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Cycles of Life and Channelled Healing

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Cycles of Life and Channelled Healing'
A Teaching from Songee held on the 9th March 2000


Crystal Light of Love
Cycles of Life
Facing Change
Those who don't believe in Oneness
The Blanket of Forgetfulness
How to Lift the Veil
Dealing with Sadness
Personal Power
Being an active participant for Channelled Healing
Being the Channel for Healing Energies
Begin to Channel
Completing the Channelling
Safe Touching
Channelling Healing Energies

Roberta-Margaret is taking off her shoes and glasses and putting them in places where she will know where they will be when she gets back. There are 15 people present for this evening at Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland. It is very warm and the doors are open to the sound of water falling. Lavender is the essential aroma oil.

Shut your eyes please.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind, it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . .

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

Now you can shut the doors. Sorry about this. Until Songee is here it is not a good idea to get up.

Songee: So where would you like to beginning this night do you suppose? Many greetings.

(More people have arrived.)

Songee: Many peoples. Nobody got any questions? Perhaps I am going to have to go fishing and visit. Sometimes it is a little difficult to speak the things that are in the heart especially when you have many other ears waggling. Songee know about this.

Cycles of Life

In time past Songee have say to you many times that there is changes coming upon your lives, you know this thing? And Songee have been coming now to say to you that the changes are upon you. Your time of waiting, your time of preparing yourself is now past. You are embarking now upon a new way of being. For many of you it is going to be as though the earth have rocked beneath your feet and pull down all your structures around your ears, you know? Such is the nature of the changes that are taking place upon your life. Nothing is going to be left that was before the way it was. It is going to be completely changed.

Now, the way that you manage this, is first of all to know that it is going to take place, you can feel it happening, you can see it happening, you know it's happening and the most important thing that you need to do now is to not deny it. Do not pretend it is not happening to you! Do not push it down inside yourself and attempt to bury it because that will not work for you anymore. It is time to face it and know that the Universe is demanding nothing less of you than a complete test of your faith. Not faith in other peoples, not faith in youself - faith in Oneness. Oneness and your process that you arranged before you came to this Earth.

Everything has happened for a purpose and you have been given many lessons to learn. Lessons of acquiring and the lessons of letting go. These are the Cycles of Life, are they not? You have at the beginning, suppose you want to have a beginning, you have the birth, you have the seed do you not, and the seed gets watered by the rains from the Heavens and warmed by the warm sunshine from the Heavens and in the process of this begins to grow, does it not? And then you go into the time of fruition where you find these things start to burgeon and grow and become fruitful. And you come to a time when you are ready to harvest the fruits of the plants, and when you have harvested them then the plants says farewell to life and slowly recedes away back down into the grounds once more, does it not. And you come into a time of this seeming decay, a time when things seem to be falling away and dropping off, is that not so?

And then you come to a time where it is stillness, where the growing ceases for the most part, with most things the growing ceases although there are one or two exceptions to one or two things that the growing will continue however it is not very clear this growing. It is something that does not seem to be very apparent. It is hidden for awhile, even among those things that don't seem to ever lose their greenness of life, there is still a time of falling, a time of decaying when the old falls away and what is left remains there throughout the time of stillness. It does not grow any new things in the time of stillness, it grows new things in the time of the rebirth when it comes around again.

And all those things that were there during the time of stillness to bring colour and light and some warmth to the lives of the peoples, those things will then drop away. So the cycle remains true to itself.

Now you are in the cycle where you have been letting things, all the things that feed the outer aspects of yourself have been now gathering and coming inside, and everything is falling away. So you are in the 'Autumn of your way of being' and coming into a 'Winter way of being' where there will be this stillness.

Now the cycles don't have to be of great duration. Your cycle can take place in a matter of days of your life, or a matter of earth weeks of your life, you know. So don't fix yourself with the idea that it has to be in the same length of earth time as your seasons of the earth because that is not so. However there are in your cycle thirteen moons, are there not? And you will find that when your thirteen moon is its winter time that is the time when you are your most still. It is a time of nothing, similar to a void you know. And then you will come on the cycles of time building slowly up towards your time of rebirth.

Now how does this fit, you say, in with everything going downside up? It is when all those things that have been before that have been there that you are accustomed to and you have had as part of your life all the time and you have been rubbing along very well together with all these things, and then now it is time for this to change and so comes the movement to assist the change to happen. It is very much like redressing the balance of things and although it may seem extraordinarily unfair in your mind for this to take place, such are the way of the cycles of Heaven and Earth, it is how they function.

