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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Suicide'
A Teaching from Songee 24th February 2000


Crystal Light of Love
The Accident
Having Faith
It was written that Songee would come
Helping Others
Managing Energy
Coming back to those that take their life
Changing Vibrational Energy

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This meeting was held at Roberta-Margaret home in West Auckland. The Aromas used this night were Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. I am going to read these words to you. Would you all shut your eyes please.

The introduction music Roberta-Margaret channelled to was Denean's 'Song to the Mother' from her album Fire Prayer.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Songee: I am here. Greeting to you. So, what have you for I this night?

There are many exciting things.

Where would you like to begin?

Shutting the door that's where we would like to beginning.

Songee: Who would you like to begin?

(No one speaks and there is a long silence.)

That is the problem with you all shout at once! It is very hard to discover which is the question that you are wanting to have answered first, you know. And although you are seen to be silent to youself Songee can hear all the shoutings in your mind and everybody is shouting - Me! Answer this I want this... Please I want to know this... Do I want to know? I don't know whether I want to know... Shall I ask? Oh no I don't whether I will... Someone else might want to ask first... I don't know whether I will or not...

So I hear all these manner of shoutings, you know, so you ar making lots of noise.

The Accident

Songee last night I had an accident and I was very, very thankful that the accident happened to me. However I have been pondering how come it was I chose to have two holes in my head at this particular point of this passage in this life? (Roberta-Margaret had a swing hanging by chains from a branch of a large willow tree that grew in her back garden and after years of service the chain broke and the student fell to the deck with the chain landing on her head.)

Songee: How did you come to arrange it for yourself? Is that what you are wanting to know?

That's true.

Songee: What are the benefits of it?

Well the benefits are that at least it didn't happen to Roberta-Margaret or to the children.

Songee: However what are the benefit for youself?

Um I haven't worked that one out yet.

Songee: So what do you imagine may be the benefit?

That I haven't been able to do much. That there is something in there that needed leaking out. Maybe it was an exercise for the spirit people to arrange things so that things would fall in the right place. I have no idea Songee this is the reason I am asking.

Songee: So to look first at benefits to discover what you are going to learn. Sometimes it is not always apparent at the moment and it will transpire over the course of your days as you come along you know?

First of all it created situation whereby other peoples have to be able to be responsible. Too much you are taking for yourself the responsibility that other peoples need to have.

Oh I understand what you are talking about.

Songee: Now it is admirable that you desire to make yourself ready to do workings, you understand. However it can reach a point of your journey where it becomes not just a doing a doing of a task, it becomes an obsession.

That's true, because it has to be right you know.

Songee: However it is this very obsession that becomes the foundations of control. And when you are taking control in this fashion you are not allowing others to play their part.

However I did offer my job, I have offered my job for this year but it wasn't taken up. Maybe it needed this circumstances for it to be taken up.

Songee: That is, that is part of it. The other part of it is that there is needing to be little changes however these are not able to take place quite in the manner that would be acceptable upon the earth, and what is happening in this fashion is also it was very sudden, very painful. It is now making possible other changes to take place. And when you are saying about things leaking out, it was not so silly...

No I realise that.

Songee: ...Because there is needing to be, not - I not say this quite right, I have to find the right words. There is not (?obligation) for you to go to have this done!


(Much laughter.)

Songee: Now although it seems very extreme and to some minds may seem unnecessary, remember - and everybody must remember - you arranged it, because it was coming to pass that this is going to have to happen, this was the best way for it to happen with the minimum amount of damage.

That's right. Yes.

Songee: Now, I am going to ask you a very interesting question. How are you feeling?

Very well! (Still laughing)

Songee: How are the processes in your brain?

Yeah they have been very good. A bit slow but they been OK. I haven't actually forgotten anything today.

Maybe we all need a knock on the head.

Songee: That it not so foolish you know.

Maybe it's equivalent to a brain kick in the soft place!

Songee: That is right. It's very similar. Anybody that comes into the workings of spirit, those of you that have developed your talents and skills from childhood will discover that somewhere upon your life and your childhood that you receive the blow to your skull.

Now some peoples will say that this is what made you peculiar! (Songee is laughing.)

(Much laughter)

In actual fact in all those knocks on my head, and I have had many in my lifetime, were actually attempting to put right the things that I was peculiar when I was born.

Songee: Possibly, possible. However what I am attempting to show you is that sometimes things transpire in a way that will be of a minimum amount of distress in order to achieve a result. And the result is something that you have arranged within your being, and other peoples and other things around are only the means by which that is going to come to pass. Somethings people believe that are able to be avoided.

Having faith

When you work with the knowledge of the Foundation Stones you will understand that in the event that you are able to avoid something it is because you have arranged to avoid it - and so you will. And the magical part of your life and the great adventure is not knowing. You are born into your life not knowing. And you are born that way for a reason that is so that you will be, react and perform how you would be according to your teachings of life, teachings of spirit, according to your emotions and your knowledge that you have been given of what is right and what is wrong and so on and so forth. And so you live your life accordingly.

