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Finding Ourselves

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Finding Ourselves'
A Teaching from Songee 2nd March 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Dancing to There Was a Dream'
Unconditional Love
Childrens killing and murdering other Childrens!
The Illusion of Youth
Finding the Question!
Songee - I am The Holy Breath
Being a channel for Spirit Speaking
Discerning the Truth coming from Spirit
People from the Stars
Looking Inside
Opening Spirit Eyes
Finding the Silence

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Play Songee FInding Ourselves part 1 Crystal Light of Love, Dancing (37,517kb)
Play Songee Finding Ourselves part 2 Illusions of Youth continued(35,036kb
Play Songee Finding Ourselves part 3 Chakras (32,357kb))
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This evening was held in Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland with several new people in the Group. A name round was done to introduce ourselves. There were eleven people present. The Essential aroma oil was Yang Ylang.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The Music 'There is a Dream' from Denean's album Fire Prayer is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.

Music: "There is a Dream" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(There is a peel of laughter as Songee presents Herself.)

Songee: Greetings to you. What I would like for you to do is to make for the music, to have soundings, so that everybody can dance.

Dancing to 'There was a Dream'

The same track that was there before?

Songee: Certainly.

(Someone else comes in.)


Songee: Just in time to dance. Welcome.

Bring some chairs in with you.

I will sit on the floor.

Songee: On you won't be sitting down for very long, you are going to stand up and dance. Ohhhh yes! You are going to stand up and dance, did you know? Dancing is good. Do you know what dancing does for you?

Gives you exercise.

Songee: Don't moan. It opens all your Chakras up - wide! And it gets rid of all the blockages that are in the little, little spokes of the wheels. That is what you dancing do. So are you ready? Everybody standing up, we are going to dance. This is very new thing for you, you have all time you come and be sitting down on your behind self.

Now I make something special, you going to turn that way you know because we are going to dance.

Are we ready for the music?

Songee: Oh most certainly. Now to dance you are going to close your eye and breath deep inside your middle self. You want to come over here otherwise you going to get most... Louder! Listen to the wordings.

(The music is Denean's There was a Dream' from her CD Fire Prayer.)

Songee: It is you... Soaring higher...

Now what you are going to do is close your eyes and move your body.

(The music is so loud most of Songee's words cannot be heard.)

Let your body move, and let your hands come up above your head...

(Songee is singing some of the words.)

Songee: Now imagine the Power of Love... Lighting the Light of the Soul... Let it go to those that are needing the healing energies... Let yourself dance the Healing Light of Love...

(Then Songee sings more of the words to the end of the track.)

Songee: Now keep your eyes closed and take inside of you deep Breath of Life.

Now when you are ready you can go back to your sitting down.

How did you like that?

(There is lots of laughter and talking.)

Songee: And how is you?

Very good thank you.

Songee: So all you have to do is move you know, let your body just move. Everything, let it just move you know, like this, everybody, and that will loosen your bones, it will loosen your muscles, it will open all your Chakras up and it will help you to breathe you know, the Breath of Life, and that is what you need to do most. Everybody is so tight and so closed into themselves. Time to open up, is it not?

Oh I suppose so.

Unconditional Love

Songee: Suppose so! So more, lots more of this, of this dancing. And when you are standing to be channels for healing energy and you have the musics, the soundings like this that is what you do, you dance with it. Let the energies dance all around you because then they are going to flow the way they are meant to flow. Anything else is going to be 'controlling' it. Let it be. We are talking now about the love without condition - and who knows about the love without condition? What is it? Everybody knows this. They know the saying of it do you not?


Songee: What is it? It is compassion - that is the love without condition. Everybody says the love without condition and lets it run out of their mouth and when you say to them, 'Well what is it?' And they will immediately begin to give all manner of reasons and ideas about what they believe it to be. And it is not something that comes from the head, it is something that comes from the heart, and it is Compassion, is it not, to have compassion for someone, it means that you have the love without condition.

Someone who has perhaps done a great misdeed and although you cannot countenance the misdeed, you can offer compassion to the Soul that has committed the misdeed because you know that that Soul is trapped now in a body that is going to have to pay Karma. So you have compassion for them. You don't say yes, that what you did was alright and you can... it doesn't matter. You say, 'Well what you did was wrong and now you have to pay the price, however I love you still.' You know? 'No matter what the misdeed is, I love you still.'

And this is the message of Oneness - this is the message of Jesus and it is the message of Songee who is also part of Oneness - to Love. Is it not?

Childrens Killing and Murdering other Childrens!

One of the things I wanted to speak for you this night is about how you have childrens that are murdering childrens. this is something that no one is talking about. Everyone is very busy being blaming of other peoples about these events of your World, childrens killing and murdering other childrens! Where do they learn it?

Television, media, role pays.


Songee: They are leaning it from the adults, the grownups. The grownups are feeding them the information that it is alright to do this things that don't... there is no real harm when these things are being done. And you have machines that deal death to each other, do you not? Fire-sticks. Not the ones that have the flame the other sort, do you not? Songee calls this fire-stick, (Songee has taken up the lighter used to light candles which looks like a miniature gun) however this only have this come from it - look is that not clever, I like this. I like this very much, I get to play with it sometimes.

So that is - Oh very sorry I make big bang on your earings, very sorry. It will make big soundings.

Yes it will.

Songee: So, I apologise.

When I transcribe the tape.

Songee: So you are understanding - you are having these fire-sticks that, that make killing, machines you know...

They called guns.

Songee: Ah Ah. Is that what it is?

Well that's what I suppose you are talking about that incidence that a six year old boy...

Songee: That is not alone.


There have been quite a few of them.

Songee: Now it is time for the Wordings to be passed to the humanity to know, because this is the very thing that Songee have come to change, you know. So you have a responsibility to go and tell everybody what you hear being spoken, so that the Wordings can be given to other people. Tell everybody what you hear, tell everybody what I am teaching you so that they can come for themself and hear and they want to and maybe there are other peoples that like to hear the word of Songee and Songee will very happily come and teach.