The important thing as I have say to you before is to remember to always hold true to your faith, your faith in Oneness. You don't have faith in Oneness then you will find this time a great trial. You have faith in Oneness you will find that it will be manageable by you. You will be able to take action when you need to take action. You will be able to be firm and correct in the actions that you take. You will not sit by the side of the devastation and holding your head in your hands saying, 'Woe is I, look at all the dreadful things that have happened.' You will not do this thing because your faith and your strength and your power inside will lead you to take action to assist you to gather together whatever you need out of what is left and to create a new way of being, a new way of doing things, and having a different perspective on your life and on the lives of those around you. It will sort out those that take responsibility for their own self from those that do not. Those that do not will fall down and will find it very difficult indeed to get up because all time they will be waiting for somebody else to lift them up because in their minds it is their right to have another come and lift them up. Those of you that have the strong faith in Oneness and your own process will not wait to be picked up. You will pick yourself up and you will look around you and you will make your actions in accordance with what you need to do for your life and so you will redeem yourself.

Songee have give you many, many times now that there are things for you to do to prepare yourself for the changes that are coming to your life. Many of you have not listened to these words I have given you and now you will reap the benefits of it because you will find that when you are sitting down on your behind self that you will be looking around and saying to yourself, 'Oh my I was told, I did get the warning.' And then you are going to have to look to your faith and in the event that your faith is not strong in any direction at all then you will sit on your behind self until it is. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Can we just let these people in Songee?

Hiya you come to see Songee?

Sorry to be late.

Songee: Greetings to you.

We are just going to bring in some more chairs for you.

Songee: Come and sit.


Songee: Greetings to you. Greetings. Come. They are little wolves you know.

Very little wolves.

Songee: Welcome to you. You don't have to be sitting on the ground unless you want to, if you are comfortable there that is most acceptable, whatever you happy to do.

So I have just been speaking to peoples about the changes. Now I am not going to say it all over again so you will have to ask the other peoples about the changes, and I am saying to people that there are great changes and everybody's lives are going to be going down side up, you know. So that whatever you have in your life you are going to find it is going to go all around and upside down now. It may be in your emotion, it may be in your physical life, it may be in your relationships, it may be any manner of these things. Now this is not just one peoples that it's going to affect. It is going to affect all peoples, everywhere, so it is universal this turning downside up. Depending upon your degree of faith with your connection with Oneness. For those of you who don't know Oneness is what you have is your God. You can have whatever name you like for it, Songee calls this Energy Oneness. So your connection with this Power is where you are going to find your strength to manage all these many changes that are going to take place and are taking place even now.

Now out of all those things that I have saying before time is there anything that anybody would like to ask I before we say more things?

Nobody! You all know all the answers? Wonderful! So I don't have to do anything.

So are you recognising what I'm saying to you happening in your life?


(Many people in the Group were experiencing emotional and life changing upheaval.)

Songee: Is it happening in your life?

Yes definitely.

Songee: Everything is beginning to go downside up and you say to yourself, 'What have I done wrong? What have I done wrong?' Nothing you have done nothing wrong. It is just the way it is now that this is going to happen so you are going to find that it is going to temper your faith, your strength, your connection within you to your concept of your God. All the things that you have become accustomed to now, some of them you will be able to redeem, as I have saying before, you will be able to pick them up out of all the bits and pieces from around you, you know, gather them up and use them again however you will find that you will use them much better that you were using them before this thing happen. So you will do much better at it.

Now let I have a look see... Ah this I know is causing a great deal of consternation within the hearts and this is part of the struggle within the human condition that you face these things that are coming to you. There is always a time of waiting, a time of being patient.

Now, being patient is not always being a time of non action, you know you don't have to sit down on your behind selves and not take action. Being patient only means not forcing something to happen before the right time comes about. You cannot push the seed out of the ground into a plant before it is time for it to do it, can you? You cannot force it to do that. Now you are being picky! I know you have many things that you can add to your, your earth that can encourage the growth of seeds to come faster however these are not always natural, is that not so? However Songee is talking to you about what is natural, the natural course of things. You would not be able to force seeds to grow. You would not conceive a child one day and a few days later say, 'Well I'm tired now I want this child to be born.' Would you?

Brilliant idea!

Songee: However the child would be immature, it would not be fully formed and it would not survive would it? This is not sensible. So it is with the patterns of your life, with your relationships, with the things that are happening upon your life and all those manner of things. They have to follow a pattern of process, of growth, of coming to fruition and of being born and then growing in its next stage and then the fruits start to come, that is the, the beauty of the person would start to show as they begin to grow, the beauty of their nature, or their character, or their personality, will start the show itself in the 'Summer of their years'. And then when they go to the 'Autumn of their years' they still have all this beauty and yet it changes a little, it starts to prepare itself for the journey towards the time of stillness, does it not?