Now some of you have written into your life that you are going to use your talents. And some have it written about how they are going to use their talents. And yet the how of it is a mystery, and it remains a mystery because it is part of the adventure, part of the adventure of learning and discovery and going and listening and hearing many different things. You know?

It was written that Songee would come

It is written in the Destiny Path of human-kind that the Energy of Songee would come to the Earth - not as Songee that is just a name I give you to use to have so that you become able to make in mind and your heart, a feeling of knowing about the energy. It is much easier to call someone by name, is it not? And so this is how I give you name that you can call I. It is very difficult for human-kinds to make sense in their minds and their hearts of something that is beyond themselves, very often. Already you are called upon to accept within your being and your life an awareness of faith - are you not, because of how you are raised in your life and the teachings you may or may not have received in your life, you have to learn how you are going to have faith. And very often you are asked to have faith in things that you don't know the truth of and you don't know what is behind it and yet you are looked for to have faith in it.

Many moons passed before the knowledge came to human-kind peoples had to have faith that when they threw something up in the air it was going to come back down, you know. And they knew that it was going to come back down, they had faith that it would do so, however they did not know how it was that this came to pass, did they? It was not until much later in the development of human-kinds that you learn the forces that were at work that made this possible, is that not so?

So it is with Songee. Songee is like the thing that you throw in the air and have faith it is going to land. However Songee also comes to give you about the forces that make this possible, to give you the knowledge of the forces that make this possible.

And I have sayed to you before many times, you have the Father Creator, you have the Mother Creator. Songee is the Mother Creator.

I tell you this many times over many moons and anybody that is listening and feeling will begin to get a feeling for it and begin to understand the force that is behind the name of Songee.

Songee is just a name - 'Song of the Earth', 'The Breath of Life' - all these things. You know.

So when you talk to the Father Creator, you are at the same time talking to the Mother Creator - which is Songee. That's it!

Songee is not here to make passes with the Energy to make for strange things to take place in the external world. Songee is not going to make the sky rain flowers. Songee is not going to make the fishes to come to life and swim around the room. Songee is not going to make pictures cry tears of blood.

Do you understand?

Songee: Songee is not going to put hands inside people and rummage about changing all the things inside in the physicality. This is not the task I am come to do and yet I am going to do all these things in your perception in spirit. You will sense and feel and smell the fragrance of the flowers as they rain down from the Heavens to gather around your feets. You will be able to breathe the aromas of them when you are in the right energy to do, so you will be able to know this thing. When you have disturbances in your life that are causing you great difficulties of the heart and the soul and you don't know which way to turn that is when Songee will be there to poke a little here, poke a little there all from the No-Time1, and things will begin to change. Some of you will hear Songee voice even when you are not with Songee. Some of you will not. However those of you that do, you will come to learn to know that when you hear the voice it is coming to assist you to bring you a truth of something you need to know. Songee will not come to bring you anything that is of small matter, do you understand, it will be something that is being required of you within your being to make a change within you for the better for your life. When you put your hands into the soil, you are putting your hands into the physicality of the Creative Power, you know? And so you are blending your physicality with the physicality of Songee, the part that is your Earth on which you live, the substance on which you live.

Songee does move mountains, Songee does move rivers and bring waters back where waters were not before, and when this is needing to be to come to pass then Songee can do this thing however Songee will not do it because somebody says - Show us proof. Do you understand? I not here to give you proof. You are going to give Yourself the proof, yourself, by learning the feel, by learning to be at one with Spirit, by learning to come back to the Creative Power - that is how you will find your truths and find your proofs for yourself.

Many peoples want to know about things they get lost. Songee says - I not answer that. Peoples want to know how many babies they are going to have in life and I say to them, I not going to answer you. That is not what I am here to do.

There are Souls that have been born upon the Earth that have been given this talent, you know, of being able to answer such questions of life that intrigue human-kinds, and when you need to have such question answered you will find someone who has been given this talent, do you understand. That is not what Songee is here to do.

You want to come back to your Creator then this is where you come, this is what you need to hear the Teachings I give you. You want to change things in your life because you having disagreements with peoples, with each other and there is no peace for you in your life. Songee is here to show you how to make the changes inside your being first so that then outside your being the changes can come around you. And they will begin happening straight away.

Any questions? Ought I to say any more questions!



I would like to ask a question Songee about people who commit suicide. I've been told that, well for example if somebody commit suicide at 55 years old, in a next life would that have that feeling to do that again at 55 years old? Are they here... Would they come back to overcome that at that age? Or has that been done and finished with?

Songee:The matter of human-kinds taking their physicality life you know, finishing it, this is a very powerful teach because there is much that is conjectured about it, and I come to say for peoples who want to know about this and you, as I say to you before you don't have to believe you can feel it, feel it, feel the answer.

First of all taking the physical life is an anathema to the Creative Power. It is not part of The Plan2. It is something that the being comes to and the Soul rides roughshod over the Destiny Path and then that part of them that is immersed in the Earth takes completely the life and throws it away. It overrides all that the Soul is attempting to tell it, to teach it, to show it.