Those that have lost their childrens be aware that involved in this is also the Law of Karma. You cannot take that away from the situation however bearing that in mind you cannot condone the actions that make this form of Karma possible in your peoples, among your peoples, can you? Do you understand? You done condone the action, you can understand that there is Karma, yet you don't condone the action.

There is a responsibility however where does it lie do you believe? Ponder on it for a moment. Where do you believe it lies? Where do you believe it lies?

Don't know.

The Illusion of Youth

Songee: Well you are closer to the age of the child that have been committing these great crimes against other childrens. You are same, same age of life.


Songee: Is that it?


Songee: Ah Thank you. So you may have a greater understanding within your emotions of how it could be that somebody could become so removed from their humanity that they can commit such a thing, do you have an understanding of this?

Sort of.

Songee: Sort of. In what way?

Sometimes you are so scared like so angry you don't give a, um, whatever.

Songee: I know, I have seen that word, it is, it is not a clean word in your language. That's alright Songee doesn't mind. I am used to not clean words in people's language.

However this is so, you understand this feeling. Now where does this feeling come from do you suppose? Do you know where it comes from? This feeling so angry, what is it that makes this anger there so readily in those of your generation, is that it?

That is it.

Songee: In those of your generation, what it is do you suppose? What do you feel inside you? What do you, tell the grownups because they, mayhap they have forgotten. They used to be the same generation as you once upon a time, you know. However they have gone and travelled a lot of earth life now so they may have forgotten. Remind them!

I don't know. Lots of little things, getting you own way, can't do things that you want to do - lots of stuff like that.

Songee: And when you say you can't get your own way, there needs to be a balance does there not between childrens having everything they want and there being boundaries to show them the right way and the wrong way to do thing in their life, is that not so?


Songee: And somewhere in between that there can be balance can there not, do you suppose?


Songee: What would you like to see happen for youself that might be possible to happen for other childrens of your generation, you know - that grownups need to remember perhaps?

Mmmm Not really sure.

Songee: You say that you want to have your own way, now do you suppose that sometimes when you are wanting your own way of something that mayhap it is not all time reasonable or safe, would that be so?


Songee: And when you are told no you can't do that because it is not reasonable or safe, that is when you start to get angry, is it?


Songee: How it is that you start to get angry when you know that someone is wanting to keep you safe?

Because you feel you can do it yourself anyway and be fine so you will be safe.

Songee: That is right. And this is the Illusion of Youth, you know. This is the Illusion of you of Youth and all childrens have this illusion, you are not alone with it. All childrens have it, you all had it when you were little because as you grew you believed you could do anything at all. You were in charge of your own destiny and certainly you were because you had arranged it before you came, so you are only remembering the truth of that. And yet here you come to this World and there are all these different restrictions placed upon you by those that love you and care about you and fear for your safeties of your life and all you want to do is say, 'I can do it my own self, let me show you I can do it my own self.'

Sometimes grownups you need to let the child fall down and bang their nose. You need to let them stretch out their hand and put it through the flame to feel that the flame is hot. I am not suggesting that you allow them to become, destroyed or made unable to function in a limb in some way, you know what I am saying however when something is hot, you say, 'It is hot child don't touch it.' And when they want to know what is hot, you say, 'It is something that burns.' And you can show them what burns by taking some piece of animal flesh and putting in on the flame and seeing how it burns or some other thing, piece of bark off the tree and you can put it and watch it burn and you say, 'This is what hot it, this is what burning it. And when you put your fingers into that that is what is going to happen to your fingers, you are going to burn like that.' When you go to climb the mountain side and you don't have the proper things to help you climb the mountain side - you are not goat, you not been made to climb the sides of mountains, have you? So you need special things to assist you with the process of this. However when somebody comes along and says to you, 'Oh you must not do that it is too dangerous for you.' The Illusion of Youth say, 'Oh that does not matter for I can do anything, I am invincible.' That is the Illusion of Youth.

It is not going to ever change, it is not going to ever go away, and the best thing that grownups can do is to say, 'Very well you believe you can manage by your own self, I am going to let you do this much. Show me you can do this much without coming to grief and then perhaps we can go this much further.' Understand?

This is lesson for you because you are coming to be grownup one day. Terrible idea is it not? And you are going to be teaching childrens and you are going to have to tell them because you will remember the Illusion of Youth, will you not?


Songee: How many of you remember the Illusion of Youth? Do you remember it?

Yes, very much so. (Most people agreed they did.)

Songee: Swinging from the vines into waters and not worrying what is below the surface that you cannot see with your eye. Is that not so?...

No I didn't do that! (Lots of laughter.) I was pretty careful.

Songee: ...And landing in the waters and having great funs because you are young and you are alive and that is what it is - it is because you are alive. You have life running through you.

So the grownups need to start remembering their own youth, to stop being old and to go back in their minds, in their memories and their hearts and to share with the childrens those things of their youth that they used to do and have lots of fun doing. The times of climbing the great tall trees when Mumma and Papa were not looking, especially Mumma, because Mumma would say, 'Oh come down, come down before you fall.' Is that not so? And in doing so it plants into the mind of the child that it is possible to fall and what happens - they fall. Don't do this because this might happen to you.

However when grownup says to the child, 'Well that sounds very exciting that thing you want to do, have you considered all the things that could happen to you when you do these things before you go and do it. What I want you to do, I not tell you not to do it, I am going to get you to sit down and scribe down all the things that you know may happen to you when you do this thing. When you fall from a great height and you land you are going to break bones. You might actually make yourself so sore in your bones you might break something and you might not be able to not ever walk again. You might break an arm or a leg and not be able to play with your friends for several months. On the other hand you might climb it quite safely. And in the event that you are going to limb this tree what is the best way for you to climb it, the safest way for you to climb it?'

And you get the child to look at that and then you say, 'Well do you know, have you got your information now.' And the child will look and say, 'Yes I do.' And you say, 'Do you still want to do it?' and the child mayhap because they are full of invincibility will say, 'Yes I do.' And you say, 'Well what is the safest way to do it and they tell you and you say, 'Fine go and I will watch.'