So you have birth and growth, life and death - all a natural sequence of events. And so it is with the things of your life. You have ideas, you work on those ideas, you bring them to some form of growth and you start to nurture them so they will grow some more and then they will come to fruition. And when they come to fruition your say, 'Wonderful look at all this isn't it wonderful.' And it's very exciting however you must know that after the time of fruition there is always the time when the energies begin to gather back in and come in and get ready for the time of stillness. That is the way of it. There is no time of earth for this, however long it takes is however long it takes. It may be many earth year of your time where you might be enjoying your fruits of these beautiful growth and then you come to this time when you are going to find that the energies will move away from what it is you are doing. And for a little while you may say, 'Oh I don't want it to go just yet, I have been enjoying it so much.' However it is inevitable because the cycles always follow. They are the cycles of Heaven and Earth and so they will flow this way. It's the way of it.

Sometimes it requires for things to go downside up so that you can get a different viewing of something in your life. Perhaps you were wanting to do something in a particular way and it is not quite the right way so you have written into your life that you will have this thing come to your life so that you will not labour too long on the wrong thing. You are very clever you know! You arranged this for your own self.

(Long Silence)

Ho many questions! Birds flying everywhere however it is much better when somebody speaks the question because then you have, on your machine - I much remember this word, Tape! I not remember it very well do it, do I.

Facing Change

Songee how are these people going to manage that are clinging hold of the past because it is very secure, it is very comfortable? The changes are happening.

Songee: They will remain on their behind selves until they wake up.


Songee: They will not move from their position. That is what will happen because they are not facing the need for change in their life. They are not facing the need for change within their own being.

So is it just not facing what they know about to do they just not know about it?

Songee: Many of them know about it, they are just too frightened to take the step forward. What is required of you in this situation is that you take a step of faith so everything goes downside up and you are left with all these things around you, wondering what on earth you are going to do and you have to have strength inside you.

So what do I do when I am seeing with people who are stuck on their backsides, um not wanting to face this thing, so what can I do when I see them in this situation when I have seen the warnings they have had and seen the advice they have been given and still they are sitting there. Is there anything else that I can do other than channel healing energies to them - what else? I feel I would like to give them a swift kick in the pants however it is unacceptable in our society.

Songee: Certainly not, so what you do do is, as you are been saying you offer the healing energies that are channelled from Oneness and you can sit down on the ground next to them for a few moments and say, 'Well fine pickle you have gotten yourself into.' Is that not so? And say, 'My word what do you suppose you can do about it?' What is the magic word? DO! Do, that's the magic word in this whole thing I am giving you. Action! Waiting, being patient does not mean that you do not take action. You don't wait for somebody to come and pick you up and make everything right. Ha that is very clever, thank you very much. Little One say don't wait for somebody to come and kiss it better.

So what you have to do it to stand up by your own self as much as possible. Perhaps someone, are you alright...

Sorry I was worried about the cable the chair was sitting on, that was all.

Songee: That's alright, you manage it. So you have to get up to the best of your ability by your own self, up onto your feets. However when somebody is obviously having great difficulties getting up onto their feets perhaps talking about it will assist them with the process of learning how to stand up, how to find the action. Part of that action is to talk to Oneness. Part of that action is to say, 'Well Oneness I must have been crazy before I came to this earth to arrange this for my life, however here it is, here am I help I to make it different. Help I now to use all these things that are happening, to be better in the life now.' And that is when you pick everything up and you stand up and you start to DO.

None of you can be powerful in yourself while you are not doing, you know. You cannot be powerful while you are not doing. When somebody does something to you, or something happens to you that takes your power away from you, you cannot sit there and do nothing because that will make you very sad. First of all it will make you very angry, and then you push the anger down inside here and pretend it doesn't exist and then a little while later you sit there and you cry or your eyes leak. And you wonder how on earth it is that your eyes are leaking, it is because you have locked your anger down inside you. So now you have to let it come out, not let the anger come out so that you hurt anybody or hurt yourself, you have to acknowledge that anger inside you and say, 'Well somebody has depowered I and so the anger is down inside, how do I get the power back?' You take an action! Action will always empower you.

Now don't make the mistake that the actions are necessarily going to solve all your problems, they don't! They will solve for you perhaps you immediate difficulties and they will give you the power and the strength to go on perhaps solve some more of your difficulties, and that is how it works. One step at a time, always moving forwards and then you will find that as you start to make sense of all these things that have fallen down around you that you no longer need most of it, it can be left behind and you can gather up what you want and make a new beginning. And then when you turn around and look behind you - Lo it is all gone. No more. Doesn't be there anymore. You don't have to worry about it. That is the way the cycles of heaven and Earth.