Now there are some that believe that when a Soul is in such despair that they cannot get anyone to hear upon them the words they are saying, that they have no other option in their life except to finish it. And this is the measure, the measure of the despair of that Soul. It is also believed by some that when this Souls reaches a point of such despair that they go into spirit and talk to all the peoples of their life and say, 'I don't want to do this anymore, I've had enough and I want to go Home3. I am not making a very good job of this life and so I want to go Home.' And all the peoples in Spirit that are belonging to them on the Earth - their Mumma and Papa, brothers and sisters and so on and so forth, they believe - these people believe, agree that this one, the Soul will be able to return Home and that's their desire.

Now when this takes place and the peoples of the Earth are left behind, they don't just grieve because they have lost a loved one and some part of them recognises that this loved one needed to take this action, they feel very angry and betrayed. And that feeling of betrayal is where you have your clue, because this is not what is taking place.

Now before you come to the Earth you arrange your life and everything in it. You arrange with all the Souls that you are going to be with of what you will do, how you will do it with each other, how you will support each other and so on and so forth. How you will assist each other to pay back karmic debts and so on. And when one of you ducks and runs away and leaves the rest holding the baby then those that are left behind feel quite betrayed and cross about it because their Souls know that this one has not honoured their part of the bargain which means that now they are going to have to readjust their Destiny Path. And this comes to pass, they have to readjust it, they continue with what they can of it without the presence of this other Soul, you know. And so they continue.

Now the Soul that has gone into Spirit, that's very interesting because what you asking is when they get to Spirit how are they with what they have done. They are taken by the peoples of Spirit and they are told, 'Well fine old mess you made of that. Come along we are going to show you the effects of your actions on the people that you have left behind.' And they are taken to see what the effects of their actions have been on the peoples of the Earth that they have left behind. And because they are in Spirit they experience a sense of remorse. They understand then that they have - Ha I like that - let the side down. However they can't come back and redo that, that life.

So when they go back then to the Akashic Record they have to look at what it was that they did not face, what was it they needed to learn that they ran out on. What were all the manner of things that they have got to yet fulfil this next life. And they may arrange for themselves they going to have - how many, I say perhaps thirty of your earth years that have yet to pay price for. So they have this thirty of their earth years, and sometimes, not always sometimes they add it on to the one they are coming into. Do you understand?


Songee: Now those that are left behind because they have had their Destiny Path disrupted have to work through this thing and the peoples in Spirit do their very best to assist this process and it is done while they are in their sleep state and their dreams and then when they waking to help them bring the knowledge into their waking self. Also to bring them together with other peoples who have experienced such betrayals in their life and to learn to accept that it was not their responsibility that the Soul elected to do this thing on the Earth, to accept with grace and love and then to send the love to the Soul that they might continue on their journey of discovery from Spirit wherever they need to be.

Now in this process taking place is the lesson of forgiveness. Because any of these things that happen upon the life even whether they are as this taking of the life or whether it is already arranged to be a part of the life that some dear one is lost to you by some manner or another then there is always lessons involved with it and the Lesson of Forgiveness is the most important one because with it comes the breaking of the Law of Karma.

The Souls in Spirit - to answer your question - will come back sometimes just for the length of time between when they took their earth life and when it was suppose to finish and they may come and complete a short earth life. Sometimes you have small childrens who come and go home very early and some of these - not all of them don't make judgement that it is all of them because it is not so - some of them have come to repay the Law of Karma and to complete a life they did not complete before. And you usually find these Souls are very, very wise, much older than their years, and they usually bring with them a message, usually a message of endurance, of fortitude, of strength in the face of adversity. So what they come to do is to repair some of the damage that they did before when they took their life. So they come to bring this message to human-kind that no matter how dire things may seem to be you don't have to remove your earth life. It doesn't mean you may not feel like it sometimes however when you do say so, loud and clear and shout it from the roof tops! Because what you are saying to people is, 'I am feeling without power, I am feeling as though I am nothing and need some help to get some power back in my life.' That is what you are saying, because that is what these Souls are saying when they asking and saying they feel this manner of way.

So part of what Songee have come to do is teach you to speak your truth and that is for all these Souls also - the childrens that are feeling oppressed, the woman-kinds that are feeling oppressed, the man-kinds that are feeling oppressed - We are come now to change it. WE The Father Mother Creator are come to change it.

And this you don't have to believe, just feel it.

Thank you.

(Long silence)

Songee: So any Souls that you know that may have taken their earth lives send your prayers of love to them. Send your prayers of forgiveness to them by saying to them, 'Well, you didn't manage to complete the journey that you promised however in your not completing the journey I learned much of myself and have learned much about spiritual strength and human weakness, thank you.' And it is that thank you that will break the Law of Karma because with it will come the feeling and the knowing within your Soul that you do truly forgive that Soul. And won't be just a spiritual thing, it will be a physical, mental, emotional thing as well.

The work that human-kinds need to do is to listen, to listen to the cries for help. To listen for the cries of empowerment and the need for empowerment and then assist the Soul to become re-empowered.

Helping others

So what is the best thing if you come across a situation where you find this person has been depowered, how best to may it be done to...

Songee: You talk to them - ah moment please. What was that, I liking that its very funny. (Songee is speaking with Spirit.) You talking to them like Uncle from Holland. Is that right?

Dutch Uncle.

