap their little tails around and they hold on, and they move with it like this, do they not?

So, this one is saying that the father sea horse holds on and takes care of the babies and moves with the flows of energy of the waters as they go past - the currents, so that when the energy is very strong they have a way that is holding on to, holding on to things and anchoring themselves down you know.

So that is the meaning of that.

And Moths

Thank you. I have another friend sitting round the corner there who keeps bumping into moths.

Moths Songee, everywhere I go. I know about butterflies but moths is one thing...

Songee: Moths are the children of the night. They are part of the shadow side. They are the feminine energy, along with the moon you know. So they are part of the moon energy which is the feminine energy of the Light. They are not dark creatures, they are light creatures you know. They like the light. They are drawn to the light.

Thank you.

Songee: So they are drawn to the light that is around you.

How lovely.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: So...

Is there anything else you'd like to ask?

Could I just ask one to. I have thought about me at the moment being impatient. I feel I have just come running along this path at seven thousand - like I'm getting happier and happier. I just want to make sure I am doing everything right cos I am thinking about doing this course and that I really feel a strong calling that I have to help people you know to do a lot in this world and feel every time I sort of go to the mundane tasks like I get dreams and WAKE UP you have got lots to do, move...

Songee: That is very true you have got lots to do, however you need to discover and you will discover this that as you come to do this thing that you are talking about, suppose you come to do scribings you will find that you will slow down, you know. You will slow down, because you will need to slow down in order to absorb all that you need to do.

Grief of leaving the Land

(Another person is crying and very upset.)

Songee: Come, come here... Come here. You come here. Sit. Sit and face me, sit facing I. That is right. What is bothering you talk to I?

Nothing at the moment.

Songee: Nothing! Are you sure.

I am. Yep.

Songee: And what, what of this happenings with your eyes?

Oh well it just started the other day.

Songee: What? Talk to me.

I started weeping.

Songee: That is right. How did it come about?

Well a runny nose like I have now, it just started from the runny nose.

Songee: You started to weep.

And I started to weep. This eye started weeping.

Songee: And you have no management over it.

No. No I haven't.

Songee: What were you doing when this first transpired in your life? What were you doing?

Coming down from up north.

Songee: And when you were coming down what were you having going in your mind? What was happening in your mind? What ideas? What was running through your mind?

(Words unheard.)

Songee: And leaving behind all the things you care about?

Yeah and that too.

Songee: And leaving the land to which your heart belongs.

Yeah it could.

Songee: And what is happening is that the Soul is overwhelmed with the grief of this and the body is attempting to block it out. However the grief is so strong inside, it is, it is just leaking out anyway and that is where it is coming from. You feel that didn't you?

Yeah that's true.

Songee: Do you need to talk to I about it?

Um. Not at the moment.

Songee: That's alright, you don't need to right now however in event you would like to just ask, you know, just ask. You might like to come and visit sometime. What is this, what night do I come?

Tuesday. Tuesday night.

Songee: You might like to come then because Songee talks to people in a special room and we do Channelled Healing and you might like to come and just be, would you like to do that?

Yeah OK. Hello come on in, come on in and join us.

Songee: Come in, welcome, have a seat. Do you feel that you might like to do that. You don't have to come by your own self you can bring anybody you like. This is where it is coming. It is that there is...

I'm really...

Songee: I understand. I know what is inside you. I do. I know what is there. There is a pain inside. And we can help you with this. You know of the Mother of the Earth do you not? All you have to do is ask because that is the energy that is I. There is only that much energy that is in this body, the rest is out there for all of you. When you talk to the plants and the earth, when you talk to the spirits in the trees you are talking to I. Don't hold back let it all come out because then the healing can come to you.


Songee: Could you pass I a little bit of the Water of Life? Now what I want you to do is take a big breath if you can. Close your eyes and take a deep breath down in here. Take a breath and (?) let it out. Thank you. Now these are the Waters of Life and I am going to put a blessing inside so that it may bring healing energies to your being and begin the healing process to help all those things that are giving you pain inside. And as I do with everybody I ask you to accept it please in the name of Hayzeus. You call this person Jesus, you know. And I ask you please to accept it in Jesus name and bless-ed be. You drink down and it will help you a little. You don't have to drink it all at once. Just slip it slowly. You needed to know, you don't have to run away, you don't have to feel abandoned because I can come and talk if you would like.


Songee: I don't say for everybody you know.