And you watch and you don't let them know how worried you are. (Songee is laughing) Because you are worried they are going to fall out of this great tree. And you will find that will stop this feeling of anger inside because they will be allowed to test their strengths. Understand? That is what you are asking is it not, to be able to test your strengths? That so?

I suppose so.

Songee: You want to climb the tree do you not?

Which tree?

Songee: I am speaking of it as a picture only, a symbol. So you have your tree the symbol, whatever it is in your life that you would like to do and you would like to do this thing and you cannot do it because of the anger that you had inside because of all the restrictions that were placed upon you. Now you cannot go back to that point so you going to now wait for that Karma to pass and then the next time you want to do something and grownups say - Don't want you to do it because... you know what to do do you not? You sit down, you scribe down all the safe ways to do it and you look at all the things that are not safe about it - whatever it is. And that will give you power inside you - do you understand?

And this is a lesson for everybody because then you have the power inside you and it means that the restriction that was placed on you has not the power to take your feeling of strength from you anymore. And you may find that having looked at it closely that you will feel differently about what it was you were wanting to do in the first place and then you can be even more powerful and you can say to your grownup, 'Look this is what I have done, I have scribed down all these things about what may happen, I can see now what may happen, I can see the safe ways I can do it however there are too many things that are not safe and I can quite see now how it is that you didn't want I to do it.' That way you are letting them know that you have accepted what they have said and at the same time you are not giving your power away to them.

And not taking theirs off them either. Because when you start to fight with each other - grownups say - you can't do, child says why not! And grownup say - because I say so! Is that not so? This is not to happen anymore. This is to be changing, and changing from little childrens, small babies in arms, and little childrens, through to grown. And when you teach the children then the grownups will know because they will come to it, they will remember and they will teach their childrens and so on and so forth. You know?

What about the opposite way, telling them you know they have to do something and they don't want to do it?

Songee: Same thing. I am giving you A Truth. And when I give you A Truth to can apply it to anything. You do the same thing you say, 'Very well, you don't want to do this thing, go away and scribe down all the things that are right about it and all the things that you know are wrong about it.' So you are looking at the safe and the not safe. By the time they have done that they will find out - I don't do it the consequence is this, so they can then come to their own decision about whether they are going to do it or not.

And then you let them be and let their own being, their own sense of rightness correct it. You have to be patience. It doesn't happen just like that you know. You have to be patience, you have to keep teaching the lesson, and teaching the lesson, and teaching the lesson. You don't allow them to not to do it, you don't allow them to escape it, you wait a little while and then you say, 'Now I want you to go and do this.' And they say, 'I don't want to.' 'Have you written it down those things?' And they say, 'Yes I have.' And you say have you written it properly?' And they say, 'Yes I have.' And you say, 'Well then go and do that thing I have just asked you to do because what you have written has shown you that what I have asked you to do is the right thing to do.' And you teach them this way, gently.

And when things are getting to a point where they are being - how say I this? - like the mule! You then get them very carefully by the bodies, by them arm self and you say, 'Now come along, do it.'

And you walk away and you leave them to do it. (There is laughter and comments being made.) Quietly, you are going to do it. This is not asking anymore I am instructing you, I am giving you this boundary and you cannot go beyond it. This is when the child refuses to learn the lesson and then you set the boundary, you know.

So eventually by doing this, continuously the same thing, you will find that as the child grows they will learn to be more responsible for themselves because they will understand the reasons and the feelings that are behind it. So they are not just doing it because they have been told they must do it. You had said washing dishes did you not?

So you say to them...

Yes I did. They have to dry them.

Songee: You want some child to wash up your dishes, is this so?

That's so.

Songee: And the child, what does the child say?

They find something else to do. Like disappearing out the door.

Songee: So you set the boundary first and you say you are not allowed to walk out of this place because there is something to do, there is a responsibility that you have, and then you get then to do this thing. And you say, 'I want you please to take a part in this family and to share the burdens of responsibilities because you are getting older now and it's time for you to learn these things.' It doesn't matter if they are small child or not, you tell them they are getting older.

He's twenty eight years old.

Songee: Doesn't matter. Unless they obey the laws of the home then they cannot be in the home. Is it not so? There are rules to being in a home and living in the community of a home, is there not? And everybody must abide by those rules. They are the laws of Earth by which you live, not just the laws of Spirit. So you all live by this laws in each of your lives in your home.

So you say to the child, 'Very well as long as you are going to behave like small child I will have to treat you like a small child and the way I am going to treat you is that I want you to sit down and write down all the reasons you have got for not doing this task, for not being part of this family unit the way I am asking you to demonstrate your unity with us.' And see what happens.

You may get an explosion of wrath, you may get other kinds of behaviours in which case you need to ask yourself where did this anger come from, where did it originate, how long has it been there? Perhaps it has been there since the child was this age, when this age was not given the opportunity perhaps to learn in the manner I have shown you because this is something that is going to be given now to the generations that are coming behind you, so any mistakes that have been made are already made, for want of a better word to use. They are not really mistakes you know because you have arranged them before you came. However they are there, they are done, they are part of your life, they are part of the things that happen in your life. You cannot change them or undo them, what you can do is help that young one to change their mind and their heart so that when they have young ones they are going to be different with their young ones than you were able to be with them because you did not have the knowledge at that time. However now you have it and you can pass it on, is that not so?

I will tell you something at a later date. Yeah.

Songee: They are responsible for themselves. Childrens as they begin to grow and they come from being babies and they start to come to this age where this young one is now, are beginning to grow from being childrens into young adults and as young adults they needing to stretch their wings and to feel the wind beneath their wings, you know. You watch the bird that is just coming out of the nest, it doesn't fly straight away, it stands on the edge of the nest and it lifts its wings like this to feel the wind underneath and to feel how it lifts it up a little bit. And it's not until one day after much deliberation it will suddenly leap up into the air and take the risk that it isn't going to fall to the ground. You know? And you are the same, human-kinds are the same, you do that, and they start to test their wings from this, this size here a little to before perhaps, but mostly this size (Songee is referring to the young boy who is there that night.) You know. Is that not so, you are not too far from it your own selfs are you. Is that not so?