Those who don't believe in Oneness

What about um people that don't believe in the Oneness, what's going to happen to them?

Songee: They have a very difficult time because they believe that they are the only ones that can be responsible for their own self. Now don't forget they have arranged for this to be part of their life, so they come to this life with this particular illusion as part of their life and they live it. You and anybody else are not to say that's right or wrong. It just is for them, how it is. So they will work perhaps with the principles of the doing without the talking to the Oneness. However they will sit for a little while contemplating how they are going to do, by their own self. How can they 'fix' this dilemma that they are in. How can they make it right. And indeed...


(While Songee was waiting for the tape to be attended to She was talking with one of the guests.)

Thank you Songee.

Songee: Somebody wanted to know about the healing that is channelled and we can do a little practise of this. So we won't chatter too long you know.

So these peoples will be working on the principles that they are responsible for their own self and therefore they must get up off their behind self and move forward and do some things for their life and so they will do this thing. The difficulty will be that they attempt to take many of the things with them that they have got fallen down around them. They will not necessarily let go of the things that they need to let go of, you know. They will attempt to take them with them and this is where they will have their difficulties because those things will not be able to be taken with them in this situations.

Wouldn't their energy help them out whoever they believe in?

Songee: The energy that they believe in is their own and nothing else. Those of which you have just been speaking believe in only their own power. They have no belief in a beyond power, they have no concept of life before birth or after death or any other manner of thing. They have adopted for their life a way of living their life whereby they are not connected with anything of a spiritual nature. They do not have it in their life. And there are peoples who do this thing. It is not right, it is not wrong - it is just how they have arranged their life this time, and they are learning much from it. When they return to spirit they find out, 'Oh my there is something else.' And so, does it really matter.

Wouldn't they know before they come that there is the Oneness there? Would it seem quite strange if they want to come here and not know Oneness when they already know Oneness?

The Blanket of Forgetfulness

Songee: However there are Souls who have chosen before birth for this to take place. Now all of you when you are born into the Earth you are born - most of you, the larger proportion of you - are born with some residual memory of spirit, of your connection with Oneness and of your life before. However because you are in the body of a small babe you have no way of communicating it to anybody, terrible is it not? You know all these wonderful things that you cannot tell anybody, and then as you move slowly growing in those early times there comes down between you and Heaven a blanket of forgetfulness, more and more you become more into Earth and less memory of Heaven. I am using the terms Heaven on Earth for a reason.

So this is what happens and slowly you come to this point where you work with blind faith and that is how most of humanity works. I say this, this is a Truth I give you - it matters not what Tribe you belong to, it matters not what colour your skin or what language you speak or what faith you follow - this is a Truth I give you.

The small child, for the most part, has a blanket of forgetfulness coming down and that is the way of it. So that you will go into your life and live your life in the fullest way you can with all the things you have arranged upon it at this life, at this moment of your life. So that there is nothing of your before life to interfere and get in the way of your seeming decisions, 'choices' and actions. You will just do them however they come to you and you will do your best or not so much your best and you will learn much from the experience as you go along.

Occasionally there are Souls that are born who do not have this blanket of forgetfulness. Organism is one and there are others also that are living that do not have it. The blanket of forgetfulness did not come down. It was arranged so because that was the nature to be of this life, you understand? Because then the teach of what is before can be given to people as well as the teach of what is happening now and the teach of what is there afterwards, do you understand? So that you want to know about what is like in Heaven you have only to ask and you can be told. Not from book, not from somebody else telling it, from somebody who Remembers it, clearly and knows of it. And that is the difference between learning to live your life with faith and learning to live your life with knowing.

How to lift the Veil

Now that does not mean that this veil cannot be lifted from before your eyes! Because it can. You can lift the veil yourself from before your eyes. How do you do it! By learning how to go into the silence, how to do your meditations, how to do your breathing and all manner of things like this and as you learn and you practise and you grow and you do these things and you offer yourself to be at One with the Light, with Oneness so you will find your journey going back beyond the spiral into silence.

And then you get to the end of the spiral and you can step off into the next place of being. And that place of being, supposing you are looking for it, will be Heaven. You can find Heaven for yourself. And once you have found it you will never forget it, never ever forget it because you will have it in your mind, in your vision, in your feelings - it will be throughout all of you. And on those times when you are feeling the most sad because you have forgotten how you got to put your anger down inside you and get your power taken off you, then you will remember what it was like in Heaven and you will be able to go back to that place for a little holiday away from your big adventure of life. This life you have is very precious, very very precious and it is a great adventure - much to learn, much to explore, much to know, much to share with each other, is that not so?