There is a great energy in this place, in this land and very slowly it is beginning to be honoured once more. And when you are resigned with your grief, grief is what it is - then you will find the path will open up in front of you - for the task that you need to do. There will be tasks for you to do for Oneness, most certainly, and it will be shown to you. Only not yet. You have to look to yourself first, and take care of yourself. And remember that when you are feeling very tired and you want to sleep all the time this is because you are feeling very depressed inside, and depression is anger. Angry at things that you have not been able to make changes for, power of your own that has been taken away from you, you know.

I know.

Songee: And it...

I tried to deal with it.

Songee: And you don't need to 'deal' with it anymore. You don't need to 'deal' with it at all. We can help you to change it. There is a difference. We will assist you to change it. Those... I say we, because there are the people in the corporeal bodies who will help you and there are the peoples, many peoples in spirit who will help you including your own Doorkeeper and Guardian, as well as the Energy of Songee.

Thank you.

Songee: Bless you.

You may leak for a little while more yet. Don't be concerned just let it happen. You are doing the right thing. You carrying around the best things that you can mop everything up. I want you to keep doing that.


Songee: We can help you - in the event that are accepting of it we can offer you something for the Medicines of the Earth, however it would be for you to make your own decision of this in how you feel about it. In the event you decide that you would like to, then there is Ignatia and Arnica please - only one only.

Yes I understand.

Songee: That would help to give her the strength and the power to manage the things that you need manage in the next few days. Because there are things in the next few days that you having to, you having to manage are there not? And you will be able - it would give you the strength to manage those things.

You know about these things? You know about these things?

Some of them.

Songee: But not all of them. Songee knows more! (Lots of Laughter) There is not much you (?) that Songee you know.

Well I thought I was holding out quite good actually.

Songee: That is what 'thought' did you know! That's what 'thought' did. It doesn't work you know. 'Thought' never works. And the feelings are just so strong inside that must come out, they must come out.

Thank you.

Songee: That's alright. That's alright. Everything is going to be alright too. It will be alright. Not straight away but it will be alright. Everything will be well with you also.

Now wait here, we are going to do some workings.

Yes a very good idea.

Songee: Do you want to do some workings? Greetings to you. Do you want to ask something before we do workings?

(Songee is asking people who arrived late.)

Do you have any questions?


Songee: We are going to do some workings. We asked question and we just about finished asking questions. You want to ask something you better ask it now! Unless you want to ask Little Mother or somebody else afterwards about something that you are curious about.

Come on spit it out!

(Lots of laughter.)

Songee: The bird is coming around sitting and flying away again. Sitting and flying away again and coming back. The little bird is the question you have in your mind that you are wanting to ask and it comes to roost and then it flies away again. It's not very sure. Give me your hand. I hold your hand.

I suppose we are doing the Channelled Healing? (The Group prepares the stools where people sit to receive and everybody gets ready. There is a lot of back ground noise.)

Songee: We are going to do the workings. It is important everybody learn how to do this, it is very good. And to sit to receive it also - the healing that is channelled, you know.

How you experienced this before?

Have you?

(Something was softly spoken.)

You are experiencing it right now? Can you feel it?


Songee: And it will go inside you and help with everything.

I am starting to feel a little bit lighter now.

Songee: That is right, and you will sleep better now too. I mean better sleep, not just going to sleep and not waking up, being unconscious, going to sleep and waking up and feeling light inside you.

I'm starting to feel it now.

Songee: That's good. All the worry just let go of everything out and let it all out. Much better out than in, you know. Much better out than in.

Channelled Healing

And we are going to have everybody, some with the bottom-self on the seat and somebody standing up behind the seat. So those of you that have not been before or experienced this you can come and sit on your bottom-self. And I am going to get you to take this seat and join with everybody so you can enjoy this experience of... Have you got enough people to go behind people with bottoms on the seat. Might make moving of all the things you can fall over.

This is the reason you have these things to wipe the faces, you know many of those. When it is very wet hang it outside for the wind to dry.

(Songee is up on the feet organizing everybody.)

Songee: Welcome come this way. So are you ready. Have you got enough people to stand up? Are you going to join in? I hope you are. Do you have enough people?

Well we will do in a moment, when we have finished at the toilet and stuff.

Songee: We have the Angels dancing.

Yes they are all ready run - or fly!

Songee: Would you like I to bring windings?

No thank you. Oh just a gentle breeze.

Songee: You want some windings. We will bring some windings through.