But when I watch the young gannets doing this they spend a lot of time strengthening their wings just flapping around because they have to strengthen their wings to hold them, make sure they are strong to keep them up.

Songee: That's right. So this childrens that murder childrens - a part from the Karma, put the Karma to one side, where do they find the fire-sticks to do this thing? How do they manage to find these things? How do they manage to have them in their hands in a place of learning? Where is the teaching falling down in humanity for this to take place? Everybody wants to blame this person, that person, some other person. Where is it happened, where did it go wrong? Where do you imagine it is going wrong? Any ideas?

All the adults made structures like this school like from when they are little that can effect children especially those that aren't academically succeeding. They are straight away labels dumb you know. I see it with the children I nanny. One of the girls she is crying out because she is labelled dumb at school and you know straight from how the parent react to them they don't like it, they take it personally, like they are the ones being labelled and the scenario goes round and round and round and no one wants to take responsibility. You know I can see the anger of this little girl as an example that's building up until one day she is going to explode somewhere.

Songee: So what are you looking at here is anger. Anger that is not being addressed within the Soul of the child. The child is angry, it does not know how to express that anger. It sees examples around it in its life of wrong ways to express anger. People who use fire-sticks at each other on your moving pictures, as you said before, remember you say before. And there is example of something that happens and the child does not have the feeling of life and of earth sufficiently at that age to be able to differentiate between reality and illusion. And being angry and making somebody fall down with a loud bang is very empowering because they see this happening around them. And the child does not know that the Soul has left the body because they don't know about Souls. They don't know about Spirit, they don't know about Oneness, they are not taught from young...


You look at school, if a child was taught how to live, we would all be Doctors, you know, but they are not taught how to live, but they are not taught how to use their mind when they are young.

Songee: That's right.

This is for instance and teaches them what they...

Songee: So Songee is here to change this, to help you to change it. You want to change it take the teachings I am giving you and tell people. Help Songee to come to the people. Open the doors by speaking out and sharing the knowledge. Let us do it together, let us grow in number and bring humanity to this change. You understand? That is what I am asking of you.

A lot of children I feel just in my industry don't feel loved that is why they are crying out for attention because the parents are too busy - not now, not now, I haven't got time, not now, not now!

Songee: Can you remember that Jesus said, 'Suffer all the little childrens to come unto me'. Songee says the same thing - send the children to Songee. Help I teach the children. I will give you the teach you will pass it on, that is the same thing, that is the same thing. Let the children come to you, you teach the children whenever you can, wherever you can, whatever small way you can, every opportunity you get.

That's the thrill in life, when you are growing up with your children loving them, being kind to them and teaching them. Teaching them about God, teaching them about everything, everything they do. Everything that you have learnt, made mistakes yourself, by you own mistakes you teach the children...

Songee: That's right and the best way is to do it is to teach them about the beauty that is around them, the beauty of the trees, of the forests, of the rivers, of the land, the insects, the birds. The little creatures are small people you know.

My boys love that.

Songee: Teach them all these things, teach them about the medicines that are in the plants. Teach them about the spirituality of your peoples, no matter who your peoples are, teach them of spirituality, not your religion, you understand? Not your religion, this is different because there are many of these things, teach them of your spirituality because the teachings that Songee brings will blend with every religion and every faith that is on this Planet without exception, without anybody having to let go of their way of practising their faith. Do you understand? You can be from any religion in your World and the Teachings I give you will blend with those things because they are The Truth, you know.

Anybody got any questions?

Finding the question!

You are very restless! (There is a lot of back ground rustling and movement.)

Are you not!

(Laughter, the man that Songee is pointedly 'looking' at is with us for his second visit to hear Songee.)

Songee: What is happening inside you, tell I what is happening. You look as though you are going to get up and...


Songee: What is happening?

Oh not very much.

Songee: What would you like to do?

Go home at 9.30. No.

Songee: Are you tired.

No. Or maybe I am.

Songee: Now what about how you are sitting? Do you need to sit down lower perhaps and rest your body more?

No. I feel more comfortable up straight.

Songee: So what is happening? When you are feeling this and your bits are doing this everybody...

(Songee is showing legs twitching.)

Running away.

Songee: You are on your way you know! You are starting to get on your way or you have something you want to say, you know. Something you want to say and something you want to contribute however you mayhap be a little shy about it. That's alright. Be aware of this happening inside you when it is happening. It happens to everybody from moment to moment you know.

Oh what is this little one is he not well?

He has not been well so we are looking after him.

Songee: Ah I see, that is alright. I had a look. Everything will be alright.

So, are you certain there is nothing you want to ask Songee?

Songee - I am The Holy Breath

Actually I have been thinking about something for a little while. Um I have heard different ah people speak and different Spirits come in, entities come in and they talk about some things and that's their beliefs, maybe their beliefs in their dimension that they are in at that time, but they all seem to be different. You know we're here on, in this Planet where we are now, this plane that we are on now striving for truth and all those things, right...

Songee: That's right.

But you listen to the different people speaking, different entities that speak - they all got different ideas. Now what I can't figure is on this plane are we the same as on your plane of...

Songee: First of all you have to understand that Songee is not spirit person. I am not a spirit person. I have not live-ed life upon the Earth plane in a physical body. I am never going to live life, I am Holy Breath, I will not live life.

I am The Breath of Life that comes and speaks through and blows through your being to cleanse you of all the illusions of life and to bring you to your truth of things that are happening for you of your life.

And in the eons past this has been the function of The Holy Breath. It is only now in this millennium that I am come to speak this way through physical body to bring teach in this way. You do not have to come and speak like this all the time to have contact with I. All you have to do is take a breath. A Breath of Life down into here. To close your eye and open yourself and to say, 'Oneness haaa.' And the answers will (? suddenly be clear) and you may be very surprised to hear the voice of Songee come and say to you such and such manner of thing.

Now this does not mean you not have your own Spirit people with you because you do. Everybody does you know. This is not going to go away. Songee being the Voice of Earth at the moment is not going to change that because that is part of the Truth of the Universe. You have a Doorkeeper and you have a Guardian who are with you from birth to death. They will always be with you, they will never go to anybody else and they are yours, your companions in your earth life, for the duration of you earth life.