Songee: Is that right?

It's a Dutch Uncle.

Songee: You talk to them like one of these peoples and you say, 'Well I'm not going to silly shally about with you, the reason that you are feeling the way you are, feeling so miserable and so depressed and wanting to sleep all the time, the reason you feel this way is because you are extraordinary angry and you have pushed your anger down inside and denied it, just as others have denied you, and it is time to let this to start to come out.' And you start to talk to them. And you start to talk to them about their anger inside. You start to encourage them to look at their angers inside. All the very many discountings that have happened upon their life. They will resist it to begin with. They always do however very slowly, very gradually you will be able to bring them forwards away from the edge of the precipice. You know?

And the best thing you can do is to make them really angry. So angry they want to bop you in the nose, only get ready to duck, you know! And you make them as angry as ever you can make them by telling them truths, by not allowing them to wallow in their self pitys, you know.

Let us just for a moment - I am going to digress just a fraction - let us have a look at this word self pitys. It very interesting because human-kinds have this very, very interesting way of doing things. They like to dig holes you know. (Much laughter) And sometimes they dig them so deeply that they don't know how to find their ways out. And this holes sometimes you call pits, do you not?

I knew you were going to say that.

Songee: And you say, 'I'm in the pits.' Do you not? And you get into your self pits, do you not? Self dug ones! So when people - Ah and you say you are self pitying yourself, that tells you something up here, alerts your mind to Ah Ha - this person has been digging a hole for themselves to put themselves in. And you can then say, 'Ah Ha I know what you have done, you have dug yourself a big hole and put yourself in it. I know what that's like I have done it to my own self. It's not very nice down there is it?'


Songee: So what I'm saying to you, never lie to them, never lie to yourself. When you meet peoples like this it is going to challenge your own feelings within you. Your feelings of being secure. You are going to have to step out of where you are comfortable in your life and take a risk with somebody. And I say take a risk because not always are you going to be successful, at that moment, because very often they will close the ears and hearts to what you say to them.

So you have to stay outside your place of comfort and wait for them to open their ears and their heart. And you can say to them, 'Well I'm not going to say any more to you just now because you have just shut your ears and you have just shut your heart so there is very little purpose to I continue to discuss this with you until you open up once more.' And then you leave them to get on with it.

The Soul will recognise the truth of the words and it will keep at the part, the ego self that is 'controlling' things until it breaks down the barrier, and then it will come to pass that the Soul will come to you and say, 'You are right. I will listen to you. I wasn't listening to you. I did shut down.' Is that not so Little One? And this is what happens. So that eventually the Soul learns the lessons that it must learn in order to set aside the despair, to set aside all the feelings of discounting that have happened to them and to learn how to stand tall and straight in their shoe, your foot-casing. You know?

What is that funny sounding?

It is the video recorder behind you.

A machine coming on behind you.

Songee: More machines Ahhh your world has lots of machines.

So do you understand a little more of this? What else would you like to know? Never tells lies, talk to them like...

The Dutch Uncle.

Songee: That is it, the Uncle from Holland and then you also always be truthful and teach them about their anger. Don't deny their anger even when they are denying it. It is the very denial of this that has made them push it down inside in the first place, to make them so sad inside. All the many times that they have asked for love and expressions of love and the grown-up in their life have been too busy, not well enough, too many other things on the mind at the moment, and it seems that all that can be discovered is the wrong things that are being done, never the right things. Always the wrong things are made to be the big thing, not the right things. You must have play, you must have excitement in your life to balance you. So when good things come to your life you need to be able to share the excitement of those good things with people that are close with you and know that they are going to share your excitement back with you. There is nothing more depowering than you to have excitement about something and have the one that is close to you in your life, that you are sharing it with, make small of it or find fault with it. How often have you had this done to you and how often do you do it to other people around you? When was the most recent time you do this thing?

When you are excited share it, when you are happy share it however ever be prepared to share somebody else's happiness and excitement also even though you may not be feeling very excited or happy at that particular moment in your own self. Be happy for them, be excited for them and you may just discover one of Songee's miracles and that is that whatever it was that was making you feel so miserable suddenly does not seem so very important after all. This is one of Songee's miracles, you know. And it is because you following the Teaching that is being given.

Well Songee I could have done with that when I was in my psych years. (Psychiatric Nursing.) I suppose I, obviously I asked not to have it done till now and learnt the lesson, but I believe I did what I could do for the people that were depressed at that time, but this makes it a lots more sense, now.

Songee: It was meant to be until...

Until now.

Songee: ...until Songee came, which was some of your earth years now passed. Songee has not just arrived you know.

Oh I know that.

Songee when you talk of of, say when you are talking to these people that are depressed I feel I, I take light of what I've been taught and what would probably like to say, because I would like to be compassionate in the same sense and I don't want to hurt their feelings in fear of judgement etc etc. So how far can you go with it? You say the truth and accept the consequences and let them take it how...

Songee: When you are feeling miserable yourself, imagine yourself being miserable - what do you do? What do you do?

What do I do?

Songee: What is your behaviour.

Oh I want to... I feel sorry for myself, um yeah just sad.