Dealing with sadness

So if you are feeling heavy of heart about something that is going downside up in your life please, remember to talk to Oneness and learn to find your faith and develop it and strengthen it and know that whatever is happening upon your life, it is transient - it will pass because the seasons always do, they always pass and come into a new beginning and so will you - always. That is true also of those Souls that are deeply troubled in their lives to the point where they would like to cease their lives.

When you encounter somebody that is feeling so sad inside that they want to finish their earth life and leave the great adventure and go back to Heaven then you have to talk with them and help them to understand how their sadness came to be inside in the beginning time. Their sadness came to be inside because they were having power taken off them, many, many times - repeated pattern of this happening in their life all the time. And always striving within them to be better and stronger and brighter and meeting all the demands of everything around them. And you can say to them, 'Stop! You don't have to do this anymore, I'll show you how you can stop this and regain your power.' Because that is the most important thing for human-kinds to have their power, to make the changes, to move forward and to manage the life. And learning about this is very important, so always talk, always talk to someone. You know they sad, say it, 'I see you looking very sad.' 'Oh no I'm not sad everything is alright.' And you can say, 'Nonsense it is not sad at all that you are, you are - I not said that right - that you are sad inside and it is nonsense for you to say you are not, that is not the truth, is it?'

So you challenge them and you challenge them and you keep challenging them until they get so cross with you that they say, 'Leave I alone, you making I very angry!' And you say, 'Wonderful! I am so pleased you are angry. That's the most wonderful thing I have heard for a long time. So, how is it you are so angry?' And you say, 'It is good that you are angry.' Because while they are angry they won't do anything to hurt themselves. It is when they are very sad and the anger is locked inside they are going to do something to hurt themself. Make them angry, poke them until they get very angry, then say, 'Wonderful, now let's do something, let's change something, how can you do it? What would you like to do? How did you get to be so angry?' And then slowly it will start to all pour out of you, all these things that are making you angry inside - how somebody have sayed something or done something to take your power away from you - your energy for life is your Power!

Personal Power

I have speak about power much and I talk about how your power gets taken off you and yet many people are a little bit sort of fuzzy about the edges about what is power. What is personal power - it is your zest for life, your enthusiasm for life is your personal power and this is what you have to regain, this is what you have to recapture. And when somebody takes it off you, you have to say, 'Excuse I! You got my power, I want it back please. You discounted I. What did you discount I for, that's not very nice. I want it back.' Is that not so? And then they have to give you your power back. They say, 'How did I discount you?' and you say, 'You did it this way, this way and this way.' And they will say, 'I didn't know.' And you say, 'Well now you do. Please don't do it again.' And then you can be friends can you not and still be friends together and yet and not doing this thing to each other. Is that not so?


All we need to do is be brave enough to do it!

Songee: How do you get to be brave? By taking your personal power back again!

Songee: You do it by taking a Breath of Life - that is the first thing you must do is take the Breath of Life down into your middle self. You go... (Songee breaths in.) And hold it until you feel all the warmth tingling going to every little bit of your body and you let it out... (Songee lets the breath go.) And then you say, 'Right I'm ready now. You are not going to do this to I again. So help them, these peoples who are so deeply sad to find their jest for life. Ask them, 'What makes you feel as though you are alive inside, what are the things that most make you feel this way?' They might say, 'I like to jump out of the great silver birds in the sky and flies down like the birds from the sky.' Say, 'Wonderful that feeling inside, so how are you going to get that without jumping out of the silver bird? What else can you do on the Earth, with your feets on the Earth that will give you the same feeling?' And one of the things that will begin to give them this is the Breath of Life. Breathing down inside, taking it in, letting it out, taking it in, letting it out. And slowly all the things that are locked inside will start to come out and it does happen, it works.

So these peoples that are very sad, these peoples you do not leave sitting on their behind self amongst the wreckage of their life, you sit down with them and assist them. And at the same time you are perhaps holding their hand, and while you are holding their hand the healing energies will be flowing to them, flowing from Oneness through you to them, helping for the healing process to start and then to continue once it's started. Is that not so? And you can do this thing.

You are going to meet many peoples that are going to need this teach, you know, many peoples. And so you are going to have to learn how to work for yourself, from deep inside yourself to get this emotion out so that you will then know how to teach others, you know. And then when you get to a certain point you will be able to say to them, 'Life really is a great adventure and look at all that you have learned and now it is time to let go of all those bad things that you have had happening to you and start looking forward to the good things, the bright things.' And then the Light of Oneness will shine and bright things will start to happen. Not so much that they can't manage it, just enough to lead them out of their Darkness and into the Light once more. And in the event you get stuck bring them to see Songee. Songee will always talk with someone who is having difficulties of this nature. Songee knows how to get into the Soul you see. It is easy.