In the process of your earth life when you have been opening yourself to be a Channel for Light for Oneness to do the work of Oneness. Those in Spirit that come to work with you that are bringing certain lessons of life you call Guides. They will come and work with you for whatever length of time of your earth you are requiring their energies you know. And these are the nature of the spirit beings that work with you in your life. And this is true of everybody, everybody no matter what place they live, what colour their skin, what faith they have - it is true of all. It is just that many don't know about it or don't recognise or accept it in themselves. Just as the Law of Reincarnation is a Truth however there are many that don't accept it or believe it. You know.

So these Guides have the same truth or have they got their own...

Being a channel for Spirit speaking

Songee: You will find - now let me differentiate for you - There are those that are working on the Planet that are channels for Spirit wordings, speakings, you know, however they are not 'Deep Trance'1. They are not going to sleep and giving themself body over completely. They have retaining with themself some spark of awareness, and that spark of awareness is their ego. And their ego self has got concepts and ideas within it. And when the Spirit Being attempts to come and speak through what you have is a combination of some of Spirit and some of their own ego ideas and feelings. And what you are sensing and feeling is this.


Songee: Do you understand?

Yes I do.

Songee: And that is what you are feeling. When you are learning how to be channel yourself for the peoples in Spirit it is possible for those that are teaching you to differentiate when you are offering yourself to be channel for your Doorkeeper or your Guardian to hear when you speak the words that you feel you are hearing from your people, that maybe two words out of every three belong to Spirit and the other ones belong to you and it can happen in one phase. So - Ah that is very good thank you I had forgotten all of this, thank you - Little Butterfly you know about this thing, cos you have experienced this have you not.

Yes I have.

Discerning the Truth coming from Spirit

Songee: Would you like to describe how it was, how you discovered it and what happened and how you had part you and part them and so on and so forth and how you are learning.

Oh right, when I um initially began to do what it sounded like, deep trance channelling, um my ego...

Songee: Start with overshadowing because this is the beginning is it not?

OK Initially it is because Running Water and I got on very well, that's my Guardian. He would come in and I would be going - what's this, who's this and the only way I could find out by asking and making sure that his sign was what it was and it was usually on my right side. And then as time went on then I more acquainted with them and then I could hand over a bit more - it was confidence actually, the confidence and my ego. Ego would get in the way and I would have to take a deep breath in and then allow Running Water to come in again and then the ego would come back again sand I had to do that. Sometimes, it's just finding that fine balance. Its, sort of I've been attaining to do is finding that balance because part of me who's this, what's this happening down there...

Songee: Also remember about how when you were speaking words of your Guardian how sometimes when your ego self came in that the words that came out of your mouth were your own words and not those of your Guardian.

Yeah Running Water, and you can tell the difference...

Songee: And even the phrasing what was written down show you afterwards you could hear for yourself could you not, in the wordings how your ego self, your voice became you and then it became your Guardian and then it became you and so on and so forth. Now when you are listening to the peoples that are speaking very often, unless you are skilled you will not hear when the ego is coming in. You will find that what - I'm going to tell you how to do this discernment - you discern by closing your eyes and listening and feeling inside you, feel the energies. You will feel when Spirit come the energies will be powerful. There will be a resonance in the voice that's not there when they are speaking from there ego. You know?

Your throat feels, feels, my throat felt different, I don't know about anybody else's, but I know that mine did when Running Water - I could feel it coming on. Its ah yeah, you can feel it different, it's a different tone to my voice.

Songee: That is right. So you are looking at soundings and when you look at the Universe everything around you is sound. Sound you can hear and sound you cannot hear, is it not - vibration, energy - it is there. So you learn to attune yourself to the soundings, and you learn to listen very carefully with these peoples so that you hear only the parts that are coming from Spirit and discern the parts that are coming from the ego and then you can just set it to one side. Don't dismiss it because you do not want to get in the habit of discounting people however be aware that those that channel that are not working in an unconscious state, a truly unconscious state are going to have the ego self coming - and that is how you get these discrepancies of which you speak and which have been troubling you.

However find the truth in the things that are being say-ed and you will find that those that are coming from Spirit will all be speaking the same truth. You will find that many of the things that you will remember will be many of the things that Songee is also bringing. The ones that are coming from Spirit are bringing the same truth because they know who Songee is.

All the Spirit people all know I. And what you feel when you feel the energy of I - I don't ask you to believe but I ask you to feel. So all I ask you to do is to do this, to breathe - close your eyes and breathe. And open yourself up. Say, 'Oneness show I the truth, let I feel it.' Can you do that?

I can do that.

Songee: And that is all you have to do, It's really that simple.

There are many peoples that are speaking very many things in your World and a lot of it is nonsense.

I quite believe that.

Songee: It is nonsense. And it is very complex. Some of it is not nonsense and yet it is still too complex, you understand? It is good to stretch your mind because you are human beings, you need to stretch your minds and go beyond yourself, do you not? In order to stretch your mind you have to look into many new things and explore many different things, do you not? And that is as it is meant to be. However when you start to come to do the work of Oneness you can set aside all those complexities, you can put them all to one side and say, 'Well that was a very interesting exercise, I have learned much however I don't need to use those things to do a servant for Oneness. All I have to do is say Oneness here am I for you servant on the Earth what would you like I to do this day.' That's all you have to do. And Oneness will say, 'Ah I got work for you, I know where I can get you to go for work or have somebody to come to work for you.' You know?

Thank you.

(There is a long silence.)

People from the Stars

Songee: I just having a look...

Ah. One of the things that I am seeing for you that have been causing you a little disharmony is the messages of the peoples from the stars - is this so?

That's true.

Songee: And the doubting of what is being say-ed about this. First of all there are peoples from the stars. There have been people from the stars many, many moons indeed you are from the stars, did you know?