Quite often things go through my mind and because they are I put myself further into it.

Songee: Now when you are like this, what happens when you bump into Organism? (Roberta-Margaret)

Make them grumpy. Is that what you are saying? When I...

No Organism when you meet her...

Songee: When you are like this what happens when you bump into Organism when you feeling like this.

Things start to shift and I start to feel better. Or things start to come up. It varies I guess.

Songee: Sometimes you might get a look. Sometimes you might get a little pithy word said, perhaps.

Yep, yep.

A kick up the soft...

Songee: Is that not so? And it not Organism that is saying, it is Spirit bringing the wordings to give you a little poke. You know?


Songee: And when you get the little poke it opens the door because it makes you cross and you get cross. And who do you get cross with - Organism! You get cross with Organism. And you get grumpy and you get very short. However that's alright because then when you get grumpy, then you get asked, 'Well you seem to be very grumpy, what's the difficulty, what's the problem?' Do you not? Have you got something going on in your mind? Is there something happening?' And you can answer or not as you feel you need to. When you don't answer you are left to your own way of being, are you not? However when you do answer then you get interaction.

More bells! (Someone's phone rings.) Are you going, can we listen to the bells? Are we allowed to listen to the bells?

I would say no by hence the quick action.

Songee: Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes I understand.

Songee: This is the early stages so you don't get passed to get to the really bad part unless you hang onto everything with great determination and refuse to let go of it.

Managing Energy

I am sort of referring more to a receiving end when friends aren't wanting to be friends anymore because of words that have been said.

Songee: So what is, what is the responsibility here?

Well I sort of feel I just leave them with it, however with the same part I feel sad and rejected and the same idea you know.

Songee: How is it you feel rejection?

Because they are my friends. I take it on board.

Songee: How can they be friends?

That's right.

Songee: How can they be friends when they don't resonate at the same level as yourself? They are not on the same resonance.

Mmm Most of my friends aren't.

Songee: And this is what happens when you come to work with the Light and come into spirit workings you start to resonate at a different, a different ah speed. You know what it is don't you Wise One? When things go fast and slower. (One of the male students.)

Frequency changes.

Songee: That is it. You are Beings of Light. You are beings of sound, of energy - all those things and you vibrate, you know you vibrate at a certain resonance. And the more you learn and the more you develop and the greater you expand your awareness the faster you will learn to vibrate and the greater vibration of energy from Spirit can then come into you and work through you. Do you understand? You know this thing, you have it do you not Wise One where you have this energy that comes through your machines and you have, you have a little thing that says how much of it can come through to the next bit.

(?) Continuation.

Songee: I not have it - you know what I speak. And it, it only allows a certain amount of the energy that is coming this way to continue on that way, is that right?


Songee: So you are like this thing, you know this thing. Here is the energy from Spirit, from Oneness coming down like this. Now depending upon how skilled you have become, depending upon how advanced you have become in your ability to accept the Power that is coming this way you can allow more or less to pass through, you know this thing where this thing has different strengths does it not some will allow only little bit and some will allow a bit more, is that right?

That's right.

Songee: Same thing! And you have it - the truths of it are in your physicality world. And it is the same thing, you are like this thing where the energy comes through. So as you learn to resonate faster so this energy comes down and resonates with you and then more can come through for what is required. So the peoples that you have to leave behind you are those that are resonating at a slower rate so the energies that are being channelled through them are much, much diminished, in comparison you know, and can only manifest at times of extraordinariness in their life. For example - when they are having a big explosion in their emotions and their whole life in turning down side up, you know, and they believe everything in their life is completely ruined. Then they are open and the energies can then come through much more readily to help to show them how to change their lives. You know? That's how it is that you every so often have written into your life this great upside downings in your life. It is just to give you the opportunity to grow, to expand and to resonate faster and so that you then change from being this unit that could only resonate at this speed allowing just this amount through to a new kind of unit that is able to accept more energies and resonate a little faster so that other powers of energies can come through you, you know, it's very clever. And it obeys the Laws of your Universe.

What happens um continuing on from that, say that you are in a different vibrational level then your friends start, they support you and their conscious understanding of the level their, you know able to accept, how much to tell them and that, they seem to support me in that. Is that sort of right, like to be around them and stuff?

Songee: Well of course it is. Because what you are is not going to change and you resonance must be imparting something to them that they need to have or you would not be with them. Trust I on this! You would not be with them. Your lives would part and you would go in different directions, is that not so?

Like when I try to get away from them yeah. Thinking Oh they're not suppose to be there.

Songee: Don't 'Think' at all. That is the big problem, don't 'Think'!

I feel when I try, try to go away from them I am bought right back there again.

Songee: Because you 'Tried'!

Oh yeah.

Songee: Don't! Just be yourselves. Just let yourself learn, let yourself practise what you need to learn to change yourself inside. Learn to resonate at the faster way of being, the faster resonance, you know. And then you will find that other peoples will either raise their vibration to come in line with yours or they will go their separate ways. Either is right.

So when you are with them and I felt drained. Is there anything you can do like... cos I really want to be with them, then when I go away I just feel like totally zapped.