Now what of your earth time? Do you have to have time for you to do some of this?

Yes I believe so.

Being an active participant for Channelled Healing

Songee: Just enough for you to have experience of this, is that not so? Now have you have you got enough peoples and have you got enough seatings for you?

(There is a lot of organising happening in the background.)

Oh look at this, here you have another one. So exciting. Now before we start let us talk for just a couple of moments about what we are going to do.

This is where you can experience the healing energies of life for your own self. It is a journey of being inside yourself. It is a personal journey and one where you communicate between yourself and Oneness. When you are sitting with your behind selfs on here, you are to be an active participant in the healing effort that is going to take place. Don't say you don't need healing energies - everybody needs healing energies. You all work yourselves so that you have no bones on your fingers and no bones on your toes - poor things. So you need to grow them back do you not? And you need to get your energy back. So everybody can benefit from the healing energies.

So being an active participant is very simple, your body is still, your body is in repose and your eyes are closed and you are listening to the soundings - when we put the soundings for you to listen to that is. And while you are there is this place of repose that is when you breathe. You breathe deeply down into your middle self. And then you say, 'Oneness I know you are there somewhere, here am I, waiting, and I would like to speak to you. I would like to tell you all about I life and all the many thing I am not happy about and I want to tell you how cross I am with you because you are not fixing it all!' So you can do this thing. Oneness is used to it, Oneness is used to people shouting and saying - you didn't do it, you didn't fix it and make it right, and when are you going to make it right? That's how it is. So you sit there and you talk to Oneness and say, 'Well this is what I need for I life, Ah what I believe I need for I life so would you please show I how can best manage to have this happening I life.' And then you sit there and you absorb the energies, you enjoy the experience and you let your mind just drift about - where ever it will go let it go. You might wonder about, 'Oh I'm going to get that thing I am going to make.' You have a thing that you have and you put ah something around the outside wraps about and you have the meats in the middle - what is this?

(All sorts of suggestions were made.)

Songee: Pie. I see this thing in your mind this thing. So you might be considering this pie you are going to eat.

No thanks.

Songee: However it matters not.

A vegetarian pie might be alright.

Songee: Doesn't matter whatever it is.

So you talk to Oneness and slowly all those little things will drift away. And how you find the silence is to let all those things drift away. Let them come in, let them go out, let them come in, let them go out. When you hear somebody say to you, 'Still your mind and go into the Silence.' Phiss posh!! Can't do it, not possible! Your minds are too busy, far too busy to still them in that way. (Songee is laughing) You will be forcing yourself to put down shutters and squash things down inside. That is not how to find Oneness. Let it all out, let it come out and follow wherever it will through the Universe.

And then before you know where you are the healing energies will have completed and you will have been on a long journey. And then you will come back to yourself and you will open your eye and look around and have this strange feeling as though you have had a long sleep, because you have you have been on a long journey. And you won't be aware of the passage of time or any such thing as that. It will not be important to you.

So that is being an active participant in the healing energies.

Being the Channel for Healing Energies

Those of you that will be standing you are far more vigorous in your activities. Haaa very well, I will do that. I have been asked please to ask all your Guardians to come to work for you tonight. I always ask Doorkeepers and Doorkeepers have said - please can we have a change, we would like to have the Guardians work. So now the Guardians are going to come and work. For those of you who don't know - you have Doorkeeper and Guardian in Spirit. Forget all you have been told about all the many different spirit people that you got working with you. They are there, I am not going to denounce them because they are still there however for those of you who have not worked with your spirit people before it is important that you learn to work with one! ONE! Then you don't get confusions and conflict. Your Doorkeeper and Guardian are Souls that came and birthed you to this Earth. You know? They are your own special Guardian Angels you know? They are not Angels, they are Souls like you that have had living life upon the Earth. They birthed you, like your mens in the white coats and your ladies...


Songee: That's right. They birth you from Spirit to Earth and then they stay with you. Not like the peoples of Earth that bring the babies into the World and then say bye bye, go away now, don't want to know you now, you there safely. Your Doorkeeper and Guardian stay with you, and they don't go to anybody else, they don't present themselves to anybody else and they are with you until you go back to Spirit and then they come and they collect your Soul and take it back.

So Guardians come forward ready to work.

And when you are standing for Channel you are going to offer yourself to Oneness to be a channel for the healing energies and what I am going to do this night I am going to say the wordings for you and talk you through them and all you have to do is to say them quietly for your own self in your mind, you understand you don't have to say them out loud. There is not great performance about this.

First of all you are going to ask the person that is sitting here, that you perhaps may or may not know whether you mind them touching their body and they are going to say, 'No I don't mind.'