Yes I could. You told me that last time I seen you. (Laughter)

Songee: So the peoples from the stars are, so - however there are people on the Earth that because of their sense of ego they have made this thing to be great in a manner that boosts their worthiness in the eyes of others. Do you understand? And that is where it falls over, and that is what you are sensing, that is the wrongness you are sensing. Not the wrongness of the origin of the message, not the wrongness of perhaps the teachings that is being bought to the earth for people, however the wrongness in the deliverance, the way it is being given. Because the way it is being given is being given by the ego of the person not other energy that is attempting to bring it. That is the difference of what is happening there, what is happening right now, you understand, because the Songee Energy is bringing you the information and I'm giving you the truth.

Now you don't have to believe it. I'm not asking you to believe it, I am asking you to feel it.

So you can test it for your own self, understand.


Songee: And - go what were you going to say...

The channeller that is channelling, in her ego, she doesn't have control, does she know that the ego is in the way, or that she is controlling it, that it is something consciously done?

Songee: Now first of all in the situation in which you are now here, the ego self and the Spirit and that which is everything that is The Organism (Roberta-Margaret) is gone. It is gone, it is not even close by, it is not allowed to be close by. And it not allowed to be close by partly by the responsibility of Organism and the wish and the desire for this to be so. So that there will be no doubt that there is truth being given to the people. And the request was asked especially that this be the way that the work be done.

Now those that are half here and half there they cannot help have part of their ego self reflected because you are living in a physical body you require your ego to survive. It is not bad thing I am saying to you. I not saying somebody is doing it all time to be, be misleading people. They are not doing it like that on purpose you know, however they not having understanding and perhaps somewhere deep inside where you cannot see there is fear - fear of letting go - fear of if they let go they might miss out on something, or, 'What is going to happen to I body, perhaps somebody come along and take it and not give it back you know!' It is the age of fear of possession, you know about this thing?


Songee: No.


Songee: There is a fear in humanity that anything to do with Spirit coming and speaking through peoples is going to be taking the body and not ever giving it back and that perhaps a bad Spirit will come and inhabit the body and do evil deeds in that body. That is the fear. And that fear goes deep inside all of you and it takes a great deal of learning through many, many lifetimes to learn to let go of that fear, to let full ego go, so that there is nothing there, you know? There needs to be trust between the Soul that has the body on the Earth and their God - that their Oneness is going to look after them. And when that faith and that trust and that love is so great that it knows, the Soul knows without one shadow of a doubt, no fear, that there is never going to be anything come and harm their body on the Earth their Soul and Spirit - that is what happens.

So those that you are encountering have this - they have fear in them. You don't condemn them for it, just understand that this is happening. So the secret is - learn to find your love and your trust in Oneness and let go and you will be surprised at what will happen. Many, many exciting things will happen you know. You just have to let go.

What is your earth time?

Mine says it is 8.49pm.

We have just over half an hour.

Songee: So have you got anything else you want to ask about that, about the peoples from the stars or any other such thing?

(There is a dog growling and has occasionally been throughout the meeting.)

Don't growl at everybody they are allowed to be here you know.

No. Thank you.

Songee: Anybody?


Songee you know we have done a lot of work and talking about the chakras that are within the body, the seven chakras. I know there are more that go out - can you tell us more about those ones?

Songee: You are talking about the chakras that go beyond the body, that go out though into the aura and beyond so you are looking at your body has seven and there are two more above you.

Right. So what was the purpose of these chakras?

Songee: They are taking you in the higher levels of awareness beyond - you know how you have your crown chakra as it is in the colour of purple for you, when you go to the next colour, the next one along is what?

Pink colour.

Songee: That's right, you go into the ultra colours. You go from the physical colours to the ultra colours and they go up.

Do you mean like the rainbow has those colours you are talking about. It has the ones we see but then there is the others we don't see.

Songee: That's right.


Songee: So you have your pink, cos it is the red, and then you have the orange that it doesn't go orange yellow, and so on and so forth. It blends and becomes more into a gold. The orange and your yellow becomes your gold. You know.

So when you see the golden light around someone this is that chakra that is activated and the light of Oneness is shining through and activating it and bringing it the healing energies and bringing light to you.

(Someone is speaking but the words cannot be heard.)

Songee: And then you go beyond that, those are the two that are in your aura.


Songee: You got nine in your aura, like you have, you have your seven and then you have the two, and then they go beyond some more outside your aura. They are not chakras they cease to be chakras then they become energy, energy - ah how can I say for this - (Long silence)

(Two people speak at once.)

Are they like (?) centres?

Songee: That is about, that is it.They are (?).

The blue what's that?

Songee: That will be an ultra. It goes ultra - it goes finer, more refined again. Everything is softer. Softer, gentle, you know?


Songee: This, this colour it is like the ocean. This is a combination colour of earth is it not? A combination of your green and your blue and then the white light of Oneness brings it into a softness. Is that right?


Songee: And then all the colours together make the white light you know, and you are the white light inside you because you are one with Oneness.

Songee so let's say we are going to call this energy centres that are above us do we have any below?

Songee: You do and they go darker still into a deeper spectrum. And as they go down they go into that area that you call black, only black is not really black you know - it is only absence. Black is not, black is not bad, it is only absence. Absence of light. However it is not bad because it has the potential for light to be put into it. When you wear skins that are black, you have the potential to put something along with those skins that will glow in the darkness, is that not so? So you might have the skin like this that is black and you will put something like this on the outside and it will glow with the light. However when you see somebody that wears all the black of their skins and they don't have anything that is soft with it then they are demonstrating something within them. They are demonstrating that there is a...


Songee: And absence of light in the life that they are, sometimes it can be said however it can be that they are awaiting, awaiting something to come into their life.

You are not talking about clothes you are talking about the actual darkness.

The clothes!


Songee: Skins.


Songee: This is skins are they not?


A little bit of white. (?) Like a shirt with a bit of white on it.

Songee: That's right.

I wear black longs, tee shirt I wear it's got dark and a lot of white to it.

Songee: That's right however when you look at the combination of black and white together what is this?


Songee: No, no, no, no, no, I know.

You are at either end of the spectrum.

Songee: You are at either end of the spectrum as Little Mother is saying.

Oh yes.

Songee: And that has a meaning also. So you have to start looking. This is where you expand your mind when you start looking at all these different things and you learn about all these different things, that you find out about all these different things. And then when you have learned them all, and you know how they are all functioning, you say, 'That was very interesting, thank you Oneness for showing I all this, I don't need it any more what would you like I to do?'