Songee: That is because you are giving too much of your own physical energy out. You are not operating with Spirit Energy. You have a lot of natural energy of your own you know. Some people have a lot, some people don't have so much - it is called magnetic energy you know? And some people live on it and they live on it beyond their endurance so they then fall onto the physical energy, which is a little different - that is the energy that the body has, the tissues of your body, the nerve endings and nerve cells of your body, you know? This energy! And you start to draw on that in order to achieve whatever it is that is being demanded of you.

Now you need to know that part of this meeting of the demand comes from your own ego self. Your ego self desiring to be seen to be a certain sort of person in a certain way and to present to the world this image of who you are and in doing so you work very diligently at it - but you are not the only one who does this thing. It is as though you are wearing a mask. Now this does not mean that the being inside is not reflecting some of that external picture you know? However the internal is much - have not a word for this - is much more calm, you know, and has within it the capacity for a peaceful expression. Be aware that when you are doing this thing and using your magnetic energy and then exhausting it and then pulling out of your being your physical energy, that your ego is doing this. You are attempting to keep meeting the demands that are around you, and this is not, this is not good for you to do this thing.

The other side of this also is that you are hungry! Do you know?


Songee: Hungry! Hungry for something and you keep looking for these people to feed you that which you are hungry for. Now they can feed you only a little of what it is you need and then you leave and you are still hungry, and that is where come your tiredness. So these two things are happening. You know? When you learn to recognise it within yourself, you learn to recognise this, this manner of doing things that you do, and the way you do it then you can start making some efforts to change it. And you do this by learning when to stop, when to be silent, when to come away and when to go, you know? You learn these things, these are part of the Lessons of Life that you are needing to learn - and you need to learn them now so that when you go to be with these people you will not come away feeling tired because you will not have been behaving in this other way, do you understand?


Songee: And then you will find that you will enjoy them so much more because you won't be feeling so tired all the time. And you won't be relying on them to feed you because you will be getting the food, the substance you require from the place that you most need it - and where is that you ask!

From Oneness! That is where your sustenance is. That is where the Breath of Life is. So you reach it, you breathe it, you take it inside you, you rejoice in it.

And listen more, listen! I know you do this thing you listen very well, however listen some more and you will start to hear more things. I'm not talking about just with Spirit People, I'm talking about people of the Earth. Listen to the people of the Earth. Listen to what they are saying. Listen to some of the things they say. Don't take it inside you, just listen. Learn how they are, learn how they express themselves. You know what I am saying? Learn about human-kinds and all their little warts and blemishes. That is part of your journey, now, and then you will find that when you are with these people, before you get too tired and before you use too much of your energy or exhausted, you will find yourself feeling it getting to the point of - that's very good - your chariots have bellies and you put stuff in them do you not, so that they will go?



Songee: When it gets to a point when the bellies are nearly empty you have a device that tells you that this is what is happening do you not?

That's right.

Songee: So you need to find within you your device that will show you when you are nearly coming to running on empty, you know! That's very good, thank you very much. I not have that one it is very clever. That comes from the mans in the white coat to tell you that. (Dr Sven.)

So learn to know when you are close to getting to this point because that's when you need to go and put some more into the belly. Fill up. Fill up?


Songee: Fill up and it doesn't mean physical foodings into your face! Although some of that might be needed, not a great amount of it. You know? Then you will be able to enjoy these people and enjoy them with all their blemishes. Understand? So that when you meet peoples, new peoples you just remember to be yourself, resonate at your own pace. You are not responsible for them not resonating at our pace - are you? They will learn, they will come to it in the fullness of their own time.

Coming back to those that take their life

Now I have to come back for a moment to the peoples that take their life we were speaking of before and it is just to let you know and to remind you that these peoples the most important thing you can say for them is, 'Please this is the only life of this kind with all the people that you have in it at this moment that you are ever going to have. This opportunity of life, of growth, of love and awareness is not going to come to you ever again in just this manner. When it is gone it is gone forever so consider deeply before you throw it away.'

Bring to their attention the responsibilities of connection that they have between themselves and other people. 'Would somebody who is loving you, how do you imagine how they are going to feel when you take this action. What do you suppose are going to be the repercussions of this many moons in the life of these peoples you leave behind?'

Now this may seem very hard to say to someone that is like this to give them burden of this responsibility and to say that they are irresponsible, seemingly responsible for the feelings of the other people around them, because in effect that is what you are doing, however you need to do it because they need to have an awareness brought to their consciousness of the results of their actions. Then you can say, 'What do you need to have happen to help you? How can these people around you that love you dearly, that you are not recognising this love, you are not recognising it, you are rejecting their love.' Use such manner of words to them because that is the truth. They are so lost in their Pit of self that they are not able to see the love that is around them so you have to climb down into the Pit with them - first of all, so that you can bring them out. And say to them, 'This life of yours is very, very precious. You are very, very precious.' And they may say all manner of things such as, 'Who to, I don't understand it, I don't see it.' And so on and so forth.

And you stay with them and you keep saying, 'Well you must face it sooner or later that you are special, that you are precious. You are precious to all the people that are in your life whether you are aware upon it or not, you are precious. You are precious to I, I care what happens to you.'