Songee: Because we are all going to be good kind friends together are we not? Remember ladies with mens and mens with ladies you use the hand (Hand of the receiving person) on the body. Put your hand over the top, you know, when you are touching the fronts of the body. The back is different you can touch the back but when you are touching the fronts the fronts are very vulnerable to human-kinds. They are very vulnerable, so you have to be respectful and you have to ask your people in spirit to learn this respectfulness also, you know. And we always ask people in spirit to start with their energy centred at the crown of the head and then they can go and do whatever they like.

When you put the hands on the crown of the head it immediately begins to open all the chakras of the body, and when you are adept enough you will find that you will be able to sense when the chakras are not spinning very well, and when they are stuck or seems to be a little bit sluggish, you know, a bit slow. Block-ed is one of the terms you use is it not. So you will find that you will be able to feel it as you become adept at it. Until you are don't worry. Anybody can be channel for healing energies and be an effective channel. Anybody! Everybody. All you have to do is to have love in your heart. Love for Oneness, love for humanity - that is all.

Animals can be channels as well.

Songee: Oh most certainly. This little wolf here is wonderful channel for healing energies. Songee very often uses this little wolf to help to bring the energies and to bring a different, element of energy to the atmosphere and the things that are happening around that you are not perhaps not always seeing but you are feeling. And you may, an you like, experience that with this little one, if you like at some point. This little wolf. (Colin) We have a little tiger here that likes to come and share and bring energies. There are many creatures here that come to bring their energies of love and healing. The most important thing to remember is that the healing energies are the Dance of Love. 'The Dance of Love.' You are letting the energies of light come through your body and you're going to dance and let your hands move gently and slowly around the body of the person that is sitting on the chair so that you can let it flow. Everything is gentle, everything is dancing.

And when you are feeling at little bit conscious of yourself and - Oh I wonder is somebody is watching I, I wonder whether I am doing it right, I feel very foolish - that is when you take the deep Breath of Life inside and you listen to the soundings and you keep breathing and you go back into just letting happen what is going to happen.

Begin to channel

So you have the person who is sitting here and you say - 'Do you mind being touched', and they say - 'No I don't mind' - so you then stand ready. And you say - this is what I am going to say for you...

'Oneness here am I, I offer myself in service to you to be a channel for the healing energies for this Child of the Universe. I ask that nothing of mine be transferred to them and I ask that nothing of theirs be transferred to I'

...and that means that supposing you have a sore toe they will not get up from this place and go away and say, 'Oh I have the most terrible sore toe, I didn't have it before time.' And supposing they have something very sore also, perhaps they have sore head and you are there and they get up and they say, 'Oh I feel wonderful now.' And you say, 'Oh but I have the most terrible sore head.' You don't want this to happen do you? So you ask for it not to be - nothing of mine to go to them, nothing of theirs to go to I. Simple. And then you step forward, put your hands on the crown of the head and away you go.

Completing the channelling

Now, how do you stop! How do you put the brake on! Well you don't really. Your peoples in spirit will be the ones who will withdraw from you. They will know when your part in this exchange of energy is completed and you will feel them step back. So you will step back - place you hand on the crown of the head and say, 'Thank you Oneness for allowing I to be a channel for healing energies for this Child of the Universe. May your blessings be with them always, So Be It.'

In your mind, not out loud. You don't get hold of them and squeeze their shoulders like this and you don't shake them and say, 'Bless you Child!' Because when they are on a long journey, the last thing they want is for you to bring them back before they are ready. They want to finish their journey and enjoy themself you know, so then you step away and you let yourself come back to your body, to yourself and then you wait with them, you watch them carefully, watch their face. They may have sitting here so you will come where you can stand and watch their face and watch their body and watch them coming back into their body slowly, and see that they are coming in, or sense and feel that they are coming straight because human beings you know don't always come in for a straight landing, you sometimes come in a little bit - have you ever seen the big bird what you have name for it?


Songee: Pelican, Pelican very funny bird. When it comes into land it crashes down onto the ground and sometimes you do this with your Soul you come back and you need to come back gently and softly you know, like a feather coming back down. And you need to be able to stand there and watch that this is happening, that they are coming back straight, putting all their energies all the way down into their toes, so that they are back properly, you know. And then it is nice to have a drink of the Waters of Life, ready for them to have a little drink.

Now who is going to get to do for workings?

What music would you like Songee?

Songee: Ho let's have the Angels dancing. When the spirit people come into the room in great number very often this little wolf will make soundings and shout at them.

(Everyone is getting organised with seating and so on.)

Songee: Somebody else sitting.