Songee these energy centres above and below us what is the purpose of them? Obviously to connect but however what's the purpose of it?

Songee: They are connecting the corporeal body with the Heavenly Energies.

The Corporeal body being what? The incarnate circle aspect...

Songee: This. (The human body.)


Songee: And it is connecting with the energies of the Earth and connecting it through beyond the physicality out beyond it to spirit.

Wouldn't it... Can I ask I sort of had this thing go through my head. Well they are all drawn together anyway, I'm just getting this vision of going up then down, and then sort of like see all these little starry things. My eyes see all these starry things, like it's just kind of like the Universe all for me anyway like Christene said. I just got this flicker that was all.

Songee: What I would like you to imagine is that you are standing straight on the ground and that there is a straight line going from up there through the top of your head all the way down through your body and down into the floor and down into the Earth. And you imagine that you are standing thus, and a straight line is coming down the middle of you all the way down, connecting you from there to there. And as you move it moves with you, like this, you know. It is not secured at the bottom, it is not secured at the top so you have to take your mind away from this, and you have to imagine that this is moving with you and that moves with you wherever you go. And everybody has it. And your colours do not clash and it doesn't matter when you bump into each other and give each other great hugs and kisses of each other, because your lines will always be going down your middle selves, right the way through.

Like so above, so below.

Songee: And although sometimes when your body is this way (lying down) that line will stay there waiting for you for when you come this way. Well there is very little sense in it going that way because it is going to be shooting out that way and shooting out that way - it stays that way.

Well what happens when you are in the moon then? Because it's got no, I'm just looking at some gravity.

Songee: It doesn't matter which way up you are you will always have the top part of you will have the top of the lights will to go to Oneness because it is not anything to do with physicalities of this nature. Going to the space and you fly around outside your Earth and you can go topsy turvey and your line will stay the same.

So if you are standing on your head the eighth and ninth chakra would be on your feet above you?

Songee: Not really, it's only your physicality that is turning topsy turvey, your spirit self will not.

(Laughter with the realisation of what Songee has said.)

Is it called equilibrium?

So the ones that go out this way they, that line goes to Oneness right?

Songee: That's right.

OK. How many energy centres are, you said there is two above in our aura, how many energy centres are there between that and the one that connect, in the connection to Oneness? Is there a specific... because I have heard some people say that there are like twelve chakras altogether and I am just wondering how valid this statement is?

Songee: You have seven on the Earth here and then you are going down slowly, down into the colour of blackness. So how many it takes to go down to the colour of blackness you can find out for your own self, and how many times it goes to take you up to the colour of whiteness.

Oh OK.

Songee: You can do it for yourself, you can find out. You take the colour of red and you add white to it, you take the colour of orange and you add white to it, and that will give you the next bit. Then you take those and you add more white to it and then you take those and put some more white to it until eventually you will get to a point where you can hardly see where the colour is any more. It doesn't mean it's not there, it has just gone into another dimension again, so it can go on for Infinity.

Yeah that's what I was feeling, cos I was learning the defining point is how much white you are going to put in.

Looking Inside

Songee: There is no definity. It is Infinite because WHAT!!!

Oneness is Infinite! (Songee laughs. She is speaking very loudly and claps the hands.) Is that not so? And the spark of Light that is you is part of Oneness, so you are Infinite also. Hence this. However when Songee is looking at you - and Songee is looking at you like this (Eyes closed) I am seeing all your beautiful lights that you are. All your Spirits that are shinning and all the people that are with you - shining. And when I look at you like this (Eyes open) I see your physicalities. So the physical eye will give I vision of physicality and when the physical eye is shut I have vision of you and I don't need to see physicality to see you. Just as I don't need - and Songee wants to look at you and look at you closely I don't want your physicality, I want the other parts, so I shut eye and I look into you, deeply. And that's when I find out all the little things that are hiding down inside you. You know. So when I am with you and talking with you and I look at you and I close the eye, it is not because I want to get away from you, it is because I am going to look into you deeper than before and find all the little hidden things. And that is when Songee can start to...

Unravel us.

Songee: Turn some of the little things inside you that need to be turned so that those things that are locked inside can come out. So that they are not causing you damage anymore. So they can be released.

(There is a long silence.)

That is a very good question and I will answer it...


Songee: ...by learning about your own fears, your own doubts, the things that hold you back where you are attempting to control things in your life. These are the things that will get upon you in your own way of being a servant for Oneness, of being the best channel for Light that you can possibly be.

So for you to learn how to do what Songee is doing you have to learn how to look inside people and to do that you first have to learn how to look inside yourself, then you can learn to look inside others more. Because you have to face your own fear, your own doubts, is that not so?

Oh yes!

Songee: Does that answer your question?

(Someone laughs)

Songee: Does that answer your question!

I think so.

Songee: And that is what Songee do you see look inside and find the question. And how I do it is because I look inside. Some people say, 'How does She do this thing?' And it is because I am Songee. I look inside you.

Not that complex though really are we?

Songee: I feel your pain, I feel your life and as I say many times a Mother knows Her children you know. I know all the children that live on I. As the Earth and as other planets and other places beyond this - I am not just the Energy of this place I'm the Energy of other places - they perceive me in a different way however - does that answer that question. (Songee laughs) So there are other planets, other peoples, other life forms and they all have a concept of the Energy of the Planet on which they live. That Energy is the same thing - it is I because I am the Female part of Oneness and because there is no discrimination between one place, or one dimension and another with Oneness, so I am part of all. So it doesn't matter where you end up in what life-time you might come to, perhaps the seventh dimension, and you will still encounter the Energy of Oneness, the Male Female Energy of Oneness. You know?

Dimensions! Oh that is a long discussion. It is something I have to talk to you about another time because it is very deep and it is something that you need to have opportunity to consider as we discuss it, you understand, because there is a lot to tell you about the dimensions. You want to know, come and see I and say, 'Songee you said you would tell I about dimensions, I want to know this night.' So you remind I. Understand? You can do that? Because Songee has many things and talks to many people and answers many question and many fears that are going on inside everybody.