Climb into the Pit, with them.

Thank you.

Changing vibrational levels

Before Songee you were talking about how that we get our energy from Spirit and depending on our vibrations how much we let through and to come out. Now I am aware at the moment that my people are shifting things around within my physical part of me and I was just wanting to understand what is happening as far as the changes that are being made?

Songee: You are learning to resonate on a different vibrational level, that is what is taking place. All the shifts and the changes that are happening are going to guide you so that you will be able to resonate on a different level of vibration. And it is not that you are letting this energy through in this fashion. I use that expression to give you a demonstration. What happens is that you have the great upheaval of your life, you believe everything is downside up, you dig your hole and you climb inside it and you slosh about in the bottom of it and then something happens - perhaps the Light comes and it lifts you out of it or someone else comes along and gives you some truths from home you know and help you to climb out of it and to face yourself as you really are. And as you really are is not so very terrible, it just needs some adjustments, you know?

So you going to say, 'Well alright I had better make these adjustments.' So you willingly go along and you start to make these adjustments and what happens is the vibrational level will just come up. It will start to rise so that you will be able to accept a greater energy coming through you. You are not the one that dictates how much is going through, that is still Oneness that does that, you know. You are still only the bit in the middle. I am sorry to tell you this - you still only the bit in the middle! HA HA.

So you not making this decision. It just will happen.

Now Ah - that's very good I will do that. Now when you have the healing that is channelled, you know, you have an experience - this goes back to the first question that Little Mother ask we talk about benefits - what happened as a result of this happening to Little Mother?

The whole class got round her and Roberta organised it, we channelled for Christene.

Songee: And what was the effect on all of you?

It was all very different from the response that everyone spoke about um the, er people were in all sort of different spaces, and all sort of different experiences.

Songee: So this means that there was there was a multi-faceted happening taking place.

Very much so.

Songee: In everybody's different awarenesses at different levels of awareness however it was happening at the same time of Earth and it was happening beyond time - in the 'no-time' spirit. And Songee did come for a very brief moment to be with you to share with this.

I felt!

Songee: So when you felt the Energy, the Power that was coming through it give you an idea, a feeling of the Energy resonating through you and yet you are not quite ready at this point to receive it in an extended form, you know?


Songee: So you got a little touch of it.

Yes I did.

Songee: Such this, this, this this much, you know. You got touch of it. Now that will give you an understanding of how much you are going to learn to resonate to. That is the promise, that is in front of you - all of you that took part in that. That is your promise of being able to be channels for that vibration of energy.

Good I am finding at the moment I am doing a lot of scanning on the computer and it's this particular machine I am working with on it is a high quality machine therefore its very slow and its not been designed for the work that's being asked of it, which is low quality quick scanning, but what I'm finding is that I have been reading a book in the mean time I have been observing my people coming overshadowing me and like sometimes I begin to lose the balance like between here and losing it so it's like um we've focused on holding the balance of that energy so I'm noticing it is getting stronger.

Songee: That is right and learning the keep the balance. You must learn to keep the balance between here and there...


Songee: ...so you always like that, you got the connection.


(There is a long silence, Songee is waiting.)

Songee: Go on spit it out!


OK. I was just wondering about is there many reasons for having abortions, I was just wondering is this wrong?

Songee: Two things - yes and no!

From the perspective of the removing of life, yes - however no because remember that Soul that has come will have arranged with you to come for just that length of time as part of your Destiny Path or that of whoever it is, and to fulfil just that amount of the earth life, in a physical body.

Conception is when the Soul enters into the body. From the moment of conception the Soul is attached to the living cells - contrary to popular belief. On this you are going to either feel it, feel the truth of it or just take it as I'm saying it as truth. However the Soul is attached from that moment.

Now depending upon who you are, what you have arranged for your life, your body is yours. Your life, your Destiny Path is yours. It is not for anybody else to say you Yea or Nay - right or wrong - do you understand? And there is much to learn in these things. This is not new thing in human-kinds. This has been going on for many, many moons where woman-kinds have perhaps conceived child as a result of an assault and they don't want to have this child because of the father, of dislike and antipathy towards the father for whatever reason. And so they were able to go to see wise woman and she would give them the Medicines of the Earth to make the child leave the body.

And this goes back to the dawn of time. It is not new. It is not just something that has come to light. And the same dilemma affects the hearts and the souls of each of those woman-kinds just now as it did back in the beginning times. And the reason for this is because woman-kinds when they conceive child all the little cells in the body start to prepare the body for the growth of this child, so all the little - ah moment - hormones start to race about and get busy, you know. And you don't have any management over this with your mind. Your mind does not control it, it cannot and so the emotions are also running around and getting all upside down and downside up as a result. This is the way it is, it is not going to be any different.

So there is much to learn in the decision whether with the conscious mind and the emotions or whether by natural happening of this event, there is always much to learn. In the event that you have making decision to do this then you must have arranged it with that Soul before you came to the Earth otherwise it would not be taking place, you know.


So there is no real right or wrong. There is no condemnation, just as you are going to have to face very soon about the laws of taking the life when the life is deemed to be over - ah when the body becomes so sick that the Soul within it does not want to remain in that body any longer and it...