Now those of you that are sitting on the behind self, would you like to come and be channel please? Pick somebody and I am going to have not mens working with mens I would like to have ladies working with mens and so on and so forth. Somebody you don't know. That's right. You don't know this person here do you? I meaning you work with somebody you have not worked with perhaps.

This is beautiful because now you are going to feel the Dance of Love. Now supposing you have earth time and your peoples don't take too long, you will be able to exchange and change places will you not. Well you may not find that you will be able to exchange, often that is as long as it takes for one person to receive the healing that is channelled. And I am going to, please excuse I, I come this side for you, to be with you over here and dance.

Safe Touching

Now those of you that are sitting, those of you that are standing ask the person in front of you whether they mind you touching them because we are going to be touching, this is hands on body touching! Real stuff you know! Not dancing around the outside - wondering whether anybody is really there or not you know - touching! Human touching. Human beings touching each other in kindness and love and generosity of spirit.

So ask them first if do they mind you touching them, ask them first. And they are going to say, 'No I don't mind.' You are very good ain't you are very brave. And remember what I am saying to you - we are going to be using hands like this you need to relax your body, your hands are very tight. You hand might be like this across the heart perhaps or in the middle self, you know how to do this thing?

I am showing you that you take the hand (of the person sitting). Suppose you have to go to the heart chakra, you would do this and then you would put the hand like that over the top like that. (Placing the receiving person's hand on their body with the channeller's hand over the top.) And if you need the base chakra which sometimes you do you would stay a little outside away from the body. This is being... (Someone laughs very loudly.) This is being respectful is it not. And it is going to get very warm everybody.

Are you ready to dance? Those of you that are standing back, stand back a moment. Those of you that are sitting - can we have music for dancing.

(Music - The Weaving by Denean begins.)

Those of you that are sitting close your eyes, take a big Breath of Life, breathe deeply. Listen to the soundings.


Songee: Those of you that are standing, with your eyes closed and your hands down by your side and facing the person that is sitting. And I am going to say for you -

Channelling Healing Energies

'Infinite Spirit source of all Light and Love, Oneness, I offer myself in service to you to be a channel for the healing energies for this Child of the Universe.

I ask that nothing of mine be transferred to them and nothing of theirs be transferred to I.

So Be It'

Now step forward, relax and place your hands on the crown of the head, on the crown chakra, both of them together. Very lightly, don't push down on the head. Keep it light. And breathe deeply and ask your Guardian in spirit to come and be with you, to be the channel from Spirit in this exercise that you are doing. It doesn't matter how many of the others you usually work with you, this night you asking just ONE. And breathe. Keep your eyes closed and breathe. There is nothing that you can do wrong in this. Just breathe. And let your body relax. Let your body relax and let it dance a little. You may be aware of stiffness in your hips and shoulders - relax them and let them become loose. And let the energies flow.

(After four tracks of music slowly the Channel Healing is completed. There is a long silence to give everyone time to return from their journeys.)

Songee: Finish at the crown chakra and say thank Oneness for allowing you to be channel for healing energies. (Songee is helping people to look after those who have been sitting receiving.)

Songee: There is no rush. Remember to breathe. Big Breath of Life. Breathe.

(Many of the people present had never had experience of journeying outside their bodies or receiving Channelled Healing. Sometimes they find it difficult to return fully into their bodies.)

Songee: Now because you don't have time of earth to exchange this gift the other way round so that can each other you can do this again, perhaps you like to make a promise to each other to come and do this task together again another day. For now just say thank you to each other for this beautiful opportunity to be together and share how you felt about the spirits and don't...

(Everyone is talking loudly together sharing what happened for them during this time.)

You talk and make lots of soundings.

(Songee is walking about sharing the conversations with the guests, She is laughing and smiling with the eyes open. It appears as though Songee is very much enjoying Herself.)

Songee: You have done very well everybody and you are all enjoying yourself and keep chatting to each other because Songee is going to go now and I will come be with you again another time. So for now just close your eyes just one more moment please and take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, and just go through your mind a little of the experiences that you have had and what you have found for yourself, the gift that you can take with you from this place into your life - the Gift of Light, the Gift of Love and the Gift of Sharing with each other.

And I go now and I leave you with the Power of this Gift, this gift of the Zest of Life.


So Be It

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns and has been helping many people return to spirit having been killed in explosions.

There were people who had arrived after Roberta-Margaret had handed over for channelling and she was very surprised to see them and meet those she had never meet before.

The guests were amazed to see eleven dogs at the evening. Usually they lay under the chairs and are not very noticeable however with Songee referring to Colin, Her special little helper, people became aware of them.

Reference no 20000309


© 2015 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

Music: "Introduction, To the Children" by Denean from the album "The Weaving"
"(c) (p) Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI".

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