Songee's Teaching of Dimensions can be found at this Link - Dimensions 20000525

Opening Spirit Eyes

Can I ask another question? Um you have spoken, I suppose many times but you mentioned to me about opening my spirit eyes. How basically, what are the steps I need to start working to achieve this in a more effective way than I am doing?

Songee: First of all you have to close your physical eye. You close your physical eye and you learn to open the Third Eye2. And you do that do closing the physical eye, taking the deep breaths and then opening your eyes behind your closed lids, you know? And you will start practising this. It will make you ache up in here, it will hurt you, it will make your whole head ache sometimes - so you practise a little bit at a time first, please, not for great long lengths of time. Because when you do it for long lengths of time you will get a very sore head and you will feel sick in your middle self. That's not very sensible. So it is like, it is like the muscle of your body that when you haven't used it for a long time and you start using it the day after you say, 'Oh my it is so sore.' Do you not? And this is the same thing, this is a psychic muscle and you have got to learn to use it. It is a muscle that man-kind has lost the use of. It has been there for an eternity, it comes with you from your ancestors, from the stars, from the other place of being, so it is within you the capacity to use this muscle. You can learn.

And you will be surprised because you will start to discover that even with your eyes closed that, 'Oh my that's interesting, I can actually see things.' And you will find that you will be able to see things on your physical word as well even with your eyes shut, because you start to learn how to open this up and when you first start to open this one up it will be very small like this and then it will get bigger and then it will go small again and then get bigger again. Sometimes it will go very big like this and seems as though there is a great big black hole with lots of the colours around it. And just as you are beginning to get focused on it you'll lose it, and get very cross with yourself. (Songee is laughing.) However that is when the temptation is to go back and do it again - don't! Because that is, it's gone because you have lost your focus, it is also because you are too tired. You need to rest a little while and then come back to it. How long you rest is entirely up to you, you know? However do rest in between each time you practise, have a little rest. Does that answer your question?


Songee: Practise that first. When you practise that and do that more you will find that your spirit eye will begin to open more...


Songee: ...so that when you shut your physical eye you will start to see many things going in front of your eyes and you can have lots of fun seeing all these things going in front of your eyes. Some peoples will see just faces coming and swimming in and out like this.


I get that all the time. Faces come and come and come and keep coming.

Songee: That's right. Part of that are all the faces that you have encountered over the course of your earth day and you have not remembered in your consciousness. So your mind, your physicality, your brain is discharging the electrical impulse of those visions, you understand? And then when that has past then the true seeing will start to happen. Most people go to sleep when this procession has gone past. They go to sleep.

It might be when I'm (?) or sometimes faces appear in front of me. Quite often when I'm laying down in the afternoon just having a doze, I do quite often go to sleep.


Songee: You see Songee do know.

And I do fall asleep even though I say I haven't been asleep.

Finding the Silence

Songee: You go fast asleep. So this is what it is, it is this on the brain you have this thing happening. Now just to give you an idea when people say to you - Go into the Silence. And I have seen human-kinds sitting there and saying, 'How on earth am I to do this thing? How do I go into the Silence? What is the Silence?' It's like people saying to you, 'You must be grounded.' How do you do grounding? You know.

You take a deep breath.

A knows.

Oh sure.

Songee: You don't have to stand on the ground. You don't have to roll about all over with your feets in the air like the pussy cat. You can just sit somewhere and you take a deep breath into here, and when you take a deep breath into here you are bringing yourself into your centre of your being where the Light shines.

And when you come into there then you start to move slowly through the noise of your life and you go on the spiral that takes you into the centre towards where the Silence is. The Silence is not absence of sound because all around and about you there is sound, sound that you can hear and sound that you cannot hear. However what you are doing is you're going into the Silence of the Light, not into the silence of just physical sound. All the sounds will keep on going on around you however what will happen is you will not hear it. Your physical body will hear it, your ears on your physical body will hear it but the bit inside you it will not be able to be disturbed or disrupted by it, no matter what! And you will go into this place. And that is called being focused and going into the Silence, you go right into the middle of it and you can be there as long as you like.

Now you can be in the Silence and have your eyes open and walk down the road. You can do this thing when you have practised it. And what people will see is someone who is serene, they will feel an energy of peace coming off you and they will feel good within their being because the will feel the quietness of you.

Does meditation help with all of that?

Songee: Oh yes this is part of the learning how to do this, to get into The Silence.

Songee's Teachings of The Silence can be found at this Link - The Silence

Songee: Now your time?

About um just over 10 minutes.

Songee: You have enough for this night do you not? You are tired, you have got enough to absorb into your being and you need to have refreshment of your physicalities before you jump into your chariots. So please do share that moment of sharing of refreshments together because remember that when you gather together in the Light and you come together to share knowledge and wisdom and Channelled Healing, which is what your dancing was at the beginning, you are also sharing the Breath of Life, are you not, you are sharing the nourishment of spirit. You are sharing that thing that is celebrated throughout many different communities of your people where they celebrate the ritual of Jesus, you know? When you share together the refreshments you are partaking among yourselves without realising it, you are practising that ritual, unconsciously. Do you understand? And so you are sharing yourselves, your spirit selves not just with each other but with the Universe and with Oneness.

I am going to go now,
And I am going to leave you with this knowledge and the wisdom,
And I am going to ask Oneness to grant you the Power of Acceptance within your being of the truths that you have heard, to take them into your Soul to carry them with you in your days that are in front of you.
So Be It.

So Be It

Just to complete the Crystal Light of Love the final words for it -
And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret had been involved with different armies and been aware of the gathering troupes together in Lebanon with more fighting to come. She was assisting returning many Souls back to Spirit. Working with Peace Keeping groups in different parts of the World.


1. Deep Trance Channelling - there are various transcripts and mp3s of Roberta-Margaret talking about what is full trance channelling and how she achieves this. One of them is at this link - Wonderment 20000217
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2. Third Eye Chakra - is the energy centre positioned between the eyes. The colour Indigo is associated with this chakra.
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

Music: "There is a Dream" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
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