...So you are going to come to this dilemma, are you not, where you are going to all be talking very deeply about - in the event that somebody wants their life to finish because they are in a lot of pain and suffering on the Earth - and these are the words that you will hear being used. 'Should' they or 'Should' they not be allowed the do this thing. At the moment everybody says, 'Oh no they 'should' not because it is going against the laws.' And they will be saying that it is this suicide. And they will be saying, 'It is murder?' Is that not so? And there will be this great discussions about it and it is going to happen more and more and more.

There is a lot to learn. Those that are observing the ones that are sick and dying and they say, 'Well what would you like to do?' And the one that is sick and dying says, 'Well I really don't want to be here any longer.'

You will come to this part of your development of your awareness with your peoples and it will be as it is with the small child, it will be part of what is been written into the life - not suicide. There will be no betrayal that you have with suicide because the Souls will have arranged to come. The Soul that wants to go away back Home is going to go back Home because they feel that they have completed their life as well as they might and they cannot have any hope for any more of a life than they have at the moment. There is absolutely no way it can be any different. There are some peoples that have these sort of lives as you know. Do you continue with your machines to make them breath the Breath of Life and to make the bloods move around the body, when the mind is stilled and there is no intellect ever going to be able to function any more on the physical plane.

Many things to discuss. Where is the Soul while all this is happening? Is the Soul there, or is the Soul already gone?

I tell you!

The Soul is there isn't it?

Songee: The Soul is still there as long as there is oxygen and life in the tissues of the body the Soul is there. When you take the machine away and sometime this happens the body does not die. Then you have to ask yourself - how is this that this mind does not function. It has been deemed to be completely extinct and yet the mind is suppose to be the thing that rules the body that makes it function. So how is it that the body is still functioning, that must mean that some part of the brain is still working, perhaps. Or mayhap the Spirit, the Soul is not yet ready to leave the Earth.

Now just as the new Soul attaches itself to the cells of the body when the mother first conceives and lives with the mother in the aura and very close all during the growing time of the physical body inside the mother. So it is that the Spirit can remain with the physical body and still experience things of life through those that are around and about that body. They will listen to the conversations of the people that take care of the body, they will feel the emotions of those people, they will know intimately about their lives and those that come to visit and be with the body waiting for it to pass, they will share their grief and know what it is like. And in this sharing and knowing they are learning things. The Soul is learning, it is still learning - and that is the purpose of life.

So when you are discussing all this manner of things bear that in mind, will you not.

Now we have to watch your earth time.

What is it?

Twenty past nine.

Ten minutes.

Songee: So does that answer your question?

Thank you.

Songee: So when you are talking about this other manner of things also look at it from a different perspective that there will be no right no wrong. Those that will perform the task of making it possible for the life to be completed and come to its finality in the physical body for those that are very sick, you know, will not be deemed to be murders you know. It will be written into the Destiny Path that these people will be part of your tribe and they will have a task to perform and they will do it with love and humanity, and there will be certain things that will govern the happening of this thing and it is going to come to pass in among the peoples of the Earth. Not too far away and it is going to make many people look to themselves, look to their faith, look to their beliefs.

(A dog has barked.)

Songee: Be Silent! White Eagle does not want to be with you. He is laughing at this one because then they are getting ready to bring Organism back. This one have been very busy.

Now all these things are going to be discussed and there will be many arguments about the rights and the wrongs of it. I have given you the truth and when you hear the arguments just listen, listen and feel the pain of those, the pain of the people who don't want to let their loved ones go even though they can see that they are suffering. And all this is part of the growth of awareness in human-kind that is coming more and more and more it is coming. And you are going to have to face this dilemma also of when replicas are made of human-kinds and the rights and wrongs of that. You are going to have to face this thing also.

Now there is not your earth time to embark on great answers of things so it is better for Songee to go now - White Eagle has already returned.

So I am going to go now and I hope that you are going to be content what you have this night and any questions that it arises up within you please come and ask and share, because it is be asking the questions you know that the answers can be given. Songee does not all time give answers just like that. I answer sometimes, seemingly, I will come and give you speakings and teachings and it will seem as though no one is asking question, and I am come and giving teaching because a number of people have had the same question. So that is what I do. I know before you get here you know.


Songee: So I am going to go now and going to leave you with the Power,
The Power of Light,
The Power of Oneness,
The Mother Father Power
Let it into your lives, let it blossom and grow and help it to change the things you need to change.
And to help you to be content with the things that you can't yet change in your life that you must wait for.
And know that you are all love-ed and belove-ed of Oneness.

This is the Power I leave with you

So Be It

So be it.

And to remember to allow to let the Crystal Light of love to burn bright within your heart, and may the Light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of Light to drive away the darkness from your Soul.

Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns telling about huge forest fires in the states, Australia somewhere else. (The memory is fading.) There were eruptions in Lapland. She had also been to the Everglades, people were pouching the alligators illegally which she was helping to stop.

And the evening is completed with cups of tea.


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2. The Plan - Many people have different concepts of this. Songee tells us The Plan is The Oneness Energy plan for the returning all the Souls back to the Oneness. back to transcript

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