(Much laughter. It could have been a tornado. Songee is laughing and having fun with us.)

She turned the fan on!!

Songee: No, no you don't need to do that. You can if you like to however we can bring windings from that way or we can bring windings from this way. All we can stir it all around. (One of the dogs is growling.)

Ah now while we are waiting we shall have a little teachings shall we. Those people that are sitting to receive channelled healing energies.

(One of the dogs barks.) Be silent, stop shouting everybody little wolf, go down.

You are going to close your eye and take inside of you a deep Breath of Life. Uncrossing arms and legs so that you are relaxed in your body and breathing it into here so you are going like this. (Into the belly.) You understand? You not going (sniff sniff). You going to go. (Big breath.) Down into here. And you hold the breath and then you breathe it out. (Open mouth) Like so. And then you breathe as you need to and you talk to Oneness and you ask Oneness all the things that you need to know for your life now. Ask Oneness for the love, ask Oneness to show you what you need to do for your life, and ask Oneness for your strength, and in the event that you are a bit cross with Oneness you can tell him that you are a bit cross also.

We need somebody here.

They will be back in a moment.

Songee: Now those of you that are standing that have not channelled healing before, most of you have, you channel for healing energy and you are going to say to Oneness, 'Oneness I am a servant for you for the healing energies. I ask please for healing to go to this child of the Universe for whatever it is they require... I will take you through this in a moment (Another person has returned to the room.) and then you will step forward and work from the crown of the head. And whatever happens - happen, and come back to the crown of the head.

Now those of you that are sitting when it is... are we going to have time to change over - perhaps not. We won't worry - next time but next time you come I teach you can stand up and be channel and I teach you what to do. Those of you standing you know about safe touching?

Do you know about safe touching?

May I borrow you please? You got arms crossed I want you to uncrossed arms. You take the hand - it is the heart chakra, the spleen the middle chakra of the spleen and the down below chakra that you must be most aware of. In the event that your people want you to go to those chakras you use their hand and place your hand over the top and so on and so forth - like this. You understand? And the base Chakra you would be just a little out from the body, you know, not right on the body. Down the back you can touch, that's alright. But at the front you have to be respectful and just put the hand there. (Place the persons hand back on their lap.)

We ask the people in spirit to respect always to start at the crown of the head - to finish at the crown of the head. When you finish you feel that your time, your energy is complete as a channel for healing energies. You say, 'Oneness thank you very much for the privilege for being the channel for the healing energies. So you just saying thank you. First of all you offering yourself in service and at the end you are saying thank you.

Now I will say the dedication, the prayer for the - have you got some of these? You are going to have to have something.

One was written so it must be on the computer.

Songee: That is so. Perhaps you ask afterwards and you can have some.

So the Prayer of Dedication is very simple - you are not going to want any of your to go to them.

Now because we are all friends together and all very much caring about each other we are not going to worry about touching. You are going to say yes it is alright to be touched! Because touching is beautiful. You need to touch to break down barriers, you need to touch to show kindness to each other. Your hands are most important part of you for touching and bringing healing energies to each other.

Now are you ready? Those on the stools sit and breathe, talk to Oneness.

Have you got some soundings? People that are standing back you can ask if they mind being touched and they are going to say, No they don't mind!

And then you close your eyes hands down by your side. And you say,

'Oneness Infinite Spirit Source of all Light Love and Power, I offer myself to you in service that I might be a channel for the healing energies for this child of the Universe. I ask that nothing of mine physicality be passed to them and nothing of theirs be passed to me. And I ask that they receive whatever it is that they require for their life now. So Be It'

And you step forward now and you start placing you hands lightly and gently on the crown chakra and then you begin the dance of Light and Love, and listening to the music and breathing and letting the energies flow.

And as you let them flow let your hands dance where ever they need to go.

Breathe peace, light, Angel, breathe...

Music: "Introduction" "To the Children" from the album "The Weaving" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


No more is recorded from this night.


1. Tapu - Maori word meaning protection offered by the quality of being sacred. back to transcript
2. Mur - The Mur are a race of Ocean dwelling beings that were seeded onto Planet Earth. They came to Earth in 'The Mothership' from their home Planet of Xanos and were genetically altered during the journey to exist in the oceans of Earth. We know of them as mythical beings which we call Mermaids and Mermen. They bought many of their companion sea dwelling mammals with them. back to transcript

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Music: "There is a Dream" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
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Music: "Introduction, To the Children" by Denean from the album "The Weaving"
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